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annual report - B nai Jeshurun


									        ANNUAL REPORT


 144th Annual Meeting Program

       Sunday, May 2, 2010

The David J. Moskowitz Sanctuary

             Order of the Day
                Voting Hours:
            8:45 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
           11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
            5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

   Annual Congregational Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
       Installation of Officers and Trustees
             Presentation of Awards
              Dessert Reception
         144th Annual Meeting of B’nai Jeshurun Congregation
                  The David J. Moskowitz Sanctuary
                         Sunday, May 2, 2010
Welcome                                                      David Shifrin, First Vice President
                                                             Annual Meeting Chair

Call To Order                                                Alan D. Gottlieb, President

Anthems                                                      Cantor Aaron Shifman

Invocation                                                   Rabbi Stephen Weiss

Recognition of Retiring Trustees                             Alan D. Gottlieb

Treasurer’s Report                                           Steven Eisenberg, Treasurer

Annual Tribute Dinner Update                                 Jody Katzner, Co-Chair
                                                             Annual Tribute Dinner Committee

Joseph M. Lomberg Award for Outstanding Individual Service   Andrea Canowitz, Awards Chair
       Hilda Gibberman

Rabbi Rudolph M. Rosenthal Outstanding Family Award          Andrea Canowitz
       Ellen, Lee, Lindsey and Madison Jackson

Volunteer Recognition                                        Susan Nash

Tovim - Minyan Support Group                                 Charles Gruenspan

Election Report and Installation                             Harvey Sass, Co-Chair
        Officers and New Trustees                            Jeffrey Zimon, Co-Chair
                                                             Nominating Committee

Installation of President                                    Avery S. Cohen

President’s Message                                          Alan D. Gottlieb

Adjournment                                                  Alan D. Gottlieb

Benediction                                                  Rabbi Hal Rudin-Luria
                                  Officers 2010-2011
                      President……………………………..…..Alan D. Gottlieb
                      First Vice President………………..………..David Shifrin
                      Vice President…………………….………...Shelley Scher
                      Vice President …………………….………….Gena Cohen
                      Vice President……………………..………...Jody Katzner
                      Treasurer………………………….….….Steven Eisenberg
                      Secretary………………………………...…..Scott Matasar
                      Associate Treasurer……………………….…...Susan Nash
                      Assistant Secretary………………………...Barbara Amper

                                   Board of Trustees
Gabor Adler                   Susan Frankel            Kenneth Kurland *           Donna Sperber *
Karen Bardenstein             Harvey Freiman           Doug Levin *                Darby Steiger *
Laura Bennett *               Daniel Geller            Melinda Mersack *           Karen Steiger
Gayl Berger                   Jerry Gideon             Michael Milgrom             Ronald Torch *
Jonathan Berns                Diane Ginsberg           Gary Okin                   Laurence Turbow
Richard Bluestone             Maury Greenstein         William Proper              Miriam Vishny
Andrea Canowitz *             Harley Gross *           Beth Robbins *              Edward Weinstein
Margie Cohen                  Michael Haas             Gil Rubanenko               Ilan Wexler *
Charles Daroff *              Stephen Hoffman *        Paula Schaffer-Polakof *    Cheryl Wikas
Lydia Frankel *               Lee Jackson              Debbie Shaw *               Helen Wolf
                                                       Sonya Shultz                Robert Zelwin

                                     *Incoming Board Members

                              Retiring Board Members
Dan Austrian                  Mark Doris               Michael Ellis               Robin Rood
Dan Dobres                    Rebekah Dorman           Toby Macknin

  Sisterhood                  Men’s Club   Hazak         USY
  President                   President Representative President
Paula Schaffer-Polakof          Bernard Kotton        Betty Fishman           Joshua Siegal

      Past Presidents                             Honorary Life Trustees
Harry J. Abraham         Michael H. Jacobson                   Herbert Bell
Ernest J. Benchell       Earl M. Linden                        Phyllis Bookatz
Murray J. Berkowitz      Michael J. Linden                     Saul Gottlieb
Deborah Botnick          Rey Macknin                           Hilda Miller
Avery S. Cohen           Richard M. Myers                      I. Ronald Moskowitz *
Paul S. Dennis           Nathan Oscar                          Jan Moskowitz *
Morton J. Gross          Alan Rutsky                           Myron Bud Stern
Charles Gruenspan        Isaac A. Yedid                        Jack Weingold

