Relationship Betrayal by sarasloanemoney


									Two Steps to Restoration
Have you ever sat in condemnation of Peter, who betrayed Christ by
denying he ever knew him? It's humbling to make a promise to God with
great intentions and earnest candor, and then find yourself acquiescing
to the flesh and breaking that promise. Peter denied he knew Christ three
times. He never expected he would deny Him once. Even Christ's followers
and Old Testament Patriarchs and Kings were at times involved in
betrayal. Have you ever considered your own lack of faithfulness in your
marriage or business to be an act of betrayal? Infidelity is rampant in
the form of porn alone. Also, it's sometimes difficult to find an honest
business partner even in Christian circles. We have personal friends who
have experienced theft from a Christian employee within their office,
another who was embezzled by his Christian business partner. Some
offenders are guilt ridden and remorseful, and some go on to attempt the
same in another location. Christian leaders, including preachers, are no
exception as anyone with their ears attached knows. If you earnestly want
to change, can you take just two steps on the road to repairing
relationships? Repairing relationships starts with looking within.

"I'm not going to direct your thoughts to your sin because I want to
punish, condemn or reject you. I'm going to direct you there because it's
there and there alone that you'll discover the truth that sets you free.
I trust that the Spirit will gently convince you of your need to draw
close to your Savior,and as He does that, you'll find the rest and help
you long for." Elyse Fitzpatrick; Overcoming Fear, Worry and Anxiety;

Step 1. Fitzpatrick suggests two things in enduring the painful
experience of facing the fact of own sin. Look deeply into what Christ
suffered for you. He descended to the depths of hell because of His love
for you. Then, recognize His ability to transform and restore you? Come
out from behind the curtain and even if it's very painful, take a good
look into your own heart and turn to the only One who can cleanse it.

Step 2. After examining your own heart, look at the heart of God by
looking into God's word. Study who Christ is and what He's like. You'll
see a loving, merciful Savior who is not going to turn His ear away from
your sincere repentance. He has salvaged many a seemingly hopeless
relationship. Read the Psalms and consider David, who was referred to as
a man after God's own heart. He prayed that God would hear his prayer,
wash away all of his sin and cleanse his transgressions. He believed that
a compassionate God whose love was unfailing could forgive adultery and
murder. Consider how deep and high and wide and long his love is. (See
Ephesians 3:18.) Look up every verse you can find regarding God's love
and mercy. Yes, He desired truth in the inner parts, David said (Psalm
51:6). So there must be confession and repentance. Set your heart and
mind on Him and He will give you perfect peace. There may be many fears
looming about the consequences of your betrayal but right now, focus on
His love.

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