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BOCA FIRE RESCUE NET - City of Boca Raton

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					A publication by the staff of the City of Boca Raton Fire-Rescue Services Department

         March/April 2011              BOCA FIRE RESCUE NET

                                                                Mike LaSalle – Organized transporta-        shortly after John was hired in 1995 at
                                                                tion for the Wilson family                  Boca Raton Fire Rescue, I learned we
                                   Fire Chief Report            Jesus Barrera – Organized the Honor         had a mutual connection to Eastern
                                                                Guard Teams                                 Long Island. What was even more in-
                                   By:                          Jason Sekula – Organized the Pipes &        teresting was that we shared the same
                                   Thomas R. Wood               Drum Teams                                  job as restaurant dish washers in Miller
                                   CFO, MIFireE                 Frank Correggio – Handled all media         Place, New York, early in our lives. We
                                                                relations                                   shared other interests…Irish Fest…
                                                                Cheryl Freeman – Processed the notifi-      Irish Pubs…and bicycle riding.
                                                                cation and thank you letters
                    Firefighter/Driver John                                                                 John was honored on February 9th for
                    Wilson Will be Missed                       The Boca Raton Firefighters and Para-       completing 15 years of service with the
                                                                medics Benevolent Association is ac-        City of Boca Raton. Mary and the boys
           John Wilson died on Monday, February                 cepting donations to support the Wilson     were present to receive the award. In
           7, 2011, while riding his bicycle in his             family, especially to provide for the       preparing my remarks, I reviewed
           home town of Jupiter, Florida. His                   college education of John’s sons. Dona-     John’s file. The file is full of letters of
           funeral was held on Friday, February                 tions can be made at:                       appreciation from patients and family
           11, 2011. The funeral was attended by                                members. John participated in many
           hundreds of people. Thank you to                                                                 Department activities including Smart
           every active and retired member of our                                                           Heart, 911 Ceremonies, EMS Chal-
           Department for the condolences, com-                                                             lenge, and Open House year after year.
           passion and support given to the Wilson                                                          John was also a member of our Depart-
           family. Thank you to all the people                                                              ment Honor Guard Team. John won
           from other agencies that assisted along                                                          our Department Innovation Award in
           the way. A special thank you to Palm                                                             April 2008 for his contribution to our
           Beach County Fire Rescue, Jupiter Po-                                                            Confined Space Entry Prop at the Fire
           lice Department, Palm Beach County                                                               Training Tower.
           Healthcare District - Trauma Hawk, and
           St. Mary’s Hospital Trauma Center for                                                            John was promoted to Firefighter/
           treating and transporting John. Again,                                                           Driver on October 31, 2005. For much
           a special thank you to those who came                                                            of the past five years, John has served
           to St. Mary’s Hospital on February 7th                                                           as an “Acting Captain” and as an
           to comfort the family: Deputy Chief                                                              “Acting Lieutenant,” as he was on both
           Glenn Joseph, Assistant Chief Dave                                    John Wilson                lists awaiting a promotional opportu-
           Woodside, Captain John Luca, Captain                                                             nity. John was a great leader. John
           Mike LaSalle, PIO Frank Correggio,                   The following is an abridged version of     was on scene for the largest fires of
           Firefighter Jeff Lazzeri, Tina Kelly and             the remarks I presented at the funeral      2009 and 2010. I remember seeing
           Rose Wood. In a short period of time,                service:                                    John in the back of Rehab One on the
           many Department members came to-                                                                 morning after the Boca Raton Executive
           gether to assist the Wilson family and               Mary, J.R., Peter, Charlie and all of       Country Club Fire back in December.
           organize the funeral. Special thanks to              John’s family and friends, on behalf of     He was the leader of the crew that per-
           the following people for their roles:                the 215 men and women of Boca Raton         formed the over-night “fire watch”.
                                                                Fire Rescue Services, we extend our         They were trying to stay warm, as a
           Dave Woodside – Family Liaison                       sincere condolences. Although these         significant cold front had come through.
           Glenn Joseph – Assisted Dave                         are sad circumstances, it is an honor
           Daryl Scott – Organized mutual aid                   and a privilege to be here, to provide      Having graduated from Johnson and
           units covering the City                              you comfort and to celebrate John’s life.   Wales University in Rhode Island with a
           Pat Kelly – Organized Communications                                                             degree in Culinary Arts before becom-
           Brett Lea – Organized food delivery to               John Wilson grew up in Shoreham, New        ing a Firefighter/Paramedic…John’s
           the Wilson home and the reception                    York, about 4 miles away from my home       kitchen skills were “second to none”.
           Jeff Rupp – Organized the 25 fire appa-              town of Sound Beach, New York. We           The Boca Raton News published a fea-
           ratus in the procession                              didn’t know each other back then. But,      ture article about John on April 6,
Page 2                                 BOCA FIRE RESCUE

