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					                                              Mill Creek Cross Country

        2011-Region Champions! State Runners up!2012 Goal-Another State Trophy!
                Head Coach: Andy Christie-, 404-580-1223
                              Assistant Coach: Bob Kvietkus

General Information:                                               7.  Attendance at meets—Runners are expected to be at all meets that they
                                                                       are scheduled to race at. If a runner has a conflict, they should speak to
       You must have a current school                                 Coach Christie and get their parents to contact Coach ASAP. Missing a
        physical to participate in Cross                               meet without telling Coach-miss the next meet. Missing a 2nd
        Country.                                                       meet=dismissal from the team. Also, If you are providing your own
                                                                       transportation to meets, you must be on time! Failure to do so could
       You must have passed 5 high school                             result in not racing.
        classes during the last semester, plus be                  8. Behavioral problems—Behavior not up to Mill Creek standards
        on track to graduate. (This does not                           (generally behavior that would not be tolerated at school). If on a road
        apply to upcoming 9th graders)                                 trip, parents will be called and athlete will not run in that meet. In other
                                                                       cases, disciplinary action will be decided upon by the coaches, and if
       There are no cuts in Cross Country as                          necessary, the athletic director and administrators. Parents will also be
        we try to encourage as much                                    notified. School rules apply to all cross country practices and meets.
        participation as we can (although this                         All runners are required to sign a behavior contract in order to be on the
        year there are new timetrial standards to                      team.
                                                                   9. If a runner has a job, they should arrange their schedule so as to not
        stay on the team). You understand that                         miss any practice or meets. Please give all important dates to your
        Cross Country is not a required sport,                         employer well in advance.
        and you agree to be a part of this team.                   10. Runners may not attend conditioning for another sport until their season
        In so doing you understand that this is a                      is over.
                                                                   11. You cannot talk during our team meeting. First offense: warning. 2nd
        time commitment on your part.                                  offense: miss the next meet AND you will not attend the away meet. 3rd
       You must abide by team rules at all                            offense: dismissal from the team.
                                                                   12. No Walking! You should only walk if you have injured yourself during
        times.                                                         the run. If you are having to stop to walk because you are tired, then
                                                                       you are either running too fast or too far. If you are injured, you
Mill Creek Boys Cross Country Team                                     should see Coach Taube or go to a doctor ASAP. You may only sit
                                                                       out of drills/running if you have a note from a doctor or Coach
Rules:                                                                 Taube-otherwise you will do everything the team does.
   1.   Smoking—1st offense-1 meet suspension. 2nd
        offense-dismissal                                               Situations may arise which are not covered by these rules. In these
   2.   Drinking—same as smoking                                        situations, coaches will make decisions and consult with parents if the
   3.   Drugs—One year suspension from all sports                       situation warrants it. We will always make every attempt to be fair and
   4.   If you miss part of a practice or an entire practice            consistent.
        for ANY REASON, a note or email must be sent
        to Coach IMMEDIATELY by a teacher or parent.           New this year: timetrial standards.
        must tell Coach in person during the school day
                                                                       New runner or returning runner who runs 200 miles in the
        before your absence. Sending word through a                     summer=no standard
        friend will count as an unexcused absence. You                 Returning runner who doesn’t run 200 miles but comes to
        must also complete any running missed. Please                   15 summer practices must improve by 2% over last year’s
        remember Tuesdays and Thursdays are typically                   time
        hard workout days-every effort should be made to               Returning runner who doesn’t run 200 miles and does not
        not miss those days.                                            come to 15 summer practices must improve by 5% over last
   5.   If you are a member of a club, you must be able
        to provide your own transportation to practice
                                                                        year’s time
        after the meeting is over. You must also provide a
        signed note or email from the club sponsor saying
        you were at the meeting. You cannot miss an
        entire practice on a regular basis due to being
        in a club.
   6.   An unexcused absence/tardy—coach calls roll
        and has no idea where runner is. 1st offense-
        warning. 2nd offense-miss the next meet AND
        not able to go on away trip. 3rd offense-
        dismissal from team.
Booster Club:
                    The team has various expenses throughout the year, that are not paid by the school: meet entry fees,
         booster club/runner of the week/banquet t-shirts, supplies, bus driver hotel rooms, assistant coaches, awards, etc.
         In order to pay for these expenses, we have a Booster Club. We have raised dues by $15 to help cover costs this
         year. There are 2 levels of membership: $235 for a uniform, t-shirt, shorts, and DVD. If a family has more than
         one runner on the team, then the charge for the 2nd runner is $210. If you do not need a uniform, dues are $175 for
         a t-shirt, shorts, and DVD. If you pay your dues in April, May or June you will also receive a free car decal. This
         year, dues will increase in August and September for returning runners who haven’t paid yet, so pay early! Your
         Booster Club dues also go towards the overnight trip expenses, providing that we earn enough in our fundraisers.
         This year we are once again hoping to get corporate sponsors. More details will be announced later. This is an
         excellent way to help out the team!

