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2012 Evening in Bloom Auction Catalog - Bainbridge Island Arts


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									Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council Presents

         Evening in Bloom
                                July 15, 2012

                            Draft Catalog


  Martha Makosky, "A Moment Still Ajar," monoprint and transfer print with chine collé

                                     Silent Auction 1
100. Sara Baetz of Ginger Jewelry at Danger, Silver Necklace
Sterling silver, 2011, 18” long
Value: $178
Thank you: Sara Baetz

                                      Ginger Jewelry is known for intelligent reworking of vintage
                                      components combined with hand chosen gemstones and
                                      unusual clasps. Sara Baetz and Laurie Rosenberg have been
                                      making and selling their custom brand jewelry since 2001. Their
                                      unique work can be found at Danger on Winslow Way and at

101. Italian Inspirations Package
Value: $400
Thank you: Steven and Tina Yentzer

This package is fit for foodies and travelers who yearn for a taste of Italy from the comfort of
home. Along with a basket filled with Italian goodies and culinary delights, you’ll get to choose
one from a variety of tailor-made experiences guided by Ashlee Redfern, local instructor,
buongustaia, and all-around expert on all things Italy. Choose an in-home Italian cooking lesson,
a custom-designed menu featuring traditional, seasonal Italian recipes prepared at your home
with locally sourced produce, Italian language lessons and travel consultation, or a mutually
agreed-on combination. See for more information; to make
arrangements, contact Ashlee at 360.550.5358 or

102. John William Brown
Untitled acrylic painting, 1970s, 38” x 46”
Value: $1,000
Thank you: Cheryl Tetlow

                                       John W. Brown (1931-2005) was recognized for his artistic talent
                                       at age eight and was enrolled in a private art class given by the
                                       Dean of the School of Art at Arizona State University. John later
                                       graduated from ASU and furthered his schooling in architecture
                                       at the University of Southern California. During the 1970s, he
                                       studied under George De Groat, freeing himself from the
                                       precision of his architectural schooling. Under financial and
                                       familial maelstroms, his creativity caught fire and his painted
                                       some of his most powerful and emotional canvases. John spent
                                       his retirement years on Whidbey Island.

Photo by Michael Stadler/Sadler Studio of Photography, Whidbey Island.

103. Nick Mann, "Kingdom, Foundation, Beauty"
Mixed media painting, 2012, 14" x 11"
Value: $500
Thank you: Nick Mann

                                 Nick Mann lives and works in Port Townsend. His work is a
                                 subconscious expression of wonder and magic in our universe.
                                 Heavily influenced by travels to Mexico, Mann communicates
                                 visual symbols brought about by mystical experiences. He has
                                 produced large-scale murals around the globe and has
                                 exhibited work in London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, New
                                 York, San Francisco, and Seattle. Contact Nick at

104. Whiskey Creek Print Studio, "Henry's Poppies 2"
Linocut/chine collé, 2011, 31" x 25"
Value: $450
Thank you: Jan Branham, Pam Galvani, Pam Hobert, Colleen Leahy, Julie Skotheim, and Lynda

                                 "Henry’s Poppies” is a collaborative linocut by six printmakers:
                                 Jan Branham, Pam Galvani, Pam Hobert, Colleen Leahy, Julie
                                 Skotheim, and Lynda Swenson. Each artist carved in linoleum on
                                 a portion of the complete image and then spent many lively
                                 days together producing the printed results at Whiskey Creek
                                 Print Studio on Bainbridge. The artists would like to thank Derek at
                                 Artist’s Edge in Poulsbo for donating his time to frame and mat
                                 this print.

                                 Photo: Art Grice

105. Amy K. Weber, Hanging Wall Runner
Photo not available.
Organic linen with natural dyes, 2012, 11" x 59"
Value: $150
Photo not available
Thank you: Amy K. Weber

Bainbridge Island artist Amy K. Weber is a textile artist working with natural dyes and fabrics. The
dyes are thickened into paints using a legume paste and then sponged or painted onto the
fabrics. Contact Amy at

106. Dan Lafferty
Untitled gouache on paper, 14½" x 10"
Value: $400
Thank you: Dan Lafferty

107. Darrell Anderson, "Harbor Sunrise"
Oil on canvas, 2008, 16" x 20"
Value: $1,200
Thank you: Darrell Anderson

                                 Darrell Anderson, formally trained in the tradition of the Russian
                                 Impressionists, is a longtime Bainbridge Island painter who
                                 emphasizes the color and impact of light on our world. Most of
                                 his paintings are completed plein air all prima. Usually with a
                                 paintbrush in hand, he shares his skills by offering classes through
                                 the Winslow Art Center. He is locally represented by Roby King
                                 Gallery. Contact Darrell at

108. Drum lessons with John Lester
Value: $250
Thank you: John Lester

Obsessive steering-wheel thumpers and cutlery rattlers, your salvation has arrived: drum lessons
with John Lester. Lately of Bainbridge Island’s Julie Duke Band, John has played and recorded
jazz, pop, and classical drum sessions nationally since 1960. He’s also a longtime instructor who
has taught on Bainbridge since 1991. The bearer is entitled to five one-hour drum lessons, with
sessions to be mutually agreed upon. Lessons will be tailed to your needs and interests. Beginners
encouraged! Learn more at; call 206.399.4180 to schedule.

