LED Light’s Elegant Classic Style by rayleich



            LED Light’s Elegant Classic Style
Subversion of LED ceiling light

In the movie Inception, we witnessed the subversion of the world. Here this hung upside down
LED floor light seems to come from inside. Designer of Royal Art Project College Benjamin
Parton transformed the traditional ceiling chandelier into a LED floor lamp.

Slend and soft light rope becomes the hard light pole, the terminal is connected to an LED light
bulb, and the base uses the classic lamp elements of Victorian architecture. The fine white
lamp holder is placed on the floor, letting us feel kind of illusion, which is an very important
inspiration in home design, design with visual subversion which breaks the routine.

Elegant ceramic LED light Cup

This is our familiar retro teacup, elegant and classic styling from ancient times through the date.
Combined with the LED light, it becomes a ceramic lamp. It is designed by Portuguese
designer Goncalo Campos, letting light can be filled in utensils, as if from the fantasy magic
world. More you may concern about: led candle bulb.

The soft light flows, bowl shape has three handles, making it able to lean on the table at an
elegant angle. The LED bulbs in the middle emit soft light, bringing another lighting atmosphere
of distinctive flavor.

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