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									  The Spire
                                                                                                                             April 2012

  Noroton Presbyterian Church   www.norotonchurch.org
  2011 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820   203-655-1451

                                                                                     Worship Schedule:
                               Holy Week, Easter and                                 Chapel - 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                     Sanctuary - 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
                                   April Services                                    Open Doors - 5:00 p.m.

                        T     he winter
                              of 2012 is
                         one that will go
                                            portion you can) where Pastor Brandi Upcoming Preaching Schedule:
                                            will be preaching in the last hour.  4/1/12 - Palm Sunday
                                                                                       Pastor Sam Schreiner
                        down in history.    Easter Sunday we will hold the 6 am
                                            Sunrise Service on PEAR TREE             4/5/12 - Maundy Thursday
                       Not only was it                                                 Pastor Stuart Smith
                    uncharacteristically    POINT BEACH. Weed beach is
warm, but it was also a great season        still under construction so the town     4/8/11- Easter Sunday
of prayer, dedication and generosity        granted our request for the other          6:00 am - Pear Tree Point Beach
                                            town beach. Morning services at the        Pastor Greg Doll
as we finished our Foundations for
                                            church will be at 8, 9:30 and 11 am,       8:00, 9:30 and 11 a.m.
the Future Journey together. Early                                                     Pastor Sam Schreiner
gifts to this effort have allowed us        with childcare at the later two
                                            services.                                  (No Open Doors)
to order new windows for our
                                                                                     4/15/12 - Dr. Robert Johnson,
Sanctuary and Horton Hall which will        The Sunday after Easter, Dr. Robert        Forman Christian College, Pakistan
be custom made and installed this           Johnson, former Dean of the Chapel         5:00 Open Doors Unplugged
summer. What a beautiful service            at Forman Christian College in             in the Chapel
and wonderful reception we had on           Lahore Pakistan, will be our guest       4/22/12 - Pastor Sam Schreiner
March 18. We all owe a debt of              preacher. Robert and his family
gratitude to our Celebration team                                                    4/29/12 - TBD
                                            lived and ministered at Forman
that hosted this event. Thank you           as it was rebuilt into a model of
one and all for making this day joyful                                                 Upcoming Baptism Dates:
                                            interfaith education in the heart of
and memorable. Well done.                                                             4/15 & 5/20 at the 10:30 a.m. service
                                            this second largest Muslim nation in
                                                                                      To schedule a Baptism please call
April will be a month of incredible         the world. Dr. Johnson is now the         Leslie Ezzo at 203-655-1451, ext. 33.
Sundays. Palm Sunday on April 1,            Executive Director of The Friends of
is our chance to enter Holy Week            Forman, an American partner of the
                                            college. He will also share about this               Table of Contents
together remembering the final days
of Jesus heading to the cross. Join         important ministry at a lunch right      Adult Spiritual Formation .....................3
                                            after the 10:30 service on April 15.     Caring & Women’s Ministry .................4
us this Sunday as we also share the                                                  Children’s Ministry .................................5
very exciting news about the results        Our Open Doors service will also be      NPNS ........................................................6
of our Foundations for the Future           held every Sunday except Easter. If      Student Ministry .....................................7
Fund. Maundy Thursday we will have                                                   Congregational Life Ministry ...............8
                                            your family is on the go, stop by at 5   Mission Ministry .............................. 9-10
both a family Passover Seder and our        and worship in a relaxed style with us   Tot Drop ............................................... 11
traditional Service of Communion            some time.                               NPC News ......................................... 12
and readings in the shadows of the                                                   NPC Elders and Team Leadership ... 12
cross. Good Friday, St. Luke’s will              Your Pastor, Partner and Friend,    NPC Calendar of Events ............. Insert
host our community service from                                    Sam Schreiner
noon until 3 (come for whatever
                                                                   Next year we will be celebrating
                                                                      the 150th anniversary of
                                                                   Noroton Presbyterian Church!
      The Spring New Member Class will be held on                  We are interested in collecting photos of people
    Saturday, May 19, noon to 5:30 p.m.                            and events of NPC in preparation for our 150th
       (There are no classes held during the summer;                celebration. If you have pictures from 1990 or
                the next class will be in the fall.)             earlier, and are willing to share, please drop them off
                                                                  at the church office. If you will write your name
    Free childcare is available for children 3 mos. to 4 yrs.
                                                                 and address on the back, we will be happy to return
             For more information or to register,                          your photo once it’s been scanned.
                  please contact Julie Colbath
               (julie.colbath@norotonchurch.org or
                     203-655-1451, ext. 14).                           If you have any questions, please contact
                                                                           Diane Gilliam at 203-866-2707 or
                                                                             dianegilliam@optonline.net or
                                                                           Chari Lemasters at 203-972-8316
                                                                                  or cllema@aol.com.