109. Piano Tuning/Pitch Correction
Value: $155
Thank you: Jeannie Grassi, Island Piano Service

This item hits exactly the right note. Jeannie Grassi, owner of Island Piano Service, will provide a
piano tuning and pitch correction, if necessary; your piano will be left at A440 hz (concert pitch).
Jeannie is a Registered Piano Technician in the Piano Technicians Guild and has serviced pianos
on Bainbridge Island and Kitsap for 30 years. She is an expert technician with high standards and
will enjoy taking care of your piano.

Service does not include repairs, cleaning, parts replacement, reconditioning, or any other work
beyond tuning. Offer expires July 30, 2013. To schedule your appointment, call Island Piano
Service at 206.842.3721 and present your certificate at the time of service.

110. Seahawks Tickets
Value: $360
Thank you: Michael and Nancy Lewars

The perfect game pack: “end to end” tickets to the Seahawks-Raiders pre-season game on
Aug. 30, 2012 and the Seahawks-Rams game on Dec. 30, 2012. You’ll get two tickets for each
game at the 20-yard line, northwest corner under cover. Go Hawks!

111. A Night in The Nest
Value: $150-$175
Thank you: Hilary and Hamilton Newberry

Fly away to a night in The Nest, an adorable Bainbridge Island guest cottage with a wonderful
water view and nearby beach access. Located on a quiet country lane, the cottage makes
guests feel as if they’ve turned off the rest of the world, with only the water and passing boats,
seagulls, herons, and eagles flying by. A short stroll leads to the public beach. The Nest sleeps
two in one queen bed. For images, contact information, and details, see

Excludes holidays and July and August weekends. Some flexibility added with the choice of an
extra night’s stay. Expires July 15, 2013.

112. Two hours of computer help
Value: $150
Thank you: Chad Haight

Maybe your Mac’s become inexplicably persnickety, or maybe you just want to find out how to
mine its untapped potential. Tech guru and Arts & Humanities Council Board of Directors
member Chad Haight will give you two hours of personalized Macintosh computer or device
consulting, including cleanup, enhancement, and troubleshooting. What’s your Mac issue?
Haight will set it straight. To schedule, contact Chad at

114. Gift Certificate for Winslow Art Center
Value: $100
Thank you: Martha Jordan

Whether you’re a novice artist or a professional, let your creative spirit soar with this $100 credit
toward any children’s or adult art class at Winslow Art Center. Located in downtown Bainbridge
Island, Winslow Art Center offers a variety of art classes and workshops for adults, kids and teens
of all skill levels in a small and welcoming studio setting. See a full class listing and schedule at

115. Susan Croy Roth, "On the Way to Willowbrook Farm"
Chalk pastel, 2005, 12" x 16"
Value: $350
Thank you: Susan Croy Roth

                               Susan Croy Roth is a painter and graphic designer living on
                               Bainbridge Island. She studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago
                               and worked as a graphic designer for print, television and the
                               Web. See more of her work at

116. Jennifer Corbin, Necklace and Earrings
Gold fill wire and aquamarine gemstones, 2012
Value: $215
Thank you: Jennifer Corbin

                               Jennifer Corbin has been drawing and painting for as long as
                               she can remember and has embraced jewelry making during
                               the last seven years. The self-taught artist has continually
                               developed her techniques and now makes all her own
                               components using either sterling or fine silver. Unusual and
                               faceted semi-precious gemstones form the focal points of her
                               pieces, with much of her inspiration coming from nature and
                               unexpected places. Contact the artist at

117. Will Leather Goods Signature Messenger Bag from Petit & Olson
Value: $295
Thank you: Kathryn Petit

This signature Will Leather Goods canvas and leather messenger bag is one you’ll have forever
and take everywhere. Will Leather Goods is internationally recognized for the functional style
and unparalleled substance of its bags and small leather goods, crafted with high quality
materials and excellent workmanship. The brand is carried in fine boutiques across the country,
including Bainbridge Island’s own Petit & Olson. Get the product story at

118. Cynthia Dice, "Chickadee"
Original mixed media painting
(acrylic, pencil, paper)
8" x 6"
Value: $225
Thank you: Cynthia Dice

Cynthia Dice is a 20-year veteran of the Bainbridge art scene. Her background includes
participation in numerous juried art shows, teaching the children’s ceramics program at
Eagledale Pottery Studio, and many years of involvement with the Bainbridge Studio Tour. She
works on the island at Danger, an art gallery/home store on Winslow Way. Contact Cynthia at

132. Cynthia Dice, "Steller's Jay"
Original mixed media painting (acrylic, pencil, paper)
8" x 6"
Value: $225

133. Cynthia Dice, "American Robin"
Original mixed media painting
(acrylic, pencil, paper)
8" x 6"
Value: $225

120. Woodleigh Marx Hubbard, Quartz Pendant
Faceted quartz set in silver on a silver chain with citrine, pearls, and 1988 French 3-cut glass.
19" pendant on a 19" chain.
Value: $275
Thank you: Woodleigh Marx Hubbard

                                  Woodleigh Marx Hubbard is a Seattle-based writer and
                                  children’s book illustrator who has been a jewelry designer for
                                  nearly 15 years. To craft her tribal-inspired pieces, she uses
                                  combinations of a wide variety of colored stones and other
                                  accents. A piece can take three months to build; each one is a

                                  Photo: Susan Arens.

