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SLIGH FURNITURE COMPANY - Grand Rapids Public Library


									                        GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., MARCH 12. 1910


The Largest Manufacturers of CHAMBER FURNITURE
Catalogue to Prospective Customers.                   GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.
2                                                      WEEKLY             ARTISAN

p-'    _.   - • - -   •                                                                                       -~
                          Have you had anything from The Luce Furniture Co. lately?
                                     Bedroom and Dining Room equipment in profusion.
                                                                                                            .1     I

~     .. _.-
                                                                    Place---Grand Rapids.
                                                                           .           a_a.   a_a   .   •

                                                                                                            - .. ~ I
       luce-Redmond Chair Co., ltd.                BIG RAPIDS,                    MICH.

                                                       High Grade Office Chairs
                                                           Dining Chairs
                                                       Odd Rockers and Chairs
                                                        Desk and Dresser Chairs
                                                            Slipper Rockers
                                                         Colonial Parlor Suites

                                                              Dark and Tuna Mahogany
                                                                 BIrds's Eye Maple
                                                                  ff?.!farttrtd Oak
                                                                 Clrcasslan Walnut

                                                  Our Exhibit you will find on the
            fourth        floor,   East Section, MANUfACTURERS' BUILDING, North Ionia Street
                                                       GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN
                           Exhibit in charge of   J.   C. HAMILTON, C. E. COHOES,J. EDGAR FOSTER.
                                                                                                                          GRAND R /\ ,~>,'"

   30th Year-No. 37
                                              GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., MARCH 12, 1910                                                              Issued Weekly

              Plan to Help the Unemployed by Putting Them in Touch With Those Who
                                       Need Their Services.
        );"othIng has uccurred 111 the BniIsh 1I1dustnal wodd m
                                                                                     CopIes or dlmmalles            of any agreement,.,        mutually    arranged
   recent years whIch has attracted        more attentIOn     than the
                                                                                     between       assoclatIOn'3     of employers         and VI orkmen      for the
   1I1auguratIOn of the government      labor exchanges    through an
                                                                                     regulatIOn of wages or other condItIOns of labor 111 any trade
   act of ParlIament      pa~sed last year    The royal commISSIOn
                                                                                     may, WIth the consent of the vanous partIes to such agree-
   on the poor laws recommended          unammously     the establIsh-
                                                                                     ments, be filed at a labor erchange, and any pUblIshed rules
   ment of the exchanges        whIch are not deSIgned to furnIsh
                                                                                     made by publIc authontIes              WIth 1e~ard to lIke mattel ~ may
  temporary      aId to the un employ ed, but to dIrect labor where
                                                                                    also be filed       Documents        so filed are to be open to 1l1SpectlOn
  It IS needed       The central Idea IS that the informatIOn         of
                                                                                    on applIcatIOn          1\0 pe1son IS to suffer any d1squalIficatIn             or
  "wants" and "wanted" shall be perIodIcally sent fJ om branche~
                                                                                    be otherWIse prejudIced              on account       of refus1I1g to accept
  to central offices, and thence transmItted      to other localIties
                                                                                    employment        found for hIm through            a labor exchange where
  \;\Then necessary     advances wIll be made to pay fares of un-
                                                                                    the ground of 1efu'>al IS that a trade dIspute VI h1ch affects hH
  employed persons to pOInts whel e theIr labor is needed, such
                                                                                    trade eXIsts or that the wages offe1 ed are lOwer than those
  advances to be 1efunded from wages
                                                                                    current 111 the trade In the dIstrIct where employment                IS found
         The UnIted KIndom has been dIVIded for the purpose of
                                                                                         \Vhen an applIcant            for employment        has been engaged
   these exchanges      into 11 mdustrIal       areas      In each of these
                                                                                   through      a labor exchange at whIch he 1'3 regIstered                 to take
   there is a clearIng house for labor applIcatIOns, whIch IS In
                                                                                   up employment           at any pnce removed from the exchange or
   dIrect contact WIth the natIOnal clearIng house In London
                                                                                   from hIS ordinary           residence     by more than 5 miles by the
  I1hree c1a"ses of exchanges are prOVIded for In each drvIsIOn,
                                                                                   quickest route, or by such other dIstance as the Board of
   accod1l1g to populatIOn of the CItIes            It IS belIeved that the
                                                                                   Trade may dIrect from tIme to tIme, eIther generally                        or as
  system Inaugurated        WIll re"uIt in IntellIgent       CO-01dinatIOn of
                                                                                   regards any speCIfied d1stnct, the officer m I charge may, at
  supply and demand in the BrItish labor market
                                                                                   his discretIOn,        make an advance           to the applIcant        toward
         On the openIng day, February             1, nearly 80 exchanges
                                                                                   meetIng the expenses            of travdIng       to the place of employ-
  were 111 operatIOn and thousands             of applIcations      for work
                                                                                   ment.     The advance may be made at the request either of the
  were receIved        These represented        all classes of labor, and
                                                                                  employer or of the applIcant                 The person at whose request
  did not seem to come to any conSIderable                  extent from the
                                                                                  the advanCe IS made mu;"t gIVe such undertakmg                         WIth re-
  shiftless and mcompetent           Employers       also made use of the
                                                                                  spect to the 1epayment                of the advance        a" the Board of
  exchanges      Separate     departments      have been organized          for
                                                                                  Trade, WIth the consent of the treasury,                   may from time to
  women, designed mainly for those who possess skIll in some
                                                                                  tIme prescllbe,        eIther generally        or as regards      any speCIfied
  partIcular  Ime, and It IS thought         that this feature will en-
                                                                                 dIStrICt Or class of applIcant'>             In making advances care is to
 courage younger women to fit themselves                 for mdustnes       re-
                                                                                 be taken         to aVOId unduly           encouragmg       rural laborers       to
 quiring skIll      The Central       (unemployed)        Body of London
                                                                                 mIgrate from the country                 to the town;" or between           Great
 states that during the last three year'3 the demand for expert
                                                                                 BntIan       and Ireland          The advance         1'> not    to exceed the
 women worker" m the more highly skIlled handIcrafts,                    such
                                                                                 amount reqUlred to defray the applIcant's                    fa1 e to the place
 as dressmakmg,       taIlonng,   l1ullIneI y, artIfiCIal flower making,
                                                                                 of employment,          and IS to be made by the provision of a tic-
 and fancy box makmg, was greatly 111 exce.,'3 of the supply
                                                                                 ket 01 pas'>. or, 111 exceptIOnal cases, Ul cash                  The officer m
                          Rules for Applicants.                                  charge of a labor exchange IS to consult the central office in
       The regIstIatIOn     of applIcants for employment          IS to hold     London       before notIfyIng         to the applIcant        for employment
good for 7 days from the date of regIstratIOn                 The officer m vacancies at any place outSIde the BntIsh Isle'>
charge of an eAchange, 111 notIfvmg                 applIcatIOns    for em-                                  Strikes and Lockouts.
ployment and vacanCIes to employeI'3 and applIcants,                  1espec-
                                                                                        The Board of Trade, under who~e general management
tlvely, 1'3to undertake      no responsIbIlIty     WIth regard to wages
                                                                                the law places the exchange~, may f01 m local adVIsory trade
or other condItIOns         beyond supplymg           any mformatIOn        1ll
                                                                                committees         vvhen ever deemed deSIrable, the'>e to coni'iist of
hIS pos~ession      as to the rate of wages deSIred or offered
                                                                                employers        and workmen          In equal numbels           The duties of
 4                                                                        WEEKLY                   ARTISAN

..........       ,                                                                                 ~--_._._._._---_._._._._.-_._- -- ----_._-----
     STAR CASTER                                                                                       We     Manufacture        the
                     NORTH   UNION    STREET,    GRAND    RAPIDS,    MICH.                                  Larllelt   Line of

                                                                                                       In the U mted States,
                                                                                                       sUltable for Sun day
                                                                                                       Schools, Halls, Steam-
                                     (PATENT APPLIED FOR)
                                                                                                       ers and all publtc resorts.
                We have adopted celluloid as a hase for our Caster Cups maklllg the
           hest cup on the market      CellulOId IS a great Improvement over bases                        We also manufacture
           made of other matenal     When It IS necessary to move a pIece supported
           by cups with celluloid hases It can be done with ease, as the bases are per                 Brass Trimmed    I ran
           fectly smooth CellulOId does not s"eat and by the use of these cups                         Beds, SprIng Beds, Cots
           tables are never marred     1 hese cups are limshed In Golden Oak and                       and Cribs In a large
           White Maple linlshed Itght       If you w,ll try a Bampl, order of thu,
           goods you w,ll du,re to handle them tn quant,tIeB                                           varIety.

                       PRICES: Size 2~ Inches         $5.50 per hundred.                                    Send for Catalogue
                                 Size ZJi Inches        4.50 per hundred.
                                                            TRT A SAMPLE         ORDER                         and Prices to
     jOb       Grand Rap,ds

these commlttee~
                     wIll be to advI-.e and as:ol~t the Board of
          'Ihe qu~e,tlOn of "tnke.., ,mel lockont'i \\ a.., gl\ en \ er:
careful con"lderatJOll   by the tramel'i    of the general regula-
                                                                                                          MfG. CO.
tions, and the follow1I1g- rule" ha\ e been adopted gO\ Cll11ne,                                   ment ~o filed notlfie~ a labor exchange of a vacancy or va-
thIS matter                                                                                        cancIes for workmen          of the class affected,      the officer in
      Any a'iSOclatlOn of employer"     or \\Olkmen     may file at a                              charge shall Inform hIm of the statement           that has been fil.~d,
labor exchange a e,tatement WIth legard to the eXhtence of                                         and l?;l\ e h1lll an opportunity    of making a written statement
a stllke or lal'kout affect111g then tlade 111 the dhtnct            \n\                           thereon      The officer In charge, 111 notifyIng any such va can-
such statement    "hall be -'lgned by a per'ion allthOI 17ed b\ the                                lle~ to an\ apphcant       tor employment,    'ihall also Inform him
a'iSOclatJOn fm the purpose       Such statement    shall only be 111                              of the .,tatements    that have been filed.
fOIce for 7 days fJ 0111 the date of fil111g, but ma: be rene\\ ed                                      The X ottIngham         labor exchange,    ..,lmultaneously    with
wlth1l1 tJhat penod for a like penod, and so on from tIme to                                       others throughout      the country, was opened February          1. Ap-
tme     If any cmployel who appear~ to be affected by a state-                                     phcanb     for work numbered       557, and 120 firms wanting       help

      UPHAM MANUFACTURING CO.                                                                                                           MARSHFIELD, WIS.

                                                                           Dressing Tables
                                                                                         Made in
                                                                          Oak, Bird's-Eye Maple,
                                                                             Maho~any, etc.,

                                                                              All Popular
                               No. 2241 Dresser                                                                                          No. 2240 Bed

              SEND                        FOR                  OUR                       COMPLETE                                      CATALOGUE
                                                                  WEEKLY                ARTISAN                                                                              5
  were registered,   some of them requlrmg large numbers, one
  even 60 sktlled workmen       The net result was that most of
  the skIlled workmen were engaged, but the applying firms
 were only partly satisfied
 and 87 firms regbtered
                                On the second day 580 workmen
                             If these two days form an index of
                                                                                             DO YOU WANT
 the permanent      workmg of the exchange, expectatIOns wIll                               the PRETTIEST,                          BEST and MOST POPU-
 apparently be fully reahzed      The proportion of skilled work-                                 LAR LEATHER FOR FURNITURE.
 men regIstering     wa~ unexpectedly     large   The"e con~tltute                                -
                                                                                                  ANY COLOR. WILL NOT CRACK.
 the cia"" whIch the exchange        particularly   wlshe" to aid.
 Practically   every trade wa~ repre~ented
       At Derby 355 workmen and a few employers regIstered
                                                                                                                            If so buy our
 on the openmg day, and at Lelce~ter 500 workmen, and many
 apphcatlOns from employers, especIally for skIlled men for
 shoe factones, were receIved   Employment     was found for a
 con"lderable share of the apphcant'S
       Reports from Glasgow are to the effect that the develop-
 ment of the labor-exchange   movement throughtout     the Ulll-
 ted Kmgdom, IS assummg proportIOns that warrant the be-
                                                                                            GOAT and SHEEP
 hef that these agencIes are bound to play an Important pat t
 m the efforb of all parties to solve the soctal problems of
 today     The scheme has been orgam7Cd on a broad basis
 Bntam and IrelanJ have been dIvIded mto 10 dlstncts,      each
 dIVISIOn bemg a umt, complete m Itself, but under a central
 office and contammg a network of les~er exchanges
                                                                                                       Write for sample pads of colors.
      The Scottbh headquarters      ocCUpy three floors of a hand-
 some new bUlldmg in a central parton of Glasgow               The
various department"       are well appolllted  and equipped, and
are arranged and dIvIded mto sepal ate regIstratIOn looms for
men, boys and gIrl'S In the men's dIvision there are sepa-
rate departments      f01 skilled and unskIlled labor
                                                                                            DAHM & KIEFER TANNING CO.
      In addItion to the dIVISIOnal officer, at the outset about
                                                                                           CRAND RAPIDS, MICH.
                                                                                                                                                   204 lake Street,
                                                                                                                                             CHICAGO, ILL.
I ') aS~lstants were employed at the ScottIsh headquarters,
and there wIll be 24 exohanges thloughout           Scotland    In                  ~_        CHICACO, ILL.
                                                                                          __ •.•.•..•..•...       I
                                                                                     ._---_._--------- -----_._---~
Germany exchanges are muniCIpal, but the fir'St pnnciple of                                        New Factory                      Nearly   COIllpleted.
exchanges III the Umted Kmgdom IS that they wIll each be
                                                                                         The Century Furlllture   company's new factory, at Pres-
a component part of a natIOnal system           The reasons why                     cott ,md South lama street, Grand Rapids, J\1lch, IS rapIdly
nalOnal control IS expected to secure better results might be
                                                                                    neanna b completion , but will not be occupIed until June 1.
summanzed      a" follows
                                                                                    It is a large five-story bUIldIng and WIll be eqUIpped WIth
      (l) Unemployment       is an industrial   problem   and in-                   the best of machmery and WIll have all modern Improvements
dustry; (2) local control would endanger ulllformlty, whIch                         and convelllences    The top floor will be used as a show room
IS essential for co-operatIOn.   (3) local feehng mIght tend to                     and will be one of the finest m the cIty
check that moblhty of labor, whIch It IS the central ,11m of
exchanges to foster,     (4) local government    areas are out of                        The road to success IS long and rough, but the scenery
all rdatlOn to mdustnal      needs and structure
p.     _ •••   _-   ••                                                   __
                                                                       . ..                                     ._.
                                                                                    at the end IS so fine that few purchase return tickets

          Pittsburg                                    Plate Glass
                                           L.ARGE&T          ,",OBBERS       ANO         MANUFACTURERS                       OF

                                                                 IN    lHE        WORLD
                           Mirrors, Bent Glass, leaded Art Glass, Ornamental Figured Glass, Polished and Rough Plate Glass, Window Glass
                                                             WIR~~ GLASS
                                    Plate Glass for Shelves, Desks and Table Tbps, Carrara Glass more beautifUl than white marble.
                          CENERAL     DISTRIBUTORS     OF PATTON'S     SUN PROOF         PAINTS   AND      OF PITCAIRN       ACED     VARNISHES.

               g For anything in BUilders' Glass, or anything in Pamts, Varnishes        Brushes or Painters'     Sundries, address any of our branch
               warehouses, a list of which is given below'                          '
                     NEW YOBX-Hudson and Vandam sts.                                                        W
                                                                                    CLEVELA:ND-143G-1434 est Th11'dst.
                     BOSTO:N-41-49Sudbury St., 1-9 BOWker      St.                  OlllAHA-110I-1107 Howard St.
                     CHICAG0-442-452 Wabash Ave.                                    ST. :PAl1L-459-461 Jackson St.
                     cmCI!f:NATI-BrOadway and Court Sts.                            ATLA.:NTA, GA.-30-32-34 S. :Pryor St.
                     ST. LOms-Cor. Tenth and Spruce Sts.                                         G
                                                                                    SAVANl'rAH, A.-745-749 Wheaton St.
                     llIDl':NIlA.:POLIS-500-516 Third st.                           XA.:NSAS CITY-:Pifth and Wyandotte sts.
                     DETBOI'J."-53-59 La1'JledSt, E.                                               ALA.-2nd Ave. and 29th St.
                     GBAlID BAPIDS, llIICK-39-41 •• Division St.                               :N.Y.-372-74-76-78 :Pearl St.
                     PI'J."TSBl1BGK-IOl.103Wood St.                                 BBOOXLY!f-Third Ave. and Dean St.
                     llIXLWAl1XEIl. 'W1:S.-492-494llIarket St.                      PJULADIlLPKIA-:Pitcaim Bldg., Arch and 11th St..
                     BO~STEB, •. Y.-WUder Bldg., .ain"         Exchanll'ests.       DAVE:NP'OBT-410-416   Scott St.
                     BALTIllIOBE-310-12-14 W. Pratt st.                                         C
                                                                                    OK:LAB:OlllAITY, OKLA.,lI10-212   W. :Pint st.
.. .   ..-                                         ______    a    ••                ••      ••     •    •••••            ••••••••

                                                                                                                                                                 .-   - ..
6                                                            WEEKLY               ARTISAN

~   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---   --.-         - - . --------            ------------             -- - -     ---                    ---
I                                                                                                                DELAWARE
I                                                                                                            CHAIR                                     CO.
I                                                                                                                        DELAWARE                 OHIO.

                                                                                                                               1        DOUBLE CANE
                                                                                                                               I- LEATHER
I                                                                                                               LINE
                                                                                                                 of            J        MISSION

I                                                                                                            CHAIRS, ROCKERS                      and      SETTEES
                                                                                                             CATALOCUE                 TO THE       TRADE       ONLY.
I                                                                     \
~-------------------                                   .--                -   -   --    -   -         '~          4                _

                                                                                                                                             ---.          --------              -   ~

                           Chicago Brevities_                                          the othtl fOl the use of the bookkeeper     A cash1el's desk for
                                                                                       hankmg pUI po",e", has been mstalled, it bemg the mtentlOn of
     C]llcago, Ilalch   lO-The    :\ev\ton & HUlt compcll1\ I~ the
name of a nev\ concern OIgal117ed to do a gene1 cd ",pecla]                            the :\lanutactm    ers' B1l11dmg company to do bankmg for the
                                                                                       hen (fit at pa tlOn s, as hel etofore
order and contI al t ]ntsme"s for clubs, hoteb, publtl blll]dmg~
etc, 111 connectlOn    \\ 1th the gene1a] 1etal1 1\11\11tU1l t1,telC                          \ \ el \ handsome catalogue    has been Issued by the Km-
The personnel     I" T R \e\\ ton, tOlmel ~enelal ~ale~ mana-                          del Bed compa11\         The covers are of heavy Imen and the
ger of the 10ld &.. John"on       COmpd11\, Charle" '-, HOIl f01                       t\\ ent\ mSlde pages are of the finest enameled finish        Xum-
many year" In charge at the d("lgl11n~ department           01 thL                     u ou ~ cub     adOl n the pages togethel  WIth condensed    readmg
same company and Otto :\1 rl e1el one of the \\ ell kno\\ 11                           matter mcludmg pnces and descnptl\ e mformatlOn          regardmg
sale"men f01 the lord &.. Johnson company        Office" and ,dIes                     the famous Kmde1 products           The catalogue    IS one of the
looms of the Xc\\ton      & HOlt company have been ec,tabltshu]                        finest extant and the best Pl0dllction       of Its kmd ever put
dt 1414-16 abash a\ enue                                                               out by the Kmdel company
     The Lpham :\lanufactunng      company of :\Iarshheld      \\ IS,                       Claude \ e\dou has resIgned hIs positIOn as buyer fOl
have Issued theIr 1910 catalogue         It I" pnnted    on hea\ \                     the furl11ture department   of Mandel Bros, ha vmg pUl chased
enam eled paper on pag e", 10 x 13)/2 mches, and make~ a fine                          an mterest m the John Breuner company of San Francisco
dIsplay of the F pham plOducts,        cOlblstmg    of "Ideboard"                      HIS 1 eSlgnatlOn IS to take effect March 15, when he WIll leave
buffets, and chambel     Sllltes, m oak mahogd11\         l)Jld~e\ e                   fOl San FranCISco to assIst m the management     of the Breuner
maple and a"h    'lhe catdlogue     IS the hest \ et ploc]uce(] h\                     company
the Upham 11an ufactunng       company                                                      PreSIdent Joseph S. Meyer of the Manufacturel   s' ExhI-
     The office of "ecletaq  GeOlge \\ Jackson ot the \lanu-                           bItIOn Bmldmg    company, accompanied by Mrs Meyer, has
facturers' ExhIbItion   Bmldmg company,     1319 Illch1gan       a\ e-                 !S0ne on a tnp to Mexico and the yVest IndIes      They will
mle, has heen re\11O\ ed to the \V est end of the second BoO!,                         also VISIt Gah eston and K ew Orleans    and 1 eturn about
facmg on J\f1ch1gan a\ enue      The change of office CJua1 s     tel                  i\pnl 1
IS a deCIded Improvement      affOl dm§; much mOl e room and                                 \Vllbam A Dunke formerly connected WIth the Cosmo-
ltght than the old locatIon prOVIded      The new office IS fin-                       polttan Bank of ChIcago has accepted the position of stenog-
Ished m bll ch and mahogany      and IS 12 x 2.-J. feet, \\ ll1ch has                  raphel     and bookkeeper for the 1\Ianufacturers' Exhibition
been dIVIded mto t\\O departments,    one for secretary Jackson                        Dul1chng company

... - ....                                                                                                   -------_.-----_._--------~
                               Pitcairn Varnish Company                                                                                                                              I
                                                                                   Manufacturers of

              Reliable Varnishes of Uniform Quality
                                                              Our Motto:
                                                   "NOT HOW CHEAP-BUT                           HOW GOOD"

       C. B. Quigley, Manager Manufacturing Trades Dep't.                                        Factories: Milwaukee, Wis.; Newark, N. J.
                                                                                                                        ••••           a.a   ._   ••••••        _.    __   •••       4
                                                               WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                                 7

      .. -   - - - ---~~_._-------------- - -- --~_._----~---------- - - - - - - - - - - -- ..
                                      --                          -
                                                                                                              F. Parthier
      I                                                                                                            1034 Grand

                                                                                                                Manufacturer    of

                                                                                                                  SEND FOR CATALOGUE
                ••    __   a.a   •

                                       Labor_                                     }llch , says that hIS expenence       111 thIs chrectlOn is that the
          One of the chIef expenses entenng mto the cost of manu-                factory force for the same amount of money produces 20 per
   factul1ng furllltnre IS labor     Probably more than 50 per cent              cent more output        \~' e refer you to hIm m confirmatIOn         6f
   Anyth111g that wJ11 cut down the cost of labor IS a dIstinct                  this statement"
   gam       The Grand RapIds Veneer \\' arks operate one of the                       If the reader wdl watch the advertlsment'3         of the Grand
   largest panel mdb 111the country, and thb I;' what they say                   RapIds Veneer \Vorks each week they wIll learn of the ex-
   to the Weekly ArtIsan about the co.,t of labOl                                penences     of many of the leadmg furlllture           manufacturers
         "On the sav111g of lab01, here IS our expel iencc wIth the              throughout     the country, '" ho are US111gthIS ne", process         It
   new kJ1n, whIch we wdl contrast           wIth the work of our old            makes an mtere"tmg         readmg for those lllterested      m drying
  kJ1n      "Vlth the old kJ1n we were able to dry about 3,500 feet              lumber
  a day        To load, unload and cut thl'3 lumbel ready for the
  Jointmg       machmes    we employed      n111e sa Wj crs, three bUL?
  planer men, and two loader." wIth a total pay-roll of $1725                                Evidence     of Canadian          Prosperity.
  per day, thej were cuttmg 3.500 feet per day                                        Canada's trade f01 January,      1910, totaled $51,500,102 an
         ImmedIately    upon the mbtallatlOn of our ne", process, the            mcrease of $12,322,627, or nearly 30 per cent over the corre-
  kJ1n dned easily tWIce the lumber, and the lumber cut so                       spond111g month of last year, and constltut111g a record for
  easily that we first dIscharged       the filer, as we found he was            the month     For the first 10 months of the present fiscal year
  loafmg, and had practically       nothmg to do        Then \ve grad-           (beg111nmg Apnl 1, 1909) the total trade has been $563,986,-
  uaIlj let out the buZL planer men, untJ1 we are not US111gthe                 780, an lllcrease of $95,010,931, or about 20 per cent.          The
 buzz planer today and we ha\ e not only discharged              the men        imports   111January     totalled $30,253,852, an lllcrease of $7,-
 but sold two of the three buzz planers, because the lumber is                   140,225 over January,       1909  Exports    of domestIc products
 dned       flat and straIght     and     does    not  need    as much          totaled $20,258,406, an lllcrease      of $4,871,084     For the 10
 hand labor a" we were pre\lOusly                 usmg      The lumber          months    Imports    have totaled    $302,050,207, an increase      of
 IS not checked eIther at the ends or around the knot'3. and                    $60,978,445.   Exports of domestic products for the 10 months
 hence It reqUlres very much less labor to cut It up, plane and                 totaled $241,375,219, an increase of $31,404,708         Of thIS in-
 work through        the mIll   Tak111g mto consIderatIOn       the crew        CIease about $16,000,000 was in expol ts of agncultnra1          pro-
 ImmedIately       concerned  111cutt111g the lumber under the old              ducts, and $7,500,000 in exports of the forest           Exports   of
 plan of nme men, we are now doing more than tWIce the                          man ufacturers    show an mcrea"e of nearly $2.000.000           The
 amount of work wIth SIX men, mak111g a Sav111g on our paj                      customs revenue for the month was $4.606,402, an increase
 roll of $6 per day on thIs bunch          The labor saved on all the           of $994,037     For the 10 months        the customs   revenue has
 various machmes throughout          the n1111I::' hard to compute              been $48.692,459. an lllcrease of $10,361,341, or a htt1e over
        "George Stevens, of the Moon Desk company, Muskegon,                    $1,000,000 a month

..                                                             ----_._-_._------_._-----_._---_ ..--------------------------- ..,
                                                "THE        BEST       IS THE          CHEAPEST"

          BARTON'S GARNET PAPER    Sharp, Very Sharp, Sharper Than Any Other.
                     SUPERIOR TO SAND PAPER. It costs more, BUT It Lasts Longer; Does Faster Work.
                Order a small lot; make tests; you will then know what you are getting. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION.                        Furniture
          and Chair Factories, Sash and Door MIlls, Railroad Companies, Car Builders and others Will consult their own interests by using it. Also
          Barton's Emery Cloth, Emery Paper, and Flint Paper, furnished in rolls or reams.
                                                                 MANUFACTURED           BY

