Guerrilla-Marketing by pengxuebo


									Marketing Plan
                                       Guerrilla 101
                              Hello Zombies!

                              Thank you for participating in this great event, not only as a
                              dancer but as a leader. In the weeks to come you will be
                              organizing the event, doing the logistics, looking for the place
                              where the dance will take place and such. So planning your
                              event is quite the responsibility and we know how difficult
                              getting dancers, sponsors, exposure, driving traffic to the site
                              and so on can be.

The main reason why this can be a problem is budget. As leaders perhaps we do not
posses the means to have a big marketing campaign; Ads in every corner or on the buses,
TV commercials, so on. So what can we do to let people know the five W’s: Who,
Where,Why, Where How?

This is when creativity meets marketing and a new idea is born, Guerrilla Marketing. There
are many ways to explain what it is, but the simplest one is: promoting your practice by
investing big ideas, energy and creativity instead of a big budget and traditional methods to
promote your practice.
                                        What to do?
So there are many ways to start getting people to participate, getting exposure for the event, getting sponsors, and
identifying prospects for the future.

Here is a list of suggestions about what can you do to market/promote your event.

1. Business Cards - Instead of flyers, which cost more, create business cards with the
   event information on one side and on the other a barcode just like this one. The main
   purpose for this barcodes is that they can be scanned with any smartphone in the
   market and obtain information, take them to a webpage or get a like on Facebook
   for a page you created, i.e. TTW Oakland Facebook Page.

   You can use these websites to create the barcodes for free and program them for
   anything you like.

   So with this barcode you can print it in a business card, or you can also print 12 of these on a regular 8.5 x 11”
   sheet of paper in your home printer and paste them in different areas of the city. i.e. Below the handicapped
   sign, as bumper sticker, bus stops.

2. Flash Mobs - As the event date comes closer, you can prep a flash mob to go around the city and start dancing
   in public places such as parks, plazas, food courts, before sports games, or anywhere that there is a good
   number of people. Some members of the flash mob will start dancing (dressed as zombies without the music)
   and others distribute marketing material, talk to the audience. Bring your boom box with batteries and some
   merchandise just in case!

3. Hijack a radio station - Remember Airheads with Brendan Fraser? Don’t do that. Instead, contact the person in
   charge of PR at the radio station and ask the for 10 minutes during the morning show. Let them know what
   TTW is, the goals for this year. As a surprise, buy them breakfast, that will be memorable.

4. 5 x 35 - It’s not a measure. Getting sponsor is quite difficult nowadays because of the economy and specially
   since everyone is looking for money from the companies while the companies are looking for money from
   everyone. So how can we get the small, medium, and big businesses to participate? Make them an offer they
   simply cannot refuse.

   Pitch them the idea that they will pay $35 to have five employees represent their company/business in your
   TTW event. They can wear a shirt from their company but dressed as a zombie. That way not only is the
   company sponsoring the event but is also helping break a record, participate in a world wide event, and doing
   community outreach in a cost efficient way.

   If the company asks for more then have a Plan B such as providing a table for marketing the company.  Offer to
   put the company in a strategic location on the website for more money.

5. Fake Zombie Apocalypse - Create a teaser trailer as if Zombies will be coming to your city and take over. Make
   it fun,memorable short and sweet. Create a youtube channel and post the video on the different social
   networks and have your friends and their friends spread the link.

6. Zombies @ The Movies - Not only October is the month of TTW but every horror movie comes out during this
   month. So take the chance to go to the movie theaters with a zombie flash mob to get the attention and create
   the awareness of the dance.

        For more information or consulting about marketing your event feel free to contact me at
7. Dance offs! - Find two or more dance studios and propose the idea of 5 x 35 with
   the twist of having them choose a song from Michael and make a choreography for
   it, competing against the other studios for the best one. Not only this will help you
   spread the word and raise money but you already have something else to offer to
   your audience the day of the event.

8. Everyone is a messenger - Everyone you do business with if you can put posters or
   leave any kind of promo material in their store for the event. In the case of
   companies, ask them to promote internally if they want to sign up or if they could let
   you give a small presentation of what TTW is. Emphasize how important this is and
   how they can benefit from the event.

9. Create a blog where you share fun things that happen in the preproduction phases of the event. I imagine that
   the first couple of times you started learning the dance you felt goofy or something fun happened. Document it,
   create a youtube channel and post it. Do not forget to have everyone sign the responsibility and photo & video

                            10.Airplane Chauffeur - Find out when a trade show pertaining will be in town. Use your
                            flash mob and have them hand make a sign with your websites address on it and stand
                            next to baggage claim or right outside the door of the airport. They aren’t picking anyone
                            up, but the people walking by and seeing your website address don’t know that.

                            11.T-shirt Giveaway - Give in order to receive. If you have T-shirts with the address for
                            your TTW site, the date of the event and where it will take place, take a couple of those
                            and give them to the homeless. Get to know them and let them know what you are
                            doing this for.

                          12.Fax Attack: Create a letter size ad and fax it to every business in you area with your 5
                          x 35 idea and the information. However, do not reveal too much. Create the curiosity in a
                         way that they will call you and ask on how they can benefit. This way you are interacting
   and know if this helped you.

   i.e. Thrill The World [your city] October 29th 2011. Become a zombie, raise funds for charity, help break a world
   record and Thrill The world. [Contact info & logo below]

These are simple ideas that can get the ball rolling for you and start coming up with your own ideas. Hope this
helps and if you come up with more please share them with the Leadership Team. Remember that all of this should
be done safely with respect, and in the case of flash mobs no one should be by themselves.

Have a happy Thrilling day.

       For more information or consulting about marketing your event feel free to contact me at

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