123. Carl Sussman, "Red Begonia in a White Pot"
Oil on canvas, 2011, 24" x 24"
Value: $400

                                 Carl Sussman was born in Cleveland, Ohio and has lived on
                                 Bainbridge Island for 30 years. He studied art at Ohio State
                                 University, University of Washington, and the Gage Academy in
                                 Seattle and interned with local artists. He is represented by the
                                 Director’s Gallery on Bainbridge Island and is focusing his work
                                 on abstracted landscapes. Learn more at or

125. Barbara Berger, "Permission to Say No"
Framed collage with marbled papers, pastel and acrylic, vintage ornaments, ribbon, and
antique wax seal, 2006, 19" x 18"
Value: $800
                                 Thank you: Barbara Berger

                              Barbara Helen Berger grew up in Seattle and moved to
                              Bainbridge Island in 1976. Best known for children's books such as
                              Grandfather Twilight, her illustrations have appeared in
                              exhibitions around the country, including at the Society of
                              Illustrators in New York City and locally at the Frye Art Museum,
                              Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, and Bainbridge Arts and Crafts.
                              "Permissions," a series in collage, was shown at BAC in 2007, and
                              Barbara continues her interest in collage and assemblage as
                              well as writing. Her stories and essays appear frequently in
Parabola magazine. She is a 2006 recipient of the Arts & Humanities Council's Island Treasure
Award. Find her at

126. Barbara Berger, "Certificate of Permission: Healing by Hand"
Framed collage with tin, mother of pearl, acrylic, antique wax seal, 2004, 18" x 15"
Value: $800

127. Paige Boren, "Dahlia"
Photo on canvas, 2010, 26" x 36"
Value: $500

                                P Paige Boren is a local artist who has been apart of Bainbridge
                                Island community for the past 30 years. She and her husband
                                nurture and grow dahlias throughout the summer and operate
                                “Zach and Eli’s Dahlia Stand” at the head of the bay on Wyatt
                                Avenue. Her photographs of these beautiful dahlias exemplify
                                her love of color, texture, light, and nature. Many images are
                                available and may be custom sized to meet individual
                                preferences. Contact her at

129. Cindy Ford "Stepping Stone"
Encaustic, 20" x 16", Value: $550

                                After graduating from college with a degree in studio art, Cindy
                                After graduating from college with a degree in studio art, Cindy
                                Ford spent several years creating a home – painting many more
                                walls than canvases – and raising a family. Now, with time to call
                                her own, she is happily creating artwork in her studio at home on
                                Bainbridge Island. Working in encaustic, acrylic, mixed media,
                                and collage, she works and plays with color and space, balance
                                and contrast, tension and harmony.

131. Mesolini Glass Studio, "Vetro Fiori"
Glass bowl, 2009, 2½" x 19"
Value: $550
Thank you: Diane Bonciolini & Gregg Mesmer

                                Beauty, functionality and uniqueness are the hallmarks of
                                Mesolini Glass Studio, where Diane Bonciolini & Gregg Mesmer
                                create kiln fired functional dishware, one of a kind art pieces,
                                garden art, and glass treatments for the home. Their studio time
                                also includes work in elementary schools, public art, and projects
                                in cement & glass. Bainbridge Island inspires Diane and Gregg in
                                many ways - the beautiful surroundings, a supportive community,
                                and friendships with the amazing artists and patrons that live
                                here. Find them at

134. Janet Cramer, "Pillow Talk"
Watercolor on paper, 1980, 14½" x 21½"
Value: $800
Thank you: Nancy Heckler and Karen Brody

                              Immediately after graduating from high school in 1932, Janet
                              Cramer (1914-2009) attended the American Academy of Art in
                              Chicago and then became a successful fashion model in New
                              York City, which led to a career as special assistant to Hattie
                              Carnegie. Later in life she went back to her first love, painting,
                              and was a juried member of the Arizona Watercolor Association
                              and an associate member of the American Watercolor Society.
                              Her work has been featured in gallery shows, special exhibits,
and magazines, and her paintings are part of many public and private collections. She moved
to Bainbridge Island in 1992.

Following Cramer's death, her daughters, Nancy Heckler and Karen Brody, formed the Janet
Cramer Scholarship Fund, with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting young artists.

135. Virginia H. Davison, "Folk Art Flower Design"
Print, linocut, and collage, 2011, 19" x 15"
Value: $350
Thank you: Virginia H. Davison

                                A favorite of Virginia Davison's, this print is made from a linoleum
                                cut and is one in a series of images using this folk art flower
                                design, which the artist discovered on the side of a wooden box
                                given to her by her grandmother. She first made a drawing and
                                then carved it into the linoleum. The border is cut out of another
                                print, which was made using a wooden collograph plate.
                                Together, the two prints make a lovely pairing. Contact Virginia

136. An Evening with the Julie Duke Band
Value: $500
Thank you: The Julie Duke Band

                                Local critics can’t get enough of The Julie Duke Band. “Julie
                                fronts a band of seasoned bluesmen with warmth, humor and
                                the style and taste to play to almost any crowd,” says one. “This
                                gang lays on the classic blues for everyone’s dancing pleasure.”
                                Infuse your own festivities with Julie’s high-energy blues – The
                                Julie Duke Band will play for up to two hours at your party or
                                event. Date to be mutually agreed upon; to schedule your date,
                                email Julie at Find out more at

137. Gardener's Delight Beauty Package
Value: $345
Thank you: Andrea and Philip Mann

With this package, you can garden – or just dream about it as you read, relax, and pamper
yourself. The set includes the book The Garden of Reading; a $100 gift certificate from Seattle’s
Julep Spa along with a collection of Julep products; a $50 gift certificate for the New Rose Café
at Bainbridge Gardens; a set of gardening tools; and of course a pair of gloves to protect your
manicure. Everything is collected in a charming canvas floral bag from Anthropologie.

