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					Name                    SJ position                 New location      Current Job

Robert Caret            SJSU president              Boston, MA        U Mass president
David Yarnold           M-News editor               New York City     CEO of Audubon Society
Jerry Estruth           councilman                  Tucson            retired
Lou Cobarruviaz         police chief                Arvin, CA         police chief
Norm Mineta             mayor, congressman          Maryland          vice-chair of L & L Energy
Tony West               attorney, politician        Washington DC     assistant AG
Joe Natoli              M-News publisher            Miami             VP finance U of Miami
Susan Goldberg          M-News editor               Washington DC     Bloomberg News editor
Bill Lansdowne          police chief                San Diego         police chief
Jeremy Fogel            federal judge               Washington DC     director of Federal Judicial Center
Rob Elder               M-News editor               Sea Ranch         author
Amy Dean                labor leader                Chicago           labor consultant
John Neece              construction trades chief   Grants Pass, OR   retired
John Weis               asst. redevelopment chief   Boston, MA        Boston University lecturer
Jim Trotter             M-News columnist            Denver            manager of investigative website
Jay Rosenthal           political consultant        Toronto           political consultant
Frank Taylor            redevelopment chief         Salem, OR         retired, pro bono consultant
Iola Williams           councilwoman                Hattiesburg       retired, active in civic affairs
Jim Self                councilman                  Boise             runs personal fulfillment website
Jerry Ceppos            M-News editor               Baton Rouge       LSU communications school dean
Daniel Ortega           deputy police chief         Salinas           retired Salinas police chief
Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins   labor leader                Oakland           CEO of anti-poverty organization
Mike MacIntyre          SJSU football coach         Boulder, CO       UC Colorado football coach
Carl Mosher             SJ environmental manager    Sacramento        county engineering chief
Rikki Goede             asst. police chief          Piedmont          police chief