...                                  _. -
          H. H. BARTON & SON CO., 109 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.
      _. -.- --- ... ..                     ... - .- .   - . - . . .. .                             .- .._--- .. -         .. -........-...... ...._-~
      Ben] amm Caldwell,         furmture    dealel of \nm ~tun           \ la   j)llJ"pC10U" condItIOn, the factolle"                no\,; ::ohlppmg three to
ha~ sold out to John Boo/er                                                      fi\ e eal load" lJer day
      Orner Holme" of Clatskame,            Ore, ha" "ecurecl a patlnt                  Herman Kertcher           ot "ew YOl k Clt} has "ecured letters
on a table of hl~ own m\ entlOn                                                  patent on d method f01 con\ el tl11g pla111-gral11ed boards mto
      Frank CIOlJt has purcha"ed          the fml11tulc ~t(Jle (It r II          qnarter-~ral11ed        board" '
~le",sengel   at GIant Park, 111                                                        lie111~ llelman,       an expellenced         "ale"man ha~ takcn the
      ~athan    Roth has ",lllceeded Roth & LIchtman,             1Ull11tmc      mdnagemen t ot Ln~leman               & Lo' s f111111ture "t01 ( on \ Vater
dealers at Perth Amboy, N J                                                      "tt eet, 1\ angatud.,       Conn
      The fur111ture fac:tones at HIgh PlOnt,"            C, ale reported            Bankruptc)         proceecltngs    .,tarted by a dls"atl"fied          stock-
as havmg "good steady busmess '                                                  holder a~al11..,t the I,\ eek" F111111ture company of I,Voonsocket,
      The Chtldren's     VehIcle compan~ al e mO\ lng, theIr plant               R I, hay e hlen dl,-contmned               and the crec1ltOls WIll be paId
from Gardner to East Templeton,             \Iass                                m tnll
      Henne & Myers have ~ueeeeded the Rockddle :\IercanuL                              J C Green, \v ho recently sold hIS mtel est m the furnl-
company, fur111ture dealer" at Rockdale, Te'-                                    WI c husme"s of the \Iy ers-Green company of LCJdngton, Ky ,
      The Noonan       Fur111tme COmpdn\ ot Salnu"              Cal hd\ e        to R \ Dn"hnell, ha" opened a new undertakmg                          estabh"h
opened a branch StOl e at Kmg Cltv, ,ame "tate                                   ment m the "ame to\\ n
      A petltton m bankruptcy           has been hIed a~dm "t the 11                     1 he GeOl ~e \nder"on           Bamboo and Fur111ture N ov elty
Harns     Furmtm e com pan) of Beaumont                Te"                       \ \ 01 b     of Se\\ ell."     J, has hen mcorpordted            WIth a $25,000
      The Culpepper Furmture          compan~, dealers, at Cnlpeppel,            cap1tal stock         (~eOlge \ndel;:,on, James G DIxon and George
Va, have been "ucceeded b} I,\ H Chne & Co                                       13 II 111 tt are th e mcorpora tors
      The firm of Kleme BIos, fm mt111e dealeI" 01 Croll/ale L                          The t111111ture firm of Hood & \Vheeler,                   Bllmmgham,
Tex, has been dIssolved, \I, llltam l"leme ret1lll1g                              \Ll, ha-, he,cn eh.,,,oh ed, James Hood havmg purchased                        R
      The Amencan        FUl111tm e com pam are bUlldmg alal!Se                  '\ \\ heeler sllltere"t 111 the Bn111mgham store and the Bes-
three-story    adltton to t heIr factor} at \ [al tm "\ tile \ -a                "lme1 blanch at a (()11'olderatlOn ot $99,500
      The Standard       ::\Itn or com pan} of Plthlmr~            J'a, al e            1he \Ia\o         K \T,Jlkelt Fur111tl11e company,            dealer"    of
estabhshing     a branch factory at I,I, 111~ton-c;,tlelll " L                    l\lun~\\llk.."        r h<1\t 111ullporated then bU"111e"" \\lth cap 1-
      Joseph    Dav IS has succeeded         C 11 (,althu        a" uplwl        Ld "tOll hvd at $:;,000             Charle'o and 1,redenck G L Volkel t
stery buyer for the ruelst          compan\     ot )el",e) Cltv " I              and Robelt 'II \Ia)o,           appear as the 111corpOldtors
      Kussell, Casper & Sachal, fUl111tnl e dedlel"            \\ ho taIled             I [el hel t l\. Lane of noston, recen er for J 131est & Co,
at Pla111field, N J, have started m bus111ess a~dl11 as Sachar                               e
                                                                                 11l1111tl11 dealer" of Brockton,              \[ass,      who faIled,
& Sachar.                                                                        has sold the enttre stock to A E O'Helr & Co, of Lowell,
      Albert Mark;:" retaIl fur111ture dealel of ), e\\ BrunSWIck,               \ [as" , \\ ho \\ 111close out a part of It 111Brockton and move
:t\ J, ha.s 111corpora ted hIS business a" the Globe rurl11 tm e                 the 1en1d111del to then "tore 111Lowell
company                                                                                 Chatles C Bent for tortv-two                  yealS a member of the
      HIgh Pomt,:t\       C, IS to have a branch <;J()re dnd \\ are-             fil m 01 S Bent K Bro,;, chalr manufactl11 ers, Gardner, Alass ,
house of a :t\ ew YOlk house that deal"., largeh             m glue and          has letned from hn"1De~s, leavtng the bus111es::o111 charge of
"and paper                                                                       C Le~1Ie Dent and 1 epresentatn               es of the estate of Rodenck
      H 1\I HIcks late of Thelf Rn er Falls, :\Illln               ha ... pUl-    L Bent
cha"ed the store and retaIl fur111t111 busl11e'-~ 01 L L 1 a 111e"
                                             e                                           \t the annual meet111g of the Phoel11x Fur111ture corpor-
at Verndale, Almn                                                                atlon ot Chnstlansburg,              Va, the factory          was reported      to
      The Ilyland :\1attress company of I,I, orcestel,           :\Iass, an      have had a most prosperou"                 year, WIth excellent prospects
oIl establtshed       concel n has made an a"slgnment                for the     fOl thIS } ear          H K Tallant         and J E Shufflebarger            were
benefit of credltol s                                                             re-elected     as pre::Oldent and "ecretary-treasurer,            respectively
      C D Buckman, fur111ture dealer and undertaker                  of Fm-
mett, Ida, has sold the fur111ture part of hIS busme~s to                               \ \\ ell dressed man get" mto many a husy man's office
 Hargess    & Andrews                                                            \\ here a slouch}, "ltp"hod fello\\ gets t1red waltmg on the
      The chaIr mdustry         at Keene, N H, IS 1eported as 111a               outSIde       See I

~ .... --_.                                                                        ....                      . -- .      _. ----------...,

I MAnUrA(lU~[R5 or ",on
                                                             o~ADr DrrDIQ[RAlOD5
                   Zinc-Lined, Porcelain Lined, White Enamel Lined                                                                                                I
                               and OPAL-GLASS Lined.                                                                                                              I-
                      Write for our beautiful illustrated catalogue and prices.                                                                                   I

     The Alaska Refrigerator CompanyExclUSiVe Refngerator    Manufacturers                                                                                        I
                              Muskegon,                              Michigan

..-._--------_._------_ ..__._.__.---'-'---' ------------_._----
     New York OffIce, 369 Broadway,    L, E Moon, Manager
                             --PERSONALITY IN RUSINESS"
 An Address Delivered by Edward F. Trefz at the Sixth Annual Banquet of the Ohio
       Retail Furniture Dealers' Association at Tolf"do February 15, 1910.
       The Toastmaster,     Dr. W. H. Mor~y-Every     society and            approachlllg.    There was a time, you know, when men did
  every assocIation has to have Jts 'educatIOn    As we go along             not get together III harmonious         relatIOns; when they dIdn't
 m the world, competitIOn IS so close that the affable man                   gIVe one another the sum and substance of theIr experiences;
 and the pleasant story that he can tell and the goods that he               when they didn't come, as the precedlllg speaker mentioned,
 can present m hIS peculiar way, JS what wins the cu:otomers             . WIth the underlymg pnnciples that made for success in busi-
 vVe have a gentleman         here tOlllght who has come all the             ness one to another.       All competition was carried on along
 way from ChIcago at the solicItation of this associatIOn who               the lllle of warfare, of actual battle            We beheved that we
 WIll give you a talk upon the subject, "Personahty       In 'Busi-          could only succeed as against OUr competitors              by trampling
 ness"    I have the pleasure of mtrodnclllg to yOn Edward F                them underneath       our feet      We didn't reahze that the very
 Trefz, of the Sheldon School of ChIcago; you all know of                   best sort of a competition was to build up a market and for
 that I guess      (Applause)                                               people to come to us, bmld up the tastes and desires and
       Mr. TI efz-\lr   Toastmaster     and gentlemen of the OhIO           needs of the people, instead of trying to crush and drive one
  Retail Furlllture   Dealers'  ase.;oclatjon    I wa", more than           another out of business          And somehow 01 other I believe
 pleased when the toastmaster       asked you to be qwet, patient           that, whIle dIsputing the previous speaker who has said that
 and orderly whIle the speaker spoke           Tl1dl made me feel           there ie.;no e.;entlluent in business, that the greatest and most
 safe    I don't know but what possibly J might have been                   wandel ful senbment        that pervade"        thie.; country   and all
 hke the tenor of a quartette travellllg over the country, and              clvll!zatlOn today is, not religion, but business, and I will tell
 who found after he got IIlto the minlllg camps of the \i\est              you why         You' will notice that thIS eliminatIOn of bitter,
 that It was ",ell whJ1e he sung to have a bIg sIgn on his                 acrid, wicked competitIOn has practically grown less and less,
 coat button, "Please don't shoot the performer        He is doing         has been eliminated from our minds and hearts gradually with
 the best he can."                                                         the ehmmation        of the bitter feeling that sprang from the
        I am getting accustomed to talking to furniture dealers            Civil \i\ar. Just as soon as we began to get away from the
  in associations      and III conventions      I had the pleasure to      cnmson tide of 1861 to 1865, as soon as savage authority
  talk to the National ConventIOn at St. LoUIe.; lae.;t February,          \i\as destroyed, as soon as the north and the south began to
  and then the Indiana Convention          down at Indlanapohs        last reahze that they were brothers             really instead of enemies.
  summer, and I have been lookmg mto the furniture propo-                  \\Then the Spanish American war took place and when this
  sJtion and I have come to the conclUSIOn that fnrl1lture JS              country was cemented into a whole, then the associations
  :symbohc of civlh7ation         Just as :ooon as Ollr forbears, If       and conventions       of business men in this country began to
 we believe the Darwinian         theory, changed form walking on         spnng mto fuIlfledged power.              If you WIll study the past
  all foure.; to walking on two legs mstead of fOUl, then fulnl-          hlStol y of this country you will observe this: that more
  ture began to be a matter of necessity and demand               Chairs  assoCIatIOns and more conventIOns of busmess                     men have
 were required to sit down on, tables were required to SIt at,            been held in the last ten years than have been held in fifty
 and beds were required to lie in And have you thonght that               years preceding.        And I regard that as an augury of good
 when a chIld was born into the world and gives its solitary              feelmg, or harmonious         relatIOnship, and a wider, better and
 cry to the world into whIch it has been ushel ed, the mother             greater development.
 begins to plan for a beautiful cub?            And she does not o-et            "We come together now and beheve in competition, not
 that crib in a drug store or a shoe store, but she goes to a             in the crushing of our neighbor or hindering                  him, but in
 furmture store         And after the child begins to long for the        developing him and in developmg ourselves Just a little bit
 fresh aJr, she gets a baby carriage            There agalll she goes    more rapIdly than he is able to develop hImself                   It is told
 to the furniture store        And when it gets a httle older and        of old Gen Joseph Johnston, that gallant rebel leader during
 wants to sit at the table, it must have a high chair, and once          the Clvll war, that while walkmg along Fifth avenue, New
 more the fUlniture e.;tore is sought out to supply the desired          York, shortly before bie.; death some time after the Civil war,
 article    And so on through life        Growing mto boyhood and        '" Ith a friend, they observ ed an old Grand Army veteran
 girlhood, as the case may be, the bed rOom must be furnished            leaning up against a bUIlding, holding a cup by a string
 up and fixed WIth dresser and rugs and all the necessary ap-            attached to hIS body and receIVing alms.                 Both of his arms
 purtenances      for keeping Johnny or Mary off the street at           were cut off at hIS shoulders and hIS legs at the trunk.                  As
 mght-the       IIlfluences of a pleasant     loom     And then, you    they passed by Johnston's             fnend dropped a ten cent piece
know, when manhood comes, and when the marnage                     takesinto the unfortunate         man's cup; Gen Johnston stopped and
place and the new nee.;t is feathered,           why then again the      dug down m his pocket and haulmg out a ten doIlar bill he
furl1lture store becomes an index of civlhza tlOn, its upward           dropped it Jl1 the cup            The old veteran dIdn't know the
development        and ItS upward growth.        And so the furniture   famous leader of the southern forces, and when he saw he
man, and not the preacher,          the furniture    man and not the    had contnbuted        he wa:o so pleased WIth the phl1anthropy and
newspaper       edItor, the furniture man and not the President         he profusely thanked the general and said he hoped that God
of the United States or the Kmg of England,               the furniture would reward him for hIS kindly act, and old Johnston sai d :
man and not the great statesmen            of the world, after all IS   'IN ever mmd, sir, I am not gJvmg you that ten doIlars from
the gmde to civihzatlOn         He IS the man who is leadlllg men       any feel1l1g of phIlanthropy          or chauty or religion, sIr; I am
and women from barbarism up to the hIgher knowledge of                  glvmg yOU the ten dollars because you are the first d--d
intellectual    and luxurious development          (Applause).          Yankee I have seen carved up to suit my taste."                   (Laughter
       "I am mighty glad to be here tonight to see you people,          and applause).
because every time that I address an audience of this kllld                     "But you see that spirit is all swept away.            We don't
it makes me feel that the millenlt1m of peace is more rapidly              take any partiCUlar pleasure in seeing a receivership       sign over
~--------------------------------                                                                 -

              to                                                                  WEEKLY              ARTISAN

                                                                    OUR FUMED OAK
                                                                    FLANDERS AND
                                                                    EARLY ENGLISH STAINS
                   have unmistakably hit the Bull's Eye of public demand.       We have proved that our aim was true.
                   We have again justified our policy of forever fingering the public pulse.
                          Mr. Furniture Manufacturer, are YOU taking advantage of this policy?    You WILL, if you
                   see sample panels of these beautiful finishes.
                              FLANDERS                                                 FUMED OAK                                                            EARLY
                              OAK                                                      ACID STAIN                                                           ENGLISH
                      As Its name denotes,          a repro            An a'Cld stam of proved practIcablhty        Gives a correct, um-             Correct    III   color, durable, pracll-
                   ductlOn     of the    Flanders     penod,      form and permanent color Without the use of a fummg chamber.                    cal.    Has    won       the   approval       of
                   finished     In   a   deep   nut   brown       Should be used whether yOU have a fummg chmber      or not Ap-                  the leadmg fmUlture            men by sheer
                   shade,     gIVIng a soft, velvety     dull     phed to the fumed product .t adds tone and nchness, enhancmg Its                merit    A sample          panel IS yours
                   effect.    It   IS a wmner       With the      beauty as well as Its commercial value.      Manufacturers    now usmg          for the askm g.
                   women.                                         It are one vOIce m Its praise

                                                                NOTE: To facilitate prompt reply address Desk No.3.

                   MARIETTA PAINT & COLOR CO., Marietta, Ohio.
             the door of a bus1I1Pss place \\ e figm e that It hm h OU1 m\ n                          Ptllt01 111 Lot am than It IS for hIm to go to Dayton, X ew
             busmes" ultlmatel),        that 1t reacb aga111st ourseh e"           \ncl I             ): ork, ChIcago or "G111e other place,             and that feel1l1g 111
             have noticed, too, that v\hene\ er tl1ls fee11l1g among cl gllat                         1111cago ha" gra\\ n larg-ely from the fact they have become
             many people of relatlOnsl1lp and harmo1l\                 l "bt~, It tend,               ,Ie (jua1l1tecl one \\ lih anothel       II e are g-ett111g together and
             toward the development           of the 111stltutJon VI, 1th \\ h1C11 the \              \\ tale     bec;1l1111ng 10 le,,117e that the man who competes WIth
             dre connected        I belong to the \s,=,oc1atlOn ot Comme1 e l 11l                     I1'-   aft! 1 ,dl ha-, the -,clme 111St111CtS   and the same feel111gs
             Chicago, the largest body of commerc1al dnd bU::,111es, men                                \nc\ ,hdt 1'- hd\ 111glh eftect on ChlCdgO
              I th111h, 111 the L l1lted States     VVe ha\ e somethmg         11ke 3,200                   , C l11cago has cIe\ eloped along the moral 11ne \\ hy I
             or 3,300 firms 111the CIty belong1l1g to that aSSociatIOn                 lIe            J emembel It \\ as only a year ago last ~ovember         when I was
             are work1l1g and bmld1l1g towards              a gl eate1 ChIcago        ChI             clown here talk111g to the Cloak and Garment J\Ianufacturers
             cago 1'-, three la1ge nt1es, ,ou mIght say, m one, the nolth                             111th1" ut}, a gentleman      from ChICago, a cloak manufacturer,
             sde, the west SIde, and the south s1de                And our one gl edt                 telephoned     to d fl1end of hI" some twelve m11es distant nght
             plOblem IS the unIficatIon of ChIcago and make 1t one great                              out hele 111the booth        He V\ ent 111and the gIrl called up the
             and ,plendld       whole      That assoclatlOl1 has worked          toY',ard             part}, dnd he talked for tv,o or three 1111l1utes and then came
             thIS end      For mstance, practlcalh       e\ er\ tl a\ elmg man gOlng                  out and asked the operator         at the "witch-board     how much
             out of the cIty of ChIcago today 1" told th1:o 1)'. hIs hou"e                            It \\ a-" dnd '>he sdld It was a dollar,     and he swelled up like
             I know that e, ery tra\ elmg man connected VI, 1th ,he hou,e"                            a bOlled 10b"te1, and he says, "A dollar I It IS an outrage."
             that belong- to the "\ssoClatlon        of Commerce        b so told       He            He sa) s '\\ hy at ChIcago we could telephone            to hell and
             I" told that If he can't sell the 1etd11er ant 111the country               to           back fOI ten cent'"       She came nght hack at him and says,
             make "ure that that reta1lel WIll buy from a competItor               111 the            11ke a Toledo glll would, I th111k, and she ::,a}s, "Yes, but
             Utv of ChIcago           [hat I", keep ChIcago the market,              keep             that h 111 the C1ty l1111lh      (Laughter   and applause).
             the reta1lel com111g- to Chlcag 0, and If \ ou can't sell 01 If I                               "But VI, earl   "01 t ot mOv111g that  suburb out of Chicago
             can t sell, say" \Ir Sale"manage1,          ,,'I hy then let" thrcm ou                   a little dl"tance aVl,a) , and we hope to get It landed 111Toledo
             111f11'ence  to\Valcl "ome competItor      of OUb, and that IS on the
                                                                                                      aftel a whIle        \nother    1l1stance    One day not very long
             the(1) that If he keeps on com111g- to ChIcag-o some cIa\ VI, e
             \\ III get hIS trade                                                                     i-               -------                                                                       ~
                    "That Idea WIll <lpply to the letall bU"111e-,s If \ ou ('"n 1                     1    If your DESIGNS           are right, people want                 the       Goods.         I
             keep or sell a customer, 1t 1S a great cleal bettel to hd\ e tlIat                       :
                                                                                                                                 That makes PRICES right.                                             I
             customer gn e yOUl competltor
             ,>treet the busl11e,", Instead of JllS gett111~ on the iJ olley C,1l
             or on the tJa111 01 111l11s aut01110blle and g0111g to "0111e to\\ n
             ten, tweh e or fifty 1111le-, 'A ay and bUY111g It IS a f;1eat deal
                                                    111the next hlocJ.. or a('IU,,-, tht

                                                                                                      II    163 Madison
                                                                                                                            (tlarence lR. lbtlls
                                                                                                                          Avenue -CItizens
                                                                                                                                              DOES IT

                                                                                                                                             Phone 1983         GRAND      RAPIDS       MoleR
             better for \Ir vVlckens to have a customer                go to hIS com                  .. •• __ •• _ _ •••       _ •••                                              •                 .J
                                                                                             WEEKLY           ARTISAN                                                                                            11
     .....------------------_ ..._._. ._._-------------_. ----_._._._. _. _._._--                                                                         -. . . . .            .. .... _. - - - - _. ..,

                 A SUPERIOR                                                                              Sand Belt Machine
                                                                                                                                                    Flat Surfaces, Irregular Shapes
                                                                                                                                                  and Mouldings sanded faster and
                                                                                                                                                  better than by any other method.
                                                                                                                                                    We guarantee to reduce your
                                                                                                                                                  sanding costs.
                                                                                                                                                      Ash for Catalog "E,"                                       I

                                                   No. 111 Patented Sand Belt Machine.

                                                    a1 MILES CO.,                                               Cedar St. and
                                                                                                                                              Greensboro,                                        N. C.
                                                                                                                  Sou. R. R.
     ago I \'va.., down to the stockyard",       and a lrenchman       from                                     the workmgs       of our hfe and the surroundmg                 planet,;, and
     Pans wa" there, and he couldn't get ovel talkmg about the                                                  of everythlllg     that spr111gs from them OJ IS produced                   by
    na..,tmes.., of ChIcago      '\Vhy,"   he says, 'In Pan.., our alley..,                                    them, because        everythlllg      I'; conducted,     operated    and con-
    dIe cleaner than yOl1! boule\alcb,"        He says, "\Vhat is worse                                        trolled by law        It I'; by law absolutely       that thp great planets
    h to thmk that one of the mo"t mJluentlal            cItizens hele h a                                     "heel 111then cea"ele,;s COUI~e alound theIr endless orbits
    pIg merchant"        \\ ell, that probably \\ ,1" true     Some of OUI                                      It IS by law that the great astIOnomel            today can tell you Just
    best cltl/ens    are "pIg melchants"        But]    noticed thh, that                                      lAactly when Halley'" comet V\ III be vISIble to tho,;e who ltve
    It vvasn't \er} long after that Flenchman             had passed that                                      on the PacIfic Coast, to those who ltve III England,                      or to
    aspersIOn befO! e ChIcago vva" senchng money over to Pan"                                                  those who 11\e III New York, and he can tell you wlthm 1-
    to clean the "treet" and allev" of Pans after the flood                                                    lOOOth part of a second when Halley's                     comet wIll agam
          "It IS the gleat splnt of fellow::,ll1p, you can call It what                                        appear m two thousand              year,; from now, because nature's
    } ou want to, expedIency         0' pohcy  or affectIOn, or anythmg                                        laws al e ';0 dehcately       eqUIpOIsed that they could not pOSSIbly
    of that "art, but somehow 01 other It IS the fee11l1~ that e\ ery                                          be dltered      It IS by law that the farmer pIa",; and sows and
    mdn has a nght to be Judged by the \ ery ])e"t that I.., m                                                 reaps; by law that the great sea,;on.., follow one after another
    h1111and ha" a nght to equal pllde V'vtlt e\ er} boch el"e                                                 111 stately   processIOn,       and the greater         WIsdom and more
                         Law, not Luck or Chance.                                                             knowledge      a man has of the law,; that ~overn the l1n1\erse
       "But I hay e come here to talk to you )Lbt a httle bIt                                                 and hlm,;el£ and all others, the greater IS hIS per"onahty                bound
 about pen,onahl y m busl11ess       Befort I start m, however, I                                             to become        And so It I" not a que,;tIOI1 of luck or chance              It
 wJ1l say that for a time I vvd3 connected       WIth the Sheldon                                             I'; a questIOn of 111telltgence and study                There are a lot of
 School, ~ut fO! CjUlte a whde I have been 111the bankmg busI-                                                men who are "tudymg bookkeepmg,                 the two ';Ide" of a ledger
nes::" that IS, m the bondmg        busme"s   so 1 am commg to                                                they are studying         how to stop the leak, whIch IS perhaps
talk to yOU as one buslUe,;s man to anothel, not commg here                                                   one of the most Important            thmg'3 111 the conduct of bl1sllless
a~ one vvho I'; interested   m the educatIOnal sIde of It, but one                                            They aI e studymg          thIS thmg and that thmg and                 ie other
who ha" observed and studIed the succes,;e,; of men 111bus 1-                                                 thmg, pertammg          to bad debts and vanous other m" tter:, of
nes::" and has found, as he beheves, the secreb of theIr suc-                                                accountmg,       but they dre iorgettmg          the one great saltent and
cess      I thmk the greatest facto! m the succe"s of e\ ery man                                             ImpO! tant feature that IS perhaps               gOlllg to make for theIr
m busmess IS that qualIty or that 111tanglble ,;omethmg that                                                 "Ucces" or faIlure, and that IS the 111dlvlcIual who IS gomg
v\ e term, for the want of a better name, the personahty     of the                                          to go from place to place, to find the market for the product
man       Ours toda, , a" It always has be('n, IS a wOIld of laV'v                                           of that establt"hment,          the man who IS gomg out and trymg
There IS no such a thmg as lUck or chance in the unIverse                                                    to sell It m the oommumty                And so It IS up to every man to
The man who talk,; about luck ar about chance IS one V'vho I"                                                mcrease and develop hIS own personahty                      It I" a wonderful
ab..,olutely Ignorant   of the manner m whIch nature controls                                                thmg when we stop to thmk of it how some men by develop-
,..--            .....   _------------                                                                ---------_._------------                                                      ..... --------.,

                The Best Square                                                                                 Chisel                                    Mortiser

                                                                                                 Entirely Automatic. Instantaneous Adjustments.

                                                                                             Makes the STRONGEST, most ECONOMICAL
                                                                                             most ACCURATE      Case Construction possible.

f                                                                                                                   Ash. for Catalog "J"

I~--_..- _.
                   No. 181 Multiple Mortlser.