138. Kay Walsh "Mid Tide, Great Bear Rainforest, BC"
Archival inkjet print photograph, 28" x 22"
Value: $500
Thank you: Kay Walsh

                                     For more than a decade, Kay Walsh was an ocean sailor,
                                     exploring and experiencing the world on a personal level. It
                                     taught her not only to see the immediate, but to feel the
                                     unseen energy all around her. When Kay sailed back to the
                                     Pacific Northwest, photography was the natural
                                     progression of her dramatic, vagabond lifestyle as she
                                     wandered the still wild backcountry, camera in hand. Kay
                                     tries to capture the complicated beauty she finds in a
                                     simple yet dramatic style that will become timeless.

139. Gillian Bull, "Sound View"
Ink monoprint, 2011, 20" x 19"
Value: $600
Thank you: Gillian Bull

                                  Gillian Bull was born in Rugby, England. As a newlywed in 1956
                                  she moved to New Zealand with her glaciologist husband,
                                  taught art, and started a family. The next stop was Columbus,
                                  Ohio. She now lives on Bainbridge Island. Gillian has traveled
                                  extensively, from Antarctica to warmer climes, and prefers to
                                  paint “en plein air.” Her work is mostly representational, and she
                                  creates an authentic sense of place using dry pastel, oil paint,
                                  oilbar, and oil pastel. Gallery affiliations include Bainbridge Arts
                                  and Crafts and Women Painters of Washington Gallery in Seattle.
                                  You can also find her at

140. Kyanite Necklace
Lovely, uncommon green kyanite necklace.
Value: $250
Thank you: Barbara Sacerdote

141. Alec Vassiliadis, "George IX"
Architectural model of self-contained living pod in ebony and clay, 4½" x 4½" x 2" including base
Value: $250
Photo not available
Thank you: Alec Vassilladis

For the last 35 years, Alec has spent his time putting abstract ideas into three-dimensional form.
To learn more about Alec and his work, see

                                 Silent Auction 2
201. Annie Huntley, One-of-a-kind Necklace with Semi-Precious Stones
Hammered brass with moss aquamarine, ruby, citrine, iolite, and carnelian, 2012
Value: $285

                                  Jewelry artist Annie Huntley is the recipient of the 2011 winner of
                                  the Amy Award for emerging artists. She’s a Bainbridge High
                                  School graduate who began developing her line of handmade
                                  jewelry during her travels abroad, particularly in France and
                                  Israel. She is the designer/owner of Dotted Line Jewels and has
                                  shown her jewelry at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts for many years.
                                  Find Annie’s work at

202. Printmaking Party with Artist Wendy Orville
Value: $360
Thank you: Wendy Orville

Gather your friends for a fun, hands-on studio experience making monotypes with noted
Bainbridge Island printmaker Wendy Orville. You and up to five friends will learn a variety of
techniques designed to kick-start your creativity. No art experience needed, and all materials
will be provided. To schedule your workshop, please contact Wendy at 206.855.8833 or email her
at Learn more about Wendy’s work as well as her classes and workshops

203. Woodleigh Marx Hubbard, Tibetan Silver Necklace
Tibetan Silver with Iolite center; amethyst blue labradorite; Thai silver oxidized chain. 24",
Value: $350
Thank you: Woodleigh Marx Hubbard

Susan Arens photo.

204. Susan Arens, "Woman with Wrap"
Encaustic, 2010, 12" x 12"
Value: $325
Thank you: Susan Arens

                                  Susan Arens is a Bainbridge Island artist working in oil and
                                  encaustics. See more of her work in September at the Treehouse
                                  Café along with encaustic artist Cindy Ford. Contact Susan at

205. Kristin Tollefson, "Bulb & Bloom"
Wire sculpture, steel wire and plastic, 2004, 26" x 21" x 14"
Value: $1,200
Thank you: Kristin Tollefson

                              Kristin Tollefson received her MFA in metalsmithing from
                              Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA, Cum Laude, in
                              Anthropology/Sociology and Art History from Carleton College.
                              She has received numerous grants and awards including those
                              from Fulbright, American-Scandinavian Foundation, Bainbridge
                              Island Arts & Humanities Council and Artist Trust; her work has
                              been published in Fiberarts Design Book 7, Metalsmith Magazine,
                              and An Island in Time. Public commissions include Montlake
                              Community Center, the City of Bainbridge Island, Magnolia
                              Public Library, and others. Kristin creates on Bainbridge Island,
                              where she raises her two children and runs flora/form, her art,
                              design, and consulting business. She is the recipient of the 2008
Island Treasure Award. Contact Kristin at

206. Wes McClain, "G Lot"
Linoleum block print, 2 of 6, 2011, 40" x 45"
Value: $750
Thank you: Wes McClain

                                  Wes is a student at Rhode Island School of Design studying
                                  printmaking and animation. He studied painting and drawing at
                                  Gage academy in Seattle and monoprinting with artist Wendy
                                  Orville on Bainbridge Island. Contact Wes at

207. Dan Lafferty, Untitled
Untitled pastel on paper, 16" x 20"
Value: $300
Thank you: Dan Lafferty

208. Renée Jameson "Awakening"
Ink monotype print, 2011, 20" x 24"
Value: $600
Thank you: Renée Jameson

                                 Renée Jameson works mostly with images of abstract landscape
                                 and particularly enjoys the layering process of monotype and
                                 the way each layer of color dramatically changes the piece,
                                 adding depth and complexity. Each layer is carefully thought-
                                 out, yet always presents an element of surprise when it goes
                                 through the press. Reach the artist at

209. Helena Hoyte Bierly, "Evening Flight IV"
Monotype on paper, 2012, 23½" x 20½"
Value: $650
Thank you: Helena Hoyte Bierly

                                Helena’s current work was inspired by photographs she took from
                                an evening flight into Seattle with the sun piercing through a dark
                                cloud bank. She works in monotype, an intuitive and expressive
                                medium that allows her to explore luminosity, translucence, and
                                saturated color. Helena is also an interior designer, working and
                                living on Bainbridge Island. Find her at
                                Art Grice photo.

