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									April  2010

 Visit online: www.atu587.com                                                                                                        VOL. XXXIII, NO. 4

                              The President’s Report
                                                                         by President,
                                                                        Paul J. Bachtel
                                                                                                                                April lAbor History

          Negotiation                                                                                                               Page 3

      Preparations — King                                                                                                       A pArt-timers’ Guide
                                                                                                                                  to tHe ContrACt

                                                                                                                                    Page 4
         County Metro                                                                                                          tHe pArt-timers’ lAment

        xecutive Board Officers          ficials in Washington D.C. describe     are used for qualifying medical
                                                                                                                                    Page 5
        Andrew Jeromsky (Transit         as Cadillac benefit plans. As much      expenses such as purchasing orth-
        Operator) and Ray Campbell       as you and I might not see what we      odontia (braces) for a child or retiree     bulletin: KinG County metro
 (Minority Affairs) recently fin-        receive as a Cadillac benefit plan,     medical benefits. A participant pay-       ContrACt neGotiAtions updAte
 ished compiling a compendium of         we can rest assured we are the focus    ing federal income taxes in the 28%
 feedback from King County Metro         of the proposed tax hikes. So how       bracket saves both the 28% federal                 Page 6
 contract surveys. Consistent with       can we avoid paying additional          income tax and the approximately
 past contract surveys, two issues       taxes on our benefits? The only plan    7% FICA tax. That’s a 35% savings              letters to tHe editor
 continue to be a source of annoyance    being offered, which is utilized by     by simply avoiding paying taxes!
 to the vast majority of our member-
 ship: retiree medical coverage and
                                         other King County unions, is called
                                         VEBA, which stands for Voluntary
                                                                                     The Union has had opportunities
                                                                                 to join King County’s VEBA plan.
                                                                                                                                    Page 6
 our healthy incentive plan.             Employees’ Benefits Association.        We’ve chosen not to join primarily
                                            VEBA plans allow participants        because: VEBA plans require all              lindA Anderson’s report
  Retiree Medical Coverage               to save pretax dollars in an account    members to participate; the plan of-           for februAry–mArCH
    Up until the late 1970’s, many       similar to a 457 or 401K deferred       fered has a fairly high expense ratio
 union contracts and retirement          compensation account where the          (the fee each participant pays to the              Page 7
 plans provided for some amount of       participants elect to invest their      plan administrator); and the funding
 retiree medical benefits. In recent     money in a stable value investment      options of payroll deduction and            irAniAn bus drivers’ union
 years, medical costs have risen at      (savings account) and/or invest         retirement cash outs have not been                leAders JAiled
 a rate that far exceeded overall        in stocks, bonds, or a combination      seen as desirable. What we need is
 inflation and most union contracts
 and retiree medical plans no longer
                                         thereof. The primary difference
                                         between a tax deferred compensa-
                                                                                 a more desirable funding option.
                                                                                     Our membership at Clallam Tran-
                                                                                                                                    Page 8
 provide for retiree medical benefits.   tion account such as 457 or 401K        sit System (CTS) found a more desir-
 The recent attempts by the Obama        and a VEBA account is that in a tax     able funding option through former             view from tHe buses
 administration and Congress to          deferred account, the participant       Executive Board Officer Joe Man-
 increase the number of Americans        pays taxes at the time of withdrawal.   giameli. Joe for many years made his              Page 12
 with health insurance have devolved     VEBA accounts allow participants to     living as both a CTS Transit Opera-
 into attempts to tax the benefits of    save pretax dollars and withdraw        tor and tax accountant. Joe retired
 those receiving what the elected of-    those dollars tax free if the dollars                       continued on page 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                    April 2010

                                                                                        The Month
                                    Business of                                         at a Glance
                                                                                                                                                  Executive Board
                                 the Membership                                                                                                       Report
                                                                                                                                                            March 23, 2010

   At the March 2010 cycle of meet-                to adopt a resolution supporting                          All officers were present with the                            Motion by Dee Wakenight to
ings, the following business was                   Iranian Bus Driver’s Union leader                       exception of Neal Safrin who was                             send the president and 4 members
addressed:                                         Mansour Osamloo.                                        on vacation.                                                 to the NW Conference in June, pay-
                                                                                                                                                                        ing registration, travel, lodging and
  The membership voted to pur-                       The membership voted to ap-                             The Following business was                                 per diem
sue the grievances of Paul Kriskov,                prove the motion by Osvaldo Fer-                        conducted:
Don Hutton, Jamie Bonnar and Jon                   nandez that ATU Local 587 donate                                                                                        Motion by Kermit Gipson to
Salkeld.                                           $500 to the ATU Relief Fund for                             Motion by Paul Neil to send up                           recommend that the membership
                                                   earthquake victims in Chile.                            to three delegates to the Washington                         take Richard Graf’s grievance to
   The membership voted to ap-                                                                             State Labor Council COPE conven-                             arbitration
prove the motion by Andrew Jerom-                     The membership did not vote to                       tion on Saturday May 15, 2010, pay-
sky that the budget cap of 8 pages                 approve a motion by Alex LaBarba                        ing the $50 per delegate registration
for the News Review be increased to                to send two members to the Latino                       fee only
12 pages.                                          Caucus in Florida.