                                                   a1 MILES                                           CO.,                                                                                       N. C.
                          •   .....   -   -   ••     •   -   -   -   -   ---   ----.--.-.--.-.-.--~                    •   ••• _._.   _. _._._.     •••    I   ••••   __   ••   _   ••   _   _   _..     .....
12                                                                 WEEKLY        ARTISAN

                                                                                 ing themselves, this internal force within them become con-
                                                                                 querors of every Circumstance, while others who have had
                                                                                 greater advantage m birth and greater advantage in training
                                                                                 or education and opportunities     placed in their way, have
                                                                                 failed most miserably in life.
                                                                                                    Napoleon   as an Example.
                                                                                       "The other night I was reading Lord "Roseberry's        Facts
                                                                                 about N'apoleon," a httle book by a great man about a great
                                                                                 soldier and statesman, and when I closed that book along in
                                                                                 the early hours of the morning, my heart warmed within
                                                                                 me to thmk about what a man might accomplish             At fifteen
                                                                                 years of age that young man, born in Corsica, in poverty, as
                                                                                 a kmg's pensioner, entered a mihtary academy at Brienne in
                                                                                 France       At eighteen he was sittmg in the garret studymg
                Nashvi lIe ~ Mi ch. ~ 5/7/08.
                                                                                 as to how on twenty sou a week he might be able to complete
        Mr. E. F. Koyl~                                                          his studies to enter the army. At twenty-one he was driving
          c/o Grand Rapids Veneer Works~                                         the EnglIsh out of the harbor of Toulon with his artIllery
                    Grand Rapids~ Mich.                                          At twenty-nine he had made himself the first consul of France
        Dear Sir:-                                                               and a few ) ears later he surprised the leader of the Austrian
              In regard to the kiln you in-                                      force" b) hi" milItary genius, displaying a new art in military
        stalled for us~ we will state we                                         "al fdl e      \t tll1rty-five he was Impenal     Emperor    of the
        are satisfied~ we are getting re-                                        "arId, and" henevel his foot fell all Europe trembled         Then
        sults~ and that is all we want.                                          he "as ba111shed to Elba, and Europe sat back and breathed
        Our lumber dried in this kiln seems                                      eas}. and said that the man of destiny was banished forever-
        to be in very fine condition and                                         more     "\'Ithm a short time it was learned that the man from
        we dry it in so much shorter time.                                       Elba had come back            Knowing something of the power of
              Trusting to see you again in                                       the man they set out to conquer, what?        A despised Corsican,
        the near future~ we remain~                                              fi, e feet and seven inches m height returning            from his
                 Very respectfully,                                              banishment        Again at the head of the army of France, he
                        LENTZ TABLE CO.                                          "ent forth and vanquished          and conquered the great army
                                L. E. Lentz.                                     of Europe, and it was only when God interfered With his
                                                                                 ram storm there at Waterloo that Napoleon bowed his head
                                                                                 m submission, not to man but to eternal destiny, and when
~_.-                   _-     ._------ _ ..•........ _-_ .._.~                   he died at St Helena, Europe breathed in awe and reverence
                                                                                 and felt free once more, but said "Here "as a man who came
                                                                                 forth from pm erty to power"          J t was nothing but person-
     LEXINGTON HOTEL                                                             alIt}    (I\pplause)
                                                                                                      Rebating Like Grafting.
                               500 Rooms.                                              "And that same force makes for success, because it con-
           Michigan Boulevard and 22nd Street.                                   quers over circumstances      But I don't hke to hear whiners
                                                                                 The men you know who are going about and saying, "Well,
                     EVERY MODERN            CONVENIENCE.
                                                                                 I ne, er had the same chance that this fellow had.        Some-
                                                                                 ho\'. or other Tom Jones beat me to it and he got the corner
                                                                                 over) onder and that is the best location for business." "This
                                                                                 fellow has got the inside track and he gets rebates off the
                                                                                 railroad"    ] ust as if you and I, if we had had the chance
                                                                                 "auld    not be glad to exchange places, as far as business
                                                                                 posItIon IS concerned wlht John D. Rockefeller or Carnegie
                                                                                 or anybody else; just as If you or I if we had had the chance
                                                                                 would not take a rebate from the railroad company, if we
                                                                                 could get it Without the sheriff finding out about it When
                                                                                 } ou come down to it It is simply because he has beat us to
                                                                                 It. that IS all    Have you ever thought about the fact that
                                                                                 you busmess men are practicing rebate every day         You see
                                                                                 l\frs Smith come into your estabhshment       and she has got a
                                                                                 111cebig bank roll, and your only, sale, solitary motive in life
                                                                                 for that particular moment, forgetting    everything else, your
                                                                                 rehgious duties, your church vows and your ideas on honesty
                    New Cafes. New Grill Room.                                   and fairness, and your sole object and purpose for the mom-
                   Offices and Rooms Redecorated.                                ent IS to separate her from the bank roll      That is your one
                        Absolutely Fire Proof.                                   chief and supreme aspiration.    Now you are Willing to make
                   "YOU     WILL LIKE THE LEXINGTON:'                            one or two or any number of concessions that won't im-
                                                                                 mediately interfere with your profit in the transaction to dis-
     J. E. MONTROSE l p   . t                    HORACE WIGGINS,
     CHARLES McHUGH f roprIe ors.                            Assistant Mlrr.     pose of some furniture to the rich Mrs. Smith in your com-
                                   Also operating                                munity.     But you let Mrs. Jones, the wash woman come in,
        Hotel Montro.e, Cedar Rapids, la.; Rock Island House, Rock Ialand,lIl.
a.. _   ••.•••••                                    . ... ....- - . ......       and perhaps she is unable to pay the price of an article and
                                                      WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                                                                  13
 .. - ... .... __ ..
   -----_._-_._._._---------_._._._. _._.-._._. _._._-_._.----------------------._-_._---.

 I                             Waddell Manufacturing Co. I
 I                                                                         Grand Rapids, Michigan
 I                                                      These are two of our Latest Designs in Drawer Pulls.

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                                                    The largest manufacturers of Furniture Trimmings in Wood
                                                    in the world. Write us for Samples and Prices.   Made in
                                                    Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Birch and all Furniture Woods.
 ~_...__ ..._-     .. ------------------------------------._._._._._._                                         ..~.--_._.-----_ ..••.•..._ ...- ...~
 you may think about what means she may have, and somehow               thousands of men employed there, the great wealth that it is
 or other you can't go and gIve Mrs. Jones all the concession~          producing every day, thmk of the lowing herds out upon the
 and the same treatment   that you afford the rich Mr.;;. Smith.        great WIde lands of the west, the farmer who has come into
 You are rebating; you 'are grafting in a sense.                        affluence and power by reason of these establishments,   and
                  Bill Jones and Tom Walker.                            then you stop and think that It Issued full-fledged from the
                                                                        brain of one man, that it was nurtured and brought into life
        "The preacher stands in his pUlp1t, and B1ll Jones, a
                                                                        through the force and power, the fact that it is Ch1cago's
  leading cItizen of the town, whose stomach stIcks out more
                                                                        greatest source of wealth, one of the greatest industries of
  "pabstic" than anything else, comes down the aisle and the
                                                                        all the world, behmd thai stands the mIghty personality    of
  preacher keeps on readmg the lesson for the mornmg and
                                                                        P. D Armour.
  never raises his eyes or anything        else.   Bill Jones planks
  hum,elf down m a pew for which he has paId anywhere from                   "Why, gentlemen, that is the hIstory of every business,
  $25 to $100 a year    The preacher goes through the service,          the per:oonahty of the man behInd the bu:omess, and if the
  and after it is over he makes a bee 1111efor his friend Bill          busine:os IS not a success 1t IS usually because It lacks some
 J ones Just to shake hands with him. Tom \i\ alker, the poor           such force   There IS no partIcular reason why Chicago should
  man, came in and the preacher was readmg the lesson while             be today what it I~ Th111k of It I It took London 1800 years
 he walked down the aisle, that preacher would raise his                to get four mI1llOn of inhab1tants,    It took Pans 2,200 years
 eyes and he would look at him, and of course everybody would
 look at him walking down the aisle, and after the services
 the chances are the preacher would stumble over \Valker
 to get at Bill Jones to shake hands        But you know we have
                                                                           Dodds' Tilting Saw Table No.8
 a deplorable way of thinkmg that It is the other fellow that
 has luck, that has had the opportunIty,            he IS the fellow
 that is getting along, and if he had to get up against the same
 things we had, why he wouldn't be 1111t wIth us at all
       "Kow, gentlemen, I have ob:oerved th1S, that behind every
 great success in business, as I have saId to you before, is the
 personality of a single man      It may be sheer foohshness, it
 may be idlOcy, or water on the bram, I do not know, but I
 never go by Marshall Field's reta11 estabhshment         m Ch1cago,
 but that I always ra1se my hat          I look at that instltutlOn
 and I think of Marshall Field stand111g there and talking to
 Mr Leiter, on what is now the corner of State and Adams
 street, after the great fire, when Mr. LeIter counseled mov-
 ing either to the far west or may be back to Cleveland, Ohio,
to engage in business, 111asmuch as Ch1cago was w1ped off
 the face of the earth, and Marshall F1eld said, "\Vell LeIter,
I think I will fight it out nght here"            That institutlOn is
just as much a monument to him as this whole country is a
monument       to our forebears     through      whose energy     and                                                                                                       I
                                                                                 We take plea!ure In mtroductD.gto you our new Saw Table         The base IS slmtlar to wha
patllotlsm and enthUSIasm it sprung.         It I~ founded upon the        We have been using on our No 4 Saw Table, only we have made II larger on Ihe floor The
                                                                           ratsmg and lowenna: deVice IS the same as We have on the No 4 Machmet With lever and
personality    of one man                                                  pttman The lever IS made of steel
                                                                                The .rbor IS made of I 7'f-mch steel, runnmg in long nng OIlingbox .. , and IS for I-mch hole
       "When you go down there and you look at the packing                 10 saw.   We furmsh one saw on each machtne It wIll carry a 16-mch saw If destred
                                                                                Table IS made wllh a center .ltde 12 mcltes WIde wIth a movemenl of 21 Inches         It has a
industry of Chicago, millions of dollars, all that one great               lockmg deYlce to hold It when you do not WIsh to use It, and has a delachable mllre guage 10 be
                                                                           used when usmg the shdmg~table. Can cross~cut WIth table extended to 24 Inches, also np up
obJ ect upon whIch every impecul110us and pusI1animous poli-               to 24 Inches Wide Table has a removable throat that can be taken out when uslOg dado It
                                                                           also has two mitre guages for regular work and a two uded np guage that can be used on f:'Ither
tIcIan hope to make hIS reputatlon,        assaihng it for a trust,        stde of the saw, more espeCiallywhen the table ISttlted, also a hltlOgnp gauge to be used to cut
                                                                           bevel work when you do nol WIShto lilt the lable The top IS40x44 mches                         .. J
when your attorney general and when your Judge of a court,                      Countershall has T & L pulleys lOx 14 mches, and the dnve pulley 16x5 mebes counter.
                                                                           shaft should run 800    Makmg In all about as complete a machme as can be found' and at a
and I am not in contempt, actually clash as to who shall have              reasonable pnce    Wnte us and we Will be pleased to quote you pnce!       Address,

the honor of gett1l1g the scalp of the Beef Trust-when            you      ALEXANDER DODDS, CO.,                         181.183    Canal St., Grand RapIds, MwL
look at that instltution     down there and you think of the
                                                                        .................                    _ ..... _- --------_.....
14                                                            WEEKLY               ARTISAN

to get less than three l111lllon mhabltants            It tooK '\ e\\ York         the bU'omes" mdn       1£} au can lemember the names and face'i
300 years to Ret about three mIllIon mhabltants,               and ChIcago         and the \ allOU" Illcldent'i 111 connectIOn WIth people WIth whom
m seventy years has l?,otten tv>a 1111lhon fi\ e hundred thou"                     \ au C0111C 111 contdct     It 1" of great a""htal1ce         1 ,'1I1e...,G
and of inhabItants         'J0 more I ea~on \"hy ChlLa~o ~hould be                 Blame had a mal \ elOLh memory, and that IS what made hIm
the metropohs       of the \\ e~t than why Toledo 01 Cle\ eland CI1                -"0 POPUldl \\ Ith people every"" here      II Ilham Alden SmIth,
Columbus,       or some other cIty should be heLau~e the ~reat                      ~cnator flOm \llchlgan,      \\on hIS populanty    practlcally      upon
cIties of the world are all mland to\\ n s and don't \ au e\ u                     that \\ ondel tul attnbute    of the man that made It po"slble fOl
forget that        i\nd It seems to me that'the            £;Ieat iorce~ 111              t
                                                                                   111111u recedl the name'i and face'i of ptople whom he had
these great m~tltuilons          and ~reat Cltll~ b the pll ~on,t1lt\              met no mattel ho\\ Ion£; 'ieparated          \lemolY    I.., a '3plenchd
of the mdlVldual          It I~ lIke "ale"men         Good "alc"men       ,He      th111£;
born and not made, It h ~ald               1\ h} "me ~ale~111en art 1lO111                                    FaIth is the Engine
and not made          HO\\ can a "ale"mall come 111tOthe \\ ollel            I             J uhn [) "'harp, the pre"lclent of the ;\ldr"hall FIeld cum
 don't know of an} man \\ ho chel not L0111t mto thL \\ OJ lrl               rpam         ~alcl that he \\ ould ~I\ e an} mdn $100,000 a veal ""ho
 don't know of an} man on earth \v ho clJd nrlt Cu111eL"c CDt 1)\             lould ~lt h\ hI" ~1Cieand gl\ e hIm rehahle judgment                       111 e\ el \

 natural    entrance thlough       bIrth      \nd "ale~ll1U1 hke\\ I~e all    pI <lblem thdt Cdmc before hlll1                  Yet Judgement      IS developed,
 born     And per"onahty       I" a thmg that can be Inl1 ea~ecl and          a taculh           II t "ay faIth b a Sunday ...,chool wodd            \\ h) thele
 be developed by knowled~e              It IS a mattel ot ~tuch               I~ 110th1l1g hke faIth 111 bU"1I1es"                  \\ hy, bles'3 your heart,
                         The Boy Who Knew                                     110tll1ng 111 the \\ ollc! has heen dccomp1lshed unles" faIth hao,
       "How man} men } ou kno\\ do the nl?,ht th111g at thc                   hcen hehmd It               That has been the turhmc             engme that has
 nght time m the nght place and 111 the lIght \\ a\                     HO\\  c1l1\ en anc1 1" drl\ 1I1g u" on               I am gOIng to my home on a
 many men are there 111bU"111e~" ~who \\ ould he male ~Ulce~~                 tlalll t0111l?,ht to Chlcdgo, and I go, plac111g ah'iolute faIth 111
 ful If they dId th111£;" 111the way that a }oun£; man clJd \\hu              thc eng-llJee' l?,ot to do It II hen Columbus cro~sed the ocean
 saw hIS employer who \\as leanml?, 0\ er and had on a shOl t                 he placed tdlth III hIS blea"t, III hiS knowledRe of naVIgation
 coat, and the young man "hpped up to hll11 and handed hl111                  \ ou al e placmg faIth 111 your commu111ty by putt1l1g money in
 a note, the stenographers           we, e all slttmg alound         and he   to \ (\11 bU~111es-" 1\ hen a man gives yOU hI" check, you c'ere
 opened It and read "Honored           SIl, \ OUI pants h lIpped        '\ 0\\ pldlln~ tdnh m It                1 alth IS cne of the great underlymg
 that boy IS gomg to own that busmess S0111eda\                  He 11cl~the  plllJclple" oj bU~1l1e,,~ If It were not for our faIth, we could
 faculty of domg the nght thmg at the Ill?,ht time 11\ the II£;ht             not ~et along \ el \ tal               '\nc\ then, I take It that there IS one
 way, and m the lIght place            If he had called hh bCh~ ~ ,ltten       tIllng that ha~ been 0\ edooked                and that 1'3the de\ elopment of
 tlon to It m a loud tone at \ OIce, e\ el \ l?,II \\ oud ha \ e ~cen          10\ alt\      \\ bILb h jU"t a, e'isentlal a qua1lficatlOn or faculty
 what was the matter           It the ho~':l had been ~ttt1l1£; dcm n It       111 hie d" amthmg            el"e You "top and thmk of It Kow I have
 would not hay e been the lIght tl111e So he chd It at thc lIght               the control ot ahout one hundred                      salesmen,    and vOU WIll
 tIme and m the n~ht place              '\nd that I" the \\a} It ou~ht to      paldon thl" pel'3onal refelence                   \\ e usually let out a man
 be     And there I" one thmg you and I Lan tl am our~e h e...,to              e\ en SIX month" unle,,~ he can 'ihow us that he can make
 do, to know jU"t eAactly, as that ho} chd, when and \\ hue                    at least $5,000 a year, whIch gIve" u" a tall profit                    '\ow WIth
 and m what way to do certam thmg" that make fOl OUI ~uc-                      all the"e men, I \\ ould rather ha\ e loyalty stand out than
 cess     \Vhat IS busmess)                                                    any thm~ el ~c r don t cal e ho\\ ~ood a "ale'3man IS I don't
                        Sale a Mental Victory,                                 lal e ho\\ much busme"" he can produce                        If we :find that a
                                                                               man IS not ab'iolutel)             loydl to hI" 111stltutlOn, he gets separ
       "Busmess IS a transactIOn        It b a barga111IDg \ ou ,l' C to
                                                                               dted from hh payroll beeathe that IS one of the great th111gs
 sell 111 order to prosper        Toledo ha" to "ell the £;ooel~ ~hl
                                                                                tha t I~ hOUl1d to cIe\ elop and met ea~e your pel sonahty
 manufactures     m order to mu eao,c the Lonhne~ ot the CI1\ and
                                                                                <....,omctll11e~, ou knov\, when we do, as douhtle~s men out
 the populatIOn       You hay e got to "ell anel so 1 take It that
                                                                                ~Ide of thl.., 1 Dam do, nonc of u" 1I1"lde, but once 111a whl1e a
 Lhe fundamentdl      pnnclple upon whIch all bus111ess IS founded
                                                                                   mdn become" ch~loy al to hl'3 domestic                  yows       He forgets
 IS the power to sell and sell well          \0\\   a sale, gentlemen      IS
                                                                                thIS fact, that no man can be dIsloyal to anyth111g concerning
 a mental thmg        You go to work and "ell a man a chdll yOU
                                                                                d mdn 111an\ \\ a}, shape or manner, but that It reacts m-
 don't sell hlln a chaIr      That IS an 111clclent of the trano,actlon,
                                                                                \ allabl} and practlcall}           trreslstlbly
 of the real thmg that takes place            Perhaps that has not oc-
 curred to you, but you wl1l find that that IS absoluteh               true                                  Arnold and His Grouch.
 and that IS thIS that \\ hen an mdlvldual              comes mto \ OUI                 "I hay e often thou~ht             ahout thIS th111g-, chc,loyalty, to
 estabhshment      and buy s an article of furl11tUI e there IS a con-          -.,jamp It UpOll the nllnd" and memory of y0111 employ es                            I
 quest of the intellect      Your mmd has predom111ated and a sale               ~a", m the Rotunda at II ashmgton                   one day, the fil 'it tlme I
 IS the result     \Vhen yOU sell a customer somethmg,             } ou are     \\ a'3 there I \\ d" a young fellow and I asked the Sergeant-
 domg just exactly what Gl ant dId at \ppotomax                   1: ou are     '3.t- \11110, d'i I looked over the 11st of generals of the Revolu-
  dOl11g the uncondItIOnal     'iUl rendel act, and 1I1stead of tak1l1g         tlOnal} II aI, what the blank 'ipace there wa" fOl                       Of cour"e
 a SWOld, you al e takl11l?, a bank note 01 check                 \ ou arc       Clt the heae! \\ as 1\ a'3hlllgton, and then Lec, and the I est of
  conquer1l1~ the m1l1d of the other 111dl\Idual              \ "ale IS d them, dnd I a..,ked the Sergeant-at-.'\Ims                           \\ hat the hlank
  mental th1l1g, and the more onc ~ m111d 1'0 held 111 SUbjeLtlon                'ipace wa" fOl            lIe saId, "That l'i the pldce that Benecltct
  the more yOU can eAerCIse thIS faculty 0\ el } our customers                    -'\rnold''3 name ou~ht to have l?,one 111" Then I got mtere'ited
  that come 111,Just to that eAtent 10, } our bus1l1es~ ~Olng to                 111 the character         dnd I saId "\\T as Arnold, was he do\\ nngh t
  "ucceed     So don t } ou bee It IS up to } ou and me to de\ clop              lust a mean contemptIble                cn'3s," and I mdde a careful stndy
  the quahtles of the mllld and heart and bod} that make that                    of the Re\ olutlOn, and I fonnd out thIS, that the most bnl
  large pel sonahty 111 ordel thdt we can dom1l1ate the situatIOn                bant figure at the Rev olutlOnary Vv ar wa'i, not Ii\[ a'ih111gton,
  Personahty    IS merelv the development         of the quahtles of each        but BenedIct .'\1nold             That IS the 0pl111on of Van :\Ioltke, of
  indIVIdual                                                                     Germall}, of LOl d Roherts of England and General Mtles of
        "You Will aglee vvlth me that the more you can develop                   thIS countn,         that the most bnlhant          figure of the RevolutlOn-
  the manufacturer      the better the manufactUl er and the bettel               dl} II ar, not bal1l1~ even the German or the Flench 01 the
                                                                    WEEKLY            ARIISAN                                                                      15

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                                                                    These Specialties are used all                                                                  I
 I                                                                        Over the World

 I                                                                                                                                                                  I
 I                                                                                                                                                         ~
                                                                                                                             .        ~-~
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                                                                                                                                               , '\0..,_

           Veneer Presses, different kinds and sizes   (Patented)                                                      Hand Feed Glueing Mach;;'e (Patent
                                                                                                                         pendmg.) Many styles and sizes.

 I                                           Veneer Presses
                                             Glue Spreaders
                                             Glue Heaters                                                               and Supplies
                                             Trucks, Etc" Etc.          Power Feed Glue Spreadmg Maehme, SIRgle,        LET US KNOW

 II                                                                         Double and Combinntton.    (Patented)
                                                                                 (Sizes 12 m. to 84 m wide.)
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 I                                           CHAS. E. FRANCIS COMPANY, Main Office and Works, Rushville, Ind.                                  No.6 Glue Heater.

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   Lng1lsh officer'3, was BenedIct '\rnold        He was the man who                  tl11ng'3, thIS and that and the other, but study y OU1    '3elf and
  planned the one great mOvement that made England                    '31t up         develop all the force':> wth111 you, '30 that when you go into
  and take notlce that "he had a revolution           111~tead of a 1ebel-            the market to buy, the man who sells to you knows he IS deal-
  1Ion on hand       That wa" BenedIct .\rnold,        and that man dId               111g WIth a dom111ant torce and he cannot qUlte conquer, you
  more than vVash111gton for hl'3 country, he '3hed his blood                         learn to do those th111£;s, and somehow      or other that leaves
   C p there on the heIghts of Quebec, his blood sta111ed the                         you Just a httle bIt above the rest, and the customers          are
  whIte "nows of Canada          He loved the Colomes a" much as                      w111111gto pay the pllce
  anybody     ebe dId, but '3omehow or other he got a grouch,
                                                                                                        >   The World as a University.
  '3ame k111d of grouch that you get against the commumty
  once in a \VhJ1e that yOU get aga111st the assoc1at1On perhap'3                           ~0\V, gentlemen,    I want to say thIS 111conc1U'3lOn. that
  once 111 a whJ1e, only he dIdn't '3tlfle It, and by and by It                       to me one of the greatest ~and ChOlCe'3t thing.., 111lIfe IS to be
  blOught hl'o 1 U111 and a'> I read the '3tory as tladlt10n has It                   able to succeed 111the th111g I am undertak1l1g, and somehow
  of hI-, last day '3, teal:O actually  came to'my         e} e'O, so mucl~           or othe1 I hd\ e found It Just as you have found It, dnd thC1C
 power, so much strength-there         111that rude ganet 111London,                  d1e some of you here, who are a httle older than I am, who
 IY111gupon hIS couch, emacIated, the pnest cOm111g to shroud                         wJ11 bear out the '3tatement, that thIS old world of ours IS a
 111m 111hIS last hours, and help111g hIm to "tagger aclOSS the                       unn e1'31t}, that the teachers a1 e hard knoc1.. '0, and that '3ome-
 flOOl, and g0111g to an old chest, he opened It and pulled out                       hmv 01 other the £;raduat1l1g P0111t IS reached \Vhen \\ e have
 of It the colonel's umform of the revolut1Onary              army of the             accom phshed a th111g that 1'> 1eall) v'V th domg
                                                                                                                                01              And dfter
 colomes, and he put the coat upon that fOlm, and then he                            all It 1'3the hare1 knock'3 that.: ou get 111vanous ways that a1e
 ~)UIIed out a flag, tattered     and torn and COvel ed WIth b1 O\V         n         de'l dOp111g your per'3ona1lt} more than anyth111g el':>e, and the
 spot,>, and then he saId to the pnest,         'You \\ ant to kIll me I              man who goe,., up aga111'3t It hdlC1est and shut'3 down hIS teeth
 Look you, pnest, vou see those bro\ivn spot", on that flag?                         the :otrongest, and keep:o on h1tt111g the l111e ':>teadfastly and
 That flag was wrapped         around my leg 111front of Quebec,                     cont111uously 1:0 the 1l1chv1dudl who IS 111ereas111g hIS person-
 and that IS my blood         l\Iy men laved me and \'Vash111gton                    a1lty and mak1l1g hImself a gl eater pO'Aer every day            So I
 laved me, and they saId that some day I would take a seat                           ",ant to tell vOU that the gleat earthquake       at San FranClsco
 01 power 111the colomes, but, pnest, the babes 111the cradles                       WIll do more for San FranCISCO 111 the next twenty              years
 0'1 e1 there   now are tdught to rabe the11 v Olces and hISS and                    than If '>he hdd mJ1hons of people and mJ1hons of dollars
 cur'>e the ment10n of my name"             \nd dIsloyalty        acts that          The fire of 1871 made Chicago, and ,.,0 It IS that the th111gs
 wav      Alway '3 \\Then I say loyalt)        to Jour COmml1J1ltl, I                we have got to conquer and ove1 come a1 e the th111gs that
mean thIS        gn 111g} our custome1 the same k1J1d of a chance                    are develo))111g- u:o and mak111g OUl pel '3onahty, and there 15
that you would v.ant to have              The statement         \Va" made            noth111g 111the wOlld that cIevelops a man ..,0 much as d sale.
 tOl11ght that the man who succeeds              has got to gn e hh                  the conquenng- of anothe1 m111d, and to get anothel 111tellect
custome1,      the person who buys from hun, more goocl~ 01                          lookIng at a matter 111the :oame \Vay \\ e present It
better gooe!'> ]n other \'Yards, If vou are ,." b
                                                    0'01110'to succeed 111
'au     bU'3111es'3,}au have got to remember that the t'A a funda
mental pnnClple" of '>ucce'3S are the..,e         (jua1lt.: of good'3 and
e'Ccellence of "en Ice       JU'3t as a man 01 \\ oman bel;111s to
rea1lze that they Cdn have 1mp1lclt faIth and t1 U'3t In 'au,                                                         DESIGNS AND DETAILS
then the, are gOIng to gne yOU then hU'3111e'3'3 ju"t a" long                                                             OF FURNITURE
a,> the good':> you have are the be'3t that can pos,lbly be pro-
duced, and Just a'3 long d'O yoUl se1 vice 1'3 the \ ery best that
'IOU can gn e or 1:0 given 111your com 111U111t),then ) ou are
bound to '3ucceed, and you can't work that out unless } au
111crease your own powers w1th111 you             Study not alone the
material things around you and about you, the cond1tlOn of                                                            Citizens   Telephone   170~.