                     Please send all Booster Club checks to our treasurer, Richard Fuller, at:
                                                     4792 Moon Chase Dr
                                                      Buford, Ga 30519

Summer Practice:
          The summer determines almost exclusively how well the runner progresses and improves throughout the season.
The top runners in the state are the ones that put in the training in the offseason. Strength gained during the summer can
help the runner to progress that much more once practice starts and also help prevent injury. If you put in the miles, we can
beat teams that didn’t work as hard!

 Reminders…                                                      Summer practice dates:
         1. As you head out to your camps, retreats and                    Summer workouts are not mandatory to make
             vacations… stay on schedule with your running! the team; however, being able to earn a varsity letter is
             We all make excuses for not doing our weekly        easier. If you are gone for a week, this is ok-just make
             workouts, and our opposition would like us to       sure you run! Once a week do a long run as stated in your
             do just that. The great runners, however, always    training program. Long runs should take place on
             find a way to follow through and complete           Saturday or Sunday. You should be running on the days
             workouts even when it hurts. Your ultimate          we do not meet!
             success is a direct result of how strong you get
             during the summer, physically and mentally.         We will meet at 7:30 a.m. at Little Mulberry Park on
         2. Call each other for easy runs. Team bonding is       Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on
             essential. Top teams run together!                  Tuesday, May 29th. Practice will last 1 ½-2 hours at
         3. If you feel good, go faster. If you feel awful,      the most-it depends on what mileage you are running.
             ease up, but get the mileage in!                    There is no practice the week of 7/2-7/8 per the
         4. Do one long run each week. Talk to Coach if          GHSA.
             you do not have a schedule.
         5. We will have practice on every Monday,               If there are any changes to practice times, you will be
             Tuesday, and Thursday throughout the summer,        emailed the info. Also check the website regularly.
             except July 2nd-8th (per the GHSA)
         6. Recruit others to run and encourage your
             teammates to improve by inviting them to run
             with you. We will all be better for your
                                        Mileage and off season running program:
                 This year we will again be offering Summer Mileage Clubs. These clubs start at 200 miles
   and increase to 700 miles (for experienced runners only!). Runners should follow the mileage club recommended to
                                    them, in order to ensure they are not doing too much.

                                         This year, runners will use to
       submit their mileage each Sunday. When you sign up, please make your user name your first initial and last
     name. Once you are registered, search for “Mill Creek XC” and ask to be added. I will add you to the team and you’ll
     be able to see everyone’s mileage. Update your mileage each Sunday (or daily if you want). You must update your
      mileage at least every Sunday to be eligible for a shirt! At the end of the summer, runners who have attended 15
    summer practices and submitted all their mileage will earn a summer mileage t-shirt. You MUST submit your mileage
                       on time (you can’t turn it all in at the end of the summer) and be at 15 practices to be
     eligible for a tshirt! See Coach or email him for summer mileage sheets. They can also be found on the summer
                                                   mileage section of the website.
                                Summer Mileage begins May 14th and ends July 29th .
                  Any mileage done April 30th-13th counts as extra credit mileage. Submit it by May 13th