210. Ellen Wixted, Untitled #14
Monotype on paper, 2012, 15" x 13"
Value: $150
Thank you: Ellen Wixted

                               Ellen Wixted is a painter and printmaker based on Bainbridge
                               Island. Finding ways to see local, ordinary landscapes clearly and
                               afresh has been her focus for as long as she’s been making
                               images. In this latest body of work, a series of untitled monoprints
                               she calls “Through the Woods,” she explores the experience of
                               running on the public trails that criss-cross the island. As a new
                               runner, these island trails offer her both intimate privacy and a
                               never-ending visual kaleidoscope.

211. Art Grice "AG 141"
Photograph, 1973, 24" x 20"
Value: $550
Thank you: Art Grice

                                 Art Grice is an architectural and fine arts photographer based
                                 on Bainbridge Island who has worked as an artist, photographer,
                                 and teacher for more than 35 years. He has been an arts
                                 magazine editor, gallery owner, and producer of digital art
                                 seminars and lectures series and has taught photography classes
                                 and workshops at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver
                                 School of Art, Northwest College of Art, and other venues. His
                                 photography and design work have been shown and published
                                 widely in books and magazines in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.
                                 Find him at

212. Andrew Bergh, "Slow Morning"
Digital print, Pioneer Square, 2012, 20" x 25"
Value: $400
Thank you: Andrew Bergh

                                  Andrew Bergh, a respected lawyer with 30-plus years experience
                                  and a writer with 400-plus published columns to his credit, is now
                                  chasing his passion for digital photography. While his intended
                                  “niche” will emphasize law-themed images for his fellow lawyers,
                                  Andrew also takes advantage of the never-ending
                                  photographic opportunities in and around Seattle and other
                                  photogenic parts of Puget Sound. Contact him at

213. Kathryn Lesh, "Fountain"
Monotype, 2012, 18" x 24"
Value: $500
Thank you: Kathryn Lesh

                                 Printmaking, rediscovered after moving to Bainbridge through
                                 Inkgarden Studios, has led Kathryn to a continued exploration of
                                 the landscape and our relationship to it. After graduating with a
                                 BA in Studio Art from Stanford University, it took many years to find
                                 a precarious balance between the creative drive, working as an
                                 interior designer, and raising a family. She most recently held a
                                 solo show at Eleven Winery May 2012. Contact Kathryn at

214. Myorian Studio, "Shiloh Stack"
Glass and fused glass sculpture, 2012, 10" x 24" x 8"
Value: $500
Thank you: David Myers and Kelly Asadorian

                                  David Myers and Kelly Asadorian are artists who live, create, and
                                  garden in Indianola, Wash. Their business, Myorian Studio, is
                                  primarily devoted to making metal and glass works of art for the
                                  home and garden. Much of their work is a collaborative effort,
                                  from planning and designing to installation. See more Myorian
                                  Studio work at Danger in downtown Winslow and at

215. Britt Rynearson, Shibori Scarf
Bias pleat silk organza scarf, hand pleated and dyed using the Japanese Arashi shibori
technique, 2012, 62" x 10"
Value: $210

                                Thank you: Britt Rynearson

                                Britt Rynearson designs bold, original garments and shawls with a
                                sculptural quality. She exhibits at he top art/design tradeshows
                                and is carried by boutiques nationwide. Her background in the
                                Japanese art of Arashi shibori has contributed greatly to her
                                visibility. Influential training came from a fine art degree from
                                Scripps College, courses at Fuji Studios in Florence, Italy; and a
                                live/work experience in a Balinese village to study ikat and silk
                                weaving. She has worked as a professional artist since 2002. In
                                the Seattle area, Rynearson is represented by The Flying Shuttle,
                                Karan Dannenberg, Object, and the Seattle Art Museum Store.
                                Find her at

216. Sally Robison, "Moon Walk"
Digital painting, 2009, 25" x 32"
Value: $400
Thank you: Sally Robison

                                Being a writer and a painter, Sally feels particularly comfortable
                                in the series she calls “Word Play,” which she began in the mid-
                                2000s and which includes “Starfish,” “Salmon Dreams,” “Orion
                                Calls,” “Pig Defense,” “Fly By Night,” “Dog Dreams,” and this
                                piece, “Moon Walk.” As the series expresses, the world furnishes
                                rich material for flights of fancy – if not flights from reality. Sally is a
                                longtime Bainbridge Islander who originally hails from Mississippi.
                                She is the 2011 recipient of the Island Treasure award.