2002, titled “Chef-turned-firefighter                                                    Broco cutting torch, when the acetylene
heats things up in Boca – John Wilson,                                                   torches were deemed unsafe on the ap-
a culinary star at Fire Station 5”.                                                      paratus. John also suggested adding a
John’s superb cooking skills were put                                                    “Pipe Horn” for the Haz-Mat Team.
to the test right away. In the article                                                   This device has been used to safely find
John joked, “I was the only rookie who                                                   underground utilities such as gas lines
didn’t have to clean the toilets…usually                                                 and remotely clamp them.
the least senior person gets stuck with
jobs like that!” I am here today to dis-                                                 John’s love of teaching everything EMS
pel the myth that work orders for larger                                                 broadened beyond our own Department
pants and larger belts followed what-                                                    when he started teaching at Palm Beach
ever fire station John was assigned to.                                                  State College (PBSC). John currently
Look at Aaron Fix, Aaron Oatley, and                                                     serves as Professor/Program Chair and
Bobby Diaz, some of John’s supervi-                                                      oversees the Paramedic program at
sors…they ate very well!                                                                 PBSC on his days off. John’s expertise
                                                                                         in EMS earned him a seat on the Palm
It is not typical during a funeral to con-                                               Beach County Emergency Medical Ser-
duct a survey, but let’s give this a try…        Firefighter of the Year 2010            vices Advisory Council since 2008.
please raise your hand if you ever had          EMS Captain John T. Treanor              The EMS Council is an 18 member
the pleasure to experience at least one                                                  board that serves as an advisory body to
gourmet meal prepared by John Wilson         The Firefighter of the Year award for       the Board of County Commissioners.
[hundreds of hands went up].                 2010 is hereby given to EMS Captain
                                             John T. Treanor. This award was earned      All of this activity and more earned
If John were able to express his appre-      for accomplishments over John’s entire      John the Palm Beach County EMS Pro-
ciation for your attendance here today,      career (16 years) thus far.                 viders Association “Distinguished Ser-
it might sound something like what he                                                    vice Award” on May 21, 2010, and a
wrote following his 40th birthday party      He was a member of our award winning        Department Excellence Award on June
in 2001…“Dear Brothers and Sisters, I        ALS Competition Team (1996-2001),           8, 2010.
would like to take this opportunity to       our Apparatus Specification Committee
thank all those who attended my 40th         (1997-2004), and our Medical Protocol       Battalion Chief Bruce Angier summed it
birthday party. I received so many gen-      Committee (1998-present) serving year       up best in October 2008 when he
erous gifts and I thank you all for them.    after year. In addition to authoring        wrote…“His peers regard Captain Tre-
I was BLOWN away by the response of          many of the current sections of our EMS     anor as an expert in the field of Emer-
so many of you--- the people really          protocols issued on September 10, 2009,     gency Medical Services…”.         John’s
made the party. To whoever gave me           John also created a system and program      commitment, dedication and expertise
the green sequence bikini briefs, a spe-     to administer monthly protocol testing.     in everything EMS has earned him our
cial thank you. I have been asked for        He also developed a template for the        2010 “Firefighter of the Year Award.”
the recipe of the Jambalaya by several       quality improvement review of our pa-       John will be honored by the One Hun-
people - you may have to scale it down,      tient care reports.                         dred Club of South Palm Beach County
unless you are expecting 100+ people.”                                                   at their annual awards dinner on March
                                             John has provided many innovative sug-      23, 2011. Please join me in congratulat-
Lastly, I was looking through John’s         gestions and solutions throughout the       ing John!
file and Captain Bob Diaz summed it up       years. John is credited with originating
best in 2002 when he wrote:                  and developing our first Fire Depart-               Competition Teams
“Firefighter Wilson is a pleasure to         ment web site, before the City had Infor-          Win at Fire Rescue East
work with. He maintains an upbeat            mation Technology employees perform-
attitude and is looked to as a leader by     ing this function. It was 1996 and John     Our ALS B Team comprised of Mike
his peers. He is compassionate and           was nominated for a city-wide Innova-       Sember, Robert Parks, Evan Gaub, and
sincere to those in need. John’s com-        tion Award that year. In 2000, John         Jonathan Vought took the 2nd Place tro-
mitment to the fire service is evidenced     Treanor and Mike Young were responsi-       phy at Fire Rescue East Advanced Life
by his willingness to give so much of his    ble for changing the style of our drug      Support Competition on January 21,
time and talents to improve the opera-       boxes to the weather-proof Pelican          2011. Our Honor Guard Team com-
tions and public relations of our De-        Products cases. With firefighting, John     prised of Jason Sekula, John Gibson,
partment.”                                   is responsible for the current hose load    Dorrant Mowatt, Jesus Barrera, Jona-
                                             configuration. John is also active with     than Vought, and Marcus Cooper
         John…we miss you…                   our Hazardous Materials Team and he         earned the 2nd Place trophy at Fire Res-
        rest in peace Brother!!!             researched and suggested adding the         cue East Honor Guard Competition in
Page 3                            BOCA FIRE RESCUE

the A Division on January 22, 2011.
Finally, our Fire Explorer Post Honor
Guard Team comprised of Nick Ga-
liardo, Ashton Fernandez, Sara Jacob-
son, and Casey Gugliotta won the 2nd
place trophy in the B Division. Con-
gratulations to all team members!

