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									Atlantic Union Gleaner
      «Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest*

VOL. XXXV                                SOUTH LANCASTER, MASS., OCTOBER 14, 1936                           No. 41

              Harvest Ingathering at
                                          Atlantic Union College
   THE student body of Atlantic           a senior inquired what the goal from house to house; some re-
Union College are making an un-           would total if each student and each mained at home and gave the earn-
usual record this year in the Har-        member of the faculty assumed the ings from their day's work. The
vest Ingathering campaign. Before         individual goal set for him by the report which followed was most
the matter was brought to the at-         General Conference. Learning that encouraging. It revealed that the
tention of the students at the chap-      this would amount to $1,800, he various bands had increased their
el hour, some members of the fac-         moved that this should be the goal amounts by sums ranging from $8
ulty, who had talked the matter           of Atlantic Union College, and that to $95. One band, working in one
over, felt that since the goal last       it should be reached in twenty days. town only, has received through so-
year was $1,000, and a little more        Enthusiasm ran high. The motion liciting and singing, $183. Some
than that amount had been raised,         prevailed.                            excellent contacts have been made.
it. might be advisable to set a goal         It was agreed that on the follow- The students have had many fine
of possibly $1,200 this year. Dr.         ing day all classes should be sus- ..experiences.     In. some instances
E. Malcolm Hause, head of the His-        pended and teachers and students prayer has been offered with and
tory Department, was in charge of         should participate in a general field for persons in special need. Names
the general plans. His assistants         day. Every available car in the of many interested persons have
assigned the territory, arranged for      community was pressed into serv- been taken, and literature will be
transportation, and divided the stu-      ice. Groups scattered in all direc- sent to them. The second field day
dents into eighteen bands with a          tions. They worked hard and did netted $616.97, making a total of
 faculty member and a student as-         not return until late in the evening. $1,391.01 reported at the end of
sistant in charge of each band.            The next morning a tired but loyal nine days.
    On Monday, September 28, the          student body assembled for chapel,      The singing bands are still work-
 chapel hour was devoted to the            and the various bands reported. As ing. On the evening after the Sab-
 Harvest Ingathering campaign. Dr.         each reported, the amount was bath, despite the weather, a few
 Hause presented to the students the       placed on the blackboard. Some groups went out to do street work.
 plan of working and the band              of the conference officials and the There will not be another general
 groups with their leaders, then he        pastor of the South Lancaster field day, but experienced students
asked the students to set the goal for     church were present and reported will be excused from their classes
 the college. A most interesting dis-      what they had done for the college. on Tuesday and allowed to spend
 cussion followed. Several goals           The amounts totaled $774.04. the day in soliciting for the fund.
were suggested, ranging from               Hands clapped for joy.               Tt is hoped that before the week
 $1.000 to $2,000. Finally, in spite          In the meantime singing bands, is over, Atlantic Union College will
 of a strong effort on the part of         with student directors, had been or- have reached its goal of $1,800. It
 some to make it more, a motion was        ganized within the various bands. was voted that this goal should be
 made and seconded that the college        These were going out in the eve- reached in twenty days. It looks
 p-oal should be $i.TOO. After more        ning. On Wednesday, October 7, now as if it may be reached in. even
 discussion, the vote was taken and        there was another field day. Some less time. If so, it will be because
 to the surprise of many, the motion       students worked in the business of the blessing of heaven and the
 was defeated. Quickly somebody            districts of the various cities and remarkable enthusiasm and loyalty
 suggested a goal of $2.000. Then          towns in their territory; some went of the students.
     Saving Our Children                   would make her mark. Mother and
                                                                                    NEW YORK CONFERENCE
                                           I were going to send her to one of
    The Salvation of Our Youth             our schools, but some of our friends            M. V. CAMPBELL, President
                                                                                            J. B. FRANK, Sec.-Treas.
              (Continued)                  thought that our schools were some-                 Telephone 35
                                                                                    Union Spring                  New York
                                           how not quite good enough — did
    L,ET me just touch upon an im-         not give the culture and the polish
 portant phase in dealing with the         which our daughter needed. We              The Work in the Utica District
 problem of the salvation of our           had the money, so we sent her to             WHEN this article appears in the
youth. That is, the attitude of the        New York to finish her education.
pastor to the principles of Christian                                               GLEANER, it will have been a month
                                           Now we would give all we possess          since we came to this district. With
 education. It is a well-known fact        if our girl were here to worship
that half of our children and youth                                                  the excellent help of Brother Scott,
                                           with us once more in the old home         we have been able to contact the
are in worldy schools and institu-         church.'
 tions. Statistics reveal to us the                                                  churches frequently and to encour-
                                              " 'Where is your daughter?' the        age our people on the Sabbath and
fact that from 85 per cent to 90 per       minister asked.
cent of these are lost to the denom-                                                at the midweek services. A goodly
                                              " 'She is somewhere receiving          number of the homes in the district
 ination, while on the other hand          the plaudits of the crowd,' he said.
about 85 per cent of the youth in          'They call her—————' (mention-           have also been visited, and those
our schools and institutions are                                                    who have not been called upon
                                           ing the name of one of the most          may look for a visit before winter
saved for the denomination. Hence          popular movie stars)."
the importance of the pastor whole-                                                 sets in.
