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									Sustainability Marketing Plan
         Prepared by Cynthia Lieberman – December 2009

Symphony Studios is an independent production studio with several acres on a
      sprawling lot in Valencia, California. The complex consists of:

                          Five sound stages
                          Several office buildings
                          Music recording stage
                          Post production facilities
                          Print Shop
                          Lumber/production stage
                          Transportation department
                          Two four story parking garages
                          Company store
                          Commissary and formal eatery
PARENT COMPANY: Orchestra, Inc.

Symphony Studios is owned by a photo processing and retail business (think Kodak) named
Orchestra, Inc. Orchestra’s film processing and manufacturing divisions are under government and
investor regulation pressure to improve their sustainability program. The impact of these pressures
has translated down to all of Orchestra’s operating divisions, including Symphony Studios.

Symphony is creating a sustainability
implementation plan to develop a
100% green effect in their operations
within the next 5-10 years.


 Set up meetings between the division head and the sustainability
  group in August, 2009.
 Explain the goals and give them until November 1, 2009 to provide
  their plan to incorporate green initiatives in each of their divisions.
 The first phase should include systems or plans that could be
  announced on Earth Day and/or implemented in conjunction with) in
  April, 2010:
       Overall Objectives
       Concepts and ideas
       Employee motivations
       Production and operation retrofitting needs
       Budgets (and potential long-term savings)


 Meet again in November, 2009 with division heads to assess
  ideas, outcomes, budgets, timing, etc.
 Help fine-tune objectives, concepts and ideas.
 Identify attainable goals and prioritize project plans.
 Ensure the goals are in concert with the other divisions so that
  optimum efficiency and effectiveness will be achieved.
 Determine what initiatives in the plan can be incorporated in the
  company’s “Earth Day” launch program.
 Get corporate approvals to proceed on plans and budget.
 Create a timeline of events and idea implementation

   Develop films, television series or episodes, DVDs, Webisodes, and more with
    dedicated storylines that involve eco/environmental issues. Eventurally translate
    and distribute to other countries around the globe.
   Develop dialogue, scenes and storylines that mention energy-saving tips or other
    green initiatives. For instance:
      Have characters act out energy efficient practices in scenes, such as replacing
      regular light bulbs with energy efficient ones and if possible, refer to it while
      doing it,
      Make reference to taking the Prius or Hybrid car instead of their “parents” SUV.
      Have a character tell a child who is brushing her teeth in a scene to not keep
      the water running because it “hurts the little fishies in the ocean.”
      Sprinkle in energy efficient questions in trivia games shows like Jeopardy, Who
      Wants to Be a Millionaire, even Family Feud. Note: Sponsor ties can be an
      added value here
      Create Green theme weeks (perhaps timed to Earth Day) for daily shows such
      as Ellen, The View, The Dr. Oz Show, Wheel of Fortune, etc. Note: Sponsor ties
      can be an added value here
      Use energy efficient practices in production PR plans (i.e. get stories in the
      press about how green a production is, just as the Oscars did a few years ago).

   Have characters use energy efficient cars in scenes

 Rent instead of buy
 Reuse instead of wreck
 Recycle of instead of dump
 Use renewable woods and resources (i.e. bamboo,
  recycled products, etc.)
 Turn it off instead of leaving it on
 Avoid energy waste: Work with sustainability team
  Department to obtain an energy audit from the local
  utility company. Evaluate and determine ways to
  reduce energy output and costs.

                                                        Concepts for Evaluation

 Avoid energy waste: Work with sustainability team
  Department to obtain an energy audit from the local
  utility company. Evaluate and determine ways to
  reduce energy output and costs.
 Identify savings as a result of energy adjustments.
 Change over to recycled paper products whenever
 Recycle any printing waste whenever possible.

                                                Concepts for Evaluation

   Compile trash and recyclables and transport to disposal
    site 3x a week instead of daily.
   Conserve number of routine trips.
   Use bio-diesel fuel whenever possible.
   Use energy-efficient transportation vehicles whenever
   Don’t leave vehicles idling unnecessarily.