    Fire Rescue Honor Guard
           Jason Sekula,
           John Gibson,
         Dorrant Mowatt
 Guard Commander Jesus Barrera
         Jonathan Vought
          Marcus Cooper

    Fire Explorer Honor Guard

           Nick Galiardo
          Ashton Fernandez
           Sara Jacobson

        Guard Commander
         Casey Gugliotta

      ALS Competition Team

            Mike Sember
            Robert Parks
             Evan Gaub
          Jonathan Vought

 Photos by PIO Frank Correggio
Page 4                                         BOCA FIRE RESCUE

                                                                                                      FAU CAMPUS
                          OPERATIONS                                  ADMINISTRATIVE                  Parking Area #5
                                                                      SERVICES                        March 26th, 2011
                          By:                                                                     10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.
                          Glenn Joseph                                By:
                          Deputy Chief                                Raul Travieso              Free Admission University
                                                                      Assistant Chief
                                                                                            Our plans for this year’s expanded
                                                                                            event will include “ACTION FILLED”
Last month Boca Raton Fire Rescue                      FROM CHEF TO FIRE                    exhibits for children and adults to enjoy
said goodbye to a good friend, a                      RESCUE HONOR GUARD                    such as a vehicle extrication demonstra-
brother, a father and a husband who                                                         tion and a live fire demonstration. Of
also happened to be an outstanding              John Wilson started his career as a pro-    particular interest will be the “Side-by-
cook. The fire department family got            fessional chef at the famous “Elbow         Side Fire Sprinkler" exhibit, which pro-
together to celebrate his life, honor his       Room” in eastern Long Island; Lorraine      foundly illustrates the value of fire
family and remember his years of ser-           and I often ate at the “Elbow” when we      sprinklers in the home. Our “state-of-
vice to the Fire Department and the             traveled in the summers to visit family     the art” Fire Engines, Medical Units
City of Boca Raton. We will all miss            in the early 90’s. We discovered this       and even “Old Betsy” will be on site for
John, but I believe that his memory and         fact many years later. John was an ex-      display.
his example will always be with us in-          cellent culinary artist, however he de-
dividually, and he will always be a part        cided that he wanted to be of greater       We will have many great “FUN-
of this fire department family.                 service to his fellow man and pursued a     FILLED” activities for the kids includ-
                                                career in the Fire Service.                 ing a bounce house slide, face painting,
I must say a personal thank you to some                                                     and competitions for hose rolling and
of the local departments that assisted          In 1996, John began his new Fire Ser-       squirting water. We will also have hot
with John Wilson’s memorial service.            vice career at Boca Raton Fire Rescue       dogs, popcorn, and refreshments for all
This amazing effort was organized and           and worked with me during his proba-        to munch on.
executed in just under 72 hours with            tionary year. John developed into an        Folks from Boca Raton Regional Hos-
help from West Palm Beach Fire Res-             efficient, compassionate, and caring        pital and Red Cross will provide les-
cue for their assistance with the service,      Firefighter / Paramedic.                    sons on safety. FAU professors and
Delray Beach Fire Rescue, Boynton                                                           students will provide information re-
Beach Fire Rescue, Deerfield Beach              In 2006, John, once again, stepped-up to    garding health and nutrition. Don’t be
Fire Rescue and Palm Beach County               the plate and volunteered to join our       too surprised if Coach shows up with
that assisted by covering our stations so       Honor Guard Team at a time when we          his football team and cheerleaders.
our members could pay their respects to         required new members. John was an
our fallen comrade. We appreciated all          active member of our award-winning          We expect the community to come out
the assistance and the service would not        Honor Guard.                                to see what Fire Rescue does and to
have been a success without everyone                                                        meet their local Firefighters, and now
that participated.                              John’s strength was his willingness to be   that we are partnering with FAU and
                                                of service and to help wherever he          Boca Raton Regional Hospital, they’ll
Let’s do the numbers:                           could. John was respected and admired       be coming by the bus loads. You dare
                       Jan.    Feb.             by his fellow Firefighters. John Wilson     not miss this year’s expanded Fire
Total EMS Incidents 998        931              will be remembered by all who knew          Expo.
Average Resp. Time 5.39       5.47Min           him.
EMS Unit (most alarms) M2-252    
                       M1, M2 & M5–200
                                                                                            We are asking for everyone to volun-
                                                John’s laughter and kind demeanor will      teer; only with your help will Fire Expo
                                                surely be missed.                           2011 be a success.
Total Fire Alarms         161        123
Average Resp. Time        6.15      6.31Min
Fire Co. (most alarms)    T 1-191    T 1-167            “KIDS BRING YOUR
Station 5 (most alarms)   498        420              PARENTS TO COLLEGE”

                                                Things are heating up! This will be the     Mark your calendars for Saturday,
Other                     263        242                                                    March 12th, for the Delray Beach St.
Total Alarms              1,422      1,296      “BIGGEST, HOTTEST, and MOST EX-
                                                CITING” Fire Rescue Expo in Boca            Paddy’s Day Parade. Our Honor
                                                Raton’s history. The JUMBO EXPO             Guard and Pipes & Drums team will
         Be Safe, Be Competent,                                                             be marching along with several other
            Be Professional.                    will take place at:
                                                                                            teams. It is a day of fun.
Page 7                                 BOCA FIRE RESCUE