                                              Brethren, such is the oft-repeated        We trust all will realize that our
 heartedly backing our denomina-           tragic mistake of failure to anchor
tional schools.                                                                     district leaders are carrying heavy
                                           children to the church through the       burdens, and that they not only need
    Elder C. A. Russell, formerly          church school.                           your sincere prayers, but also your
associate secretary of the Gen-                             OSCAR R. SNIPES.        loyal support.
eral Conference Department of                        (To be concluded)                  Have you, dear reader, done your
Education, in speaking of our                                                       very best in helping to raise the
educational       institutions,    says:                                            Ingathering goal by October 17? If
"The church school is the anchor                         Alarming                   not, you are one who is holding
which will keep the little craft in           WITH the largest federal prison       back the district and the conference
safe waters until the power devel-         population in our country's history,     in its God-given work. Some may
oped by academy and college at-            a large percentage of them youth,        not be able to get the full amount,
tainment carries it into the ocean         with 36,000 killed and one million       but all can do something to advance
of life, guided by the chart and           injured in auto accidents on Ameri-      the work while others are going far
compass of the divine word, and            can highways, Christians must            beyond their quota. •
finally into the harbor anchored to        arouse themselves with pen, voice,          In these solemn hours, when pro-
the Rock of Ages, against which all        and vote to combat the alarming
the tides of unbelief and satanic                                                   bation is about to close and the
                                           evils of intemperance.                   "judgments of God are in the land,"
delusion are unavailing."
                                              Dr. Clinton N. Howard has this        shall we not bend every energy to
    May I use one example to illus-
                                           to say: "The old-time saloon, or its     help warn souls and save men from
trate the sad experience of many of
                                           equivalent called by some other          that dreadful day?
our youth:                                                                             "Who then is a faithful and wise
    "One of our ministers, on reach-       name, is back again from Alaska on
ing the church one Sabbath morning         the north, to the Virgin Islands on      servant, whom his Lord hath made
early, before the doors had been           the south, from Hawaii on the west,      ruler over his household, to give
opened, found an early comer seat-         to the Philippines on the east, back
ed on the church steps with his            in the nation's Capitol, back in the        ATLANTIC UNION GLEANER
face buried in his hands. The min-         White House, back in the army and        Published weekly except during con-
                                                                                      ference, when published dally by
ister, stepping up beside him, laid        navy, back in the soldiers' homes,
                                           back in CCC camps, back on Broad-        ATLANTIC UNION CONFERENCE
his hand on the man's shoulder and                                                   OF SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS
asked:                                     way and the Bowery, back in liquor
    " 'Brother, are you in trouble ?'      stores, back in the barrooms, back
                                           in the taprooms, back in the taverns,    South Lancaster. Massachusetts. U. S. A.
    " 'I am, but I guess it's too late                                              Subscription Price^ Fifty Cent* m. Year
for any one to help me,' he replied,       back in the dance halls, back in inns,
                                           back in politics, and back in the        EVA M. LINSCOTT                 EDITOR
lifting a tear-stained face to the
                                           grocery stores, department stores,         Entered at South Lancaster, Mass.,
minister.                                                                           as second-class matter. Acceptance for
    " 'Tell me about it,' said the min-    drug stores, confectionery stores,       mailing: at a special rate of postage
                                                                                    nrovided for in section 1103, Act of
ister. 'We can at least pray.'             restaurants, lunchrooms, gas sta-        Oct. S. 1917. authorized Feb. 20, 1919.
    "This is the story he told:            tions, bus depots, poolrooms,
                                           recreation centers, back with              The GLEANER is sent to persons outside
    " 'She was such a beautiful and                                                 the Atlantic Union only upon receipt of
attractive girl. Everybody said she               (Concluded on page 8)             *h" ^nhcrrtMion price-

      Two                                                                                          Atlantic Union Gleaner
them meat in due season? Blessed          Brother Frank and the writer have
is that servant, whom his lord when       both filled the office of home mis-    GREATER NEW YORK
he cometh shall find so doing."           sionary secretary in other confer-              W. A. NELSON. President
                                                                                       J. B. OSTERBLOM. Sec.-Treas.
Matt. 24145, 46.                          ences, and are thoroughly ac-               Telephone, Lonflracre 5«7258
           H. P. GRAM, Dist. Supt.        quainted with the needs of the         1501 Broadway          New York. N. Y.
                                          department. Mrs. J. B. Frank has
                                          had wide and successful experience
     Elder Munger Called to
                                          in Sabbath school work, and we
       Review and Herald                                                           1937 Foreign Mission Budget
                                          feel that this department will pros-
    THE Review and Herald Publish-        per under her direction.
ing Association recently extended a                                                ONE of the heavy problems that
                                                             M. V. CAMPBELL.     will confront the Autumn Council
call to Elder M. E. Munger, home
missionary and Sabbath school sec-                                               in session the latter part of this
retary of the New York Confer-                         Weddings                  month will be making up the budget
ence, to join its staff as circulation       H. EI.TON ROACH and Esther          for next year's foreign mission pro-
manager. After prayerful consid-          Tollerton were united in marriage      gram. In a recent letter W. E.
eration, Elder Munger accepted this       at 2 P. M., Sunday, October 4, 1936,   Nelson, treasurer of the General
call, and will be leaving in a few        in the Rochester, N. Y., Seventh-      Conference, writes:
days to take up - his new work at         day Adventist church, in the pres-        "At this time of the year when
Washington, D. C.                         ence of a few relatives and friends,   the budgets are being made up for
     During the three years that Elder    the writer officiating.                the year 1937, we hear from the
 Munger has labored in the New               Both of these young people were     division presidents and their staffs,
 York Conference, he has demon-           graduated, in September, from the      setting forth some of the needs of
 strated his ability as a promoter,       School of Nursing of the New Eng-      the field." Elder Nelson then quotes
and the two departments under his         land Sanitarium and Hospital, M el-    from a letter he received from J. F.
