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									                    OJK 250 Bidding Specifications
It is the intent of this specification to provide for the purchase of one (1) new and unused
Oil Jacketed Kettle to be used for the purpose of melting and applying rubberized
material to seal cracks in road surfaces

The following specification is based upon a Stepp Mfg Oil Jacketed Kettle Model OJK
250D. The Public Works Department has evaluated different styles of crack sealing
equipment and has determined that this product is best suited for the DPW needs in terms
of quality and features. This specification shall not be interpreted as restrictive but rather
as a measure of quality and performance against which all other crack sealing kettles will
be compared.

In comparing proposals, comparison will not be confined to price only. The successful
bidder will be one whose product is judged as best serving the interests of the DPW when
price, product, quality and delivery are considered. The DPW also reserves the right to
reject any or all bids or any part thereof, and to waive any minor technicalities. A contract
will be awarded to the bidder submitting the lowest responsible bid meeting the

Bids will be accepted for consideration on any make or model that is equal or superior to
the Oil Jacketed Kettle specified. Decisions of equivalency will be at the sole
interpretation of the DPW. A blanket statement that equipment proposed will meet all
requirements will not be sufficient to establish equivalence. An original manufacture’s
brochure of the proposed product is to be submitted with proposal.

In order to be fair to all bidders, no oral interpretations will be given to any bidder, as to
the meaning of the specification documents or any part thereof. Every request for such a
consideration shall be made in writing. Based on such inquiry, the DPW may chose to
issue an Addendum in accordance with local state laws.

The specification herein states the minimum requirements of the DPW. All bids must be
regular in every respect. Unauthorized conditions, limitations, or provisions shall be
cause for rejection. The DPW will consider as irregular or non-responsive any and all
bids that are not prepared and submitted in accordance with the bid document and
specification, or any bid lacking sufficient technical literature to enable the DPW to make
a reasonable determination of compliance to the specification. It shall be the bidder’s
responsibility to carefully examine each item of the specification. Failure to offer a
completed bid or failure to respond to each section of the technical specification
(COMPLY: YES NO) will cause the proposal to be rejected without review as non
responsive. All variances, exceptions and/or deviations shall be fully described in the
appropriate section. Deceit in responding to the specification will be cause for rejection.

GENERAL:                                                                     YES NO
The machine shall be the manufactures current production model, trailer
mounted, and completely self contained. It shall be capable of heating,
melting, and applying all grades of rubberized asphalt crack sealer, joint
sealants, and waterproofing compounds without the need for additional
equipment.                                                                   ____   ____

The machine shall be capable of heating sealing material from ambient to
application temperature in 60 minutes or less.                           ____       ____

Triple wall construction, inner hopper to be constructed of 10 gauge
material.                                                                    ____   ____

The melting chamber shall have a minimum rated capacity of 250 gallons. ____        ____

The tank is to be constructed of 10 gauge material with the tank bottom
sloping a minimum of 23° towards a center low point to allow heating
of a small amount of material if desired.                                    ____   ____

The minimum heat transfer surface area within the tank shall be
7080 sq. in.                                                                 ____   ____

The over-all design of the machine is to be constructed to allow a
loading height not to exceed 48" measured from the ground.                   ____   ____

The machine is to be equipped with a hinged hood opening a minimum
of 40" x 42".The hood shall be equipped with a telescoping handle on the
hinge side to provide extra leverage for easy opening of the hood. Hood
Breakers are to be installed to assist the operator in freeing the hood if
stuck closed.                                                              ____     ____

A minimum 2½" draw-off cock with inside closing feature to eliminate
valve freeze-up shall be located at rear of machine.                         ____   ____


The heat transfer oil jacket is to be constructed of 12 gauge material.      ____   ____

The oil jacket shall contain a minimum quantity of 85 gallons of heat
transfer oil.                                                                ____   ____

HEAT TRANSFER JACKET (continued):                                            YES    NO
A cold seal expansion tank shall be provided to eliminate moisture
condensation and reduce oil oxidation in the heat transfer oil.              ____   ____

The oil jacket will include a W-shaped flue completely submerged in oil,
making 4 passes the full length of the bottom of the oil jacket. The flue to
be constructed of 6" x .188 wall tubing designed to last the life of the
machine. The minimum heat transfer surface area to the heat transfer
oil shall be 6680 sq. in.                                                    ____   ____

There are to be two threaded ports in the oil jacket for the immersion type
electrical heating elements.                                                ____    ____

The oil jacket shall be insulated with a minimum of 2" of High
Temperature fiberglass insulation. The outer shell that covers the
 insulation shall be fabricated from 16 gage steel (minimum).                ____   ____

The Full Flow heat exchanger/combustion chamber shall be engineered
and constructed in a configuration that assures the highest efficiency
available from the burner based upon the BTU output of the burner. A
minimum of 2" of ceramic refractory insulation will be used in the
combustion chamber.                                                          ____   ____