                                             pliance, but the division is working to-     tion had the contractor submitting one
                                             ward that goal.       Company officers       set of plans instead of two. The plans
                      FIRE AND               should make regular inspections to ver-      were scanned into Project Dox, and
                      LIFE SAFETY            ify conditions and to update the pre-        then routed to the plan reviewers to be
                                             incident plan as necessary.                  reviewed electronically. This process
                      By:                                                                 will speed up the plan review process
                      David Woodside                            FAU                       time.
                      Assistant Chief        A drive through of the north center sec-
                                             tion of FAU campus will reveal a con-        Phase II was implemented in January.
                                             stant bustle of construction activity. The   The Project Dox system was opened to
                                             Stadium construction is well underway        allow contractors and architects to up-
         Abandoned Buildings                 with a goal for completion and use dur-      load their plans electronically. The
The Fire and Life Safety Division re-        ing the 2011 football season. October        contractor no longer has to visit City
cently received a few emails pertaining      will be here shortly and the contractor is   Hall to submit plans for evaluation;
to abandoned buildings. The division is      working towards making the game day          they can do so over the internet. Plans
working with the building owners and         plans of many become a reality. Two          in the correct format along with all of
the Code Enforcement Division to fa-         super structures 175’ in height have         their documentation can be submitted
cilitate making the buildings safe and       been completed. The open air stadium         anytime of the day or night. This new
code compliant. Thank you to the Com-        has a design capacity to seat 30,000.        process will increase efficiency in the
pany Officers that are performing area       The super metal structures that will sup-    plan review process and provide better
surveys and pre-incident planning.           port the bleachers are being mounted         customer service.
These buildings represent a significant      and the grandstand is currently being
threat to firefighters. On December 3,       completed. Construction traffic around
1999, while searching a vacant cold          the stadium continues to be rerouted as
storage warehouse during a fire, two         the contractor speeds toward the com-
firefighters became disoriented. During      pletion deadline.
the rescue effort, four more firefighters                                                                       OPERATIONS
became lost and all six died when the        The stadium is part of the FAU Innova-
building became fully involved and           tion Village campus development. An-                               By:
collapsed. No other occupants were           other component is the new 1200 bed                                Daryl Scott
found inside the building; Worcester,        residence hall building. The major                                 Assistant Chief
Massachusetts.                               rough construction has been completed
                                             on the outside and a flurry of activities
Company officers should visit all aban-      has moved to the inside of the building.
doned buildings and develop a pre-           Interiors are being completed on the
incident action plan in the event of a       dorm rooms with an expected comple-          It has been very busy since the last
fire. A risk assessment and action plan      tion time in late May (ahead of sched-       newsletter, not only with calls that will
should be written and communicated to        ule). Both of these projects fall under      be discussed in this newsletter, but with
all of our emergency response person-        the jurisdiction of the State Fire Mar-      the hiring process, reissuing of TA-
nel. During the visit, the fire protection   shal’s Office, but Boca Raton Fire Res-      PIRS, medical physicals for all uni-
systems should be evaluated to deter-        cue Services is the emergency response       formed personnel, and the tragic loss of
mine if they are operational. Florida        agency for the school; therefore, Com-       our brother Firefighter/Driver John
Fire Prevention Code NFPA 1                  pany Officers should become very fa-         Wilson.       The Operations Division
10.13.2 All fire protection systems          miliar with the buildings.                   would like to thank everyone that re-
shall be maintained in service in vacant                                                  sponded throughout that week from the
buildings, unless otherwise approved by      Please see next page for photos showing      initial call to the services on Friday. It
the AHJ. In the City of Boca Raton, we       progression of construction.                 was amazing how so many agencies
require that protection systems remain                                                    and departments came together in a
in place and are maintained.                                Project Dox                   show of solidarity and comradeship in
                                             Implemented in September 2010, the           respect of John. John you will be
The Fire and Life Safety Division is         plan review process has taken a turn for     missed, rest in peace.
working to ensure that these building        the better with the assistance of technol-
are secured or become secured in addi-       ogy. Project Dox is the plan review          The Firefighter/Driver and Battalion/
tion to having the protection systems        software that allows all disciplines the     Division Chiefs’ promotional exams are
maintained.    The hazard abatement          ability to review building plans simulta-
process may take time to ensure com-         neously. The initial partial implementa-              (Continued on Page 9)
Page 8             BOCA FIRE RESCUE

         Residence Hall


                              Photos by Assistant Chief Dave Woodside
Page 9                                BOCA FIRE RESCUE

