Annual Report - The Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

Annual Report
Remaining rock solid
in a rocky economy
                                                                                     Michael S. Landram
                                                                                     P r es i d en t a n d c e o
                                                                                     t h e c h a m b er

                              dear chamber members,
                              in the 2010-2011 fiscal year, we approached our
                              programming, projects, and finances conservatively
                              but with great optimism and dedication to serving
                              our members. We kept a watchful eye on the
                              continuing economic challenges of our community
                              and our nation knowing the impact of these
                              challenges would be felt throughout the year. i’m
                              pleased to share with you that we ended the year on
                              a positive note and are looking forward to the year
                              chamber membership was at 1,650 organizations
                              by the end of fiscal year 2010-11. Through the
                              efforts of our membership team and the hard
                                                                                     to build relationships with colleges, university and
                              work of community volunteers during our June
                                                                                     high schools in effort to retain young people in
                              membership event, we were able to become
                                                                                     Fort Wayne and allen county. our dedication to
                              the second-largest metro chamber in the state
                                                                                     retaining graduates has resulted in more than 400
                              of indiana. We not only gained hundreds of
                                                                                     internships during our fiscal year.
                              new chamber members, but we maintained
                              over 86 percent of our existing membership             more community members and visitors were able to
                              through services, programs, and opportunities for      take advantage of added flights at the Fort Wayne
                              involvement not found in other organizations.          airport this year thanks to the hard work of our air
                                                                                     service department. With additional flights added
                              We continued our commitment to represent our
                                                                                     to minneapolis/st. Paul, atlanta, and dallas/Fort
                              members at the statehouse this year through our
                                                                                     Worth, FWa has seen an increase in the travelers
                              Government affairs department. The chamber’s
                                                                                     this year. in a time when many communities of
                              Legislative council created a legislative agenda
                                                                                     similar Fort Wayne are losing carriers and flights,
                              that saw 82 percent of its agenda items passed. in
                                                                                     Fort Wayne continues to grow.
                              addition to our continued efforts at the statehouse,
                              the Government affairs team also focused on            The chamber board of directors continued strong,
                              local government issues. Through this multilevel       dedicated service to chamber members and staff.
                              approach, we provided members with advocacy at         Their hard work in board governance, legislative
                              all levels of government.                              affairs, small business, and financial oversight has
                                                                                     been invaluable. i would like to personally thank
                              another contributing factor to our strong and
                                                                                     Pat sullivan for his hard work as chairman these
                              steady year was the exceptional work done by the
                                                                                     last two years.
                              Graduate retention team. This team has continued
F ro n t cov er P h o t o :
m a r k ca r b o n i
Air Services:
Rising to challenges
                                                               Dave Young
                                                               v i c e P r es i d en t o F a i r s erv i c es
                                                               t h e c h a m b er

    as with prior years in the airline/aviation industry,
    this last year has been full of challenges and issues,
    changes that have reduced flights, increased air
    fares, decreased competition, and has seen the
    continuation of the overall degradation of the air
    transportation system in the United sates. The
    economy continued to force capacity reductions,
    and retirement of inefficient aircraft, have had an
    impact operations at FWa and elsewhere.
    Fortunately, the schedule restructuring that has
    occurred at FWa appears to have resulted in a
    more cost-effective operation for all the airlines
    that serve FWa, and with fuel prices somewhat
    stabilized, the financial health of all the airlines has
    markedly improved this year. in fact, over the last        most notably in the cincinnati market, improved
    six months, the airlines as a whole have reported          access to both domestic and international markets
    strong financial results, a sign that the continued        has resulted with these adjustments. Passenger load
    capacity restraints have had their desired effect, a       factors, the number of seats filled, is at an all-time
    return to profitability or at least stability. but what    high, and our passenger traffic continues to show
    does an industry in turmoil mean to Fort Wayne             improvement on a year-over-year basis.
    international airport and the region it serves?            during the year, a new incentive program was
    air service development is a long-term proposition.        developed and promoted to help offset airline
    There are not very many announcements for new              fuel expense over certain high valued markets.
    service that happen; in fact, most of the work is          This cutting edge program, Fuel coP, when
    done out of the public eye on mundane issues               combined with the innovative traffic and revenue
    like operational integrity, forecasting, number            improvement Program (triP) solidifies FWa
    reconciliation, and endless phone calls. but these         has having the most complete incentive program
    need to be done in order that the opportunities that       in the industry. additionally, other programs such
    exist at FWa are communicated to both the airlines         as revenue guarantees are being explored should a
    that serve FWa.                                            different approach is needed to secure more flights
                                                               and markets.
    FWa has been fortunate during this past year
    as non-stop service to minneapolis/st. Paul                The upcoming year looks to be a challenging as the
    was reinstated, a third non-stop atlanta flight            past; therefore, we will continue to push forward to
    was added by delta, as well as a third non-stop            promote the desires of the region for an increase in
    dallas/Fort Worth by american, and allegiant’s             non-stop destinations, affordable fares and for the
    resumption of its popular, seasonal myrtle beach           continued success of our local airport.
    flights. While some services have also been reduced,
Government Affairs:
Focusing on the local
                                                            Katy Stafford-Cunningham
                                                            d i r e c t o r o F G ov er n m en t a F Fa i r s
                                                            t h e c h a m b er

    The Greater Fort Wayne chamber of commerce
    Government affairs department took the 2010-
    2011 fiscal year to focus more on local government.
    in addition to being engaged on state and federal
    issues, the local government issues have a great
    impact on our members. as a result, we have been
    engaged with such issues as the co-location of
    the city of Fort Wayne and allen county which
    we hope will continue to foster effective working
    relationships between the two government entities.
    in addition, The chamber supported the
    appropriation of city and county funds to create
    the Joint Permitting oversight board, which will
    streamline the permitting process and make it more
                                                            From a Federal perspective, we continue
    efficient and business-friendly.
                                                            to participate with the Federal delegation
    The 2011 indiana General assembly session was           from northeast indiana. We are in regular
    not without excitement. We were successful on 86        communication with the offices of senator Lugar,
    percent of our legislative agenda issues. overall, we   senator coats and congressman stutzman and
    successfully advocated for:                             have provided them with access to and information
                                                            from our members.
    ƒ two percent decrease of indiana’s corporate
      income tax                                            Finally, the Government affairs department is
                                                            partnering with the Graduate retention Program
    ƒ Unemployment insurance trust Fund reform
                                                            and northeast indiana higher education institutions
    ƒ Unemployment insurance tax relief for                 to connect college students with legislative
      employers                                             internships at the local, state and federal levels.
