BA 3301 Quiz 2 by pengxuebo


									BA 3301 – 001

Quiz Chapter 2

1. An ongoing process of decision making that guides the firm both in the short term and the
long term is known as:

       A. marketing planning

       B. business planning

       C. business ethics

       D. operational planning

2. A decision process that focuses on developing detailed plans for day-to-day activities that
carry out an organization’s functional plans is known as:

       A. operational planning

       B. marketing planning

       C. strategic planning

       D. functional planning

3. Which is not one of the 4 steps in marketing planning?

       A. perform a situation analysis

       B. set marketing objectives

       C. develop marketing strategies

       D. implement and control the marketing plan

       E. set a budget

4. A promotional strategy is?

       A. assigned responsibility

       B. how marketers communicate a products value proposition to the target market

       C. creating a time line
       D. decide on measurements and controls

5. A process that entails measuring actual performance, comparing this performance to the
established marketing objectives, and then making adjustments to the strategies or objectives on
the basis of this analysis is known as:

       A. control

       B. operational planning

       C. situation analysis

       D. business plan

6. Which of the following definitions best describes a Diversification Strategy? (Growth
Strategies that…)

       A. Induce existing products to new markets

       B. Selling new products in existing markets

       C. Emphasize both new products and new markets

       D. Selling both new products and new markets

7. Which of the following is not included in a Template for an Action Plan?

       A. Responsibility

       B. Measurement and control

       C. Timeline

       D. Specific locations where the plan must take place

8. Which of the following describes an SWOT analysis? An analysis of…

       A. only an organizations strengths and weaknesses

       B. an organizations strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats in the
       external environment.

       C. an organizations threats and external environment
       D. only an organizations external environment

9. Which of the following is not something considered in the Statement of Ethics?

       A. Respect

       B. Transparency

       C. Subjectivism

       D. Citizenship

10. A basic guide for a firms behavior is known as:

       A. Ethics

       B. Strategy

       C. Marketing

       D. Strategic Business units
1. B





6. C

7. D

8. B

9. C

10. A

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