fast approaching. All employees who
are eligible to take the exams are en-
couraged to participate. The exams will
not only give you a better understand-                                                                                   TNT
ing of the position, but will also assist                                                                            extrication
you in future exams by learning the                                                                                  equipment
testing process.                                                                                                      is getting
                                                                                                                     its annual
It seems as if the summer has arrived                                                                                service by
early, so please be careful and make                                                                                  Southern
sure you stay hydrated. Along with the                                                                                 Rescue
hot and dry weather comes brush fire                                                                                    Tools
season. The weather we are currently                                                                                    (SRT)
having is comparable, if not worse, than
the weather we had in 1998 which
caused the worst fire season ever in
Florida. April is historically the worst
month for brush fires in the City. So be
prepared and informed by staying hy-        All of our ground ladders (excluding           Please remember that Poll Workers will
drated and obtaining more information       folding ladders) have had a new safety         report to duty at 0600 hours on the day
regarding statewide brush fire activity     feature added. FF Neil Duffy made a            of the election and should be out of the
at the State Division of Forestry web       suggestion a few months ago to add             station by 2000 hours. Your coopera-
site at                     reflective markings to the beams of our        tion in this process is greatly appreci-
                                            ladders in order to improve their visibil-     ated.
Until next time, be safe…                   ity on the fire ground. He has recently
                                            completed this project in conjunction          I will be scheduling a “Junk on the
                                            with last month’s ladder testing. The          Bunk” inspection during the month of
                                            red and white reflective markers were          April on Mondays. All employees are
                                            placed at the center and tip of each lad-      to have ALL of their issued Class A
                    LOGISTICS &             der (as pictured). Thank you, Neil for         and Dress Uniforms ONLY (including
                    SUPPORT                 bringing this fresh idea to our Depart-        collar brass, nameplate, and badge),
                                            ment. I encourage everyone to submit           gear, keys, and I.D. badges. I will send
                    By:                     your suggestions for improvements to           a reminder to the Battalion Chief the
                    Michael Gergora         our Department. We may not be able to          week before your Platoon’s inspection.
                    Assistant Chief         institute all of them, but the ones that are
                                            implemented benefit the entire Depart-         Other outstanding Fire Rescue issues:
Spring cleaning (so to speak) and a                                                        Apparatus:
fresh idea has arrived with this beauti-                                                   Engines & Trucks: Preconstruction
ful weather.                                                                               meetings will be held in March for our
                                                                                           new 100’ and 75’ Ladder Trucks. They
The TNT extrication equipment is get-                                                      will take from 10 to 12 months to build.
ting its annual service by Southern Res-
cue Tools (SRT). The work is to be                                                         Facilities:
completed at our Support facility in just                                                  Miscellaneous: Please describe why
one day. SRT showed up with 6 ser-                                                         you need a replacement of an item
vice technicians and got right to work.                                                    when you submit a Work Order with a
We were very impressed with their pro-                                                     brief explanation, such as “Polo Shirt
fessionalism and approach to servicing                                                     was torn during extrication training”.
our equipment. They serviced/repaired
63 pieces of TNT equipment includ-          The Palm Beach County Supervisor of            Station 5: New reading lamps for the
ing power plants, rams, and spreaders.      Elections will be conducting a City            bunk rooms are on order and should be
Pictured below are SRT technicians          Election on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.            installed shortly.
working on our equipment.                   Only Fire Stations 3, 4, and 5 will be
                                            used by voters for the election. Voting        Please stop in my office anytime that
Now that the “Spring Cleaning” has          equipment will be delivered sometime           you are at Fire Administration.
been completed, it is time to bring in      during the first week of March .
the fresh idea.
Page 10                               BOCA FIRE RESCUE

                                            S = Speech: Ask the person to repeat a        love, and show respect and love to
                                            simple phrase. Is their speech slurred or     those Brothers and Sisters you work
                    EMS                     strange?                                      with each and every shift while you
                    By:                     T = Time: If you observe any of these         The new Special Ops truck is coming
                    Mike O’Neil             signs, call 9-1-1 immediately!                along nicely and we are ahead of sched-
                    Division Chief                                                        ule. We are anticipating a completion
                                                  Women’s Club of Boca Teeca              date to be within the next 60 days.
                                            Since the mid-seventies the Women’s           With the work we will have to do once
                                            Club of Boca Teeca has made yearly            we get the truck, I would anticipate an
     Smart Heart February 12th.             donations to the EMS Division for             in-service date sometime in the middle
Every year, Boca Raton Fire Rescue          medical equipment. This year we are           of June. In order to do this work, we
partners with Boca Raton Regional           receiving a Digital Video Recorder for        will be looking for volunteers to assist
Hospital in hosting the Smart Heart         our Ranger Glidescope. The Glidescope         in setting up the truck, mounting equip-
event to offer Cardiovascular Disease       is used to pass an airway tube for critical   ment, and deciding exactly what we
screening and education. This event         patients that are not breathing or are        need and don’t need to be on the truck.
would not be possible without the or-       having extreme difficulty in breathing        Presently the cab has been constructed
ganizers and the community. Special         by viewing the procedure on a miniature       and is ready for the interior to be in-
thanks are in order for the FAU Nursing     video screen. This is one of the most         stalled, the doors mounted, and the
Program, Palm Beach State College           critical skills that Paramedics perform in    glass installed. It is already wearing a
Paramedic program, and many other           the pre-hospital setting. Their donation      fresh coat of paint, and ready for
volunteers. The key organizers were         will assist in the continuing training of     mounting on top of the chassis.
Sandi Savia from BRRH, Michael Lu-          our personnel in performing this proce-       Speaking of the chassis, the frame rails
cas and Scott Clark from BRFR, and          dure. We wish to thank the ladies from        have been completed, the axles and
many off-duty firefighters, and other       Boca Teeca.                                   suspension in place, and all of the nec-
volunteers to make this a successful                                                      essary piping and electric is being run
event.                                                                                    through the chases within the rails.
                                                                                          Next up for the chassis will be to mount
BRRH also provided Stroke Education                                                       the 425 horsepower Cummins engine
to more than 400 residents. Lynn Ste-                                                     coupled to an Allison transmission.
vens, the Stroke Center Coordinator                              SPECIAL                  Off in another part of the plant, the ex-
from BRRH handed out educational                                 OPERATIONS               truded aluminum “Rescue” body is be-
material on detecting strokes, and ex-                                                    ing fabricated. Once the cab and chas-
plained the simple test that anyone may                          By:                      sis leave that part of the plant, the body
perform (FAST).                                                  Scott Johnston           will be mounted and all amenities will
                                                                 Division Chief           be installed. This truck will have sev-
              Stroke Signs                                                                eral of the same types of amenities we
All the major symptoms of stroke ap-                                                      presently have, such as a cascade sys-
pear suddenly and without warning;          Boca Raton Fire Rescue lost a great           tem with supplied air reels, electric
they are often not painful but still need   Friend and Brother last month with the        reels, and light tower similar to what
to be taken seriously. If you think         sudden passing of Brother John Wilson.        we have now, but will be completely
someone is experiencing any of these        I know several people may say this in         upgraded according to the latest tech-
symptoms, or you are experiencing           their articles but it is well worth repeat-   nology and NFPA requirements.
them, call 9-1-1 immediately.               ing several times over. I can’t express       Some of the upgraded additions to this
                                            to you in writing what I witnessed in the     truck different to the present one will be
The most common symptoms of stroke          time of need for the Wilson family and        an air conditioned compartment for
can be remembered by the acronym            our BRFR family. The care and high            temperature sensitive equipment, roof-
FAST:                                       level of professionalism was nothing shy      mounted diesel generator for a quiet
                                            of “Outstanding”. All Boca Raton Fire         operation on extended scene operations,
F = Face: Ask the person to smile.          Rescue personnel should be proud to           roof-mounted storage boxes (and plenty
Does one side of the face droop?            wear our patch and hold your head high;       of them), roof-mounted cascade bottles
                                            we work for a “great” department. The         which will open up compartment stor-
A = Arm: Ask the person to raise both       one lesson we can take away from this is      age, portable winch and attachment
arms. Does one arm drift downward?          make sure when you leave the house in         points on all four sides of the truck, and
                                            the morning, you hug and kiss those you
Page 11                              BOCA FIRE RESCUE