             Thursday, April 19, 2012
         from 2:00-3:30 p.m. in the Parlor

          “Donation Saves Lives” presented by
         Dr. Brad Shwidock, organ recipient and
        volunteer with “Donate Life Connecticut.”
                                                                 Men’s Bible Study: Tuesdays 7:30 a.m. in
    An extensive article and photographs in a recent             NYC and Fridays 7:15 a.m. in Darien. “Life
      Sunday Stamford Advocate chronicled the                    Along the Post Road and the Book of Revelation: An
           journey of Dr. Shwidock, his wife                     Alternate Reading of Reality”. Led by Pastor Greg.
                                                                 Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30 am Yale Club, NYC & Fridays,
            and organ donor and his family.
                                                                 at 7:15 am in Horton Hall. We will enter the
                                                                 bizarre world of the Apocalypse with its dragons,
           ALL those interested are encouraged                   beasts, horsemen and bowls of wrath. We will
           to attend and learn more about the                    allow John to unveil his mysterious vision of the
             gift of life that organ donation is.                spiritual realm. For more information please contact
                                                                 Marlene at 203-655-1451 ext 49 or
             For more info, please call either                   marlene.moffett@norotonchurch.org.
         Marlene Moffett (203-655-1451, ext 49)
            or Rita Hornlein (203-357-1504)                     Men’s Study at the Sugar Bowl: Wednesday 7:00 a.m.
                                                                Led by different men from the group gathering for
                                                                breakfast, fellowship and reflection on a passage of

                                                                Weekly Prayer Meeting: Thursdays 1:15-2:15 p.m.
                                                                 in the Parlor. Come and pray for the needs of our
                                                                church family. Everyone is welcome – no prayer
                                                                experience necessary. For more info contact Marlene
                                                                Moffett at 203-655-1451, ext. 49 or email
2                                                               marlene.moffett@norotonchurch.org.
                                                    Adult Spiritual Formation
                                           Save the Date for a
 MAUNDY THURSDAY                        Spiritual Boyz Weekend
     APRIL 5TH
PASSOVER SEDER AND                           (September 7-9)

 NPC will begin a new tradition
by recreating the final meal that
                                     A    Spiritual Boyz Weekend seems oxymoronic.
                                          The Men’s Retreat Committee is endeavoring
                                     to bring the comradery of men’s outings to the annual
Jesus shared with his disciples, a   retreat. We will continue to have strong speakers and give men time to
 Passover Seder. We will share       focus on their faith journeys. However, we will have better weather and
  it together as a congregation.     venues to pursue more outdoor activities on Saturday afternoon.

    Mark your calendars for
     Thursday, April 5th in          The retreat will be at Trinity Conference Center in West Cornwall,
    Horton Hall at 7 p.m.            Connecticut (http://center.trinitywallstreet.org). Trinity is situated just below
                                     the covered bridge in West Cornwall on the banks of the Housatonic. The
  The Passover Seder will be         accommodations and food are more akin to a country inn than a rustic camp.
  followed by our traditional        As such, the facility has exercise bikes, treadmills, ping-pong and billiard tables,
  Communion & Tenebrae at            WIFI and Cable TV. With 500 acres, you can wander in the labyrinth or use
    8 pm in the sanctuary.           the basketball and tennis courts.

For Seder dinner please register     On Saturday afternoon, we are planning a number of activities to take
 online www.norotonchurch.org        advantage of the warm weather, including:
  or contact marlene.moffett@
                                                • bicycling
  norotonchurch.org or phone
     203-655-1451, ext. 49.                     • golfing
                                                • hiking
 Childcare will be provided for
                                                • clay pigeon shooting
children 3 mos. to 4 yrs. during
 the service. The meal is free,                 • fishing
however a free-will offering will
         be collected.               If you are not sure about signing up for two nights with guys you only casually
                                     know or recognize, please come to the following events to meet other men
                                     of the church before September:

                                                            • March 31st Final Four Party at the SHAC
                                                            • May 5th Kentucky Derby Party at the Jays
                                                            • July 19th NPC Golf Outing at Woodway