direction have prospered. To the          rose, Mass. They will make their       Wright, vice-president for the South
very last day of service, he contin-      home at Washington, D. C. May          African Division. Elder Wright
 ued his leadership in the Harvest        their united lives be blessed of       says:
 Ingathering campaign, which is pro-      heaven, and be a blessing in the
gressing so successfully. As a con-       service of the Lord.                      " 'The work is growing beyond us
 ference, we feel honored by the                         CLAUDE E. ELDRIDGE.     and how to answer these calls I
 selection of one of our laborers to                    ——o——                    do not know. I can hardly sleep
 fill so important a post as the one                                             nights because of this. We certain-
 to which Elder Munger has been              FOREST WALLACE MONTGOMERY,          ly did appreciate what the brethren
 called. As he takes up his duties        of Schroon Lake, N. Y., and Mrs.       did last year to help us answer some
 in this wider field of usefulness, we    Alfarettia M. Sowards, of Mt. Ver-     of these calls. The calls press in
 wish him success and the blessing        non, Ohio, were united in marriage     upon us this time even more than
                                          by Elder M. V. Campbell, Wednes-       one year ago. However, it seems
 of God.                                  day, September 30. The ceremony
                   M. V. CAMPBELL.                                               as though we shall just have to
                                          took place before a small group of     close our ears to most of them and
                                          relatives and friends, the out-of-     try to catch up with what we al-
  Change in Department Heads              state guests being Mrs. Richard        ready have in hand .... The
   UNTIL such time as a successor         Cameron, of New Jersey, and Mr.        Lord must send us help from some
is selected to take up the work           and Mrs. Robert Kline, of Mt. Ver-     source. So I appeal to you for
which Elder M. E. Munger is leav-         non, Ohio. Mrs. Kline is a sister      some increase in the base rate at
ing to accept a call to act as circula-   of the bride.                          this Autumn Council in order to
tion manager of the Review and               The ceremony, which took place      help us with problems that almost
Herald, temporary provision has           shortly after noon, was solemnized     crush us to the ground. And in
been made for the Home Mission-           at the Montgomery home in              making this statement I am just
ary and Sabbath School Depart-            Schroon Lake. A reception and a        presenting the plain facts, which I
ments. In the Home Missionary             brief wedding trip followed. The       am called upon to face, and I don't
Department Brother J. B. Frank            many friends of Mr. and Mrs.           know how to face them without
has been asked to take over the           Montgomery join in wishing them        help .... Well, dear brethren,
office work, and the writer has been      God's blessing.                        there are many things I could lay
asked to take over the field work.                                               upon your hearts, but as stated in
Mrs. J. B. Frank has been invited                                                the beginning, I do not want to add
to take charge of the Sabbath                "To be able to rejoice whole-       to your burdens where it is possible
School Department.                        heartedly, without even a trace of     for us to get by. But the foregoing
   It was the feeling of the com-         envy, in the good fortune of one's     is beyond me, and I appeal to you
mittee that this arrangement will         friends—there lies a secret of real    to help us when the Budget Com-
give good care to both departments.       enjoyment."                            mittee meets.' "

Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                      Page Three
     Similar appeals, asking for in-       courage. So the carpenter encour-              voice proclaiming the third angel's
  creased appropriations to meet the       aged the goldsmith, and he that               message would never be heard oth-
   urgent calls to enter the opening       smootheth with the hammer him                  erwise, we could not easily unload
   opportunities that are facing this      that smote the anvil, saying, It is            the burden and let a golden oppor-
  movement in every mission field,         ready for the sodering: and he fast-           tunity pass. We are sure that God
  will come to the Fall Council from       ened it with nails, that it should not        would have been displeased had we
  the ends of the earth. The leaders       be moved." (Isaiah 41:6, 7)                    failed in this instance. And we
  in the respective mission stations          Let us all encourage every mem-            hope you will feel an equal burden
  are looking to the Fall Council and      ber in every church to do his full            with us. It means the careful prep-
  the Fall Council looks to us. In-        part. May the blessing of the Lord            aration of two messages each week;
  creased Harvest Ingathering funds        attend each one!                              the large correspondence that al-
  will make possible increased ap-                                    W. A. NELSON. ways attends radio work, in addi-
  propriations by the Autumn Coun-                                                       tion to the regular routine work in
 cil to the mission fields to answer
  in part the needs that press so           NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND the district; and an active part in
                                                    W. H. HOWARD. President              hall and tent efforts, and campaigns.
 heavily upon the hearts of our for-               J. E. EDWARDS. Sec.-Treas.
                                                                                         We are glad to take hold of this
 eign missionaries.                                        Telephone 54O
                                            55 So. Main St.           Rocheater, N. H.   task and spend our energies in mak-
     I cease not to be grateful for the                                                  ing it successful, but we are de-
  wonderful response that is coming                                                      pending on you for spiritual and
  from every section of the confer-               Home Bible Study Hour                  financial aid. We hope you will
  ence in this year's Harvest Ingath-                  WCSH Portland                     devote time each day asking God
  ering program. The Lord truly is            Every Tuesday and Thursday irom           to illuminate hearts, and cause men
 blessing in a wonderful way. The                        2:15 to 2:30 p. m.             and women everywhere to yield
 report from the churches for last
 week again showed an increase of             LET us all take advantage of this themselves to the truths of this
                                                                                        wonderful message.
