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NAME—-----------------------------------JOSHI SHREY NAGAR
COLLEGE---------------------------------- BIMHRD (BALAJI SOCIETY)
                              VASHI TERRITORY (LAST 30DAYS)


  1. To provide current information about
    the MUMBAI market .
  2. Information about where we are
    lacking in implementing our strategies
    effectively due to various gaps.
  3. Providing suggestions and solutions of
    those problems.
There is joy in work. There is no happiness except in the realization
that we have accomplished something” - Henry Ford

The making of any report requires contribution from many people,
right from inception till its completion. In my case also, there had
been a few people who have made this happen. It was not only
learning but also an enriching experience.

I am deeply indebted to MR . DIPAK SANGHVI SIR having
allowed me to carry out the project successfully. I specially thanks to
MR.RAJHEEV SIR who is having their unique way to motivate us. I
really wanted to share this thing at this level of summer training we
saw and worked with those people who are stalwarts of this field its a
dream come true for me.
The report which I am sending based on totally upon my experience
in Mumbai market I may be wrong on some points but as this is my
Ist practical experience this primary report is based on that. Final
report I will be sending you before 24th of July2009 along will other
summer trainees .It was really good learning in those 60 days as it is
correctly said by CEO sir that market is the best teacher I tried to
learn maximum from this experience and looking forward to work
with NILONS again in near future as a permanent soldier of NILONS
 “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself”
 Chinese Proverb

“ Its not because things are difficult we do not dare,
In fact we don’t dare that’s why they are difficult.”
  1. As Mumbai is the economic capital of our country in
     order to tap this huge fruitful market we need Planning,
     Coordination & timely implementation of strategies
     which can only come from implementing 4D’s in our
     blood these 4D’s are DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION,
     DETERMINATION &DESIRES which is lacking here in
  2. Apart from CRM, VRM is can be the key for success.
     According to me distributor is just like heart which
     maintains the product delivery and service to the
     retailers , if VRM has not been done properly area
     under him can easily be paralysed and fact is that in
     Mumbai VRM has not been done properly.
  3.Communication gap is there between-

                                C &F A

• FIELD STAFF                            • ASM
                     • DISRIBUTOR

          SO                                MANGEMENT
EX-Our strategy of promoting our brand in retail malls has
not been effectively implemented as there was lack of
planning and communication gap there was no prior
information from the side of nilons management to the
managers of retail malls that team of nilons is coming in their
stores to promote the nilons brand. As for every action there
should be a standard procedure they need in written from
the nilons management document explaining about our
actions in advance which the Mumbai till now not able to do
this. Result is in front of us.
4.There is always misplaced order from the side of C&FA
.They always send what has not been ordered.
EX-recently i made an order of 10 boxes of nilon’s 200 gms
pouches (5 mango,2mix,3lime,1 chilli) .
They sent all pouches of mix variety.
5.C&FA warehouses are not in proper condition as
distributors as well as retailers complaining about foul smell
of pesticides in nilon’s products i have also couriered one
sample taken from the APMC market to the nilon’s house at
Jalgaon (cv-900gm,batch no-01,dated-september)
6.We’r here in Mumbai to help and coordinate with Mumbai
team to raise the value of nilon’s brand & positioned nilon’s
as a cult brand in the minds of Mumbaikars . But after
working 60 days I and my fellow members felt that Mumbai
team think we’re here only to report a negative feedback
against them this can be easily identified with the attitude of
sales man they were afraid of us .We’re trying from our side
to be as supportive as possible rest is on them. According
we’re just mere cost to the company and good for nothing.
7. I also found out that there is no feeling of respect among
ground staff for their seniors, I don’t want to disappoint you
but every third person among field staff want to shuffle the
8. Efficiency and affectivity can only come if we can manage
our time. Lack of time management in the system
continuously reducing our efficiency here.
9.There is always a complaint from the retailers side that
they are getting less number of pieces in RV box, less gram
age in cherry packets.
  1.  To convert a product into BRAND we need to
    develop trust & has to deliver what we had
    promised. Maintain the standards of quality of
    service through proper planning and execution
    with proper action and route plans.
  2.   Order should be on the same rate at which
    sales man took order and deliver it on the
    desired time.
  3.   Handling the disputes of distributors must be
    done satisfactorily. Periodical meeting should be
    held with every distributor (between ASM &
    distributor).It is necessary to maintain
    confidence in him for our brand and
  4.   Surprise visits of ASM , ASS-ASM,& SO’s on
    field to check whether the field staff is doing his
    work on time or not. Similar surprise visits should
    be done from the side of top management team.
  5.  Proper communication channel should be
    developed which is not there. Phone numbers
    should be stable and always switched-on.
6.   In order to tackle the problem of misplaced or
  wrong dispatched of goods it is the responsibility
  of C &Fa to confirm the order from sales or
  distributor before sending the consignment.
7.   Surprise visits must be done to different
  warehouses of distributors & C&Fa to check their
  condition of hygiene as there is huge
  replacement happening from their side. We are
  losing huge amount of money on our policy of
  100% replacement.
8.   Sales should be encouraged to do market
  alone as in some areas they are covering the
  market with distributor sales man who also
  promotes products of other brands due to which
  effective selling can’t be done.
9. In case of 5 kg –TARGET or CLASSIC pickle we
  can introduced one spoon in it as most of the
  retailers sold it open. It will increase the cost but
  also bring differentiation and as we all know that
  to achieve competitive-advantage over our rivals
  we have to pay that cost.
10. Launching of sachets of jams in 2rs category.
11. Promotion activity should be done with the
  use of display boards, banners, hoardings & by
  running our AD in big retail stores etc.
12. There is huge demand of ginger-garlic paste in
  the market we can think about this category of
  product if it is feasible.
13. As we use mango in most of our products we
  can introduce aam papad based on this core
14. WE can also introduced   flavoured vermicelli ,
  pasta etc.

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Description: my ist ever sales experience in nilons ;an fmcg pickle company !