    ƒ expansion of the venture capital investment tax
    ƒ helped a Fortune 500 member with a property
      tax issue
    ƒ support funding for our area’s higher education
Graduate Retention:
Keeping our talent
                                                           Jennifer Fisher
                                                           G r a d Uat e r e t en t i o n P ro G r a m
                                                           m a n aG er
                                                           t h e c h a m b er
    The goal of the Graduate retention Program is to
    attract and retain high school and college graduates
    through programs designed to connect young
    people to internships in our region.
    over the course of the year, Graduate retention
    staff helped to create and advertise more than
    400 internships on from
    northeast indiana, and worked with 72 new
    companies who registered on the web site. GrP
    Field reps logged more than 1,700 contacts with
    employers throughout northeast indiana, up almost
    25 percent over last year. a newly updated indiana- was launched in the spring of 2011
    with helpful features and a complete matching
    component to assist employers and interns with         Planning is under way for the second annual
    their search.                                          techFest on march 10, 2012, and more than 300
                                                           high school students are expected to participate.
    continuing to build on previous success, the
    Live, Learn and intern program (a grant-funded         additional programming for GrP included newly
    initiative of the Graduate retention Program),         created training programs for employers, students,
    provided more than 250 college students the            and others to assist with the development of
    opportunity to experience some of the area’s most      strong internship programs including a supervisor
    fun amenities for free. eight events were held         and intern boot camp, training on working in
    throughout the summer and each event averaged          a multi-generational workforce, and much more.
    more than 30 students.                                 GPr also continued its partnership with nidia
                                                           companies to help plan the second annual industry
    initiatives such as techFest were lead by the GrP
                                                           to educator externship program.
    team in partnership with the city of Fort Wayne,
    allen county, and atos origin and drew more            Graduate retention will continue to be a leading
    than 100 people to the first annual event held         expert in internship creation in the northeast
    at sweetwater sound on april 16. techFest is a         indiana area, working with local companies to
    full day of video game competitions, a problem         develop solid programs with the goal of creating
    solving competition, and guest speakers, along         new opportunity for high school and college
    with information from college and universities,        graduates in our region.
    employers, and other information about area
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2010-1 member listing
122 Fighter Wing/indiana air    allstate insurance/vogt agency   automotive color & supply         boyden & Youngblutt            catholic charities               community development corp.
    national Guard              alpha rae Personnel                  corp.                            advertising & marketing     cavanaugh consulting Group          of northeast indiana
1st source bank                 alpha rae training center        automotive hardware service       boyer & boyer                  cb richard ellis/sturges         community Foundation of
1st source insurance                                             autumn ridge Golf course          boys & Girls clubs of Fort                                         Greater Fort Wayne
                                alro steel corp.                                                                                  cc realty
3 rivers metal recycling                                         avery dennison                       Wayne                                                        community harvest Food bank
                                ambassador enterprises                                                                            cdm
360 services                                                     aWs                               bradley Gough diamonds                                          community transportation
                                american cancer society                                                                           centec industrial technical
800 degrees Wood Fired Pizza                                                                       brady benefits & associates                                        network
                                american Family insurance        azar’s big boy                                                      human resources
816 Pint & slice                                                                                   brain balance achievement                                       compass cPa Group
                                american heritage trails         azar’s                                                           central indiana hardware co.
                                                                                                      center of Fort Wayne                                         complete drives
a&k dependable appliance        american red cross blood         b&b Loan co.                                                     central states supply co.
    service                                                                                        brainfood for business                                          comprehensive retail solutions
                                   services                      b smith office services                                          century 21 bradley realty
a&L Great Lakes Laboratories                                                                       brand innovation Group                                          concentra ehs
                                american structurepoint          b2b cFo                                                          centuryLink
a Party apart                                                                                      brandeis machinery & supply                                     concierge custom marketing
                                american Wire, rope & sling      baden retirement Plan services                                   certified burglar & Fire alarm
                                                                                                      co.                                                          concordia Lutheran high
a. hattersley & sons            amerinet                         baden tax management                                             ceruti catering
                                                                                                   braun Wealth management                                            school
aaa acceptance corp.            amo office supply                baden, Gage & schroeder                                          cF construction
                                                                                                      Group                                                        concordia Theological seminary
aaa chicago motor club          andrew davis menswear            bae systems Platform                                             chamberlain insurance inc
                                                                                                   briljent                                                        connolly’s do it best hardware
aaLco distributing co.          andy miller marketing                solutions                                                    champion Windows of Fort
                                                                                                   brindle Products                                                consumer credit counseling
abacus child care & early       angel corps                      bair cPa Group                                                      Wayne
                                                                                                   brogan outdoor advertising                                         service
    Learning center                                              baker & daniels LLP                                              chapel oaks apartments
                                angela’s Gift box                                                  brooks construction co.                                         convergence technologies
able construction                                                baker street office Furnishings                                  chase
                                anne’s hallmark shop                                               brookwood Golf club                                             cookie cottage
abm co.                                                          bakerstreet                                                      chestnut Group
                                annie eckrich/re/max results                                       brotherhood mutual insurance                                    copper river cabinet co.
aboite eye care, Pc                                              bank of america home Loans                                       chestnut hills Golf club
                                anthony motor Parts corp.                                             co.                                                          cordes drywall co.
