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									                    Palakkad: A Tourist Attraction for Holidays

Palakkad is placed at the foot of Western Ghats is a blessed tourist place features by many
paddy fields, palms, culture, tropical jungles and traditional centers.

                                Palakkad is situated at the bottom of Western Ghats is a
                                blessed tourist spot features by many paddy fields, tropical
                                jungles, palms, culture and traditional centers. The wistful land
                                of historical ancient monuments along with wonderful rivers,
                                dams and wildlife sanctuaries draw the interest of both
                                domestic and international visitors. Famous tourist places of
                                Palakkad for holidays.

Nelliampathy Hills that is situated nearly 70 km away from Palakkad are very wonderful and
amazing tourist destination. Silent Valley National Park and the Parambikulam Wildlife
Sanctuary add the more flavor to the wildlife of the Palakkad. Furthermore, the Thiruvalathoor
and the Thrithala are really famous for their temples, ancient monuments and historic ruins. In
additionally to this, Malampuzha, Kottayi, Dhoni, Kollengode, Mangalam Dam and Mangalam
Dam are worth viewing tourist destinations. The holiday attractions of Palakkad are different
as cheese and chalk. Nelliampathy is a well-known trekking place. Its hill ranges that are at a
height of 467 metres to 1572 metres are nicely cut for para gliding and other adventure sports
activities also.

      Palakkad Climate and Weather:

The weather and climate conditions are always beneficial because of the around tropical places
and giggling rivers. While in the rainy reason the sprinkles of rain flourish the elegance of the
Palakkad at its apogees. Furthermore winter seasons are windy and chilly winds always
pleasure the holidays of tourists in Palakkad city.

      Fairs and Festivals:

Palakkad is traditionally popular for its customs and traditions which can be simply viewed by
its celebrations and festivals. Manappullikavu Vela, Nenmara-Vallengi Vela, Chittur Kongan
Pada, Kalpathy Car Festival, Jain Temple Festivals, Manappullikavu Vela, Ottappalam Nercha
Festival and Shivaratri festival are that major festivals and fairs of the Palakkad and famous
with full zeal and passion.

      Get Going:
The local transportation is really best in the city and there are frequent services of buses and
other local transportation in the Palakkad. The roads are very nicely connected to nearby
excursions and places. All means of transfers are really relaxed and provide better services to
visitors in Palakkad. Coimbatore Airport is the nearest airport and tourists can simply catch a
private taxi or cab from the Airport to reach this wonderful town.

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