                                                                                                  Peace and Blessings,
                                                                                                            Pastor Greg
                                                                                     Pastor of Adult Spiritual Formation 3
    Caring & Women’s Ministries
                                                                                                      Beginning April 12
                               May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father,                   A book study on
                                       who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal                  THE 36-HOUR DAY
                               encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts             Aka the “bible” for those caring for
                                   and strengthen you in every good deed and word.           beloveds who suffer from dementia.
                                                           2 Thessalonians 2:16-17         Bruce Baggaley and Sam Schreiner (Sr.)
                                                                                                will co-lead this group especially
                                                                                              tailored for individuals who have a
                          n view of God’s mercy, let us allow our lives to be
                          transformed to love and honor one another in the
                 caring ministries to which we are called!
                                                                                            loved one with age-related dementia
                                                                                            (and /or Alzheimer’s Disease). Please
                                                                                             call the church office to register for a
    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of blessing. And what                spot in this group! We have books and
                                                                                                   guides in the office for you.
    I’ve been thinking about most of all is how much we are called to bless
    one another: with words of encouragement and truth. Henry Nouwen                          This group will meet Thursdays,
    meditated at length on blessing in his book Life of the Beloved. He writes              April 12-May 31 from 2:00-4:00 p.m.
    about blessing as a way to affirm the belovedness of self and others in the                     in the Choir Room.
    eyes of God. A blessing goes beyond the distinction between admiration or
    condemnation, between virtues or vices, between good deeds or evil deeds. A            MONDAY Women’s Lunchtime Study:
                                                                                           Mondays - noon in the Parlor. Studying
    blessing touches the original goodness of the other and calls forth his or her         James MacDonald’s Without Faith...
    Belovedness.                                                                           Impossible. New Women Welcome!
                                                                                           Contact Beth Peelle (203) 856-7092.
    Church, is this not the core of our life together? Our job is to call forth            Women! Tuesday Morning Happenings:
                                                                                           Current study is John Ortberg’s When the
    the belovedness of one another—and beyond the walls of NPC—the                         Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box.
    belovedness of our world and every person we encounter. What a                         Please join us at any time! Contact Lori
    beautiful call!                                                                        at 203-655-1451 ext 44 or lori.nelson@
                                                                                           norotonchurch.org to register.
    One of the most important places for us to bless one another is in our                 6:15 am: in the Parlor. Up for an early
                                                                                           challenge? Please join us!
    own families. With that in mind, we’re teaming up with some fantastic                  9:30 am: in Horton Hall. We worship in
    counselors from the Center for Hope and Renewal in Greenwich for a                     song, receive teaching from one of our
    4-week series on marriage and parenting. It will meet Monday nights from               leaders, and then move into small groups
    April 23-May 14 in Horton Hall from 7:30-8:30 p.m. I hope you consider                 to discuss what we’ve learned.
                                                                                           Moms of Young Adults Book Group: We
    attending the sessions that apply to your own life.                                    meet two Tuesdays each month in NPC’s
                                                                                           SHAC from 11:30am-1:00pm. Our book
    Here’s the schedule:                                                                   is, Beyond Ourselves by Catherine Marshall.
                                                                                           For questions and sign-ups, please call the
                                                                                           leaders: Claudia Roux (203) 253-6795 or
     April 23: Healing from Divorce: A Journey into the Wilderness Heather Wright          Linda Russell (203) 536-6110.
                                                                                           Meeting Dates: April 10, April 24, May 8,
     April 30: The Drama of Marriage according to the “Screwtape Letters” Jill Woolworth   May 22 & June 5.
                                                                                           Moms of Teens Parenting Book Group:
     May 7: Empowering Marriages as an act of Discipleship Steve Gilbert                   Thursdays, 12 noon in the SHAC.
                                                                                           Current book is The Five Love Languages
     May 14: Parenting Principles for Strong Families Nancy Sadock                         of Teenagers: The secret to Loving Teens
                                                                                           Effectively. Contact Seana Turner at
                                                                                           seanagt@aol.com or Lisa Isherwood at
     Monday nights in Horton Hall from 7:30-8:30 p.m.
                                                                                           lisherwo@optonline.net. For registration and
                                                                                           book contact Marlene.
                                                                                           Moms’ Oasis Ministry: Oct 6-April 12,
                                                                                           Thursdays, 9:30 to 11:00 am in Horton
                                                                  Pastor Brandi Drake,     Hall. Brunch on April 12. Please contact
                                                  Pastor of Caring & Women’s Ministry      Lori at 203-655-1451 ext 44 or lori.
4                                                                                          nelson@norotonchurch.org.
                                                                               Children’s Ministry
                A Minute with Mickie –
            Wondering about the “Wonder Bag,”
                 Easter and beyond. . . .
T   hank you all for being gracious
    to me this past month as I have
begun my journey with you as NPC’s
                                              too. I look forward to helping children
                                              and their families have a wonderful
                                              worship experience on Easter. So
                                                                                          Easter we have
                                                                                          our CHAPEL
                                                                                          Worship Services.
Director of Children’s Ministry. It has       here’s what we’re going to do. Since        April 15th and 22nd
been so wonderful to have the children        Easter doesn’t fall during Spring Break     are In Sanctuary Sundays because of
participating actively during the Worship     in Darien this year, we know that lots      Spring Break, so all the grade school
Services as well as in Sunday School          of people will be coming to Worship         children will be in the Worship Service
these past few weeks. The Worship             with us that day. We won’t be having        using Bags and Folders and hearing
Bags and Folders that we make available       Sunday School during the Worship            a Word of Wonder up front. April
to the children during the Sanctuary          Services and we aren’t sure if the          29th is a Pastor led Sunday and Pastor
time are prepared specifically with the       Sanctuary can hold all the adults AND       Greg will help with the teaching in
preaching topic in mind. “Words of            all the children so we are going to offer   the Chapel. Then it will be May – so
Wonder” are also aimed at the same            something wonderful and convenient          mark your calendar for May 13th –
concept so that we all are ready to           and worshipful. Nursery care and our        MOTHER’S DAY for the Kid’s Musical
focus our attention on what the sermon        3’s – Kindergarten children will still      Sunday. That’s going to be GREAT!!
message is about. Being intentional           have their classes in their rooms as        It’s wonderful having such variety to
about tying things together should            usual. Grade school children will be        our Worship, Teaching and Wondering
help moms and dads with after church          welcomed in either the Sanctuary with       together. Don’t you think?
conversations with the kids. Everyone         mom and dad or in the CHAPEL. In
can talk about the same thing and learn       the Chapel we will have a Children/                      For the love of WONDER,
new perspectives from each other.             Family Friendly worship service. We                                Mickie O’Donnell
                                              will have adult helpers in the Chapel                   Director of Children’s Ministry
But what about the “Wonder Bag”?              but moms and dads are also invited to
Over the years, many people have              stay if they wish. Check-in at the front
asked me about this bag and why I             of the Chapel and then kids will sit with
usually carry one. So I’ll let you in         their classes. We will have children
on a secret – this bag is intentionally       ushers, our own offering time, our
designed to peak curiosity, as it is filled   own praise songs and hymns, a sermon
with something surprising that brings         time, a skit and something special to
us delight (the occasional puppet, or         take home. If parents go the main
odd thing and treats), it always contains     sanctuary for Worship, all they have to
a BIBLE (God’s Word) and when we              do is go out the Sanctuary front door              Sky VBS is here!
open it we just never know what we            and come to the Chapel’s front door                    Morning VBS is
will discover about God, ourselves and        to pick the children up. It’s going to be        June 18 - 22, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
the world. The Wonder Bag is almost           a beauteous day and we are excited. I
like a paradigm for THE BIBLE. Every                                                                  Evening VBS is
                                              wonder what we are going to learn? I            June 17 - 21, 4 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
time we open the Bible, we discover           wonder what God is going to teach us?
something new and wonderful, God              I wonder who all is going to be here? I      New for 2012: Preschool children
speaks to us through His Word and             wonder who wants to participate?                invited to attend evening VBS.
what we learn about God, ourselves                                                        A family meal will be served at 6:30pm.
and the world should always surprise          Wondering about what’s beyond?                     Go online to register, pay
and delight us. Using this Wonder Bag         Well all of April is going to be a great                  and volunteer.
is very intentional and it is so fun to see   month for kids, parents and learning           www.groupvbspro.com/vbs/ez/npc.
and hear the way children (and adults)        about God. Palm Sunday, April 1st                  If you have any questions,
respond to what is learned through it.        (no fooling!), kids will have a Palm               please contact Linda Yim.
                                              processional and then go to Horton Hall           linda.yim@norotonchurch.org.
Are you wondering about Easter? I am          for Sunday School. April 8th which is                                                     5
    Noroton Presbyterian Nursery School

