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									                    Spring 2009

        Children’s Hospital • New Orleans

Baby Talk
What is your
newborn telling you?

Gotcha Covered
Children’s Hospital launches
new mobile care unit

New Orleans Magazine
recognizes 35 “Top Docs”

                                            Heart In Bloom
                                                  Artist Terrance Osborne brings a
                                             unique bouquet to Children’s Hospital

All Aboard: Sugarplum Ball rolls at New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
                                                 Children’s Hospital’s mission is to provide
                                                 comprehensive pediatric healthcare which
                                                 recognizes the special needs of children through
                                                 excellence and the continuous improvement of
                                                 patient care, education, research, child advocacy and

                                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                                                 Mrs. Norman C. Sullivan, Jr., Chairman
                                                 Mrs. George G. Villere, Vice Chairman
                                                 A. Whitfield Huguley, IV, Treasurer
                                                 Julie Livaudais George, Secretary
                                                 John Y. Pearce, Past Chairman

                                                 Kenneth H. Beer                   William L. Mimeles
                                                 Ralph O. Brennan                  Joseph M. Nadell, MD
                                                 Elwood F. Cahill, Jr.             Anthony Recasner, PhD

The Parenting Center
     More than
                                                 Philip deV. Claverie
                                                 Katie Andry Crosby
                                                 Kyle M. France
                                                 Stephen W. Hales, MD
                                                 Mrs. E. Douglas Johnson, Jr.
                                                 Mrs. Francis E. Lauricella
                                                                                   Elliott C. Roberts, Sr.
                                                                                   John K. Roberts
                                                                                   Alan M. Robson, MD
                                                                                   Mrs. André Rubenstein
                                                                                   David R. Voelker
                                                                                   Kenneth Ward, MD

 25 than 25 years of
Moreyears of helping
                                                 Edward D. McCarthy                Everett J. Williams, PhD
                                                 Denis H. McDonald                 Steve Worley


helping families grow
    families grow
                                                 Armand LeGardeur
                                                 Honorary Life Member
                                                 Henry N. Stall
                                                 Honorary Life Member
                                                 Nadia C. Haik
                                                 Parenting Center Advisory Board

Classes       Tips         Consultations         Suzanne de Montluzin

   Classes • Tips • Consultations
                                                 Guild President

                                                 Steve Worley, President and CEO
                                                 Alan Robson, MD, Senior Vice President
                                                    and Medical Director
                                                 Brian Landry, Vice President of Marketing

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                                                                                         10                                16
                                                        On the Cover: New Orleans artist Terrance Osborne in front of his painting

    12                                                  “River Notes” - the image featured as the 2008 Old Algiers RiverFest™ poster.
                                                        In March, Osborne gave a morning-long art lesson in the hospital auditorium.

Features                                            Hospital News & Events
12 Stroke of Genius                                 5 Doctors’ Notes
     Terrance Osborne came to Children’s
     Hospital to lead an art lesson, but left       7 Meet Our New Docs
     schooled in compassion by the lessons of his
     pint-sized pupils.
            zed pupils.                             10 Out & About
16 Care On Wheels                                   17 Helping Hands
     The new Ronald McDonald Care Mobile will
     help Children’s Hospital expand immunization   Departments
     coverage across southeast Louisiana

Columns                                             8 Under the Microscope
                                                              RIC news, discoveries & projects
4 From the President’s Desk
     2009: A Year of Renewal                        9         Family Focus
                                                              Advice from The Parenting Center
6    Medical Director’s Message
     Congrats to our doctors who reached            23 Small World Gallery
     milestones in 2008                                       Patient artwork on display
    From the President’s Desk
    Steve Worley, President and CEO

    2009: A Year of Renewal
    To All the Friends of Children’s Hospital:

          It’s great to kick off a New Year, and we’re especially excited about 2009, a year of
    renewal at Children’s Hospital. Despite the recent economic downturn, we’ve gotten off to
    a tremendous start to a year in which we have expanded our healthcare mission and offerings
    to better serve you.
          In February, Children’s Hospital and Touro Infirmary signed a healthcare system
    agreement creating a nonprofit, community-based, two-hospital healthcare system under our
    hospital’s parent corporation, Louisiana Children’s Medical Center (LCMC). Both hospitals
    will continue to operate as separate institutions and will remain locally owned and operated
    under the new system. As part of the agreement, LCMC will infuse at least $100 million in
    capital improvements at Touro over the next five years to maintain cutting-edge healthcare
    services and ensure procurement of state-of-the-art technology.
    I will remain as president and CEO of Children’s Hospital and LCMC, and in the coming
    months will hire a new Touro president who will report directly to me. The Louisiana
    attorney general must approve the transaction, and we
    expect to close by early June.
          In May, we’ll open our new Pediatric Intensive Care
                                                                     “Despite the recent economic downturn, we’ve
    Unit. Located on the sixth floor of our west tower, the          gotten off to a tremendous start to a year in
    9,456-square-foot state-of-the-art PICU features 18 beds,
    each in a private room. Every patient room is outfitted          which we have expanded our healthcare mission
    with cutting edge technology which will assist our staff in
    instantly providing the best available critical care.
                                                                     and offerings to better serve you.”
          This summer, Children’s Hospital will begin
    moving several services from its Main Campus to its Calhoun Campus (former site of
    DePaul Hospital). Eventually, outpatient orthopaedics as well as physical, occupational and
    speech therapies will move up Henry Clay Avenue. Additionally, The Parenting Center at
    Children’s Hospital will move to a new facility at the former site of Ecole Bilingue. The
    bigger space will allow us to host all of our Uptown classes at one location and offers much
    improved parking for our families.
          In the fall we’ll open our new Cardiac Care Unit. The 8,193 square-foot CCU will be
    on the first floor in the old PICU. It will feature 20 beds (10 in private rooms) for children –
    some just days old – who are recovering from heart surgery. The CCU previously shared 25
    beds with the PICU, but to better serve our patients, we are splitting the units so that each
    will have its own designated area in a larger space.
          Additionally, the re-opening of Kids First Louisa clinic will mark the last renovation of
    our Katrina-damaged properties.
          We’re very excited about each of the openings, and looking forward to remaining at the
    forefront of providing excellent healthcare to the children of New Orleans, Louisiana and
    the entire Gulf South. They shouldn’t have it any other way.

         Steve Worley

                                                                                                                   Doctors’ Notes
                                                                                                             News From Children’s Hospital

                                                        Outpatient cancer clinic gets
                                                        $315,000 renovation
“Top Docs” at Children’s Hospital                            The outpatient Hematology/Oncology clinic at Children’s Hospital has
                                                        re-opened following a $315,000 renovation that increased children’s privacy, care
New Orleans Magazine recognized 35 Children’s
                                                        quality and fun quotient, too. All areas of the clinic received a makeover including
Hospital physicians in its annual Top Doctors issue:
                                                        the addition of a private entrance and waiting room, which features a child-size
                                                        pirate ship and video arcade systems to entertain children while they wait for
Allergy & Immunology             Neurology
                                                        their appointments.
Cleveland Moore                  Stephen Deputy
                                                             “There really is a new feeling to the clinic,” said Lolie Yu, MD, director
Ricardo Sorensen                 Ann Tilton
                                                        of Children’s Hospital’s Hematology/Oncology Department. “There has been
Anesthesiology                   Maria Weimer
                                                        a positive response from both our families and our medical staff. People like the
Stanley Hall                     Nephrology             TVs in the rooms, and having privacy in the infusion room adds a lot to each
John Heaton                      Matti Vehaskari        child’s complete care.”
Cardiology                       Neurological Surgery                                                               The clinic’s waiting
Robert Ascuitto                  Joseph Nadell                                                                room is named in honor of
Hans Mulder                                                                                                   Susan Le Clercq, in gratitude
Nancy Ross-Ascuitto                                                                                           for the care she received at
                                 George S. Ellis, Jr.
Aluizio Stopa                                                                                                 Children’s Hospital. Susan’s
                                 Orthopaedic Surgery                                                          grandmother, Susan Johnson,
Endocrinology and                Stephen Heinrich                                                             is a longtime member of the
Metabolism                       Andrew G. King                                                               hospital’s board of trustees.
Alfonso Vargas
                                 Otolaryngology                                                               The Johnsons and Le Clercqs
Gastroenterology                 Herbert Marks Jr.                                                            donated $50,000 to help kick
Raynorda Brown                                                                                                off the clinic’s renovation.
General Pediatrics               Randall Craver
                                                        Doug and Susan Johnson, pictured with grandaughter
Thomas Babin,                                           Susan Le Clercq, donated $50,000 toward the
                                 Rheumatology           renovation of the outpatient cancer clinic.
  Ormond Pediatric Group
                                 Abraham Gedalia
David Estes,
  Napoleon Pediatrics
Michael Heller,
  Napoleon Pediatrics
                                 Brian Barkemeyer        Dr. Parker receives
                                 Staci Marie Olister
Mark Morici,                     Duna Penn               LDA’s New Dentist Award
  Metairie Pediatrics            Dana L. Rivera
                                                              Jason Parker, DDS, was presented the New
Keith Perrin,                    Pediatric Surgery       Dentist Award at the 128th Annual Session of
   Napoleon Pediatrics           Charles Hill, Jr.       the Louisiana Dental Association. The New
Sam Solis,                       Urology                 Dentist Award is given to an individual member
  Napoleon Pediatrics            Joseph Ortenberg        who has been in practice for less than 10
Scott R. Zander,                                         years, and who has made an outstanding contribution of his/her time and
   Lakeside Children’s Clinic                            talents for the betterment of mankind. From 2000 through 2004, Parker
                                                         personally funded and secured Rotary International grants for “Smiles from
Medical Genetics
                                                         N.O. to Ocho” – a program that enabled Parker and his dental team to
Michael Marble
                                                         provide comprehensive dental care in Ocho Rios, Jamaica to thousands of
                                                         children who otherwise may not have been able to afford it.