trade and the market,          what furnIture       IS made and such
16                                                                            WEEKLY                   ARTISAN

                                                                                                       law may be knocked out by the courts and thus they can not
                                                                                                       be penalized, but If the COUlts "U'itam the law they WIll not
                                                                                                       be III an cm lable posltlO11 Neglect or I efusal to file 1eport"
                                                                                                       h had     bccall"e It mdlcate'i lack of I espect f01 law     Even a
                                                                                                       hdel la\\ "hould lx 1 espected and obeyed untt! It IS repealed or
                                                                                                       111\ altc1ated   b) the courts   Dlsle"pect   and defiance of law IS
                                                                                                       lalgel)     lespoll"lhle for the public Ill-fee1mg agamst corpor-
                                                                                                       ,ttlOn" and for the laws that hamper bllsmess combmatlon'i

                                                                                                             BuHalo, \     1, hdc, deCIded to estabhsh   a smkmg fund
                            ~UBL.ISHEO   EVERY    SATURDAY    BY   THI!
                                                                                                       tel be u~ed to leplace or lepall city bUlld111gs that may be
                   MICHIGAN              ARTISAN             COMPANY                                    lamaged b) fire, and cancel insurance poltcles on such but!d-
                                                                                                       mg'      1he InSUlance authOrities    denounce  the scheme, de-
            OTHERCOUNTRIES $Z 00 PER YE"'R.              SINGLE COPIES 5 CENTS.                        clal111~ that It WIll lead to muniCIpal insurance      of pnvate
PUBI.ICATION     OFFICE,    108-112 NORTH          DIVISION    ST,        GRAND   RAPIDS,     MICH,    plOpert)     'Yell, why not ktll 1t by cutting out some of the
                            A   S   WHITE,       MANAGING EDITOR                                       e"tra\ agant expenses and thus enabling the insurance       com-
Entered as second class matter, July 5, 1909, at the post office at Grand         Rapids,   Michigan   pal11e" to offer lower rates?
                               under the act of March 3, 1879
                           CHICAGO REPRESENTATIVEE LEVY

                                                                                                             \ mathematIcal      "harp of PIttsburg   reports that, accord-
                                                                                                       111g to fig ures, \\ hlch \V e all know, never he, the 1etail meat
     An eastern      corporatIOn    Ovvnmg and opelat1l1g "e, elal
                                                                                                       dealel \\ ho sell" out h1S entire stock twice a week and makes
woolen mills have taken out msul ance policies fOI S50000
                                                                                                       .20 pel cent on his sales ,makes 40 per cent a week, and in a
each, on lives of some of their most succe"sful            manag el"
                                                                                                       ,Ldl 2,080 per cent         It IS certa111ly easy to make money.
with a view of protect1l1g the stockholder."      emplm e., and all
                                                                                                       The man \\ ho hao;, let us say, started in with $25,000 capital
others connected      With the busmess     from losse" that l111ght
                                                                                                       and thoLH:;ht he had made about $5,000 in a year is mistaken
follow the death of the head of a successful concel n           From
                                                                                                       He has made $S20,000, but he can't "how the money or 1ts
a busmess      standpomt      the Idea seems to be all nght         It
                                                                                                       equn altnt      It I" ea.,) to make money wlth figures
might be used to advantage        by man) manufactt11 m£; and mel
cantlIe insiltutions      There al e "ome furllltt11 e manufaciur
ing compallles     and some !Sleat letat! houses that hay c becn                                             ldllcatull"     mad, ertlsmg are of doubtful ,alue      They
bt11lt up by the efforts and abllib        of a mdn \\ ho~e death                                       111.1,a ttl ad attentIon and bnng a laugh, but they should not
would cause large loss to the stockholder"             1n such case,                                    be ot the k111d thdt lea, e", a St111g behind       For instance,
$50,000 or $100,000 Vvould not co, er the 10--'0 but Ii \, ould                                         ne\ el hd\ e a llcllcu!ouc, pIcture of a farmer and hiS WIfe, if
help some and mIght prevent            a complete   collapse of thc                                     ) ou drc appealtn~,     e, en 111the remotest degree to the farm-
business                                                                                                Ing element       ] he ±armers and theIr W1ves may say noth111g,
                                                                                                        hut the, do llut hke 1t lust the same
      The movement     b) rallt oad com pal11t" dnd others to I e-
claim abandoned    farms m );"ew YOlk state and \e\\ Lngland                                                   By the \ht) hay e) ou noticed that the ralltoad." that were
may not have any perceptIble           effect on pI Ices of farm pro                                    to be \\ recked l,y the two cent fare laws are gettmg         along
duets, but it WIll surely call attentIOn to the pOSSible utIli-                                         ,erv 111ceh        'lost of them are domg better now than they
zatIOn of the waste lands and result m the adoptIOn of bettel                                           \\ el e t\\ 0 ,ear" ago     The) report mcreased passenger   traffic
methods for mamtaillln~       the productn ene--s of the farms not                                      and are pa) mg bettel         dlv1dends notwIthstanding   the two-
only in New YOlk, l\ew England and \ llglllla              but mother                                   cent la\\ __ \\ onder 1£ a con'iiderable       reductIOn in freight
sections of the country        I\s a I ule the I\mellcan farmer" al e                                   I ate:o would have a slmllal effect?
too greedy     They take out of theIr lands all that It IS pos-
sible to get without thought         of the future and m:1ln of the                                           Ea'itel tIde doe~ not mean much to the furniture     dealer,
farms are run down-worn            out-m     a few ,e:1I"     The \\ 01 k                               but thele 1S no lea"on why he should not take advantage          of
of the ratlroad    compallles     WIll show that I\mellcan        tal 111",                             the general awakenl11g to maugurate        hIS spring season by
can be made as perpetually         productrve    and profitable  as al e                                arrangmg      an openl11g," making spec1al window dIsplays and

those in Europe                                                                                         111\It111g mspectlOn of h1S stock     Most people are in good
                                                                                                        humol and qUlte susceptible      at Easter tl1ne
       Rarely does a merchant       gam an) thl11g b) puttmg      out
 leaders-selling      some goods at cost, or less, and ac1d1l1g e"
                                                                                                              Soml of the ±tade papers 111si"t that the          trouble i" not
 Olbitant     profit" to others   to make up the ,n erage        Thc
                                                                                                        Ihe 111gh cost of In mg,' but the "eost of hIgh          living"  They
 practIce IS not fall to bU) CIS and It b 11cqucnth          bdd f01
                                                                                                        llld\ be llght 111 regald to "ome people, but           thete are very
 sellers.    For eAample, e,uppo:oe a pelson In1\ ~ onl) hIgh priced
                                                                                                        fe\\ connected  \\Ith the fur111ture bus111ess in        any way, who
 goods, and does not happen to need any of the 10\\ -priced
                                                                                                        at e affected b, the cost of high ltv111g It             is the cost of
 ones; he gets the worst of It, m spIte of the slichng "cdle
                                                                                                        a, erage 01 ord1l1ar) IlV111g that bothers most           of them
 whIch is supposed to adjust the difficulty       Then suppose the
 customer      buys only the low-priced     goods and none of the
 high ones, the merchant gets decidedly the worst of It and m                                                  \ \ a tch for \\ a ste and cut it out       It is the bane of every
 most ca:oes hIS losses are gl ea ter than hIS gams, e, en when                                          bu Sl11es., It 1S more noticeable          111America than any other
 the advertlsmg       ,alue of the scheme IS considered                                                  countr)        ForeIgn     merchants    look WIth amazement        at the
                                                                                                         \\ asteful methods of American            merchants     as they do at the
      The corporatIOns                that have neglected to file reports re-                            wastefulness      of Amencan        housekeepers,     cooks and farmers
 qUIred by the mcome                tax lawaI e settmg a bad example      The                            There IS some excu"e for some of 1t, but not for all
                  WEEKLY   ARTISAN             17

      6    CARS A WEEK
             is our capacity during this
                       year on


            Cut to dimensions if desired.
                     'Write us.


Walter Clark Veneer Co.. Grand Rapids, Mich.
                                                                   WEE        K L Y       A I~TIS        A N

                                                                     ~Iinnesota             Retail Furniture
                                                                                   Dealers'  Association
                                                                   OFFICI:RS-Presld<nl     T R Tador   I ake Benton ~11l1n VIce President   D R Thompson     Rockford, Mll1n
                                                                                 Treasurer B A Scho('nLber~er    Perham "lInn Secretary W L Grapp JanesvIlle      Mllln
                                                                   EXECl TI\ f< LO\I\l! fTEE-ChallJnan         Gco Klell1 Mankato
                                                                                                  Harr <; \llnneapo  IS 'lInn
                                                                                                                                    Mll1n °    SImons, Glencoe Mll1n, W L
                                                                                                                              C DalllelsOTJ Cannon ralls

                                                                BULLETIN                        No.      102.

              PROCEEDINGS                               OF OlJR FIFTH ANNUAL CONVENTION
              SECOND DAY- AFTERNOON                        SESSIO~.                           hcl)l~ dcm n to \\ OtLlllie 'J "tem dppbdhle for all OU1 members,
                                                                                              ~ufhc c to -,a\ thdt weal e able to fur11lsh you sC1entlfic hUllt
                      Committee       Reports     Continued.
                                                                                              u111h elt a co"t ot onh olle-thtrd            of what It would cost an
                                                                                              111e!1\  1cluetl membel to get the cut alone and not only that,
                        CommIttee        on Credentials                                       1)11111 1~ ~o ptepa1 cd that vou (dn alway, keep these U111i'>
       \\ e, a~ yOU1 Ulm1111ttce talee pled~111e 111 1ep lUll!.., dlJd                        ,tin ( dne! up to date ane! b\ then u"e Cdn hudc1 suentlfic ads
1tLOmmend111g fO! ) OUl adm1.,c,10lJ d~ ll1emhll ~ thl tullu\\ 111!..,                        (t etlmo~t any ~1/e 111ten 01 fitteen m111ute'>, whIch 1f ongt
dealers                                                                                       nalh       atLen1Dtec1 \\ ould take hoUl '0 and c,ometnnes days to
       Crescent    Lumbe1 l om pan"           L 111
                                                  tdh, \l111n                                 u mplctc and cl~ tune h money, we feel that the time we wdl
       Peter Chnst1anc,on,     Oldhim,         ~ ])                                              a\f' ot11 member~ \\ho ddopt thh c,)c,tem \\111 pay 111 ~tx
                                                                                              1 lUllths     Ume mo' ethan       d""octatlOn expen"ec, hay e ever LO,t
       Chnstlanc,on    DIO" \ldan         ;\1111n
       fIllmore lurl11tlll e (Umpdn),           (hallutte'>,     lllc \ ,l                    thLl11
       Pete1 Goenng,      Cold.,pnn£;c" \[111lJ                                                        It th1, \\Olk cont111t1e~ to lece1\e the support It has thu-;
        Emd lohn.,gaard,    Hottmeau         '\ 1)                                            1d1 \\ C \\ J1l cont111tte to b1111lSout "uch good head111gs and
        E K (rl\ te, Ruthton,         I,[mn                                                    -U2,~e--tton~ at sale-- tl1dt \,',111 make thIS Vvork stlll more
        1 E K1PI), Edgele\       '\ D                                                         \ aluelble and \\ h1ch \\ J1l put Oul members                 111a posItion so
        L B I df-,on Hallc,tead, \1111n                                                        that they Lan keep theIr ad\cttl-;ements                   far ahead of the
        F 2\loh s II eh'>tel '-, l)                                                             '1 (],11at\ aeh et U~el ann thus" dl be able, If he backs It WIth
        E E '\el~on, Han.,ka        \1111n                                                     L.(I'el ~tore ma11a£;ement dnd the \alue" Vve want hIm to, that
        070net   ChemIcal company             \lmnedpuh-,          \Il11lJ                     t11(\ \\111ll1Ul£; d It\\drd       that \OU htde dreelmed of, that 1-;
        Spdeth IIa d"are       1 Ull11tlllC and 1mlllemltlt                l( mp,l11\          tr    thL~e \\ ho hd\ e not Larne-;tly tllecl out the \alue of en-
 1\d vmond, I,[ mlJ                                                                            tlm-1ac,t1l d11d Ul11tUlUOUS aeh e1tl-;111lS
     . \ldrku,>on HalCh\are       company         (r1CY 1 cH;lc, \1111n                                \ot onh tlldt, hut yOU can keep <theacl of the volume of
        II F t,nge1 ::\lelro'>e \111111                                                        deh trtlS111g that "\\111be done In the mall order houses and
        E Kelson, :'lJarcu'>, lo\\a                                                            \\ e a1 e -;ure that \ ou are far '>lghted enough to see what a
        MIchIgan \Iercantde        compan),       \11ch1gan, \           D                     great value good reputatllln             of truly meet111g any and all
         Langum    & \01\ old, lumhlOta             \1111n                                      l atalo£;ue    compet1tlOll \\ auld be to you 111 your respect1\ e
         (I 1\ Lumle\    & Co , Re11\ dIe I,[ I11n                                              lommu111tle~ ()Ile \\ ll1lh can be ha1dlv estnnated                 111dollar,.,
         \\   r Fngle, Enderhn,      '\ D                                                       and cenh dncl the1 etot c \\ e al\\ avs do urge every member 111
        J :E Pete1 ,>on, Donnell) \1111n                                                        our a"SOlieltlOn to 111dkethe mo-;t of the present good crops bv
         Lotu-; Co\, (Treat } dl1'>, \10nt                                                      ~OInlS aHel buc,l11e-;., a'o they ne\ e1 ebd before               If yOU \\ 111
         II e want) ou to stueh the hst 0\ e1 ldt etulh                      cl11d nc te        lolle\\ OUI lean \\ e \\ dl .,how \ au that when vou come to
 the \ a110US -;tates that the.,e memhe1 C,hlP~ 1cpt e~e11t \\ hlLh                                Ul dnnuctl meet111£; 111 Janual\          that vOU wdl be able to
 goes to show that as we hnnlS usetulne-;'> to the dedlel ~ the                                  1elJ01t the mo~t "ucLe".,tul fall v\ Ith the la1gest profit that
 hve \\11 e-; lSet 111 touch vv1th ad\ anced mm el11e11b                          l hel e-      \ ou e\ e1 c,-pet1encecl but remember            that unless the matellal
 fon "e want to conlSratulate             our cCo-,OC1aUona~ \\ ell a~ out                       t1ldt \\ e fur111c,h \ ou 1" uc,ed It 1" ac, worthless       as a 10comot1vc
  neV\ members, for assoc1at111g themsehes                   \\lth "hat \\e he-                  \\ 1tllOUt .,team
  hey e IS one of the 11\ehec,t a-;souatlOn-; that £;0 to make up                                       II e hO\v e\ er teel that) ou all Cdn c,ee the hus111e"s acl-
  the KatlOnal a,,~oc1atlOn         \\ e want all of Oul ne\\ member"                            \ <lnta~e of th1., 1110\ement and that by the time our annual
  to feel at home and a"sure ) ou that yOU are mOl ethan                             \\ c1-      mcet111g cony ene-; that th1' feature of ,lssoc1atlOn work wdl be
  come        lYe muc,t reah7e 111d1\tdua11v that \\ 1thout 01£;;m1-                             1,lae1e a pelmanent      \\ Olk 111our d-;-,oc1,ltlon
  /at'on     we would be \ er) much ha~lehcapped                       111   tl \ mg to                              YOul c, re~pecttulh    -;uhnllttecl,
  work out and 0\ ercome the e\ 11 that, th1CJtHsh co-operaUon                                                                                     D R 1hompc,on,
  "e dre able to correLt                                                                                                                           o \ 0 Moen,
                    You 1c, 1espectfulh         subnl1tted                                                                                         IY L Gtapp
                                                        ~ l        '-,chle1l h Ll                              From    the Manufacturers'           Viewpoint.
                                                       J I,[ E\ ath,
                                                       \\ llham (Olnelt               Tohn Booth, of Peru, 1ncl -"1                ha\e tta\eled    a lSoocl
                                                                               Il1dn~ ml1e~ to be \\lth yOU at th1C, con\enllOn                 and 1 ha\e
                    Report of Commtttee        on Advert1smg
                                                                               h-tenecl to the d1c,CU.,c,lOnWIth a lSreat cleal of 111terest                 I
           The nldttel ot P' epdt111g ach e1t1~l'l£; helJl~ t('1 (Ul ml111     \\ant to ~a\ that from the pOInt of a 111anufaLtUle1, the mdnu-
     LJer" has been undet c,et1OU'>conc,lderatlOn for mOle tlldn thlCL         taLturer 1., up agaUl"t th1" Ulatl ordet proposItion                111 about
     \ ears and we have tned uut neatly all tIle pldll" G,uggc,teel            111L.,ame wd, \ ou arc            You Ulay not "ee It Just that way hut
     to uc, h"\ our membe1., and finely hay e reached the P0111t 1 hd\ e .,wched th1., problem                            cOll"lc!erably and the 111vest1-
     \\ here \\ e hay e adopted d ul11fotm ") .,tem of UUlh \\ hll h \\ l      gdt1lJn~ that L l1d\ e mdde hay e fIrml) Con\111ced me that 1 do
     th111k has soh eel our plOhlem and thus \\ e ,,111 be ahle to              not hke the 111d1lOlder hou~e becau-;e It vvants to gllnd the
     tur11lsh our membe1 s \\ Ith a l11dtenal whtLh It they tncn to             hie out of the manuiactUler             and doec, when It gets a chancc
     do 111dlv1dualh \\ ould coc,t them "0 much ac, to make 11 P10-             II h\ -,0 man \ manufactUl erc, cate1 to them, 1 cannot under-
       olh1tlVe for th~ a\ e1age dealel                                         .,land
           Your commIttee       reahzes    that the mdttet    of ach crtl c,e
                                                                                            \\ hen \\e .,talt a factory, we have to put ollr mach111ery
      ment IS the most Important         detaIl conceln111g ) our bus111e"S
                                                                                111\\ hlch co" t" d lot of money            Then \\ e hay e a k111dly feel-
      and we have put more thought and cale 111to thlS work thel11
                                                                                1110fot the men who v'vork fOl u'> and we \\ant to keep them
      appears UDon It::. face     \1 e need not tHe you \\lth the eADetl
                                                                                dnd <Y1\ e them \\ 01 k but \\ e must hay e some good out of thell
      ence that \\ e hay e to £;0 thru 11101 del to get these aeh ertl -;111£;
                                                                       WEEKLY                ARTISAN                                                                               19

       tImE. It wdl take about $100,000 "Worth of bu::,mess to enablE.                          and not the mall order house and that price should be ahke
       liS to j)a} our       eXj)ense~        Therefore,       If VI e can do $200,000          to dll      If such a concht1On can be brought about how mllch
       "orth     we are makml.; a profit              \\' e arc sunply paymg our                better It would be for all               Bu,>me:o::, IS begln11lnl.; to be con-
       eApen~es vl1th the first $100,000               I can readJ1y see the gl eat             ducted along "clentlfic lmes more and more
      ten1ptat1On for the manllfactm e' to take on a bunch of busl
                                                                                                       , If you look back a httle, you wdl find that u"ually ce1-
      ne,,:o at certam tune'3 from the mad ordel house but I VI auld                            tam e, lIs get so bad that they create a 1emed v for them-
      lather go home wIthout anythmg                     than wIth a losmg propo-               ::,eIve::, I beheve tIllS IS the case WIth the mall order pro-
                                                                                                jJo::,ltIon because ha1dl} a day or a week !?;oes by but what
              It WIll cost SO per ceut for matenal,                the labo1 ,v1ll cost        we hedr that th1:o, that or the other factor} has refused to
      about 20 pel c('nt, the 0\ erhead expenses about 15 per cent                             1ene\"l thell contract::, and why?                    Bccau'>e busmess        alway'>
      ,lno the se1ll11g expen oes about 10 per cent                    ThIS lea\ es only
                                                                                               a"k", 'Docs It pa}?'           \\ hen th1'> Cjue"tlOn cannot be answe1ul
      ~ jJU cent fOJ jJlOfit NCJVIthen, when} ou are domg a $200,-
                                                                                               111 the      affl1matlvt,     then "om t thmg happens                 TherefOl e, I
     000 ousme"",          It 1" a pretty hard matter to al""a}" !?;et the                     do not \"Ionder that fa"tOly afte1 factOl y 1::' "IV dk111g up thlU
     IJroper amollnt of orders at the plope1 tIme to keep thmg"
                                                                                               the sheer force of nece"slty                  and askmg themselve",             'Doc"
     1110\ 1I1g smoothly           So at tune~ "1"1 hen a 10bber 01 a mad order                thIS mal! order bu,>meo,> pay?'                1£ It don't aud L do not beheve
     man comes and begms to talk, sa} mg that he WIll l.;lve yOll
                                                                                               that you can find a factor} whIch sa} s It doe", then why con-
     from $2=;,000 to $35,000 "II orth of bU::,1I1ess \"11th sellm~ ex-                        tmue such a pohq )
     pense" taken out, It looks l?;ood to you                      You figm e that If
                                                                                                       "Therefo1c,      I want to "d} thdt I dm v\1th yOll 111thIS
     "IOU can make 5 per cent on thl" "lolume that yOll are makmg
                                                                                               fight agam::,t the mall orde1 hou"es                    I w1"h from the bottom
     Ju"t that mllch "Ieh et but are} au ~
                                                                                               of my heal t that all the manufactUl er'o feel 1Ike I do                     \Ve a1e
             "\01"1 h"ten to what happens JUot a" SOOl1as the manufac                          gOIng to try 1t out alan!?; theSe 1111e"becau"e I reahze that It
     turcr makes a speclall)nee              to the mall orde1 house           Ju::,t thl"     I" light and that the ",ucce",> of any fdcLUly depend" upon the
     1t plt" the mdll orde1 house m a pO"llIon to thlow out a                                  "ULC'ess of the maJonty            of the "mall dedlero             1 am gomg to
    b,nga111 whIch h under the market and whIch IS usually 30                                 ::,tav b} you untl! yeu hay e ,"orked out a sueces::, along these
    or 40 pel cent helow \"Ihat the avelage small dealer can buy It l111e" because I thmk } ou are nght '
    for Ju"t about the tl111et111';hterature               gets well dlstnbuted,       the            C \\ Hanl'3 of Rockwell, Ia-                      I am tram Io"a          It IS
    manllfactllrel        find" he IS hegm11lng to he pressed for pnce"                       a great state          It ha:o a furlllture as"oc1atlOn but It 1" dead and
    that wdl enahle 111'>          customers to meet the verv condItIOn that                  there IS no undertakel              who e\ er had the CaUl age to try to
    he has C1eated              '\ O"liVthen, those that kn~w tell me the                     bur} It          I begged of the manufacturer"                   to 2,lve me some
    mal! order house" (nly u"e about 20 per cent of the goods of                              artIcle to meet catalog house pnce'o                    1 tned to !?;et "Olnethmg
    the lac tor) ",Ith ,,111Ch they do husme'3"                   It has alVla}s been         irom O'Bnan            of ChIcago        RIght here you ha\e the gleatest
    a source of \"Ionder to me wh'v thl::, \ olume of 20 per cent                             benefit of YOU1 co-operat1On                   I got 111::,ome cheap kJtchen
    dOJ11mates and has the plefe1ence oler the 80 per cent output                             cablllet::,       I ad\ e1tlsed them $4 deh'v ered from the st01 e,
    of the"e fact011es               In Its final analYSIS, you find that the                lre1e,ht paId          I never '>old ,,0 many lot"hen cablllets 'as I dId
    manufacttuel         then takes on thIS extra busmess and th111ks It                      dunng the tllne that I earned that "ad" III the local paper
    IS dear lntt finds m the long 1un that he has C1eated a phase                            TillS IS slmplv an 11hhtratlOn of the "Ialue of gettlllg leader"
    of c, mpetltlOn whkh u"uall"l pound" dOVln the pnce on hIS                                        "There IS a bed v\ h1ch :\1' Thompson                      told me about
    output of 80 per cent                \\ hy on edrth thc manufacturer"               do   He sells 1t, at least he used to                  I ,",ould say, 'Here, thIS IS a
   thl~, I cannot understand                                                                 catJlog house sUIte               I can sell }OU a better Ol1e-one                 that
            "1( ow let u" analy ze condItions               If the mal! ordel house          WIll gIve better sat1"fact1On                  I would take a good one and
   clJd not create competlt1On and the compet1tn e pnces they do                             show hIm the dIfference                  I ::,old $95 wurth m competlt1On
   UpO'l "ertam standard artIcles, there would be no demand for                              WIth "\lontgomery           \\T ard & Co, b} domg thIS                 A gentleman
   a class of good" manufactured                  at a pnce that would meet it               from Caters\ llle had aI, cady made out hIs bl11 H1S daughter
   Take away the curse of mall order (OmpetltlOn                             and there       l)e1",uaded hIm to come to me to see 1f I could meet :\lo11t-
   ,,,ould be no nece""lty              for gllndmg        down the manufacturer             gowery \Vard price"                I told hIm what he could have a smte
   to the last notch m order to meet a ce1 tam pnce because                                  for I dId not ::,ell hIm that smte                 That IS "he1e salesmanshIp
   e\ erybody \"Iould be dam')" busmes"                      accord1l1g to the con-          comes 111 I sold hIm a $28 one                     Then I had to meet hun on
   dItion", wl11ch surround hIm                The consumer would be getting                 carpets         He wanted one of tho"e la1l.;e gla"" hall tables                       I
   a l,etter article, the dealel would be gettmg                         the profit he      had one marked $6                  There was no competlt1On for :Mont-
   desel yes and he, m Ltll n, IV ould be wlllmg to gIve the manu                           gomer} \Vard's ])lICe VIas $575                        fhat IS the advantage          of
  faetu1 er the profit he IS entitled to                                                    hav111g low pnce goods                 You can do th1::, If you try
           "\\ hy on earth so many manufacturers                      help create the                "\Ve want to pay our $5 a "ear to the treasurer                     and keep
  very condlt1On::, that grmd down the pnce, I never ha" e been                             ,IllS thIng g0111g The bUy111g commIttee                           knows where to
  able to understand                  I hope thp day WIll come, and It wdl                  buy goods            The fauners go 111tOthe legblature                WIth strength
  come soon If the peale keep on orgalllzmg                           as you have at        behmd them and they demand certa111 leg1"latlon                           There was
  thIS meetmg,           when the mad order house WIll be made to                           d time when          they could not get eli'-'vatol ground                Aftenlards
  manufacture          theIr own product1Ons                 JUSt as soon as that           they VI ere asked to bmlrl an elevato' and It 1" a !?;ood th111g
  happens we wlll not hay e to face the competIth e pnces that                              It draws tI ade, bnngs 111money and makes th111g" mure p10,,-
  II e now       do At present both the manufacturer                    and the small       rerous         I eAhort yOU to hanl?; to~ethe1 and be loyal to thIS
  ([ca'ers ha\ e thIS pha::,e of comp'tltlOn                   to meet Whether we          as~oc1atlOn            It IS the commencement                 of the death blow to
  11k( It Ol not                                                                           the catalog hou"e
           "I ha"l e looked 1I1tO thIS matte! some and I want to tell                               "They offer a premIUm to bu} cheap soap at a hIgh
 } ou what our pohcy h                      \Ve are not gomg to sell to the                pnce          That you 11111'3t   settle 111   the future        I thank yOU gentle-
 mal! orde1 houscs                  \\ e are g01l1g to stay away from that                 men for the attention               you ha" e gIven me and I assUl e you
 km 1 of busmess              \\ e are gomg to stand by the country deal-                  that m} heal t IS vnth you though I 11\e 111Iowa-Grand                               old
 ers        \\ e want to makc the goods that you dealer" want and                          Iowa"
 \"llth whIch you can compete a!?;amst thIS mad Older !:;ame                                     f P, Swart/-           I came hel e becau"e I am espeuall}                  mter
 I behe\e,         from Vlhat I ha,e !?;athered from the wOlk of thIS                      ested 111the a"",OCJat1On and becau"c of a pecuhar sltuat10n
 com ent1On, that you are on the nght track and that '\ ou ha"l e that came up on account                                             of the act10n of many of your
 so1"lcd the problem of bnng1l1iY merchand1::,e to you at a pllce                          me11'bers            You ha, e } our co operatn e blly111g commIttee
 tha t v,l11 enable } ou to do this                 You nlllst get some factory            hIt \ ou al e not co-opel atlng WIth them 111 your bUY111g
hnecl v', \"11th} ou to make the good~ that you want and can                               :\Ianv of yOU a1 e bu} lllg the same th111g \Yhy not let yom
"ell         Bv cutt1llg out the "1"1 aste 111 the old tIme methods                    of  as~oClat1On buy It for} ou)                 :\Iy firm "aId that I should not
~ettmg your supply and adopt1l1g new busmess method", } au                                 state the pnces g1\ en to the :;\I111nesota Retad                           FurmtUle
can put vour:oelf uuon a basJ:o WIth the mall order houses and                             Dealers' aSSOClat1011 It took three day s to get them to let
still lea, e a faIr profit to the manufacturer                    who supphes your         me quote} au Jobbers pnces WIth the freight added                                If the
VI ants
                                                                                           ~Iinnesota         dealers WIll co-opel ate and buy together,                  we 'v 111
          "I hold that the small dealer represents                    80 pel cent of contmue to quote these pnces                             Tf they ,,111 not, '"' e cannot
the "Iolume of any factor}                   Then the} should make the pI Ice                       ,If the dealers "1"1 l!l co-operate,           thell busmess \"1111      groY,
20                                                             WEEKLY                ARTISAN