217. Elizabeth Davidson
Untitled coil-built, glazed stoneware ceramic sculpture, 2011, 10¾" x 9" x 10½"
Value: $375
Thank you: Elizabeth Davidson

                                  Growing up, Elizabeth Davidson lived throughout the U.S. and
                                 Europe and has called Bainbridge Island home for 20 years. She
                                 earned a BA and an MA in teaching from Reed College, where
                                 she studied literature and art. She continued as a graduate
                                 student at Portland State University and has worked in the arts for
                                 most of her professional career, including owning a gallery in
                                 Seattle. She’s worked in clay for 15 years in her own studio; chief
                                 influences include ancient pots from Africa, Europe, Asia, and
                                 South America. Reach her at

218. Jeanne E, Old Broad Pottery, "Uber Urn"
High-fired ceramic sculptural urn, 2012, 27" x 32" x 11"
Value: $1,400
Thank you: Jeanne E

                                   Jeanne E of Old Broad Pottery has had a long and happy
                                 lifetime of being an artist. Her work has appeared in exhibitions
                                 large and small, in museums, galleries, parks, gardens, streets,
                                 and in “cute little ‘shoppes’” as well as at numerous fundraisers,
                                 auctions, and studio tours. Reach her at

219. Lynn Brofsky, "Red Truck"
Monotype, oil on French cotton paper, 2008, 39" x 31¼"
Value: $1,600
Thank you: Lynn Brofsky
                               Lynn Brofsky grew up in Colorado, where family road trips from
                               Denver in any direction took her out to areas of farmland, mesas,
                               deserts and ghost towns populated with skeletal relics of the oil
                               industry. Lynn uses the monotype medium for its flexibility,
                               combining the fluidity of oil paint with the capacity to build
                               complex compositions using ghosted imagery from earlier layers.
                               The layering and muted palette gives her pieces the character
                               of fading memory. Find her at

220. Amos Edwards, "Algae"
Mixed media painting, 2011, 22" x 32"
Value: $1,400
Thank you: Amos Edwards

                                Amos Staffler Edwards grew up in the Bay Area in a family of
                                artists. Marinating in a world of art, she developed a fascination
                                and desire to pull characteristics from various mediums to create
                                her work. This exploration has resulted in “refined raw,” a
                                weathering process of canvas using mixed materials to create a
                                depth and a visceral rawness. Her paintings are living pieces that
                                subtly patina over time. Amos paints and lives on Bainbridge with
                                her husband, three children, and many pets.

221. A Night at Vineyard Lane
Value: $200
Thank you: Cherie Levan

Heavenly king beds, luxurious linens, and a sumptuous breakfast await you. This gift certificate
entitles the bearer to one night of accommodations at the Inn at Vineyard Lane. Join us! Please
go directly to to choose your date. In the Notes section, indicate
that you are using a gift certificate from the Evening in Bloom.

Expires July 2013. Offer not valid weekends in July and August. A credit card is required to secure
the evening, but you will be credited. More information: 206.842.9300.

222. Season Tickets for Bainbridge Performing Arts
Value: $250
Thank you: Bainbridge Performing Arts

Enjoy two season tickets for an outstanding season of theater at the island’s longstanding
community playhouse, Bainbridge Performing Arts. Find general information at

225. A Healthy Clean with Island Green Clean
Value: $240
Thank you: Jill Paull

Island Green Clean has built a name as the top professional organic cleaning service for
Bainbridge Island homes and offices. Owner Jill Paull has even created a line of all-purpose
organic cleaning products. These two gift certificates entitle the bearer to four hours (each) of
cleaning services by Island Green Clean; carpet deodorizer and all-purpose cleaner are also
included. Learn more at Call 206.842.1988 to schedule. Dates to be
mutually agreed upon.

226. Logo Design by Larry Anderson
Value: $2,000
Thank you: Larry Anderson

You know your business – get expert help in presenting it to the world. Designer Larry Anderson of
Larry Anderson Design Associate LLC will take you through an end-to-end identity and logo
design process that will help you uncover the best of your business. The package includes a
discovery session, research session, two design sessions, and the creation of electronic logo files.
To schedule your sessions, contact Larry at or 206.678.4432.

Outside costs and travel are not included and will be billed separately. Additional rounds after
round 1 or changes to the design will be billed separately at $125/hour.

227. Woodleigh Marx Hubbard, Jade Necklace
Serpentine jade and Tibetan metal beads on a silver chain, 25"
Value: $300
Thank you: Woodleigh Marx Hubbard

Susan Arens photo

228. Ellen Wixted, Untitled #15
Monotype on paper, 2012, 15" x 13"
Value: $150
Thank you: Ellen Wixted

229. Private Reception for 12 at the Cutler House, Bloedel Reserve
Value: $400
Thank you: Bloedel Reserve, Cherie Levan, and the Team at Simply Bainbridge

The stunning Cutler House at Bloedel Reserve is yours for the evening! This is perfect venue to
gather a group of garden enthusiasts or good friends for a private reception. During your visit,
you’ll be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of Bloedel by one of their talented horticulturalists
and to delectable hors d’oeuvres and wine provided by the Team at Simply Bainbridge. The
Cutler House is an award-winning structure created by renowned architect James Cutler.
Paneled with glass and cedar, the house includes an elevated back patio with outdoor seating
in a woodland setting. A marvelous spot in which to enjoy a glass of wine and bites.

                                 Heads or Tails
301. Dinner at The Four Swallows
Value: $100
Thank you: The Four Swallows Restaurant

Is it the charming setting in a historic Winslow farmhouse, the warmth of the staff, or the
excellence of the food? You haven't arrived without a meal at The Four Swallows. Enjoy this $100
gift certificate; call 842.3397 for reservations. Menu and information:

302. Hitchcock
Value: $100
Thank you: Kate and Jason Ruffing

Hitchcock's owners embrace "localism" – the culinary celebration of Bainbridge Island – using
real food, procured from people they know, and prepared lovingly. Even their cooking fuel –
apple wood from Washington orchards, is local and carbon neutral to boot! Enjoy an
outstanding local meal with this $100 gift certificate. Dinner is served nightly at 5 p.m.
Reservations: 206.201.3789. Menu and information:

303. Dinner at Local Harvest
Value: $100
Thank you: Local Harvest

Sustainability is served up deliciously at Local Harvest, which partners with farmers and local
entrepreneurs to provide fresh, innovative food that promotes the continuous well-being of its
customers and the planet. The certificate entitles the bearer to a $100 credit on their dining bill
at Local Harvest. Please reserve your table in advance at 842.2006. Service is not included;
certificate cannot be exchanged for cash. Expires July 1, 2013.

