Dictionary scavenger hunt


Dictionary/Thesaurus Scavenger Hunt
Directions: Find the following things in the dictionary or thesaurus: 1. A word with 5 syllables.

2. A word that begins with A and ends with Z.

3. A word that has 10 letters.

4. An adjective that means “nice”.

5. A verb that begins with a vowel.

6. The definition of the word “amiable”.

7. A noun that means the same as “horse”.

8. An archaic word (that means an old word that is no longer used).

9. Three antonyms of “danger” or “dangerous”.

10. The plural form of the word “hippopotamus”.

11. Write the word “elementary” showing the syllables and the accent(s).

12. Plural form of the word “alumna”.

13. The word origin (that means what country the word came from) of the word “chaise”.

14. Another form of the verb “compute”.

15. Find words that begin with “sept-”. Read their definitions. Write down all the words that have something to do with the number 7 below:

Description: Use a dictionary or thesaurus for this fun scavenger hunt.