and they will be able to dIctate terms to the manufactUl er                          sen ed \\ hlch "as hIghly appreciated       by all.     Good cigars
If each one of you here would place dn ordel for one dozen                           \\ el e then passed around      The PnsCllla     idea was carried
more beds than you had mtended                  to bu), look ho\\ mam                out to the smalle"t detaIl      The waItresses      were all attIred
beds that would make             Don't you ~uppo"e ) our comn11ttcc                  m Pn;;,cllla costume and e, ery thmg 111 the room was sug-
could get a better pnce?           How much are you, !Ddn Idualh ,                   ge'-!Ive of the ta~te and refinement   characten'3tlc    of Priscilla
g0111g to co-operate        with the buymg COn1111lttee")                                   These annual dll1ners are among the greatest attractlOns
      "I have talked wIth the buymg committee                   at ChIcago at        ot our annual meet111gs as they furmsh food for both body
dtfferent times and I find that they are bu) mg' lu~t .1" much                       ancl 111md \ftel the tables were cleared E SPIke,             Associ-
of this cheaper stuff as they thmk yOU need to counter <lCt                          att Editor at the TW111CIty CommercIal Bulletm, read a highly
tIllS mail order bu"mess           I\t the same tune, the' eUC tn ll1~               1I1tere"t1l1g papel on, "The Shortcom111gs         of the Average
to get a representatIve         hne from our large concell1s \\ 111ch                Country StOt e," as seen by a publIsher        ThIS was followed
you can select from          If you do not co operate. 'au Me e,01l1g                lw other speeches all of V\ hlch can tamed good practlcal         sug-
to force your buymg commIttee              to go around to fom DIck                  ~e~tl()ns ancl "ho\\ed that OUI assoclatlOn certa1111y does not
and Harry and then you get the bad end of the 11l1e It                               ldck hu~mes~ ab1lIty      \Iany thoughts    and 111spiratlOns were
does not mean anythmg             to the manu1dcturel ~ lJUt It c!(\e~               hrought out" hlch we are sure wIll prove of lasting benefit to
mean everythmg         to the buymg committee              "\ou ~houlc! ~hr)\\       th()~e ')1 e"ent r H Peterson was the last speaker and though
your appreciatIon       of theIr efforts and buy \\ hat, au can II um                h1~ talk \\a" not lengthy, every word meant :oomethlng
the goods whIch they select
      "This is a small Item but It means ever) thmg to the
success of your buymg commIttee.               If yOU WIll do thl'3, these           "The   Short-Comings       of the Average Country           Store   as Seen
gentlemen     can go down to ChIcago 01 any othel malket m d                                                   by the Publisher."
year or two and make theIr own terms and that l~ 1\ hat, ou
are after.     You want to get bIg enough to dIctate and ,au                                                     By    E   SPIke.
can do it if you wil1."
                                                                                        The pUhlIsher has been and
     o    W. Grapp-"I        vvould hke to "a) a \\old            I am not on
                                                                                     b     often accused        of being a
the buying commIttee but I ha' e gone dm\dl even ,ear and
                                                                                     theolht,     a dreamer, a man "lth
paId my own expenses and I do not th1l1k that am onc at the
                                                                                     a ,('[\     '1I1d Imag111atlon          In
bt,) mg commIttee has paId out more tal c,-pen"e                     In I e~al d
to buymg       goods from the home manutdctUler                    \\ III ~d, I      ~ome m ~tance" thl" IS true, 1n
                                                                                     other.." pal tJall) true, and in
know the buymg comnllttee             ha\ e done all they could to ~et
                                                                                     ~ome te" 1I1'3tances not tl ue at
them !D hne       ,,life Just :Olmply must go out and get the gooch
It they cannot meet the pllces            \s dn mdn Idual "mall dedlel.              .111 "OIv, let'" ~ee what the
                                                                                     short-col11ll1gs are 111the aver-
I cannot afford to let thIS co-operatn e bUy!Dg go There are
                                                                                     ae,e country store m the eyes
no Ifs and ands about It
                                                                                     ot a publIsher who w1ll attempt
      "\Vlth one excepilOn, our lme:o ale thc he~t that \\ e could
                                                                                     to keep 111 111111d      the practlca-
find. The Rockford           hne IS one of the be~t 111 tht cuunt1 \
                                                                                     hltlt, ot h1'o theones
I do not see why you call It tra:oh dnd cheap ~tuft                    \\ t ha' c
                                                                                          I he ell erage l 01111 Y store IS
no cheap stuff         It Ib all nght to patI on1L:e the home manu-
                                                                                     conduded         b) men who use
facturer.     vVe made them offer;;, about 1Ivo ) eals .1gO but
                                                                                     then head" too lIttle and their
they could not b('e It that way            It IS 1 eally am duty to help
                                                                                     leg" too much, men who meet
home indus tires but the catalog hou;;,es h.1' e Cl ept mto am
                                                                                     dllll ch~po"e at the petty            hap-                 M
                                                                                                                                      E S PIKE, INNEAPOLIS,
bUSllless so that we cannot 'otand It an) lon~el and" e mu~t
do somethmg       If \\ e are gOll1g' to compete ,\ Ith them               It \\ L   penlng'~ each da, a" they hap- ASSocIate          EdItorofCommercIal Bullettnand
                                                                                     pen. \\ Ith no thoug-ht of the Manager ftheBullettnSerVlce           Department.
can buy goods Just a" cheap a" the) can, \\ hat can the, do"
                                                                                     1110110\\ men who al e the slave of cIrcumstances                  instead of
The way thmgs now stand somethmg'                      mUbt be done             Jt
                                                                                     makll1g urcumstances             theIr slaveb, men who are right 111the
 ,nay take a few rearb to perfect am sy"tem but v, e IV III eel
                                                                                     mIdst of nch fields, but when they go with theIr scythes
tamly do It m time and I belt eve that you WIll all agl ee that
                                                                                     hung 111the branches of trees, whIle men who are using their
we are already recelvmg some very good results from It                           I
l,el1eve that we are on the right track                1'\11 IVC need nOl\ h         heads      \\ ho re'3lde m ChIcago and Kalamazoo,             are gathering
                                                                                     111 the "hea, e~, men blll1d to the big posslbllItles             that lie all
a Mtle time       Re3ults show that all we ha' e to do no" IS to
                                                                                     arcund them, who are eagerly graspmg                   at the mcke1s that
follow up our advantages.
                                                                                     \\ auld come In the door anyhow,                 while they neglect         the
      "I would rather pay a big pnce for goods If I could sell
                                                                                     dollars that are takIng wing m other directions, men who are
 them for a good pnce.           We have made many a tllP to thIS
                                                                                     un\\ IllIng to spend a mcke1 to make a quarter.
 city to discuss ways and means "ith the manufacturers                        but
we met with no Encouragement                 If our home manufacturers                      A short tIme ago I went out on a tnp into the interest
                                                                                     at ml department             My expenence       m one town left WIth me
 wIll not supply us, we must go v\ here \\ e can e,et "hat"                      e
                                                                                     a most ,lIld         ImpreSSIOn         ThIS town contained        about one
 need     I cannot understand         why co-operatIve         bUyll1g should
                                                                                     thousand       mhabltants,      and was surrounded       by a nch farming
meet WIth any oppo"ltlOn            The bUYll1g commIttee have saved
 the dealers of thIS state $8,000 thIS year                 They have saved          con·munlty.
 you $2,500 in cash          If the assocIatIon      WIll glVe the buymg                     Upon 111quiry I found that the firm of-I              will call them
                                                                                     SmIth & Brown            were doing the bulk of the busines;;,; and
 committee     the backll1g 1t needs, we can patromze                 the home
                                                                                     thel e "as a store down on the next corner doing a fair
       "The solution of thl" problem IS thIS                   The 1l1fluentlal
 men who control the surplus, control OUI sItuatIOn and Just                                 The department         of the CommercIal      Bulletin with which
                                                                                     1 am connected has a proposition             from only one merchant in a
 as ;;,oon as our account gets as bIg as then", \\ e can contlo1
 our source of supply-but           you \\Illne'el        cia It v>lth .1 $600,      tu" n       In thl" 111stance It 1 equited but a short time to do
                                                                                     bUbll1e,,:o WIth Brown, of SmIth & Brown, Mr Smith beincr
 $5,000 or $8,000 "ccount            The"e aLcount', clon't look good
                                                                                     out of town          After the deal was finished, lYe dIscussed sev~
 to a manufacture!          IV hen \\ e can ~et a $20,000 or $30,000
 account, "e can begm to do thmgs .,                                                 eral of the mercantIle          problems that continually       confront the
                                                                                     country merchant,          and I was much impressed with the com-
                            THE BANQUET.                                             prehenchng grasp that Drown had of the mercantIle business,
      Follow111g the usual custom.       the assoClatlOn was the                     eVIdently the result of much thought and study.
guest of "Pnscl1l3." of the X ell England           Promptly    at 6                         IVhen I went into the store Brown was not down cellar
o'clock, 185 members      sat do" n to the banquet     table"   hich                 candlll1g eggs nor out m the back room repainng                     cases; he
was served 111 the Pnscllla      tea loom \\ hleh was tastefully                     was up near the front of the StOI e extend1l1g greeting                    to a
decorated    with be autIful flowers 111 honor of the occasion                       cu~tomer \\ ho had entered Just ahead of me, and whom he
The guests were nlacle to feel deCldedly at home         ,Ir Harns                   turned 01 er to a young lady 111the dry goods department
could not be present because he was unav OIdabh detamed                               s11Ort1l attel I entered
but Mr Kellogg, hIS genial right hand man, dId not overlook                                  He spoke pleasantly           to me as I came 111-pleasantly,          I
the most minute detaIl        A delicious four-course   dll1ner was                  said-and        after dispos1l1g of this customer he walked over to
                                                       WEEKLY              ARTISAN                                                             21

   whue I was standmg and said, in the same pleasing manner,                   were two thIrds of the way to the rear of the store.          Arriv-
   "What can I do for you?"                                                    ing at the bottom I ducked my head and went carefully to
        I saw that I had a busmess man to deal with, not an egg                the front, where In the dIstance I saw a man sortIng apples.
   candler.    HIS whole manner breathed a physical vitahty, in                     As I neared hIm he looked up at me and scowled.
   the kind of a body a bram can do Its best work, and his                           I saId "SortIng Apples ?"
   whole appearance' showed that he was able to grasp any                            He rephed.      "I haven't got tIme to talk to you today.
   proposItIOn I had to present Just as fast as I was able to                 I'm busy."
   "hand out" to him.                                                                I turned,-kept     my head ducked, returned      carefully to
        I was so Impressed with hIS courtesy, and with the brisk,             the staIrway, went upstaIrs, passed out of the store, down to
   bramy, alert atmosphere       he radIated, that I prefaced my              t.he hotel, sat down, thought         It over, remarked to myself
   proposItIon by thankmg him for his courtesy to me-to          which        what an Interesting story thIS day's expenence In thIS town
   he Ieplied:                                                                would make for other merchants             hke SmIth & Brown 111
        "vVe have never lost one cent by bemg pleasant.             On        other tm, ns to read-and        gentlemen, you are now heanng it
  the contrary It has made money.        vVe are ready to buy any-                  I wIll call the manager of the second store "Jones."
  thmg that we can sell to our customers WIth a profit, and are                     Now what was the matter WIth Jones?              What were,
  always open for new, good proposItIons.                                     and probably are yet, hIS short-comIngs?
        In less than ten mmutes we concluded our business, he                       Before pIoceed111g I WIsh to state that my experience in
  had signed IllS name on the dotted hne, and I smcerely hope                 thIS town ""hlch expenence I have had other times, before
  has never regretted it.                                                     and since, as pIctured f01 you, IS not overdrawn.        This day's
        After concludmg Our business we dIscussed vanous pro-                 expenence happened Just as I am relatIng It to you WIthout
  blems of the general merchandIse business of SmIth & Brown                  one iota of exagge1atlOn.
  They were dOIng around $50,000 a year WIth a $12,000 stock.                       N ow, what wa" the matter WIth Jones ? Just thIS: He
  There were five m the store, the two partners            and three         thought that work-hard phYSICal labor was what the finan-
  clerk"    At all tImes the clerks were loaded up with customers            CIers behInd that bus111ess expected of hIm.
  before the propnetors     began clerkIng.                                         He dId not realIze that the1 e i" but one standard           by
        The three clerks were clerks, not slow machmes.         One or       which we are all Judged 111the bus111ess world today, that of
  the other of the propnetors         made It a point to greet               "results"
  every person pleasantly      who came In the door, no matter                      He beheved he was fulfill111g hi'i duty by work111g his
  how busy they were, as quick as they were in. No customer                  hands, hIS legs, hIS back, hIS whole phYSIcal body hard-and
  wa" loaded up WIth any more goods than he or she .desired                  letting the noodle part take care of itself.
 to buy.                                                                            It would have been much more profitable in actual money
       All bIlls were discounted.    The proprietors drew a salary           for the owners of that store if this manager had been para-
 Just the same as the clerks.                                                lyzed from hIS collar button down, had been compelled to
       The business wa<; paYIng a net plOfit of 8 per cent on                use a wheel chaIr-and        then had to rely entirely on that part
 sales, outside of all expenses includmo- the propnetor's          sal-      of his anatomy from the collar button up-provId1l1g,                of
 anes.                                                                       course. that he had a set of brams on which to rely.
       For their size town, circulaI advertIsing was considered                     Please do not misunderstand       me Here are pIctured two
 the best                                                                    extremes, and in my op111lOn,I have stated the extreme that
       Cu"tomers WIth a good rating were allowed to settle ac-              would result better financIally for the busine:'>s.
 counts once a year. But at any tIme when money was needed                         The well balanced man IS, of course, the Ideal man, and
 they were called on for part payment of theIr accounts and                 Brown of SmIth & Brown IS surely a well balanced man
 nearly always responded in such emergency times.                                  Upon closer mqUlry before I left that town I found that
       Poor pay customers were requIred to settle regularly-                Smith & Brown were doing about twice the business that
 some once every two or three months, some once a month,                    J ones was doing
 some were reqUIred to pay cash at tIme of purchase                                It is not hard to understand       why that is SO-IS it?
       CredIt was not extended mdiscnminately.           All regrets               I have saId that another short-com1l1g of the country
 were usually Indulged in when a no pay customer asked for                  merchant IS that he dIsposes of the petty happenings              each
 credIt, not after a bill had been run up                                   day as they happen, with no. thought of the morrow; that he
       The stock was kept filled. It seldom happened that the               is a slave to CIrcumstances, 1l1stead of mak111g cltcumstances
 excuse of "sorry we are just out" had to be gIven a customer              his slave
when a staple was called for.
                                                                                   Let us draw another picture.        ThIS will be a composite
       The stock was well kept      The store was clean, although
                                                                           There are so many thousands of merchants who WIll exactly
not to the extreme that would cause the rougher class of farm
                                                                           fit in this frame that It IS not necesc;ary to take any partIc-
trade to feel uncomfortable         And customers      were treated
                                                                           ular 111stance or man         Let's call thIS typical man "W 11son"-
In such a manner        that they felt the proprietors    really had
                                                                           Henry J. vVllson-"Hank"            for "hart
some further interest in them than the one desire of getting
theIr money.                                                                       It is now 5 '30 a. m. Hank IS stIrring uneasily in his
      As I wrote this and as I read It I feel that vou merchants           bed        He wakes up. He gets up          Mrs. Hank also wakes up
wIll think I am pamtmg a picture rather than gIVIng you                    and gets up.
actual facts                                                                      He prods the base burner, starts the kitchen fire, puts
      Why do I think that?                                                 on the tea kettle, washes his hands and face, fi11lshes dress-
      Just because so many pleasing condItions, all found in               ing, eats his breakfast and by 6 '30 is at the store. He opens
one store are so scarce it calls for special observatIOn; just             up, pokes the fire in the big store stove; shakes the grate;
becduse one firm in a small town know what they are there for             throws in the bucket of coal blOught up the 111ght before;
and are making It pay to the amount of $1500 a week each in                shovels the ashes into the empty bucket; emptIes them on
salanes, and $4,000 a year addItional, on an Investment             of    the ash pile, and comes back into the store; waits on the
$12,000.                                                                  livery man's httle girl, who hves down at the end of the
                                                                          street, who buys a quarter's worth of sugar and a yeast cake;
     I went on down the street to the other store. This store
                                                                          opens up the safe, takes out the day book and bag of change,
is one of a chaIn, handled by a manager.       As I went in I
                                                                          shuts the safe; lays the day book on the grocery counter and
saw that the 'itock was about the same amount as carried by
                                                                          distributes the change in the drawer; opens the day book to
Smith & Brown
                                                                          the next blank page, writes the date at the top of the page
     There were two clerks In sight, a young woman arrang-                and charges the sugar and yeast cake;. takes t~e othe.r broom
ing goods In the dry goods department,      and a young man               and helps JImmie sweep, .who has Just arr.Ived-It                 bemg
waItIng on a customer.                                                    about 7.15' stops in the mIddle of the sweep1l1g to walt on
     The young woman had the $350 Took; but the young                     Jake Allen 'who wants a ten cent cut of "Horseshoe,"             which
man had a good appearance, was doing a good job of serv-                  he charges as he dId the sugar and yeast bought by the livery
ing a customer, and politely directed me down cellar when                 man's daughter;         nails up the three cases of eggs ready for
I asked for the manager.                                                  the drayman who will call at 9 '00 to take theJ? down for the
     I went down cellar-slowly    and cautiously.   The stairs            10:10 freight; waits on a couple of school chIldren who buy


I   22                                                                      \V E E K L Y             "\ R TIS     AN

    fir e cents \\ ortb of call ell , alld cl penn\ " "orth                     of cbe\\ Il1g        LIp, dnd dl so :oo.and "u '\ ow, vou abo dIg' and we'll fix 'em
    ~um and a fHe cent tdblet                    open" up the ::,ate agcl1l1, ~eh                    \\ c 11 ha, c ,1 ~Icuth prO\'\1 around m theIr back yard and
    out the ledger, take" It back to the "land111g de"k, £;eb the                                    II ell "ee whel C they get the"e scythe" and whet stones, and
    da} book and beg111~ PO:ot111g- ccounh        a               four cia) " old po"ts              thln \Ve \\ on't ])u' dnV SCythes and whetstones                         where they
    awhIle and "alt" on mOle cu"t0111el", thcn pO"h some m()1C                                       1) n them"