abonmarche consultants                                           barnes & Thornburg LLP                                           chick-fil-a
                                anthony Wayne area council -                                       brown equipment co.                                             core benefits
absolute angels home health        boy scouts                    barney’s auto electric service                                   chimerica consulting
                                                                                                   brown industrial Packaging                                      cork ’n cleaver
accu-Label                      anthony Wayne business           barrett & mcnagny LLP                                            choice designs
                                                                                                   brown mackie college-Fort                                       corporate housing systems
accutemp Products                  exchange                      baseline communications              Wayne                       chop’s steaks & seafood/chop’s
ace radiator                                                                                                                                                       cosmic soup digital
                                anthony Wayne credit             batteries Plus                    bruick dentistry, Pc              Wine bar
adaptive micro-Ware                adjusters                                                                                                                       country inn & suites
                                                                 bauman construction               brunswick Fort Wayne           chosenLan technology Group
adarna home health services     anthony Wayne vending co.                                                                                                          country kitchen sweetart
                                                                 beckman Lawson, LLP                  operations                  christen souers
adLab advertising               anthony-Patrick insurance                                                                                                          courtyard by marriott
                                                                 beers mallers backs & salin,      bud miller supply              christine m. schaefer/north
                                   corp.                                                                                             eastern Group realty          courtyard by marriott
admirroration indiana                                                LLP                           buffalo Wild Wings
                                antibus scales & systems                                                                                                              downtown/convention
adP-automatic data                                               belmont beverage stores           bug Free Pest control          chromasource
    Processing                  anytime Fitness-covington                                                                         cim technology solutions
                                                                 benco dental                      building contractors                                            coventry meadows
advanced healthcare             apartment association of Fort                                         association of northeast    cintas
                                                                 bercot-Gibson const. co.                                                                          covington commons senior
                                   Wayne                                                              indiana
advanced imaging solutions                                       bertsch, Frank & associates                                      ciocca cleaning & restoration       community
                                applebee’s                                                         bulldog consulting services
advanced mechanical services                                     best blinds                                                      circle city audio                covington travel
                                applesauce                                                         burkhart advertising
advantage direct 365                                             best buy mobile-Glenbrook                                        circle s corp.                   coyote creek Golf club
                                apricot Lane boutique                                              burt blee dixon sutton &
aegis sales & engineering                                            square                                                       cirrus abs corp.                 cPs marketing Group
                                apsurge                                                               bloom, LLP
afdent                                                           best value inn                                                   city carpet outlet               craft Laboratories
                                aptera software                                                    busch chiropractic center
aFLac                                                            best Western Luxbury inn Fort                                    city Glass specialty co.         craftline Printing co.
                                aptimise                             Wayne                         bushey’s Windows & doors
aging & in-home services of                                                                                                       city of Fort Wayne               crash 31
    northeast indiana           aqua indiana                     bethlehem Woods nursing &         bZW master Painters
                                                                                                                                  city securities corp.            crazy Pinz
agri stats                      aqua systems                         rehabilitation                c&P machine
                                                                                                                                  classic cafe                     creative sign resources
aids task Force                 aquatic management               better business bureau            c&W air distribution
                                                                                                                                  classic Products corp.           cripe architects & engineers
air management systems          aramark healthcare               bewley & koday, LLP               c J international
                                                                                                                                  classic stereo                   crosby excavating
alcatraz storage                arbor Lakes apartments           bFGoodrich tire                   c. h. robinson co.
                                                                                                                                  clinkenbeard dentistry           crossroad child & Family
                                arbor mortgage                       manufacturing                 c. L. schust co.
alconex specialty Products                                                                                                        closet tamers of indiana            services
                                arby’s restaurant                biaggi’s ristorante italiano      c. William troutner
aldi                                                                                                                              club soda                        crossroads courier
                                armstrong Flowers                bib Group                         c2 it advisors
all about honeymoons                                                                                                              cma supply co.                   crowe horwath LLP
                                arrotin Plastic materials of     big brothers big sisters of ne    cabinet concepts
all occasion Party rental                                                                                                         cme corp.-General contractor     crumback-symons chevrolet
                                   indiana                           indiana
all rite distributing co.                                                                          cadillac coffee co.
                                                                 big c Lumber co.                                                 cms roofing                      culligan Water conditioning
                                artek                                                              calhoun street soups, salads
all star construction &                                                                                                           cnc industries                   cummings Production
                                arts United of Greater Fort      bill drinkall/nai harding            & spirits
    excavating                                                                                                                                                        machining
                                   Wayne                             dahm                                                         coca-cola bottling co.
allegiant air                                                                                      calico Precision molding
                                                                 bioLife Plasma services                                          cohen, ronald a., dds, msd       cunningham optical one
                                ash brokerage corp.                                                camp Watcha Wanna-do
allen collections                                                                                                                                                  current mechanical
                                asher agency                     bippus state bank                                                cohoat business Growth
allen county 4-h clubs                                                                             campbell & Fetter bank
                                                                 bkd, LLP                                                            advisors                      custom art screen Printing
                                asphalt drum mixers                                                cancer services of northeast
allen county builders supply                                                                                                      coldwell banker roth Wehrly      custom engineering &
                                associated anesthesiologists     black ink Financial Planning         indiana
allen county council on aging                                                                                                        Graber                           Fabrication
                                at&t                             blue Jacket                       candlewood suites Fort Wayne
allen county education                                                                                                            colen moving & storage           custom Poly Packaging
                                atm & co.                        blue Pony digital                    nW
    Partnership                                                                                                                   colligan & co.                   customized Power services
                                atos                             blue Water mortgage               cani (community action of
allen county Fairgrounds                                                                                                          colonial development             d. o. mccomb & sons
                                                                 bnd commercial                       northeast indiana)
allen county Family & sports    attero tech
                                                                                                   canterbury school              colonial homes                   d. W. brandenberger
    chiropractic                auburn cord duesenberg           bob buescher homes
                                                                                                   caring about People            colvin kitchen & bath            dahm brothers
allen county Government            automobile museum             bobick’s Golf
                                                                                                   carmike cinemas                combustion mechanical            daisy Wheel & ribbon co.
allen county indiana bar        audio video Lifestyles           bobilya Law Group
                                                                                                   carson boxberger LLP           comcast                          dantzer heating & cooling
    association                 audio visual design &            bojrab, kaufman & co.
                                   installation                                                    carter hearing clinics         comcast business services        data Print initiatives
allen county sPca                                                bonahoom & bonahoom LLP
                                aunt millie’s bakeries                                             cartridge city                 comfort keepers                  dave bennett electric
allen county War memorial                                        bonar Group-a Gai co.
    coliseum                    auntie anne’s Pretzels                                             cartridge World                comfort suites hotel sW          david culp & co.
                                                                 bond records management
allen dental Laboratory         auto collision service                                             casa Grille                    commercial Filter service        david J. Galbraith & sons
                                                                 bose Public affairs Group
alliance healthcare solutions   automated Group                                                    casa mare                      commercial Warehouse &           david kirk Photography
                                                                 boudoir noir, abtc
allied Physicians                  administration                                                                                    cartage                       david L. Wade & associates,
                                                                 bower north Productions           casa ristorante
                                automation engineering                                                                            commonwealth engineers              P.c.
all-Phase electric supply co.                                    bowmar                            cash Flow advisors
                                                                                                                                  communication & marketing        davinci dental spa
allstar communications                                                                             catalyst marketing design
2010-1 member listing
davita Fort Wayne home            environmental remediation       Fort Wayne derby Girls           General Petroleum                hamilton house assisted Living   image exhibits
   dialysis                          services                     Fort Wayne door                  Generex                          hampton inn & suites             imaging office systems
davita Fort Wayne south           eos experienced office          Fort Wayne endoscopy center      Genesis electric                 hampton inn dupont road          imperial trophy & awards co.
