Zotero How-to by pengxuebo


									Zotero How-to

  ●   In Firefox, click on “Tools” and then “Add-ons.”

  ●   In the Add-ons window, click the icon at the top that says “Get Add-ons.”
  ●   Type ZOTERO in the “Search All Add-ons” field and press Enter.
  ●   When the results come up, click the “Add to Firefox...” button.
●   Click the “Install Now” button.

●   After the initial install, click the “Restart Firefox” button.

●   This window will pop up to let you know that your tabs/windows won't be lost – click
    “Restart,”and Firefox will close itself and re-open.
   ●   When Firefox restarts, it will open a new tab in which the Zotero “quick start guide” will
       appear. This guide includes descriptions of each of the three panels of the Zotero display,
       as well as a tour video and a demo video, to help new users acclimate themselves to the

   ●   To open Zotero, click on its name at the bottom-right of the Firefox window.

**************Since the Quick Start Guide is relatively comprehensive, *******************
**************I did not include further tutorial for Zotero's use in Firefox. ****************
**************I would be happy to add some of that stuff, if it might be helpful to anyone. ***
Zotero – OpenOffice Writer Extension

  ●   Go to this website:   http://www.zotero.org/documentation/plugins

  ●   Toward the bottom of the screen, there is a row beginning with “Open Office Integration”
      (highlighting added in screenshot).
      ○ To download the extension, click the “OpenOffice” link.

  ●   When you see this window, click “Save File” button. This will download a file called
      “Zotero.oxt” to your desktop (or wherever you have selected to save your Firefox files).
●   Now open your OpenOffice Writer application.

●   Click “Tools” in the top toolbar, and the click “Extension Manager...”

●   When the Extension Manager window pops up, make sure the line “My Extensions” is
    highlighted, and click the “Add...” button.
●   Double-click “Desktop” (or to the other location, if saved elsewhere).

●   Select “Zotero.oxt” and click the “Open” button.
   ●   After the extension is added to OpenOffice Writer, close the program (by clicking the X at
       the top right of its screen), and then open it again. You should now have a Zotero toolbar
       toward the top-left (just below the File/Edit/View/etc Toolbar).

To use Zotero in OpenOffice Writer:

   ●   In order to set your Zotero Document Preferences, click on the button on the right side of
       the Zotero toolbar that looks like a cog.
   ●   To insert a bibliography, click on the button that looks like an outline (without the pencil).

   ●   To edit your bibliography, click on the button that looks like an outline with the pencil.
       ○ Note: You must first INSERT your bibliography before you can edit it.

The “Edit Bibliography” window that pops up will offer your Zotero library, from which you
may choose the citations you wish to include, and then click OK. Those items will be added to the

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