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									                              Application Security in Times of Globalization

The technologically developed business world faces challenge in the form of security issues every day.
Nevertheless enterprise have taken a number of measures to safeguard the security levels of the business
environment by implementing security controls such as network penetration testing and automated security
tools. However, in the wake of globalization, companies have been off shoring projects and application
development to distant teams as well as outsourcing of project modules to third party service providers, but
the security controls deployed till date have not been able to manage the security challenges fully.

Today's global enterprises with their wide corporate networks, large volumes of digital data transfers and the
vast number of end-users accessing the networks thus require a holistic application security framework.
Wikipedia defines application security as “the measures taken throughout the application's life-cycle to prevent
exceptions in the security policy of an application or the underlying system (vulnerabilities) through flaws in the
design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance of the application."

With the cyber criminals lurking in the web space, enterprises with the use of appropriate hardware, software
and secure application development processes in place, can ensure a protection from cyber threats and
malicious attacks.

However, as technological advancements also pave way for the cyber criminals to work anew, there are new
threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day leading to a threat prone business environment. The global
enterprises thus collaborate with third party solution partners to provide them with effective information risk
management services.

According to Gartner, Watchfire and Symantec confirm that 75 percent of the attacks target the application
layer and 90 percent of the websites are vulnerable to attacks. Leading solution providers deploy
comprehensive secure application development framework that seamlessly weaves into the security
frameworks to protect enterprises' application and data from cyber criminals. With the implementation of
regulatory policies such as the PCI DSS, SOX and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) being
mandatory, it is imperative for organizations to implement apt application security solutions.

The leading service providers of application security solutions help the client organization to identify and
protect application data by building a security framework, security design patterns and development of
respective secure controls within the application. The innovative application security programs thus designed
by these service providers operates by assessing the risks to the critical business data and designing a security
framework that will help improve usability, performance and robustness of the applications. It also allows
deploying the application security controls and technologies such as encryption, authentication, code access
security, authorization and device authenticity.

Moreover, by providing ongoing assistance and secure remediation to alleviate any new and unknown security
attacks the solution partner can help the client enterprise to optimize their technology execution thus
minimizing the probability of application security attacks.

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