                                                               *Elected May 2010
                             B' Jeshurun Congregation
                               Financial Statements
                  Fiscal Year July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2009
                            Statement of Sources and Uses of Operating Funds
                                                                                  Year Ended
Sources of Operating Funds                                                       June 30, 2009
Dues from Members                                                         $ 1,151,019         51%
Mahar Annual Campaign                                                         206,241          9%
Endowment Funds (restricted and unrestricted)                                 336,855         15%
Religious School                                                              164,365          7%
Catering and Other Operating Revenues                                         146,403          6%
Tribute Dinner                                                                107,998          5%
Programs and Other Events                                                     102,093          5%
Donations and High Holiday Revenues                                            53,756          2%
Other Fundraising Revenues                                                      7,525          0%
       Total Sources of Operating Funds                                   $ 2,276,255        100%
Uses of Operating Funds
Clergy and Administrative Staff                                            $  964,550     42%
Building Operations (repairs, maintenance, utilities, and staff)              480,775     21%
Religious School (operations and staff)                                       344,870     15%
Programs and Other Events                                                     158,702      7%
Catering and Other Operating Expenses                                         158,661      7%
Synagogue Office Operations                                                    54,261      2%
Religious Services and Other Religious Functions                               65,749      3%
Fundraising (Mahar and Tribute Dinner)                                         43,657      2%
United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Annual Dues                           24,287      1%
       Total Uses of Operating Funds                                      $ 2,295,512    100%
                                Investments* and Fund Balances at June 30

Investment Holdings                                         2009                    2008
Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland              $ 3,562,784 77%       $ 5,700,235   86%
Israel Bonds and Other Investments                        898,658 19%           790,631   12%
Cash and Cash Equivalents                                 164,512   4%          164,630    2%
        Total Liquid Assets                           $ 4,625,954 100%      $ 6,655,496  100%
Fund Balances by Category
Endowment Funds                                       $ 3,531,520 76%       $ 4,979,435  75%
Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund                              782,192 17%         1,096,972  17%
Building Fund                                             147,730 3%            417,350   6%
Operating Fund                                            164,512   4%          161,739   2%
       Total Liquid Assets                            $ 4,625,954 100%      $ 6,655,496 100%

* The term Investments as used above includes cash and cash equivalents, stocks, and bonds (all at market
value); but does not include the value of land, buildings, furniture, fixtures, equipment, or receivables.
                                  The Ner Tamid Society
The Ner Tamid Society is a group of dedicated members of B’nai Jeshurun who have stepped forward to make
a difference in the present and future of the congregation through their enhanced annual financial commitment
                                                to the synagogue.

With one annual gift commitment, either at the $20,000 (and above) Enhanced Level of Annual Giving, or at
 the $10,000 (and above) Enhanced Level of Annual Giving, Ner Tamid Society Members not only pay their
yearly membership dues, which includes Endowed Seats in The David J. Moskowitz Sanctuary for High Holy
   Days Services, but in addition generously contribute to other important congregational fundraising, and
                             receive other valuable membership enhancements.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our Ner Tamid Society Members:

                                        Susan and Jeffrey Friedman

                                         Toby and Morton J. Gross

                                         Rochelle and Harley Gross

                                         Bernice and Saul Gottlieb
                                          Jodi and Jeffrey Gottlieb
                                          Lorin and Alan Gottlieb
                                           Cari and Gary Gross
                                         Shirley and William Haas
                                         Stacie and Jeffrey Halpern
                                           Ethel and Earl Linden
                                             Norman Millstein
                                         Lenore and Nathan Oscar
                                         Ileen and William Proper
                                         Debbie and David Shifrin

               If you wish to receive information about The Ner Tamid Society, please contact
            Alan Gottlieb or Harley Gross, Co-Chairs, or Ralph J. Rosenthal, Executive Director.
                      Endowment Funds and Special Gifts
B’nai Jeshurun’s continued financial stability depends upon the strength and growth of our Endowments, as
well as Special Gifts. We acknowledge the generous support and commitment to the synagogue demonstrated
over the past year by the following Special Gifts:

To The Bessie Hershey Religious School, to support religious education and youth activities, from the B’nai
Jeshurun Congregation Sisterhood