     To receive a letter:                                         Parent Volunteers:
     1. Be in the top 20 in JV county or region meets                      We need parent involvement to help us have a
     2. Be in the top 20 in the final team rankings               great season! We need help in the following areas:
     3. Depending on your grade, run one of the following                  *drivers for practices @ Little Mulberry (and
        times:                                                    Gainesville the week of Coach Wood)
        Senior-18:00; Junior-18:30; Sophomore-19:00;                       *filming race footage for our team DVD (County,
        Freshman-19:30                                            Region, and State)
     4. Run Cross Country for 3 years                                      *The Coach Wood Invitational, which will be on
     5. Come to 15 practices over the summer. Lettering           October 20th
        times will be easier:                                              *Hosting Spaghetti Dinners
        Senior-18:30; Junior-19:00; Sophomore-19:30;                       *Corporate Sponsors
        Freshman-20:00                                                      *and much more

 You must finish the season in good standing in order to earn a   The Booster Club will send out more info later about this,
 letter.                                                          but be thinking about how you can help the team!

   Rankings:                                                      Parents, don’t forget:
      We will again use a ranking system this year                *Email sign up: make sure Joyce Rimmer, our
      to decide who the top 20 lettermen are, and                 secretary, has your email address on file. Her
      also to track everyone’s progress. Beginning                email is Also, when
      with the Time Trial on August 4th, the                      in doubt, check the website for any info you are
      average time of each runner will be kept. The               wondering about.
      runner with the lowest average time at the end
      of the season will be ranked #1 and so on.
      This system system does not determine who
      runs at races-that is decided on a week to
      week basis.

      On Saturday, August 11th we will be having a Runathon as a fundraiser. It will last from 5pm-
  9pm at the track. We will always have at least one boy and one girl on the track during those hours.
  Your job is to start collecting pledges this summer-the goal for each runner is $100. You can ask
  family, friends, or anyone else. Any amount they pledge helps! This fundraiser will help us with
  meet entries, hotels, the banquet, and all other expenses throughout the year. The pledge form can
  be found at in the handouts section. Also, if you earn the trip to
  Great American, any money you raise over $100 will go towards your trip fee ($110 per person).

            Transportation to Meets:
   We will again have buses this year for select
 meets, at least to the meet. Upperclassmen may
 be asked to find a ride to the meet. More details                    We will have spiritware available for
              will be given in August.                             purchase starting in June. More details will
                                                                    be posted on the website and emailed to
       Transportation from Practice:                              you. Email our spiritwear coordinator, Kelly
 You must have a ride pick you up by 4:30 from                         Fuller, if you have any questions:
  Mulberry in the fall. If you don’t have a ride,                  
  we can help you find a carpool. Please plan
Runner’s Fit will give all Mill Creek Runners             Other important dates
15% off their purchase! Just tell them you run for            May 14th- Summer Mileage begins
us.                                                           May 15th- Picnic at Mulberry, 6:30pm
                                                              May 29th-First day of summer meetings-7:30am-
                                                                  Little Mulberry (Fence Rd entrance). Camp
Runners Fit                                                       deposit due! ($50)
7419 Spout Springs Road #103                                  June 12th-tubing in Helen after practice. More
Flowery Branch, GA 30542                                          details TBA.
(770) 967-9755                                                June (TBA) – Website clothing orders through                                                All American Specialties. Info will be on
                                                         and also
                                                                  emailed to you.
                                                              June 9th and 30th-car washes for all team
                                                                  members-more info TBA
                                                              July 30th -first day of official practice-2:30-4:30
                                                                  at Mulberry
                                                              August 4th- Time Trial 8am @ Mulberry; Senior
                                                              August 7th-Parent/Booster Club Meeting,
                                                                  6:30pm @ school
                HAWKS                                         August 11th-Runathon fundraiser-5pm-9pm @
                  CC                                              Track
                 2012                                         August 14th- Spike Night at Runner’s Fit
                                                              September 4th - Coach Wood Invite
                                                                  Informational Meeting @ Mill Creek. 6:30pm in
                                                                  the theater.
                                                              November 28th-Banquet in the commons area.
                                                                  More details TBA.