an electrical system mirroring that of a
57’ Viking Sport Fish--no rod holders!

I have included some photos for this
article. If you would like to keep cur-
rent and watch the progress, you can
visit Ferrara’s website by going to:
                                                                                 Service Years
                                                                        Carmen Aragona            5
                                                   Birthdays            Joe Brooks               19
                                                                        Tory Buckman              7
                                                    March               Marcus Cooper             5
                                           03/02    Lenny Marraffino    Michael Davanzo          13
                                           03/05    Chad Kozlowski      Ron Devecki              21
                                           03/05    James Barry         Neil Duffy                5
                                           03/10    Michael Francis     Aaron Fix                19
                                           03/17    Dave Hobson         Shannon Frederick         5
                                                                        Matthew Grunke            7
                                           03/19    Donald West
                                                                        Scott Hauss               1
                                           03/21    Daryl Scott         Dave Hobson              25
                                           03/21    Michael Brown       Daniel Johnson            5
                                           03/23    Warren Hunt         Ryan Kelly                3
                                           03/24    Raul Chacon         Scott Kovi               10
                                           03/25    Keith Metcalf       Mark Lacho                1
                                           03/25    Tom Sova            Sean Migone               7
                                           03/25    Joe Brooks          Dorrant Mowatt            3
                                           03/27    Mike Gressinger     Manuel Nuno               1
                                                                        Robert Parks              3
                                           03/27    Brian Shapins
                                                                        Valentino Polistena       3
                                           03/29    Jeff Rupp           Richard Rafalski          3
                                           03/30    Scott Ward          Arnoldo Rodriguez         4
                                           03/31    Dan Coine           Jonathan Santana          1
                                                                        Michael Schmitz          10
                                                    April               Michael Sember            4
                                           04/01    Dave Woodside       Matthew Tupper            7
                                           04/05    Mitch Greenberg     Patty Van Buskirk        16
                                           04/09    Robert Diaz         Steven Wright             1
                                           04/09    Eric David
                                           04/09    Jose Santana        Joanne Barnes            12
                                           04/16    Joe Ramsey          Jesus Barrera             2
                                           04/16    Nathan Nichols      Ellen Beckman            18
                                           04/17    Scott Johnston      Francine Chokanis         3
                                           04/17    Scott Brooks        Evan Gaub                 2
                                           04/17    Lance Parks         Shane Leon                6
                                           04/18    John Meunier        John Luca                18
Until next time, Stay Safe and Stay        04/20    Cheryl Freeman      Mike Lucas               18
                                                                        John Meunier              6
Healthy.                                   04/21    James Muro
                                                                        Kim Puchalski            11
                                           04/22    Chris Schulz        Amy Ross                  9
                                           04/22    Michael Schmitz     Michael Sklark           14
                                           04/22    Mike Young          Erik Solensten           15
          Dress Down Days                  04/23    James Cuomo         Paula Ursini              6
                                           04/23    Carlos Vidaurreta   Jonathan Vought           2
03/11 Juvenile Diabetes                    04/26    Aaron Oatley
03/25 National Wheelchair Sports           04/28    Ryan Cihowiak
Page 12                                BOCA FIRE RESCUE