   The membership voted to ap-                        The following members were
prove the motion by Don Mac Adam                   pot draw winners this month: Lisa
to add an extra membership meeting
each month for 3 months at 3:30 PB
                                                   Carter at the Charter meeting, Tracy
                                                   Davis at the Morning meeting, Pam
                                                                                                                                                 In Loving Memory…
on the 1st Wednesday following the                 Thompson at JTA, Barb Dixon at
Charter Meeting.                                   the Clallam County meeting and                                        People do not die for us immediately, but remain bathed
                                                   the Rolling Pot of $350 was lost by                                   in a sort of aura of life which bears no relation to true
  The membership voted to ap-                      Steve Mandvill.                                                    immortality but through which they continue to occupy our
prove the motion by Ali Radboy                                                                                         thoughts in the same way as when they were alive. It is as
                                                                                                                                   though they were traveling abroad.
                                                                                                                                                                                           —Marcel Proust
                         Membership Meetings:
                              Tentative Agenda                                                                       Mike “Bucky” Buchanan                              time when he was not laughing,
CHARTER MEETING                                    JEFFERsON TRANsIT                                                 1957-2010                                          playing jokes or receiving them.
Thursday, April 1, 2010                            Monday, April 5, 2010                                             I thought                                          Eddie Rickenbacker, Word War
8:00 p.m.                                          7:00 p.m.                                                      I    would                                            I flying ace and race car driver
The Labor Temple, Hall #8                          Port Townsend Rec Center                                       take a look                                           once said, “I would rather have
2800 1st Ave., Seattle, WA                         Port Townsend, WA                                              at Bucky’s                                            a million friends than a million
                                                                                                                  union file.                                           dollars.” And, I envy Bucky as he
MORNING MEETING                                    CLALLAM TRANsIT                                                Sure enough,                                          would say the same thing and may
Friday, April 2, 2010                              & PARATRANsIT                                                  I found some                                          have come very close to having a
10:30 a.m.                                         Tuesday, April 6, 2010                                         things I did not know about.                          million friends. He will be greatly
The Labor Temple, Hall #6                          7:00 p.m.                                                      Bucky was originally hired as a                       missed, but the stories and photos
2800 1st Ave., Seattle, WA                         Vern Burton Memorial Building                                  Painter’s Helper. Then, he moved                      will linger on.
                                                   Port Angeles, WA                                               to Equipment Service Worker, and                           Sincerely, Don Mac Adam
WEdNEsdAy MEETING                                                                                                 then in 1989, to Mechanic. His
Wednesday, April 7, 2010                                                                                          seniority date was 2-14-86. He                           Ed Cowart was known to a
3:30 p.m.                                                                                                         was repeatedly a shop steward                         huge number
The Labor Temple, Hall #6                                                                                         and filed a couple of grievances.                     of our members
2800 1st Ave., Seattle, WA                                                                                           On Sunday, March 21, I went                        as the smiling
                                                                                                                  to Bucky’s Memorial Service as                        face greeting
                                                                                                                  did about 500 other people. I                         us as we pulled
Among Topics to be discussed:                                                                                     cannot believe he’s gone! If not                      into Central
• Grievance and Arbitration Update                                                                                for seriousness of the matter, I                      Base. Ed joined
• Ramona Davis Arbitration Request                                                                                kept thinking he might pop in and                     us in 1979 and
• Richard Graf Arbitration Request                                                                                say hey, “What’s going on here?!”                     retired from his Equipment Dis-
• First Transit Steward Elections                                                                                    It is hard to ever think of a                      patch position this year.
• King County Metro Negotiations
• Dee Wakenight — charges of disloyalty and conduct
  unbecoming a member                                                                                                     Please notify the union office of any member’s passing so that this
                                                                                                                            information may be shared with the rest of our union family.
Unfinished Business: None

                                                     OFFIcERS OF ThE AMALGAMATED TRANSIT UNION, LOcAL 587:                                                                Letters to the editor
                                                                                                               Minority Affairs Office                 RAy CAMPBELL
                                                                                                                                                                        Letters/contributions must include
                                                   PAUL J. BAchTEL                  Pres/Business Agent
                                                                 email – president.bachtel@atu587.com          Vehicle Maintenance Position #1   KERMIT C. GIPSON JR.   printed names, signatures, work ID
                                                                                                               Vehicle Maintenance Position #2      PATRICK STEVENS     numbers, addresses and phone numbers
                                                   J. RIcK SEPOLEN          1st Vice President/Assistant       Vehicle Maintenance Position #3         CLINT DE VOSS
                                                    Business Agent / email – vpjricksepolen@atu587.com         Facilities Maintenance                   DAN THORNE      that can be verified during working
                                                                                                               Supervisors                             MICHAEL SHEA     hours. Letters that cannot be validated
                                                   DON MacADAM                       2nd Vice President/       Special Classifications                   ERIC BUTLER
                                                               Assistant Business Agent, Maintenance           King County Units Outside KCM          NINUS HOPKINS     will not be published. All articles/letters
                                                                                                               Transit Operator Position #1             NEAL SAFRIN     are subject to editing and should be
     Published monthly in Seattle.                                 email – vpdonmacadam@atu587.com             Transit Operator Position #2         MICHAEL MOORE
                                                   PAUL B. NEIL                      Financial Secretary       Transit Operator Position #3          DEE WAKENIGHT      limited to 1000 words or less. Not all
                                                                                                               Transit Operator Position #4               LISA NAULT    letters can be published due to space
 Official publication of Amalgamated                                    email – pneilfinsec@atu587.com         Transit Operator Position #5       ANDREW JEROMSKy
 Transit Union Local 587, AFL-CIO,                 BRIAN ShERLOcK                   Recording Secretary/       Transit Operator Position #6       RANDy STEVENSON       limitations. Cut off is the 15th of each
                                                                                                               Transit Operator Position #7        LINDA ANDERSON       month. Any submission from a member
 representing employees of Metro/King                                           Editor 587 News Review         Transit Operator Position #8               RAy MASON
 County, Clallam Transit, Jefferson                                 email – Brian.Sherlock@atu587.com          Clallam / Jefferson County            LUDWIG BECKER      of Local 587 to the News Review deemed
                                                                                                                                                                        unprintable by the Recording Secretary
 Transit, Seattle Personal Transit, and                 Web site: http://www.atu587.com                                                                                 shall be forwarded to the Executive
 Clallam Paratransit.
                                                                                                                                                                        Board for final decision to publish.
    2815 Second Avenue, Suite 230
       Seattle, Washington 98121
                                                            weinGArten riGHts stAtement                                                                                 Send letters to:
        Telephone: 206-448-8588.                      I request to have a union representative present on my behalf dur-                                                Brian Sherlock, Editor
                                                    ing this meeting because I believe it may lead to disciplinary action                                               c/o ATU Local 587
   Affiliations: Washington State Labor Council,   taken against me. If I am denied my right to have a union representative                                             News Review
 King County Labor Council, Northwest Joint Con-                                                                                                                        2815 Second Avenue, Suite 230
 ference Board, ATU Legislative Council, Olympic     present, I will refuse to answer accusational questions and any I believe                                          Seattle, WA 98121
                   Labor Council.                                               may lead to discipline.