    Medical Director’s Message
    Alan Robson, MD, Medical Dir ector

    Children’s Hospital honors physicians who reached
    milestone anniversaries in 2008
         One of Children’s Hospital’s most valuable assets is its excellent medical staff, which
    comprises nearly 400 pediatricians and pediatric specialists. The combined expertise of these
    highly qualified physicians covers every medical need that a child may require. Several of our
    physicians have been on our medical staff for decades. Their leadership and longevity keeps
    Children’s at the forefront of pediatric medical care. Congratulations to our physicians who
    have reached milestone anniversaries in their employment at Children’s Hospital.

                                                       40 Years
                                                       Jerry Casey & Judith Harris
                                                       35 Years
                                                       Robert Musselman
                                                       30 Years
                                                       Kirk Bellard, William Blake, John Church,
                                                       Robert Gordon, Burr Ilgenfritz, Joseph Nadell,
                                                       Carl Robinson & Harold York
                                                       25 Years
                                                       Martin Claiborne, Thattil Gouri, Stephen Levine, Edwin Lin, Gordon Nutik,
                                                        Joseph Ortenberg, Alan Sheen, Vithavas Tangpricha, Michael Wasserman & Scott Zander
                                                       20 Years
                                                       Robert Balkan, John Barbara, James Bennett, Thomas Carson, Randall Craver, Martin Drell,
                                                       Sprague Eustis, John Firestone, William Gill, Lindhe Guarisco, Laura Hogue, Yves Lacassie,
                                                       Dolleen Licciardi, Gary Lipscomb, Vimala Mascarenhas, Michael Moses, Howard Osofsky,
                                                       Anthony Palazzo, Keith Perrin, Aluizio Stopa, Jack Strong, Ann Tilton, Kenneth Ward,
                                                       Malektaj Yazdani-Kachouei, Lolie Yu & Michele Zembo
                                                       15 Years
                                                       Brian Barkemeyer, Susan Berry, Frank Bissant, Raynorda Brown, Frank Culicchia,
                                                       Diane DeFrance, Douglas Faust, Abraham Gedalia, Vikram Khoshoo, Edith Linares,
                                                       Daniel Nuss, Sandra Robinson, Nancy Ross-Ascuitto, Neva Seago, Claudia Schuth,
                                                       Russell Steele & Harold Stokes
                                                       10 Years
                                                       Diego Aviles, Rodolfo Begue, Erin Boh, Jonathan Boraski, Sonseeah Bridges, Mark Carbon,
                                                       Joseph Caspi, Patrick Cecola, Allan Cougle, Cham Crapanzano, Bonnie Desselle,
                                                       Edward Donaldson, Patricia Granier, Anas Khouri, Dominick Lago, Reita Lawrence,
                                                       Abbey Lewis-Gallien, Ray Lousteau, Lucinda McCaslin, Stephen Metzinger, Piotr Olejniczak,
                                                       Monir Shalaby, Maria Velez & Joaquin Wong
                                                       5 Years
                                                       William Accousti, Christopher Arcement, Victor Babin III, Christopher Babycos,
                                                       Michael Block, Michael Boyle, Ralph Chesson Jr., Mark Coreil, Wendi DeFrank, Jill Donaldson,
                                                       Linda Doughty-White, Luis Espinoza, Annette Figueroa, Diane Franz, Eric George,
                                                       Wendy Gervais, Albert Gutierrez, John Heaton, Michael Heller Jr., Marlene Juarez,
                                                       Janine Lissard, Antoinette Logarbo, Michael Marble, Elizabeth Milvid, Claire Morgan,
                                                       M. Nora Oates, Augusto Ochoa, Jason Parker, Teresa Perkins, Timothy Pettitt, Jeffrey Poole,
                                                       Tanya Reed, Sheryl Lynn Sawatsky, Louis Shenk, Diane Sinclair, Margaret Strong,
                                                       William Troutman, Maria Vives, Maria Weimer, Ronald Wilcox & Randall Wilk

                                                                                                       Meet Our New Docs

Children’s Hospital welcomes these new members of the medical staff:

Joanne Deleon,       Emergency Medicine       Yameika Head, Child Abuse Medicine           Hugo St. Hilaire,
Medical School: Northwestern University,      Medical School: Meharry Medical College,     Plastic & Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago          Nashville, Tenn.                             Medical School: Mount Sinai School of
Residency: Tulane Hospital for Children,      Residency: University of Texas Medical       Medicine, New York
New Orleans                                   Branch, Galveston, Texas                     Residency: LSU Health Sciences Center,
                                              Fellowship: LSU Health Sciences Center,      New Orleans
                                              New Orleans                                  Fellowship: Johns Hopkins/University of
                                                                                           Maryland, Baltimore

                       Aaron Thompson, Emergency Medicine            Nadia Webb, Psychology
                       Medical School: Tulane University School of   Professional Schools: Rutgers University
                       Medicine, New Orleans                         Graduate School of Applied and Professional
                       Residency: University of California,          Psychology, Piscataway, N.J. and New College
                       Davis, Sacramento, Calif.                     of California, San Francisco
                                                                     Internship: University of Arizona Health

                                                                     Sciences Center, Tuscon, Ariz.
    Under the Microscope
    RIC news, discoveries & projects

    Knocking Out NEC
    RIC study aims to identify bacteria associated with deadly
    intestinal disease in newborns

          Hundreds of premature babies are admitted each year to the
    Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital. Nearly one
    in five is diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). The most
    common gastrointestinal emergency among newborns, NEC causes a
    life-threatening inflammation and destruction of the gastrointestinal
    tract. The disease often strikes when least expected and without much
    warning. Twenty to 50 percent of infants with NEC do not survive.
    Those who do often suffer long-term disabilities, including feeding
    intolerance, short gut syndrome and poor nutrition. However, investi-
    gators at The Research Institute for Children are conducting a study
    that they hope will lead to greater understanding about the cause of this
    devastating disease, and ultimately help in developing methods for the
    earlier detection, more effective treatment and perhaps even prevention.
          Lack of a clear understanding about what exactly causes the
    condition makes early diagnosis and effective treatment difficult.
    Bacteria are thought to play a role in the cause of NEC, but so far,
    research has not found a single, specific agent to be consistently related
    to the disease. But, the majority of previous studies used traditional
    bacterial culture techniques which we now know often fail to reveal up
    to 80 percent of the bacteria present in the intestinal tract.                         “Since premature infants are at increased risk for this disease,
          Researchers Uma Pisharody, MD, Michael Ferris, PhD and                    babies admitted to NICUs, like the one at Children’s Hospital,
    Duna Penn, MD, MS, using newer, much more sensitive molecular                   are particularly vulnerable,” Pisharody said. If we can identify any
    techniques to detect and identify bacteria based on genetic sequences           differences in the bacteria between babies with NEC and those without
    in their DNA, are now investigating whether the intestinal bacteria             it, we might be able to determine what causes NEC and eventually find
    of infants who develop NEC are different from the intestinal bacteria           a cure,” she said.
    found in healthy premature infants. Preliminary results are promising,                “NEC affects thousands of children each year,” she said. “So
    but there is still much more work to be done before any conclusions             finding a way to eventually curb and potentially cure the disease could
    can be drawn.                                                                   impact millions of people around the world.”

                                                                                                Did You Know...
                                                                                        In 2008, Children’s Hospital recorded
                                                                                    281,754 patient visits, with children coming
                                                                                  to us from all 64 parishes in Louisiana, 42 states
                                                                                 and 3 foreign countries. The hospital provided care
                                                                                                for 58,105 unique patients.

