Everyone Is Entitled To Be a Fool 15 Minutes A Day by sarasloanemoney


									Yes, I do believe that everyone is entitled to be a (blank) fool for at
least 15 minutes a day. Murphy's Law comes into play here. You know what
"Murphy's Law" is, or at least have suffered it without knowing what it
actually was. It goes something like this - "if something can go wrong -
rest assured - it will".

I'll give you an illustration about this stupid thing, just to show you
what I mean. It's late in the fall here in southern Arizona, and those of
you who have thermostat heat and cooling will understand. My wife and I
have one, and we use it manually. I tried to set the timer on it, but
"Murphy's law" came into play, so I dropped that effort and opted for the
manual approach. It goes like this. (You know - It's rather embarrassing
to admit that the thermostat is smarter than I am).

We normally set the thermostat at 72 degrees in the daytime when we get
up after setting it the night before at 67. One night, it was a bit
chillier than normal, so I upped the thermostat to 74 and we used a drop
blanket around the lap for some TV watching. Come bed-time, we do the
normal stuff, turn the bed down, brush the teeth for the last time, make
the coffee for morning, and I have to do some other stuff as well. Well,
anyhow --- on that night, I forgot to set the thermostat back to 67 and
the furnace kept the place at 74 degrees all night. Both of us complained
the next morning about being too hot all night. That was one of my stupid
moments - I earned it, and I enjoyed it. Wasted money for heating gas
that wasn't needed.

Another one - I make the coffee the night before so that when one of us
starts facing reality the next morning, the effort is to stumble into the
kitchen with only one eye partially open, turn the coffee pot on and head
for the bathroom to do the stuff that makes you fully awake and ready to
face the day. You come out refreshed and expecting to have a cup of
coffee all done and hot and steamy - no waiting. Yes, I have forgotten to
make the coffee more than once. I have to repeat it once in a while, just
to keep my "being stupid" act polished. My wife gets up before me every
morning - end result = I have lost points with my wife more than once.
Oh, I know, you have never been guilty of something like that.

Once, long ago, I had a friend that was repairing the side of his garage.
He had to nail a board (or something) up on the side. Now, consider the
problem - he was on the very top of a step ladder and reaching almost his
limit to hit the nail while using the other hand to hold it. Of course,
you can see this one coming - he lost his balance just as he swung the
hammer. Yes, he hit the nail alright, but it wasn't the nail he intended
to hit. (My tender ears learned a couple new 4-letter words from that

I was driving in city traffic and I knew that when the yellow light came
on for me, I could make the signal. In the next few seconds I was facing
someone that was making a U-turn and he was in my lane - and stopped! Too
late for me, I was committed - he was stopped and hopefully, he was going
to stay that way. I went to the right lane and got through. I'm sure that
memory will be around for a while. No policeman to ensure the memory was
enhanced (thankfully). But to make it worse, I had only used about 10
seconds of my 15 minutes, so the rest of the day I was on alert. I
realized that the 15 minutes can be filled in small increments to be
cumulative. I don't remember, but I'm sure I didn't disappoint myself.

Ever be at work and notice that you have one Brown shoe on and the other
one is Black??? My wife had a day in heels with one Black one - the other
was Blue --- I won't mention my boss with socks same color but different
pattern colors.

You've had those minutes, I know.

· My grand-daughter decided she would go and ride their donkey bareback -
the donkey had another idea.

· Have you ever tried to take a picture with the "lens-cap" still on?

· Maybe be walking through the living room barefooted and tried to move a
coffee table with bare toes?

· How about stepping on the cat's tail because you weren't paying
attention to where you were walking?

· How about that time you were picking out   potatoes (or something) at the
store and pulled the key one that released   4 more to come cascading down
with two of them hitting the floor? I have   been on my hands and knees
chasing a galloping potato more than once.   I suppose you know that ripe
tomatoes don't bounce very well.

· I remember using a cart while grocery shopping and hooked a display
with the cart - dumped the whole display.

Been there? Done that? I have --- oh well. Hey, by the way - one more -

· Have you ever pushed a door that plainly said PULL?

Needless to say, some days I am delighted to get the day over with
because I had one of those 15 minute episodes repeated 3 or 4 times. I do
sometimes wonder as I lay in bed, ready to go to sleep, what my 15
minutes will have in store for me tomorrow. Yes, I know - I may not be
there yet, but I'm sure closer that I was yesterday!

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