                                                                                                                                                   April 2010

                                      April Labor History
                                                                         by Bill Clifford

                                 8 April 1912—ATU 587 chartered.
                                (98 years old and still going strong.)
  1 April 1946—A strike by 400,000        over the streets of Fremont, the                                                   investigations resulted in many
mine workers in the U.S. began.           Central Area, Georgetown and West            18 April 1912—The National            mining reforms including the pro-
U.S. troops seized railroads and          Seattle Junction.                         Guard was called out against strik-      hibition of child labor and institu-
coalmines the following month.                                                      ing West Virginia coal miners.           tion of the 8-hour day. Rockefeller
                                             12 April 1922—Death of Thomas                                                   hired labor relations experts who
  4 April 1968—Dr Martin Luther           Burt, one of the first two Labor Party       20 April 2008—Former Para-            convinced him to improve work-
King, Jr., assassinated in Memphis        members elected to the British Par-       guayan bishop Fernando Lugo won          ing conditions and mine safety. The
while supporting the Sanitation           liament. Burt had served from 1874        election to presidency on a platform     UMW bought the site of the Ludlow
Workers’ Strike.                          until his retirement in 1918--38 years.   of addressing social inequality and      tent camp in 1916 and maintains a
                                          The US is yet to elect its first labor    recognizing indigenous rights. He        memorial there.
   5 April 1956—Columnist Victor          representative to Congress.               was sworn in on August 15 in the
Riesel, a crusader against labor                                                    first peaceful transition of power be-     21 April 2010—Earth Day
racketeers, was blinded in New york         14 April 1930—Over 100 farm             tween parties in Paraguay’s history.
City when a hired assailant threw         workers were arrested for their                                                       22 April 1526—first American
sulfuric acid in his face.                unionizing activities in Imperial            20 April 1914—Colorado National       slave revolt.
                                          Valley, California. Eight were sub-       Guard and mine guards burn tent
   8 April 1912—ATU 587 chartered.        sequently convicted of “criminal          camp of miners striking John D             24 April 1999—ILWU halts West
(98 years old and still going strong.)    syndicalism.”                             Rockefeller’s coalmines near Trini-      Coast shipping in solidarity with
                                                                                    dad Colorado. Two women, eleven          Mumia Abu-Jamal
  8 April 1952—President Truman             15 April 2010—IRS taxes due.            children and three miners were
ordered the U.S. Army to seize the                                                  killed. The women and children              27 April 1825—The first strike for
nation’s steel mills to avert a strike.     17 April 1905—The Supreme               suffocated beneath their burning         the 10-hour workday occurred by
Supreme Court rules the act illegal       Court held that a maximum hours           tent. Strike leader, Louis Tikas and     carpenters in Boston.
on 2 June.                                law for New york bakery workers           two other miners were captured and
                                          was unconstitutional under the due        found shot to death shortly later.        28 April 1971—OSHA establishes
  9-11 April 2010—HONK! Fest              process clause of the 14th amend-         Their bodies were left by the railroad   Workers Memorial Day
West, 300 activist musicians take         ment.                                     tracks by the militia who refused to
                                                                                    let them be removed for three days.         28 April 2010—Full Moon. Be
                                                                                    The railroad workers local, whose        careful out there.
                                                                                    members supported the miners,
                                                                                    were finally able to bury the bodies.       29 April 1899—When their de-
                                                                                       The Colorado unions urged their       mand that only union men be em-

     Arbitration Update                                                             members to arm themselves and the
                                                                                    United Mine Workers issued weap-
                                                                                    ons. Ten days of guerilla warfare
                                                                                                                             ployed was refused, members of
                                                                                                                             the Western Federation of Miners
                                                                                                                             dynamited the $250,000 mill of the
                                                                                    resulted in the much destruction         Bunker Hill Company at Wardner,
  1. Alan Freeman: Grieved ter-              policy violation. Schedule             around the mines and another 36          Idaho, destroying it completely.
     mination for alleged gross              pending                                deaths. The number of people killed      President McKinley responded
     misconduct. Decision pending                                                   during the whole affair, which lasted    by sending in black soldiers from
                                          9. James Jones: Grieved a
  2. George Williams: Grieved                change in the VM vacation pick         about one year, was somewhere            Brownsville, Texas with orders to
     Metro’s failure to abide by lay-        process. Schedule pending              between 69 and 199. The striking         round up thousands of miners and
     off recall language in unilater-                                               miners were eventually starved out,      confine them in specially built “bull-
     ally imposing furlough days.         10. James Gayden: Grieved im-             without gaining recognition or any       pens.” U.S. Army troops occupied
     Split decision on arbitration.          proper non-disciplinary medical        other demands.                           the Coeur d’Alene mining region in
     ULP still pending                       termination. Withdrawn after              However, federal hearings and         Idaho until 1901.
                                             rehire and restoration of all
  3. Daniel Linville: Grieved                benefits and seniority rights
     Metro’s failure to implement
     the System Extra Board pur-          11. Mario Musni: (Pigeongate)
     suant to the 2007 bargaining             The Union claims forfeiture.
     agreement. Arbitrator ruled in           Schedule pending

     management’s favor.                  12. Paul Kriskov: Grieved sus-
  4. Jeff Stambaugh: Grieved                  pension for PED use. Schedule
     outsourcing of work historical-          pending

     ly and traditionally preformed       13. Jamie Bonnar: Grieved the
     by bargaining unit members.              lack of a clerk overtime as-
     Scheduled 6/10-11/2010                   signment process. Schedule

  5. Nick Malkow: Grieved Met-                pending
     ro’s failure to assign overtime      14. Jon Salkeld: Grieved a letter
     properly in Base operations.             of expectation received for hav-

     Withdrawn on advice of council           ing to go home and shower, due
  6. Lise McShane: Grieved a                  to Metro failing to provide nec-
     letter in her file. Schedule             essary decontamination facili-

                                                                                             WHO VOTE
     pending                                  ties, following driving a coach
                                              with a urine soaked driver’s
  7. Lise McShane: Grieved                    seat. Schedule pending
     Metro failing to follow the over-

                                                                                            PRO TRANSIT
     time assignment sequence.            15. Don hutton: Grieved a sus-
     Scheduled 6/17/2010                      pension for being off route,
                                              missing no stops and delaying
  8. Dean Borders: Grieved ter-               no one. Schedule pending
     mination for accident/alleged

