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					                astound phone
                user’s guide

1-800-4-ASTOUND |
    Astound Phone works just like other home
    phone services you may be used to, though it
    does require some equipment that you may
    not be familiar with. An Astound Technician
    will connect a small device called a Multimedia
    Terminal Adaptor (MTA) between your cable
    line and the existing phone jacks in your house
                Astound Phone
    to enable the service. If you have high-speed
    internet service from Astound, the MTA may
    also act as your internet cable modem.

    Phone Equipment
    Note: Not all Multimedia Terminal Adapters
    (MTAs) look alike. The one you receive may vary
    slightly from the diagram below.

                   4   1. Power Light:
                          indicates whether AC power is
                   7      available to the unit

                       2. DS (Downstream):
                          indicates downstream
                                                            Operation Safety
                       3. US (Upstream):
                                                            Connecting the Telephony
                          indicates upstream connectivity   Modem (MTA) to your
                       4. Online:                           home’s existing telephone
                                                            wiring should be performed
                          indicates internet data
                                                            by a professional installer.
                          transmission status               Failure to do so may result
                       5. Link:                             in electrical shock, loss
                                                            of phone service, loss of
                          indicates Ethernet or USB         911/E911 service and/or
                          connectivity between the MTA      permanent damage to the
                          and computer                      Telephony Modem.
                       6. Telephone Line 1:
                          indicates status of line 1
                       7. Telephone Line 2:
                          indicates status of line 2
                       8. Battery:
                          indicates status of the battery
                          in the MTA
        Astound Phone


(   Phone 1

    Phone 2

(                             Computer USB
                             (choice of either
                             Computer Ethernet

                              Standby Button on the
                              front of the MTA
                              (It terminates the
                              USB/Ethernet connection.)
    Wall                      Reset Button

        Connecting the Astound Phone
        The Astound Phone Telephony Modem can
        be connected to your computer to work as an
        internet modem as well as a phone. While the
        MTA has two lines, the second line is only active
        if you have purchased an additional line from
        Astound Broadband.
        If problems exist with your phone service,
        connecting a phone directly into the back of the
        MTA will bypass your home’s existing wiring and
        help determine if the issue exists with the service
        or the wiring in your home.
    During a power outage your modem may lose power if
    it is not equipped with a battery backup or the battery
    has been drained. This may require you to be temporarily
    disconnected until a power cycle is performed. If your
    modem disconnects, you will not be able to use the
    phone until service is restored or a power cycle is
    performed. See the Troubleshooting section on the back
    cover for more troubleshooting steps.

    Standby Button
    Some MTAs have a Standby button on the front
    of the unit. Pressing the Standby button will either
    suspend or activate your computers connection to
    the Internet.
    •	   Online Mode – Modem is online indicated by an
         illuminated Online light on the Telephony Modem.

    •	   Standby Mode – Modem is offline and in standby
         indicated by a blinking Online light.                 911/E911
    The Standby button does not affect telephone               Emergency
    service; telephony service will work regardless of         Information
    the status of your computer’s connection to the            If you attempt to install
    internet.                                                  or use the Astound
                                                               Broadband equipment or
                                                               VoIP services at another
    Battery Backup                                             location, the VoIP services,
    Not all Telephony Modems (MTAs) have a battery             including but not limited
    backup. If your MTA does not have a battery                to 911/E911, may fail to
                                                               function or may function
    light on the front then you do not have a battery          improperly.
                                                               Astound Phone service is
    The battery backup will allow your phone service           electrically powered and
    to continue to work for a short period of time             that service, including
                                                               the ability to access 911
    should you lose power in your home. However,
                                                               services, home security
    if Astound’s network facilities are without power          and medical monitoring
    due to a local outage, cable service will not work,        services, may not operate
    including your Astound Phone service.                      in the event of an area
                                                               power outage or if the
                                                               cable connection is
    Reset Button                                               disrupted or not operating.
    Using a paper clip to push the Reset button on             Included with your
    the back of the Telephony Modem will reset the             equipment are advisory
    modem.                                                     warning stickers that
                                                               provide information
    •	 Straighten	a	paper	clip	and	press	into	the	reset	       regarding the limitations
       hole in the back of the MTA.                            of 911/E911 service with
                                                               VoIP services. Please place
    •	 Hold	down	this	button	until	the	lights	on	the	          these stickers on or near
       front of the MTA turn off and then release.             the equipment used with
                                                               Astound Phone services.