                                                                                                               Family Focus
                                                                                         Advice from The Parenting Center

Listen Up!
Your newborn is telling you what she need s.
                                                                                              What’d you say?
     The day Mimi Sammarco’s two-month-old told her that she needed to burp,                  The Dunstan Baby Language is
her baby’s chronic crying stopped and life as a new parent became instantly                   based on five reflex sounds that
easier. Now, Sammarco and first-time parents across New Orleans are crediting                 every newborn makes which
The Parenting Center at Children’s Hospital for recommending a 15-minute                      correspond with a specific need.
long DVD that, they say, has changed their lives.
                                                                                               Neh       I’m hungry
     Like most members of The Parenting Center’s Snuggles and Struggles
                                                                                               Owh       I’m sleepy
support group, Sammarco started attending the weekly sessions for parents of
                                                                                               Eh        Burp me
newborns to get advice on caring for her infant. Exasperated with marathon
crying sessions and frustrated because she didn’t know how to meet her baby’s                  Heh       Change me
needs, she sought guidance from the group’s leader, Debbie Regan, who                          Eairh     I have gas
recommended one of the hottest items in The Parenting Center’s DVD library –
The Dunstan Baby Language.
     In 1998 Priscilla Dunstan, an Australian violinist with an eidetic (photographic) memory for sound, noticed her baby made five
distinct reflex sounds which corresponded with physical needs – hunger, sleepiness, the need to be burped, the need to be changed
and lower gas discomfort. For instance, when he was hungry he made a sucking reflex that had a “Neh” sound, while a “Heh”
sound meant that he needed to be changed. Through research with more than 1,000 babies of 30-plus nationalities, she found every
newborn younger than three months speaks the universal “language” that can warn caretakers of their child’s need before they begin
to cry.
                                                          Ironically, Sammarco received a copy of the DVD as a shower gift, but
                                                     hadn’t watched it before Regan suggested it. After seeing it, she says it should
                                                     be “required viewing for all new mothers.”
                                                          “It was a life saver,” Sammarco said of the DVD. “Before, whenever
                                                     she began to cry, I fed her all the time, but she was trying to tell me she was
                                                     uncomfortable. But when we heard the “Eh” sound, we sat her up and began
                                                     patting her back. She let out a fraternity brother burp and looked at us like,
                                                     ‘Thank God! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.’
                                                           “As a new mom, it really gave me the biggest boost of confidence,” she
                                                     said. “I felt like parenting became much easier to manage.”
                                                          Regan said several parents have raved over the DVD’s immediate results
                                                     after checking it out from The Parenting Center’s library. Once a caregiver
                                                     can recognize the ‘word,’ they can begin soothing the child and meeting
                                                     their need before the screaming commences. When a new parent or caregiver
                                                     knows they are responding to their infant’s needs correctly, it builds esteem
                                                     and reduces stress for everyone in the home, she said.
                                                          “It’s an amazing discovery that results in less crying and discomfort for
                                                     the baby, not to mention less stress for parents. I’m so happy to share it with
                                                     new moms and dads because it makes the first three months with a newborn so
                                                     much easier.”
                                                         For more information and to see clips, check The Dunstan Baby
                                                     Language Web site: For more information on The
                                                     Parenting Center, log on to

 Out And About
 Children’s Hospital Events & Celebrations

 All Aboard
      The 28th annual Sugarplum Ball was held at the New
 Orleans Public Belt Railroad engine terminal on Tchoupitoulas
 Street on March 14. This year’s black-tie gala, which honored
 long-time board member Susan Johnson, featured a silent
 auction, live music and cuisine from the area’s finest restaurants.
 Ball chairs Lynn Gibbons and Gwathmey Gomilla, with the
 help and support of NOPB General
 Manager Jim Bridger, created a truly
 fantastic and memorable event. Attendees
 were treated to souvenir photos on the
 NOPB’s restored Pullman Car, Spirit of
 New Orleans. The event grossed more than
 $186,000 for our Surgery Department!

                                                             Radiothon dials in $135,698
                                                                  Shrieks of laughter and the thunderous crash of the Children’s Hospital Radiothon
                                                             gong reverberated through the main lobby as the Gulf South community pledged
                                                             $135,698 to buy equipment and pay general expenses for the hospital, according to
                                                             Brian Landry, Children’s Hospital vice president of Marketing. Each strike of the gong
                                                             indicated that a donation of $500 or more had been made to the hospital.
                                                                  Now in its fifth year, Radiothon is a collaboration between Children’s Miracle
                                                             Network (CMN), a non-profit organization that helps raise funds for children’s
                                                             hospitals around the country, and Entercom Communications Corporation, which owns
                                                             several radio stations in the New Orleans area.
                                                                  Talk show hosts from WWL-AM and FM broadcast live for 32 hours from the
                                                             hospital’s main lobby on March 5 and 6. They interviewed patients, family members
                                                             and hospital staff, and Spud McConnell even participated in an acupuncture therapy
                                                             session. Disc jockeys from Entercom’s other local stations, WEZB-FM, WKBU-FM
                                                             and WLMG-FM, also promoted the event with on-air messages and vignettes at the
                                                             top and bottom of every hour.

 Forest Whitaker gives thanks at Children’s
      Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker spent Thanksgiving at
 Children’s Hospital. During his visit, he and several kids made pilgrim hats and
 handprint turkeys out of construction paper. Whitaker was in New Orleans
 filming a motion picture. He won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as
 Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland.

           Contact the Public Affairs Department at (504) 896-9373 for more information on Children’s Hospital events.
                                                                  Calendar of Events

                                                   2             Guild Circus
                                                        10 am – noon, Gazebo

                                                   14              Blood Drive
                                                        8 a.m. – 7 p.m., Auditorium

                                                   20              Carter Plantation
                                                                   Golf Tournament
                                                        10 a.m., Shotgun Start
                                                        Carter Plantation, Springfield, LA

                                                   M A Y
Carnival Visits                                    4              Rite Aid Pre-Party
      Carnival is a special time of year for the        6:30 pm, Drago’s Metairie
patients at Children’s Hospital. This year,
the kids were visited by more than five local
krewes, and a handful of lucky children got
to ride, too!
                                                   5              Rite Aid Golf Tournament
                                                        1 p.m., Stonebridge Country Club
      Actor Val Kilmer was crowned
Bacchus XLI on the Friday before Mardi
Gras at Children’s Hospital, a traditional
stop for Bacchus’ monarch.                         15             AllFax Golf Tournament
      The Krewe of Thoth made two visits to             12:30 p.m., Beau Chene Country Club
the hospital. Just before parade season, the

“Thoth March” brought Krewe members                               The Italian American
to Children’s. That same day, a Budweiser                         Fishing Rodeo
Clydesdale wowed guests and staff alike                 Dawn, Breton Sound Marina
under the main entrance’s portico. Thoth,
also known as the Krewe of Shut-ins for
their practice of parading past more than          30             Wendy’s Volleyball Tournament
a dozen Uptown institutions serving the                 Registration 3 p.m., Play begins at 4 p.m.
seriously ill or handicapped, began their               Malibu Rum Coconut Beach Complex
Sunday parade right in front of Children’s
Hospital. The Krewe’s 2009 doubloon                30-31         Children’s Hospital Telethon
features a child on crutches.                           Live on WDSU NewsChannel 6
      A week before Mardi Gras, Zulu’s King
and Queen, Tyrone and Sheila Mathieu,
came Uptown to bring Carnival cheer to
Children’s, and Little Rascals invited 10          JUNE
patients and several staff members to ride on
a float compliments of the Krewe.                  18-21           Aqua Aces Spear Fishing Rodeo
                                                        10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Lafreniere Park, Shelter #7

  Stroke of Genius
 Artist Terrance Osborne delivered a unique spring bouquet to kids
 at Children Hospital with the help of Child Life’s Jeff Helminger

 A                s 15-year-old Timothy Lynn
                  slid the bold green-covered tip
                  of his paintbrush across the
                  canvas in front of him, he
  smiled for the first time in six months.
    Timothy was diagnosed with leukemia
 in July and suffered brain damage during a
                                                        “Y’all do awesome things for the kids at this
                                                     hospital, but this is the best,” Allen said, tears
                                                     welling in her eyes at the sight of her son’s
                                                     grin. “I haven’t seen him smile in a long time.
                                                     It blows my mind that he would take time out
                                                     for these kids. It’s awesome and makes them
                                                     feel so special.”
 subsequent chemotherapy session, according
 to his mom, Wendy Allen. Since September,
 he hasn’t smiled or enjoyed doing anything          Soul Stirring
 and just sits in bed, she said. But an art lesson      Like thousands of other NOLAphiles who
 with Terrance Osborne, one of New Orleans’          after Hurricane Katrina searched for ways
 hottest up-and-coming artists, allowed              to display their Crescent City pride, Jeff
 Timothy, and several other children, the            Helminger, a recreation therapist in Children’s Timothy Lynn, with his mother, Wendy, and Occupational
 opportunity to express joy through                  Hospital’s Child Life Department, bought an     Therapist Hallie Archer. Opposite page: CeCe Robert (top)
 their creativity.                                   Osborne print                                   and Brooke Overby making masterpieces.

called “Post-Katrina Blues” which features a       the idea of getting Osborne involved at the
brightly colored scene of several lively New       hospital in some capacity. Through several
Orleans homes submerged in floodwater. The         discussions with Terrance and Stephanie,
surrealistic scene seems to say the city may       Osborne’s wife and business manager and a
have gone through a devastating storm but its      former hospital volunteer, the idea of an art
spirit is intact, and that’s what will drive New   lesson for the kids at the hospital evolved.
Orleans’ comeback.                                    “Any time the kids have something different
   Helminger likened his reaction to the print     to look forward to, it’s important because it
to the feeling he gets working with strong-        helps perk them up and gets them feeling
spirited hospitalized children who overcome        better for a while because they’re not focused
adversity. He thought it would be amazing to       on their pain or injury,” Helminger said. “Our
meld Osborne’s colorful artistic vision with his   doctors and nurses are taking care of the
work at Children’s, so he searched the Web for     medical aspect of the kids’ injuries, and we’re
information on the print and artist. He came       working on the emotional and coping aspects
across the painter’s online gallery, and called    of helping them deal with their treatment and
the number listed on the site to pitch             recovery. It’s our job to lift their spirits and
                                                   brighten their days.”