                                                                                                                                                         April 2010

                    A Part-Timers’ Guide
                   to the Contract, Part II
                                By Bruce Tiebout, former Executive Board Officer, former Contract Negotiator,
                                                    and current & former Contract Editor

       his is the second in a series of                                                                                           for the last ten years. In the current
       articles explaining the mean-                                                                                              negotiations, our Union negotiators
       ing and/or ramifications of                                                                                                may be able to add a percentage if
the language in Article 16 - Part-            Two pages of language were reduced to one-                                          we are willing to lower the floor.
Time Transit Operators, of the Labor                                                                                                  As a result of adding DTAs: there
Agreement between ATU Local 587                half page as we dropped language such as                                           are fewer PTTOs, because many
- the UNION, and King County/                                                                                                     DTA Operators are doing the work
Metro - Them. Some of the language            being “off of pay status when schools or the                                        that otherwise would require two
is convoluted, but I’ve tried to keep                                                                                             PTTOs; fewer PTTOs means those
the explanations, albeit sometimes                        employers are closed.                                                   who have gone to full-time have
hard to follow, from becoming War                                                                                                 done so in less time because there
and Peace. Except for abbreviating                                                                                                were fewer people on the part-time
“Part-Time Transit Operator” and            ment. On Sunday-schedule holi-               (DTA). Prior to the 1995 –1998 Labor     to full-time list; those fewer PTTOs
“Part-Time Operator” to PTTO, I am          days there is no ATL for whatever            Agreement, we had Custom Bus             are making more money because
using the language in the current           reason. A literal interpretation of          Service (CBS) and Limited Stop           the average hours for part-time
contract which expires this year on         the language, “On Sunday-schedule            Tripper Service (LSTS) which were        assignments greatly increased and
Halloween.                                  holidays, a PTTO will be limited             like DTAs in that PTTOs could pick       because many of those who chose
    Section 4 – Work Assignments.           to working his/her picked tripper            an assignment that had both an a.m.      DTAs would have been on the ATL
    A. “A new PTTO will be given            [assignment] only,” would mean a             and a p.m. portion. However, that        and, with their seniority, taking
a specific assignment by METRO              PTTO couldn’t work an assigned               service wasn’t on regular service        most of the available work. DTAs
until the next shake-up.” The reality       vacation relief on such a day.               routes, but only to/from schools         have meant more PTTOs with full
is the practice: “A new PTTO will              C. “PTTOs shall not work runs,            and places like Boeing-Everett. Two      benefits.
select, by class seniority, from open       portions of runs, reports, specials,         pages of language were reduced               The Additional Tripper List (ATL)
assignments determined by METRO             standbys, or extras except as identi-        to one-half page as we dropped           is the focus of Paragraph F. Very
until the next shake-up.”                   fied in Paragraph F.5” which allows          language such as being “off of pay       little has changed in this language
    B. “No PTTO will be allowed             halves of combos, specials, and              status when schools or the employ-       over the years.
to work on Saturday or Sunday.”             shake-up reliefs to be assigned to the       ers are closed. Some examples are:           Clarity has been added regarding
“Each PTTO must be scheduled off            ATL only after the Extra Board and           vacations, counseling days and           when a PTTO may summit availabil-
work by 8:30 p.m. and will not be           F/T overtime assignment sequences            snow closures.” Another thing that       ity changes, request to be added to,
allowed to work an assignment that          have been followed. The fact that            changed was the language regarding       or removed from, the ATL. Anything
starts prior to 3:45 a.m.” “PTTOs           PTTOs can not work runs is the               CBS drivers being “required to be        submitted “prior to 10:00 a.m. on
may work outside the hours and              reason no Part-Time assignment is            available to work their assignments      Friday will be effective the following
days specified in this Paragraph only       7:11 or longer.                              when schools or employers request        Monday.” Thus, if you know you have
for non-driving work assignments               C.1 “To avoid a cancellation of           modification to service hours” or        a 10am appointment or brunch date
such as assigned training and route         service, a PTTO’s assignment may             LSTS drivers “when schools require       on Tuesday of the following week,
qualifications.”                            be, with the PTTO’s consent, traded          early dismissals.” That language,        you can change your availability for
    Being a Part-Time Transit Opera-        with an assignment on the Dispatch-          which I discussed last month, is in      morning ATL to be off by 9:30am on
tor for King County/Metro means             ing Call Record which has been left          Section 3 – General Conditions, Para-    Tuesdays. If you plan to attend the
working Monday-Friday. All PTTOs            vacant by a PTTO provided the sign-          graph C. That new language gives         Thursday night meeting of Local 587,
are guaranteed weekends off. you            in time of such assignment is within         the PTTOs the option of working          you can change your availability for
can choose to accept a training as-         30 minutes of the sign-in time of the        a modified assignment if it means        Thursday to nothing after 7:30pm.
signment on a weekend day. you can          PTTO’s scheduled assignment for              there are two splits. We expanded        you can change this every week. If
choose to ride a route on a weekend         that day. Such PTTO will be paid for         the language that any such PTTO          you find that you are consistently
or at night in order to qualify. In fact,   time worked or his/her scheduled             “will be paid straight through for the   getting a no-break 106 with a 5:34am
if you have a long vacation relief as-      assignment, whichever is greater.”           shortest split between the monthly       start, you can change your availability
signment one week such that your            The concept behind this language             school meeting and their regular         to nothing before 5:35 am.
combined regular work and that              was to fill work when no Report              assignment” to include any second            The default spread time for ATL
vacation relief assignment approach         Operator was available in time for           split in any DTA.                        availability is 13 hours. At pick, if
40 hours for the week, you can spend        the open work but there would be                Paragraph C, “METRO will create       you don’t indicate 16 hours, you
the weekend prior to the vacation           a Report Operator back in time for           no fewer than 220 Part-Time Opera-       will not be assigned anything which
relief assignment, qualifying. you          the trading PTTO’s sign-in time.             tor assignments which pay at least       would create a spread of over 13
also can spend evenings, up to 11:59        Obviously, this has happened so              four hours” was created by me. I         hours. you can customize your
p.m. on Friday, qualifying. you will        often that the Supervisors working           originated this concept in 1995 when     availability for individual days.
be paid at the overtime rate for all        the window are very familiar with            Metro proposed creating DTAs. I          Many afternoon PTTOs put in for
hours that week which are beyond            this – NOT!                                  looked at the number of assignments      no work on Mondays so they don’t
40 straight-time hours. Of course,             C.2 “On the day of service and            over four hours (~120) and the num-      have to remember to call the base
you must be in the computer as be-          with METRO’s approval, two PT-               ber of assignments under 2:20 (then      on Sunday afternoon. Conversely,
ing available for ATL assignments           TOs may trade assignments. Such              the minimum, but increased in 2001       many morning PTTOs put in for
for at least three days for both that       PTTOs will be paid for actual time           by Paul Bachtel and myself to 2:30).     no work on Fridays so they have a
week and the other week in a payroll        worked, or minimum assignment                Thus, the minimum was 170. During        longer weekend. I look at the pick
period even though you can’t be             guarantee. Each such PTTO will be            the 2001 negotiations, Paul Bachtel      sheets (available on the ATU 587 web
assigned any ATL work the week              limited to one trade per pay period.”        and I were able to increase the guar-    site) to see what I could potentially
you are doing the vacation relief           An example of how this could be              antee to the current 220. Metro has      be assigned and base my availability
assignment.                                 used is that one PTTO, who picked            wanted to change this number to a        upon that. Keep in mind that you
    “A PTTO will work on a holiday          a dual tripper, wants the afternoon          percentage, in case the number of        can only be paid to qualify on those
only when his/her picked tripper            off but it is too late to put his/           PTTOs were to cut to previous levels     routes upon which you are available
[assignment] is scheduled to be in          her name in the Part-Time Layoff             of under 700, but we said that those     to be assigned for at least three days
service.” This is obviously true for        Book. His friend, who is looking             remaining PTTOs would deserve            of each week in a two-week payroll
every holiday which isn’t listed in         to make more money, has an a.m.              to have a greater percentage of the      period. you aren’t paid to qualify
Article 8 – Holidays, including such        tripper with a similar sign-in time          work available to be over four hours     on anything if you are only available
popular holidays as St. Patrick’s           as his friend and didn’t receive an          rather than a flat percentage which      one day a week from 4–4:15pm.
Day, April Fools’ Day (not to be            ATL assignment for that day. That            would greatly decrease the quality           It used to be that the ATL was
confused with Boss’s Day, October           morning they jointly approach the            of work that would be available.         assigned on a “rotating seniority
16), Cinco de Mayo, Rosh Hashanah,          Supervisor at the window and offer           The majority of those remaining          basis,” but when Metro’s computer
Halloween, and Kwanzaa. For those           to trade. As with C.1, this obviously        PTTOs would be long-time PTTOs           program came out of the Bronze Age
holidays when service is reduced,           happens so often that . . .                  who are counting on being able to        and entered the Iron Age of com-
individual PTTOs may not work or               Paragraph D creates and sets              pick work similar to what they’ve        puting, it could no longer handle a
work less than their normal assign-         limits on Dual Tripper Assignments           been driving, and paying bills with,     floating start line. It was also inher-
                                                                                                                                                      continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                                           April 2010