           It IS ned' 11 30            He g-oe::, h(,me to dmnu                   letUln" ,It                 \\ hell a tcuh"hnes" I
    1230, dnd JImmIe cmd '->u"le go tll cl1l1nu                        llc ,d\\In" lu\e~                      \\ hll dl( thl~e "C\thes and ,l1ut ale these whet-stone,,'
     [11111nle and SU"le 111 the "tme t )~cth(]                       Ilhcll III ~()(~1         I     \nc1 hUI\ can the Lonntl, merchant                     get ,," £;ood ::,cythes and
    mea1s-.,0        that JImmIe \\ III 1\dtch ::'ll"IC clild '--U"IC \\ 111\\ <lIeh                    , ,;ood \\ het ..,tl,nL'"
    Jll111111e,read" tbe dalh pdper came 111 on tht 11((Ill tl dIll                                     ] he "'C)thc" dIe !;ovd, dnd tLl whet "tones al e lorrect
    f1('111 12 30 unbl 1 30, J l1111111e nd ::,u..,le 1etUlIl £;ch hu ~\
                                                    d                                                8 clvertl-"111g
    POQIl1g agam untll ..2 30, at 2 10 the Jalmu"                         \\ II e" he\..,l1l tl               1oda\ m many a "tore goods ot equdl OJ bettel quahty
    drrn e, bus) vvalt111g on II adc '111tll ,10                    Chdt~ \\ llh d CI,uplc              Il hew£: "uld 11)1the Sdme or les" monel
    oi fal mer" i01 halt .m IIIJUI llllll~ IlIOUlld Ul1tl1 ; 30 g( c"                                           Ihcn \\hdt,       the tlC)nble'
    home to :ouppel bdCk at () 1; J lllllllle and '-,U~IC go to "up                                             I he !luuhle h pill I 0, no arllutls111g              The tJoub1e IS the
    pel, back at 7 00 chah \\ Ith ft lend" \\ ,lIt-, on 11101 lU..,tO!l1U"      C                    l 'unt! \ JI1ellhant cloe, not know-does                       not nnder::,tand tbe
    loc,k" 0\ el the "tock              "]ll)II'     ~(llllC !l101c goud.., t(, "'()ll1t             Jlcople V\ ho deal \v Itb hlln
    town "boppu"            untIl 10 30 lllunh            thc mOllel 111 thc c1J el      ,111                 \\ e luok dt a human bem!" fOlty }ealS of age, WIth
    flna" tbat thele I'" $22;0 111(J!cthdll the c lId.., III thp ll1CJl11mg                          1\hbker.., on hl'-, face 'SIX feet tall, and Wt- hedl hIm "peak 111
    -dr)ll't     know hcnl !l1ucb ol tht-, \' ,t-, cd"h bLblllt~.., n01 lHJ11                         1 bea II 100ce           \ \ e "a \. Hel e h a 111an He k11lHh \'V hat he
    much bU"111e"" \\,1-, clont that eLl\ , Ul ,111\ ()thll day                            Put..,    I'" dlJln~ ,ml \\h,lt he \Ian!', and 111U"tbe tJedted hke a man"
    tbe money he eAped, to dCpO"'ll 111 thl "mdll dLlIIll t the                                                \\ hdt doc'" thc dgC of that man, h1" c,17e, hl'-, e;trength,
    left m the "dfe ancl $10 00 clungl                   111 thl    bdg t I III "t m, 'I n             III thlekne..,.., dncl length at hI" "hlskers                 01 the tone    of hIS
    1I1g, puts day book and leclfiu m "ate, I( ck.., ..,d]C h"L'" hI e                               \ (JlCChd\ e to c!o 1\lth the growth of his mind
    lock" bclek and celldr doCll, tUllh out the hghh                                gue.., out                 11 \\ C \1 (nit! all 1edh7L dnd alv\ d}.., keep 111 m111d that
    tront door, lock" It, goe.., home dnd to bed-and                             does It all         111111 ,l11(1\1 1m'      Il d C bnt      chllrlten ()t .1 lalgel growth, man)
    over again next day, \\ Ith thL I allet\ (It 01 cll I mg gUIld" ,llld                              ,I thc ll1l(ln.., lit (UI tell m men VlOItld be better underste'Oc!
    pa,mg        blll" ,\hen (IUl llet            [.., TUlt\ \C,l1-, uld thh \C,lI                   \\ l1ue        d) thc 111,l1n\ l11cn 111lhlcago           and Kalama/oo        ""111g
    iOlty-one        ne"t ,eal       hlt\ \L<lh old t1l1 Ilal,                  IIOIIl 1,)\1         Lhlll "'1 \ thl'"         \JI1I)J1!; the hIgh office bUlld111~c,ot "\ew York
    hft,· five 111 hfte~n \edl~           ,lJ1d "I" \ t\\Cl1tl ,Cdl'" nom n )1\                      l 11 e,lJ,l) '-,1 LoU!.., .1l1d l""an"a,, lIb'             i\ ot thdt \\ e have ob
    1f he lives.                                           b
                         Sell" out the ])L1"111C,," \ tlmc Jlll hap" tu                        "el \ ed
    JImmIe, and retIre" ft om 0 It the bu Slnl"" melp                                                     J he c111]dlen thue hd\e glOVlIl a httle too large for them
           Do yOU th1l1k thl" pIcture I.., u\ e elId\\ n'                  It.., d" truc ,l"         \\ hele do they '.\\1110            theIr scythes'       You know and so do I,
    we hve, 111 thousand" of stores toda\                                                                     '-,l1lh he111g the ld"e \\h) does not the country merchant
           The"e store keepcr",             not 11luc1unt.., dlC "LI\e.., ut III                           c
                                                                                                     "':11 hI'" leg.., ,Ind bdcl a le..,t, get bus} \'\lth hh bra111s, SW111g
    cun1stance"         1I1stead oj malol1!; Cllcum..,tdnCl'" thL11 ,Lllc",                          thc "',llnt- "01 t at d ..,l\ the that he pla1111y see" I" domg good
    they d1:opo::,e of the peth               11dpplnllls'" ul thL lLII 1\Ith 11                     l "L11111011       dnrl ~dtheJ 111all the ..,hea\ e"
    thought       of the nwrro\\                                                                                I he 1ll0"t gl.1l111g and costlv e;hort com111g 111the average
           \\ hat a lIfe I )u"t a lot ot "Iut mZlch111e clbtl !l)l]tUI.., t)J                        U '11111, ..,tOle t-, the        l()J1tracted length, brecllith and depth of
    whole"alel"         and JoblJel"          \1 e they lOl1tentCII                '\1 e the11       1) 11111 the ]JI0]111etOl
    wnes       contented'         Let u.., hopc "0              Clhc good LOld \CI\                            l du nut medn b, th1:o a",ert10n                   that he I" mean or
    merCIfully take" care of all of Ib, anc! aJtel cdl I'" .."ud-.d]                                 1\ Ilked          L mean that hc does not reahze there are so many
    an} of us get on thl" earth b loud and dothl.., .lJ1d d hUll'L                                   thmgs he does not know and whIch he must know before he
    to hve In, a fe" pleasure",                plent\       ot tlOubk,       and thcn the            c,ln pO":Olbh aClomp1Jsh resnlh
    next generatlOn            come" on and goc" thlU the "ame jJloce..,,,                                    Retel ence 1" hel e nude to the proplletOl                  of the country
    whIle we, one bv one, dlop tlll u the <"IC\ \I hel1 \\ e al e "ho' ed
                                                                 e                                   -tOl e, v\ ho Cdre" nC'th111g 101 the \ lew" of the other men 111the
    0\ el the mesh          that hh                                                                  ..,dme blh111e..,s-\\ ho take, no stock m trddc papers, and who
            But whIch "ould             \ ou IdthcI           1Je-Olll     [c,r!orn Illcnc!          \\ odd lon~](lel hI" Cdl ta' e and hotel bIll de; rnoney dbe;olutely
    , H dnk," or Olle of thIS b~1I1ch 01 11\C, \\ Idl d\\ ake alu t hu "I                              111  ,\\n a\\.l\, ,,11CJnldhe dttend ,1 COn\entlOn Itke thIS
    nes'S men who ale hele toda,-\\ho                        do mOlC ,1ctual h1111!; 1Jl                       LedIn lwm dm hoeh elsc how to run his busmess 111his
    one day than Hank doe" 111 d yeal-who                          "hape UICU111"tdllCL'"            tUI'. n' \\ here he ha" It{ ed to! ty odd} ear'S, and knovv'> every-
    to d great extent to SUIt them"elves,                  and who do ha\ e thou~ht                  body'           \\ he] e tho"e \\ ho are g0111g to trade WIth hIm, WIll
    of the morro",           ,,111ch h proyen by } our be111g-here todd \                            trc1l1e WIth hIm and whele tho"e who don't Just won't and
           J hd\ e salcl tl1dt anothu               shOl t-com1l1g- of the countl,                   never will.
    melchant         I" that hlo scythe I" hUllg on the hmb of a t!ce 111                                 "'pend utteen 01 twenty dollar" to go to a conventIOn, and
    the mIdst of the hlg ±11l1tfu1 fidel that SUIrounds 111111,                           \,hl!c     II"tU1 to a lot 01 theones'                Xot on your hfe I
    men "ho dIe hvmg 111ChIcago and KalamaLoo ,He l\01kmg                                                     \\ hat "ould         be the development            of a clllid born deaf
    thell bra111s 0\ ertlll1e gathelmg               111 the shed' es                                and dumb and blmd If that chtld ne\ er recen ed an ultenol
           I here de"lre to go on I ecol el \\ Ith the tollowmg- state                               Impre::,slOn'          Ab"olutel}       none beyond annnal 111stmcts
    ment                                                                                                      Huw doe" the bearer of the whIte man's burden,                           the
        The ani} leason that the nUll 111 Chlca~o 01 Kalama700                                       11 dwn} James J J effnes, propose to erase the map of Afnca
    gather.., m the shen es I" that he h,h the COUlltl \ merchant                                    oit the face of the earth'                 By commumng            \Vlth hImself out
    heaten to a IrdZ/le "lth brams and energy                                                        unGer the ::,hade uf an orange tree on hIs Cahforma                          rdnch-
           The count I , mel chdnt SIb under the "hade of the tl ec                                  "Ilellth and alone       J

    111 v,hlCh hlo "C) thc I', hun~-on                  all slc!e.., a~ lal ,IS the e, c                      Doe" he sa, -' T kll0\\ m\ gamc'                      \\ ho I" there that
    can "ee, arc thc IljJpcnccl "hca\ l", I lad}, I IpC dnc1 1\Illmg to                              Cd 11 tedch        me'
    bc gathered                                                                                               '\ at dccorc1111P'to the 111te1       est111g p111k sheet I peruse every
           lIe docs gdthel the: laJ(~e..,t nal t of them, 01 Llthel the,                             SUlJeld} mOl n111g
    fiather themselv e" fOI hl111, but \\ hat doe" hc do about thc                                            On the contrary he proposes to ::,pend no time whatevel
    ..,hea\ e.., that are shppm2; away hGJ11 111m-that thc (Jthel man                                under the ..,h,lde of that Olange tree                    Instead, he WIll attach
    g-oe, boldlY out ancl eral nel S '                                                               to hI::' 1et11111ethe "hlft} , C]l1lck-hmbed Pompadour                     JIm, who
           Doe" he \lhet hIS "c,the \\Ith the "dll1e "ort oj ,I \\het                                II III be 111"tll1cted to 111t hl111 qmck and hIt hIm often-if                      he
    "tone, dnel then ,,\\ m~ Ih~t "CI the 111the ",lme m.ll1 11 d.., hc              el              can
    ..,et" the othel man clOlng 1\lth "uch cleadh e"ceut1LJI1'                                                 1\1"0 111that I et1J1ue WIll be \It Gotch who hdll" from
           1\0, he c!ue"n't         \\ hI c!oL"n t he'             I'll gIve It up.                  the "tate of buHu, pIg" dml pObtlC", to the south of 1b-who
           \\hdt      cloe" he cloe 1111" h \\hdt he c!oe,,-lIL                       dl.:?,'" UjJ   h \'vIcier than he I" long-and                   who WIll be 111e;tJ   ucted to get
    good hard co 111 , and hand::, It over tu e\ ery "mouth tongued                                  'lh "toe hold'          on 111111-1fhe can, and to tIe hIm 11))111a knot
    mdl\ldual         \\ho comes along- and Sd)::', "Ilelc                    I" a plan to           -If he can.
    put a 111ck 111 the K.tla1l1azoo man's e;c\ the                       So dnt! "0 'clllfi                   I\lso 111 that ret11111e \Vtll be bo"ers               of renown     whom
                                                                 WEEKLY                 ARTISAN                                                                 23

   James J wIll u"e f01 punch1l1g hage;-dll                for a good -,lzed                 "I kno\\ thd1 It 1" pI e"umptuou"    for me to adVIse tramed
   con-'Ide1at1On. of COUl'3e                                                           bU"llless men "uch <I" VOU all' hut speak111g' flam my oVln
          ~nd t11lle;11111  ]ame.., pI eparc fO! the battle he mll,',t fight            e"penence,   It ~eeJ11Sto me thIS 1,',one of the factors that mu"t
          Lan any man 111 that whole tra1l1111g camp whIp the                           enter mto competItion     wIth the outSIde octupus        1 am sure
   1 edollbtahle    J ame'3 J )                                                         that 'our    work I~ bllngmg     you the greatest      benefit from
         If they th111k ~o they ment10n It 111a \vh1Spe1 out alone                      } eal to yecl1 a" ) our attendance      here tOl11g-ht mcIJcates   I
   bchmd the barn, then w h v "ueh a fuse;)                                             thank ) ou "
         Beeaue;e III one pal tKula1 P0111t one trd111er excel~, 111
                                                                                              ] R Ta} lor-       I under"tand     that I was elected p1e'31-
  dnuthel      pal tlCltlal pOInt another       tralllel excels, 111 anothel.
                                                                                         dent of thIS a,,~oc1atlOn vvhde 1 \'>as out thIS afte1 noon      I do
  dnother, and ..,0 on. and am 'Burden heal er" knows that he
                                                                                        not know \I hethe1 to tl1dnk you or not          \\T e have one good
  mue;t not bp nanoV\ mll1ded-must                   not be contented    vIlth
                                                                                        "trGng thmg to do         Your bu) 111" commIttee      ha'3 found out
  Illm"el£ a,', he I"-nnbt        not "ay-"I      know my httle gdme and
  nobod,      can teach me anyth111g                                                    where to buy goods          E\ ery famIly m the country has all
                                                                                        kmds of advertIsements       f10m \lontgo111ery \\ aid and SealS,
         He know.o that certa111 and sure defeat would 01 envhelm
                                                                                        Roebuck       \\I]1dt are vie g0111g- to cia? \\ e can fill up UUl
  111m ..,hould he re~t contentedh         un del the 01ange tree
                                                                                        stOJ e WIth $298 beel'3 and $2 mattl e""es the e;ame a" Seal ",
         ~h()uld not the man II ho frght:, J1I', hdttles IV 1th Ill~ head
                                                                                        Roc buck and \Iontgomerv          \\ arc! &. La, but how are we
  keep that head 111 tlam111g-)             ~ hould he nUt develop that
                                                                                        gOll1g to let the farmers know v\ e have the"e gooc!s? T]11s has
 bralll by wre~tlmg II 1th other hralll" 1\ ho a1e ,upenOJ to hIS
  111 different pomts.
                                                                                        bee11 bothellng     me fot some tnne       Ho\\ are we g0111g to let
                                                                                        the people kno\\ that we can meet catalog competltlOn             \Ve
         \\ 111It not de\ elop Ill" fi£;htmg- quaht1c.., and ll1"Ul e hm1
                                                                                        must settle that thb year and J beIJeve our ad, ertls111g com-
 gre<lte1 e;ucce"" 111hu"mes" hfe If he v,rtstle~ out the many                          mIttee can do It fOJ th
  tJU'1TIe~" prGblem" of the met cdntllr hfe vvlth othel hr:'lll1y
 bllSme'3e; men)                                                                           "It ~eem" to me thelt our 1m) 111g commIttee          anc! you 1
        There I" only one lJO~"'Ible <In,,v\el to tIll" a..,suLJoll                  f01mer preSIdent ha\ e done nobly            ] heIr work has shown
        v\ e, who are hel e, know that It pay s bIg to get togetheI,                 the membe1 ~ what \ve can do and how VIe can buy of OUi
 and ,',tud} all the j)mnh uf our g-dme. learn111g, one trom an                      Ov\n dealers     \ \ e could not do It two or tIll ee year~ ago
 other, "tud 111g. alNJrbll1g.           th111klll£; cll1d thu" dn clopmg                  "\Ye heard a few thl11g" thI" .tfte1 noon 111oppoe;lt1on to
 an d w1den111~ our 1e"ult p10du"lIlg              powe1 s                           co upe1at1\e   bUymg         That   h what ha" mdde e\e1ythmg
        ::'uch d gather111g d" th1" has paId e\ ery one of th ten                    E, Cl} th111g 1~ <..-o-ope1tn e People even agreed not to eat
 tolc1 If It has mdde u~ do hut one th111g-th111k                                    meat for 60 da),',      [hope that every member of thIS aSSOC1-
                                                                                    at10n wIll feel perfectly free to buy good" at OU1 aSsoc1atlOn
                                     Discussion.                                    If you Cdnnot get what you want thru the aSsoc1at1On. help
                                                                                    out the buy mg commIttee and ,Ve V\ 111aecompllsh more than
         :\Ir \\ 11eelock, ::"ecretary to (,,01 "\ C Eberhart -"I
                                                                                    we have m the pa'3t year           1he dealers and manufacturer"    of
    "eem to be the goat on thI" OCCdS1On In the first place, I
    had no notice that I V\ as expected to say anythlllg                  I had     lh1' cIty hay e alway~ u"ed me well             I am no talker but If
    no time to prepare d \vell wl1tten d1,cour"e such a" :\Ir PIke                  I V't-re out on the ~t1eet corner, I could probably talk for an
   has entertamed          u" "Ith     In the second 111 my offiCIal reld-          haUl       Our fnend Taylo1, (1\ er there makes hIS lIVIng by
   11on"h1p \\lth the gme1nur of the state, V\e hdve but one "peeeh                 talklllg-talk  s dll the time
   hetvveen us        \\ hen 1 am out WIth hIm, I have no chance and                        fhere IS another    gentlem<ln he1 e from South Dakota
    lu"t now he has the ~peech WIth 111m c ehverlllg- It at ilvo
                                                       1                             lust aClO,,~ the lIne from me       lIne     pretty near there      Ot
   place" at the "ame tIme                                                           CGu~se It WIll take hIm some tIme to get up WIth the rest
         "c\" an old new "paper           man, I hare1ly agree \v 1th :\lr           d us tellows     You can see b\ 11l~loob he IS lazy.
   PIke about advertlslllg          I thlllk It the foumlatlon     '3tone of all          "In regard to thI" cdtalo~ bu"me"s, I beheve there is one
   lJU'imess '3ucce::,,, "~JIthe same I thmk 1lank \\ 11son had a                    thmg we ought         to get out a ul11versal catalog           There
   'inap~wlth      d11 the drawbacks         pIctured,    It seems   to me he       arc 77 pages of furl11ture 111Montgomery           \Vard & Co's cata
  has the best of us           He knew when he had enough and knew                  log- rl hey have cheap and medltlm furl11ture              If we had a
  how to dIVIde hIS time            If you gentlemen       are gomg to fo11o\\
                                                                                    cataloo- of that kmd whIch every dealer could send out to
  the adv lee of :\Ir P1],e to '\lJ fa) lOJ, 1 do not see v\hen) ou
                                                                                    the farmers, It would only take 250,000 to send one to every
  dre gom~ to get any chance to re"t                 1\t the nsk of bemg m
  a hopele,,'3 mmonty,            1 am gomg to stay WIth Hank for                   farmer      One fellm'> "aId he would take 50,000         I wlOte your
  clwhde      Those "ent1J11ents dId not m"p1re a responsIve throb                  ~eCletary about It, ask111g what It would cost but he could
  m my hea1t                                                                        not find out 111that short tU11e I thmk It would be well
        , v10m v\ hat 1 have learned of th1" ,ls::,oc1atlOn, you are                to look 111tOIt thIS com111g year        Gentlemen,     I am g0111g to
  all prepared      to follow 1\J1 PIke's advIce to the 11J111tbut I                do the best I can for you but) au must all help lb               E\ ery
  have not heard of any mal] Older house gomg to the wall                           man has got to take hold and help
  111spIte of yOlll VIords of last year             I am gomg to steal thIS
  "uggest1On from my good fnend, the o"her :\Jr Taylor of
  Lake Benton before he gets d chance 10 "pring It                        :\ifeet
  cat;cdoo- comj)etlt1On WIth Its oVln ammurutlOn-w1th                  a cata-           ~IKCl~ou INTERESTING               PRICES g~'i~~.vk~~g
 log covenng         the ,',ame lIne of stuff          Thb wIll be cl moe;t                       SEND SAMPLES, DRAWINGS OR CUTS FOR PRICES
  effectn e argument          to place betore the country           buye1       I
 spent twelve ) ean m Dakcta                 1 unl11ng   a da1lv paper 111 a
 country to\'\ n         \Ye formecl d httle combmdt1On at our 01\ n
 dgreel11g- to buy nothing away from home that we could get
 at home        I ha\ e hdd many cl good old fal me1 fl1end ae;k me
Ivhat I thought about tIll", tl1dt and the other article offered
 t01 sale      I "d1d, 'well, 1L 1'3 d good pIcture and It 1edds IVell
 but I e;uggest that you go daVIn town to OLr fnend Logan
and look 01 e hI" "tOle               Compare the qualIty of hh goods
vv1th the advel thed qUdhty of these artIcle", add the freIght
"nd the 111cldental expenses of exchangl1lg "tuft that V\a" not
what        au ordered and "ee If ) au Cdnnot do ]U'3t as well by
t1aelmg at home"             It ~eems to me that If yuu '3tart at thh
"tage of the game and do the mI""IOn<ll v \\ ork at home that
vot1 WIll ~ucceed 111 entennlS a \vedge                  'LIve and let 11\e"
1t 1'3 the most comfo1 table polIcy to II 'v e by                 See If yOU
cannot convmce the farmers that 1 he savm~ of a [ell dolla1"                                                                                                ,
Ie; Ivorth nothmg compa1ecl WIth the be"t 111te1e"t:, of Y0ul                       I ~~~i:,~::.: ROWE CARVING WORKS,
                                                                                               E. P.                                          ALLEGAN,
                                                                                                                                               MICH.        I
tello\'\ men
                                                                                    ~---- ..- ----_. . - -.-- -~--_._-~                              __
24                                                                                       WEEKLY               ARTISAN
.... _ ..                                                                                                                                            •   ••       •••••••       ••   r   _       ....

            ~ran~DapMs Dlow Pipe
            an~Dust Arrester (ompanJ
            THE        LATEST    device for handling
                  shavings and dust from all wood~
            working machines. Our nineteen years
            experience in this class of work has
            brought it nearer perfection than any
            other system on the market today.      It
            is no experiment, but a demonstrated
            scientific fact, as we have several hun~
            dred of these systems in use, and not a
            poor one among them. Our Automatic
            Furnace Feed System, as shown in this
            cut, is the most perfect working device
            of anything in this line. Write for our
            prices for equipments.


            EXHAUST    FANS                         AND   PRES-
            SURE   BLOWERS                         ALWAYS    IN

                       Office and Fe.ctory:

             208-210 Canal Street
            GRAND RAPIDS, MICH .
              em.ene   Phone 1212                  ... u. M..ln               1804
                                                                                                              OUR AUTOMATIC         FURNAOE   FEED SYSTEM

                        •   •   ••   •   •••••••        -   ...   •   •   •    ••    I   •   •   •   •   ••             ••   "'_.   _s ..      ..             ,             .                _
                                                            WEEKLY             ARTISAN                                                                                 2S

                 New Furniture Dealers.                                        tent of about          $21,000      la:,t   Sunday       evenmg          Partially      in-
       Hes:,er  & Boyles are new dealers at Marllll, Tex                       sured.
       C B J\' elson IS a ne"" dealer at Portsmouth,    Va.                       Arthur A \\ heman,    upholsterer  and furniture dealer of
       E \1 Deel,} has opened a new furllltUl e 'itore at ~ eese",             Grand RapIds, J\Ilch, lost about $400 by fire in hIS uphol-
 S C                                                                           stering department   on March 4      Fully 111sured
        The Home FurnIture         company are new dealers at Alex-                  G B Allyn & Co's furlllture store, LYl1donvJlle, Vt, was
 andria, La
                                                                               de..,Uoyed by fire 011 March 1 J\lrs Allyn escaped from the
        E E Hunt has opened a new fl1rnitUl e stOl e at El                     blllldmg by Jump111g from a second story wmdow and landmg
 Campo, Tex                                                                    In a snow bank      Los.." $7,000, ilburance, $4,500
        Mason & Son have opened a new furlllture                   store at
 J unction CIty, Ore
        H Vlllcent & Father have established             a new furniture                           "Cedarine" Going Abroad.
 ,tore at Estell, S C                                                                George Hoyt Allen, of Cedarlne      fame, manager     of the
       '1he Ross Hardware         company     of Fort Gaines, Ga, has          New York and Hong Kong Furmture               company,   traveler,
 added a furllltLue department                                                 author, humOrist, etc, is about to ",tart on a trip around the
       Bro" n & Regan-Rush            Brown and BenJamlll         Regan-       world, for the purpose of spread111g the fame of Cedarlne and
 hay e openeJ a new furnitnure         :,tore 111\tI1tchelI, S. Dak            bUYlllg goods for such dealers a" may entrust him with com-
       ::\lcCrary & Tubb'i wJll open a new furllltule          store, with     mISSIOns    InCIdentally, he WIll write of his experiences     and
 an undertakmg        department    in the buildlllg formerly occupied         1l1C1dents of hIS triP and his stOrie", wJll be pubhshed    111La
 by J \;\T )'1cCrary, LeAmgton,           Ky                                   Follette's  Weekly
       HarbIson    & McGee are new furlllture dealer'i at Russell-
 vJlle, Ark       Both members       of the fil m were formerly         with        Don't be ashamed or afraId to say kmd thmgs     There
 Patrick-Leonard       Hardware     company of that town.                      are some people who look as though they had been caught
       \i\!JlIiam H Stewart, Allen B Endicott and !\bel Spencer                sheep stealmg after they gIve way to an Impube to be plea 'i-
 haH incorporated        the Stewart     & Endicott     company to deal        ant
 m furniture      m Atlantic    CIty, N J CapItal stock, $6,000
        Shaenfield Bros & Co, of San Antonio, Tex, dealers in
 lllstallmel1t ",peclaltles announce   that they WIll "hortly open
 a fUllllture store
                         Manufacturers  al e requested to ..,end cata-             OZOflet                                 and No.3
       H ] Bloomburg,     C Lopinsky, Rosa L Bloombury,      ] ul
                                                                                          A FEW POINTS DIRECTLY
1U.., and P  SI1v erman have incorporated   the Ideal Furniture
                                                                                          ON THE SUBJECT FLUIDS
company, capItalized    at $10,000, to do a wholesale and retaJl
                                                                                   QUALITY            AND       STRENGTH
furlllture bus mess m Charleston,    W. Va
                                                                                         'The qualIty  of Ozonet and No 3 FlUIds IS WIthout a doubt
                                                                                   the hIghest     of any flmd on the market        Not only have we m
                                                                                   these flUIds the best chemIcals      for the partlCular   purpose but
                                                                                   they are there m the proper proportlOns        properlv  combmed  and
                          New Factories.                                           stnctly   up to the deSIgnated  percentage   strength

       J E. Shone is promoting  a company            to e'itablish   a new        FORMULA
                                                                                       The Ozonet company     l~ not afraId to publIsh  Its formula,
furlllture factory in South Bend, Ind.                                            each package   of our flUId IS prOVIded WIth one, be It Ozonet or
                                                                                  No 3    'l'hmk  know what you are usmg      Your v.or., as an em-
     Joseph BaJley and others have orgalllLed the Surry ChaIr                     balmer  IS too Important  to work blmdly

company to establish a new factory at Elkm, N C CapItal                           OUR       FLUIDS
                                                                                       Ozonet and No 3 stand today the acme of perfectlOn      of Em
stock, $25,OQO                                                                    balrmng     flmd manufacture     '1 hen flmds have the same germI-
                                                                                  CIdal prmclples    m nearly the same proportlOn   but dIffer m theIr
     The :New York and North Carolina Land company are                            pleservatIve    chemIcals  both as to kmd and proportlOn

considering a proposition to estabhsh a furmture factory at                       OUR COMPETITORS
Brevard, N C                                                                          The success   of our flmds has led other compames   Jealous of
                                                                                  our success  to grossly   mIsrepresent our flmds    What average
                                                                                  mmded man WIll 1I9ten to such underhanded      methods?    InvestI-
     The Eureka      Manufacturin~  company   in which H C                        gate for yourself   and you WIll find a flUId that WIll do every-
                                                                                  thmg reqmred    m embalmmg
Land, T M McKee and J A Royer are the principal stock-
holders, will estabhsh a new table factory at New Castle, Ind                          Throwmg    aSIde petty prejUdICe (YOU cannot as a successful
                                                                                  embalmer    harbor   such    preJUdIce)     and glvmg   flmds     that   are
      The \Vyhe ManufactUring    company has been lll~orporated                   chenllcally and tee hlllcallv,   theoretIcally  and practIcally     perfect,
                                                                                  flmds a faIr trral you WIll be convmced         of then  superlorlt;y
to manufacture  the \N'ylie metal foldlllg bed 1ll DetrOIt  W 11-
liam ] Lawrence IS preSIdent, George \V Sharpe, vIce presI-
                                                                                         Our flmds are endor~ed by the followmg              assocIatIons
dent and W Jlham A \i\T yhe, ..,ecretary and treasurel       The                         NatlOnal Fune] al Dnedor~
                                                                                  at ChIcago, III
                                                                                                                             AssocratlOn   September      5th 19.Q6

bed that the company       WIll manufacture    was m\ ented by                           ,,"tate and Pro' mual
                                                                                   \\a,llmgton      D C
                                                                                                                       Boards   of Health     May     31   1907   at

Mr \\Tyhe about two year:, ago        The new factOly WIll be                     Nmfolk,
                                                                                                     1< une t al DIre, tOl~' As~oclatlOn    October     7 1907   at

located on Duffield street                                                               NatlOnal
                                                                                                     Fune] al D,rec tor~
                                                                                                                              AssoClatlOn   Octobel     8 1908   at

                                                                                         Can you entertam         any doubt as to our posltlOn m flmd man-
                                                                                  ufadure       WIth such endorsements        at hand?    Can you Imagme any
                                                                                  such endor~ements           of flUJd~ Irke our competItors"      ould have vou
                        Furniture        Fires.                                   tllmk our flmds?
                                                                                  who has consclentlOusly
                                                                                                             No'    Reason tell" you otherWl&e
                                                                                                                     tned   our flUIds WIll endorse
                                                                                                                                                       Every user
                                                                                  WIll you
     The furlllture     store of J G Mertz & Sons, Hastlllg'i,
Minn, was :,hghtly damaged          by fire that de..,troyed the ad-
                                                                                       \Ve are at all hmes ready to stand back of our FlUIds        and
]oin111g btllld111g, recently                                                     guarantee   every statement  made     We defy any other      flUId on
                                                                                  the market   today to show as perfect   a formula   as ulllform   and
     The Grady Furlllture        company     of 1\ew Haven, Conn,                 hIgh percentage,   and as perfect results   as "'ll  be attamed    oy
                                                                                  the Use of Ozonet or No 3 Embalmmg        FlUId
lost about $300 by a bla7C 1ll the ba",ement of theIr store
on March 4 FUlly 111sured                                                              Ozonet Chemical Co.
     FIre start111g m the dry kiln, damaged the plant of the                                               Minneapolis,         Minn.
Fond du lac (WIS)          Church Furlllture    company    to the ex-
,----------------------------                                                           -   -   -   ---