                                                      Concepts for Evaluation
    Provide ample carpool parking and provide employee
    incentives to use them,
   Provide special privileged parking for employees with
    energy-efficient Prius/Hybrid type cars.
   Encourage/provide van use or shuttles to long-distance
    production sites or employee events.
   Encourage walking or biking instead of driving to work
    every day,
   Use electric carts and bicycles on the lot,

                                                        Concepts for Evaluation

Symphony sells promotional items and Symphony products in
their company store for employees and studio visitors.
   Add a green lines of products to the company’s inventory.
   Whenever possible, only use green-friendly vendors.
   When creating specialty lines like T-shirts and premiums,
    posters, etc. always try to use recycled materials.
   Display company-generated eco-friendly tips in the store
   Provide poster displays of winners of company motivation
    incentive programs, as well as winners from the “Greenest
    Employee of the Month” promotions each month.

                                                        Concepts for Evaluation

   Whenever possible, only use green-friendly
    vendors for disposable goods such as paper
    plates, forks, etc.
   Use organic or locally grown products
    whenever possible.
   Encourage using real cups and plates when
    eating-in (vs. instead of disposable take-out
   Provide prominently located recycling bins for
    paper, plastic, glass, waste, etc.
   Display posters of winners of company
    motivation incentive programs, as well as
    winners from the “Greenest Employee of the
    Month” promotions each month.

                                              Concepts for Evaluation


 Internal communications are critical when implementing green

  initiatives. The site should be fun, interactive and informative.
  Populate it with friendly blogs with tips and information on
  ecology, the environment, etc.
 Provide a section for employees to post great ideas and give

  feedback, suggestions and comments.
 Post guideline manuals for production divisions to follow when

  making movies and TV shows.
 Include fun games, applications and widgets that employees

  can engage in that will inform and motivate them to participate
  in company eco-goals. Post a new one every month.
 Tailor monthly updates to the season or the holiday.

 Communicate through newsletters, emails and banners on

  intranet sites; post everything on the website to support the

   The first step is achieving this goal is to make sure the messaging
    comes from the top. Set up division head meetings to explain the
    goals of the sustainable program and give them a three-month
    deadline to provide a plan with ways they will implement their
    objectives. Provide them with guidelines on what is expected so
    they can clearly communicate the green goals to office staff and
    production members.
   Emphasize to department heads and key production staff that the
    goal is to minimize the company’s carbon footprint, improve eco-
    efficiency, decrease unnecessary waste, etc. Set expectations,
    reconvene and evaluate before putting in motion.
   Department heads to assign dedicated “green team” leaders
    Green team leaders will be responsible for assembling teams that
    will focus on creating programs that will make a positive impact
    on the environment. Team leaders can assist with ideas and
    execution of interesting department challenges, as well as
    communicate to the department the green goals set by the

                                                       Employee Motivation

   Regular events, communications and incentive programs should be
    created to empower employees to team-up and make a larger contribution
    to green issues and company goals.
   Rewards must be something that the employees find are valuable and will
    worth their time and effort. They need to feel that it will be rewarding
    enough to accomplish set goals [reason[ in order to receive the rewards. If
    they are happy with the results, they will feel good about themselves and
    their efforts [emotion] and therefore more loyalty to the program and better
    long-term results. Make the prizing scalable and be careful about offering
    big rewards in the beginning. You don't want employees to get use to big
    rewards then to have it lowered to a low amount of rewards later on.
   Make sure to get suggestions from employee's regarding the incentive