                          M    arch was a
                               wonderful month
                          at the nursery school.
                          We started the month
                          celebrating Dr. Seuss’
                         birthday with Favorite
                        Hat Day. Karen Hall of
                      Acting Out visited the 3’s,
               where all the children dressed
     in costume and acted out the story of
     The Three Little Pigs. The 4’s took a field
     trip to The Discovery Museum, where
     they learned about planets, astronauts                                                       The 3’s learn about St. David’s Day
                                                                                                   (the patron saint of Wales). Elise
     and the solar system. We held parent-                                                        and Preston dress for the occasion.
     teacher conferences and class photo days.
     Our annual Pancake Breakfast was well
     attended by over 200 people who enjoyed           The 4’s and Pre-K students enjoy weekly
     a wonderful breakfast and entertainment by           Chapel with Miss Mickie, our new
     magician, Amazing Andy.                                 Children’s Ministry Director.

     The children are excited to see the bulbs
     they planted spring to life and plans to
     update the Betsy Shufelt Memorial Garden
     are underway. The garden will become
     an outdoor musical area that our students
     and visitors will enjoy. The Home-School
     connection is imperative in quality learning
     programs. Our families volunteer their time
     and resources to join us in providing their
     children with experiences and information
     to increase their learning. We are so grateful
     to our families, both current and alumni, for      The 4’s eagerly wait to take their guest’s order at the Valentine’s Day Cafe.
     their support.

                                   God Bless you,
                              Martha Duff and the
                             NPNS teachers and staff

     The 4’s serve their guest homemade treats from
                                                            The students celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with Favorite Hat Day.
6                the Valentine’s Day Cafe.
                                                                               Student Ministry

                               Junk Food Progressive Dinner!

                         T     his is a great tradition at NPC
                               that has been happening
                          for over 15 years! For H6 (6th
                                                                 to teach a valuable lesson, how what
                                                                 we take in affects us. Not just our
                                                                 bodies with the food we eat, but the
                          grade) on Tuesday, April 24            things we watch and what we listen
                         and for Harbor (grades 7&8) on          to. As many people have said, “garbage in, garbage
                       Wednesday, April 25, both evenings        out.” If you want to join us you will need to go on the
               from 7:00-8:30 we will be visiting the fine       website and fill-out a release form. The cost is $5 and
  fast food restaurants of Norwalk. We will begin with           your friends are welcome to join us.
  an appetizing course of drinks and fries at McDonald’s,
  then progress to Burger King for our main course with
  burgers or chicken pieces, and conclude with a lovely                                                      Pastor Stuart
  dessert at Wendy’s! So why are we doing this? One:                              Pastor of Children’s & Student Ministries
  it is a lot of fun. How many times do you get to enjoy
  this fine dining with your friends? Also, it is a great way