304. Metro Market Gift Card
Value: $50
Thank you: Metro Market

From their state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, Metro Market Catering and Take-out provides
you with everything from a satisfying freshly-made lunch on-the-go to frozen vegan soups and
items for dinner. Gift Card may be used for the café, catering, frozen soups, entrees, etc. Freshly
made platters can be picked up or delivered, and Metro Market Catering proudly offers full-
service catering. 9720 Coppertop Loop, Suite 101, Bainbridge Island, WA. 206.842.8524.

305. Shima Garden Sushi Gift Certificate
Value: $50
Thank you: Matt Smith

Each ingredient selected at Shima is fresh, seasonal, organic, local, and wild whenever possible.
Preparation is rooted in traditional Japanese methods to bring forth the utmost flavor.
206.855.9400, or

                                   Live Auction
1. Wendy Orville, "Port Townsend #10"
Monotype print
14" x 10"
Value: $900
Thank you: Wendy Orville

                                Trained as a painter, Wendy Orville has focused on making
                                monotypes for the past 15 years. She treats the monotype
                                process like painting in many ways, working to create an
                                equivalent of light by building up translucent layers of color and
                                marks, often scratching into the surface after pulling the print
                                from the press. In doing so she reduces the landscape to
                                essentials, evoking an emotional space that invites viewers inside
                                while retaining a painterly flatness and tension. Orville received
                                her BA in Fine Arts from Yale University and her MFA in painting
                                from American University. She moved to the Pacific Northwest in
                                1996. Her work has shown in Connecticut, New York, Washington
                                DC, New Mexico, and on Bainbridge Island. She has taught at
                                Pratt Fine Arts, the Henry Art Gallery, University of Indiana and
                                numerous other venues and now teaches monotype workshops
                                for beginning and experienced artists out of her studio,
                                inkgarden, on Bainbridge Island.

2. Lobster Feed for Eight
Value: $1,200
Thank you: Sandy and Rodney Rich

You will enjoy an amazing New England Lobster Feed for eight people at the beautiful
waterfront home of Sandy and Rodney Rich. This delicious meal will feature appetizers including
steamers, live Maine lobster and grilled tenderloin steak, sides and dessert, and select wines.

Mutually agreed upon date. Offer expires June 30, 2013. Display not included.

3. Matthew X. Curry, "Valet #3"
Mixed media functional art/sculpture, 2010, 34" x 25" x 10"
Value: $825
Thank you: Mathew X. Curry

                                Matthew X. Curry studied at the Pratt Institute School of
                                Architecture in New York. His architectural training informs all
                                areas of his multi-faceted, 20-plus year career including
                                architectural interiors and furniture design as well as fine art
                                drawing, sculpture, and woodworking. Matthew’s work has
                                appeared in several periodicals and galleries on both coasts
                                and is shown at The Northwest Woodworkers Gallery, Seattle.
                                Find him at

4. Two Nights at Wacky Nut Farm Guest House & Catered Dinner for Four
Value: $650
Thank you: Wacky Nut Farm LLC and Holly Rohrbacher

Enjoy two nights’ accommodation at the lovely and spacious 3-bedroom/3-bathroom Guest
House located at Wacky Nut Farm Equestrian Center. The sustainably designed, environmentally
friendly equestrian facility also houses an on-site organic community garden, with a large fire pit
for making “s’mores” and enjoying a private picnic. The area has numerous walking trails
surrounding the property and connects to Blakely Harbor Park and Fort Ward State Park trails.
Included with this package is a dinner for four people provided by local caterer Holly
Rohrbacher on one of your two nights there.

Based on mutually agreed upon date. Requires 30-days advance notice. Offer expires August 1,

5. Laurie A. Lyall, South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklace
Natural black Tahitian Pearl,18 karat yellow gold and diamond, 2011, 17 ½" long
Value: $1,530

                                 Laurie A. Lyall has been a graduate goldsmith since 1975, when
                                 she completed her goldsmithing apprenticeship in Mainz, West
                                 Germany. Before moving to Bainbridge Island in 1996, Laurie
                                 worked as a jewelry designer and goldsmith in Florida for 21
                                 years. Custom designing was always a part of her career as well
                                 as displaying at juried art fairs from all over Florida to Ann Arbor,
                                 Mich., and Sausalito, Calif., where she won numerous awards.
                                 Reach Laurie at

6. The Ultimate Beach Experience: One Week at the Outer Banks
Value: $2,500 for one week
Thank you: Michael and Nancy Lewars

Few beach experiences rival “primetime” on the Outer Banks, one of the most highly rated
vacation destinations on the East Coast. You’ll get one week’s stay at a delightful home in South
Shores, N.C., 90 miles from Norfolk, Va. Airport.The home, with enough bedrooms and space to
hold the whole crew, sits 200 feet from a pristine, sparsely populated sand beach in a quiet
neighborhood of only nine homes. Features include four bedrooms (two king, one queen, one
pyramid bunk), two-and-a-half baths, a family room with wet bar, a wood burning fireplace, TV
and stereo, two spacious decks, and a Jacuzzi. Barbecue, beach chairs, all linens, and two
adult bicycles are provided. Local attractions include world-class golf courses, fine dining,
miniature golf, deep sea fishing, pier fishing, and surfing. If desired, a two-week stay is available.