                            (subject to change)

August         4th      Time Trial                Little Mulberry        All
               11th     Runathon                  Mill Creek             All
               25th     Stage Races               Duluth, Ga             All
September      6th      JV Meet and pictures      Little Mulberry        JV
               8th      Berry Invitational        Rome, Ga               Top 10 (and top 9th grader)
               15th     Carrollton Invitational   Carrollton, Ga         #6-25 (sit out top 5)
               22nd     County Meet               Duluth                 All
               29th     Great American            Cary, NC               Top 12
October         4th     JV Meet                   Little Mulberry         JV
                6th     Off (SAT date)
               13th     Golden Eagle Invitational Hampton, Ga             All who have earned trip
               20th     Coach Wood Invitational Gainesville               All
               27th     Off (ACT date)
November        3rd     Region 7-AAAAAA Meet Duluth, Ga                   All
                10th    State Meet                Carrollton, Ga          Top 7 (5 alternates go)
        SATURDAY, AUGUST 11th, 2012
       The Runathon is our annual fundraiser to help prepare us for the various expenses we have
throughout the season. On August 11th, from 5-9pm, there will always be at least one member of both
the boys and girls teams on the track running. Our goal is to see how many miles we can run in a 5
hour time frame.
        Each runner will collect as many pledges as they can. The goal is $100 per runner but any
amount is great. Ask friends, relatives, neighbors: every little bit helps the team!
Bring your money with you to the runathon. The top guy and girl with the most money collected will
receive a gift certificate. Please bring your money with you to the Runathon. Remember: You will not
be allowed to race until you have turned in your Runathon money!!!!!!!!!

YOUR NAME________________________________________________________
Name                             Pledge Amount

                       TOTAL AMOUNT COLLECTED______________________
              MILL CREEK
            CROSS COUNTRY
            THANKS YOU FOR
            SPONSORING US!

Your generous contribution helps our program with our varied expenses
 throughout the season. While we get help for a few expenses, the vast
majority of our budget has to be raised by the team. Here are some of the
                things your contribution will go towards:
                         Team entry fees for races
                    Plaques and awards for the banquet
                     Hotel rooms for overnight meets
                                  T-shirts
         Assistant Coaches (Gwinnett County doesn’t pay for any)
                                Food/snacks
            Coach Wood Invitational (our other big fundraiser)

          SUPPORTING US!
                                                  Mill Creek High School
                                                  Cross Country Camp
                                                   July 22nd-25th, 2012

Dear Mill Creek XC Runners:

It’s that time of year when we begin planning for the upcoming 2012 Cross Country season. Part of that planning involves
summer training, and we’d like to extend the following opportunity to you!

Sunday, July 22nd through Wednesday, July 25th, we’d like to invite you to attend our MCXC camp at Berry College in
Rome, Georgia. The college is allowing us this unique opportunity to train, board, and dine at their amazing campus at a
cost of $250 per runner. This is a great deal and a wonderful chance for you to become a better runner, train with your
coaches and teammates, get a t-shirt commemorating the camp, and experience running in some of the most beautiful
landscape in our state. A typical day will include the following:

7:00 AM                    Wake up call!
7:15 AM                    Morning run
8:15 AM                    Breakfast in the Dining Hall
9:00 -10:30 AM             Free Time
10:30 AM                   Clinic
12:00 PM                   Lunch in the Dining Hall
1:30 – 3:00 PM             Game Time
3:00 – 4:00 PM             Pool Time
4:00 – 5:00 PM             Free Time
5:00 PM                    Circuit, PM Run for select runners
6:00 PM                    Dinner in the Dining Hall
7:30 – 10:00 PM            Movie/Video Games/Games
10:00 PM                   On your hall in the dorms
11:00 PM                   Lights out!