To The Cantor’s Music Fund, from The Daniel and Ethel Hamburger Music Fund, by Harold and Sandra
Levine, Trustees

To The Jack Jacobson and Belle Jacobson Winograd Library, from Raphael Simon

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Ileen and Larry Boro

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Zehava and Steven Galun

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Ronda (Cookie) and Herbert Marcus and Lois and
Martin Marcus

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Ileen and William Proper

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Joann and Joel Salon

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from the Weingold Family

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Dr. Harry Zelwin

To The Jewish Family Early Childhood Center, from Ronna and Robert Zelwin

To The Weingold Academy for Higher Jewish Learning, and The Weingold Scholar-in-Residence Weekend,
from the Weingold Family
  Thank you and congratulations to each and every one of the following 2009 Mahar Donors. You made our
  Annual Campaign a success. We raised over $206,000 from 395 contributors. Each and every gift was very

  We sincerely appreciate the generosity of every individual and family who contributed to the Annual Mahar
  Campaign. These important dollars enable our congregation to continue to provide affordable and excellent
                                services and programming for our congregants.

                        Together, we look forward to the continuing growth of Mahar:
                                   Giving Today …. Ensuring Tomorrow

                                  Together, we further B’nai Jeshurun’s mission
   “to ensure the flourishing of Jewish life through educational, social and Conservative religious experiences in
                                          a warm and dynamic community.”