                                             Summer Mission Trip Dates:
                                                      Vacation with a Purpose, Dunlow, WV July 8-14
                                                           Dominican Republic July 25-August 3
                                                          sign-up at www.npcstudentministries.com

              Potato Lunch and Dessert Auction
F   ellowship, food, and supporting a great cause…
    what more could you want after worship? Come
join us for the Student Ministries 6th Annual Potato
                                                             Student Ministries mission trip to
                                                             the Dominican Republic. Bring
                                                             your appetite and checkbook
Lunch and Dessert Auction Sunday, April 29 following         and you’ll enjoy a great time of
the 10:30 service in Horton Hall. We will serve              food and fellowship.
mouth-watering baked potatoes with all the fixings,          *We are in need of volunteers
a donation is the cost for the lunch. Then see the           to help prepare/serve potatoes.
incredible desserts baked by the men of NPC. These           (This is a great way to get some
desserts will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.        service hours, confirmation students!)
Also, there will be a table of cookies and brownies
                        available for a fixed donation.      Also, we need men and boys who like to bake! If
                                                             you’re interested in serving either way, please contact
                      Please come and support the            Eileen in the Student Ministries Office ASAP.
                      Student Ministries by eating,
                      baking, and/or bidding on a                                                        Abby Young
                      dessert! All the proceeds from                                      Student Ministry Coordinator
                      the auction will help fund the
    Congregational Life Ministry
                   What Fun we had … !!!
              S  aturday, March 3rd, saw Horton Hall filled to the brim with
                 members and friends enjoying each other’s company as well
              as a wide range of homemade chili preparations!

              The occasion was NPC’s first Chili Cook-Off … and the
              excitement was electric!

              Those present were treated to thirty (yes, 30!) different recipes, all prepared with the
              hope of being awarded ‘favorite’ in five categories … beef-based, poultry, other meat,
              vegetarian, and spicy. There was a ‘bonus’ pastor-family category, with four competing
              dishes … and the winner was up-and-coming chef Hayden Smith!

                           More fun moments of the evening are captured in the photos on this
                           page thanks to the dedicated documenting of activities by Marilyn Parker.
                           We are grateful to Marilyn Parker for (once again!) helping to document
                           the fun at NPC fellowship through photos.

                                                                           Growing with you in Christ,
                                                                                          Valerie Muller
                                                                          Director of Congregational Life

                                                                    Mission Ministry
                 I n March our missionaries in Kenya, Bob and Jennifer Chedester at Rift Valley Academy
                   experienced a huge lightning strike on campus that disabled and damaged all the
                 electrical equipment and has left the staff and students struggling to carry out normal
                 activites. Repairs are underway. Please pray for them to be completed speedily and for
                 patience and understanding amongst the 500 staff and students as they cope with the
                 situation. We have received several updates and the Chedester’s are very thankful and
                 encouraged that we are supporting them in prayer during this time.
                 If you are interested in receiving periodic updates directly emailed to you from NPC
                 missionaries, please let me know and I can add you to the distribution list.
                 (stella.clarke@norotonchurch.org) The letters are not only informational but also very
                 inspiring as we read how God is at work through each partners ministry.

