Business Bank Reconciliation

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This document provides a template spreadsheet to compare data from bank statements with computed book balances on a monthly basis. Differences may occur when companies have issued checks that have yet to be cashed, or when certain charges have already been recorded by the organization's bank but are not yet reflected in the organization's accounting records. This document can help an organization identify discrepancies between its bank statements and accounting records and make necessary adjustments to reconcile those amounts.

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Monthly Bank Reconciliation                                                      Date:

                Date of Statement                          Ending Balance from Bank Statement   $

Add: Deposits in Transit            Date        Amount                 Date          Amount

                                                                   Total Deposits in Transit

Less: Regular Checks:                                              Payroll Checks:

                                                                          Total Outstanding Checks                    -

                                                                   Computed Book Balance        $

                                              Book Reconciliation

                                                                   Computed Book Balance        $

Add: Deposits - Income                      Trucks Cash & Checks
                                           Counter Cash & Checks
                                                  Other Deposits                                                      -

    Less: Checks issued - Regular
          Checks issued - Payroll
      Federal Tax Deposits (FTD)                                                           -

                 Analysis Charge
           Credit Card Discounts
                  Other Charges                                                            -                          -

         Book Balance Revised                                                                   $

                                                                                                     Designed by: Kara L. Rothert
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