                                                             Employee Motivation

    Reward employees with employee incentive programs. For example, carpoolers get a
    better parking spot and at the end of each month, they would receive a $5 card to use
    towards the commissary or the company store. Other worthwhile incentive rewards could
    include tickets to a premiere, eco-packages with goodies in it, story profile on web page,
    free breakfast for department, gift card to an organic store, etc.
   Create Competitions: Every month award an employee or department who comes up with
    the best eco idea that can be implemented in the company. Encourage division or
    department competitions in eco-office challenges. The winner gets an eco-friendly
    recyclable bag filled with organic goodies or a free department breakfast or cheese-and-
    cracker party courtesy of the company. For a challenge with a really big payoff, offer one
    day off to telecommute from home.
   Idea examples: Have a competition to see how many employees you can get to add a green
    email signature to their outgoing notes; or a department challenge to see who can go for
    the longest stretch without printing out an email; from the “walk of shame route”…anyone
    leaving their office lights on overnight might have to “pay” for the deed by going door-to-
    door down the hall, collecting recycling from the rest of the crew.
   Carbon Footprint Incentives: Offer $2,000 towards any the purchase of any car that gets at
    least 40 miles per gallon. Offer special parking for carpoolers. Offer discounts on monthly
    bus or metro passes. Give company store discounts for those who bike to work.

                                                                          Employee Motivation

   Keep it simple
   Make it realistically attainable
   Concepts, rules and promotions should be easy to access and
   Offer rewards for accomplished goals
   Establish weekly, monthly and yearly goals
   Provide tangible rewards such as gift cards or movie tickets
   Hold regular company events that communicate goals
   Communicate through newsletters, emails, websites
   Listen to suggestions from employees

                                                          Employee Motivation


   This is the month when all of the Go Green initiatives
    are first introduced in a company wide setting.
   Overall objectives and initiatives, special programs
    (i.e. car purchase discounts, etc.), motivational
    campaigns, production and operation retrofitting
    needs and timelineS should be presented during the
   Have displays of green office products, tips on going
    green in the office, a transportation station that offers
    mass transit discounts, carpooling information and a
    raffle to win a bicycle.
   Display a sculpture of all the empty water bottles that
    would be used if each employee drank two of them a
    day. Explain how much energy and waste would be
    saved if this were avoided.


GET GREEN: Daily tips for the green life covering      GREEN CHARGING: Launch the app when you
a vast array of topics, from eco-friendly workplaces   start charging your phone, and it’ll notify you with
to low footprint Halloween decorations. Filters tips   sound and vibration when your battery is fully
to come up during appropriate seasons and holiday
events so you get relevant information for what’s      charged so that you’re sure to unplug your charger
happening right then.                                  when finished.
                 APRIL 2010 – GO GREEN APP – CON’T

GREEN CHARGING: Launch the app when you start charging your phone, and it’ll notify you
with sound and vibration when your battery is fully charged so that you’re sure to unplug your
charger when finished.

   Have a demonstration on planting vegetable
    gardens, creating in-house terrariums, and
    provide information on drought-resistant plants
    and gardens.
   Provide a compost display as well as organic
    gardening products.
   Explain benefits, etc.

                       MAY 2010

    PROFESSIONAL GARDENING COURSES: Want to make your garden the envy of
    your neighbors? Need to learn more about Gardening to make your backyard
    beautiful? Want to grow your own organic produce? This comprehensive 6
    lesson Gardening guide can help.

(LIL) GREEN PATCH: looks a little bit like a     GORGEOUSLY GREEN: Shopping for
game of strawberry shortcake but actually        sustainable cosmetics and personal care
works to save the rainforest. Members get a,     products is easier with this app, walking you
well, little green rectangle on their Facebook
page that they can decorate with strawberry-     through the hazards of choosing beauty
shortcake looking people, mushrooms and          products. Tells you where it’s most important to
flowers, which actually goes to save the         buy organic, and the toxic materials that are in
rainforest.                                      various products. GREAT for Mother’s Day!
   Provide ways to conserve water during the summer.
   Display sprinkler timers, low-water pressure hoses
    and sprinklers, tips on reducing energy use (i.e. turn
    off the thermostat when not home, use fans instead of
    air conditioners, what peak times are bad for running
    appliances, etc.) and how much energy can be
    conserved by doing so.
   Demonstrate how much energy and waste has been
    saved since the Go Green project was implemented.

