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									                                 INTERNATIONAL PROJECT MANAGER

                                       Purpose of Role
  Help maximise potential of Europe + Hub repertoire and brands through the co-ordination and
development of marketing plans in conjunction with the repertoire owners, artist management, the
                      international marketing team and the EMI affiliates.

Key Dimensions of the role

Department/function               International Marketing
Reporting Lines                   International Marketing Manager
Location                          Wrights Lane, London

Key deliverables of Role:

Deliverable           Related tasks
Implementation of           Manage the international marketing campaigns of Europe + Hub repertoire.
Marketing                    Artists to be assigned by International Marketing Manager and EVP Marketing.
techniques                  Develop and agree marketing plans together with the international team,
                             repertoire owners, operating companies, and artist managements.
                            Ensure marketing plans are effectively implemented and monitor the progress of
                             those plans throughout the life of the projects.

Systems support /           Implement with the repertoire owner the origination of international tools when
Research/ Data               necessary, including specific artwork, videos, formats etc. when necessary.
                            Build on the repertoire owners strategies and adapt their marketing activities to
                             suit other target markets.
                            Proactively manage the distribution of product and marketing information to
                             affiliates worldwide making sure all latest info is always available to marketing
                             teams in the countries

Teamwork                    Help the repertoire owner in managing the promotional needs of the target
                             markets against an artist’s diary in a way which delivers maximum promotional
                             value within the agreed plan.
                            Track project performance against agreed targets, including airplay and chart
                             performance, including analysis and evaluation of the plans and ensure follow up
                            Understand of consumer research techniques and support in the implementation
                             of consumer data in the marketing campaigns. Close working relationships with
                             both the central insight team as the local teams.
                            Maintain close working relationships with the marketing and promotion teams in
                             the territories to understand the domestic strategies and enable sharing of best

Organisational              Set-up and follow-through of promo schedules with artists manager and EMI
Skills                       affiliates, book artist travel arrangements.
                            Diary management and coordinating travel itineraries.
                            Provide progress reports to the International Marketing manager, the Continental
                             European management team, artist management, the repertoire owner and
                             affiliates in a timely manner through the life of the plan.
Flow of information         Point of contact for affiliates requests for promotional activities with the artists
                          Responsible for creation and update of promo schedules

Specific Requirements of Candidate


      2-3 years marketing experience in managing projects within an international exploitation team
      Strong project management skills
      Excellent organisational and co-ordination skills with the ability to prioritise work effectively
      Ability to work under pressure and willingness to work long hours including travel.
      A proactive team player.
      Passion and understanding for dance music necessary
      Ability to motivate and influence operating companies through building relationships, demonstrating
       knowledge and experience and possess good diplomatic skills including assertiveness where
      Must be able to demonstrate prior success in the development and implementation of marketing
       plans and have a extensive music knowledge & and an understanding of the music industry in
      Experience and knowledge of the digital and media environment and the use of this in marketing
       and promotion
      Possess excellent interpersonal and communications skills with the ability to deal with all levels of
      Knowledge of the international market place and an understanding of cultural differences and
       consumer habits specifically in Europe.
      Knowledge of consumer research techniques


      Drive , enthusiasm
      Extra Languages preferable


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