                                Astound Phone

Go	to:	http://www.              Astound Phone Portal
                                •	 Check	voice	mail	messages	online.
                                •	 Set	up	your	voicemail	preferences.
                                •	 Manage	your	Astound	Phone	features.
                                •	 Get	e-mail	alerts	when	you	receive	voicemails.
                                •	 Detailed	instructions	for	using	the	Astound	
                                   Phone Portal can be found at http://www.

Your PIN is the default
password for logging into the   How to Setup Your Voice Mailbox
Phone Portal.
                                •	 To	set	up	your	voice	mailbox	for	the	first	time	
                                   you must dial your 10-digit phone number from
                                   your home phone or dial *9.
                                •	 Enter	the	default	pass	code	when	prompted.	
                                   The default pass code will be the last four digits
                                   of the telephone number.
                                •	 You	will	be	prompted	to	create	a	personalized	
                                   pass code of four to eight digits.
                                •	 Record	a	name	announcement	(up	to	10	
                                   seconds long).
                                •	 Record	a	personal	greeting	(up	to	30	seconds)	
                                   or select the standard greeting.
                                •	 Prompts	will	allow	you	to	correct	and	re-record	
                                   announcements in case you are not satisfied
                                   with what you have recorded.

                                Checking Voice Mail Away from Home
                                To check your voice mail, simply dial your 10-digit
                                phone number and enter the pass code you created
                                when prompted. You can check your voice mail
                                from any location as long as you have done the
                                initial setup from your home phone. Simply dial your
                                10-digit phone number and press star (*) during the
                                greeting, then enter your pass code.

    Voice Mail Features
    •	 Each	message	is	time	and	date	stamped
    •	 Pressing	the	(0)	key	plays	helpful	hints
    •	 Messages	can	be	up	to	2	minutes	in	length
    •	 You	can	store	up	to	30	messages	or	60	minutes	
       worth of messages
    •	 Messages	can	be	saved	for	up	to	30	days.	To	save	
       messages, press (2)
                                                              Message Indicator
    •	 Greetings	can	be	recorded	up	to	30	seconds	in	
                                                              If you have a new voice
                                                              mail, you will notice a
    •	 To	pause	all	activity	for	30	seconds,	press	(8).	      “staggered” dial tone
       Press (8) to resume activity before the 30 seconds     when you pick up the line.
       pause has expired                                      This will continue until you
                                                              have called and checked
    •	 To	listen	to	a	new	voicemail,	press	(1)                your voice mail.
    •	 To	fast-forward	5	seconds	during	message	
       playback, press (99)
    •	 To	rewind	5	seconds	during	the	message	
       playback, press (77)
    •	 Press	(#)	to	keep	the	current	message	and	skip	to	
       the next message
    •	 To	Delete	a	message,	press	(3)
    • You can also check your voice                           Detailed instructions for
      mail messages online at                                 using the Astound Phone Your PIN is                  Portal can be found at
      the default password.
                                                              myastoundphone or by
                                                              following the
                                                     menu to
    How	to	Change	Your	Greeting,	Name	and                     Support > Telephone Help
    •	 Access	your	voice	mail	by	dialing	(*	9)	or	by	
       dialing your 10-digit phone number, followed by
       your passcode
    •	 Press	(3)	to	change	your	greeting	and	follow	the	
    •	 To	change	your	name,	press	(3)	for	the	greetings	
       menu, then press (3) to change your name and
       follow the prompts
    •	 To	change	your	PIN,	press	(4)	for	mailbox	settings,	
       then press (3) for security options and follow the

                                Astound Phone

                                Calling Features
                                The following features are included with Unlimited
                                Astound Phone or can be added to Basic Astound
                                Phone for an additional monthly charge.
                                •	 Call	Waiting – A tone will announce an
                                   incoming call when you are already on the
                                   phone. This feature comes automatically
                                   activated when included with or added to your
                                   Astound Phone service.
                                   Cancel Call Waiting (*70) – Turn off call
                                   waiting on a per call basis. Enter the code
                                   before making the call.