                        JUNE 2010

   METER READ: Somewhat manual in usage (but then, no one said saving the planet would
    be easy), use MeterRead to log your electric meter’s reading. You can log your readings and
    use them to predict your electrical consumption, and thus, your upcoming bill. Try to be more
    efficient, and maybe the next time you check the meter, your readings will hit below the
    projected usage.
              JUNE 2010 - GO GREEN APP – CON’T

   SUSTAINABLE FISH GUIDE: Sustainable Fish guide gathers the list of acceptable
    or endangered fishes. You can now buy a fish according to its sustainable
    fishery or not.

   Throw a company barbeque where employees can
    purchase lunch at a discount.
   Use real dishes or recycled paper goods.
   Offer tips on best environmental grilling practices (go
    barbeques/green-barbecue-tips.html for information
    and ideas on ways to do this).
   Display solar panels and other energy-saving devices
    and the benefits of having them.

LOCAVORE: A tool for people who want to buy         COUPON SHERPA: Leave paper behind and get
local foods and goods. Shows you local retailers,   your coupons on your phone. The barcodes show
                                                    up on your screen, which you show at checkout. We
farmers’ markets, restaurants that buy from local   wish the coupons were a little broader in terms of
farmers and so on.                                  how green the products are. But paperless where
                                                    possible is a good thing

   Display ways to improve long-distance vacation
   Display information on ways to cut down on your
    carbon imprint when driving or flying.
   Provide information on ways to volunteer for a local
    cause at a vacation destination.
   ncourage being as car free as possible when out of
    town, using mass transit, bicycles, walking.
    Post a quiz on the website about whether you are a
    green globe trotter (see
    quizzes/green-globetrotter-quiz/ for an example)

BIKE YOUR DRIVE by REI: Using your phone’s
GPS, this app calculates how much gas you saved     iTRANS: Search train and subway stations, find
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even more interesting.
                                                                         Timeline                    38
   Provide information on ways to minimize office
    product use in the office.
   Display wide array of green office products
    available and encourage using them at work, at
    home, for school supplies.

iRECYCLE: Earth 911 helps us recycle more             GO GREEN OFFICE MATE: This produce-
effectively with this app. Access information on      inspired application features a lime green
over 100,000 recycling centers nationwide where       calculator for quick and easy computation on
over 200 materials can be dropped off. Get            the go. The lil' note features a green memo pad
directions to the nearest facilities, and call them   perfect for to-do lists, notes to self, or
directly from the search results.                     whatever!


   How to save energy in the winter.
   Display insulation demonstrations, suggestions on
    keeping thermostats regulated, and other energy
    saving tips.
   Display another status update on success of the

GREEN GAMES: An oxymoron in name and                  SAVE THE PLANET GAME: When objects appear
premise, this game nevertheless may prove to be       on the screen, just tape the right trashcan to
a good time. Buy low, sell high is the goal, and it   make the collection of items for recycling.
focuses on sustainable products like reusable
shopping bags. Plays on green consumerism.
                                                                         Timeline                      42
   Use visual displays to emphasize how much global
    warming is impacting our planet and its future.
   Provide information on how and why it is happening and
    what employees can do to help slow it down.

          NOVEMBER 2010

   Looking at your car, home and air travel information, calculates your carbon
    footprint and compares it to US citizens, but can also be used to compare to
    other countries.

   Provide information on how to have a greener
   Offer a Plant a Tree employee contribution
    incentive program.
   Display different ways to contribute to a more eco-
    friendly holiday, such as ecological gift-wrapping,
    decorating, holiday party and gifting ideas.

                                                Employee Motivation

iPHOREST: Every time you plant a virtual tree on
your phone, a real one is planted. The effort is a     A REAL TREE: When you buy this app, a real tree is
partnership of iPhactory, EcoLife and The              planted in one of 12 countries fighting deforestation,
Conservation Fund. Plant your tree, watch it grow      including Brazil, Zambia, Haiti and others around the
and flourish, and know that there are real trees out   globe. The app developers are in partnership with
there doing the same thing every time you plant a      the United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP).
new one on your phone.

    HICARD: Ditch the carbon footprint of sending paper Christmas cards. The
    app lets you send e-cards with photos you take on your phone. Also has
    postcards to use while you’re traveling.


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