 $2,392.41. This does not include           wonderful opportunity of spreading
                                           the message far and wide over hills              Along with your prayers, we ap-
 the report that came from one of
 the churches too late to be included.     and mountains and valleys, into the peal to you for financial help. We
 Our total at the close of the first       cities, towns, and villages of this believe there are those who could
 four weeks of the campaign is             section of old New England. Here. possibly place $1,000 at the disposal
 $15,440.28. Spring Valley attained         where the message was born and of the conference to use in this
 "minute man" standing with an in-         cradled, let it be proclaimed with plan. There are others who could
 crease of $2.98 a member, giving          new emphasis, and carried into the give sums of $500, $100, $75, $50,
 the church a per capita of $11.11.        homes over the vast area of Maine, $25, and $10. Probably some of
 The Newburgh church reached its           New Hampshire, Vermont, Massa- you will say our faith in asking for
 goal with a per capita of $10.46          chusetts, Eastern Canada, and No- one thousand dollars is presump-
 and the Babylon church reached a          va Scotia by utilizing the facilities tuous. Well, brethren, we are liv-
                                           of Radio Station WCSH in Port- ing in a time when great faith is
per capita of $10.02. The Temple
                                           land, Maine.                                 required to finish the work of the
 Church, with its 410 members, had
                                              Our local radio broadcast will Lord. We are going to see people
 a gain of $1.14 a member. The
 following nine churches had a gain        probably do this field more good everywhere place their idle means
                                          than any other attempt now being in God's hands for the triumph of
last week of $i or more per capita:
                                          made to reach the people in this the work. And you who give,
 Spring Valley                    $2.98
 Swedish Brooklyn                  2.03   field. And it should be the burden though it may be a sacrifice, will
Jugoslavian                        1.66   of every .Seventh-day Adventist one day feel well repaid when, in
Hungarian                          1.21   who hears these broadcasts to give the earth made new, souls will be
Danish-Norwegian                   1.20   all the support he can to make it there for eternity because you were
German New York                    1.19                                                liberal with the Lord. We earnest-
Temple                             1.14   successful.
Italian Brooklyn                   1.02       We gave much thought to this ly pray that your hearts will be
Newburgh                           l.oo   radio work before consenting to touched, and that God's work will
    Other churches, not listed here,      lead out in it. The task of handling a,ppeal to you in an unusual way
are pressing on in a strong way           the work in the Portland Dis- just now. Every one should sign
with a good report each week. Many        trict is big enough for any man one of the pledge cards sent out
members reaching the "minute              without this added responsibility. recently by the conference, or send
man" goal continue to press on,           However, we were not drafted into in a check so we can have the cash
helping others in the church and          it, and we could very easily have to pay the expense of the broadcast-
working for the church goal. This         avoided it had we followed the path ing, the correspondence work that
is working in harmony with the            of least resistance. But in consid- will be carried on, and purchase
statement of Isaiah, "They helped         ering the possibilities of the radio, literature for follow-up work.
everyone his neighbor; and every          and the need of spreading the mes-               We are going to keep our mem-
one said to his brother, Be of good       age into homes where a preacher's bership informed in regard to the

Page Four                                                                                           Atlantic Union Gleaner
progress of the work.           Elder   three years he had been agitating        An Open Letter to the Northern
Houghton is going to give us a          the Sabbath question until today                Maine District
portion of his home missionary let-     members of his family and others,
ter each month to tell you all about    making seven in all, are keeping the    Dear Fellow-Believers:
the interests created over the field.   Sabbath. They are still attending           SEVERAL weeks ago I promised
In addition, we will use the columns    other churches, as there is no Sev-     you a report of our effort in Rock-
of the GLEANER from time to time        enth-day Adventist church in that       land. Earlier this past summer I
that our people over the New Eng-       city.                                   told you of the good interest at the
land States may know the success           After calling a meeting of these     tent, and naturally you are wonder-
of our broadcasting. We are sure        persons at a few hours' notice, we      ing what the results have been.
as these reports come in that the       met eight. Wre understand there             We have organized a fine Sabbath
spirit of the thing will grip your      were others who would have been         school that is functioning in an ex-
hearts as it has ours.                  glad to attend, but since the time      cellent way. It is a real inspiration
   Let every Adventist everywhere       was limited they were not notified.     to see these new ones take hold of
throughout the field assist in send-       Another report has come that         the message. If we are able to get
; ng out the light for this time that   there are Sabbath keepers in Wood-      a church this fall, we expect to bap-
*he message may truly return with       land. Another load of Ingatherers       tize ten or twelve adults. There are
power to the East.                      is to visit this city and search out    a number of others whom we hope
                    H. W. WALKER.       these interested persons.               to baptize next spring.
                                           If we as a people could realize          Our Sunday night meetings are
                                        the two-fold object of Ingathering,     well attended; we also have two cot-
                Notice                  —the gathering of funds to keep         tage meetings in progress. The
   ELDER B. M. PRESTON and A. M.        the work going in foreign fields, and    success of our work here depends
Barnhardt will plan to join with        the searching out of interested ones,   on personal work, which of course
the Concord and Manchester              — I am sure more would be willing       takes time.
churches for their Sabbath services,    to do their part in this soul-winning       May I state it in another way?
October 17. We trust that a large       work.                                   The success of our-work depends
number will be out to enjoy the            Many wish to be ministers, Bible     upon you as individuals. If we
colporteur experiences that will be     workers, and soul winners, yet they     must take our time to do your work,
related at this time.                   sre neglecting the important work       the effort will not yield so good a
   There may be those in this section   at hand—the searching for souls at      harvest. I refer to the Harvest In-
of the field who have wanted to         their own doors. We thank God           gathering. In a recent letter I
talk to these leaders about the lit-    for these interested ones found by      1 quoted from the Spirit of proph-
erature ministry. If so, you will       the members of the Lubec church.        ecy where the statement is made
have an opportunity at this time.          "Behold, I will send for many        that there are too many "idlers in
                                        fishers, saith the Lord, and they       the market place."
