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									 On the Move
              David                            Innovation
              Baranski,                    The San
              Envivio                      Francisco
               The South                   organization
               San Francis-                that helps
               co provider                 environ-
               of live and                 mental
on-demand multi-screen                     leaders fulfill
Internet-protocol video     their visions by providing
processing and delivery     nonprofit status and fiscal
tools appointed David       sponsorship services for
Baranski vice president     innovative conservation
of sales for the Americas   projects named John
region. Recently, he served Claussen to its board of
as senior vice president    directors. Currently, he
of global sales and field   serves as the Western Pa-
engineering at Cheetah      cific program officer at the
Technologies.               David and Lucile Packard
              Beriker,                         Paul
              Simply                           Gamble,
              Hired                            Financial
               The                             Engines
               Sunnyvale                       The Sunny-
               technology                      vale inde-
               company                         pendent
that operates a job search                     registered
engine appointed James          investment advisor named
Beriker president and           Paul Gamble executive
chief executive officer.        vice president of distri-
Additionally, he will serve     bution and institutional
as a member of its board        services. Previously, he
of directors. Recently, he      was vice president of insti-
held positions at Yahoo.        tutional retirement sales
                                at Scudder Investments.
              Brodie,                          Shengli
              Electric                         Han,
              Cloud                            Envivio
              The Sunny-                       The South
              vale cloud                       San Francis-
              company                          co provider
              that helps                       of live and
automate and accelerate                        on-demand
the application develop-        multi-screen Internet-pro-
ment and delivery process       tocol video processing and
appointed Steve Brodie          delivery tools appointed
chief executive officer.        Shengli Han vice president
Previously, he served in        of sales for Asia Pacific.
executive-level positions       Previously, he served as
at Serena Software.             an executive at Thomson
                                Broadcast Systems and
              Steve             Grass Valley.
              Advanced                         Tabitha
              Energy                           Jordan,
              Economy                          Plough-
                                               shares Fund
              The San
              Francisco                      The San
organization represent-                      Francisco
ing the advanced energy                      organization
industry named Steve            that focuses on ridding
Chadima senior vice             the world of nuclear
president of communica-         weapons named Tabitha
tions. Recently, he was         Jordan to its board of
vice president of external      directors. Currently, she
affairs at Suntech Power        is an executive director
Holdings.                       at the Adam J. Weissman
              Alon Chaver,
              Trulia                           Dean Sala,
              The San
              Francisco                         The San Jose
              online real                       provider of
              estate site                       portable
              that provides                     solar energy
              informa-                          products
tion on available homes,                        named
apartments, and offers          Dean Sala chief execu-
neighborhood insight in         tive officer. Previously, he
real estate market, named       was a senior engineer at
Alon Chaver vice president      Hewlett-Packard.
of industry services. He
is the founder of iHome-                       Ajay Singh,
finder.                                        Elastic
              Reed Henry,                    The Menlo
              Genesys                        Park pro-
               The Daly City                 vider of
               provider of                   platform-
               customer                      as-a-service
               service       technology enabling
               solutions     real-time access to soft-
               appointed     ware-as-a-service data
Reed Henry chief market- in the cloud appointed
ing officer. He is former    Ajay Singh chief execu-
CMO at ArcSight.             tive officer. Previously, he
                             was vice president and
John Claussen,               general manager at BMC
Trust for Conservation       Software.

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