                                       Co-Chairs, 2009 Mahar Campaign

Moses                                  Yael and Kenny Cohen                  Shelley and Mark Scher
Susan and Jeffrey Friedman*            Fran and Mark Doris                   Carolyn and Bernard Stulberg
                                       Amy and Stephen Hoffman               Terry and Robert Zimmerman
Abraham & Sarah                        Eleanor and Dan Hurwitz
Penny and Robert Greenberger           Cookie and Paul Joseph                Aaron
Rochelle and Harley Gross*             Judy and Larry Klein                  Gloria and Ian Abrams
Toby and Morton J. Gross*              Beth and David Orlove                 Daryl and Ronald Bailey
Joan and Isaac Yedid                   Linda and Carl Orringer               Eunice and Ernest Benchell
                                       Halina Podlipsky                      Carolann and Martin Cohen
                                       Debbe and Martin Rabinowitz           Nancy and Alan Doris
                                       Barbara and Alan Rosskamm             Stacey Hader Epstein and
                                       Jocelyn and Peter Saltz                 David Epstein
Belai Damtew
                                       Michelle and Howard Shear             Lynn Shesser and Gary Falk
Bernice and Saul Gottlieb*
Lorin and Alan Gottlieb*                                                     Sherry and Ira Feuer
Cari and Gary Gross*                   Maimonides                            Rochelle and Harry Friedman
Shirley and William Haas*              Nicki and Gabor Adler                 Debra and Peter Guren
Stacie and Jeffrey Halpern*            Marilyn and Herbert Bell              Renee and Brian Heller
Ethel and Earl Linden*                 Tova and Chad Cohen                   Linda Schoenberg and
Norman Millstein*                      Harriet and Paul Dennis                 William Jones
Lenore and Nathan Oscar*               Zehava and Steven Galun               Suellen and Larry Kadis
Ileen and William Proper *             Elise and Allan Goldner               Roseanne and Michael Kadis
Deborah and David Shifrin*             Raquel and Michael Haas               Wendy Adelman and
                                       Amy Sheon and Marvin Krislov            Chuck Kampinski
                                       Berinthia and Mark LeVine             Susan and Jeffrey Nash
Isaac & Rebecca
                                       Sheryl Handler and Scott Matasar      Elissa and Gary Okin
                                       Marilyn and Richard Myers             Barbara and Robert Pincus
Mary and Murray Berkowitz
Salli and Alan Rutsky              Marian and Stuart Gertman          Sharon and Barnett Elman
Michelle and Harvey Sass           Sandra and Marshall Goldman        Shulamith and Gerald Erenberg
Sabrina and Cantor Aaron Shifman   Debbie and Jerry Isaak-Shapiro     Carol and Joseph Feig
Sonya Shultz                       Teri and Craig Koslen              Amy and Mark Fishman
Karen and Daniel Steiger           Roslyn and Edward Kowit            Ilene and Geoffrey Frankel
Darby and Jon Steiger              Margaret and Maurice Leiser        Susan and Mitchell Frankel
Ruth Vinney                        Teri and Paul Madow                Judy and Marc Freedman
Ruth Viny                          Joyce Rothschild and Dan Mansoor   Harriet and Harvey Freiman
Joan and Charles Whitehill         Cookie and Herbert Marcus          Barbara and Lee Friedman
Cheryl and Schield Wikas           Hedy and Michael Milgrom           Diane and Melvin Ginsberg
Ronna and Robert Zelwin            Melissa and Brad Ortman            Susan and Richard Glaser
                                   Jeanne Shatten and Larry Oscar     Linda and Eric Glassman
Jacob, Rachel & Leah               Mary and Donald Perlmutter         Susan and David Goldstein
Gena and Ethan Cohen               Susan and Nelson Pole              Joyce Golub
Miriam Vishny and Mark Cohen       Ellen Kowit-Potter and             Norma and Arnold Goodman
Wendy and Dan Dobres                 Steven Potter                    Susan and Jerry Gottlieb
Diane and Michael Ellis            Beth and Brian Robbins             Melissa and Allen Hart
Norma and Albert Geller            Sandra and Jeremy Rosenthal        Rachel and Joel Heiser
Laura and Jody Katzner             Bernice and Donald Rothman         Cindy and Joel Herman
Joy Leventhal                      Erika and Rabbi Hal Rudin-Luria    Nancy and Benjamin Isakovic
Sondra and Richard Martin          Janet and Lee Shapiro              Ann (Candy) and Philip Jacobson
Bonnie and Howard Potash           Tami and Joel Siegal               Mady and Richard Kaiser
Susan and David Rapkin             Carol and Irwin Sokol              Nancy and Joel Kay
Marlene and Edmond Ricanati        Arlene and Larry Turbow            Elaine and Jerome Kohn
Beth and Frank Rosenberg           Naomi and Rabbi Stephen Weiss      Lita and Paul Koret
Debbie and Ralph Rosenthal         Idelle and Abraham Wolf            Amanda and Kenny Kurland
Alta and Arnold Rosenzweig         Adena Gwartzman and Neil Wyant     Caren and Harry Lever
Marcia and Gerald Rothschild       Eileen and Allen Youngman          Susan and Howard Levin
Florence Schreibman                                                   Beth and Isaac Lewin
Shirley Shatten                    Elijah                             Toby and Rey Macknin
Albert Smith                       Debbie and Harry Adler             Harriet and Gary Mann
Penny and David Strauss            Connie and Murray Altose           Suzanne Schaffer and
Zissie and Norman Weissman         Susan and Victor Amster              Sanford Markowitz
Jill and Jeffrey Zimon             Sherry and Kenneth Banchek         Nancy and Irving Oleinick
                                   Gayl and Alan Berger               Estelle Payner
Ruth                               Barbara and Robert Bilenker        Eliana LeVine and Joshua Polster
Ziona and Dan Austrian             Natalie and Richard Bluestone      Ellen Gelles and Steven Ricanati
Karen and David Bardenstein        Fay and Edward Blumenthal          Robin and Mark Rood
Laura and Michael Bennett          Scott Bogard                       Diane and Scott Sable
Susan and John Brelus              Melanie and Bruce Botnick          Debbie and Grant Sabroff
Dana and Howard Darvin             Marvin Chernin                     Alex Savitz
Julie and Steven Deutch            Susannah and Avery Cohen           Rachel and Joel Schwarz
JoAnn and Steven Eisenberg         Rebecca and Jacob Cohen            Wendy and William Schwarz
Eileen and Donald Epstein          Margie and David Cohen             Wendi and Robert Shapiro
Denise and Lee Farkas              Abby and Charles Daroff            Lorna and Adam Siegal
Louise Feiner                      Joan Delahay                       Linda and Jerry Siegan