                                        shall fish them; and after will I          One good sister, who always does
    Persons Found Keeping the           send for many hunters, and they         more than her part, really took the
              Sabbath                   shall hunt them from every moun-        matter to heart. Although she has
   THE Lubec church recently held       tain, and from every hill, and out      been nearly blind all summer, yet
an Ingathering field day at East-       of the holes of the rocks." Jer.        she has solicited over $20. I wish
port, Maine. At the close of the        16:16.                                  somehow each believer in the dis-
day every soliciter reported coming        V/hen every member in the            trict would take the matter as seri-
in contact with those who were          Northern New England Confer-            ously. I am making this appeal to
agitated over the Sabbath question.     ence becomes a hunter for souls,        those who are doing nothing. If
Some had come in contact with           not alone shall we get our Ingather-    a!j had put forth a little effort, more
Sabbath keepers, and those who          ing goal, but we shall find many        might have been accomplished. As
were considering the matter of          souls to gather into the kingdom.       it is, we are far behind what should
keeping the seventh day.                   October is the crucial month in      have been done. I appeal to each
   The following day I went to in-      Ingathering. Every church officer       of you individually to do your part.
vestigate, and found that the jan-      and member will need to continue        Do not think about the largeness of
itor of the Baptist church was the      preaching courage and to work to        the church goal, but think of the
prime mover in this Sabbath agita-      reach the goal of $6,000 between        smallness of your individual goal.
tion. He was formerly a Catholic,       now and November 5.                     Then the church ' goal will be
who left that church, studied the          Mav the foregoing experience stir    reached—if you get yours.
Bible for himself, and decided that     us to faithfulness and activity.           Will you not put forth an earnest
the Sabbath of the fourth com-                               A. HOUGHTON.       effort during October to get your
mandment was still to be kept. No                                               goal ?
Seventh-day Adventist or colpor-          "KEEP your fears to yourself, but                 Sincerely your brother,
teur had ever visited him.      For     share your courage with others."                      C. M. PIKE, Dist. Supt.

Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                       Page Five
                                         thus help us to "Put it over in          that a number of persons will fully
SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND                     October."                                accept our message.
        F. D. WELLS, President
      C. H. GERALD. Sec.-Treas.             We are very anxious to receive          The young men are continuing
       Telephone. Clinton 255
South Lancaster         Bfa»»achiuett>   a report from every church to Oc-        their colporteur work, and at the
                                         tober 17, as we wish to wire totals      same time are holding Sunday night
                                         to Elder Wells at the Fall Council.      meetings in one of the halls in Mer-
        Harvest Ingathering                 We are pleased to note the good       rimac. We should like to ask the
                                         strides our Boston Temple has been       prayers of our people that they may
            Progressographs              making in recent weeks. Five $300        gather much fruit from their labors.
                                         weeks in October would be a mighty                        FRANK D. WELLS.
    WITH Harvest Ingathering totals
                                         forward step to their goal.
 of about $20,700 to the end of Sep-
                                            South Lancaster likewise will
 tember, we find ourselves just-about
 even with last year, and wish to        show improved figures for Octo-              Junior Harvest Ingathering
                                         ber, as our Atlantic Union College,
 thank all of our loyal members who                                                  THE Juniors of the Springfield
                                         in a fine-spirited meeting, set a
 have made this good report possible.                                             No. 2 church took their Ingathering
                                         goal of $1,800 to be raised in twen-
 As our camp meeting this year came                                               seriously when they raised a goal
a week later, these figures are very     ty days, which is $800 ahead of
                                                                                  of $50 in just twenty hours. The
                                         last year. About thirty-five cars
 encouraging.                                                                     church goal was $250. Before Oc-
                                         went out on the first field day and
    Our New Haven District has           their first report, including the re-    tober i these few Juniors raised
 passed the victory line, and in a                                                $125 on the church goal. Sister
                                         sults of the field day, was $774—
 very short time every church in the                                              Orr, their faithful leader, expresses
                                         a fine start indeed!
 district will have averaged the                                                  her appreciation of their good work.
                                                                  F. BOHNEK.
 "minute man" goal of at least                                                    Surely these children are receiving
 $11.11 a member. We appreciate                                                   the right training for God's work.
 this fine example of loyalty on the                                                 After the first field day, the Jun-
 part of the leader and people of              An Interesting Experience          iors of the Normal school at South
this district.                              We are always encouraged over         Lancaster reported about $25. They
    Our New Haven church alone has       interesting experiences of the work-     are working very hard during the
 earned thirty-nine honor buttons,       ers in this field. Shortly after         campaign.