            The Part Timer’s Lament                                        By Jeff Welch

         mong the greater economic         much, even while still remaining               If full-time work must be assigned        contract language from benefits to
         inequities in our state is the    overall well under full-time. Among            by priority to a FT Operator (ATU         work assignments to other protec-
         regressive sales tax: that is —   these egregious restrictions are the           587 Contract 15.2.G) — doesn’t the        tions not be “made personal.”
a regressive tax that has the greatest     7:59 restriction and the no ATL on             value follow that part time work             However, I remind that brother
negative impact on those who are           holiday scheduled days restriction.            should be offered first and foremost      and others that as with the state
least able to afford it. Washington        No part-time Operator’s daily time             to part time Operators?                   income tax, our contract creates
State is currently experiencing a          may be more than 7:59 (ATU 587                                                           a regressive system of inequities
dramatic economic downturn and             Contract 16.4.F.3). No part-time                      Job Protections                    that has a vastly different effect on
ongoing economic instability in            Operator may work the ATL on a                    Our contract states plainly that       those at the top than at the bottom.
local and state funded services, in        Sunday scheduled holiday even if               in the event of layoffs, all part tim-    Having fewer shifts with built-in
part due to its reliance on the sales      they have regular work scheduled               ers must be laid off before a single      overtime is not equivalent in impact
tax as a revenue source. As with any       that day anyway (ATU 587 Contract              full time Operator loses their work.      to an individual or family to changes
downturn in a regressive economic          16.4.B )                                       This states plainly that our contract     being made in the part-time work
environment — again, the impact               In the first example, limiting              values full time Operators so much        cuts. Not being able to pick a 4 hour
is greatest on those at the bottom,        part-time Operators to 7:59 on the             more, that even the most senior           piece (and possibly not receiving full
including thousands of working             ATL prohibits — by contract, not by            career PT Operator must lose their        benefits); a lack of straight-through
families. Such a condition has the         choice — any part-time Operator                job before a single FT driver is let      work even for someone with over
effect of creating an even greater         from working any ATL piece greater             go. ATU 587 President Paul Bachtel        a decade of seniority; or being un-
divide between the “haves” and the         than 5.5 hours . This means that such          has at times advocated a unified          able to do fill-in work that one is
“have-nots.”                               a short part-time piece (usually the           seniority list. Perhaps in the case       qualified and available for in favor
                                           regular work of a more senior part-            of layoffs alone, a unified seniority     of someone already earning a full
 Regressive and Divisive                   time Operator) gets assigned to a              list would make more sense in the         time wage have profound impacts
    ATU 587’s contract requirements        full-time driver. On the other side            unlikely (we hope) event of layoffs.      on the lives, lifestyles and families
regarding work assignments are also        of that — any part-time Operator               Stating simply that all part-timers       of those of us at the bottom.
regressive — and divisive. While           whose regular work is 5.5 hours or             must lose their jobs before a single         To that brother and to everyone
inequities span the seniority spec-        more is contractually disqualified             full time Operator does is more than      else, I say that while you have my
trum with the most senior gaining          fro working the ATL.                           an “inequity” — it’s a slap in the face   respect, my admiration, my good
the greatest benefit to remaining in          As a concrete example: The                  to the part-time workforce.               wishes and warm greetings always
their job and doing it well (which         7/25T is a piece of work assigned                                                        — it is not the County that is dividing
is as it should be), one of the least      to a senior part-time Operator, and               Correcting Inequities                  us on many of these issues but our
necessary — and most unfair — divi-        runs 5:58. Any time that Operator                 In our upcoming contract nego-         own Union, our own contract. These
sions in this regressive environment       takes a layoff day, calls in sick, takes       tiations — if not before — I implore      issue are NOT personal, brother —
is the difference between how extra        unscheduled time off — or say gets             our union leadership to strongly          they are financial, and I urge you,
work is assigned based on whether          detailed to the ATU 587 office —               consider eliminating these factors        the union leadership, and full and
one is a full- or part-time operator.      that work automatically goes to a              that make Metro’s part time Opera-        part time Operators alike to come
    Part-time operators pay the            FT Operator, even if there are PT              tors codified second class citizens       together to create a new contract
same monthly dues, the same                Operators available, qualified, and            in the context of our own contract,       that encourages Metro to maintain
arbitration assessments, the same          willing to do the work. On the flip            our own profession. As a starting         and expand wages and benefits for
contract negotiation assessments           side, if that same senior part-time            point, making sure that represen-         ALL of its employees, and to create
as full-time operators. Whether            Operator wants to do some extra                tative voices are at the bargaining       and foster more full time positions.
an operator works the 2.5 hour             work on the ATL — she can’t. The               table — or at least have sympathetic         This union with its rich local
minimum or 40 plus overtime on a           7:59 rule disqualifies her from any            access to those who are. These ineq-      history, colorful characters, and
regular basis — the amount of dues         piece of work available — due to               uities impact both junior part tim-       vital role in our profession and our
is the same. No discount for those         the 2.5 hour minimum guarantee.                ers waiting in the wings for a full       community has a responsibility
earning less; no windfall fee for          This sets up a situation where even            time opportunity like myself — as         in its leadership and membership
those earning more. In supporting          a junior PT Operator can out-earn              well as career part timers who have       alike to create, maintain, and foster
the union financially — members,           a more senior PT driver during a               dedicated their lives to this com-        a profession that values us all. This
brothers and sisters all — stand           busy period. Again — this situation            munity, to this organization, and to      can only happen if we all agree to
equal. In practice, part time op-          is not by choice, but By OUR OWN               this union no less than those who         end unjust, regressive contract in-
erators are officially designated          CONTRACT. This lack of equal                   work a regular 40+ hours per week.        equities between full and part time
second class citizens within our           status in consideration for avail-                To my brother who spoke up at          Operators — and end their status
own profession, within our own             able work is not only a hardship for           the January Charter meeting, I agree      within the contract as second class
union — by our own contract.               those part-timers who really need              wholeheartedly that we cannot per-        citizens.
    Not so with work assignments           the income from extra work when                mit the County to divide us going            Jeff Welch
and job protections. The system            available — it’s a blatantly unjust            in to these upcoming negotiations. I         Part Time Operator #13204
for assigning extra work (the ATL,         inequity in our contract. As with full         further agree that any differences in        Atlantic Base
lack of a part time call list, holiday     time work, part-time work should
schedule restrictions) favors full         be given by priority to part-timers
time Operators, and other language         who are willing, available, qualified
in our contract makes it clear that
full time Operators have priority in
areas such as the layoff sequence.
                                           and able to drive that piece of work.