Heat transfer oil shall be heated in a Full Flow heat exchanger/combustion
chamber equipped with a heating coil and replaceable type 309 stainless
steel diffuser/liner. Oil will then be circulated through a coil that surrounds
the auger in the tank to put the hottest oil into the center of the heating tank.____ ____

The heat transfer oil is to be circulated by a gear type pump, with
10 GPM minimum outputs, driven by a hydraulic motor.                         ____   ____

The machine is to be equipped with a diesel fuel burner with an operating
output of 420,000 BTU. The burner is to be completely self contained
with automatic ignition and safety shut off devices to stop the fuel flow if
the flame goes out.                                                          ____   ____

A panel mounted light will indicate when the burner is operating. Burner
to be equipped with safety shut off circuitry in event of loss of heat
transfer oil circulation.                                                ____       ____

Two electronic thermostats with digital displays of the temperatures are
to be included to control and monitor the heating oil and product
temperatures from 0° - 550° F.                                               ____   ____

HEATING SYSTEM (continued):                                                     YES    NO
All burner controls and thermostats to be located in a weather tight
enclosure on the right rear of the unit for easy operator access. A
transparent cover is to be installed so the temperatures and other
functions can be monitored without the need to open the cover. Side
mounted control panels will not be accepted.                                    ____   ____

The agitator shall be auger type, and located in the horizontal position
surrounded by a heating coil in the lowest part of the tank. The design
will eliminate dangerous splashing and entanglement of blocks of
material in the agitator.                                                       ____   ____

The agitator shall be driven by a hydraulic motor and include a variable
speed, 4-way, pressure compensated, flow control allowing rotation in
either direction at speeds from 0 to 170 rpm.                                   ____   ____

Shall be equipped with an Agitator disconnect (agitator safety shutdown)
which protects the operator when loading chute is open .                 ____          ____

The engine shall be a three cylinder, water cooled, Kubota® model
D1105-E diesel engine complete with air, fuel, and oil filters, electric
starter, alternator, muffler with rain cover, battery and lockable steel
battery box, hour meter, warning lights, engine cover, and all necessary
controls.                                                                       ____   ____

A glow plug system for cold weather starting shall be included. An engine
management system shall shut down the engine to prevent engine damage
caused by low oil pressure or high engine coolant temperatures shall be
included. The engine management system shall also have an hour meter
and volt meter as standard equipment and shall be manufactured by
Deep Sea Controls.                                                        ____ ____

The engines available horse power shall be a minimum of 25.5 h.p. A
minimum 30 gallon fuel tank, equipped with fuel gauge, shall be provided. ____ ____

The hydraulic system shall include a tandem pump with priority flow to
the heat transfer oil circulation system. The agitator and product pump
shall use independent, 4-way, pressure compensated flow controls
allowing rotation in either direction at variable speeds.                       ____   ____

Hydraulic Oil filtration shall be a suction strainer located in the reservoir
and by a 25 micron "spin-on" type filter in the return line. An oil cooler
with a minimum area of 216 sq. in. shall be installed in the hydraulic

system in a location that assures continuous forced air flow through the
cooler.                                                                    ____   ____

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM (continued):                                              YES    NO
All hydraulic lines to be a minimum of 5/8" high pressure steel tubing.
For extended component life, hydraulic system pressures shall not
exceed 1000 psi.                                                           ____ ____

The product pump shall be a Viking KV-124A with 60 gpm capacity
with the actual output variable from 0 to 8 gpm for greater operator
controllability and extended service life.                                 ____ ____

The pump shall be driven by a reversible hydraulic motor with variable
speed, 4-way, pressure compensated, flow controls with 0 to 75 rpm
operating range. The reversible feature will purge the pump of material to
facilitate cold start-up.                                                  ____   ____

A 50 to 550°F. dial type thermometer shall be installed to monitor the
discharge temperature of the sealant from the product pump.                ____   ____

The pump will be submerged in the tank allowing it to heat with the
product thus eliminating the need to preheat the pump. The pump shall
be removable without the need for maintenance personnel to enter the
product tank.                                                              ____   ____

Pump shall be designed and mounted in such a way that clearance
adjustments can be made from outside the tank without removing the
pump. Any leakage from the pump packing shall drain back into the
tank. To eliminate high maintenance and replacement costs, oil jacketed
pumps will not be accepted.                                                ____   ____

Shall incorporate a Pump Saver product pump control system. The
system shall automatically engage and disengage the product pump based
upon demand for product at the application wand to eliminate unnecessary
pump wear. The Pump Saver shall include a one year warranty against
product pump failure caused by wear.                                     ____ ____

A 1" i.d. (minimum) insulated hose, specially designed for use with
heated petroleum products, shall be attached to a 1 " i.d. (minimum)
insulated Overhead Delivery Boom. The material will pass through the
inside of the boom to the hose.                                            ____   ____