               26                                                                           WEEKLY               ARTISAN

                                              ------                                                               --- _ ....--.,
                                                                           ..... ------------------------,-------------t
                                   Wood Bar Clamp Fixtures Per Set SOc.
                                                                                                                 30 000             Sheldon                                                                               I
              I                                                                                                                     Steel Rack

                                                                                                                         f          Vises
              I                                                                                                  Sold on appro' ai, and an un con
                                                                                                                 dltlOnal moneY back guarantee                                                                            I

                                                                                                                                                         SHELDON'S          STEEL         BAR    CLAMPS.
                                                                                                                                                              Guaranteed         Indestructible.
                                                                                                                                                           We soliCIt pilvilege of sendmg       "amples     and
                                        Palent Malleable Clamp Fixture.                                                                                  our complete catalogue
                   E H SHELDON            & CO ChlcaRo III
                         Gentlemen -We are pleased to state that the)~ dozen Clamp FlxtuteS ,,,Inch                                                                                                                       I
                   we bouR;ht of you a lIttle over a year ag-o ate g1\,m£" excellent se \ lLt'  \\ e 'He
                                                                                                                                                         E. H. SHELDON                           & CO.                    I
                   well satlsfied "lth them and shall be pleased to remember 'Vou \\ hene\ er \\ e \\ ant
                   an)tlllng addItIOnal In this ltne
                        SIOUXClt,    Io\\a
                                                                  \ OutS truh
                                                                      CLRTI'iSASH&. DOORCO
                                                                                                                                                             328 N. May St .• Chicago.                                    I
                      ----. -----------------------------------_._--------------------------------------------~
                              PHILADELPHIA LETTER                                                                          (Jlmbel BlO- hay e 11dd on exhlbltlOn a jJallur sUlte \a1ued
                                                                                                                   at '1'10,000, made by (J Hutwoh1 of Pall'i, ~hlch receIVed the
              All Lines of Trade and Business Suffers                                                     From     gold medal at the PallS ExpOSItIOn
                         the Effects of the Strike.                                                                        \[IS-, BUlt, ddughter of Clarence II HUH of Burt BlO~,
                                                                                                                   J-- to be mal fie 1 to \\ 111ald C \\ hlte of Ch1cago, soon
                    Pl1l1ade1p11la, "\Ia1 ch f)-The      ~11 elt   cal --Ulkt bel-- hu1t
                                                                                                                           11 eel \Idlls--ncl h rushmg h1" husIDe"s and report'i a bIg
              busme'iS a lot the past tvHJ "eek" and 1-0 g ett1l1g ,\ OJ --e e, e1\
                                                                                                                   clemand tOl the nc~ samtary I11terlaced curled haIr mattress.
              day      Some of the theatres ha' e closed up tIll the 11 ouble b
                                                                                                                           T /ekw1 Gordon of Gordon Bras,                curled hair and haIr
              0\ er and 1b bad mfluence ha" been felt 111 e\ e1' hne ot tl,telC
                                                                                                                   cloth manutaLtt1l er", d1ed at hlS home 533-\. PIDe street re-
              The sympathetIc          'itrIke 01 "ome 70000 cmplOl e-, III othcl
              Imcs has added juel to the flame--            \eIthel    --telL ,\ d1 ga111 ,1
                                                                                                                       TI,t I Jack 1-- handlll1g BUlt Bras               Ime, 111 Phl1adelphla
              lot \\ hen It IS a' el ancl the ho_pItal-- .11e 1ull dnd thL PI!' Ih
                                                                                                                   dnd \\ a--hmgton
              acld1l1g to then numbu -, e\ el, cla'
                                                                                                                           Berg flO--, department        store ha\e opened a ne~ upho1-
                    The small ft11nltt11e "tale" oj th1" Llt\ hd\L heen Jl1t
                                                                                                                   "ter}, bed and hed hug department,                111 charge       of D J Me
              qt11te hal d dUllng the la-,t fel' ,eal" b, thc elcpalt111ent __ I h      tr
                                                                                                                    '\lh--tel    "hlch     \\Ill he enlarged   Idtel      .:'Ifr .:'Irc~lhster ",as
              who ha, e cut 1l1to then bu,,111e-,-, so that It 1-- pI en\ h;\1e! I( I
                                                                                                                   f()Jmerh       \, Ith Stra\\ hudge & ClothIer, Geurge Kelly, Snel-
              them to r:;et along and 111dke mone\               i hL --mall (!c,dl I CdtJ
                                                                                                                   lcnbulg -- dnd GImbel Bras               of thIS cIty and WIth L S
              not buy a'i cheaph          dS the hlg dea1el, 1101 Cd11he --ell ,h lu\\
                                                                                                                   1'lant &. com pam of ~ ewark, N J
              dnd those ,\ ho ha, e can t111ued m bU"111ess hd' e bet n able to
              do so anI) h) be111g located out "ome dl"tance \\ hel e --ome
                                                                                                                         J o"eph HIrsch, father of l1Jrdm H1rsch of the Ouakel
                                                                                                                   Clh "\Ieta1hc Bedstead company, "ho has been 111 the furni-
              tJ ade \\ 1th them 1 ather thdn go to the ma111 lnl ~111"" cen tel
                                                                                                                   ture hu~me5-, 111mself, (hed at h1." home, 2016 ~orth Broad
                    H T1ee!eman hac, ~tal teel a nc\\ 1 ctdd --t,'1e at l)~ "()\lth
                                                                                                                   --tleet on leblllal\  2~
              rlfteenth    stI eet and Ild~ taken III ,t ne\\ ltl1t 01 patcn          l hdl!'
              that can be foIl1ee! 111tO a bed 01 --ofa                                                                  1011ll \\ anamakel      1" the honOlalY 'Ice preSIdent                             of the
                    The Block (~o-Cdrt ,-ompan) on \mellLan                 --Ueet ],dm\                            -\mellcdll comnl1ttee tOl the e>-po"ltlOn of Amencan                                    manu-
              GJrarel a, enue, d'e makm<; a h1~gel hne than e\ el 01 couche--,                                     faetul erc, \\ h Ich \\ 111be held 111 Berlm neAt vear
              chddren's     furDlture,       etc and at e mClld--mg        then output                                   \ change has been made 1lJ the work111g hours at Wana-
                    The Echpse .:'IIetd1 Bed compan)           h ,( IlC\\ film     jrJhbnH.;                       maker ~ "tol e he1 e Some of the best sale"men in the furm-
              b1ass and metal bed'i, at 251 South C,econd sUeet                  The, ale                          ture and bedd111g departments,    uo~ WOIk steady     from 10
              hanellmg \ e,,, YOlk 1111es mamh            anel ClCLllp, 51" floors                                 a m to -+ 30 p m not gomg out to dl11ner but gettmg off
                    John ]\1 \\Tatts Sons, S..:J. \Ofth C,tcond "treet al e ha, mg                                 earher 111 the afternoon   It ha", been found to work vel y
              qUIte a demand tor thell Tmpellal ItllDltt11e pohsh                                                  ~ ell as they are on hand all through   the busy hours
                    The Ph1lade1ph1a Bede!mg company                 132 South Secane!                                 .:'II Bolan, late w1th George Kelly, 1S now 111 charge of
              street, ha\e 111"talled a new Thompc,on hllmg machJl1e and                                           the  PrInce T urmture    company   of Hazelton,   Pa
              are d01l1g mure busme-,s than e, el The\ lundle al"o a gl cat                                             fhe total ,a111e of the PhIladelphIa     made goods 111 all
              deal of tICk111g, cation, felt, etc                                                                  hne" 1-' nO\\ hgUl ed at $700,000,000 a 3' eal or half the value

              ~------------_.- ----_._--- --------~ ~------------- ~----_
                            -                       ,                                                                                                                                                       .
                UNION FURNITURE             CO. I I                                                                                                                              These saws are

                                                    I                 ROCKFOR         [), ILL                !     I
                                                                                                                                                                                 made from No. 1
                                                                                                                                                                                 Steel and we war-
                                                                                                                                                                                 rant every blade.
                                                                                                             I     I
                                                                      China Closets                          ,
                                                                                                                                                                                 We also carry a
                                                                                                                                                                                 full stock of Bev-
                                                                      Buffets                                •
                                                                                                             I     •I
                                                                                                                                                                                 eled Back Scroll
                                                                                                                                                                                 Saws, any length
              II                                                      Bookcases
                                                                      We lead m Style, Construction
                                                                                                                                                                                 and gauge.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Write UI tor
                                                                                                                                                                                         Price L1at
              I                                                    and FInIsh. See our Catalogue             I     I
                                                                                                                                                                                         and dllcount
              •                                                       Our lme on permanent exhibi-
              I                                                                                                    •
                                                                   tion 7th Floor, New Manufact-
              I                                                    urers' BUlldmg, Grand Rapids.
                                                                                                                             31-33 S. Front St., GRAND RAPIDS,                                  Mien.                     I
              ..    ._-----_                         ---- ----------_ ....
                                                                                                             I     iI.                              ••                 ••   _a   •••••          ea"   •••       ---....
                                                                        WEEKLY                ARTISAN                                                                                          27

                                       The Shimer Reversible Cutter~
                                    for Smgle Spindle Shapers, Variety                                  Accompanying pIcture shows one of the "Walker Brand" Veneer Punches'
                                                                                                  These punches come In any SIze and shape, round or uregular. Ys n to 2Yzn.
                                    Mouldel s or FneLers, are carefuIly                           PrIce $3 98 for one, $7.91 for two, postpaid.  Made of Sanderson's best tool
                                    moulded opposite to the shape of                              steel    Sharp as a razor    Edge Will not turn over.   Removes burls from
                                    the mould to be produced, In such                             Walnut and defect· from Bud s Eye Maple veneer small black eyes, etc.
                                    a \\ ay as to hdve only the cuttmg
       edge touch the lumber     They al e complete-mexpenSlve-time                                  We have the very                                                  Your supply IS now
       saving                                                                                     best Bud's Eye Maple                                              ready for the shIpping
                                                                                                  Yen e e r ever made.                                              tag You can't afford
           W c aho manufacture One-Way Cuttel s for Double Spl11dle                               We manufacture noth-                                              to use inferIor Bird' s
       Shapers      They are used m pan,;, nght and left, one Cutter of                           Ing but Bud's Eye all                                             Eye when the "Walker
       each shape for each spindle      In ordenng special shapes not                             the year round -sp' clal                 ~111I1
                                                                                                                                                                    Brand" Blrd's Eye
                                                                                                  thickness, 1-24".

       listed 111 our catalogue, send a \\ ood sample or an accurately                                                                                              Maple IS at your com.
       made draWing        L\ddre,s                                                                  Free Samples.                                                  mand.

                                                                                                  Walker Veneer & Panel Works,                             Phone Hyde Park 33,       Chicago

    of the entIre eAport bade of CTerman}       Thl" I" a large manu-                         firm    II e ha, e 01gal1lzeJ a 5pecIal order fUl nitUl e and con-
    factullng   center and IS Il1creasll1g e\ er} year                                        tract bUSIness to eqUJp hotels, club5, court hou"es and pubhc
          The VI 111ner company      IS haVIng a big run on plano                             bUJldIngs generally     Our firm I~ composed of Jos R Kewton,
    benches of which they make large quantItIes                                               formerly general ;,ale;, manager of the Ford & Johnson com-
          The Standard    FUll1lture   Works   of Shippensburg,   Pa,                        pany, Charles S ILOltformerly        de<;lgner an I contract manager
    has been Incorporated,    with a capital stock of $25,000, wIth                          of that company and Otto M Fleier, formerly contract and
    the follOWIng officer"       V\ A NIckles, president,       R H                          special order salesmdn f'Or that concel n
    Angle, ,Ice pre':>ldent, S K Cleyer, treasurer        A D Cole,                                IVe have an office and sale~1 OOm In the J acoh & Josef
    secretary                             .                                                  Kahn bUlldll1g, 1414-1fi VI abash aHnue, and are plepared           to
      DaVid Je~tel has been elected vice ple~ldent      of the J                             supply the fUrl1ltlll e tI ade wIth e~tImates and ~peClal de<;lgn~
B Van Scrver company of Camden, X J, to succeed the late                                     of furl1lture of all kll1ds, and co-operate       vvlth the trade In
V\ J!ham H VVaggon~r, who left an e"tate of $80,000 to hI"                                   hdndlll1g this cIa < s of bu~ine"s, "hlch will be done through
"on and three daughtel~,       HaIry    Humphre}"   ]5 the   new                             the I etaJ! furnltUl e dealer':> only
~ecretary and A F Roehg, furnIture          buytr                                                              Your" , el y trul} ,
      The J R BuntIng     Beddll1g company ha" just filled an                                                  THE XE\v TO"0( & HOLT CU:\IPA).JY,
Older f01 10,000 cotton felt pJ!lo\\<; fot the UnIted State"                                 ChIcago, .i\larch ~, 1910                        Per J R Newton
      Klage~, Roach & company,         31 S North Second <;treet,
findll1g their store too small, have mo, ed to larger quarter~                                                Where Chicago 44Falls Down."
at 237 North      vVater street,                                                                   At a recent meetll1g of the "dlvI5IOnal heads" of the
                                   havlIlg now 3,000 additlOnal
square feet of space                                                                         Chicago ASSOCIatIOn of Commerce, Il1 the dI5cussIOn of plans
     J K Corbett is representIng 1Il Pennsylvania  the lIne of                               to make a greater       and better    ChIcago, PIerre D FranCl<;,
parlor furniture made by John J Re]f~nelder                                                  secretary   of the ChIcago Furl11ture       Manufacturers'    a~socI-
      R E Block & Bro, of Norn~town,       Pa, have enlarged                                 atIOn, askeJ why, when Chicago wa3 prepared to furl11sh the
their store                                                                                  best barade of furl11ture Il1 the world, it should be necessary for
                                                                                    S        a hotel to purchase ItS furl11sh111gs elsewhel e, as I" the case 111
                                                                                             the Hotel La Salle
              New Specialty          Firm            in Chicago.
                                                                                                  ReplY111g for the hotel, George H CTazley del11ed any
II eekly ArtIsan,
                                                                                             discnm111atJOn, declar111g Chicago furl11tul e men had the <;ame
     Grand Rap]ds,        MIchigan
                                                                                             right to bid a~ any others, but that the hotel, be111g deSigned
                                                                                             throughout   111Freilch l111e" covenng the reigns of Louis XIV,
     vVe would      apprecIate It ,ery much ]f you would make an
                                                                                             Lows XV and Louis XVI, reqUIred speCIal deSIgn;,           "ThIS
announcement           your papel of the organlLation  of our new

                                                                                             penod furl11ture, ~o-called, I;, not made 111 Chicago," he saId
,                                      -------------.------                              -                a   •••••   IT   _.     __   •     •   __   ••     •       •   .~      _    •   •

II                                                                                                    OFFICES:
                                                                CINCINNATI--Second National Bank Building.
                                                                BOSTON--18 Tremont St.
                                                                GRAND RAPIDS--Houseman Bldg.
                                                                                                             NEW YORK--346 Broadway.
                                                                                                             CHICAGO--14th St. a.d Wabash Ave.
                                                                                                             JAMESTOWN. N. Y.--Chadakoln !lldg.
                                                                                  HIGH POINT. N. C.--N. C. Savings Bank Bldg.

                                                              --~--~----          --     ---------------                                   -----

                                                                    The most satisfactory and up-tO-date Credit Service embracing the
                                                                        FURNITURE, CARPET, COFFIN and ALLIED LINES.

I                                                               The most accurate       and reliable
                                                                                                   of the "Tracer
                                                                                                                                Book Published.
                                                                                                                                and Clearing House System,"
    ---------_._--_. __                        ._--------_._-_. -_.. -------- ------_._ .._.-._--, ------_._-_._-_._---_.~
                                                                     CollectionServz'ce Unsurpasud-Send                   II    .for Book of Red Drafts.
------------------------                                                  -   -

              28                                                                  WEEKLY    ARTISAN


                     ..                            111,1   ""   •


                             ~~ ,..         ....
                     ~,.,' ,,"            --:.'-

                    .....    ;<--
                             :;::     •
                     t ...

                                                                         SILO-KOTE   A PIGMENT FIRST COATER
                                                                         One that dries hard as bone.
                                                                                         One that lays close.
                                                                             One that requires very little sandpapering.
                                                                                   One that is made from a High Grade Gum.
                                                                         One that will not settle or cake hard in the bottom of your bucket.

                                                                                   IT WILL PAY YOU TO TRY IT
                                                                                                        Send for Sample.

                                                                         THE LAWRENCE-McFADDEN                             CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
              facturers are not makmg the money out of theIr factone" that                   log, dependable      furnIture,      stnct adherence    to factory pnce",
              they should                                              -often.
                              They do not reach the millionaIre cla, ....                   ample \\ arehou..,e facilItIes and common-sense              busmess inte-
              and the great wealth pIled up through      merger" 1'-, a temp-                gnty hay e blOught "ucceSi;
              tatlOn    It should be borne m mmd. though. that the .... al-e                       'It I....great the \\ a\ you dealer" EVERYWHERE                 buy
              luring fortunes    are garnered by the fe\\ and not by the                    ,~ood" of u" Car load order", and orders for local ..,hlpment-
              majonty.                                                                       "tack", of them-m         every mall         Our flool salesmen    always
                                                                                             bu'iy     Our nmes sale..,-floors J11ummated every \\orkmg             day
                                                                                             m the 'year-a       perpetual     furmtUl e exhlbItlOn     Our men who
                                                           Everywhere.                       call upon you sell you          And export too        Our export trade is
                    Everywhere,     a Magazine of Dependable       Furmture.    IS the      a bIg busme"s m Ihelf           \i\T e Sll1p our goods EVERY\NHERE
              name of a new publlcatlOn that has Just made ItS appearance                          "\Ve are domg a splendId bU'3mes'i
              It is published     by the Peck & HIlL" FurnIture          company      of                                           "There IS more to get
              ChIcago and is a very tasty little magazme,            the front cOyer                                                             "\Ve are after It"
              showing a penClI sketch of a Flander"          lIvmg room, the \\ork
              of the company's      de..,lgner, DWIght PO\\ ell The m"lde COy er                 You hay e to be on the lookout         If you c\ cr expcct              to get
              contain s explanatory       note", one of them statmg that the pen            a look In
              odlcal will be published monthly and that the endea\ or will                  ~_~-----                                  __
                                                                                                                                --;---------,               .4_-.-.---~~
                                                                                                                                                                  .. - 'I
              be to make the policy as broad as It-, name           LIve matter will
              be prmted and through Its medIum the company's leaders and
              theIr late'it de'iIgns m furnIture WIll be shown           Page 3 con-
                                                                                                                                                    THE                       I
              tain" portraIt", of PI e,',ldent ] C HIll.., and vIce presIdent \\                                                      WEATHERLY                               I
              J HIlls, also the followmg brief "ketch.                                                                                        INDIVIDUAL
                    "In May, 1897, Charle ....(T Peck (now retired), and Jay C
              HIlJ<...(stIll workmg)      founded thl'3 buslnes"    \\ J Hills got
                                                                                                                                      Glue Heater                             I
              m early and, followmg one by one, came the present f01 ce of
              officers, department     managers, branch managers, ..,ale'3men anJ
                                                                                                                                                         address   and
                                                                                                                                        cIrcular of Glue Heaters,
              office and warehouse         employe"
                                                                                                                                        Glue Cookers        and    Hot
                    "We have all worked hard             The bu"me"s      ha~ glOwn                                                     Boxes witl. prices.
              rapIdly and we have de\ eloped wIth It             Our office boy" of                                                                                               I
              half a dozen year'" ago are now our managers             or chIef ..,ale",-
                                                                                                                                      The Weatherly Co.                           •
              men, developed m the P & H way

                                                                                                                                          Grand Rapid.,       Mich.
                    "The secret of our success-there        IS no ,ecret    Just hard
              work, fair dealmg, loyal and effiClent employes, our big cata-                                 - .... _-------- .............•..•...                            ~
                                     WEEKLY   ARTISAN                                                                          29

                                                            That Proposed Furniture                        Trust.
                                                     Southern     FurnIture    Journal, Atlanta,      Ga -Interest       has
                                              been aroused over an interview             with a southern          furniture
                                               manufacturer       at Grand RapId,> durlllg the recent expositIOn
                                               III that   city   The name of the manufacturer            was no~ given,
                                               and the pubhc IS in Ignorance of his identity               He express~d
                                              himself very much m favor of a furmture merger-in                        other
                                              words, a trust.        We reproduce III full what he had to sayan
                                              another page of the Journal thIs month
                                                     Attempts have been made before to merge the furniture
                                              factones, but they were conspicuously             unsuccessful        even m
                                              the palmy days of trust formatIOn                There appears to be
                                              formIdable obstacles III thIS trade to that sort of thlllg                  As
                                              a matter of fact, we cannot recall a trust III any branch of the
                                              wood-worklllg        llldustry   in thIS country
                                                     In thIS lllstance the interviewed manufacturer           l'i eVIdently
                                              throwing out a feeler          He says that there is a group of finan-
                                              CIers and promoters          inchned to take up the matter, and he
VALUABLE              INFORMA TION            knows of a number of brother manufacturers               that are dIsposed
                                              to hsten to their propOSItions.           He himself beheves that a
                  for                         furlllture trust i'i 1l1evitable
                                                     If the primary obj ect IS to provoke discus'>lOns of the sub-
    MEN INTERESTED IN                         ject It IS being accomplished           The idea is approved in some
                                              quarters and frowned upon m others                  Grand RapIds was
     LUMBER DRYING                            agalllst a combinatlOn of thIS character years ago, and her
                                              pOSItIOn remalllS unchanged.
                                                     ThiS talk of gettmg up a trust stnkes one as mopportune
                                              anyway Just now when the government                1::; vigorously     prose-
     A book that will set you right on        cuting the bIg Standard Oil and American Tobacco companies
the most economical and practical             under the Sherman law, and the danger of theIr being dis-
                                              solved IS so Immnent that they are resortmg                   to desperate
way of drying lumber. Tells you the           measures for theIr very eXIstence.
"how and why" of Forced and Natural                  The argument IS sound enough that the furl11ture manu-
Circulation Kilns (progressive and            ,
                                              ~   ..-.     ....- - ...-- -----------_._.          ----------_ .,               .

apartment types). Not merely a cata-
log, but a hand book of information; a             Palmer's Patsnt GluinJ!Clamps
book you ought to have.


                                                          The above cut is taken direct from a photograph, and shows
                                                      the range of one size only, our No.1,       24-inch Clamp.     We
                                                      make six other sizes, taking in stock up to 60 inches wide
                                                      and 2 inches thick.        Ours is the most practical  method of
                                                      clamping glued stock in use at the present time.      Hundreds of
              DETROIT. MleH --- __
                                                      factories have adopted our way the past year and hundreds more
                                                      will in the future.      Let us show you.    Let us send you the
                USA                                   names of nearly 100 factories (only a fraction of our list) who
                                                      have ordered and reordered many times. Proof positive our wa7
                                                      is the best. A post card will bring it, catalog inclUded.    Don't
                                                      del..,., but write today.              •

           Ablest Engineering                      A. E. PALMER & SONS, Owosso, MICH.
   Organization in the Blower Business.                 Foreicn Representrrilve..   'l'he ProJectile Co., London, EtlC-
                                                     land;   Schuchardt   ,. Schutte,    ~Un,      Gel'Jllll,llJ'; Allred B.
                                                     Schutte, Colocne, ParIs, Bl'WIsclB, Liece, Mllan, TurIa, BareeIona,

                                              ~---- ..._.-........ .............•...                                           ..
                                                     and BUboa.
 30                                                                         WEEKLY                     ARTISAN

 ....     .-.-         .._---~ .....                                       ......-              ..
         FOX                  SAW                   DADO             HEADS                      I
                                                                         GREATEST               I
                                                                                                I                                                                     Manufadurets of
             CUT                                                       ADJUSTMENT               I                                                                   Emboued       and
                                                                                                I                                                                   Turned Mould-
                                                                                                                                                                    in 2' a, Emboss-
                                                                                                                                                                    ed and Spindle
           LONGEST                                                        PERFECT               •I                                                                  Carving., and
             LIFE                                                          SAFETY                                                                                   Automatic

                                                                                                                                                                    Turning •.
                                                                                                                                                                      We also manu
                                                                                                                                                                    fadure a large hoe
        We'll gladly tell                                                                       I
                                                                       Also Machine             I                                                                   of Emboued
         you all about                                                   KnlveJ, Miter          I                                                                   Ornaments for
                 It.                                                   Machines, Etc.           I

                                                                                                                                                                    Couch Work.

