Business Bank Reconciliation

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Monthly Bank Reconciliation                                                      Date:

                Date of Statement                          Ending Balance from Bank Statement   $

Add: Deposits in Transit            Date        Amount                 Date          Amount

                                                                   Total Deposits in Transit

Less: Regular Checks:                                              Payroll Checks:

                                                                          Total Outstanding Checks                    -

                                                                   Computed Book Balance        $

                                              Book Reconciliation

                                                                   Computed Book Balance        $

Add: Deposits - Income                      Trucks Cash & Checks
                                           Counter Cash & Checks
                                                  Other Deposits                                                      -

    Less: Checks issued - Regular
          Checks issued - Payroll
      Federal Tax Deposits (FTD)                                                           -

                 Analysis Charge
           Credit Card Discounts
                  Other Charges                                                            -                          -

         Book Balance Revised                                                                   $

                                                                                                     Designed by: Kara L. Rothert
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