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Although security officers differ greatly from police officers, military personnel, federal agents/officers, and the like, Australia and the United States have a growing proportion of security personnel that have former police or military experience, including senior management personnel. On the other hand, some security officers, young people in particular, use the job as practical experience to use in applying to law enforcement agencies.

Many security firms and proprietary security departments practice the "detect, deter, observe and report" methodology. Security officers are not required to make arrests, but have the authority to make a citizen's arrest, or otherwise act as an agent of law enforcement at the request of a police officer, sheriff, and others.

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									                   Agreement to Furnish Plant with Security Guard

Agreement made on the (date), between (Name of Agency), a corporation organized
and existing under the laws of the state of (name of state), with its principal office
located at (street address, city, state, zip code), referred to herein as Agency, and
(Name of Company), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state of
(name of state), with its principal office located at (street address, city, state, zip code),
referred to herein as Company.

Whereas, Agency is in the business of furnishing plant security by means of providing
security guards, burglar alarm systems, and other modern methods of protection and
detection; and

Whereas, due to some recent vandalism and thefts on company's plant grounds,
company wishes to employ the services of Agency;

Now, therefore, for and in consideration of the matters described above, and of the
mutual benefits and obligations set forth in this Agreement, the parties agree as follows:

1.     Furnishing Guards. Agency shall furnish to company a uniformed security
guard service consisting of (number) security guards, or more as may be agreed upon
from time to time between the parties, to protect the property of company, make
suggestions to relieve hazards that are found to exist, and at all times endeavor to
improve the service.

2.     Rules to be Followed by Guards. The security guards described above are to
be guided by a set of general rules and written instructions issued by Company through
its designated representatives.

3.     Furnishing of Equipment. Agency shall furnish uniforms and equipment,
including side-arms, belt, holsters, and badges without cost to Company. Further,
Agency shall pay social security benefits, unemployment taxes, and employer's liability
insurance for the guards.

4.     Supervision of Guards. The supervision of the guards will be the responsibility
of the designated representative of Agency, who in turn will be responsible to and
receive instructions from designated representatives of Company.

5.     Method of Protection. All uniformed representatives of Agency will carry out the
function of guarding the plant of Company in the manner best suited, depending on the
circumstances. Guards will either be stationed at designated points or, if necessary,
maintain a constant patrol. It is further understood that guard service will be furnished
during such hours agreed on by Company and Agency, but at no time shall the total
number of guard hours be less than (number) hours per week.
6.     Selection of Guards. The wishes of Company will be honored at all times
consistent with good judgment in replacing representatives who in the opinion of
Company do not fulfill the requirements of the service as outlined in this Agreement.

7.    Time for Performance. Company will give Agency sufficient time after
acceptance of this Agreement to arrange intelligently the force to be detailed and to
properly outfit each guard so that the appearance of each guard will reflect favorably on
both parties to this Agreement.

8.     Charge for Services. For the services specified in this Agreement, Company
shall pay Agency $_________ per hour per guard and $_________ per hour for the
guard supervisor. The supervisor in charge of the guard force shall work a (number)-
hour shift daily and be responsible at all times for the proper functioning of the
operation. These hourly charges are to be made without regard to any overtime charges
that must be paid by Agency to its employees. Agency will furnish Company with daily
time sheets and invoice Company on the (number) day of each month.

9.      Term. The services to be provided under and pursuant to this Agreement will
begin on (date), at (time). This Agreement shall be for a term of (number) years. At the
expiration of the initial term of (number) years, thi
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