                                •	 Caller	ID	&	Call	Waiting	Caller	ID – View
                                   caller information for incoming calls. These
                                   features come automatically activated when
                                   included with or added to your Astound Phone

                                •	 Caller	ID	Block	(*67) – Block your Caller
                                   ID information from displaying on outbound
                                   calls on a per call basis. Enter the code before
                                   making the call.
Note: This feature is used      •	 Disable	Caller	ID	Privacy	(*82) – Turn off
if you have Caller ID Privacy
                                   Caller ID Privacy on a per call basis. Enter the
set as a permanent feature
on your Astound Phone. You         code before making the call.
will receive a message when
calling an individual who       •	 Repeat	Dial	(*66) – If you receive a busy signal
does not accept anonymous          when making a call, you can hang up, pick
calls. Simply hang up, dial        up the receiver again and enter the code. The
*82 and try again.                 system will continue to call the last number you
                                   dialed for up to 30 minutes. Once that line is
                                   free, your phone will ring with a distinctive ring.
                                   You may continue to make and receive phone
                                   calls as normal while this feature is activated.
                                   Cancel Repeat Dial (*86) – Disable repeat dial
                                   before the 30 minute time frame is over.

    •	 Return	Call	(*69) – Return the call of the last        Note: If the caller is
       person who called you. Like Repeat Dial, if the line   calling you from a cellular
                                                              phone, this feature will
       is busy it will continue to redial the number for up
                                                              tell you the number of
       to 30 minutes.                                         the last caller but you will
                                                              receive a busy signal if
       Cancel Return Dial (*86) – Disable return call         you attempt to dial them
       before the 30 minute time frame is over.               back through the Return
                                                              Call menu. Simply hang
    •	 Call	Forward	(*72) – Forward incoming calls to         up and dial the number
       another telephone number. If you forward calls         directly.
       to a long distance number, long distance charges
       may apply depending on your Astound Phone
       package. To activate Call Forwarding, press *72,
       wait for the confirming beeps, and then enter the
       phone number you would like calls forwarded
       to. You will immediately get a courtesy call at the
       phone number where calls will be forwarded.
       Answer the courtesy call to activate Call
       Forwarding. If you cannot answer the courtesy
       call, you must dial *72 again from your Astound
       Phone and wait for the confirmation tone.
       Cancel Call Forward (*73) – Disables current
       call forwarding.

    •	 Selective	Call	Forwarding	(*63)	– Forward calls        Note: Selective Call
       from a list of up to 12 people to another phone        Forwarding and Call
       line. All other calls will ring through normally.      Forwarding can be
                                                              available on the same line,
       Enter code again to edit or cancel Selective Call      but only one can be active
       Forwarding. Simply listen to the helpful prompts       at a time.
       that will walk you through setting up, adding and
       removing numbers or turning off this feature.

    •	 Selective	Call	Rejection	(*60) – Screen calls
       from up to 12 numbers that you specify. Enter
       code again to edit or cancel Selective Call
       Rejection. Simply listen to the helpful prompts
       that will walk you through setting up, adding and
       removing numbers or turning off this feature.

                             Astound Phone

                             •	 Selective	Call	Acceptance	(*64)	–	Accept
                                calls only from phone numbers that you specify.
                                Simply listen to the helpful prompts that will walk
                                you through setting up, adding and removing
                                numbers or turning off this feature.

                             •	 Anonymous	Call	Rejection	(*77)	–
                                Automatically block numbers that have disabled
                                their Caller ID information. They will hear a
                                message that you are not receiving anonymous
                                calls with instructions on how to disable their
                                Caller ID privacy.
                                Cancel Anonymous Call Rejection (*87) –
                                Disables anonymous call rejection.

                             •	 Distinctive	Alert	(*61)	–	Assign up to 12 phone
                                numbers a distinctive ring. To set up this feature,
                                dial *61, then follow the helpful prompts to add
                                or remove numbers.