Barry Feldman                      Ruth and David Dobres              Beth and Howard Simon
Diane and Jesse Frankel            Robin and Richard Douglass         Michael Simons
                                   Faith and Dean Eisenberg           Donna and Howard Sperber
Marsha and Melvin Strauss       Estelle Rosenberg               Miriam Cohen
Betty and Kevin Trangle         Marcy and Edward Rosenthal      Lance Colie
Nancy Tresser                   Alice and Jonathan Roth         Wendy and Stephen Dahar
Diane and Michael Tucker        Elmer Rubin                     Laurie and Ira Davis
Judith Rosman and               Alberto Sardon                  Melissa and Lee Estrin
  Michael Vogelbaum             Gary Schnur                     Marilyn Faur
Carole Walters                  Marcia Schreibman               Sheryl and Rob Felber
Jane and Richard Warn           Rosalie and Morley Schwebel     Sarah Felder
Joni and Steven Wasserman       Ellen and Gordon Shefner        Marlene and Stan Fishel
Lynn and Harold Wasserman       Pauline and Elvin Shultz        Betty Fishman
Debra and Max Wiznitzer         Shawn and Barry Simon           Eileen Fox
Helen and Paul Wolf             Marcy Stahm                     Lydia and Michael Frankel
Betty and Jeffrey Wynbrandt     Myron Bud Stern                 Neff Fremont
                                Judy and Brad Swimmer           Lynne Friedman
Miriam                          Lois Teitelman                  Beverly Galun
Barbara Amper                   Marc Terkel                     Rose and Arthur Gelbart
Joyce and George Becker         Michele and Ronald Torch        Irene Golub
Roxanne and Alper Behar         Susan and Fred Valins           Sheila and Mark Goodman
Sandra and Robert Berkowitz     Michele Cydulka Weinstein and   Elaine Greene
Judy Hirko and James Besunder   Edward Weinstein                Marilyn and Stuart Greenwald
Joanne and Steven Brown         Carol and David Willen          Sheri and David Gross
Andrea and Aaron Canowitz       Ellen and Jack Wohl             Linda and Charles Gruenspan
Melissa Canowitz                                                Abbey and Michael Guggenheim
Janice Carrick                   Hillel                         Sharen and Marvin Halpern
Nita and Phill Cohen             Anonymous                      Sheila and Rabbi Michael Hecht
Ellen and Robert Cole            Julie Abrams                   Linda and Louis Herman
Karen and Sanford Evenchik       Edna and Yair Akrish           May and Robert Hershey
Bea Franklin                     Sheila and Robert Allenick     Janet and Craig Hoffman
Laura and Daniel Geller          Terry and Moris Amon           Sharon Weissman and
Deborah and Jerry Gideon         Rebekah Dorman and David Ashpis Louis Horwitz
Marcie and Robert Gilmore        Elliot Azoff                   Fran Hurwitz
Louise and Harry Gips            Amanda Banchek                 Michele and Innenberg
Meryl and Jefffrey Goldberg      Jeremy Banchek                 Vera Isakowitz
Joan and Maury Greenstein        Stacey Banchek                 Marci and Daniel Jacobs
Cheryl and Mark Groner           Karen and Michael Barson       Melinda and Mark Jacobs
Jacalyn and Stanley Hazen        Rachel and Richard Berkowitz   Lana and Michael Jacobson
Ellen and Lee Jackson            Jill Bernstein                 Marlene and Bernard Kain
Melissa Frankel and Leonard Kahn Irene and Harvey Bernstein     Stanislava Katsman
Susan and Sheldon Karp           Marc Bernstein                 Bonnie and Abraham Kay
Sandra and Jay Kaufman           Pam and Samuel Besunder        Howard Kimmel
Marilyn and Allan Klein          Julie and Alex Beynenson       Ethel Klein
Eunice and William Leizman       Carole and Martin Blake        Lois Klein
Joni and Alan Lichtin            Therese and Alan Blumenthal    Arnold Kohn
Daphne and Jay Morrow            Phyllis Bookatz                Vivian and Joseph Koppelman
Lynda and Nelson Newman          Rhoda and Morris Bordman       Barbara and Bernard Kotton
Anclaire Oscar                   Bea Borwick                    Ruth Koway
Heidi and Bernard Perla          Frances and Aaron Bulloff      Rose and Daniel Lash
Paula Schaffer-Polakof and       Joanne and Leonard Caminer     Deborah and Jonathan Lee
  Steven Polakof                 Rifka and Matthew Claypool     Barbara and Robert Leeson
Jonathan Lever                   Jill and Benjamin Stulberg
Lauren and Doug Levin            Sandra Tucker
Leslie and Kenneth Levine        Sally Turbow
Michelle and Adam Levine         Lillian and Irving Ullman
Aileen and Donald Levy           Moira and Wolf Utian
Sandra and William Lieberman     Barbara Warshawsky
Hana and Michael Loewenstein     Adrienne and Melvin Wasserman
Carol and Morris Mandel          Ethel Weinstein
Mildred Mandel                   Savine Gross Weizman
Robyn and Jeffrey Margolis       Sister Donna Wilhelm
Tom Mart                         Deborah and Howard Willen
Stan Miller                      Fay Winger
Rebecca and Richard Miller       Nina Alekseyeva and Seth Woolf
Inna Mongayt                     Karen and David Yahr
Sylvia and Paul Morrison         Illein Youngman
Philip Moskowitz                 Tanya and Yuri Zelenkov
Galya and Yoram Moyal            Sandra and Robert Zelvy
Marilyn and Paul Ozan            Estelle and Ben Zide
Rochelle and David Paley-Fusco   Nan Zieleniec
Jolan Palkovitz
Eve and Craig Phythyon
Carol Ronder
Miriam and Dan Rose
Michelle and Joel Rosenberg
Barbara and Arthur Rosenfeld
Susan Warshay and Jay Ross       * Ner Tamid Society Member
Linda and Stuart Schulhof
Abbie Nagler Sender and
  Steven Sender
Burnice Shaw
Deborah and Greg Shaw
Sandra Sieman
Corrine and Harvey Silverman
Sousan and Bijan Simhai
Eric Skoke
Vivian Solganik
Cheryl and Robert Spira
Jane Steckler
Eleanor Steigman
                                         Moses                    $10,000 and above
                                         Abraham & Sarah          $ 5,000 - $9,999
                                         Rashi                    $ 3,600 - $4,999
                                         Isaac & Rebecca          $ 1,800 - $3,599
                                         Maimonides               $ 1,118 - $1,799
                                         Aaron                    $ 720 - $1,117
                                         Jacob, Rachel & Leah     $ 540 - $ 719
                                         Ruth                     $ 360 - $ 539
                                         Elijah                   $ 180 - $ 359
                                         Miriam                   $ 118 - $ 179
                                         Hillel                       UP to $ 117
                   One Family Campaign & Voluntary Dues Increase Program
Thanks to the generosity of the following congregants to either our One Family Campaign or our Voluntary
Dues Increase Program (or both), the synagogue has been able to reach out to and retain all of our members
during this time of financial hardship for many.