                                                                                                I       I
                                          PERI\1ANENT   ECONOMV
    FOX MACHINE. CO.                                              185 N. Front Street,
                                                                  Grand Rapids, Mlch
                                                                                                .. !
                                                                                                I               1256-1258 W. Fifteenth St., CHICAGO, ILL.
'----.. . ...                                                                 .......                  ~_.....                ~---------_._~-_._---
                METROPOLITAN AFFAIRS                                                                   ~tr UCWIe and           \\ III h,l\ e on" of the finest   sho\'\     roam"        111the

Notes, News and Personal Mention of New York                                                                II J1ltam H [-{O\\e ha" "ecured the 1111e of the Cone
     Furniture Manufacturers and Dealers.                                                              wango factOJ y, fm :0T e\\ York state and the east, and IS
                                                                                                       enthuslast1c   as to the prospects     of the FurmtUl e Exchange
      '\ ew \ ork, :.\1a1ch 10-1 he Le\ mson \IanutaLtunn!.; (0111
                                                                                                       He has Fled II 11son on deck to take ca1e of ~eV\ England,
pany are \ ery bu,,) on h1(;h gl ade d111mg 1Com chdlr" at thCI1
                                                                                                       PhJ1adelpllla.   Balt1l11Ore and I \T ash1l1gton, Irv111g H Isaacs
Jersey Cltv fdCtOJv and h" \ C 1110\ ed thell ",de"llJlJllb  tlom
                                                                                                       tOI the local tI ac1e here
171 Canal "beet to 1101\ e"t l\\entv-"e\enth         -Heet on tIll
fifth floor                                                                                                     S     Kassen   has opened       a new       furl11tme     store     at     871
                                                                                                       Brook         a\ enue, the Bronx
     J Kurtz           & Son of Brooklvn ha\ e enlarged                    thel1 "tm e on
Smith street           and ale 111 bettel "hape to "upph                    Ihl I\ant" oj                       Rudolph  Erland"en         1S a new     cabmetmaker          and     uphol-
customers                                                                                              "terer      at 681 \msterdam          avenue
      A Lowenbem s .sons, fUrl11tUl e and uphol"tel \ dcalu ~                                                    I redellck
                                                                                                                The         Goll company has been 111corporated, to
 have bought the houses of HenlY B Plant and Goelet"                       ,It                         take    er the affaIrs of Fredenck
                                                                                                                  0\                       Goll, w1th a cap1tal of
 F1fth avenue and Forty "e\ enth street, on whIch thC\ \\111                                           $73,000 George E Frost 1" the 1'1 eS1dent and ~:fr Gall re-
elect a bus111esc; structme        for them"eh es, to be "C\en "tone"                                  ma111S as manager
111heIght      1'hl" \\ III gl\ c the firm an dedI up to\\ n 10catJOn                                       Quartered   oak 1S 1eported a" scarce 111 th1S part of the
      KIltan Broc;, one of the olde"t turl11ture mdnntactunng                                         countr)      The "tack IS comlllg more narrow than before and
concerns    111 tIllS clt},    ha\ e e"tabltshed   ne\\ ,ale"rol)ll)"      dt                         It I" hald to get v\ Ide board" or long length"     There 1S pract1-
 119 IV est 1'\\ enty-se\ en th stt eet 111 stedd uf ha \lng' them dt                                 calh none commg 111WIder than eight mches, while last year
the factory,      Thlrtteth     "tl eet and T\\ ellth a \ enue         I he\                          there \\ a" plent\    ot twelve mch WIdths         Dunng   the past
w111 have the second floor on TI\ ent\ -"e\ enth ~tI eet \\ 111Ch                                     ) ear the pllce ha" gone up about 20 to 30 per cent         Mahog-
w1ll be 111 charge of Fred KIltan and \ Ii "otman                   l"- l 0                           an) sho\\" no ad\ ,Ulce but holeb 1tS oV\n, maple IS statlOnary
ThIS change 111 thel1 poltC\ look" ltke a good one a" bet(l! (                                        and firm      Buch h up some, pla1l1 oak h1gh and advanclllg
the1r "aleslooms      were \ e1Y unhand)       and the ne\\ locatIon 1"                                     The salesmen     at the Fourteenth    stl eet store were the
COn\e111ent                                                                                           first to form an 1l1sIde organlzatlOn     and this has been fol-
      Palmer & Embluy have mo\ ed f10m 42 Ea"t 1'\\ entleth                                           lowed by sUTI11arclubs or orgalllzatJOns III other bto~es     They
"treet to the1r ne\\ \\alelOOnb   at lotllth  avenue and T\\ent\-                                     meet to talk over bus111es" and how to better theIr "alesman-
e1ghth street, where the\ ha\ e 2'1 pel cent more "pace and                                           shIp, hold d1l1nel" and entertainments     and the 1dea is taklllg
do a hIgh grade hth111es" m fu'hl1tUI c                                                               root 111other cIties
      "Sam"    Greenste111, manufactunn~        pd1101 "lutes    and                                            H     H 'YI1"on of 32 "(;111on Squale      "ole d1stnbut111g
couches, 1S butldmg a modern facto! \ plant at" O..,tland &-                                          agent         f01 the "L mted States for the Keystone    Cab111et com-
Bedford a\ enue, Brookl) n      It vvl11 be ,I Sl" "tOJ \, hre plOof                                  pam           and the Knaus    l:fanufactur111g company   has secured

                                                                     CREDITS             AND         COLLECTIONS                                             New York
                                                                             ROBERT    P   LYON         Ceneral     Manager                                  Grand Rapids
                                                                               THE    SPECIAL        CREDIT     BUREAU                                       CinCinnati
                                                                                                OF    THE                                                    Chicago
                                                                        FURNITURE,  CARPET,  UPHOL.STERY,                                                    51 Louis
                                                                      UNDERTAKING,  PICTURE FRAME, MIRROR                                                    Jamestown
                                                                       VENEER, WOOD, CABINET HARDWARE                                                        High POint
                                                                          AND HOUSE FURNISHINC  TRADES.
                                                                                                                                                  Capl tal Credit and Pay Rahngs
                IMPROVED       METHODS                                                                                                            Clearmg House of Trade Expenence
      WE ALSO   REPORTTHE     PRINCIPAL   DRY GOODS                  GRAND,RAPIDS OFFICE 412-413 HOUSEMAN BUILDING                                The Most Rehable Cred,t Reports
         DEPARTMENT     AND   GENERAL     STORES.                             C C NEVERS             M,ch,gan     Manager                           RAPID     COLLECTIONS.
~-------------------_._._._._----_._._.                                                                                       -_.
                                                                                                                                               .             f
                                                                                                                                                          - ..
                                                           WEEKLY                ARTISAN                                                                          31

LoUIS J ZOIk, late wIth E Schlos'3 & company, to take up                         Kansas Clt}, 2\10, $4,500, ilial tha]                Strong, 4039 MIchIgan
the terntory      we'3t of ChIcago        G C Dleden looks after \T ew           avenue, Kansas City, $3,000, Joseph Enderle, 4244 Terrace
England and J'\ ew York state and E Stemer follows hIm up                        avenue, Kansas CIty, $3,000, S \V" Gottschalk,                   Helle\ lew plac~
IV"alter Vaughn          takes care of "estern       Penmylvama,      J C        and SummIt avenue, 2\1llwaukee, \ V1'3, $12,000, \\ R Rlch-
Hay the '3outh, Thomas             \Ivll1Jam'3 at Phlladelphla     and K         ard~, 96 Emmett stl eet, Atlanta, Ca, $3,000 ::, Lott \\'arren,
E Thoma., 111the northwe'3t                                                      200 Lawton "treet, Atlanta, $3,000, 2\1 \ Dunlap, Centel
       T    \'3hley Dent wlll aCI a" the dlstnbutor              at Gland        and Hal nson stl eeh, Beaumont,               Tex, $3,500 \\ ll1Jam Cclll-
 RapId",      for the John'3on F1l1mtUle com.pan},             LIgh cla'3/,      111n~, Surf a\ enue and ThIrtieth               ..,treet, 13, ookl} n, '\         Y,
penod and d111111g         rOOm fllr111ture                                      $5,000, H '\ Treat, 230 \ \ Tlmt} -111nth strcet, '\ ew Yorh.,
       H AJtman & Co, dealer', 111flll mture at 769 C olumbll'                   $10,000, Anthony Ra"k111, 437 Stone <1\ enue, BlOOkh n, '\ Y,
avenue and 705 EH?,hth avenue              have been succeeded J)\ the           $8,000, (harle'3 JTulka, 2R:;8 South .\Illlald avenue, Chlcago,
1 T Altman company, 1nc                                                          $4,000, Chade" Ba.,ch, 1316 1algo a\ enue, ChIcago $28,000,
       J olm Lal e7ZO, an ll11porter of antlqJ.le furmtUl e ha., galle           \lh      Hel11) \\ hlte, 222(j c;adiclcl avenue, CJllcago, $4,100
to Ital} to buy goods and hI" "on I" m charge dUllng IllS                         Dr John \ \ e'3le} Lane, '\ meteenth              avenue and Yale ~t1 eet,
ab..,ence                                                                        IIou..,ton, Tex, $10,000, C \\ Alden Ban al d and Thll teenth
      C H IJedlcus &::,c n", ",110 had an eAhlblt at Grand Rapll.,                streets, Bou'3ton, $4,:;00, '\ B Beck, 1808 FIfteenth                       a\ enue
 wlll de\ ote thClr 1910 lme mamly to Flander'3 st} Ie, m oak                     nOl th, Stattle,       \\' ash, $7,500, \ '\ Dumeth,                  200 South
       The Obdale Eqmpment            company has stal ted m bu..,me'h            L'111 ehltv ..., eet, Peona, Jl1, $3,800, 1I \ \ I:I son, 118 (rIft
                                                                                       \          tl
at 53 II e.,t TV\ enty-fourth      street, to supply hotel'3 and steam           avenue, Peona, $3,000, 1\ II Carpentel,                  Tlnrt) eIghth street
'3hlp., \Vlth fur111tUl e There IS a bIg field here in the"e hne'3               and SummIt avenue, Bllmmgham,                     \la, $10,000 ]\1rs J uha
       Lack & GO! don V\ho manufacturer            couches at 104 ~lont-          DOllU", 37 \\ est r[ hll d South Stl eet, Salt Lake CIty, Utah
 rose avenue,        Brookl} n, hay e been hay mg some finanCIal                 $3,000, J F :\Iyc1.." .00 F a"t Ele\ enth South "treet, Salt
tlOuble         Che} settled "WIth the Cledltors on a 33 pel cent                 Lake CIty, $3,000 H R Howenstem,                       661 K street, north
ba'3ls and WIll contmue                                                           east, \Va..,hmgton,          DC,       $15,000, \\         A \Tau~11l1, 2915
       The l\Ietropohtan       ChaIr company ale noV\ at 213 \\ est               Twent}-fifth        "tleft    nOlthea"t,   I\Ta'3hmgton,         $3,000, E A
 Twenty-sIxth       street, 111the Ford & J ohmon bulldmg, whIch                  Martm,      101814 Dl exel avenue, Cle\ eland, OhIO, $5,000, ill
WIll also be u'3ed for a turmture           exchange     There are splen-         E Bertram, 14826 St Clalry street, Cleveland                      $6,000, A D
did show rooms, 20,000 "quare feet for each floor and IS only                     Ledou'{, Dela wal e avenue and Portel                   street,    l'hlladelphla,
 three blocks from BroadVl.3y, four blocks                from the new            Pa, $5,000, Salah ::\lldgeley, 465 SIxth avenue, Salt Lake
 Pennsylvama        station and IS In the heart of the bU'3lne"s dls-             CIty, 1.0 tclh, $3,000, D A J enkms, 1188 Land avenue, Salt
 tnct      A number of firms It IS expected wlll show theIr lmes                  Lake CIty, $3,000, G B Llckhart,                  1440 Pen \ avenue Salt
there                                                                             Lake CIty, $6,000, T L \VIlkmson,                Mt VIew boulevard              and
                                                                                 Jasmine       sheet,     Denvel,    Col, $10,000, \1atllda             C Kessler,
        Buildings        That "W111 eed Furniture.
                                  N                                               4964 \Vabada a\ enlle, St LOllis, l\f 0, ~8,000 LoUls Glass,
      Residences-Bel      tha C Kale, 202 Ev ergl een avenue,                     882 FaIrmont a\ enue, PIttsburg,             Pa, $1,000, MIS" Chnstme
Youngstown,      0, $3,300, )Jalhan Hartzell,         188 \Illhcent      a\ e-    Breltel1helter,      219 Kenberma        a\ enue, l-'lttsbUlg, $4,500, R
nue, Young '3town, $3,000, R H Lauder} ou, 281:; T ack"on                         S Cobb, 334 RIgsby avenue, San \ntol11o, Tex, $4,000, CalO-
street, Omaha,       K eb, $4,500, I E Cox, 220 Pratt '3treet,                    lme Darn, 4817 Evam                avenue,    Chlcagu,       $18,000, \V 2\1
Omaha, $3,500, George F CTaertner, 3969 Palm street, St                           Reeser, Kens111gton COult and Fourth street, Loubvllle,                         Ky ,
LoUIS, Mo, $5,500, Charle'          I;\T Itt, 3722 :\laffltt     "tJ eet, St      $14,000, 1\1 A Conkright,             Alger and Oakland              streets, De-
L011ls, $3,400, ::\1:mme \;\Tuest, 5839 Cote Bnlhante             St LoUIS,       trOIt, :\llch, $4,800, D C Ros..",Altlllery                and Cadet sheeh,
$6,000, }VI J :Glee, 5576 Ea'3ton avenue, St LOLllS, $3,500, J                    DetrOIt, $4,000, Frank Thl11Y, KIrby and Cas'3 '3treets, De-
W Crutcher,       1304 SIxteenth avenue, Xa"hvllle, Tenn, $5,-                    trOIt, $4,800 B F Stephemon,                Lamb street and J\IcClellan
000, R C CIUlton, 875 vVashl11gton avenue, 2V1emphls, Tenn ,                      avenue, DetlOlt, $6,600, E J ]\IcDol1gall, \larket                   and \VIlson
$5,075, Mrs Edwm il1lller, 104 Montgomery               stJ eet, MemphIS,         streets, Youngstown,           Ohio, $15,000, A D Byars, 728 \yel s
$4,000 Mrs J \V Alley, 1287 2\1:IS'3I..,SIPPI \ enue, il1emphl'3,
                                                      a                           street, MemphIS, Tenn, $3,850, Paul Fmch, 27 Young avenue,
$6,500, v\ I\' ReId, RIchmond place and State '3treet, K ew                       MemphIS, $3,000, Tony Len/I, Barton dnd GIlbert streeh,
Orleans, La, $6,000, 0 R Ghck, 612 Tyler street, Topeka,                          MemphIS, $4,300, 1\11 ]\1 V SmIth, 3919 \V est Prospect
Kans, $3,000, Elmo D ~Iurphy, 1024 Lmcoln stred, Topeka,                          place, Kansas CIty, ]\10, $7,000, DI \1' \J Bell, Phoe111x,
$4,000, \V F Bland, 924 IVest ;\T meteenth "treet Oklahoma,                       An7, $6,000
CIty, Okla, $6,500, \\'ll1Jam Thompkms,              CapItol HIll, Okla-
homa CIty, $3,000, J E Sa~;er, 131 \vest l\Ial11 street, Okla-                         Miscellaneous Buildings-Rumer          & Sunshme     are buJ1d-
homa CIty, $5,000, John Campbell,              108 \\ est EIghth stl eet,         Ulg a fifty thou.,and    dollar theatre     on East '\mth     '3treet,
Oklahoma       CIty, $5,000, \1r.., Mary Slazck,            4133 l\Iercler        Cleveland,   OhIO    Duluth,   :\1111n 1'3 el ectmg a hUlld111g fOl
'3treet, Kansa'3 CIty, ::\10, $4,500, C 0 Jone", 341:; Central                    the Indenpendence    School ellS!1ict at a CO'3t of $88,000 F C
street, Kan"as CIty, $3,500, \\ J Daw'3on, 3910 Tlaev .,treer,                    Fmkel WIll el ect a SIX story steel and concrete hotel bLl11dmg
Kansas Clt}, $3,800, J 01111 H Ro ,..,er, Dexter and Tv\ enty-                    at SIxth and Flower stJeets, Los \ngele'3, Cal, at a co"t of
fifth "treet'3, Dem er, Col, $4,000, C \1 lord,                 Ogden and         $140,000 The :V1ethodbts of Holly\vood,           Cal, wlll bulld a
Eleventh avenue", Denver, ~,3,000, \\ J1ham Sl11gmUld, Ll11den                    $50,000 church      Beaumont,     Cal wlll m\ est $125,000 m a
and Prospect      streets, Indlanapoli",      Ind, $3,000, \\'llham         E     ne" 111gh ~chool bmldmg        The Elk'3 of Tucumcan,;'\        \lex
Wmus, Twent)[-elghth         and \T ew Jersey ..,treeh, Indlanapohs,              are to hay e a lod~e bUlld111g at a cost of $/'3,000 A companv
$3,600, Rosa 2\1 He"s, 1635 Kelle} a\ enue, Indianapoh'3,                         IS be111g orgal117ed to bullel a ne" hotel In \\ e1'-,er, Idaho, at
$3,000, Gerald FntL, Hadlq            and T"Wenty-fifth streets, \111-            a cost of at least $100,000
waukee, \;\ IS, $4,500, A n O'3ten, Chambels                   and Fourth
streets, MIlwaukee, $5,000, G Schaum, 532 Lake Drn e, MIl                              The le'3'3 "ome men ha\ e to do the mOl e they                     complam
waukee, $10,000, John Jordan           91:; \ \T est Thlrt} -thIrd street,        of be111g overworked
32                                                       WEEKLY         ARTISAN

                                                                                               New York Markets.
                                                                               \. e\\ York, ),J arch ll-Turpentme             IS about a cent hIgher
     Miscellaneous                  Advertisements.                      than a week ago, now bemg quoted at 63 @ 63~ here and
                                                                         60 @ 600 at Savannah                    General Improvement         m th.:: de-
                               WANTED.                                   mand I" notecl
     Foreman finisher who has had expenence m dmmg room
                                                                               ()"   II1~   to lIberal receIpt'> of bleached          and kIln drIed
     and library furniture In oak and mahogany State expenence,
     wages desired, references, etc. Address Grobhlser Cabmet-           "hellac pI Ices on tho'3e ~rades have been cut about half a
     makers' Co., Sturgis, Mich.                                        cent and the figure.., on other glades have been ,haded 'ilIght-
                                                                         h     'r '\ II1 bag~, IS quoted at 14~ @ 14}:4, m ca'3es, 14}:4
                                                                        frL 1 i LL11h           nnght    orange, 160 @ 170, fine orange, 19 @
     Several good cabinet makers wanted at once Address The
     Spencer & Barnes Company. Benton Harbor, Mich.                     20 DIamond I, 20 @ 21, DC,                      23 @ 24, Fre~h bleached, 16
                                                                        (([  1()l~      kIln clned, 20 @ 200
     Furniture business for sale in good Kentucky town of 15,-
                                                                               Lm'3eed oIl shows '3ome Improvement                m the Jemand but
     000. Established over 18 years ago. Reason for selling poor
     health and other business to look after. Stock has been re-        the tIade IS "tIll dull             Last \\eek's prices, based on 76 @ 77
     duced to about $3,000.     Good opportunity for some one           lLIlt ~ fOJ w estern raw are well maintained
     Address Box 278, care Arbsan.                      3 5-12-19               1 he demand tor goat skm'i 1'3 '3luggI'ih              LIttle busme"s
                                                                        l~ hemg        done and quotatlOn'i          arc not relIable      The figure'3
     Wanted first class furniture salesman to sell as a Side line on
     a large commissIOn basis.     Address N. P. M. Co., care of        ('n \IexILan frontIers              remam at 36 cents         lVlontereys    are
     Weekly Arbsan.                                                     quote 1 at 4-\. @ 45 cents and San LtlIs, Zacatecas,                     etc, a
                                                                        lent hIghtI, but some small lots are known to have changed
     W ANTED-A      good second hand Carving Machine.     Give
                                                                        hand" at lem eI fi~ures              Buenos i\yres are offered at 40 @ ;1-1,
     make. conditIOn and price.    Address H. C. Zeunert, 1752
     North Park Ave, Chicago, Ill.                                      J'a\ ta" at -I-ZI~ ({~ -1-3and HaytIe11'i, at 47 cents
                                                                              (ordage       J<., ~tI ong and actIve,   twmes e"peclally are m good
                               WANTED.                                  demand           QuotatIOns,       ho\\ eveI, have not been changei          ma-
     A second hand "Union Wood Embossing Power Press" for
                                                                        tcnall)         ] ndIa twme, '\0'3 40 to 6 IS quoted at S?Li @ S0
     flat die work, reciprocating movement and also a lathe for
     turning oval frames. Address "Z" care Weekly Arbsan Co             lent~ pel pound                Fme, 1\0 IS, llY; @ 14}:4, Be,           No IS,
                                                        2 19-26.         1(, (Ii 16}2
                                                                                Can tI ,1I) to prechctwns     and general e'Cpectatwns   bur-
     Salesman having an established trade to carry a line of novel-      lap" are lLJ\\er      Hea\)   IeeeIpts are mentIOned as the cause
     ties and special sales articles on commission. Address LoUIs       at the slump          The deman,l IS good and the busIl1ess IS
     Rastetter & Sons, Fort Wayne, Ind.            2 12-19-26 3 5-12.    more actl\ e than at any tIme since early last fall           EIght-
                                                                        ounce Callutta        gooJs are now quoted at 3,30, 100 ounce
     Position as commercial photographer of furniture by a prac-        -I- 2.i   \n estImate of receIpts at thIS port, Doston and PhIla-
     tical, competent man. Ten years' experience. Best of refer-         delphIa "lllee January      1, makes the total of over 63,000,000
     ence. Address J. H. Packer, care Times Union, Jacksonville,        \ ard"
     Fla.                                                  1-22t£

                               WANTED.                                                    Index to Advertisements.
     For territory east of Buffalo, New York City, New York state
                                                                        J\ l;hLl     RclllgcntOi     Company                                        8
     and New England, one good line of furniture to sell in con-          \l11Cncan Blm\ er Company                                                29
     nection with my present line of dining chairs. Address A. E.        BatllD "         F &. John Company                                     Cover
     W., care Weekly Artisan.                              11-20         BdrtOIl Il Jf & Son Company                                                 7
                                                                         Bu"      Iralhll1e   \\ 01 ks                                          Covet
                                                                         Dahm & Klefet Tannl11g Company                                              S
                               WANTED.                                   Delaware Chair Company                                                      6
     Commission men for the states Michigan, Iowa, Missouri,             Dodd"       AJexander, Company                                            13
     Nebraska and Kansas. also for the western states or Pa-             Edge Frank & Company                                                       26
     cific coast, to carry our line of Library, Center and Folding       Fo,- Irdchllle       Company                                               30
                                                                         FranC!, Charle, E Company                                                  15
     Tables on commission. Address Lock Box No. 124, Sheboy-             lUr11lture Commerclal Agency Company                                       27
     gan, Wis.                                              12-25tf      Grand Rapid, Blo\\ Pipe Company                                            24
                                                                         Grand RapId, Veneer 'VOl ks                                                12
                             SALESMAN.                                   Hdhn, LOUb                                                                 15
     New York state, outside metropolitan district, is open for a        Hills Clarence R,                                                          10
                                                                         Kduffman IIanufactunng;         Company                                      4
     line for buffets and china closets; also cheap and medium           Lawrence IIcFadden          Company                                        28
     priced dressers and chiffoniers. Address Box 162, Kenmore,          Lcxl11gton Hotel                                                           12
     N. Y.                                                 12-18tf       Luce I url1lture Company                                                     2
                                                                         Luce Redmond ChaIr Company                                                   2
                                                                         LYon Furl1lture Agency                                                     30
     A Manufacturers' Agent doing a very successful business in
                                                                         Irdnetta     Pal11t and Color Company                                      10
     Baltimore and Washington and surrounding territory desires          IIlchlgan     Engravl11g Company                                             1
     one or two good lines on commission.   Address "Success,"          Irlscellaneou,                                                              32
     Weekly Artisan.                                     11-13tf         OLonet Chcll1lcal Company                                                  25
                                                                         Palmel      A r= & Som                                                     29
                                                                         Pdrthle'      F                                                             7
                   WANTED-LINES          FOR 1910                       PitcaIrn Varl1lsh Compdny                                                    6
     Experienced salesman with established trade between Buffalo         PIttsburg Pldte Glass Company                                               5
     and Bangor, Me., would like to carry several lines of medium        RO\ve, .c P, Carvmg 'Norks                                                23
                                                                        Schimmel ReId & Company                                                 Cover
     priced case goods on commission.       Address "Esp," care          Sheldon E H & Company                                                      26
     Weekly Artisan.                                      10-9 t. f.     Sll1mer Samuel J & Sons                                                   27
                                                                        Sligh lUr11lture Company                                                Cover
                                                                        Star Caster Cup Company                . .                                  4
                             BARGAIN!                                   1onlOn Furniture        Company (Rockford)                                  26
     40 H. P. direct current motor, latest make and in first class      1ophdl11 \Ianufaetunng         Company                                       4
     running condition.    Grand Rapids Blow Pipe & Dust Ar-            Waddell IIanufactunng           Company                                     13
     rester Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.                      8-21tf        Walter Clark Veneer Company                                                 17

.                                      ._---.
                                                                        Weatherly        Company.
                                                                        White Pnnttng Company ..
                                                                        ·Wysong & }'llles Company (2) ...
                                                                                                          .                                    .    28
                                                                                                                                               . Cover
        .. -.                                      _---'----------_._------ ----
                                                   .                                                                                                                 ....

    t                                                  Latest Improved Wood Working Machinery.

    I_-----------------~._-- ----------~---------
      The Buss Machine Worhs,                                                                Holland and Grand Rapids, Mich .. U. S. A .
                                                                                                                    -----------------------._----                  ----~
                                                         ----------- -------                    ---------,---------


Ii                   HAND   CIRCULAR     RIP SAW                   MORTISER                        COMBINED

                                                          Complete Outfit of HAND and FOOT POWER MACHINERY

                                                                        WHY   THEY   PAY THE    CABINET    MAKER

I                                                              He can save a manufacturer s profit as well as a. dealer's profit.
                                                               He can make more money wIth less capItal Invested
                                                               He can hold a better and more Satlslactory          trade wIth hIs

                                                               He can manufacture      m as good .tyle and filllSh, and at as low
                                                          cost as the factones
                                                               The local cabmet maker has been forced mto only the dealer's
                                                          trade and profit, because of machme manufactured      goods of factones
                                                               An outfit of Barnes Patent Foot and Hand Power Machmery,

I                                                         reInstates the cabInet maker wIth advantages equal to his competitors
                                                               If desIred, these machInes wIll be sold on tnal      The purchaser
                                                          can have ample tIme to test them m h" own shop and on the work he
                                                          wishes them to do      IJescr,pt'vI cataloque and prICe Itst free

                No   4 SAW (ready for cross cuttlOg)      W. f. So JOHN BARNI:S CO • 654 Ruby St .. Rockford,                III.

I                                                                                                                                   No 4 SAW (ready for nppmc)

                No :I SCROLL     SAW                    FORMER   OR MOULDER                                 HAND    TENONER                   N. 7 SCROLL    SAW
                                                                                        GRAND R   "0   ):"

                                                                                         P~T ~


                        Standard   Model Sands any   Stock up to 6' 4"   In   Length.

       Representative concerns are steadily discarding their present sanding mdChines
in favor of the Schimmel.
       If there is money in it for them, there's money in it for you.
       Don't invest your money in obsolete machines.
       If you are using any other belt sander, fit it with the Schimmel..Spiral-Con ..
tact..Device and secure the Schimmel efficiency.
       Our Suspended Model will sand any length of stock.
                                                                   curved, shapes, etc.
       Either model can be instantly arranged to sand mouldings......
       Write for Catalog "H" and list of well..known firms who have brought their
present belt sanders "up to date."

                  FARIBAULT, MINNESOTA, U. S. A.

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