                                       Lee Myers, director of Child Life, said Helminger plays an integral part in making her department
                                     successful. “Jeff has this unique, creative, positive and upbeat personality which brightens everyone’s day,”
                                     Myers said. “He is always looking for new ways to inspire plus motivate children and their families during
                                     their hospital stay. This collaboration with Terrance is just one example of his dedication and passion.”

                                     Start with a Blank Canvas
                                        Osborne began the two-hour lesson by introducing himself and discussing several of the works that
                                     have had major significance in his career before leading the kids through a step-by-step lesson on painting
                                     flowers in a vase. He selected the theme because he wanted to deliver flowers to a former co-worker’s family
                                     whose child is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. However, to ensure that no unwanted agents that could
                                     further endanger the health of critically ill children enter the unit, Children’s Hospital prohibits flowers in
                                     the PICU.
                                        Armed with a dry erase board and several markers, Osborne began the lesson by drawing a vertical
                                     rectangle that would serve as his “canvas,” and asked the kids to repeat each coming step in black marker on
                                     the 18x24 inch stretched canvas in front of them. He then drew a two-dimensional vase near the bottom of
                                     his “canvas.” He told them to make sure their vase was large enough to support a big bouquet that could fill
                                     the top two-thirds of the image. For the tabletop, he told them to draw two lines running into the middle
                                     of the vase to create depth, and warned against drawing lines along the bottom of the vase, which would
                                     create the effect that the vase was “on a wire.” Next, he asked them to begin drawing flowers without stems
                                     on the top portion of the canvas. He explained depth and overlapping as he led them in drawing stems to
                                     connect the blooms and their container.
                                        Once their outline was complete, the painting began. Child Life therapists and volunteers gave each child
                                     a variety of base colors that they could blend into their own signature palettes to embellish their sketches.
                                     As the kids decorated their canvases, Osborne traveled from artist to artist to offer encouragement, help
                                     them blend colors and provide a few brushstrokes to each piece, making the kids’ works extra special.
                                        “The best part about all of this is the sharing of knowledge,” Osborne said. “When I teach I hear what
                                     I learned from my parents and teachers. I feel like I’m channeling them. That exchange and passing on of
                                     knowledge is priceless.”
                                        At the end of the session, each child was able to display his or her artwork for all to see and enjoy.
                                     Osborne signed their work and posed for photos with each artist. “This is a wonderful experience. I love
                                     his paintings, and I love the project,” said Lisette Overby, an art teacher at Country Day whose daughter,
                                     Brooke, painted with Terrance. “Every kid can draw a flower pot and flowers. It’s easy for the kids to do,
                                     and they’re having a great time painting. It’s beautiful.”

                                     Return Engagement
                                        As Osborne visited with each child and their parent or caretaker and heard their stories, he was
                                     visibly moved. None more than when he stopped at Timothy’s table where his mother told him about her
                                     son’s grin.
                                        “I didn’t expect that at all. It really touched me,” Osborne said. “He did a fantastic painting, and to hear
                                     him say he’s really enjoying himself … I can’t put my emotions into words.”
                                        Three hours after he left the hospital, he was able to get a grip on his feelings and called. “Today
 From the top: Stephanie Osborne,    was amazing,” he said. “This was so powerful and has had such an affect on us. We’ve already started
 Child Life’s Jeff Helminger,        talking with Jeff about doing this again in an expanded format – maybe a week of lessons followed by
 Terrance Osborne and Seth Ramsey,   a public showing.
 and art in action.                     “Children’s Hospital is such a powerful force,” he said. “The work you do is priceless. Thank you.
                                     We’ll definitely be back.”

Terrance Osborne
A Portrait of the Artist

   Terrance Osborne, 34, seemed to explode     me to send them a proposal. When I didn’t,      “That came along right at the right time
onto the New Orleans art scene after           she did. Two weeks later, we had a deal.”       because it affirmed what I was doing,” he
Hurricane Katrina, but the painter has been       Looking forward to enjoying some of          said. “That call was as powerful to me as the
getting international exposure since the       his growing popularity, his dream was           Real World call.”
beginning of the millennium. His signature     interrupted in August 2005 when Hurricane          His painting of Phillip Frazer, leader and
use of brilliant, vivacious color makes his    Katrina devastated New Orleans. The             tuba player of the Rebirth Brass Band, sold
work immediately recognizable. His paintings   Osbornes and their three children evacuated     out before the festival ended, and began a
are surreal, but he describes himself as an    to a hotel in Texas, but their Terrytown home   trend of the Congo Square poster rivaling the
expressionistic colorist.                      was flooded and they were adrift. For two       quality and sales of the festival’s main poster.
   “Every painting, for me, is an experiment   years they lived in a client’s second home in   “It’s got a down-home New Orleans feel. It
in color,” he said. “The colors are bold and   Acworth, Ga., a small town less than an hour    puts you right in the middle of the second
fresh and the images are inviting. I want      north of Atlanta. Depressed by the around-      line. If you’ve ever seen a second line or
my viewers to look at my work and feel         the-clock media coverage featuring images       parade in New Orleans, this speaks to you,”
overwhelmed.”                                  of flooded New Orleans neighborhoods, he        he said. “It’s such an iconic image.”
   Osborne first came to prominence in 2000    picked up his brush and began to paint away        In 2008, Nike hired Osborne to design
when the producers of MTV’s Real World         his pain. Longing for the city of his youth,    artwork for the Factory Store at the corner
New Orleans selected his artwork to decorate   Osborne began painting examples of the          of Carrollton and Tulane avenues and the
their set – the Belfort, an immense Greek      flooded, yet glowing, raised homes of his       company’s first New Orleans-themed Air
revival mansion on St. Charles Avenue.         native Treme, including “Post-Katrina Blues”    Force 1 shoe. That partnership led the New
   “I couldn’t believe The Real World was      and a trio of jovial “Hurricane Solutions”      Orleans Hornets to commission him to paint
calling me,” Osborne said. “I was a nobody     featuring New Orleans-style homes on tree       “Our Team, Our Town,” the official poster
as far as my career was concerned. It was      tops, stilts and boats.                         to commemorate the release of the Hornets
real good for me because it let me know that      “I painted ‘Post-Katrina Blues’ about two    new uniforms and colors.
possibilities were out there.”                 or three weeks after the storm,” he said. “It      Osborne is currently working on a new
   His career hit another high point in 2004   was reactionary, but eventually I started       series which he calls Jazz Bouquets. The
when the Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel    working on happier themes. It was cleansing.”   wood and acrylic pieces feature arrangements
commissioned him to paint a 105x41-foot           His paintings and prints became some of      of flowers and instruments found in
mural on the outdoor wall facing Convention    the hottest items on the New Orleans arts       traditional New Orleans music. He painted
Center Boulevard. The high profile location    scene, and helped him land one of the most      the first example while listening to greats like
in the heart of the CBD ensured maximum        coveted gigs around. After trying and being     Louis Prima, Dr. John and Kermit Ruffins.
exposure.                                      denied for three years, The New Orleans Jazz    “This piece started as just a colorful bouquet,
   “That was my first gig that really put me   & Heritage Festival tapped him to provide       but I couldn’t resist painting what I was
on the map,” Osborne said. “My wife pushed     the image for the 2007 Congo Square poster.     hearing,” Osborne said.

     Ronald McDonald Care Mobile hits the road

New mobile healthcare program to provide free immunizations to thousands of children

       Children’s Hospital has a new partner in helping improve            provide mobile healthcare units that will save families an estimated
  vaccination levels and keeping Louisiana’s youth healthy. Ronald         $10 million each year on medical and dental health services. Those
  McDonald House Charities Global donated the $350,000, 40-foot            in attendance included Supriya Jindal, first lady of Louisiana; Steve
  mobile health unit, and Ronald McDonald House Charities of               Worley, president and CEO of Children’s Hospital; Tony Herques,
  Greater New Orleans has provided $300,000 for three years of             president of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater New
  program funding.                                                         Orleans, and Charmaine Allesandro, executive director of the Greater
       The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile will serve as the delivery          New Orleans Immunization Network.
  mechanism for The Greater New Orleans Immunization Network’s                   “The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile is not just a gift to
  School Kids Immunization Program (SKIP), which was developed             Children’s Hospital, but a gift to the children of Louisiana,” Jindal
  to provide vaccines free of charge and educate school-aged children      said. “The Care Mobile will allow the Greater New Orleans
  about the importance of vaccinations. The Care Mobile operates in        Immunization Network to expand its geographical outreach and serve
  the seven-parish Greater New Orleans area, and allows thousands          more children in need.”
  of children the opportunity to be immunized free of charge. The                Currently, the United Health Foundation ranks Louisiana 43rd
  Care Mobile will join SKIP’s other mobile unit in administering          in the nation based on the percentage of immunized children within
  vaccinations at local schools and uploading each child’s vaccination     its population. Immunizing all of our children is a daunting task, but
  history to a state-wide data base that, if need be, can be accessed by   vaccines have been proven to protect against 16 deadly diseases.
  physicians across the country.                                                 For the past 10 years, the Greater New Orleans Immunization
       The Care Mobile was unveiled Thursday, Nov. 20, at Ronald           Network has provided 140,000 free immunizations to more than
  McDonald House Charities kickoff of a nationwide program that will       75,000 children.

