Key Challenges You are Likely to Encounter When Designing a Syphilis Treatment Plan

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					                    Devise A Syphilis Treatment Plan - What To Expect

                                                      Clinicians who are working towards developing
                                                     a treatment plan for syphilis plan almost always
                                                     find themselves up against several challenges.
                                                     It is a microorganism that causes the condition
                                                     known as syphilis, and it is called spirochete
                                                     bacterium. This has led many to believe that if
                                                     they want to treat syphilis, they could do so
                                                     easily and with zero complications.
                                                     Unfortunately, that is not the case: developing
                                                     treatment strategies for this disease can be a
                                                     very tricky undertaking indeed. It does not even
                                                     have to reach the treatment stage before the
complications start coming in. The diagnosis stage alone brings with it comes challenges. The
challenges at that stage would be emanating from the fact that the presentations of this particular
disease are not always typical. Before the correct diagnosis has been reached, there are bound to
be some tricky parts. If you look at the various microbiological tests conducted, you will find that
they are quite clear-cut. But you (as a clinician) have to first suspect the disease, in order to be in
a position to order those particular microbiological tests. And that is where the challenge lies:
because, in the face of atypical presentations, it can be rather hard to suspect this disease. Once
you do eventually arrive at a diagnosis, you are likely to face further challenges designing a
treatment plan, and those are the challenges we will now proceed to look at.

It is likely that you will be treating a number of syphilis patients. Here is where the challenge lies:
they will have different stages of the disease, and you would have to figure out how advanced they
are. It becomes necessary to figure out how advanced the disease is because, when all is said
and done, the appropriate treatment for 'uncomplicated' cases of the disease may not be
appropriate for more advanced cases. The uncomplicated cases can be treated with a single dose
of penicillin through the intramuscular route. For the advanced cases, however, penicillin may
have to be administered intravenously, and it must be done for a period of 10 days. It would be up
to the clinician to mark the differences since it would help him or her apply the appropriate
treatment. Should it be single dose or multiple doses? Should it be done through intramuscular
routes, or through intravenous routes? It is quite difficult to distinguish the complicated ones from
the straightforward ones, though, and that gives a lot of grief to clinicians.

In most cases of syphilis, the moment it has been diagnosed, significant damage has already been
done. The challenge here would be to figure out how to treat the damage. Deterioriation could be
easily prevented by using medications such as specific antibiotics. But they tend to do little in
terms of addressing the harm already done. The patients, unfortunately, want them to be treated
as well.

The treatments, once applied, are bound to get a reaction or response from the patients. The
challenge here is that it is difficult to tell what the response or reaction would be. It is possible that
the patients have an allergic reaction to certain medication. Penicillin, for one. However, it's hard
to predict what their allergies would be. Even where allergies are identified, it can be hard to figure
out alternative ' and equally effective -- courses of treatment.

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Description: Designing a good syphilis treatment plan can be a challenging undertaking. This article explores some of the key challenges that a clinician is likely to face in that particular regard.