Note: There is no            •	 Speed	Dial	(*74) – Store up to eight unique
automated service to            numbers for convenience and speed. It is as
walk you through setting
                                easy as pressing a one-digit number followed
up speed dial, so listen
carefully for the tone          by	the	#	key.	Adding	a	new	number	on	speed	
prompts.                        dial automatically replaces the previously saved
Note: To remove a speed         1. Pick up the line and listen for the dial tone.
dial number entirely,
simply dial *74, enter the      2. Dial *74 and listen for a second dial tone
one-digit code you wish         3. Enter a one-digit code from two to nine,
to remove and then press
#	again.
                                   followed by the local or long-distance number
                                   you want to store exactly how you would
                                   need to dial it to make the call and then press
                                   the	#	button	to	store	it
                                4. Listen for two beeps or a recording to confirm
                                   the number is stored and hang up.

     •	 Two-Digit	Speed	Dial	(*75)	- Store up to             Note: To remove a
        thirty unique numbers for convenience and            speed dial number
                                                             entirely, simply dial *75,
        speed. Similar to Speed Dial, it is as easy as       enter the one-digit code
        pressing	a	two-digit	number	followed	by	the	#	       you wish to remove and
        key. Adding a new number on two-digit speed          then	press	#	again.
        dial automatically replaces the previously saved
        1. Pick up the line and listen for the dial tone.
        2. Dial *75 and listen for a second dial tone
        3. Enter a two-digit code from twenty to forty
           nine, followed by the local or long-distance
           number you want to store exactly how you
           would need to dial it to make the call and
           then	press	the	#	button	to	store	it
        4. Listen for two beeps or a recording to confirm
            the number is stored and hang up.

     •	 Three	Way	Calling – Bridge together two lines        Note: Some phones have
        in addition to your own so that three separate       a “flash” or “link” button.
                                                             Use this instead of the
        individuals can speak on a single call.
                                                             receiver button to change
        1. While on a call with one of the individuals you   lines. While using three
           wish to conference with, press the receiver       way calling, call waiting is
           button for one second. You will get a dial
           tone and the other caller will be put on hold.
        2. Dial the number of the third party. When
           you get an answer, press the receiver button
           briefly again and all three parties will be
           connected. If the third party does not answer
           the phone, press the receiver button two
           times to cancel. You will still be connected to
           the first call.
        3. When either of the people you called hangs
           up, you remain connected to the other
           person. When you hang up, everyone is

                                Troubleshooting Tips
Note: It can take up to
5 minutes for phone
service to restore after
a power cycle.

                                •	 Power-cycling	a	Telephony	Modem	will	often	
                                   resolve most phone issues. If your Telephony
                                   Modem has a battery backup, please remove it
                                   before attempting a power cycle.
                                   1. Unplug the power from the MTA for one full
                                   2. Plug the power back into the MTA and wait for
                                      all the lights to become solid.
                                   3. Pick up your hand set and check for dial-tone
                                •	 If	the	Online	light	is	blinking	on	your	modem,	
                                   press the standby button to take your MTA out
                                   of standby mode.
                                •	 If	the	Downstream	(DS)	or	Upstream	(US)	lights	
                                   are blinking, see the internet troubleshooting
Call Data Records                  steps located on page 26.
If you are having technical
difficulties with an existing   •	 Unplug	the	phone	line	from	Line	1	in	the	back	
feature of your Astound            of the MTA and set aside. Plug a non-cordless
Phone service, it is very          phone directly into the MTA and test for dial-
helpful to have a call data        tone. If there is a dial-tone, plug each of your
record ready before calling
                                   phones in one at a time to try and find the piece
technical support. Simply
write down the date, time          of equipment causing the problem.
and phone number or             •	 Some	equipment	such	as	fax	machines,	certain	
feature you are attempting
                                   cordless phones and caller ID units were
to dial as an example
to give to our technical           designed before digital phone service was
support representative. This       available. Please check with the manufacturer to
information will allow us to       determine if your equipment can be used with a
investigate the error more         digital phone line.
                                •	 Voice	Mail	can	interfere	with	a	fax	machine	by	
                                   taking the calls and/or confusing a fax machine
                                   into thinking there is no dial tone. Plug a phone
                                   directly into the line and listen for a staggered
                                   dial tone. If a staggered dial tone exists you

                                1-800-4-ASTOUND |

1-800-4-ASTOUND |

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