New Developments on the NPC             How can You Serve?
          Website                       Open Door Shelter: May 5 - help set up or serve meals at
                                        Manna House, contact Shepard Halsch skcakes@mac.com to
 Please take a moment to explore        schedule a spot.
  the updated information on the
Mission section of the NPC Website      World Vision Hygiene Kit Packing Event: May 6, 11:45 a.m.
       www.norotonchurch.org.           in Horton Hall - All Welcome. Please come to Horton Hall
                                        after the 10:30 service to help assemble kits with toiletries, etc.
  We have 4 main sections to our        After the packing, pizza will be available.
        Mission Information
                                        Midnight Run: Friday May 25 - take a service trip to NYC to
Global Mission, Local Mission, and
                                        distribute food and clothing to the homeless. Please start
Missionaries each of these sections
                                        collecting gently used or new t-shirts, (large/XLarge) and
   contain details of our mission
                                        new underwear and socks for us to take to distribute to the
partners along with photos and links
                                        homeless in New York City. Donation bins will be displayed
          to their websites.
                                        at the church early May. Signup for this event though Student
  Our Upcoming Opportunities
section contains details of how you     Would you like to help cook meals for Women at Inspirica
 can engage in mission work either      (Formerly known as St. Luke’s LifeWorks) hostel in Stamford?
through Prayer, Events or Service.      Several women are going to take turns to provide, cook and
 These will be updated regularly to     serve meals for the 25 women at the hostel. Teams of two
show specific prayer requests from      adults and a handful of children can take a turn in this new
  our partners, events coming up        ministry that we are exploring. Please let me know if you
and how you can get involved with       would like to help.
          service projects.
                                        Prayer…. Once again I encourage you to pray for our
                                        missionaries; that their ministries will be fruitful as they witness
                                        to Christ throughout the world, and also to pray about how
                                        you might get involved in mission this year. Please keep the
                                        Chedester’s especially in your prayers this month.
                                                                                              In His Service
                                                                                               Stella Clarke
                                                                                           Mission Associate   9
     Mission Ministry
                                    Forman Christian College,
                                        Lahore, Pakistan
      Forman Christian College has been an NPC Mission            understanding of their faith. One theme that is regularly
                     Partner since 2007.                          expressed at Forman is the contrast between incoming
     Known as “FC College,” Forman is located in Lahore,          student, who are often awkward and insecure, and
     Pakistan and was founded in 1864 by Charles Forman,          the confident, articulate and secure graduating seniors.
     a Presbyterian missionary. It grew to become the most        Today, Forman is a model of inter-community harmony,
     respected institution of higher education in Pakistan and where one can witness men and women from different
     educated many of Pakistan’s government, military and         Christian denominations and minority and majority
     business leaders. The school’s alumni include a president Muslim groups living and learning together.
                                          of the U.N. Security Our Pastor, Sam Schreiner, is a member of the
                                          Council, a prime        American Friends of Forman Christian College Board.
                                          minister of India       NPC supports the Forman Christian College scholarship
                                          and, for Pakistan,      program. For $1,300 you can provide funding for one
                                          two presidents, a       academic year for one student at Forman, including
                                          prime minister, the     tuition, room and board, uniform and books.
                                          first chief justice, an For more information, contact John Marr, NPC Mission
                                          attorney general        Liaison, johnamarr@hotmail.com.
           Students on campus Forman      and a foreign
                Christian College.        minister.
     The college was nationalized in the 1970’s but in 2003                  Visiting Speaker from
     the government of Pakistan, the second largest Muslim                 Forman Christian College,
     nation in the world, returned to the Presbyterian                         Sunday April 15th
     Church. A former member of NPC, David Stoner,
     handled the negotiations for the Presbyterian Church.
                                                                 On Sunday, April 15th Dr. Robert Johnson, former Dean
     Under the leadership of an American missionary              of Chapel at Forman Christian College, Pakistan and
     educator, Dr. Peter Armacost, the college has become        now Executive Director American Friends of Forman
     a model of interfaith harmony educating Christians and      will be preaching at all services. Dr. Johnson served
     Muslim side by side. Since 2003 the Christians attending    three years as Dean of Chapel in Lahore with Peter
     the college have grown from 20 students to 830 in a         Armacost. We will be hosting a brunch and Q&A
     country where only 2% of the population are Christian.      time with Dr. Johnson after the 10:30 service, all are
     The Christian faculty has also grown, from 4 to 72. Of      welcome. Please register online at www.norotonchurch.org.
     the 188 faculty members, 99 have earned doctorate
     degrees. Leadership of the college is transitioning from
     Dr. Armacost, who will retire next year, to Dr. James
     Tebbe, a U.S. citizen (former Director of the Urbana
     Mission Conference of Inter-Varsity) who is a respected
     Urdu scholar and experienced administrator. Dr Tebbe
     visited and spoke to NPC members last year.
     Forman’s reformation has made a huge impact on the
     Christian minority in Pakistan. Many of the students
     are the first members of their families to attend college
     and they graduate with a solid education and deep
                                                                          Students on campus Forman Christian College.
Tot Drop

                        T       ot Drop has completed
                                registrations for next fall
                       with a few changes from previous
                                                              family vacations and lazy days in sand and sun on the
                                                              Sound! By May we should have many of our special
                                                              summer events on the schedule; we will be sure to let
                  years. This year we are taking requests     you know in the next Spire!
for standing reservations for all-day attendance only.        March brought another special event from Tot
Those families wanting mornings only will request space       Drop, but for parents this time! Cindy Bess, PhD
month by month. With this change, we will be working          and developmental psychologist shared a wealth of
to better utilize our facility; very often “morning only”     knowledge, understanding and experience on “Discipline
standing reservations have made it difficult to fill the      and Setting Limits; just another way to guide behavior.”
afternoon space and have kept us from being able to           About fifty parents shared a pizza and salad supper
better assist families moving into the area at later points   followed by Cindy’s talk. Questions, answers and lots of
in the year. We will watch to see if this is a more           practical information and laughter was exchanged.
effective use of the limited space we have, (We are still
wishing for one more room!)
                                                                                                             In His service,
We are now working on the summer schedule for our
                                                                                                    Carol Scott, Director
families—weaving attendance around summer camp,
                                                                                                 Director of NPC Tot Drop

                2012 Easter Flowers Memorial Donations
         If you would like to make a donation (in the amount of your choice) in memory of a loved one, please
         fill out the donation card located in your pew. Please make your check payable to NPC and note in
         the memo section: Easter flowers. Donation cards may be placed in the offertory plate, in the flower
         team box in the mailroom or returned to the church main office. Please include your donation when
         returning your card. Donations received will go toward the purchase of all the flowers used during
         Easter including the Sanctuary flowers, and the cross on the Post Road. We will continue to have the
         list of memorial names in the Easter Sunday worship bulletin.

