Is Political Correctness Causing Health Stress In America - Hell Yes It Is by sarasloanemoney


									In my view nothing could be worse than using social peer pressure to
shout down a dissenting opinion. In many regards it's worse than an
authoritarian government disallowing free speech, not that a heavy handed
government is good, it's not, it's just you generally know where you
stand and it's not personal. In either case destroying the life-
experience and freedom of expression of the individual is an evil thing.

Many believe that political correctness protects people from "bullying"
and verbal attacks, and although it might in some cases, it also sweeps
under the carpet the reality, it destroys free-thought and free speech.

Might I be so bold as to suggest that political correctness is not only
bad for your mental health, it is also very bad for your physical health
as well. Now then, before you call me onto the carpet for such a
statement, let me give you a little more information to digest, and then
we can discuss all this at a higher level if we might.

There is an interesting research paper titled "The Immunological Effects
of Thought Suppression," by Keith K Petrie, Roger J Booth, and James W
Pennebaker which states;

"Individuals often suppress emotional thoughts, particularly thoughts
that arouse negative emotions, as a way of regulating mood and reducing
distress. However, recent work has highlighted the complexities and
unexpected cognitive and physiological effects of thought suppression. In
a study designed to examine the short-term immunological effects of
thought suppression, participants wrote about either emotional or non-
emotional topics with or without thought suppression."

It turns out in that study the evidence was simply overwhelming in all
regards after sampling blood tests. These authors noted and have also
written on the concept of expressive writing to help with this issue,
also with excellent results. Okay so, now let's switch gears and go back
to the question; "Is Political Correctness Causing Health Stress in

To which I'd like to answer; hell yes it is. And, obviously by writing
this, I am using my right to free speech in my expressive writing,
meaning, I know hold the upper hand on my health, whereas, anyone else
afraid to speak is actually hurting their immune systems, and will now
need ObamaCare soon, and I won't.

You see, if we destroy the spirit of the individual, we give them nothing
to live for, no way to express themselves, and therefore, their life
experience is less than fruitful. Political correctness takes away our
right to free speech, something that we hold dear in this country.

Indeed, it does even more than that, as it physically hurts the
individual to the point of compromising their health. Therefore it has no
place in our society whatsoever. Indeed I hope you will please consider
this if you are a left-leaning socialist and you actually believe
political correctness is the way forward. It's not, it's the way to an
early death from some horrible disease because your immune system has
been compromised.

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