davita Fort Wayne West               solutions
                                                                  Fort Wayne Family eye care       Genesis telecommunications       hampton inn sW                   impex international
debrand Fine chocolates           ePco accounting & tax
                                                                  Fort Wayne habitat for           George’s                         hanna brothers drywall &         in balance books
deckard mechanical                                                   humanity                      Georgetown bowl                     Painting                      indiana auto & truck auction
                                  ePco Products
deister concentrator                                              Fort Wayne housing authority     Georgetowne Place retirement     hanning & bean enterprises       indiana benefits recovery
                                  equity investment Group
deister machine co.                                               Fort Wayne komet hockey          Gerig-ottenweller contracting    hanson aggregates midwest        indiana data center
                                  erie haven                         club
delagrange homes                                                                                   Gerni, John P.                   happy cleaning                   indiana Farm bureau insurance
                                  ernst & Young LLP               Fort Wayne mad ants
deluxe Glass of Fort Wayne                                                                         Get rollin                       harbor investments               indiana Golf advertising &
                                  esPn radio 1380                 Fort Wayne medical Laboratory
deluxe taxi                                                                                        Gibson insurance Group           harbour assisted Living              marketing services
                                  essex Group                     Fort Wayne medical oncology
dermatology & Laser surgery                                                                        Girl scouts of northern          harlan cabinets                  indiana Lasik centers
   associates                     ethan allen design center          & hematology
                                                                                                      indiana-michiana              harlow enterprises               indiana michigan Power
design collaborative              evans toyota                    Fort Wayne medical society
                                                                                                   Gis                              harold mccomb & son              indiana Pathology consultants
dewpoint                          everett J. Prescott             Fort Wayne metals research
                                                                                                   Gladieux consulting              harrison college                 indiana Physical Therapy
                                  excursions trailways               Products corp.
dicky’s Wild hare                                                                                  Glenbrook dodge                  harrison Professional center     indiana Plastic surgery center,
                                  executive Lawn & Landscape      Fort Wayne mold &
digital communication                                                                              Glenbrook rehabilitation &       hawk, haynie, kammeyer &             P.c.
   Products                       experior healthcare systems                                         skilled nursing center           chickedantz                   indiana refractories
                                                                  Fort Wayne museum of art
digital hill multimedia           exquisite designs                                                Glenbrook square                 health insurance                 indiana research service
                                                                  Fort Wayne newspapers
dimension Ford West               extra space storage                                              Gme testing                      healthsource chiropractic &      indiana stamp co.
                                                                  Fort Wayne nissan/infiniti
dirig sheet metal                 F&m tile & terrazzo co.                                          Goegleins catering                  Progressive rehab             indiana tech
                                                                  Fort Wayne orthopaedics
dkm embroidery                    F. mcconnell & sons                                              Golden Years homestead           heartland coffee co.             indiana telephone network
                                                                  Fort Wayne otb
do it best corp.                  Facts Paper co.                                                  Goodwill industries of           helmke beams LLP                 indiana Wesleyan University
                                                                  Fort Wayne Parks & recreation
doc dancer heating & a/c          Fairfield inn & suites by                                           northeast indiana             hercules machinery corp.         indiana Wound care, P.c.
                                     marriott/Fort Wayne          Fort Wayne Pediatrics
don ayres Pontiac-Gmc-                                                                             Gordon & associates, Pc          heritage Food service            indianapolis colts
   honda                          Family & children’s services    Fort Wayne Philharmonic                                              equipment
                                                                                                   Gordon Food service                                               indiana-Purdue University Fort
don r. Fruchey                    Family auto service center      Fort Wayne Plastics                                               heritage Park
                                                                                                   Gouty servicenter                                                     Wayne
downtown improvement              Family hospice & Palliative     Fort Wayne Printing co.                                           hightech signs
                                                                                                   Graber & Graber contractors                                       indiana’s newscenter
   district                          care                         Fort Wayne Psychiatry                                             hill’s meat market
                                                                                                   Grabill bank                                                      indigital telecom
dr Lubricants                     Farmers & merchants bank        Fort Wayne Public                                                 hilton Fort Wayne at the Grand
                                                                                                   Grabill bank mortgage                                             indy Park ride & Fly
dr management                     Farmers insurance                  transportation/citilink                                           Wayne convention center
                                                                                                   Grabill bank trust &                                    
dreibelbiss title co.             Fast Print                      Fort Wayne rescue mission                                         hilton Garden inn
                                                                                                      investments                                                    innovative technology Group
ducharme, mcmillen &              Federal roofing co.                                              Grabill cabinet co.              hispanic chamber of
   associates                                                     Fort Wayne shows                                                                                   integrity tax consulting
                                  Federated media                                                                                      commerce
                                                                                                   Grabill Painting & drywall                                        interim healthcare
dulin, Ward & deWald                                              Fort Wayne sister cities                                          hobart sales & service
                                  Felderman design-build                                           Grace Point church of the
                                                                     international                                                                                   international business college
dunkin donuts                     Felger hart                                                         nazarene                      holiday inn express hotel &
                                                                  Fort Wayne tincaps                                                   suites                        international Paper
dupont hospital                   Felger’s Peat moss                                               Grand Wayne convention
                                                                  Fort Wayne Urban League                                           holiday inn express-new          intra health solutions
dWd technology Group              Ferguson advertising                                                center
                                                                  Fort Wayne Wire die                                                  haven                         inverness surgery center
e&b Paving                        Feuser heating & air                                             Granite city Food & brewery
                                                                  Fort Wayne-allen county                                           holiday inn Fort Wayne           invisible Fence of Fort Wayne
e&v construction                     conditioning                                                  Granite ridge builders
                                                                     airport authority                                              holley management                ioi interlogic outsourcing
eagle tile                        Fifth Third bank                                                 Graphic advertising
                                                                  Fort Wayne-allen cty.                                             holsum of Fort Wayne             irmscher
ear, nose & Throat assoc., P.c.   Financial Focus                    economic dev. alliance        Graphics output
                                                                                                                                    home builders association        isaac knapp district dental
early childhood alliance          Findley Financial corp.         Fox & Fox Frame service          Great Lakes Pediatric surgeons
                                                                                                                                    home healthcare associates           society
earth First                       Fire & ice heating/cooling      Fox contractors corp.            Greater Fort Wayne chamber of
                                                                                                                                    hometown carpet & Furniture      itt communications systems
earthLink business                First Federal bank of the                                           commerce
                                                                  Frame art & design                                                   cleaning                      itt technical institute
east allen county schools            midwest                                                       Green b.e.a.n. delivery
                                                                  Frame service                                                     homewood suites by hilton        iU school of medicine-Fort
easter seals arc of northeast     First Federal savings bank                                       Gregory, Zent & swanson
                                                                  Fred toenges shoes &                                              honeybaked ham                       Wayne
   indiana                        First Flash! Line/moose Lake       Pedorthics                    Grinsfelder associates
                                                                                                                                    hoosier communications           ivy tech community college
ecash, inc.                          Products co.                                                     architects
                                                                  Frederickson specialty                                                                             iWm consulting Group
                                  First Gear                                                       Group dekko                      hoosier Park racing & casino
eddie merlot’s                                                       advertising
                                                                                                                                    hoosier sports & chiropractic    J. c. Penney co.