                                                Part Time Call List                                       Upcoming at
             The ATL
   Administration of the Additional
                                              Since there is no call list for
                                           part-time Operators, (we can’t
                                           “scrounge” for overtime or even
                                                                                                           Local 587
Tripper List (ATL) is one of the most      available straight time that comes
glaring daily examples of a regres-        up), any piece of work that comes                April 1 � � � � � � � Charter Meeting
sive and divisive policy imposed           in after the next day’s ATL is posted
not by the County — but by our             gets assigned to a FT Operator.                  April 2 � � � � � � � Morning Meeting
own Union, our own contract. This          This is another glaring difference
unjust inequity creates artificial and     between the protections that FT                  April 3 � � � � � � � First Line and service Quality
involuntary limits on when part-           Operators get from our contract, and                                   shakeup Begins
time Operators can work — and how          those that part time Operators see.
                                                                                            April 5 � � � � � � � Jefferson Transit Authority
                                                                                            April 6 � � � � � � � Clallam Transit & Clallam
      PUT C.O.P.E. DONATIONS                                                                                      Paratransit Meeting

    TO WORK • VOTE PRO TRANSIT                                                              April 7 � � � � � � � Wednesday Meeting
                                                                                            April 27 � � � � � � Executive Board Meeting

                                                                                                                                                    April 2010

                                  Letters to the Editor…
                                                From: Dee                       any harm. I would like you to
        Thank You                                                               accept my apology and work                  send in your opinions
                                                Wakenight                       with me to move forward from
  Letter to the editor                                                                                                     Letters/contributions must include
                                                                                these incidences for the good of
                                                                                                                           printed names, signatures, work
                                           March 15, 2010                       the Union members as well as               ID numbers, addresses and phone
   I would like to take just a mo-         To: Ray Campbell                     our professional relationship.             numbers that can be verified during
ment and thank everyone from               Brother Ray,                                                                    working hours. Letters that cannot be
the bottom of my heart for all the                                                                                         validated will not be published. All
                                                                                                         Thank you,        articles/letters are subject to editing
donated “sick time” donated in             I am writing to express my                                 Dee Wakenight        and should be limited to 1000 words or
my behalf. My hip surgery went          regrets for incidents that have                                                    less. Not all letters can be published due
very well and I am returning to         occurred between us since                                                          to space limitations. Cut off is the 15th
work March 8, 2010. I am feeling        the Operator Pick in January.               notiCe to All reAders                  of each month. Any submission from a
                                                                                                                           member of Local 587 to the News Review
great and the donations helped          I expressed my anger toward                                                        deemed unprintable by the Recording
                                                                                      Views and opinions
my wife and I greatly during            you for having made mistakes                                                       Secretary shall be forwarded to the
                                                                                          expressed in
the time I was off. God bless all       regarding my vacation picks                                                        Executive Board for final decision to
                                                                                         News Review                       publish. Send letters to:
of you !!!                              in a very inappropriate way. I
                                                                                       articles are those                            Brian sherlock
                      Rick Harris       was acting out of fear and anger
                                                                                      of the authors and                           News Review Editor
                           #12820       and should not have used such
                                                                                      not necessarily the                         c/o ATU Local 587
                                        threatening language for you. I                                                     2815 Second Avenue, Suite 230
                                                                                      official position of
                                        would like you to know that I                                                              Seattle, WA 98121
                                                                                           Local 587
                                        do not, nor did I ever, wish you