                                                threatening issues such as controlling
                                                significant hemorrhage etc.
                     COMMUNICATIONS           Post Dispatch Instructions which                               TRAINING AND
                                                evaluates whether the call-taker gave                          SAFETY
                     By:                        the correct instructions after dispatch-
                     Pat Kelly                  ing, but prior to the arrival of emer-                         By:
                     Division Chief             gency response units. These instruc-                           Joe Majhess
                                                tions primarily pertain to the safety of                       Division Chief
                                                the caller or others in immediate dan-
                                                ger. An example would be if the caller
                                                is reporting a fire in their home and
Hello once again,                               they are still inside; the Post Dispatch   In the last edition of the Department
                                                Instructions would include leaving the     newsletter, we discussed the Nutrition
We have been documenting transport              building, closing doors as the caller      training to be conducted by FAU’s Dr.
mileage to the nearest tenth of a mile          exits and not using the elevator if one    Brooke Bailey. The topics discussed
for two months now. I am happy to               is available.                              provided a detailed analysis of the
report that to date there have been no        Final Coding which evaluates whether       many sources of nutrition available, and
major difficulties related to the Dis-          the call-taker assigned the correct        based on the latest scientific research,
patch side of these activities. Occasion-       Final Code for a particular call. This     how each impacts our health and body
ally there are minor issues with the            code determines which resources are        composition. I am pleased to report
mileage for a particular call, all of           assigned to a call.                        this information was well received by
which have been easily resolved. Con-         Customer Service which evaluates the       all who attended.
tinue to keep me informed of any issues         overall quality of service rendered by
or recommendations for improvement.             the call-taker.                            During the last two months, personnel
Please also remember that you may                                                          also received training on Wildland /
contact Dispatch immediately to re-          The scores to date for Emergency Medi-        Urban Interface Fire Fighting as well as
solve issues or questions that may arise.    cal Dispatch, which pertains only to the      Vehicle Extrication.      The Wildland
The sooner and the lower a problem is        medical calls that were evaluated, are as     course covered the fire-related hazards
resolved, the better.                        follows:                                      that heavily forested areas pose in some
                                                                                           areas of our community. Fire Fighters
We have finally embarked on a perma-            Case Entry                 90%            received information on and discussed
nent, productive quality assurance pro-         Chief Complaint            95%            the latest strategies, tactics and tools
gram for the Dispatch Center. We now            Key Questions              92%            available to mitigate these hazards dur-
have some preliminary data upon which           Pre Arrival Instr         100%            ing an emergency.
we can begin to act. The program                Post Dispatch Instr        72%
evaluates several criteria for each call        Final Coding               88%            As the auto industry continues to
that is reviewed. These criteria include:       Customer Service           99%            evolve and improve in the areas of
                                                Final Total Average        88%            safety and efficiency, the automobile’s
 Case Entry which evaluates the accu-                                                    engineering and construction complex-
   racy and efficiency with which the        If asked if Fire Rescue has an issue with     ity also continues to increase. When
   call-taker solicited and documented       publishing these scores, the answer is        responding to vehicle crashes, Fire Res-
   the initial, critical information.        no.                                           cue personnel are frequently required to
 Chief Complaint which evaluates           Reason: There is always room for im-          use hydraulically powered tools, as well
   whether the call-taker correctly inter-   provement, and improve is what we             as hand tools to cut cars apart in order
   preted the information and assigned       intend to do.                                 to free patients trapped in the wreckage.
   the correct Chief Complaint for a                                                       The Vehicle Extrication course covered
   particular call.                          Happy Birthday Al Sheinberg! Al is a          the hazards that items such as air bags
 Key Questions which evaluates             highly valued, highly motivated volun-        and high voltage lines used to power
   whether the call-taker asked the cor-     teer who dedicates 3 days per week to         hybrid and electric cars can pose to a
   rect questions for a particular call.     the Dispatch Center. After getting to         Fire Fighter cutting into a vehicle. As
 Pre Arrival Instructions which evalu-     know Al, I can confirm that he is a spe-      these items are found throughout the
   ates whether the call-taker gave the      cial individual who still has a lot to of-    latest model vehicles, it is imperative
   correct instructions prior to the arri-   fer, and we are lucky to have him. Al’s       that personnel receive the most current
   val of emergency response units.          93rd Birthday was February 17, 2011,          information in order to continue to get
   These pertain to immediate life           which was celebrated in the Dispatch          their job done safely. The course con-
                                             Center on February 16, 2011.                  cluded with an opportunity to put this
Page 13                                BOCA FIRE RESCUE

information into action using tools such
as cutters and spreaders, known to some
as the “Jaws of Life,” on wrecked cars
on loan from local towing companies.

In the upcoming weeks, a new course
for Fire Fighter / Paramedics who wish
to participate in the Department’s Bike
Medic program will be offered. This
                                                            Frank Correggio, Public Information Officer
course will include information and
training on operating a bicycle outfitted
with medical gear on different types of
terrain and in challenging environments
such as those found during City spon-
sored art shows, concerts, parades and
other special events. Additional train-
ing will also include Advanced Cardiac
Life Support (ACLS) recertification for
all Fire Fighter / Paramedics as well as
the testing of all hose carried on Fire

As I began this column with the men-
tion of food and nutrition, I could not
help but think of our Brother Fire
Fighter and Chef, John Wilson, who
recently lost his life in a bicycle acci-
dent. As a family man and coworker,
John set an example that we can all be
proud to follow. He was loved and will
be missed by all of us.

            Until next time,
    please enjoy every day - Safely.