edible arrangements               Five star distributing          Freeman Jewelers                 Group delphi
                                                                                                                                    hoot Lawn & design               Jack Laurie Group
edmondson, Gwendolyn a.,          Flannigan’s restaurant & Pub    From The h.e.a.r.t.              Group insurance services of
                                                                                                      Fort Wayne                    hooters                          Jam impressions
   dds                            Flare                           Frontier communications
                                                                                                   Grubb & ellis/cressy & everett   hoover the mover-all seasons     James a. shupe, dds, dentistry
educational opportunity center    Fleming excavating              FWradiology association
                                                                                                                                       storage                           for children
edward Jones                      Flickinger industries                                            Gt automation Group
                                                                  G&L corp.                                                                                          James medical rents & sales
                                                                                                   Guardian management              hospital Laundry service
eilbacher Fletcher, LLP           Floyd & Partners                G. W. berkheimer co.
                                                                                                                                    houlihan LLP                     James s. Jackson co.
ellison bakery                    Fluid dynamics                                                   Guardian relocation
                                                                  G3 technology Partners                                                                             Jamestown homes
                                                                                                   Guide engineering                hPn marketing services
elvis’ services                   Focus audiology & hearing       Gabbard environmental services
                                                                                                                                    huff & campbell insurance        Jat of Fort Wayne
elwood staffing                      services                                                      Gvc mortgage
                                                                  Gallagher Uniform                                                    agency                        Jb tool, die & engineering co.
embassy Theatre Foundation        Foellinger Foundation                                            GW micro
                                                                  Garcia concrete construction                                      humana marketPoint               Jefferson Pointe shopping
emergency radio service           Foresight consulting                                             h&h sales co.
                                                                  Gasoline equipment service co.                                    hunt club                            center
employer’s administrative         Forge industrial staffing                                        h&r block tax & business
                                                                  Gassafy Wholesale                                                 hunt suedhoff kalamaros LLP      Jehl & kreilach Financial
   services of indiana            Fort Financial credit Union                                         services
                                                                  Gator cases                                                                                            management
                                                                                                   h&W tool machine repair &        huntington bank
encounter Life center             Fort Wayne acura-subaru                                                                                                            Jensen cabinet
                                                                  Gayle J. doornbos/century 21        rebuilding                    hupe insurance services
endodontic associates             Fort Wayne area Youth for          bradley realty                                                                                  Jerry bailey trucking
                                     christ                                                        habegger Furniture               hvac systems service
energy control                                                    Gehres & associates                                                                                Jerry Paulausky associates
                                  Fort Wayne cardiology                                            haffner Paint co.                hyatt Place Fort Wayne
engineered systems                                                Gei-corp trucking                                                                                  Jess Lewis transmission
                                  Fort Wayne children’s Zoo                                        hagerman construction corp.      hylant of indiana
engineering resources                                             Gene Glick management corp.                                                                        Jh specialty
                                  Fort Wayne chocolate Fountain                                    haines, isenbarger & skiba       hyndman industrial Products
ens Group                                                         General credit Union                                                                               Jk o’donnell’s
                                  Fort Wayne civic Theatre                                         hakes & robrock                  ibeW-international
enviro-clean                                                      General dynamics c4 systems                                                                        Joel sauer
                                                                                                   hallmark home mortgage              brotherhood of electrical
environmental management          Fort Wayne community schools
                                                                  General mills                                                        Workers Local Union 305       John dehner
   specialists                    Fort Wayne country club                                          hambrock electric
                                                                  General motors Fort Wayne                                         ibm corp.                        Johnson controls
                                  Fort Wayne custom rx                                             hamil, Lehman & england, P.c.
                                                                     assembly                                                       ikon office solutions            Johnston’s cartage & Warehouse
2010-1 member listing
Jophiel                           Lawn & turf Landscaping          martin riley architects/         needham & associates              overhead door co. of Fort        Power components corp.
Judy baumgartner/century 21       Lawnscape Lawn maintenance         engineers                      nelligan sports marketing/           Wayne                         Power Plant service
    bradley                       Lawrence building corp.          master consultants LP               iPFW athletics                 Pain management associates,      Prairie Farms dairy
Juice Plus                                                         master spas                      neuropsychiatric associates, Pc      Pc
                                  Lawrence construction co.                                                                                                            Prairie Quest consulting
Junior achievement of northern                                     masters heating & cooling        new haven Print                   Paint The town Graphics
                                  Law’s country kennel                                                                                                                 Precise manufacturing
    indiana                                                        matthew 25 health & dental       new Process corp.                 Pak mail
                                  Lawyers title                                                                                                                        Precision die technologies
kachmann mind body institute                                         clinic                         new York Life                     Palm engineering & sales
                                  Lbh chemical & industrial                                                                                                            Precision Fabrication
kaiser tool co.                      supply                        matthews, david n., dds          nierman brothers Pools & spas     Palmer donavin
                                                                                                                                                                       Precision Glass
kaleidoscope Floors               LcPa Group Ltd                   may oberfell Lorber              niPsco                            Pampered coach truck center
                                                                                                                                                                       Precision mechanical
kallenback sales & marketing      Leadership Fort Wayne            mcardle realty & consulting      nisco Pool & Patio                Panda express                       contractors
kanak exports india               Leadership mgmt. int’l-          mccrory Publishing               nob brick & Fireplace             Panera bread co.                 Precision Wire technologies
kaough distributing co.              strategic developmental       mcdonald’s                       noble machinery co.               Paragon Landscape                Preferred anesthesia
karst surveying services             resources                     mcintosh energy co.                                                Paragon tube corp.                  consultants, P.c.
