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Wanting to achieve results from your
Email marketing, frustrated?

Cheer up; here is something that will
help you in your mail marketing success!
E-mail Marketing starts once you have
captured the leads from your articles,
blogs, tweets or any other source. This is
one of the best proven methods to do a
follow up with your cold leads.
Gradually warm them up, ultimately
leading to introducing them to your
opportunity. While there is no defined or
standard strategy of mail content, the
most common one followed by majority
of successful professionals seem to
revolve around providing rich content
which adds value to the receiver and
establishes you as an expert in your
I feel that the best strategy for this would
be to resist the temptation of introducing
your opportunity to your subscriber as
soon as he subscribes to your list. You
should first warm him up, send him five
to six mails with links to some rich
content on the topic of your niche. You
can say ‘Just found this interesting piece
of article and thought you may also like
to read it, tell me what you think”, or
“Came across this informative video and
thought of sharing this with you”. You
must project a true sincerity and concern
toward the subscriber. Project yourself as
a well wisher. Only after you have sent a
few such mails and established trust, you
should slip your opportunity as a
suggestion, “ Just bought his awesome
product and thought you could also
benefit from it, check it out here”…and
give your product or affiliate link. You
will gradually notice that not only you
are selling your products but that the
word of mouth referrals are also adding
new subscribers to your list.

In this article, I am not going to discuss
the technical aspect of Doe’s and Don’ts
of list building. The objective is quite
different, how to make your mails
enticing to catch subscriber’s attention
and make them open your mail. It is
obvious that the product sale is a definite
percentage of your open mails. Hence it
is very important to put in place a
strategy that attracts people to your
subject line in the first instance and then
to the mail itself. Subjects lines like
“have you missed the….”, “you just lost
$.....” last few only left….”, “why you
can’t drop even a single pound off you”,
have worked well with me.

I have subscribed to a number of lists
and hence receive a number of mails
daily. What struck me most was the
hidden strategy behind each mail to
entice the reader or to grab his attention,
but there were very few that added any
value to the reader or project the sender
as an authority in his/her field. I cannot
resist myself from sharing with you a few
of these mails. I am sure you would have
comments on these, do share. My idea is
to convert this article as a discussion
topic. Here we go.

Here is a mail that informs that a 36 year
old became financially independent,
This 36 year old "wage slave" was able
to kill his day job
PERMANENTLY...And spend his life
on the beach by 'aaaaaaa'...
It does not spell the big “how”, that you
are looking for, that is why people click
the link.

Now here is a bizarre one. Read it with a

“can just wink your eye, and HAVE it
Can having it all be really that simple? If
that were true there won’t be any
Look at this one selling software for less
than the cost of a meal,
How would you like to BOOST your
Product Sales to
the ROOF with a powerful eCover
Software available
for less than a happy meal...?
If you do, click this
and then here is a reminder to you
“I'll cut to the chase...I sent you this
before but you missed it and it's
Click here now. And spend his life on the
beach by 'blogging'...

Here is something that I feel adds value
and introduces the opportunity very

I was looking through different
ways to work from home when I
found this: xxxx
I immediately thought of you!

I feel that while you need to carve out
your own strategy to address your
subricbers but bear in mind that your
subscribers are looking at intelligent
interaction with you. They don’t want to
hear crap. Respect them and
communicate with them with their
interest in mind. Your subscribers will
love it.

To You Email Marketing Success!

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