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					      The Center for Home Movies:
          A brief introduction

                   Snowden Becker
  Co-founder, Home Movie Day/Center for Home Movies
    PhD Candidate – UT Austin School of Information

2/16/2010   Personal Archiving 2010 – Internet Archive – San Francisco, CA
                Our mission:

• To collect, preserve, provide access to, and
  promote the multidisciplinary use and
  understanding of amateur film and video
                 Our projects:

• International Home Movie Day: Annual bring-
  your-own-film, education and outreach event
  – Community-based
  – Archivally heretical (now echoing in digital files)
  – “We’re not anti-video; we’re pro-preservation.”
• Living Room Cinema: Films from Home Movie
  Day DVD; preservation of individual works;
  partnerships with local groups/organizations
Home Movie Day
                What we’re learning
•   This stuff is nowhere & everywhere
•   “If you build it…”
•   People are keen to digitize
•   It’s not as bad as we thought, but…
•   It’s worse than we thought (+ video/digital)
•   There’s too much for “real archives” to take on
•   If we take on any more, we have to change
    how we do it – we’re not good enough now
             Implications for future
• The records lifecycle is shortening;
  preservation must be a recognized need
• Archivists are still inadequately prepared to
  work with people’s “papers”
• Many mousetraps may be improved: technical
  and technological, managing inheritance and
  ownership transitions, rights documentation
  and assignment, accessibility for research/use
              Tomorrow’s projects?
• September summit meeting at LOC Culpeper
• Home Movie Day  Home Media Day
• Establishing a “godparent” role for archives
  – Kits for preparing a preservation plan
  – “Wills” for disposition of media materials
• Creating a larger corpus of accessible material,
  enabling and encouraging virtual collections

Snowden Becker
(323) 365-9263

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