                                                                                                    norfolk-southern corp.
katz, sapper & miller, LLP        Lebamoff cap-n-cork              mcmahon Paper & Packaging                                          Park center                      Preferred it Group
                                                                                                    north eastern Group realty
kb search team                    Leeper’s Lawn service            mcmahon tire                                                       Park Place senior Living         Preferred-Fort Wayne
                                                                                                    north Park community church
keefer Printing co.               Leepoxy Plastics                 mcmillen center for health                                         Parkview health                  Premier Financial Group
                                                                                                    north river capital
kees Grain Farms                  Lee’s Famous recipe chicken        education                                                        Parkview hospital                Premier Glass
                                                                                                    north side Plumbing &
kelley chevrolet                         medical & dental business           heating co.                    Parkview north hospital          Premier surgery center
                                  Leo Jr sr high school              bureau
kelly box & Packaging corp.                                                                         northeast allen veterinary        Parkview signature care          Premier, realtors
                                  Leonard J. andorfer & co., LLP   medical informatics                 services
kelly services                                                                                                                        Parrish Leasing                  Premiere heating & air
kemna restoration and             Life care center of Fort Wayne                                    northeast indiana assoc. of       Parrot Press                        conditioning
                                                                   medical Protective co.              health Underwriters
    construction                  Lifeline Youth & Family                                                                             Partners 1st Federal credit      Preston Pointe at inverness
                                     services                      medPartners                      northeast indiana building                                            centre
kevin steury management                                                                                                                  Union
                                  Light & breuning                 medtech college                     trades council                                                  Primco
keystone concrete                                                                                                                     Pathfinder services
                                  Lighted Gardens                  meineke dba shively auto         northeast indiana innovation                                       Priority 1
kiddie Prep school                                                                                                                    Patriot engineering
                                                                   merrill Lynch                       center
kimco Leasing                     Lima road dentistry                                                                                 Patterson riegel advertising     Pro bowl West
                                                                   metabolic research center        northeast indiana regional
kindercare                        Lincoln coders corp.                                                                                Paul davis restoration &         Pro resources
                                  Lincoln Financial Group          metropolitan title co.                                                remodeling                    Proactive elder care
k-industrial of indiana                                                                             northeast ophthalmology, P.c.
                                  Lincoln Printing corp.           meyer trucking                                                     Paychex                          Pro-claim Plus
king & knight                                                                                       northeast Psychological
                                  Little turtle Go-karts           michael kinder & sons                                              Payserv systems                  Professional Federal credit
kingston at dupont                                                                                     associates
                                  Local Guerrilla marketing        michael mastrangelo, md                                            Pbi office Furniture                Union
kingston care center                                                                                northeastern remc
                                  Loggins Fireplace & Patio        michael’s Floor covering                                           Pediatric associates             Professional Food equipment
kingston residence                                                                                  northern insurance
                                                                   michael’s Photography                                                                                  service
kinzie service center             Logikos                                                           northrop Grumman                  Peerless cleaners
                                                                   michiana business Publications                                                                      Professional medical billing
kirby risk electrical supply      Lopshire Flowers                                                  northside Galleries               Peg Perego Usa
                                                                   mickey’s Linen & towel supply                                                                       Professional medical insurance
kitch acceptance corp.            LotUs Yoga, Wellness &                                            northwest allen county            Pella Windows & doors
                                     Gallery                       microtech Welding corp.             schools                        Pepsi
kittles home Furnishings                                                                                                                                               Proforma viking
    center                        Lowe’s of Fort Wayne             mid-american cleaning            northwestern mutual Financial     Perfect Location realty
                                                                     contractors                                                                                       Project mercy
knipscheer collision center       Lts cPa Group                                                        network                        Performance truck sales
                                                                   midas auto service                                                                                  Protechs
koehlinger kruse security         Luarde, michael J., dds                                           nutcracker sweet shoppe           Perry corp.
                                                                   midWest america Federal                                                                             Providence ib
    systems                       Lucky harley-davidson                                             oberlin marketing co.             Perry Law office P.c.
                                                                     credit Union                                                                                      Prudential Financial
koehlinger security technology    Luginbill Wire die co.                                            oce document Printing             Personal care medical supplies
                                                                   midwest Pipe & steel                systems                                                         Public safety academy
koher advertising                 Lupke rice insurance &                                                                              Personal touch specialties &
                                     Financial services            mike Thomas associates/F. c.     o’daniel automotive                                                Punch Films
kone elevator & escalator                                                                                                                Gifts
                                                                     tucker                                                                                            Pyromation
kool smiles                       Lushin & associates                                               office concepts                   Personal training institute
                                                                   mike’s car Wash                                                                                     Q3 business technology corp.
koomler & sons                    Lutheran health network                                           office depot                      Peter andrew
                                                                   mill supplies                                                                                       Qci technical staffing
koorsen Fire & security           Lutheran hospital of indiana                                      office one 2 Go                   Peter Franklin Jewelers
                                                                   miller scales & Food machines                                                                       Quadrant, ePP
korte does it all                 Lutheran Life villages                                            officemax                         Peters body shop
                                                                   miller’s merry manor                                                                                Quality applied systems
kPc media Group                   Lutheran medical Group                                            old crown                         Petrogas international corp.
                                                                   minnick services                                                                                    Quality crafted homes
kroger co.                        Lutheran school Partnership                                       old Fort specialty corp.          Pettigrew & sons
                                                                   moake Park Group                                                                                    Quality inn
krouse, kern & co.                Lutheran social services                                          old Fort supply co.               PGP Family Physicians
                                                                   momper insulation                                                                                   Quality tool co.
kruse Worldwide courier           m&s electric                                                      old national bank                 Phenix tube corp.
                                                                   monarch capital management                                                                          Quantum desine Group
kumon math & reading center       macallister machinery co.                                         old national insurance            Phillip shirmeyer
                                                                   moore & associates                                                                                  Quartertyme amusements
kurtz excavating                  mad anthony brewing co./                                          old Prairie Products              Phillips Financial services
                                     munchie emporium              moore’s Welding service                                                                             Questa Foundation for
L&L Fittings manufacturing                                                                          olympia Pools                     Philmore on broadway
                                  mad anthony children’s classic   moreau & sons concrete                                                                                 education
L&s alignment-tuneup                                                                                oncallPsn                         Phil’s one stop’s
                                  mad anthony children’s hope      morning dew Lawn &                                                                                  Quikcut
L spa modern                                                                                        one eleven design                 Phoenix america
                                     house                           Landscaping                                                                                       Quincy recycle
L.h. industries                                                                                     one Fine day bridal & Gown        Phoenix associates
                                  maintenance management co.       morrison kattman menze                                                                              r&c Fence
L.m.L. estate management                                           moses, Winfield c.                                                 Physical medicine consultants
                                  mallers & swoverland Physical                                     one Lucky Guitar                                                   r. Gregory Lowe, Ph.d., P.c.
    corp.                                                                                                                             Physicians health Plan
                                     Therapy                       moss building Products                                                                              r.i.c. corp.