Available Primetime dates are May 1-15, 2013, and June 15 - August 17, 2013 by pre-
arrangement. Also available at other times of the year by pre-arrangement.

7. Bob Spangler, Ming Chair
Oregon walnut, 2011, 28" x 33" x 24"
Value: $1,850
Thank you: Bob Spangler

                                  Bob Spangler has been designing and crafting furniture since
                                  1973. He has a home and studio on Bainbridge Island and shows
                                  examples of his work at Island Gallery and Northwest Fine
                                  Woodworking in Seattle. He has also for many years been an
                                  active participant in the Bainbridge Studio Tour. Bob’s unique
                                  designs are influenced by classical American and European
                                  furniture and a continued interest in Asian design. The Oregon
                                  walnut chair presented for auction tonight represents one of
                                  Bob’s signature designs.

8. Italian Dinner with a Designated Driver
Value: $250
Thank you: Barbara Sacerdote and Chad Haight

Indulge with impunity, courtesy of the Arts & Humanities Council. You and seven guests will be
treated to an authentic multi-course Italian dinner prepared by Executive Director Barbara
Sacerdote, based on her Nonna Immaculata’s Abruzzese traditions. To book-end the fun and
ensure that you make it to and from your homes safely, your evening will also include a
designated driver for up to four passengers by Board of Directors member and charming
chauffeur Chad Haight. Buckle up, and buon appetito!

Based on mutually agreed upon date and place. Requires 30 days advance notice. Offer
expires June 30, 2013. Does not include cost of wine and beverages.

9. Heikki Seppä, "Three's a Crowd, Two is Perfect"
Articulated sterling silver candlestick, 1980, 6¾" x 5"
Value: $2,700
Thank you: Laurie A. Lyall

                                  During his lifetime, Heikki Seppä built a career as an innovator,
                                  designer, master silversmith, and beloved professor at
                                  Washington University in St. Louis. His renowned work has found
                                  homes in numerous private collections and museums, including
                                  the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian Museum of Art in
                                  Washington, D.C. He executed this exquisite double candlestick
                                  for intimate occasions. Stamped with his Maker’s Mark and
                                  sterling, this piece is one of the last from his collection that will
                                  come up for purchase.

10. Mexican Feast for 10
Value: $1000
Thank you: George Lewis and Melinda Lucas

Gather nine of your friends for a festive, all-inclusive evening starting with drinks and appetizers
followed by a lavish four-course dinner by Mirasol Dinners, hosted in the iconic setting of the
Lewis house and gardens. If booked in the summer, drinks and hors d’ouevres can be served
outdoors in the Lewis’ intimate courtyard garden, featured on this year’s Bainbridge in Bloom
garden tour.

An adult-only, no-smoking evening, with the date to be mutually agreed upon. Expires July 1,

11. Scott D. Allen, "Every One a Little Sun"
Oil on canvas, 2012, 20" x 24"
Value: $1,000

                                 Originally from north-central Washington State, Scott has
                                 practiced both art and architecture for three decades. He
                                 received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington in
                                 1980 and his Masters of Architecture from the University of
                                 Pennsylvania in 1982. He began exhibiting his art in 1997 an since
                                 then has created a body of paintings in both pastel and oil. A
                                 survey of his art and architecture can be found on his firm’s

13. A Weekend at the Four Seasons Whistler
Value: $990
Thank you: Sandi Hempelmann

Escape for one weekend at a luxury condominium at the Four Seasons, Whistler, B.C. Located in
the spectacular Coast Mountains of British Columbia and just two hours north of Vancouver,
Whistler is Canada’s premier year-round destination. Grand in scale, intimate by nature, the
luxury Four Seasons Resort Whistler is situated near four championship golf courses, phenomenal
hiking, 50 mountain bike trails, and 200 world-class ski trails. The resort also features an all-year
heated pool and state-of-the-art fitness center and is just a three-minute walk to the Upper

Stay dates to be mutually agreeable to donor and the winning bidder; winning bidder is
responsible for taxes and cleaning charges.

14. Dion Zwirner, "Last of Evening Red"
Mixed media landscape on paper, 2008, 26" x 23½"
Value: $1,200
Thank you: Dion Zwirner

                                 Dion Zwirner is a visual artist living on Bainbridge Island. She
                                 received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is
                                 shown at the Davidson Galleries in Seattle. Her work is included in
                                 numerous private, corporate, and institutional collections across
                                 the United States including the permanent Northwest Collection
                                 of the Tacoma Art Museum. She can be reached via Davidson

15. Limericks from Your Naughty Mind with George Shannon at Yonder
Value: Priceless
Thank you: George Shannon and Cynthia Sears

"“A Writer who lived near Frog Rock
Was known for his….”
That’s from the mind of George Shannon – where did your naughty mind take you? Explore the
reaches of dirty verse as George helps you and up to 24 friends improvise and create your own
collection of adult limericks at Yonder. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Date subject to Yonder availability and to be agreed on with George Shannon. Adults only.

16. Wine and Spirits Wagon Assortment, Board Selected
Value: $1,000
Thank you: Arts & Humanities Council Board Members

Hoist a glass to this continuing wine lovers’ tradition, this year with spirits added! The Arts &
Humanities Council Board of Directors has collected an outstanding assortment of fine wines
and spirits ready to be rolled straight to your cellar in a classic red Radio Flyer wagon.


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