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					   The Brunswick County
Department of Social Services
     60 Government Center Dr.
           P.O. Box 219
        Bolivia, N.C. 28422
Adult Services Unit
   Contact Information:

 Patricia Connelly, Director…

   Evelyn S. Johnson
 Adult Services Supervisor…

 (910) 253-2077
• The welfare system began in 1935 during the
• The Department of Social Services developed out
  of the enactment of the Social Security Act in
  1935 to assist and address the needs of the poor.
• The first office opened in Southport, NC. It had
  two locations. When the sites were out grown
  the offices moved to a more central location with
  in the county. In 1978 it moved to Bolivia NC
  where it is currently housed.
Mission Statement and population

• To promote independence and enhance the
  dignity of Brunswick County’s older adults,
  persons with disabilities and families through
  a community based system of opportunities,
  services, benefits, and protection.
• To effectively achieve the mission of the
  department, the Brunswick County
  Department of Social Services Adult Services
  Unit actively collaborates with the state, local,
  private and community agencies to do the
  best job possible for the residents in the
                    Services offered
•   Adult Care Home Case Management
•   Medical Transportation Services
•   Adult Day Care/Day Health Recruitment
•   Foster Care Services for Adults
•   Adult Protective Services
•   Adult Placement Services
•   At Risk Case Management
•   Community Alternatives Programs (CAP)
•   Crisis Intervention Program
•   Low Income Energy Assistance Program
•   Guardianship Services
•   In-Home Aid Services
•   Medical Eye Care Program
•   Independent Living Program
              My Experiences
• I met with workers in each of the programs. I
  shadowed them. I observed and participated
  as much as possible from the opening of a
  case to ongoing management or closure of a
  case. This was an important learning
  experience for me. It really allowed me see
  first hand what the positions were all about
  from beginning to end and gave me the
  advantage of seeing if this is what I’d like to do
  in my professional career.
       My Experiences Continued…
• I attended meetings and interacted with other agencies on Elder
  Abuse Prevention.
• I went on visits to the homes, nursing facilities, independent living
  facilities, mental facilities and the hospitals.
• I attended a court hearing for guardianship.
• Sat in on crisis intervention program
• Reviewed history of individuals (charts)
• Administered a agency assessment tool.
• Saw first hand how the elderly are assessed and given aid in the
• Witnessed facility monitoring
• Transportation eligibility and scheduling
• I would recommend this site, it offers a lot to the people in Brunswick
  County. Not only would one get to hear and see via office and phone, but
  also get first hand knowledge, going to where the people are to help them
  meet their needs whether independently or with assistance.
• Although you can set your own hours and have as much flexibility as you
  need I encourage anyone seeking this site to set their schedule if at all
  possible to a minimum of 4-5 hours at a time or a whole day (keeping in
  mind that you are limited to 10 hours a week).
• All of the staff have been great people to work with. There was a lot of
  diversity in how the people were served, but the commonality among the
  workers was the passion each one had for what they did. I will take this
  valuable experience with me no matter where my professional road leads
• If you want to access resources, implement ideas, empower people, offer
  services, manage cases and work with adults and the elderly, then this is a
  place for you.

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