Laboratory accreditation bureau                                                                     one of a kind events
                                  manchester college school of     msktd architects engineers                                         Picture Perfect Florals &        rabb/kinetico Water systems
Labov & beyond                                                                                      one resource Group                   catering
                                     Pharmacy                        & interiors
                                                                                                    o’neal excavating &                                                radiation oncology associates,
Lake city bank                    mannia & co.                     murphy Law Group                                                   Pine valley country club
                                                                                                       construction                                                       P.c.
Lake Forest apartments            mann’s                           murray equipment                                                   Pinnacle credit Union
                                                                                                    onesource office solutions                                         rainbow spouting
Lake Land investment              manpower                         mustard seed Furniture bank of                                     Pitney bowes mailing systems
                                                                                                    ophthalmology consultants of                                       raymond James & associates
    Properties                                                       Fort Wayne                                                       Pizza hut
                                  marketing strategies                                                 Fort Wayne                                                      raynor door authority
Lamplight inn of Fort Wayne                                        mutton rental center                                               Pizza hut of Fort Wayne
                                  markey’s rental & staging                                         orchard ridge country club                                         raytheon co.
Lancia homes                                                       nai harding dahm                                                   Plastic surgery innovations Pc
                                  marklebank                                                        organized Living solutions                                         re/max results
Lan-con electric                                                   nanoLayer technologies                                             Plumbers & steamfitters Local
                                  marshall                                                          orkin Pest control                                                 rea magnet Wire co.
Landart Landscaping                                                naPa distribution center                                              166
                                  martin & Geeting management                                       orthopaedics northeast (one)                                       real Living ness bros. real
LandQuest title Group                                              naPa ridge co.                                                     Pnc bank
                                  martin Luther king montessori                                     o’sullivan’s                                                          estate & auction co.
LaQuinta inn & suites                school                        national college                                                   Pointe inverness apartments
                                                                                                    ottenweller co.                                                    ream steckbeck Paint co.
Lassus bros. oil                                                   national serv-all                                                  Poorman’s heating & air
2010-1 member listing
reconstructive Foot & ankle       seely office solutions              steinhofer & associates          The Landmark conference &         transition resources corp.       Wayne chemical
   specialists                    select specialty hospital of Fort   steppin’ Up Physical Therapy        reception centre               transWorks                       Wayne combustion systems
red Lobster                           Wayne                           stewart richardson &             The LandPlan Group                travel Leaders                   Wayne Pipe & supply inc
red river steaks & bbQ            seneca medical                          associates                   The Lantern reception & event     tredway Pools Plus               WbYr-Fm bear 98.9
redimed                           sentry management services          stewart, brimner, Peters & co.      Facility
                                                                                                                                         trelan Landscape supply          Web Graphics
rehabilitation hospital of Fort   ses environmental                   stifel, nicolaus & co.           The Literacy alliance
                                                                                                                                         trelan nursery                   Web industries Fort Wayne
   Wayne                          sGo designer Glass                  stoner’s Fun stores              The Loft hair skin nails
                                                                                                                                         tri state christian tv           WebLink international
reimbold & anderson               shambaugh & son, L.P.               stoops Freightliner              The Lutheran Foundation
                                                                                                                                         tri state maintenance            Wechter Guitars
reincke-norris                    shambaugh, kast, beck &             stop & shred                     The mako Group
                                                                                                                                         tri-Lakes container corp.        Weigand construction co.
remedy Live                           Williams, LLP                   strahm construction              The midland Group
                                                                                                                                         trine University                 Wells Fargo advisors
renaissance title co.             sharon eisbart-corporate art        strahm Group                     The monogram shoppe
                                                                                                                                         trinity home center              Wells Fargo bank, n.a.
rescare home care                 shawnee construction &              strategic benefit consultants    The mutual Fund store
                                      engineering                                                                                        triscape                         Wells Fargo insurance services
residence inn sW                                                      strebig construction             The nichols co.
                                  shelton Financial Group                                                                                tri-state medical Group          West kenya Photography
resource Gmac real estate                                             stucky brothers                  The olive twist
                                  sherry Laboratories                                                                                    tristate Warehousing             WestPoint Financial Group
retirement Plan concepts &                                            subway-Georgetown                The otis r. bowen center For
   services                       shilling sales                                                                                         trotter Law office               Westport homes
                                                                                                          human services
                                                                      summit brands/Pro Products                                         true north strategic advisors    Westside animal hospital
reusser design                    shine & hardin, LLP                                                  The Peony tea house
                                                                      summit city bicycles & Fitness                                     turf service equipment sales     WFcv bott radio network
ricker oil co.                    shirts & skins sales                                                 The Plex
                                                                      summit city chevrolet                                                 & repair                      WFWa-Pbs 39
riegel’s                          shoemaker                                                            The regional chamber of
                                                                      summit city metal recycling                                        turnstone center for disabled    WFWi-Fm The Fort 92.3
ring-r engineering                signature decks                                                         northeast indiana
                                                                      summit city nursing &                                                 children/adults
robert e. crosby                  signature mac                                                        The resource development                                           WGL The river am/Fm
                                                                          rehabilitation                                                 tuthill transfer systems
                                                                                                          Group                                                           Whitley mfg. co.
robert half international         signs in time                       summit city radio Group                                            two men and a truck
                                                                                                       The rogers companies                                               Will Jewelers
robert J. Girod consulting        signs now-division of indiana       summit city reporting                                              U.s. automation
                                      stamp                                                            The salvation army adult                                           Williams electronics
robert sheets Plumbing                                                summit cPa Group                                                   Ueber & Friedrich dentistry
                                                                                                          rehabilitation center                                           Willows of coventry
rockfield realty Group            sikich LLP
                                                                      summit document storage          The state bank & trust co.        Umber’s do it best hardware
roger sipe cPa Firm               simcox Financial services                                                                                                               Wilmer concrete
                                                                      summit engineering & design      The stinson team-north            Uncle bill’s Pet center
rolf/Griffin heating & air        sipe steel rule & die                                                                                                                   Windamatic systems
                                                                      summit Logistics                    eastern Group realty           United media Group
   conditioning                   smartguys advertising                                                                                                                   Windows doors & more
                                                                      summit Plastic surgery, P.c.     The torres team                   United remc                         Factory store
romary associates                 snow & sauerteig LLP
                                                                      summit software                  The towne house retirement        United Way of allen county       Windsor homes by Jeff
romary Financial services         snyder distributing                                                     community
                                                                      summitline industries                                              Unity sales                         Gilmore
ronald mcdonald house             social Fort                                                The verbal edge
                                                                      super 8                                                            University of saint Francis      Windsor oaks apartments
   charities                      sold by the Gold at north
                                                                      superior auto                    The Zacher co./corFac             UPs supply chain solutions       Wired communications
rose agency                           eastern Group realty                                                international
                                                                      supermedia                                                         Upstate alliance of realtors     With Love Left over
ross medical education center     solid Path Financial                                                 Thistle Group
                                                                      swanson staffing                                                   Us cellular                      Witherspoon & assoc.
rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP       solstice coaching                                                    Thomandram s. sekar, md, P.c.
