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									Job Description and Person Specification
Vacancy Number: 046411JF
Job Description

Department:        iSolutions

Post Title:        Business Support- Logistics & Distribution Technician

Please enter          ERE            TAE             MSA          CAO            R.Nurse      Clinical
Level under
Career Pathway                                        2b
                                Academic Posts                           Non-Academic Posts
ERE Category       Academic       Research       Teaching
                                                            Enterprise        Education Development
                    (mixed)         only           Only

Posts Responsible to (and
                                   Logistics and Distribution Team Leader

Posts Responsible for (and
Level):                            No staff management responsibility

Job Purpose:

    o   To resolve service requests or incidents within the agreed service level targets
    o   To build and deploy new and refurbished ICT hardware to staff and students
    o   To solve issues relating to Workstations (PC/Laptop/Printers/etc) in both the staff and
        public domain.
    o   To configure and demonstrate the use of all ICT Hardware
    o   To assist with Public workstation checks and to cover in the absence of other team
    o   To deal with Public workstation asset management including rebuilds, memory upgrades
        and PC and accessory replacements

Key Accountabilities/Primary Responsibilities


To implement, configure, and maintain specialist software tools, applications, equipment and
resources in the area of IT and associated support services.

Complete the timely resolution of reported incidents and service requests and deliver support
services in line with ITIL standards

To provide risk assessments and ensure that equipment is installed in compliance with safety
standards and that the same level of compliance is maintained in all subsequent maintenance

To support the use of software tools, applications, equipment and/or resources with the provision
of documentation, support and training materials as appropriate.

To provide advice and assist customers in obtaining the maximum benefit from University ICT
systems and services, including the gathering of hardware and software requirements

Demonstration of University Desktop Environment (UDE) and Audio Visual Equipment, including
installed systems and interfacing of user’s equipment where necessary.

To undertake support work for both internal and external events.

To provide cover in the absence of colleagues to ensure that service levels are maintained.

To carry out Portable Appliance Testing as required.

Be flexible to cover other Business Support team members

To be actively involved in managed print related issues, to resolve them and provide a solution to
the user.

To undertake any other duties as required by the Director of iSolutions.

 August 2011

Person Specification

                                                                                    How to be
Criteria                    Essential                      Desirable

Qualifications, Knowledge   Educated to a good             Qualification in         Application
and Experience:             standard - HNC, A-level,       Computer Science         form,
                            NVQ2 with some relevant                                 interview
                            vocational experience          Experience working in
                                                           an environment that
                            Demonstrable experience        uses best practice
                            of working in an IT/AV         service methodologies
                            related area                   such as ITIL

                            Experience in the use of
                            Active Directory

                            Practical experience in
                            producing technical and
                            procedural documentation

                            Experience in analysing
                            and troubleshooting PC,
                            MAC and Linux systems

                            Experience of working and
                            installing a variety of
                            Business Applications

Planning and Organising:    Ability to organise            Ability to carry out
                            programme of work and to       prescribed tasks to a
                            work independently             set timescale but with
                                                           limited direct
                            Ability to organise tasks in   supervision
                            accordance with team
                            activities, workloads and
                            Manager's instructions

                            Thoroughness, accuracy
                            and attention to detail

                            Resourcefulness in
                            ensuring workloads are
                            delivered within agreed

                            Ability to follow
                            established working
                            procedures and, where
                            appropriate, to adjust to
                            changing procedures and
                            working practices

Problem Solving and   Ability to follow               Ability to interpret
Initiative:           instructions, both verbal       customers' 'fault'
                      and written                     reports and to
                                                      systematically analyse
                      Ability to proactively follow   and solve service-
                      problems through to             related problems

                      Ability to identify service
                      requirements for

                      Be able to produce and
                      reconcile reports from
                      existing systems

                      Methodical approach to
                      data collection and

                      Methodical, calm and clear-
                      thinking under pressure

Teamwork:             Experience of taking an                                   Application
                      active part in a team,                                    form and
                      improving efficiency by                                   interview
                      sharing information and
                      knowledge and supporting
                      others as required.

                      Ability to adapt well to
                      change and service

Communicating and     A professional, customer        Ability to explain use    Application
Influencing:          orientated approach to          of technology to non-     form and
                      service                         technical customers in    interview
                                                      simple, clear terms
                      Excellent communication
                      skills, good spoken and         Able to contribute
                      written English                 formal presentations to
                                                      team, departmental
                      Be able to contribute and       and University
                      support team working,           meetings
                      maintaining an effective
                      working relationship with

                      Confidence to be a first
                      point of contact for
                      enquiries from a diverse
                      customer base

                      Confident approach and
                      technique to deal with

Other Skills and        Accuracy in working with                                Application
Behaviours:             numbers                                                 form and
                        Demonstrable keenness to
                        keep up with new
                        technologies and services
                        in IT support

                        Full UK driving licence

Special Requirements:   Professional and reliable,    Ability to work outside
                        calm, conscious of not        office hours in case of
                        taking unnecessary risks      an emergency
                        when working with live
                        data on live systems and in
                        machine rooms

                        Able to lift/move

 August 2011

             Job Hazard Analysis Form - Appendix to Job and Person Specification

Please tick one of the following statements:

    This post is an office-based job with routine office hazards e.g. use of VDU (if ticked,
    no further information needs to be supplied)
    This post has some hazards other than routine office e.g. more than use of VDU                 √
Please tick all those that apply, and put N/A if not applicable

    Environmental Exposures                                                     O*    F        C
    Outside work                                                                N/A
    Extremes of temperature (eg fridge/ furnace)                                N/A
    Potential for exposure to body fluids
    Noise (greater than 80 dba - 8 hrs twa)
    Exposure to hazardous substances (eg solvents, liquids, dust, fumes,
    biohazards). Specify Dust…………………………………………….                      ##
    Frequent hand washing                                                       N/A
    Ionising radiation.                                                         N/A
    Equipment/Tools/Machines used
    Food Handling
    Driving university vehicles(e.g. car/van/LGV/PCV)
    Use of latex gloves (note: prohibited unless specific clinical necessity)
    Vibrating tools ( e.g. strimmers, hammer drill, lawnmowers)
    Physical Abilities

    Load manual handling.                                                       X

    Repetitive Crouching/Kneeling/Stooping                                      X
    Repetitive Pulling/Pushing                                                  X
    Repetitive Lifting                                                          X
    Standing for prolonged periods                                              N/A
    Repetitive Climbing i.e. steps, stools, ladders                             X
    Fine motor grips (e.g. pipetting)                                           N/A
    Gross motor grips                                                           N/A

    Repetitive reaching below shoulder height                                   X

    Repetitive reaching at shoulder height                                      X
    Repetitive reaching above shoulder height                                   X
    Psychosocial Issues
    Face to face contact with public                                            X
    Lone working                                                                X
    Shift work/night work/on call duties

  O – Occasionally (up to 1/3 of time); F – Frequently (up to 2/3 of time); C – Constantly (more than
  2/3 of time) ## denotes to HR the need for a full PEHQ to be sent to all applicants for this position.
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 August 2011


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