                                              Firefighters Battle Blaze and Rescue Cats

                                                 During the evening of January 9, 2011, Boca Raton fire-
                                                 fighters responded to a report of a structure fire at 7200
                                                 NW Second Avenue. Emergency dispatchers received the
                                                 9-1-1 call by the homeowner, who noticed flames in her
                                                 kitchen. Upon arrival, firefighters were met with heavy
                                                 smoke and intense flames coming from the kitchen area.
                                                 Crews immediately began to fight the fire and search the
                                                 home for the owner’s cats. Firefighters quickly extin-
                                                 guished the fire and rescued several cats that were treated
                                                 for smoke inhalation. Crews used special pet oxygen
                                                 masks that were donated by the Dog Club of Boca Raton.
                                                 The owner of home was treated for smoke inhalation and
                                                 transported to Boca Raton Regional Hospital in stable con-
                                                 dition for further evaluation. The Red Cross was on hand
                                                 to assist the displaced homeowner and her pets. The cause
                                                 of the fire is under investigation by the State Fire Marshal.
                                                 Fire officials estimate the damage between $35,000 and

                                                                                        Photos by Jay Bell
Page 14                             BOCA FIRE RESCUE

                                          Firefighters Fight Boat Fire Near Home
On January 31, 2011, at approximately 9:30 am, Boca Raton firefighters responded to a report of a boat on fire near a structure
at 475 NE 28th Street. Emergency dispatchers received the 9-1-1 call by the boat’s owner, who noticed smoke and flames in
the vessel and quickly pulled the boat which was on a trailer into the street. Upon arrival, firefighters were met with heavy
smoke and flames coming from the rear of the vessel. They quickly extinguished the fire and used special firefighting foam on
the remaining portions of the vessel. There were no injuries reported, and there was no damage to the home. The cause of the
fire is under investigation.

                                                                                                   arrival, firefighters noticed
                                                                                                   smoke and flames coming
                                                                                                   from the kitchen area. Fire-
                                                                                                   fighters quickly extin-
                                                                                                   guished the fire and began
                                                                                                   using special high speed
                                                                                                   fans to remove the smoke.
                                                                                                   Fire officials estimate the
                                                                                                   damage at approximately
                                                                                                   $10,000.      There were no
                                                                                                   injuries reported and the
                                                                                                   cause of the fire is under
                                                                                                   investigation.     The Red
                                                                                                   Cross was on hand to assist
                                                                                                   the displaced family.

                                                                                                   Firefighter / Paramedic
                                                                                                   Scott Kovi inspects stove.

                      Apartment Fire Displaces Boca Raton Family

On February 13, 2011, in the early morning hours, Boca Raton firefighters responded to a
report of a structure fire at 288 NE 15th Terrace. Emergency dispatchers received the 9-1-1
call by the homeowner, who stated she heard a “pop” and then smelled smoke. She checked
the apartment and noticed smoke and flames in her kitchen coming from under her stove. She              Don’t forget to
quickly woke up her two small children and her roommate and left the apartment. Upon                  Check your batteries
Page 15                                  BOCA FIRE RESCUE

     Laundry Room Fire Causes
      Hotel Guests to Evacuate

On February 25, 2011, at approximately
11:30 pm, Boca Raton firefighters re-
sponded to a report of a structure fire at
8201 Congress Avenue. 9-1-1 Emer-
gency Dispatchers were notified that an
employee was attempting to put out a
fire which was located in a commercial
dryer at the Hilton Garden Inn. Upon
arrival fire crews noticed heavy smoke
on the first floor as they located the fire.
The automatic fire sprinkler system
contained the fire until firefighters ex-
tinguish it. Crews used high powered
fans to evacuate the smoke on the first
and second floors. The 250 hotel
guests that were evacuated were not
able to return to their rooms for ap-
proximately one hour. The hotel re-             Boca Raton City Council Member Mike Mullaugh with Honor Guard Team
mained open for business, there were            – Nick Galiardo, Sara Jacobson, Chad Watler, Casey Gugliotta
no injuries reported and the cause of the
fire is under investigation. Fire offi-                     Fire Explorers Honor Guard Honor WWII Veteran’s
cials estimated the damage at approxi-
mately $10,000.00.                              On January 28th Explorer Post # 315’s award winning Honor Guard Team pre-
                                                sented colors at the opening ceremonies honoring veterans of WWII. The B-24
                                                Liberator, B-17 Flying Fortress and the P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft along with
                                                many veterans, family members, friends and neighbors listened as Boca Raton
                                                Council member Mike Mullaugh presented a proclamation on behalf of Mayor
Truck Overturns On I-95                         Susan Whelchel and the City of Boca Raton, recognizing the “Wings of Freedom
                                                Tour”. This year, 2011, marks the 66th anniversary of the end of World War II.
On February 2, 2011, at approximately
5:00 pm, Emergency dispatchers re-
ceived numerous 9-1-1 calls that a truck
had overturned southbound on I-95 just
north of Congress Avenue coming to
rest in the median. Fire crews arrived
to find the vehicle resting on its side.
Hazardous Material Technicians re-
sponded to assist in cleaning up hydrau-
lic fluid leaking from the trucks articu-
lating arm. There were no injuries re-
ported. The cause of the accident is
undetermined at this time.

                                               Firefighters attended classes on vehicle extrication using special hand, electric
                                               and hydraulic tools to pry, move and cut away twisted metal—training needed to
                                               reach a trapped victim involved in a vehicle accident.

                                     News article photos taken by PIO Frank Correggio

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