                                                                                                                                            Helping Hands
                                                                                                                  Building a healthy future for kids.

                                                                                         Kids Fund raises $870,232
                                                                                              The 2008 Kids Fund Campaign raised $870,232 for the
                                                                                         hospital’s new Cardiac Care Unit (CCU). Alan Philipson served as
                                                                                         the chair of the campaign, and Rick Baumgartner, MD, served as
                                                                                         head of the Physicians’ Campaign. The new 8,193 square-foot CCU
                                                                                         features 20 beds (10 in private rooms) for children – some just days
                                                                                         old – who are recovering from heart surgery. Children’s Hospital’s
                                                                                         Cardiology Department and its Cardiothoracic surgical team are
                                                                                         nationally recognized for the care they’ve provided to children across
                                                                                         the Gulf South. A 24-hour ground and air transport team is available
                                                                                         to bring patients to the unit. Mr. Philipson and his wife, Arlene, have
                                                                                         made a generous contribution to fund a patient room in the new unit.

Children’s Hospital appreciates every penny we              BENEFACTORS                                                 Dr. & Mrs. Donald C. Faust, Jr.
receive and thanks you for every bit of support             ($2,500-$4,999)                                             A. Joanne Gates, M.D.
you give us. Due to limited space, however, we              Association for Corporate Growth New York                   Stella Gilbert
can only print donations of $250 or more.                   Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Berger, Sr.                         Gould Volunteer Fire Company
                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Truls Bjerke                                     Bessie P. Gray
FOUNDERS ($10,000+)                                         Boh Bros. Construction Company                              The Grieshaber Family
ABC26/WB38 Children First                                   East Jefferson Newcomers Club                               Gregory J. Hamer, Sr.
Yvonne & Red Adams Foundation                               Georgia Farms                                               Christopher A. Hansen
Mr. & Mrs. Hollis B. Eddins                                 Gillis Elementary School                                    Marie-Louise Haymon, M.D.
Ethan & Associates                                          Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Key                                     John F. Heaton, M.D.
The Gustaf Westfeldt McIlhenny Family Foundation            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. McAlear                                Charles B. Hill, M.D.
Independent Pilots Association                              Robert K. Minkes, M.D.                                      International Coffee Corporation
Lauricella Land Company                                     P & W Industries                                            Alissa Janey
Frank & Seba Payne Foundation                               Parish Concrete                                             Jeff Johannsen
Pizza Hut                                                   Steamroller Productions                                     Evelyn Kluka, M.D.
Plaisance’s Bar                                             Mr. & Mrs. Kirby R. Stumpf                                  Dr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Levine
Salmen Family Foundation                                    Textron Marine & Land Systems                               Lufkin Industries
The Susan Scott Foundation                                  Mr. & Mrs. Steve Watkins                                    Mandeville Fire Fighters Association
New Orleans-Baton Rouge Steamship Pilots Association                                                                    Marrero Land & Improvement Assn., Ltd.
Stewart Title of Louisiana                                  FELLOWS ($1,000-$2,499)                                     William S. Middleton
Dorman L. Strahan                                           Vincent R. Adolph, M.D.                                     The James R. Moffett Family Foundation
Luther & Zita Templeman Foundation                          Avoyelles Bayou Bikers                                      Tracey W. Moore
Valero - St. Charles Refinery                               Brian Barkemeyer, M.D.                                      Michael H. Moses, M.D.
Gerard Zaunbrecher                                          Richard P. Baumgartner, M.D.                                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mueller
                                                            Mr. & Mrs. William Christopher Beary                        Murphy Oil - Meraux Refinery
PATRONS ($5,000-$9,999)                                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Bohnet                                   Murphy Oil USA
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Carroll                                  Ralph O. Brennan                                            Joseph M. Nadell, M.D.
Glazer’s Companies of LA                                    Mr. & Mrs. Shava J. Carboni, Jr.                            Mr. & Mrs. David Naiman
Mr. & Mrs. A. Whitfield Huguley, IV                         R. Patrick Cecola, M.D.                                     Garrett Naquin
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony I. Lauto                                 Jane Congeni, M.D.                                          Northrop Grumman Corporation
Lockheed Martin Space System Company - Michoud Operations   Crescent Ford Truck Sales                                   Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Ortenberg
Spa Manhattan                                               Cross Gates Athletic Club                                   Dr. & Mrs. Keith Perrin
Mr. & Mrs. Moise S. Steeg                                   Elton A. Darsey                                             Keith M. Poche
Walk of Hope & Healing                                      Reverend & Mrs. Robert P. Davis                             Dr. & Mrs. Alan M. Robson
Westway Holdings Corporation                                Digital Engineering & Imaging                               The Louis P. Saia Foundation
                                                            Frank Dudenhefer                                            Sheryl L. Sawatsky, M.D.
                                                            Edwards Foundation                                          Mr. & Mrs. Preston Schoen

     Pamela Shaw, D.D.S.                      Daniel L. Milham                      Margaret Gomez
     Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sheridan                 Modjeski & Masters                    Mr. & Mrs. Edward N. Goodwin
     Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Slocum             Monsanto Company                      Mr. & Mrs. Ken Gootee
     Ricardo U. Sorensen, M.D.                New Covenant Weekday School           Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gorman
     Sunshine Ventures                        9-Mile Golf Tournament                Gretna Economic Development Association (GEDA)
     Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Thompson, III      Beyhan Oner                           Mr. Miguel Gutierrez
     Ann H. Tilton, M.D.                      Parson & Sanderson, Inc               Harvey Volunteer Fire Company No. 2
     Two Sparrows                             Seth Pincus, M.D.                     Glenda G. Hembree
     Versa-Gard                               Deborah D. Pizzo                      Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Henderson
     Mr. & Mrs. George G. Villere             Ponchatoula Lions Club                Mr. & Mrs. Harley B. Howcott, Jr.
     Kenneth Ward, M.D.                       Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Remy               Jefferson Parish Department of Juvenile Services
     Mr. & Mrs. Harry Warner                  Mr. & Mrs. Andre Rubenstein           Michael Kaes, Jr.
     Mr. & Mrs. Ivan D. Warner, III           St. Charles Borromeo School           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kitchen
     Paul Westervelt                          Donna G. St. Pierre                   J.F. Lorio
     Mr. & Mrs. Steve Worley                  Greg Scallan                          Anne P. Lowenburg
                                              Mr. & Mrs. James Schnur               Deirdre Maher
     ADVOCATES ($500-$999)                    Scott Family                          Paula L. Maher
     AARP Central Metairie Chapter 4417       Alan E. Sheen, M.D.                   Mr. & Mrs. Archie Manning
     AARP Chapter 4924                        Chris Smyczynski                      Patricia E. Martin
     ALBC District VI Youth Tournament        Stagg Marine                          Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. McRae
     Kimberly Barcia                          Linda Sweeney                         Randall J. Meyer
     Michael E. Bartee                        Joy Traylor                           Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd J. Meyers
     Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Becker             Alfonso Vargas, M.D.                  Stacey Moak
     Blanchard & Company                      Yardarm Lounge                        New Orleans Zephyrs
     Cannon Cochran Management Services       Daniel H. Yeoman                      Vinh Nguyen
     Richard C. Colton, Jr.                                                         Randolph P. Nunez
     Council of Catholic Women                ASSOCIATES ($250-$499)                Joseph R. O’Toole
     Randall D. Craver, M.D.                  Peggy L. Allen                        Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Olivier
     Crescent Marine Towing                   A-Plus Packaging & Shipping           Mr. & Mrs. Hank Perlman
     DAI Engineering Management Group         Aquarius Heating & Air Conditioning   Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Pierson
     Nicole M. Danjean                        David Beerbohm                        Mary Olive Pierson
     John Dibert Elementary School            Belle Chasse Academy                  Pine Junior/Senior High School
     Mr. & Mrs. William B. Dillon             Berger Building                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael V. Pizzolato, Jr.
     M. Caroline Duncan, M.D.                 Mr. & Mrs. Barry C. Bernadas          Peter & Anne Rando
     James E. Fitzmorris, Jr.                 Lois G. Beyer                         Raymond James Financial Services
     Freeport-McMoRan                         William E. Blake, III, M.D.           Cheryl Ripoll
     Giambrone Oil Company                    Gail Brady, M.D.                      John K. Roberts, Jr.
     Girl Scout Troop 708                     Bremermann Designs                    Rodgers Marine Towing Service
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Goldenberg         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bridgewater         Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert F. Ross, Jr.
     Golden Meadow Middle School              Kenneth Buchta                        Mr. & Mrs. Mike Rougee
     Jan C. Gravolet                          Mr. & Mrs. Earl M. Buras, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. James H. Roussel
     Mr. & Mrs. L. Trimble Green              Brenda Cannon                         Richard Ruffino
     Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Haddad                Thomas H. Carson, M.D.                Catherine Russo
     Harriet Handelman                        Stuart A. Chalew, M.D.                St. Francis Xavier School
     P.C. & Dee Havens                        Toni A. Chiasson                      Sherwood Middle School
     Lawrence F. Herbert                      Linda Law Clark                       Bob & Mary Simpson
     Hirsch Foundation                        Mr. & Mrs. John S. Cook               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smyczynski
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Huber                 Crescent Drilling & Production        Southern Philosophy
     Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Huguley, III        Katherine A. Crosby                   Michael Stalks
     Donald Koester                           Daton Contracting                     Sun Drilling Products
     Russell Lachin                           Betty M. Davidson                     Marie J. Sunseri
     Lakeside Lions Club                      Edward W. Davis                       Peter Taulli, Jr.
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Legnon                Darryl J. Delatte                     Mr. & Mrs. David J. Vedros
     Helena O. Long                           Rick J. deLeaumont                    Mr. & Mrs. James V. Warren
     Mark Twain Club of Greater New Orleans   Mr. & Mrs. Clarence R. Duplessis      Mr. & Mrs. Pearce F. Wood
     Hamid Massiha                            Mr. & Mrs. Barry C. Ellis             Albert E. Zehner, Jr.
     Mr. & Mrs. George Mattos                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry G. Fiegel            William Ziegler
     Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Mauthe            Elizabeth A. Figures                  Audrey Zimmermann
     Edward D. McCarthy                       Fontainebleau Junior High School      Mr. & Mrs. Eric Zimmermann
     Kelly L. McQueen                         Constance Goldsby