and their singing band has raised        camp meeting, our committee ar-             Our Worcester Juniors reached
 over $300.                              ranged it so that Brother Carlyle        the twenty-five dollar mark about
    The Swedish District likewise is     Nelson and Brother Wilford Gray,         October i. The Bridgeport Juniors,
aiming to make every one of its          two of our young men who had been        though few in number, are setting
 churches ^'minute man" churches,        doing faithful colporteur work,          a good example in soliciting. Bos-
and three of the four have won this      could hold a series of meetings in       ton No. 2's Juniors have worked so
                                         one of our tents at Merrimac, Mass.      industriously that we can hardly
distinction now. We also look for
 the New Bedford District to be in       The L,ord seemed to guide in all                (Concluded on pagg 8)
 the honor class in the very near        of the plans in getting the lot, elec-
                                         tricity, piano, etc. They had a fair             OBITUARY NOTICE
 future.                                 attendance from the very first, and
    Our Portuguese District is doing     we are glad to report that it looks
 faithful work, and fifty "minute        favorable now for them to have              PETTENGILL.—Edwin S. Pettengill
man" pins have been earned by our        some fruit as a result of their work.    was born Feb. 6, 1877, and died at his
 New Bedford Portuguese church              Brother Nelson gave an experi-        home on Cliff Island, Maine, Sept. II,
.alone.                                  ence of one of the families where        1936. He leaves his wife and three
   Elder Saunders personally re-         the wife, when a young girl, had         children, besides many relatives and
ported good progress in the Wor-         a very interesting dream. She            friends, to mourn his death. Funeral
cester District recently. He has         dreamed of seeing a wonderful sun-       services were held in the Seventh-day
called for forty-six "minute man"        set. It was the most beautiful she       Adventist church, and the remains laid
pins for the Worcester church thus       had ever seen. She saw flames on         to rest in the beautiful little cemetery
far..                                    every side. It made a very deep          on the island to await the coming of
    May we again remind all our          impression on her mind. When             Jesus. W. A. Bickford, the elder of the
church treasurers to be sure to mail     the tent meetings were held this         church, gave the scripture reading and
a weekly report card very early each     dream was repeated. When the             offered prayer. Words of comfort were
week, so that the exact progress of      beautiful truths of our message          spoken by the writer. The members
the campaign may be known to the         were preached by these young men,        of the church and a large circle of
conference and union at the end of       this woman took a very keen inter-       friends extend to Sister Pettengill and
each week.                               est and believed that God was try-       her three small children their heart-felt
   We appeal to every loyal member       ing to impress her with the impor-       sympathies in this hour of their sorrow.
promptly to get or give his part and     tance of this truth. It seems now                          HOWARD W. WALKER.

flag* Six                                                                                         Atlantic Union Gleaner
                                      THE COLPORTEUR EVANGELISTS'
                                       REPORT FOR WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 3, 193S

    Name            Place           jBk| Hrs Total        Del          Name           Place              |Bk| Hrs!    Total | Del
Northern New England, A. M. Bamhardt, Field Secretary                           Greater New York        (Continued)
D. P.-C. E. Waldo, Caribou, Me       BR 00 105 50         7 75     Mrs. J. Brown, NYC                     BR 23       2965       7 70
Mrs. Woodward, Woodstock, Vt BPS 35             ii 00 27 25        Mrs. M. Whidbee, NYC                   BR 18       31 40      6 60
Doris Zorilla, Barre, Vt             BL        30 oo      7 75     Mrs. J. Halbert, Mt. Vernon           OD 16         5 75     IS oo
Harry Woodward, Woodstock, Vt BR 31                      35 75     M. J. Robinson, NYC                    BR 16       2875         30
Vera Putnev, Barre. Vt               BL 29       9 75              Mrs. C. Stanley, NYC                   BR 13       i? So     10 00
Harold Colburn, Randolph, Me          RJ 27    20 35         So    Mrs. S. Prince, NYC                         13      7 oo
*Mrs. H. Woodward, Reading, Vt BPS 14           15 75     4 00     A. Colporteur, Queens Co.            Mag 13        14 70     14 70
                      Port Time Workers                            C. Conners, NYC                        BR IO       22 25      3 25
W. E. Gerald, Belgrade, Me W-H-LH             I2O oo I2O oo        Mrs. Y. Wimberly, NYC                  BR 6        10 25     ii 50
F. H. Cotton, Worcester, Vt         W             7 50    7 50     Mrs. C. A. Adams, NYC                Mag           2O 00     20 oo
Edith Pierce, Portland, Me           LH           2 25    2 25     Mrs. A. Jenson, NYC                                12 SO     12   50
Russell Marchand, Rochester, NH LH                I 50     I 50    Louise Oberschlake, NYC              Mag            6   oo    6 00
Hilda Campbell, Candia, NH           LH           I 50     I 50    Austell Johnson, NYC                                3   oo    3 oo
Mrs. A. Houghton, Rochester, NH LH                8 70     8 70    A. J. Addicks, Staten Island         Mag            3   oo    3 00
H. E. Johnson, St. Johnsbury, Vt       W          2 IO     2 IO    A Canvasser                          Mag           77   50   77 50
Mrs. N. B. Lowe, Northfield, M         W          I 50     I 50    T. Cadogan                           Mag           IO 00     IO 00
Mrs. R. McPhail, Milltown, Me          W          2 50     2 50    Mrs. C. S. Countryman                Mag           35 75 35 75
         15 Colporteurs                   227 *J\J:r 90 230 55
                                                                   Colporteur Spanish                   Mag           35 oo 35 oo
         *Week ending September 25                                             34 Colporteurs                    6811026 76 5^0 31
           New York, I. M. Evans, Field Secretary                              **Week ending September 26
H. L. Shirey, Arcade                Misc 45    43 oo bi 50                Southern New England, W. D. Fleming, Field Secretary
R. E. Smart, Cambridge              BLP 43      37 75 10 So           Joseph Jarry, Dalton, M               PP 35       34 oo   4 25