         If you have questions, please contact Sandy Peppet at sandypeppet@yahoo.com.

             Donations Should Be Received No Later Than: Wednesday, April 4, 2012
   In loving memory of:      (1) _________________________________________________________

                             (2) _________________________________________________________

                             (3) _________________________________________________________

                             (4) _________________________________________________________

  Given in love by: _________________________________________________________________                                          11
     NPC News
                     Join us in celebrating the
                       following Baptisms...
                                                                                                                                                            The Kidz Choir Spring Musical

                                           March 18th:                                                                                                            “Let’s Rock!”
                                                                                                                                                                  Sunday, May 13th
                  Natalie Anne Balevich, daughter of                                                                                                      9 & 10:30 a.m. Sanctuary Services
                       Igor and Emily Balevich                                                                                                                     (Mother’s Day)

                                                                                                                      The Music & Fine Arts Ministry of Noroton Presbyterian Church presents

                                                                                                                        The Spring Choral Concert
                                                                                                                                     Sunday, May 20 th at 3 p.m.
       Would You like to Stay Connected and Join
       Our Email List?? We send email blasts to the
       congregation with general church updates, prayer                                                                Serve as a Worship Greeter Just 15 Minutes a Month!
                                                                                                                    Greeters are needed for 15 minutes before the 9 a.m. service
       requests, special events and more. If you’re not
                                                                                                                     on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays, and before the 10:30 a.m.
       receiving these email notices and would like                                                                service on the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays. Welcome regulars and
       to, please contact Claire Bragdon in the church                                                              newcomers to worship with a warm smile and friendly “Good
       main office, 203-655-1451 ext. 40 or email claire.                                                          Morning!” Please contact Julie Colbath, 203- 655-1451, ext. 14
       bragdon@norotonchurch.org to be added to the list.                                                                         or julie.colbath@norotonchurch.org.

                                                                                                                If you would like to submit an article for the May 2012 issue please submit it
                                                                                                                to Rose Cunningham by email at rose.cunningham@norotonchurch.org.

                                       NPC Elders and Team Leadership
     Session Officers .........................................................   Mission Ministry ........................................................      Congregational Life Ministry ..................................
       President: Ken Lang                                                         Doug Calby                                                                      Bill Flatley
       Treasurer: Ralph Reynolds                                                   Renee Vasey                                                                     Bob Goett
       Secretary: George Vogel                                                     Sue Bielstein                                                                   Scott Henry
     Children’s Ministry ....................................................    Student Ministry .......................................................       Strategic Planning .....................................................
       Mary Thompson                                                               John Orem                                                                       Roger Knight
       Chris Rottner                                                               Carolyn Thompson                                                             Finance ........................................................................
     Nursery School ..........................................................   Outreach Ministry ....................................................            Ken Lang
       Pam Kolakowski                                                              Claudia Roux                                                                    Ralph Reynolds
     Adult Spiritual Formation........................................             Kalie Riordan                                                                   Bob Priest
       Brenda Scolaro                                                            Worship Ministry ......................................................        Human Resources ....................................................
       David Norman                                                                Sheila Haskell                                                                  Dick Bollman
     Church Relations.......................................................       George Vogel                                                                    George Thacker
       Greg Brown                                                                  Pam Kolakowski                                                               Properties ....................................................................
     Nominating Committee ..........................................             Stewardship ................................................................      Tom Geraghty
       Mary Thompson                                                               George Thacker                                                                  Holly Watts
       David Claiborne                                                             Greg Brown                                                                      David Claiborne
Holy Week Service Schedule
Palm Sunday, April 1st:
8:00 a.m. Chapel
9:00 & 10:30 a.m. Sanctuary Services
5:00 p.m. Open Doors

Maundy Thursday, April 5th:
7:00 p.m. Passover Seder in Horton Hall
         (Childcare 3mos. to 4 years)
         Please register online at www.norotonchurch.org
         or contact Marlene Moffett at 203-655-1451 ext. 49
        or email marlene.moffett@norotonchurch.org
8:00 p.m. Communion & Tenebrae Service
          in the Sanctuary

Walk with the Cross, April 6th:
10:30 a.m. Meet at 1st Congregational Church, Darien.
       Join others in our community as we walk down
       the Post Rd. to St. Luke’s.

Good Friday Ecumenical Service, April 6th:
12:00-3:00 p.m. St. Luke’s Church,
         “Voices Before The Cross”
         5th Meditation - Pastor Brandi Drake
         “Women’s Voices are Unrecorded”

