Installation notes by Tickingtimebomb1


									1. Unrar and install. 2. Press cancel when the expiring message pops up. 3. After install, stop diskeeper service (with Task Manager DkService.exe) and copy files from "Crack" folder into installation directory (default is "C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\"). 4. Run keymaker (under Vista, YOU HAVE to right click and run it as Administrator) and press Generate Key. 5. Start diskeeper service (XP USERS: Start - Run - Type in: Services.msc and press enter/OK. VISTA USERS: Start - Type in searchbox: Services.msc and run it.), press cancel when the expiring message pops up, run application, in the menus (Action) you will find an option to enter license key, enter the previously generated key. 6. Then press Generate Code, copy code into application and restart. 7. Enjoy! Adza

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