H. J. H. Albright, Tompkins Co.     Misc 43     30 75 18 75           C. H. Walters, Providence, RI        BLP 32       27 oo 13 oo
O. H. Johnson, Canandaigua           'BR 41     20 So      i 25       Samuel Lombard, Plymouth, M           OD 31       52 So
Earl Hilliard, Fulton Co.           BPS 38      IS oo    10 15        *C. H. Walters, Providence, RI       BLP           18 50
Floyd Hilliard, Fulton Co.     BPS,BTS 37       24 95    15 45        *Carlyle Nelson, Amesbury, M          PP 23       24 50   2 oo
Harry F. Mills, Windsor          BR.BPS 36      44 25      7 75       Mrs. May Briggs, Boston, M           Mag 28       40 30 40 30
L. D. Dryer, Windsor                  BR 34     35 65      3 65        Mrs. M. Walters, Providence, RI BTS 27            36 oo 70 50
Emma Hicks                             RJ 33    16 25      4 25       Mrs. Edith Waters, 'Boston, M        Mag 26       25 05 25 05
Mildred Mills, Syracuse             Mag 29      ii 40 ii 40           *Mrs. M. Walters, Providence, RI BTS 23           57 50
Isabel Benjamin, 'Binghamton        Mag 25      18 30 18 30            J. M. Wiegert, Brookline, M           GC 20        5 25 21 75
Edith Gilmore, Syracuse             BTS 17        4 oo 13 So          Anne Snopley, Hartford, C            Mag 19        17 65 17 65
A. R. Evans, Moravia             BR.BTS IS        8 oo 13 25          *Mary Mayall, Stamford, C            Mag 20        12 95 12 95
Frank Welsher, Rochester            Mag 2         4 50     4 50        Wilford Gray, Amesbury, M             PP 13       20 50  9 75
Miss A. Ishkanian, Utica            Misc          6 12     6 12        Donald Kenyon, Willimantic, C         GC 8         8 75
         15 Colporteurs                   43« 320 42 200 32                                  Part Time Workers
    Greater New York, R. G. Campbell, Field Secretary                  Mrs. Mable Jones, Springfield, M Mag              10 80 IO 80
                                                                       Hiram Morrell, Clinton, M           Mag 5            85     85
Y. Wimberly, NYC                      BR 41     71 75 ii 95            Randall Bohmer, New Britain, C Mag ii              825   8 25
D. A. Hammond, Jamaica                 GC 37    25 00      7 50        Cleone Woods, Springfield, M        Mag           IO OO IO 00
R. Robinson, NYC                     DA 36      97 oo 12 45           Arline Clark, Springfield, M         Mag 4         40 oo 40 oo
L Norheim, Brooklyn                    RJ 36    40 20      3 25        Mrs. Tourtellotte, Springfield M Mag              52 50 52 50
Mrs. C. L. Effs, NYC                   GC       29 60     18 oo        Mrs. Hill, New Bedford, M
Mrs. A. Robinson, NYC                  GC 30      46 60   17  85       Mrs. Brown, Boston, M
                                                                                                                          8 oo   8 00
                                                                                                                         30 oo 30 oo
M. Butler, NYC                        'BR 28    33 45 30 45            Mrs. Chaffin, Springfield, M        Mag           27 oo 27 00
E. Henley, NYC                         PP 26    39 55 20 30            Mrs. Booth, Milford, C              Mag           18 oo 18 00
**E. Henley, NYC                       PP 24    23 50       7 75       Mrs. E. Anderson, E. Hartford, C Misc             22 10 22 IO
Esther Nelson, NYC                    PP 23     69 75 13 80
 Mrs. F. Mitchell, NYC               DA 22      50 75      5 50
                                                                       Siri Nelson, Providence, RI         Misc          53 50 53 50
                                                23 oo 23 00            Vincent Borges, New Bedford, M Mag                30 oo 30 00
Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray, NYC         Mag 20                             Miscellaneous, Boston, M            Mag           68 75 68 75
G. Ruhl, Staten Island                 RJ 20      9 25     4 oo        Mrs. K. Donovan, Haverhill, M       Mag            5 oo
 Mrs. S. Bowen, NYC                    PP 17    25 55      2 05                                                                  5 oo
                       Part Time Workers                                       27 Colporteurs                     356 765 20 601 95
W. F. Gaskin, Brooklyn                           18 IO     2 05                *Week ending September 23
*Mrs. I. W. Robertson, NYC                 06    16 76 21 OI                   Totals                             Hrs | Total    Del
*Mrs. S. A. Joseph, NYC                    31   36 95 29 00                    91 Colporteurs                    1702 228? oy IW n
         ADVERTISEMENTS                      carlines. Mrs. Hazel Lewis, 2O-a Oak with Mushrooms, 4-30^ cans, $i. Add IO%
                                             Square Ave., Brighton, Mass.                    to your remittance covering charges. All
  PLUMBER with 20 years' experience
would like to hear from some good                                                            Sio orders sent free. R. I. HEALTH FOOD
S. D. A. MASTER plumber in regard to                                                         CENTER, No. 119 ONTARIO ST., Piscm-
work at good business location in Penn-        VEGEX, lb., $i, 5 Ibs., $4.50; U-Will- DENCE, R. I
sylvania or New York State. C. T.            Like-It Apricot-Date Nut Spread, Vita-
Rauch, 887 Bancroft St., Toledo, Ohio.       mized by our special process, jar 25^;
                                             Brown Rice (or) lentils, 3 Ibs., 25^, 13           "THE optimist is the one who
                                             Ibs., $i; Psyllium Seed, 7 Ibs., $i; Malted
  TO LET—Sunny and quiet room, $3            Milk, 3 Ibs., $i; Fig Cereal Coffee Sub- keeps alive the joy derived from
a week; one minute's walk frc m two          stitute, lb., 25<S, 5 Ibs., $i; Gluten Stew common things."

Atlantic Union Gleaner                                                                                                     Page Seven
      1936 Union                           Hundreds have already been
  Harvest Ingathering                        Help your church and confer-                            Radio Log
           Honor Roll                      ence reach its full goal and roll                Broadcasting by John Ford under
   of Churches Having Reached              back the darkness.                            supervision of the General Conference
                                                               ANOL GRUNDSST.            Radio Commission:
         $10 Per Capita
                                                                                         WJJD, Chicago, m.          1130 kilo.
Greater New York                                                                             Sunday. 9:00 to 9:15 a. m.