Abraham & Sarah                       Dr. David & Susan Goldstein          Elijah
Dan & Eleanor Hurwitz                 Marvin & Sharen Halpern              Ethan & Gena Cohen
                                      Leonard Kahn                         Norman & Ann Cohen
Rashi                                 Dr. Harry & Caren Lever              Dr. Phill & Nita Cohen
Irv & Hedy Weiss                      Dr. Irv & Flora Lewis                Mel & Diane Ginsberg
                                      Scott Matasar &                      Richard & Susan Glaser
Isaac & Rebecca                         Dr. Sheryl Handler-Matasar         Dr. David & Debbie Grischkan
Martin & Carolann Cohen               Alan & Barbara Rosskamm              Howard Groedel
Alan & Lorin Gottlieb                 David & Deborah Shifrin              Michael & Raquel Haas
Saul & Bernice Gottlieb               Irwin & Carol Sokol                  William & Sandra Lieberman
Stephen & Amy Hoffman                 Henrik Sperling                      Simon Lipp
Steven & Debbie Karklin               Daniel & Karen Steiger               Robert & Barbara Pincus
Edward & Roslyn Kowit                 Ruth Vinney                          Dr. Howard & Bonnie Potash
Kenny & Amanda Kurland                Steven & Rose Viny                   Dennis & Beverly Seaman
Earl & Ethel Linden                   Charles & Joan Whitehill             Sonya Shultz
Michael Linden                        Willie & Sandy Witt                  Jon & Darby Steiger
Norman Millstein                                                           Dr. Lawrence & Judith Wolkoff
Mark & Beth Milstein
The Moskowitz Family                  Jacob, Rachel & Leah                 Miriam
David & Beth Orlove                   Steve & JoAnn Eisenberg              Morris & Rhoda Bordman
The Sapirstein-Stone Foundation       Lawrence Oscar & Jeanne Shatten      Julian & Etole Kahan
Erwin & Myra Weiss                                                         Marvin Krislov & Dr. Amy Sheon
Isaac & Joan Yedid                                                         Dr. Joshua Polster & Eliana LeVine
                                      Ruth                                 Steve Sender & Abbie Nagler
Maimonides                                                                 Sender
                                      Debby Botnick
Julius Abrams
                                      John & Susan Brelus
Dr. Herbert & Marilyn Bell                                                 Hillel
                                      Dr. Mark Cohen &
Dr. Howard & Dana Darvin                                                   Michael & Laura Bennett
                                        Dr. Miriam Vishny
Joe & Carol Feig                                                           Richard & Rachel Berkowitz
                                      Dr. Steven & Julie Deutch
Larry & Suellen Kadis                                                      Aaron & Frances Bulloff
                                      Dr. David Epstein &
Michael & Roseanne Kadis                                                   David & Margie Cohen
                                        Stacey Hader Epstein
Joy Leventhal                                                              Dr. Jacob & Rebecca Cohen
                                      Dan & Laura Geller
Harvey & Michele Sass                                                      David & Ruth Dobres
                                      Victor Gross
Drs. Robert & Teresa Zimmerman                                             Drs. Ronald & Joyce Emrich
                                      Sam Hauptman
                                                                           Stephen & Eva Freeman
                                      Larry & Judy Klein
Aaron                                                                      Lynne Friedman
                                      Dr. Howard & Susan Levin
Anonymous                                                                  Dr. Jeffrey & Meryl Goldberg
                                      James & Lisa Loeb
Dr. Ronald & Daryl Bailey                                                  Marc & Nadia Groedel
                                      Rey & Toby Macknin
Bart & Carole Bookatz                                                      Joel & Rachel Heiser
                                      Richard & Marilyn Myers
Dr. Malcolm & Evelyn Brahms                                                Vera Isakowitz
                                      Jeff & Susan Nash
Dr. Chad & Tova Cohen                                                      William Jones &
                                      Ralph & Debbie Rosenthal
Paul & Harriet Dennis                                                        Dr. Linda Schoenberg
                                      Rabbi Hal & Erika Rudin-Luria
Mark & Fran Doris                                                          Lee & Dr. Melissa Korland
                                      Dr. Mark & Shelley Scher
Dr. Gary Falk & Lynn Shesser                                               Dr. Bernard & Barbara Kotton
                                      Cantor Aaron & Sabrina Shifman
Dr. Lee & Denise Farkas                                                    Shelda Lenetz
                                      Rabbi Stephen & Naomi Weiss
Louise Feiner                                                              Dr. Gary Schnur
Stuart & Marian Gertman                                                    Burnice Shaw
                         Professional Staff
                       Stephen Weiss, Senior Rabbi
                    Hal Rudin-Luria, Associate Rabbi
                   Stanley J. Schachter, Rabbi Emeritus
                      Michael Hecht, Rabbi Emeritus
                          Aaron Shifman, Cantor