We have 24 slots for our male runners, and 24 slots for our female runners. And yes, the boys and girls will be staying on
separate halls in the dorms! We believe we’ll fill these slots quickly, so if you are interested, please mail your $50 deposit
(checks only, please, made out to Mill Creek Cross Country Boosters ) by June 1st to Richard Fuller. Registration form, and
copy of insurance should be given to your coach by June 1st.

Preference for camp will be given to returning runners by seniority. Remaining slots will be filled through a first come-first
served basis.

ATTEND. If you sign up but are not on pace when camp comes, we will refund your deposit.

Final payment of $200 for all attending will be due on the day we leave for camp, July 17th. More details of what your
athlete will need to bring and any special news will be shared with the runners in July. There is a chance the cost may go
slightly up this year but we will let you know if that happens.

For now, simply complete the attached registration form and give this and a copy of your child’s insurance information to
your coach, and mail your deposit check to Richard Fuller ASAP. Let’s make this the best summer running camp ever! Go
MCXC 2012!

Coach Brand
Coach Christie
                                                   Cross Country Camp
                                                    Registration Form
                                                      July 22nd-25th

Runner’s Name: _________________________________________

Circle Grade for 2012-2013 School Year:

Freshman                            Sophomore                            Junior            Senior

T-Shirt Size:     S        M        L        XL

Contact Information

Parent(s) Name: ________________________________________

Home Phone #: ________________________

Cell #: __________________

Other #: ________________

Check #: ______________ (make checks payable to: Mill Creek Cross Country Booster Club)

_____ (initial here) I have attached a copy of my child’s insurance information to the registration form.

For those parents willing to help with transporting runners to Berry College…

I can take _______ runners, including my child, to Berry College on Sunday, July 22nd

I can pick up _______ runners, including my child, from Berry College on Wednesday, July 25th

                        Please mail deposit check to Richard Fuller, Booster Club Treasurer, ASAP.
                                                       Richard Fuller
                                                   4792 Moon Chase Dr
                                                     Buford, Ga 30519

Please give this sheet and a copy of your insurance form to your coach.
                        Updated Dues Information for 2012
Runners who need uniform:
$235 for new runners who need a uniform if paid by Tuesday July 31st.

Dues increase to $250 on Wednesday August 1st.

Dues increase to $265 on Saturday September 1st.

Runners who do NOT need a uniform:

$210 for second runners in a family who do not need a uniform if paid by Tuesday July

Dues increase to $225 on Wednesday August 1st.

Dues increase to $240 on Saturday September 1st.

$175 for returning runners who do not need a uniform if paid by Tuesday July 31st.
Dues increase to $190 on Wednesday August 1st.
Dues increase to $205 on Saturday September 1st.
Mill Creek Cross Country
Top Returners for 2012

   1. Eric Westog          15:54
                                   27. James Tweedy       20:13
   2. Matt Tippins         16:24
                                   28. Kane Barrett       20:21
   3. Richard Fuller       17:17
                                   29. Charlton Bassett   20:24
   4. Josh Arceneaux       17:19
                                   30. Jake Hatcher       20:30
   5. Sven Hope            17:25
                                   31. Austin Bishop      20:30
   6. Tyler Woodrome       17:59
                                   32. Mason Lancaster    20:32
   7. Ethan LoCicero       18:07
                                   33. Aaron Krumnaker    20:40
   8. Matt Suggs           18:08
                                   34. Alex O’Donnell     20:42
   9. Trevor Mitchell      18:15
                                   35. Allan Eason        20:44
   10. Davis Jordan        18:20
                                   36. Kase Barrett       20:51
   11. Britt Hatcher       18:21
                                   37. Alex Bridgewater   20:55
   12. Michael Kempner     18:25
                                   38. Wyatt Taliaferro   20:56
   13. Daniel Smith        18:40
                                   39. Ben Harris         20:56
   14. Zane Rimmer         18:42
                                   40. Michael Haynes     20:58
   15. Spencer Sackett     18:56
                                   41. Alex Colonna       21:11
   16. Dean Delliponti     19:03
                                   42. Edwin Ayala        21:15
   17. Zach Skidmore       19:06
                                   43. Sam Kim            21:28
   18. Steven Young        19:14
                                   44. Kyle Rumney        21:31
   19. Seth Truax          19:15
                                   45. Steven Fanczi      21:42
   20. Nick Barnett        19:16
                                   46. Connor Flynn       22:09
   21. Cody Ashfield       19:38
                                   47. Zach Schlesinger   22:32
   22. Vincent Nguyen      19:40
                                   48. Brandon Rosier     22:43
   23. Joel Cliburn        20:05
                                   49. Stephen Day        22:49
   24. Michael McCoy       20:09
                                   50. Matt Mead          24:41
   25. Christian Braun     20:10
   26. Zack Holmes         20:12
                                  WINNING ISN’T NORMAL