   1. Kingston                                            Alarming                       WJR, Detroit. Mlch          750 kilo.
   2. Russian
   3. Spring Valley                               (Concluded from page 2)                    Sunday, 9:30 to 9:45 a. m.
   4. Newburgn                                                                           WBAL. Baltimore, Md.       1060 kilo.
  5. Babylon                                young girls as barmaids, back .                 Sunday, 10:00 to 10:15 a. m.
New York                                    with youth of both sexes in                 WSM. Nashville, Tenn.          650   kilo
   1.   Lincklaen
  .2.   Watertenvn                          their teens as customers, back in           WOL.. Washington, D. C.
                                                                                        WDEL,, Wilmington, Del.
   3.   Perry                               all its calamitous consequences, in         W1P, Philadelphia, Pa.         610   kilo
   4.   Amsterdam                                                                       WMCA, New York City            670   kilo
   5. Corning
   $. Kcene
                                            numbers far exceeding anything the          WIXBS, Waterbury. Conn. 1630         kilo
   7. Saranac Lake                          country has ever known in the his-          WPRO, Providence, R. I.
                                                                                        WMBX, Boston. Mass.
   8. Gloversville
   9. Cattarau^us                           tory of liquor legalization, the places     WLNH. Laconia, N. H.          1610   kilo
                                                                                             Snnclay. 19:15 to 10:30 a. m.
  10. Richburg
  11. Jamestown Swedish
                                            of such sale increasing from 177,000
                                                                                         WPTF, Raleigh, N. C.        680 kilo.
  12. Schenectady                           prior to prohibition to over 500,000.           Sonday, 10:30 to 10:45 a. m.
Northern New England                        With the largest federal prison pop-
   1. Houlton                                                                               Broadcasting by electrical transcrip-
   2. Falmouth                              ulation in the country's history, with      tion on General Conference rental plan
   3. Berlin                                                                            is now available to all North American
   4. St. Johnsbury                         one fifth of the prison population          conferences and churches.      Apply at
   n. Lebanon                               of the country still in their teens,
   6. Bath                                                                              once to W. E. Howell, Secretary Radio
   7. Jamaica                               with 558,744 arrests for intoxica-          Commission, Takoma Park. Washing-
   S. So. Harrison
Southern New England                        tion in 369 American cities and             ton. D. C.
   1. Stamford
   2. Guilford
                                            36,000 killed and over. 1,000,000 in-
   3. Waterbury                             jured in automobile accidents on
   4. Springfield No. 2
   5. Hudson .                              American highways in the calendar         about what the children are doing.
   6. Martha's Vineyard
   7. Worcester Swedish
                                            year 1935, the saloon moves for-          All together, boys and girls, for a
   8. Gardner                               ward."                                    successful Harvest Ingathering!
   9. New Haven No. 1
  10. Springfield No. 2                        The New York Daily News of             Will we accomplish the task by No-
  11. Westerly                              July 26. 1936, says :
Bermuda                                                                               vember i ?
    1. Hamilton                                "Alcoholism is definitely on the                      LOUISE C. KXEUSER.
    2-. Southampton
   .3. St. George                           increase in New York—if medical
   We have listed the foregoing-            records can be taken as a barometer.
                                            In 1034, Bellvue admitted. 7,649                         DIRECTORY
churches in the order in which they
have reached their goals as reported        cases of acute alcoholism; in -1935,            Atlantic Union Conference
to us:                                    • o 139 cases were brought in, and for
                                                                                              Telephone, Clinton 682
                                            the first six months of 1936 alco-
         Week Ending Oct. 3, 1936
                                            holic admissions were at the rate of        Office Address — South Lancaster,
Conference______Past Wk.       To Date      12.378 for the year."                     Mass.
Greater New York  2392 41      1544° 2&        Help scatter temperance litera-          President—W. H. Heckman.
New York          1769-11      14721 72                                                 Secretary-Treasurer—I. G. Ortner.
No.' New England   339 41       6614 33     ture, which is a very effective way
So. New England   1481 oo      20481 oo     to get facts before the people.             Educational and Missionary Volunteer
Bermuda Reports Monthly         1350 78                         ANOI, GR              Secretary—E. A. vonPohle.
Union             5981 93      58608 H                                                  Field Miss. Sec.—B. M. Preston.
   Sister H. W. Clark, of Morris-                                                       Home Miss. Sec.—Anol Grundset.
                                               Junior Harvest Ingathering
                                                                                        Negro Dept. Secretary—G. E. Peters.
ville, Vt, solicited $22.25 in five             (Concluded from page 6}
hours.                                    keep up with their figures. Spring-
   A business man, hard to contact,       field No. i has made a fine start,                       Sunset Table
who had not given before, was ap-         too. In fact, our Junior Societies                     (Standard Time)
proached at ""eight- o'clock in the       generally are doing their honest                                 Oct. 16 Oct. 23
morning, and the call netted twen-        part for missions.                            New York City        5:16    5:05
ty-five, dollars. True the saying,           We must speak a good word for              Union Springs, N. Y. 5 :22   5:11
"The early bird catches the worm."        the Primaries, who are giving the             Rochester, N. H.     4:56    4:44
   The beautiful "minute of mis-          older youth real surprises. A small           So. Lancaster, Mass. 4:58    4:45
sions" pin is awarded to all seniors      regiment of tiny tots are demon-                Add i minute for each 13 miles
who reach the $11.11 goal, and all        strating their ability to do great            west. Subtract r minute for each
juniors up to fifteen years of age        things for God. We should appre-              13 miles east.
who bring $5.56 to the treasury.          ciate hearing from our leaders more
Paae Eight                                                                                             Atlantic Union Gleaner

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