                  Ralph J. Rosenthal, Executive Director
                       Marcella Stahm, Controller
                     Lita Koret, Educational Director
                  Barbara Rosenfeld, Executive Educator
                      Dana Blocker, Youth Director
                Risa Roth, Early Childhood Center Director
                        Raphael Simon, Librarian

                       Administrative Staff
                     Wendy Altmire, School Secretary
        Julie Berman, Cantor’s Secretary/B’nai Mitzvah Coordinator
          Paula Botkin, Accounting/Cemeteries/Event Coordinator
                      Shirley Haas, School Secretary
         Diane Shalom, Rabbi Weiss’ Assistant/Newsletters Editor
                   Rachel Taxer, Secretary/Receptionist

                        Maintenance Staff
                Henderson Grant, Maintenance Supervisor
James Gilmore              James Grant                James Grant, Jr.
             Gloria Lawson              Charles Rhynes

                      Special Thank You To
      Paula Schaffer-Polakof                       Andrea Canowitz
      Chair, Catering Committee                    Chair, Awards Committee

                     Nominating Committee
                          Harvey Sass, Co-Chair
                         Jeffrey Zimon, Co-Chair
                               Susan Frankel
                             Michael Jacobson
                             Michael Milgrom
                               Eve Phythyon
                               Karen Steiger

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