The boom shall swivel on sealed ball bearings and be mounted at a
height that allows the boom to safely pass over a 6' 2" person. The
Overhead Delivery Boom shall be mounted on the left rear corner of the

machine to allow crack filling operations across two lanes if desired.      ____   ____

PRODUCT DELIVERY SYSTEM (continued):                                        YES    NO
A safety stop will be installed to prevent the boom from swinging to the
left or right traffic lane when the safety stop is engaged. The design of
the boom will allow the use of a less expensive shorter hose length of
12’while maintaining an effective work zone that is equal to or greater
than a standard 20 foot hose.                                               ____   ____

The hose and boom shall be equipped with individual internal electric
heating elements designed to melt the crack-sealer from within. The
heating system shall operate at no more than 28 volts DC to eliminate
the risk of hazardous electrical shock.                                     ____   ____

The heating system will be capable of heating the crack-sealer in the
hose & boom from ambient temperature (60°F) to application
temperature in 30 minutes or less. This system shall eliminate the need
for hose heating compartments and hose flushing procedures. The hose
and boom heating system shall add no more than 12 oz. to the total
weight of the hose.                                                         ____   ____

The heating elements shall be a separate component and not part of the
hose or boom. For economic replacements, the hose and heating
components shall be individually replaceable. Hoses and heating
elements constructed as one component will not be accepted. Hose
heating compartments will not be accepted.                                  ____ ____

A 68" x 3/4" i.d. (minimum) insulated application wand with insulated
handles shall be included. The wand valve shall be located at the
application end of the wand to immediately stop the flow of product,
without excess dripping, when the valve is shut off. Wand shall be a
valve-less wand with a trigger switch, equipped with the operator
controlled "Exact Flow" wand control for one pass application.              ____   ____

The wand shall be equipped with an internal electric heating element
designed to melt the crack-sealer from within the wand. The wand
heating system shall operate at no more than 28 volts DC to eliminate
the risk of hazardous electrical shock. The heating system will be
capable of heating the crack-sealer in the wand from ambient
temperature (60°F) to application temperature in 20 minutes or less.        ____   ____

The wand heating system shall be a separate component and not part
of the wand or hose. The wand and heating components shall be

individually replaceable. The wand shall be attached to the hose with a
quick-disconnect 360° swivel.                                             ____ ____

TRAILER:                                                                  YES    NO
The frame shall be constructed with a minimum 11 gauge, 2" × 5"
rectangular tubing Open channel shall not be used. Stress and bend
points to be double reinforced.                                           ____   ____

Axles equipped with electric brakes and a break away switch shall be
Tandem with ratings of 3500 lb each for a total GAWR of 7000 lb.          ____   ____

The machine shall have heavy duty fenders, manufactured from 12
gauge steel, able to support 500 lbs. without damage.                     ____   ____

The hitch height shall be adjustable from 24" to 32".                     ____   ____

Safety chains shall be included. A minimum 5000 lb. capacity tongue
jack with swing away feature for road clearance shall be installed.       ____ ____

Lights will be seal beam style. Rubber grommet mount. All lighting
shall meet state and federal regulations of the FMVSS.                    ____   ____

Tank to be primed with primer and painted highway orange with black
trailer frame. Paint to be a 2 part poly urethane paint minimum 6 mils
thick.                                                                    ____   ____

The warranty shall be one year on all parts, materials, and workmanship.
Component parts such as tires, engines, pumps, etc., shall be covered by
the component manufactures warranties. With Pump Saver System, the
product pump is warranted for one year against failure caused by wear.   ____    ____


Optional arrow stick for increased operator safety. Mounted on the top
rear of hopper with controller in the operators control panel.            ____   ____

Optional Flashing Beacon                                                  ____   ____

Optional exact flow wand shall consist of a rheostat mounted on the wand
To change the speed of the product pump while pumping product.           ____    ____

Automatically stops agitator when safety loading chute is opened.        ____    ____

Consists of 2 immersion heaters submerged in the oil tank.               ____ ____

2” U shaped, 4” U shaped, 3” Disk, 1/4 “ saw cut or 3/8” straight tip.   ____    ____

Lockable engine enclosure with noise abetment insulation to reduce
noise by 40%.                                                            ____ ____

100 CFM @ 100Psi rotary screw compressor with enclosure. Compressor
option includes 49 HP Kubota Diesel engine and is direct coupled to the
compressor.                                                             ____     ____

Front, center mounted conveyor to load sealant in the kettle. Auto loader
functions in conjunction to the product pump to automatically drop one
block of sealant when operator dispenses one block. Also includes manual
controls and anti-splash loading chute.                                   ____   ____

On demand pump that only pressurizes the hose and wand when
switch on wand is activated. Reduces pump ware.                          ____    ____

Hydraulic surge brakes in lieu of electric brakes.                       ____    ____

Exceptions & Deviations
Bidder shall fully describe every variance exception and/or deviation. List the item
number here and fully explain any items in non-compliance with specification.
Additional sheets may be used if required.


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