Part-Timers’ Guide to the Contract, Part II, continued
ently unfair. Often the line would         Because PTTOs “may be assigned       not posted by 4:00 p.m.                   changed, my assignment was short-
end with the same person, the one       to work halves of combos, specials         Paragraph G, guaranteeing pay          ened. Metro would have been better
whose regular assignment, qualifi-      and shake-up reliefs,” they will be     for a picked assignment for the           off, if they had had this language in
cation, and availability meant that     paid to qualify on such possible        entirety of a shake-up, is the result     place such that I would have been
person was the only one who could       work. Because these also sometimes      of the first grievance I ever filed. I    paid for my picked assignment for
be assigned a certain piece of work.    fall at times not usual for ATL work,   had picked a tripper which went           the entire shake-up rather than
Thus, every day, PTTOs with less        hours availability should reflect       from the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal.       starting me on the road to Union
seniority than that person would        what a PTTO is truly available for,     When the time for the ferry was           involvement.
be assigned first and people with       not what s/he normally gets, i.e.,
more seniority would never be as-       if you are not available all the way
signed. Now, as a result of the 7:59    until noon or from noon on, your

limit each day, longer assignments      weekly ATL availability should
trickle down from higher seniority      reflect that.
PTTOs, but all PTTOs are assigned          Unlike FTTOs on the Extra Board,
by seniority, just like FTTO.           there is no penalty pay if the ATL is

                                                                                                              March 15, 2010

               Bulletin                                                             To:
                                                                                               All Local 587 Members
                                                                                               Paul J. Bachtel, President /
                                                                                               Business Representative
                            March 15, 2010                                          Subject: King County Metro Contract
                                                                                             Negotiations Update
 To:        All Local 587 Members
 From:      Paul J. Bachtel, President /                                              Officer Andrew Jeromsky are         spreadsheets. I’ve met with our
            Business Representative                                                 compiling survey data creating        attorney and I will be making
                                                                                    a compendium of data for our          arrangements for an economist
 Subject: Charge of disloyalty and Conduct                                          subcommittees to use in drafting      and/or accountant to join with
          Unbecoming a Member                                                       union proposals.                      our Financial Research Committee
                                                                                                                          in drafting our financial position.
                                                                                       Our five classification specific
      As President, it is my duty to        Friday Morning Meeting: Fri-
                                                                                    subcommittees (Transit Opera-            I’ve met with Metro’s Labor
   report: Pursuant to Section 22.3     day, April 2, 2010, 10:30 AM, in
                                                                                    tors, Supervisors, Vehicle Main-      Negotiator and we are tentatively
   of the Constitution and General      the Seattle Labor Temple, Hall # 6.
                                                                                    tenance, Facilities Maintenance       planning on beginning nego-
   Laws of the Amalgamated Tran-            Jefferson Transit meeting:
                                                                                    and Special Classifications) are      tiations in mid April. I will be
   sit Union notice is given to all     Monday, April 5, 2010, 7:00 PM,
                                                                                    meeting and reviewing previous        blocking two days a week out of
   members that charges alleging        in the Port Townsend Rec. Center,
                                                                                    union proposals (from the 2007        our schedule for the remainder
   “Disloyalty and Conduct Unbe-        Port Townsend, WA.
                                                                                    negotiation), editing suggestions     of the year to dedicate to contract
   coming a Member” have been               Clallam County meeting:
                                                                                    from the Editing Committee (for-      negotiations.
   filed against Executive Board        Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 7:00 PM,
                                                                                    mer Recording Secretary Jennie
   Officer Dee Wakenight.               in the Vern Burton Memorial
                                                                                    Gil and former Executive Board           We will be focusing on Rail and
                                        Building, Port Angeles, WA.
                                                                                    Officer Bruce Tiebout), and sur-      Streetcar and have already had
      The charges will be brought
                                                                                    vey data, to draft their respective   Rail volunteers meeting with one
   before the membership through           For further information re-
                                                                                    proposals.                            of our subcommittees.
   the April cycle of Union meetings    garding the processing of charges
   at the dates, times, and locations   against, and potential discipline
                                                                                       I added Transit Operator Paul        At the present time I will be
   below:                               issued to, a Union Officer or
                                                                                    Tefft to our Financial Research       publishing monthly negotiation
                                        member please refer to Sections
                                                                                    Committee. Paul will be working       updates with additional updates
     Charter meeting: Thursday,         12, 22 & 23 of the Constitution
                                                                                    with Executive Board Officer Clint    when warranted. Thank you for
   April 1, 2010, 8:00 PM, in the       and General Laws of the Amal-
                                                                                    DeVoss in creating the necessary      you support and participation.
   Seattle Labor Temple, Hall #8.       gamated Transit Union.

                                                                                                                                                    April 2010

                           Report to ATU 587
                                                                       By Linda Anderson