                                                                      sweeney Law Firm                                                   Us mattress & Furniture          Witwer construction
roussel concrete construction     sonitrol Fort Wayne                                                  Thompson international
                                                                      sweetcakes entertainment co.                                       Us signal                        Wm imaging solutions
rowe electric                     source one solutions                                                 Three rivers ambulance
                                                                      sweetcars                                                          valbruna slater stainless        Wmee-Fm
roy buskirk real estate           sourceone Group                                                         authority
                                                                      sweetwater sound                                                   value Place                      Wnht Wild 96.3
ruble truck sales                 southwest allen county schools                                       Three rivers apartments
                                                                      swiss re Life & health america                                     van ausdall & Farrar             Women caring for Women, P.c.
rudae’s school of beauty          southwest auto sales                                                 Three rivers dermatology
   culture                                                            sWs-trimac indiana                                                 vera bradley designs             Women’s bureau
                                  southwest hair & day spa                                             Three rivers Federal credit
russ moore transmission                                               sycamore hills Golf club            Union                          verstynen behavioral services,   Women’s health advantage
                                  southwest self storage
russett design                                                        sylvan Learning centers                                               L.L.c.                        Woodview healthcare
                                  southwest surgical suites                                            Three rivers Festival
                                                                      tds                                                                vFP Fire systems                    management
s&s keller construction           specialized alternatives for                                         Three rivers insurance Group
                                                                      t J nowak supply co.                                               village oaks at Fort Wayne       Woolman Financial Group
s.L.a. design                         Families & Youth                                                 Three rivers medical associates
                                                                      take a Part                                                        vince’s                          Workone northeast
sac Finance                       speedway redi mix                                                    Three rivers running co.
                                                                      tamara k. Fay training                                             vintage archonics                Workspace solutions
safety kleen systems              sperry van ness/Parke Group                                          tiberius arms
                                                                      tara cooperative                                                   viridian architectural design    World baseball academy
saint anne home & retirement      spherion staffing services                                           tilted kilt
   community                                                          tax matters solutions                                              vision management consulting     World of Windows of Fort
                                  splendid Fare by Figaro’s                                            tim didier meats
                                                                                                                                         vision scapes Lawn &                Wayne
salin bank & trust co.            springfield enterprises             taylor University mba            timberlin Properties
                                                                                                                                            Landscape                     WoWo-am
sam’s club                        sprint                              techedge corp.                   tinkels
                                                                                                                                         visit Fort Wayne                 WoW-Women of Wednesday
sanco industries                  sprint express                      technical operations corp.       tippmann industrial Products
                                                                                                                                         visiting nurse & hospice         WQhk-Fm/k-105
sand Point Living interiors       sprint Wireless revolution          technologies for Pure Living     tippmann Properties                  home                          Wright & Lerch
sansher corp.                     sPs corp.                           technology specialists           titan title service               vital Living Therapeutic         WXke rock 104
sauder Feeds                      st. Joseph hospital                 tecton corp.                     title express                        massage                       Xcel hr america
sauer Land surveying              st. Joseph township trustee-        texas road house                 tobacco Free allen county         volunteer center @ rsvP          Xerox corp.
scan                                  allen county                    tFe-transmission & Fluid         todd P. briscoe, dds, Pc          volunteer Lawyer Program of
                                                                          equipment                                                                                       Xymmetrix
schaab metal Products             st. Joseph Weekday children’s                                        tom kelley buick Gmc                 northeast indiana
                                      ministries                      The cellular connection                                                                             Yellow book Usa
scheerer mcculloch                                                                                     toolcraft                         vorderman motor Werks
   auctioneers                    staffmark                           The chapel                                                                                          Yeoman’s service center
                                                                                                       top notch                         votaw electric
schenkel & sons                   stanley steemer carpet cleaner      The cleaning co.                                                                                    Ymca of Greater Fort Wayne
                                                                                                       tork Products                     vP Warehousing
schenkel construction             star Financial bank                 The dehayes Group                                                                                   Yoder rahrig Family dentistry
                                                                                                       total Plastics                    W. a. sheets & sons
schmidt electric                  star Financial Leasing services     The entrepreneur’s source                                                                           Young Leaders of northeast
                                                                                                       total recovery services           W. c. borchelt & sons               indiana
schmucker construction co.        star homes by delagrange &          The Family business consulting                                     Wabash electric supply
                                                                                                       totallyusive travel                                                Your chamber connection
schroeder associates                  richhart                            Group
                                                                                                       touche Lighting control           Wagner electric of Fort Wayne    YWca
schust engineering                starbase indiana                    The Fort Wayne marriott
                                                                                                       tourkow, crell, rosenblatt &      Wagner-meinert                   Z. k. tazian associates
science central                   state Farm (denise shaffer)         The Gadget Girl
                                                                                                          Johnston                       WaJi-Fm & WLde-Fm
                                  state Farm insurance-agency         The Garrett state bank                                                                              Zimmerman brothers
sco engineering                                                                                        tower bank                        Wallen baptist church
                                      Field office                                                                                                                           excavating service
score                                                                 The hearth at sycamore village
                                                                                                       tower staffing                    Wallen hills                     Zoom information systems
                                  state Farm/scott robinson           The heritage of Fort Wayne
scottish rite center                                                                                   townePlace suites Fort Wayne      Wal-mart
                                  staybridge suites-Fort Wayne                                                                                                            Zumbrun construction co.
scott’s Food stores                                                   The history center                  north
                                  steamatic of Fort Wayne                                                                                Wane-tv
screencheck north america                                             The imaging center               tradesmen international
                                  steel dynamics                                                                                         Wayne asphalt & construction
scs environmental contracting                                         The Janitors supply co.          trails edge apartments               co.

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