Winning isn't normal. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with winning. It just isn't the
norm. It's highly unusual.

Every competition has only one winner. No matter how many people are entered (not to
mention those who failed to qualify), only one person wins each event.

Winning is unusual. As such, it requires unusual action.

In order to win you must do extraordinary things. You just can't be one of the crowd. The
crowd doesn't win. You have to be willing to stand out and act differently. Your actions need
to reflect unusual priorities and values. You have to value success more than others do. You
have to want it more. Now, take note! Wanting it more is a decision you make and act upon --
not some inherent quality or burning inner drive or inspiration. And you have to make that
value a priority.

You can't train like everyone else. You have to train more and train better. You can't talk like
everyone else. You can't think like everyone else. You can't be too willing to join the crowd, to
do what is expected, to act in a socially accepted manner, to do what's "in". You need to be
willing to stand out in the crowd and consistently take exceptional action. If you want to win,
you need to accept the risks and perhaps the loneliness ... because WINNING ISN'T

by Dr. Keith Bell
                         Mill Creek Cross Country Behavioral Contract
After reading the Team Rules and Lettering Standards, please sign below and return to Coach Christie or Coach
Brand. Thanks!

I have read the Team Rules and Lettering Standards and understand the requirements. I understand that failure
to follow the team rules may result in dismissal from the team.

I understand that failure to follow attendance and behavior requirements will result in me not going on the out of
town trip. This includes signing in and out of practice and stretching. I also understand that this year, it is
an earned trip and not automatic. Reminder: An unexcused absence/tardy—coach calls roll and has no idea
where runner is. 1st offense-warning. 2nd offense-miss the next meet AND not able to go on away trip. 3rd
offense-dismissal from team.

I understand that I must finish all parts of the workouts and practices in order to be eligible to race. Failure to
do this or to get a note from Coach Taube or a doctor detailing injuries will result in me missing races,
especially the away trip.

I also understand that any possessions I bring to meets or practice, I bring at my own risk in the event that they
are stolen, broken, or lost.

____________________________              ____________________________               _________
Runner’s Signature                        Runner’s Name (printed)                    (Date)

____________________________              ____________________________               _________
Parent’s Signature                        Parent’s Name (printed)                    (Date)

                            Alternative Transportation Liability Form

Gwinnett County Public Schools, Mill Creek High School (name of school) is not always able to
provide transportation for students to off campus extracurricular school activities. In cases when
transportation is not provided by Gwinnett County Public Schools Mill Creek High School (name of
school) as in the use of a school bus or charter bus, it is the responsibility of the student’s parents or
guardian to secure their student’s attendance at such activities. Gwinnett County Public Schools, its
local schools, officers, employees or agents shall not be responsible for any injury or loss arising out of
a student’s transportation to or from the off campus activity when such transportation is provided by
parents, students, school staff or any other party. Your signature acknowledges your receipt of and
understanding of this policy.

__________________________________________                          ________________________
Student’s Name                                                               Date

2012 Cross Country Season (and track if running)                            2012-2013
Activity                                                                   Date of Activity

__________________________________________                          _______________________
Parent’s Signature                                                            Date

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