Easter Sunday, April 8th:
6:00 a.m. Sunrise Service at Pear Tree Point Beach
           (consider bringing a flashlight)
8:00 a.m. Sanctuary Service
           (No childcare or Sunday School)
9:30 & 11:00 a.m. Sanctuary Services
          (Childcare up to 3 years;
          3’s-K: Regular Sunday School classes;
          1st-5th grades: Chapel
          6th-12th grades: Remain in Sanctuary)
          (No Open Doors Service this Weekend)
             Sunday                       1 Monday                           2      Tuesday                    3     Wednesday                    4 Thursday                       5 Friday                          6 Saturday   7
                    Palm Sunday                12:00 p.m. Women’s Lunchtime Study 6:15 a.m. Women’s Bible Study 7:00 a.m. Men’s Study-Sugar Bowl    Maundy Thursday                            Good Friday
             9 & 10:30 a.m. Classes for        7:30 p.m. DivorceCare              7:30 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (NYC) 4:30 p.m. Kidz Choir         9:30 a.m. Moms’ Oasis Ministry         7:15 a.m. Men’s Bible Study
                3’s -5th Grades                7:00 p.m. Nominating Committee 9:30 a.m. Women’s Bible Study 7:00 p.m. Harbor 7th-8th Grade       12:00 p.m. Moms of Teens               12:30 p.m. MS Guys Night Out
             5:00 p.m. Open Doors              7:00 p.m. 150th Anniversary Mtg.                                                                  1:15 p.m. Prayer Group Mtg.            6:00 p.m. MS Girls’ Night
             6:30 p.m. Ignite                                                                                                                    6:45 p.m. Handbell Choir Reh.
                                                                                                                                                 7:00 p.m. Passover Seder
                                                                                                                                                 8:00 p.m. Chancel Choir Reh.
                                                                                                                                                 8:00 p.m. Worship Service
                                           8                                   9                              10                                  11                              12                             13               14
                   Easter Sunday              12:00 p.m. Women’s Lunchtime Study    6:15 a.m. Women’s Bible Study 7:00 a.m. Men’s Study-Sugar Bowl      9:30 a.m. Moms’ Oasis Ministry 7:15 a.m. Men’s Bible Study
             6:00 Sunrise Service at          7:30 p.m. DivorceCare                 7:30 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (NYC) 4:30 p.m. Kidz Choir                  Brunch
               Pear Tree Point Beach                                                9:30 a.m. Women’s Bible Study 7:00 p.m. Harbor 7th-8th Grade         12:00 p.m. Moms of Teens
             8:00 a.m. Sanctuary Service                                            11:30 a.m. Moms of Young Adults                                     1:15 p.m. Prayer Group Mtg.
               No Childcare or Sunday School                                        7:00 p.m. H6                                                        2:00 p.m. The 36 Hour Day Mtg
             9:30 & 11:00 a.m. Sanctuary                                            7:30 p.m. Team Night Fellowship
                Services Classes for 3’s - K.                                                                                                           6:45 p.m. Handbell Choir Reh.
                                                                                    7:45 p.m. Team Night Presentation                                   8:00 p.m. Chancel Choir Reh.
                1st-5th - Chapel                                                    8:00 p.m. Team Night Meetings
                6th - 8th grades - Sanctuary
                                          15                               16                                17                                 18                               19                              20               21
                 Family Mission Trip            Public School Spring Break Public School Spring Break Public School Spring Break Public School Spring Break Public School Spring Break
             9 & 10:30 a.m. Classes for            Family Mission Trip        Family Mission Trip        Family Mission Trip        Family Mission Trip        Family Mission Trip
                3’s -8th Grades                                                                                     7:00 a.m. Men’s Study-Sugar Bowl 1:15 p.m. Prayer Group Mtg.
             11:30 a.m. Dr. Robert Johnson                                                                                                           2:00 p.m. Senior Fellowship
                Brunch                                                                                                                               2:00 p.m. The 36 Hour Day Mtg
             5:00 p.m. Open Doors Unplugged                                                                                                          6:45 p.m. Handbell Choir Reh.
                                                                                                                                                     8:00 p.m. Chancel Choir Reh.

                                          22                               23                                24                                 25                               26                              27               28
             9 & 10:30 a.m. Classes for         12:00 p.m. Women’s Lunchtime Study 6:15 a.m. Women’s Bible Study     7:00 a.m. Men’s Study-Sugar Bowl   12:00 p.m. Moms of Teens      7:15 a.m. Men’s Bible Study
                3’s -8th Grades                 7:30 p.m. DivorceCare              7:30 a.m. Men’s Bible Study (NYC) 4:30 p.m. Kidz Choir               1:15 p.m. Prayer Group Mtg.
             5:00 p.m. Open Doors                                                  9:30 a.m. Women’s Bible Study     7:00 p.m. Harbor 7th-8th Grade     2:00 p.m. The 36 Hour Day Mtg
             6:30 p.m. Ignite                                                      11:30 a.m. Moms of Young Adults -Progressive Junk Food Dinner        6:45 p.m. Handbell Choir Reh.
                                                                                   7:00 p.m. H6 - Progressive                                           8:00 p.m. Chancel Choir Reh.
                                                                                     Junk Food Dinner
                                                                                   8:00 p.m. Session Mtg.

                                          29                               30
             9 & 10:30 a.m. Classes for        12:00 p.m. Women’s Lunchtime Study
                3’s -8th Grades
             9:00 a.m. Confirmation Class
             11:30 a.m. Potato Lunch and
                 Dessert Auction
             3:30 p.m. Confirmation Class
             5:00 p.m. Open Doors
             6:30 p.m. Ignite

April 2012

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