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Dwolla PGI services


Asahi Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions in the New York Metro Area. We have a diverse team of highly talented professionals with a solid foundation in technology and online marketing.

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									                          ASAHI TECHNOLOGIES

Dwolla Development

Dwolla provides online merchants with simplified banking and financial solutions
with its online payment system and mobile payment network.

The name Dwolla comes from a combination of the terms "dollar" and "web"

Every time you use your card for payment, the potential transfer of account
information to a third party poses a security risk to your financial security
However, when you use Dwolla none of your financial information is captured or
transcribed during a transaction.

With top American banks and other financial institutions signing up with the Dwolla
integration, the payment processing API is one of the fastest growing payment
gateways in the US.
          Dwolla Development features

              • Social Network Payment
              • Detailed personalized statements

Development   • Peer-to-Peer Transactions
              • Simplified mobile payments

              • No strings attached pricing
              • FiSync integration
At Asahi Technologies, we strive to render
you innovative solutions to leverage the
competitive market. Looking for Concrete5
services in New York, you don’t have a better
choice than Asahi Technologies. At Asahi
Technologies, we understand your business
requirements and the importance of a CMS for
your online business
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Phone: 646.205.2271
Fax :832.550.9724

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