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									                  Sample Speeches - Retiring Politician

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen

Today I am not looking for votes. I am, instead, giving a vote of thanks. I am
thanking my colleagues, my staff, my family and indeed my friends for all they have
done for me in my political career. Any thing I achieved I achieved because of their
hard work, their support and their understanding. The things I did not achieve were,
of course, entirely due to the vagaries of politics!

There is a saying that says, "Uneasy is the head that wears the crown". I do not
know about that but I have to say that being a politician is not easy either. Your
voters may prefer the party you represent. They themselves, though, split up into a
thousand different groups with varying interests and varying opinions. I might add
that they are very vocal about such opinions and they expect their representative to
be equally vocal on their behalf.

That, of course, is the true meaning of democracy and we are very lucky to live in a
country where we can express our beliefs openly. As a politician, I have spent much
time meeting representatives of other countries who are not as liberal as our own.
There is all the difference in the world between strangled with red tape and actually
being strangled or tortured.

I have tried in my career to cut through that red tape on behalf of groups with whom
I have shared beliefs. I have also tried, and this is much more difficult, to see to it
that those whose beliefs are different to my own get a fair hearing. I am very glad to
see here today those who, though they do not always share my opinion, do share my
opinion of true democracy.

Being a politician involves long hours of travel, longer hours of work and often a
complete invasion of privacy. Today I must pay tribute to my wife and family who
have always been supportive although there were times they must have cursed the
democratic system. In fact, let us be honest, about it there were times when they
did curse the democratic system and me too! For some unknown reason it seems
that there is always an important political meeting on birthdays, school sports days
and wedding anniversaries!

Nonetheless, they too gained, as I did, from an exposure to different ideas, different
cultures and different people. They gained from learning that there were others who
had less than they did and others who demanded much of us all. I am speaking in
particular for the homeless because, as you all know, their cause has been the one
nearest to my heart. I consider that in a civilized society the fact that people remain
homeless is a cause for deep shame.

I thank you for your kindness, your consideration and today I have to thank you too
for your wonderful gift. It will be a constant reminder to me that my time in office
achieved one thing. That is that I made many, many good friends.

Politics is my past. My interest is in the future. After all, as the old saying goes I am
going to spend the rest of my life there.
                        SAMPLE DEBATE SPEECH

Animal Rights Speech

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Living youth of our generation, I ask a simple question. How can we stand and watch
millions of innocent beautiful creatures of God be killed on a daily basis? Where is
our humanity? How can we defend the murder of living beings? If we can defend
such a horrific act, then why are we so angered when another human being kills a
human being? Is this not the same thing?

Carnivores state that man needs meat in order to survive. However, humans forget
the founding fathers of society in the United States (the Native Americans) survived
without meat. Many Native American tribes survived without eating meat, but
instead depended upon the fruits of the land for not only their nutrition but also for
their personal needs (i.e. hygiene products, home décor, etc.) Even the tribes that
did hunt animals such as buffalo would utilize the entire animal for many things. One
buffalo could provide food and nourishment for an entire family from two weeks to a
month. The buffalo’s bones could serve as housing decorations, jewelry, and
materials for building tepees. The buffalo skin was for making leather for weapons,
tools, and coats. The modern world does not make such great use of one single
animal but instead lacks the common knowledge to utilize something in all aspects.

The most terrifying aspect of modern animal breeding is that animals are breed for a
sole purpose. Society is breeding animals for food, leather making, and reproduction.
Animals are now bred for leather coats, romp roast, and to breed more animals.
Some breeders use harmful chemicals such as pesticides in the foods they give their
animals, supposedly to prevent diseases. However, science has proven the opposite.
The forceful breeding of animals has also allowed rare animal diseases to spread at a
higher rate. Finally, the sole use of one animal for a sole purpose limits the amount
of animals available to live. This thus damages the food chain cycle nature intended.

I say free all animals from their impending death at the hand of the slaughterer.
Instead, give them the opportunity to live. After all, we have the same privilege.
                         RWS II FINAL EXAM: Semester I

Speeches Guideline Sheet:

   1. Speech must be in a debate style where the student takes a position (for or
      against) the topic of their choice.
   2. Recall that to debate properly one must acknowledge both sides of the
      argument and make references to the opposing side when needed.
   3. The debate style speech must not exceed three minutes.
   4. Students will be graded on:
         a. Speech write-up
         b. Speech oral presentation
         c. Note cards
   5. Speeches must type the write-up portion of their speech
   6. Note cards maybe hand written
   7. Oral presentations should be thorough and timely

   Oral Presentation:

   1.   No shorter then 2 minutes, no longer than 3 minutes
   2.   Presenter should speak loudly and clearly
   3.   Eye contact required with audience
   4.   Posture is appropriate
   5.   Student remains focused not fidgety

   Write Up:

   1.   Typed, double-spaced with 1 inch margins required, 12 pt. font
   2.   Two pages minimum, three pages maximum
   3.   Clear chronological format followed in five paragraph essay form
   4.   Sticks to the topic at hand
   5.   Proper grammar and spelling

   Note Cards:

   1.   Clearly written/typed
   2.   Follow the speech chronologically
   3.   Front side used only
   4.   Numbered


          Project Component                             Possible Points
Oral Presentation                           100
Write-up                                    100
Note Cards                                  50

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