October 1, 2008 – December 31, 2008                                                                 Independent Pilots Association
James Alton Barker, Jr.
   Audrey Doyle Dysart
                                               Martzell & Bickford
                                               Tammy Reites
Lillian Benton                                 Carla Valaske
                                               Paul Voorhies
                                                                                                         Independent Pilots Association Foundation
    Mary Lou Bodden
    Patterson Real Estate                   Joseph Haspel, Jr.                                      donated $25,000 in support of the hospital’s new
                                               Sara B. Stone
David Albert Besse, Jr.                                                                             Cardiac Care Unit. The IPA Foundation was one
  Harold & Julia Schomaker                  Hazel Tregre Haydel
Sol Bojarsky                                  Claire Austin                                         of the first groups to support Children’s Hospital’s
   Andrew McCollam, Jr.                     John A. (“Jack”) Heaton                                 recovery in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In return
Isabella Broom                                 Karen, Keith, Dylan & Drew McDonald
   Ronald D. Traylor                           Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schneider                          for this most recent generous donation, the hospital
Salvador Michael Calabresi                  Betty Ford Hoadley                                      will name a patient room in the new CCU in the
   Dorothy Del Buono                           Mary Asher
                                               Roger Asher                                          organization’s honor.
Rhett Ashley Jude Christiana
  Mr. & Mrs. Frank M.                          John & Eleanor Onstott
     Christiana, Sr.                        Donald Paul (“Donny”) Jacobson
Craig Gerard Colomes                          Bluma Klein & Family
   Betty S. Barnes                          Brenda Jarrell
Glenn Cowart                                   Jim & Kim O’Donnell
   Carole J. Branum                         Captain Roger Johnson
   Dorsey W. Jones                            Council of American Master Mariners
   Mr. & Mrs. Julian W. Muse                Ramona Thomas Karcher
   Mary Regan                                 Charles & Althea Carrone
   Marilyn B. Wenzel                        Gloria Mary Johnsen King
   Osgood & Peggy Willis                       Wanda Buckelew
Philip Paul (“Buddy”) Culotta, Jr.             Michelle Evilia
   Maurice & Robbie Thibodeaux                 Robert V. LaGrange
Albert & Jennie Rita Daigrepont                Craig & Rhonda Norton
   Northshore Cajun Dancers                    Sebastian & Vicky Villarreal
Alan W. Dascomb, M.D.                       Henry Kinler
   Mr. & Mrs. James R. Conway, III            Jim & Kim O’Donnell
   Bess Z. Melius                           Noel LeBlanc                                            Pizza Hut
Eugene John DeJean, Jr.                       Hudson H. Foret
  Ken & Laurie Snodgrass                      Jackie Jackson                                             Pizza Hut recently donated $10,000 to the
Daniel Mark Delo                            David Licciardi                                         hospital to help offset the cost of our new CCU. The
  Wat & Jamie Van Benthuysen                  Jinx Fromme
Cerré Born (“Buddy”) Diboll, Jr.            Deborah Louper Littleton                                donation was made possible when the pizza chain’s
  Andrew McCollam, Jr.                        Robbie Harris                                         store located at 810 Clearview Parkway in Metairie
Lisa Cohen (“Mer-Mer”) Dicharry             Joseph Madigan
   Bob & Betsy Dombourian                      Genevieve M. Madigan                                 raised more money than any other Pizza Hut in the
William H. (“Bill”) Edwards, Jr.               Mary Elizabeth Ziegler                               country. Store manager Louann Loup asked that the
  Maurice & Robbie Thibodeaux               Stephen P. Marcev
                                               Elizabeth T. Marcev
                                                                                                    entire $10,000 be contributed to Children’s Hospital.
Madison Elyce Faucheaux
  New Orleans Oilfield Bowling Tournament   Pauline Vinterella (“Toby”) Matulich
                                               Carmela Jennings
Mary Alida France
  Edwin J. France, Jr.                      Daniel A. Michael, Jr.                                  Wolfe’s Restaurant Rowe Block Party
Raymond A. Gaspard                            Patsy Mitchell
                                            Mim Miller
                                                                                                         Chef Tom Wolfe hosted Wolfe’s Restaurant
   Mr. & Mrs. C.O. Froehlich
   Walter E. Levy, M.D.                       Sybil F. Kline                                        Rowe Block Party at his restaurant on North
   Patricia K. Marchese                     Harold Fields (“Harry”) Morton
   Diane Rankin                               The LaBrie Family
                                                                                                    Rampart Street in December to benefit Children’s
   Suzanne C. Swift                           Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Morton                          Hospital. The block party featured activities for the
Cyril Paul Geary, Jr.                         Dr. & Mrs. Stover L. Smith, Jr.
                                                                                                    whole family including music, two “Iron Chef”-style
   Alexander Navarro                        Frankie Hanchey Napier
Bernard Goldblatt                              Sidney N. Carruth                                    competitions, face painting, obstacle courses and
                                               Century Exploration Company – Lexington Office
   Jim & Kim O’Donnell
                                               Century Exploration New Orleans
                                                                                                    children’s cooking classes.
Olivia F. Gonzales
   Leatrice Cannizzaro                         Jeff & Deborah Coburn                                     “I was diagnosed with diabetes at Children’s
                                               Michelle A. D’Amico
Rachel Lynn (“Barbie”) Grafe
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Herbert J. Deslatte, Jr.
                                                                                                    Hospital when I was a child, and I wanted to do
   Bruce L. Badon
                                               Adult Bible Fellowship, First Baptist Church,        something to help them continue to provide excellent
Judith Guedry-Macloud                             Covington
   Roy & Sue Jeanette E. Jacob                 Lydia Bible Class, First Baptist Church, Covington   care for the youth in New Orleans,” Wolfe said. “I
   Mary Jo Medeiros
   Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Miguez & Family
                                               Young at Heart, First Baptist Church Covington       think it’s important for us as a community to give
                                               Darrel J. Kempf
   St. Charles Parish Council                  Peggy M. Killeen                                     back to those who help us when we need it. I hope
Judith A. Harris, M.D.                         Brenda Kirby
   Thomas H. Carson, M.D.
                                                                                                    others agree and decide to bring their families and
                                               Jeanne Lecorgne
   Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Danna, III           Ben Meyers                                           help support this great local cause.”
   Octavio Hernandez

