Did the Whole World Just Get Stupid_ How Can So Many People Vote That Way by sarasloanemoney


									Indeed, I am really worried for the average American these days. You see,
I often go out in public to people watch, and well, just to see what is
on everyone's mind. Then, I think about all that and all that observation
and prepare interesting articles on a variety of topics, pretty much
limitless on the subject matter. One thing which is really bothersome is
when I turn on the Cable News for a few moments each night, channel surf
and consider the talking points, lately due to the November 6, 2012
elections, it's been pretty political for the most part. No, that's not
what really bothers me, I mean I expect so close to an election that
people will be discussing such things, of course, that makes sense.

What gets me is when I go out in public the next day and talk to folks at
coffee shops, libraries, restaurants, gas stations, colleges, or maybe at
the post office, the bank, or maybe just out walking their dog in the
park - I note that they seem to "think" they have formed an opinion about
some issue, again lately it's been political, and they want to talk to
someone about it, and tell me what they think. No problem here, I have
two ears and one mouth and try to use them in that ratio of course. It
turns out the people haven't been thinking at all, rather they just
recite the same opinion that was played on the TV the night before.

In fact, and this is a real problem, I can even tell you which TV Cable
network they watched, which newspaper they read, or which candidate they
are voting for and their exact political party affiliation. Trust me when
I tell you the average citizen and voter isn't thinking, they are just
regurgitating, still, that makes sense right, all we do is teach rote
memorization in our schools, and we have this archaic and insane test
based authoritative education system right up to the upper levels and
academic echelon. It's just scary to see well-educated folks and
accomplished people in their careers and field of expertise with
absolutely no brains or ability to think.

And worse, we let all these stupid people vote. Someone the other day,
asked me who I thought would win the election - I simply told them; "the
candidate that gets the most positive press" will win. Which is true, and
therefore, we can't know the future of our country or make any plans
until the last two-bit news correspondent speaks his mind, or someone
else's which is about the same as everyone else. Please consider all this
and think on it. If you are amongst the few of us Americans who still
think, shoot me an email if your IQ is above 140.

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