Nougat Pavlova Recipe

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					Sally Williams Nougat Pavlova Surprise
               Ingredients                   with a large folding spoon.
                                             Drop meringue mixture into 6
               8 Egg Whites                  ball-like   shapes,    slightly
               2 Cups Sugar                  building up sides to make
               1 Teaspoon Vinegar            space for cream, nougat
               2 Teaspoons                   mixture. Turn down oven to
               2 Teaspoons Vanilla Essence   125° C and bake pavlova for 20
                                             minutes. Thereafter, turn off
               Topping for Pavlova           oven, leaving pavlovas in for a
                                             further 40 minutes. Allow to
               1½ cups cream                 cool.
               320g frozen, chopped Sally
               Williams nougat
               Mixed fruits of your choice For Cream Mixture

                                             Whip cream until it forms stiff
               Method                        peaks and then add the frozen
                                             Sally Williams nougat. Fill the
               Heat oven to 200° C.          individual pavlovas with the
                                             cream mixture. Add the fruits.
               Line 1 or 2 heavy baking sheets
               with non-stick baking paper.  This dessert should be made a
                                             few hours ahead of serving so
               Beat whites with a pinch of salt
               until frothy. Gradually add   that the cream can lightly
               sugar very slowly and beat    soften the meringues.
               until very stiff. Add the vanilla
               while adding the sugar. Then
               add the vinegar. This takes Serves 6
               approximately 15 minutes.
               Lastly fold in sifted corn flour

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