   James P. Kovata
 Legislators Charity Fund                                  Turi Augustin Oddo
                                                             Harold & Julia Schomaker
                                                                                                Joe Babineaux
                                                                                                   Superior Energy Services
                                                           Frances Connor O’Keefe               Erin Basile
                                                              Dr. & Mrs. Wilbur Lazarus            Caroline Basile
                                                           Joe Orr, Sr.                         Mr. & Mrs. Kristen Baumer
                                                              Daniel Blattberg                    Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                              Hal & Helen Blaum                 Mr. & Mrs. John Bendernagel
                                                              Danny, Cheryl & Nicholas Curole     Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                              Rita M. Gibliant                  Vincent Bergeal
                                                              Val & Audrey Hufft                   Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                              Daniel & Isabel Michael
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Darryl D. Berger, Jr.
                                                              Shoulder to Shoulder Club
                                                                                                  Roger Ogden
                                                           Sylvia Solis Pierce
                                                                                                Steve Boudreaux
                                                              Harold & Margaret Gerkin
                                                                                                   Superior Energy Services
                                                           Edmund Paul Pixberg, Jr.
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Brady
                                                             Betty S. Barnes
                                                                                                  Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                           Paul S. Roheim
                                                                                                Robert Brasswell
       Ten New Orleans-area state representatives             Harry & Lucienne Gore
                                                                                                  Superior Energy Services
                                                           Caroline Marie Scanlon
 co-sponsored the Legislators Charity Fund’s                  Michael Esta
                                                                                                Verna Bridgewater
                                                                                                   Dan & Claudette Craven
 inaugural Holiday Celebration at the Basin Street         Kathleen Ellis Seaver Sellers
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Alfred W. Brown, III
                                                              Alexander Navarro
 Station to raise funds for Children’s Hospital. The                                              John & Jeanne Lambert
                                                           L. Ross (“Buddy”) Smith                Joan H. Marcotte
 event featured live entertainment and gourmet food           Lew Minter                          Lori Mastrobuoni
 from some of New Orleans’ best restaurants. Each          Erin Ann Sullivan                      Mr. & Mrs. George P. Naquin, Jr.
                                                              James & Mary Ann Schnur             Clint & Anna Lee Pierson
 legislator paid $500 for the cost of the event, and 250   Maurice Stanley Thibodeaux             Denise M. Romano
 tickets were sold at $100 a piece. Sponsors included        Joe Becker                           Bill & Lisa Sarris
                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Edward Constantine        Melanie Seamster & Family
 Pat Connick (Marrero), Greg Cromer (Slidell),               Karis Ferguson                       Rowland & Michelle Stalter
 Girod Jackson III (Marrero), Walt Leger III (New            Clarence & Jane Foret                Mr. & Mrs. James Walther, Jr.
                                                             Irving D. Goldstein                Morris & Ann Burka
 Orleans), Joseph Lopinto III (Metairie), Nicholas           Helen M. Jacquat                     Dot Shushan
 Lorusso (New Orleans), J.P. Morrell (New Orleans),          Bob & Janice Stevens               Bill Burt
                                                             Marilyn M. Wolf                        Superior Energy Services
 Cedric Richmond (New Orleans), John Schroder              Jacqueline Wantz (“Jackie”) Tracy    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bussian
 (Covington) and Kirk Talbot (River Ridge). Reps.             Jane Jones                          Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                           Joseph P. Uddo
 Walt Leger and Joe Lopinto presented $15,000 to the          Harry & Lucienne Gore
                                                                                                Joseph Caspi, M.D.
                                                                                                   William Reid
 hospital on behalf of the fund.                           Joseph Vicidomina                    C-Glass & Closets
                                                              Anthony L. Chabarek                 Lacey Construction Company
                                                              Ed & Alfa Maschek
                                                                                                Chrestia, Staub & Pierce
                                                              Murphy Oil – Meraux Refinery
 Valero Donation                                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Pietsch
                                                                                                  Lacey Construction Company
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Chris Christerson
                                                              SRU #4 Construction Group
      Valero St. Charles Refinery made an                                                         Shirley D. O’Dwyer
                                                           Elrose Richard Vidrine
 exceptionally generous donation of $137,000 to               Bill & Barrie Boutall             F. Christiana & Co.
                                                                                                   Willard A. Eastin, Jr.
 Children’s Hospital during the company’s February         Julia Mayer Weiss
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Bob Comeaux & Family
                                                               Malcolm M. Dienes & Company
 3 charity luncheon. The company, which raised the         David Commodore Wheat, Jr.
                                                                                                  Gene Pereira, Jr.
                                                                                                John T. Cooper, III
 money through the annual Valero Texas Open and              Council of American Master
                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. George R. Leaman
 Benefit for Children Golf Classic in San Antonio,         Mary Jo Wisdom
                                                                                                   Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                                                                                Don Credeur
 Texas, awarded a total of $632,000 to 23 Louisiana          Joe & Pam Cross
                                                                                                  Superior Energy Services
 nonprofit organizations. A committee of Valero                                                 Rhett Currier
 employees selected the recipients and decided upon        HONORS                                 Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Daniel
 the amount of the awards, and Vice President &            Oct. 1 – Dec. 31, 2008                 Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                           Ryan Adams
 General Refinery Manager Ralph Phillip presented             Superior Energy Services
                                                                                                Rich Davis
                                                                                                   Superior Energy Services
 the donations to the charities. Children’s Hospital       M. Nan Alessandra                    Marilyn Dittmann
 will use this wonderful gift to help complete                David M. Korn                       Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                                           Ron Amedee                           Becky Donaldson
 construction of the hospital’s Cardiac Care Unit.           Lacey Construction Company            Superior Energy Services
                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Kent Andrews              Mr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Downing
                                                              Paul J. Leaman, Jr.                 Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Louis Anticich            Dr. & Mrs. Terry D’Souza
                                                             Gene & Barbara Frisch                 Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                           Stan Arabie                          Mike Dugas
                                                              Superior Energy Services            Superior Energy Services
                                                           Mary Arton                           Mr. & Mrs. David Duggins

                                                             Superior Energy Services             Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
John Eberhard
   Superior Energy Services
                                      Jay Krieger
                                         Joy L. Stahl
                                                                                   BBQ Mania, Barnyard Smackdown
Benjamin Bailey Edwards               Mr. & Mrs. Merritt Lane                            Washington-St. Tammany Electric (WST)
  Catherine Edwards                     Lacey Construction Company
  Eugenia Edwards
                                                                                   sponsored BBQ-Mania I, Barnyard Smackdown –
                                      The Honorable & Mrs. Francis E. Lauricella
Greg Ernst                              Mr. & Mrs. James A. Haslam, II             a Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned state
  Lacey Construction Company          Mr. & Mrs. Dana Leaman                       championship cook-off – with proceeds from the
The Ezell Family                        John T. Cooper, III
  Ted & Courtney Le Clercq            Mr. & Mrs. George R. Leaman                  event, a patron party and silent auction benefiting
Dr. & Mrs. Sandy Florman                Dana & Laurie Leaman                       Children’s Hospital.
   Ted & Courtney Le Clercq           Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
Jeff Fooshie                             John T. Cooper, III
                                                                                         “Children’s Hospital has served the needs of
    Superior Energy Services             Marilyn V. Dittmann                       children for more than 50 years as the only hospital
John Foreman                             Dana & Laurie Leaman
   Superior Energy Services              Alice R. Vales                            in the region that cares exclusively for children and
Rick Fowler                           Mr. & Mrs. Sid LeBlanc                       adolescents, without regard to a family’s ability to
   Superior Energy Services             Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Schomaker, Sr.
                                      Ben Le Clercq
                                                                                   pay,” said WST CEO and General Manager Ron
Rosemarie Fowler
  Anne B. Feld                          Ted & Courtney Le Clercq                   Fuller who presented a check for $20,000 to the
Bill Franke                           Mr. & Mrs. Frederic S. Le Clercq             hospital. “WST was pleased to…support that
    Superior Energy Services            Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
Rene Fransen                          Mr. & Mrs. Kershaw Le Clercq                 vital mission.”
  Lacey Construction Company            Ted & Courtney Le Clercq                         Team Chilly Pig of Mandeville won the
Rene J. Fransen Landscape Architect   Leiter Electric
  Lacey Construction Company             Lacey Construction Company                cook-off, which was delayed from October to
Steve Freeman                         Bob Lemaire                                  November by hurricanes Gustav and Ike.
   Superior Energy Services             Superior Energy Services
                                                                                         “We thank WST for its support. The hospital’s
John Garret                           The Lemmond & Ennis Families
   Superior Energy Services             Gene Pereira, Jr.                          mission can only be achieved through the generosity
Kevin D. Gillentine                   Bob Lemoine                                  of companies like WST and the general public,”
  Ted & Courtney Le Clercq              Kathy Lemoine
Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Gomila               Maurine B. Liuzza                            said Roger Gorman, Children’s Hospital’s
  Ted & Courtney Le Clercq              Shirley R. Campbell                        development director.
Dr. & Mrs. Brad Gottsegen               Jacquelyn D. DeLucca
   Ted & Courtney Le Clercq             Joan S. Dileo
Ryan Gradishar
                                        Donald A. Siegel
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Tranchina           Teddy Bear Circus
   Superior Energy Services
                                      Dr. & Mrs. Sam Logan
Lena Graziano
                                         Dot Shushan
                                                                                        Artist Ricky Lenart opened his Uptown home
   Joe Accardo
                                      Rita Luke                                    to the public to see his collection of almost 9,100
Jacob Green
                                         Gene & Barbara Frisch
   Superior Energy Services                                                                      Teddy bears this holiday season.
                                      Jesse Lyons
The Greer-Chianelli Family                                                                       Lenart began collecting the bears in
                                         Superior Energy Services
  Gene & Barbara Frisch
Joel Guichard
                                      Mia Maness                                                 1976 and puts them on display every
                                        Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
   Superior Energy Services
                                      Buddy Manuel                                               holiday season. Every room of his
Lance Guichard
   Superior Energy Services
                                        Superior Energy Services                                 home has a theme – from Jungle Safari
                                      Mike & Nancy Marsiglia
Mr. & Mrs. Theo Heller
                                        Ted & Suzanne Baer
                                                                                                 to Sherlock Holmes. This year, ticket
  Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                      Charles & Cammie Mayer                                     sales from his Teddy Bear Circus
Mrs. Neal D. Hobson
                                        Dot Shushan
  Paul J. Leaman, Jr.                                                                            raised $3,300 for the hospital.
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Chris McClanahan
Missy Howell
                                        Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
   Jean R. Landry
                                      Scott McDonald
Henry, Aiden & Will Hull
                                         Superior Energy Services
  Leann Myers
Charles Hurme
                                      Dan McKnight                                 Maxine Pickett Memorial Walk of
                                        Superior Energy Services
  Superior Energy Services
                                      Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Mehaffie                  Hope & Healing
Mr. & Mrs. E. Douglas Johnson, Jr.
  Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                         Lacey Construction Company                     On Saturday, October 4, more than 100
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Jorn Muller-Grote
Roseanne Lemoine Juneau
                                        Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                                                                   people gathered at the Coushatta Country Club to
  Peggy Juneau
                                      Dr. Joseph M. Nadell                         participate in the Third Annual “Maxine Pickett
Harvey Kelly
  Superior Energy Services                                                         Walk of Hope and Healing.” Ms. Pickett lost her
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nehlig
Pete Kelly                                                                         battle with breast cancer in 2005, and each year,
                                        Gene & Barbara Frisch
   Superior Energy Services
Scott & Cheryl Kirk
                                      Colette Newman                               her friends and family organize a fund-raising walk
                                        Dot Shushan
   Ted & Suzanne Baer
                                      Newell & Shawn Normand                       to help fund the battle against cancer. This year’s
Hansen Koch
  Lacey Construction Company
                                        Dan & Claudette Craven                     walk raised $5,000 to benefit the hospital’s Cancer
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Oreck
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Krawcheck                                                    Program.

                                        Lacey Construction Company
  Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Leonard Parrish                               Josie Stanga

 Merrill Lynch Run for the Children                          Dot Shushan
                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Edmond Parson
                                                                                                           Joe Accardo
                                                                                                        Carrol Suggs
 Relay Challenge                                            Employees of Parson & Sanderson                Dot Shushan
                                                          Barney Paternostro                            Dr. & Mrs. Erik Sundell
                                                             Superior Energy Services                      Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Eric Paterossi                                Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Tallerine
                                                             Superior Energy Services                     Lacey Construction Company
                                                          Katherine Forgy Peppiatt                      Taulli Triplets – Andrew, Julian & Peter
                                                             Ted & Courtney Le Clercq                     Amy V. Allende
                                                          Timothy W. Pettitt, M.D.                        Ester M. Bourgeois
                                                            William Reid                                  Aimee B. Gerrets
                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Paul Peyronnin                       Joann M. Lawson
                                                            Lacey Construction Company                    Jessica C. Lirette
                                                                                                          Sean McGavern
                                                          Matt Quantz
                                                                                                          Beth A. Simno
                                                            Superior Energy Services
                                                                                                          Mary Catherine Toso
                                                          Dr. & Mrs. John V. Quinn                        David & Dana Bennett
                                                             Ted & Courtney Le Clercq                     Tami Blanchard
                                                          Larry Rainier                                   Jeanne S. Burvant
      The Merrill Lynch Run for the Children                 Superior Energy Services                     Dr. & Mrs. W. Mark Cousins
                                                          Ted Ralph                                       Cassandra L. Dover-Hyer
 Relay Challenge raised more than $50,000 for the
                                                            Superior Energy Services                      Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Lee
 hospital’s Cancer Program. Held in coordination          Elizabeth Rareshide, M.D.                       Terry Lybrand McCormack
                                                                                                          Sheriff & Mrs. Newell Normand
 with the New Orleans Track Club’s Mardi Gras                Lacey Construction Company
                                                                                                          Patricia Robbins
                                                          Linda Ray
 Marathon on Sunday, Feb. 1, four-person teams               Lacey Construction Company
                                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Jean Robert
                                                                                                          Steven & Leticia Rueb
 ran a half-marathon relay, with each team member         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Read                         Paulette M. Simoneaux
                                                            Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
 running three to four miles. As part of the Challenge,                                                   Marie Tufts
                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Edmund E. Redd                       Catherine Varino
 teams and individuals were asked to raise money for        Ted & Courtney Le Clercq                      Mr. & Mrs. James B. Whitlow
 the hospital’s Cancer Program. The Merrill Lynch         Keith Revels                                  C.T. Traina
                                                             Superior Energy Services                      Lacey Construction Company
 “Marsh Rats” team of Karen Lagasse, Caroline             Ty Rivet                                      Tim Trapolin
 Sobolewski, Julie Fernandez, and R.K. Hoddinott             Superior Energy Services                     Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Steven Romig                       Alex Trostorff
 raised more than $16,000 for the hospital’s Cancer         Lacey Construction Company                     Lacey Construction Company
 Program. Each team member received a $200 gift           Mark Rosa                                     Marcel Tullier
                                                            Academy of the Sacred Heart Fathers’ Club     Superior Energy Services
 certificate to Clancy’s Restaurant. Ms. Lagasse was
                                                          Rhett Ross                                    Alice R. Vales
 the individual fund raising champion and received a        Alexis O’Dwyer Navarro                         Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
 three night stay in San Francisco with airfare for       John Russell                                  Mike Vercher
                                                             Superior Energy Services                     Superior Energy Services
 two included.                                            Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Saia                       Don Verret
                                                            Lacey Construction Company                    Superior Energy Services
                                                          Mrs. Vernon Saint                             John Vice
 Womack Machine Supply TV Raffle                            Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                                          Barry Salsbury
                                                                                                           Superior Energy Services
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. George G. Villere
                                                             Superior Energy Services
 Our friends at Womack Machine Supply Company                                                           Claiborne & Jeanie Perrilliat
                                                          Marie R. Scallan                              Maria T. Vives, M.D.
 hosted a raffle of a 42” LCD/Full HD Phillips              Paul J. Leaman, Jr.
                                                                                                        Sarah Gerber
 television to benefit the hospital with the winning      Lester Scheinuk
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Colin Walker
                                                             Adelaide Levin Glinky
 ticket drawn January 15 – just in time for the                                                           Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Stacy Seicshnaydre
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Fischer Walter
 Super Bowl broadcast. Womack Regional Sales                 Lacey Construction Company
                                                                                                          Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Bill Shedd
 Manager Bob White was on hand along with Juanita             Jolie M. LeBlanc
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Brad Weaver
                                                                                                          Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
 Chambers, Stephanie Freeman, Brian O’Reilly and          Sarah Smart
                                                                                                        The Webb Family
                                                             Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
 Hank Marchal from the Womack offices in Harvey.                                                          Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Paula Smill
                                                                                                        Conner Phillip Wegmann
 Michelle Abraham of Memphis was the lucky winner.           Ronald D. King, II
                                                                                                          Girard Golden Age Club
 Thanks to the tireless efforts of all the employees      Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Smith
                                                                                                        Barth & Martha Weinberg
                                                            Brenda Fenner
 of Womack Machine Supply $5,200 was raised in                                                             Ted & Suzanne Baer
                                                          Helen R. Smith
                                                                                                        Jerry Wetzel
 support of the hospital.                                   Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                                                                           Superior Energy Services
                                                          Joshua Tyson Smith
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Rich White
                                                             Peggy Juneau
                                                                                                          Lacey Construction Company
                                                          Scott Smith
                                                                                                        Margie Wild
                                                             Superior Energy Services
                                                                                                          Dan & Claudette Craven
                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sontheimer
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Lenny Wormser
                                                            Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                                                                          Ted & Courtney Le Clercq
                                                          Eric Springman

                                                             Superior Energy Services
    patient inspirations
                                                                                      DOLL SCARF        Crocheted yarn
                                                                                                       Lexie Hayles, 11

                                                     n canvas
                                            Acrylic o ynn, 15
                         S FOR MO
                                   M        Timothy
                 FLOWER                                                                  POCKET BOOK Acrylic on wood
                                                                                                   Destiny Williams, 13

BLUE DOLL   Fabric & cotton stuffing   PINK DOLL   Fabric & cotton stuffing   TABLES & PICTURE FRAME      Wood & acrylic paint
                     Brooke Gray, 9                     Jennifer Rosario, 7                                  Lexie Hayles, 11

                                                                                     NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                       US POSTAGE
                                                                                     NEW ORLEANS LA
                                                                                      PERMIT NO. 285

200 Henry Clay Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70118
If your name or address as it appears on the mailing label is
incorrect, please write us, enclosing the old mailing label and the
revised information. Other corrections, such as the receipt of more
than one copy or removal from the mailing list, may be directed to
this department as well.

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