                                             New methods will be used to              systems, these companies then rake
  Viaduct Meetings                        track and plan running times. Soon          a healthy amount of taxpayer dollars
                                                                                                                                   King County
   Paul Bachtel and I met with
Governor-appointed Ron Judd, and
                                          the automatic vehicle locator will          off the top in profit.                    Transit Task Force
                                          be used to track the exact running
representatives from the County and                                                                                               King County Executive Dow
Seattle Department of Transporta-
                                          time of every trip of every route               King County                          Constantine’s Transit Task Force
                                          24/7. This could conceivably benefit
tion. ATU 587 reiterated the obvious      some of those routes whose running            Regional Transit                       begins meeting to take a fresh look
                                                                                                                               at all aspects of transit goals and
need for better transit planning in       times consistently exceed the time
the Viaduct Replacement Project.          allotted on the run cards. The goal
                                                                                           Committee                           transit redesign in King County
Primarily this should be in the                                                                                                for the long term. They will make
form of city right of way for transit-
                                          for this “cycle time” analysis is to              Meetings                           recommendations to the Executive
                                          set run cards so that 90% the time,            The RTC, which oversees Metro
only lanes through the Seattle street                                                                                          and the Regional Transit Com-
                                          the trips will be on time. Now the          and advises the County Council,
grid, which has so far has not been                                                                                            mittee. The task force includes a
                                          goal is 100% of the time, but there is      has a new chair, Larry Gossett, of
forthcoming.                                                                                                                   wide variety of business, academ-
                                          no accurate measurement of actual           SE Seattle, and a new Vice Chair,        ics, transit planners, community
                                          running times of each trip.                 Fred Butler, of Issaquah.
        Scheduling                           The next scheduling committee               In the February meeting, Kevin
                                                                                                                               and social agencies, transit riders,
                                                                                                                               and two positions for labor, one of
                                          meeting will be in April. At that
        Committee                         meeting we will discuss ways to get
                                                                                      Desmond gave a report of the RTC’s       which is filled by 587 member Carl
   Ray Campbell and I attended a                                                      activities over the past year to bring   Jackson. Carl, Brian Sherlock and
                                          input from operators. The members           all new members up to speed. Ana-
scheduling committee meeting with                                                                                              I met to discuss ATU 587’s role on
                                          of the committee are:                       lyst Arthur Thornbury outlined the
Metro. Pres. Bachtel and Metro                                                                                                 the Task Force.
                                             Linda Anderson, Ray Campbell,            RTC agenda for the coming year.
managers started the meeting but          Jonathan Bez, Ralph Keyport, Steve          Considerable time was spent on
quickly left Ray and I to meet with
schedulers and supervisors. The
                                          Masumoto, and David Bailey                  the assault in the tunnel. Officer
                                                                                                                                    PR Committee
primary message from managers
                                             Puget Sound
                                                                                      Jutilla reported that Seattle Police             Meeting
was threefold. First the Council has                                                  have been deployed to increase
                                                                                      patrols on Third and County Transit         The PRC budget. We had hoped
mandated that Metro cut service            Regional Council                           Police in the tunnel. Many of the        to add a non-E-Board member to the
hours and cuts to recovery time.
                                                                                                                               committee, but instead will have to
Second and that these meetings are        long range “2040”                           RTC members pledged more polic-
                                                                                                                               cut back on what we are trying to
intended to inform the union of how                                                   ing cooperation from other cities
this will be done, what changes they
                                            Transportation                            throughout the county.                   do. In light of the budget available,
                                                                                         In the March meeting, Paul            we met with Paul Bachtel to reevalu-
are implementing. And third, they         Plan for the region                         Bachtel and Kevin Desmond both           ate what the committee’s priorities
want Ray and I to gauge how the              I attended a forum, put on by            spoke on the fare evasion problems.      should be and worked out a work
changes are affecting drivers and         Transportation Choices about the            Desmond stressed that fare evasion,      plan for the near future.
report that back to them. If too many     PSRC 2040 plan.
problems are caused by the changes,                                                   security and fare policy all go hand
                                             The PSRC’s 2040 full plan is avail-
for the drivers, and especially for       able on their website. It will be voted
                                                                                      in hand, and Pres. Bachtel recom-                Operator
the riders, they might have to back                                                   mended getting rid of the ride free
off or modify their changes.
                                          on at their April meeting. The plan         area and simplifying the fare struc-            Negotiating
                                          calls for tolling on all major limited      ture. The Fare Evasion Study report
   I asked if we could also be there to   access arterials and new structures         will be ready by April. The RTC will
give our suggestions, and they said       such as tunnels and bridges, with
yes. I asked if management would                                                      be considering fare policy and fare         Randy Stevenson, Ray Mason,
                                          a percentage of that tolling going          evasion throughout the year.             Paul Bachtel and I have been meet-
send schedulers out to the bases to       to fund a 90% increase in local
talk to the drivers. They want Ray                                                       The City of Seattle members of        ing to review the surveys and
                                          fixed route transit. The PSRC is a          the RTC reported that they intend        discuss and prioritize ideas for
and I to convey information to the        planning agency and a venue for
operators and get feedback. I sug-                                                    to convene a meeting of the city’s       negotiations. The union called for
                                          cooperation between counties, cit-          Transportation Committee to have         operators to volunteer to come in
gested schedule time could be saved       ies, transit, roads, freight, ferries and
by placing comfort stations directly                                                  a thorough discussion of Metro’s         and talk with us and help us. So far
                                          rail for the region. The plan projects      trolley system. The county’s audit       we have had several very helpful
convenient to layovers. They are          significantly improved travel times
looking into this idea.                                                               suggested reevaluating whether or        and productive visits from opera-
                                          and reliability for cars and freight,       not to have trolleys. This will be       tors, both from rail and bus. The
   One of the changes we will be          and dramatically improved speed
seeing is route redesign. This is a                                                   discussed and studied by the county      committee is scheduled to have its
                                          and reliability for transit. The plan       as well, beginning this year.            work done by April.
process of taking out some of the         contained little change to ferries,
bus stops, which makes the running        and some increase in rail service.
times more reliable. It also may             The major objection to the plan
involve looking at routes that cover      was from David Hiller, represent-

the same streets or neighborhoods         ing the Cascade Bicycle Club, with
to create more efficient routing. The     11,000 members. The CBC thinks
committee is especially interested        the plan does not put tolling high
in operator and passenger feedback        enough to recap all social costs of
about routes 16, 181, and 28 which        driving cars, from asthma treatment
have either already undergone or          from pollution and accidental car
will soon undergo changes.
   Another change will be that all
                                          injuries and deaths, to decreased
                                          value of neighborhoods due to too
                                                                                               You have ten days to notify
the work will be cut from scratch.
Metro has never done this. They
have always taken existing work
                                          many roads and cars.
                                             The problem I have with tolls is                        Washington State
                                          that in states where the highways are
and modified it. This is why
sometimes we are able to pick the
                                          tolled, privatizers want to get their                  Department of Licensing
                                          hands on that revenue. In state after
same work for several shakeups or
sometimes years. Now all the run
                                          state, corporations convince state
                                          legislators to turn the toll revenue
                                                                                                   of change of address.
cutting parameters will be entered
into the software and the computer
will cut the work from scratch every
                                          over to them. The company leases
                                          the highway system for up to 99                   It’s recommended you maintain
                                          years, promising, but not necessarily
shakeup, after which, if need be, the
schedulers can modify it.
                                          delivering, highway maintenance.                      a copy of such notification.
                                          Of course, unlike public highway

                                                                                                                                                        April 2010

                                           Vice President Sepolen’s Report
                                                                                                          By Rick Sepolen

          ATU In Washington, DC.
    had the honor of traveling to          For instance during the confer-             issues as well as the ATU 2010 Leg-           ing people to bargain for better
    Washington DC along with            ence, Judy and I, along with other             islative Priorities which included:           benefits, wages and working
    COPE Chair Judy young to at-        members of the Washington delega-              • Supporting HR 2847, the Jobs                conditions by restoring workers’
tend the ATU International Legisla-     tion, were able to discuss the recent             for Main Street Act, 2010, which           freedom to choose for themselves
tive Conference.                        passage of SHB 2986 which allows                  calls for the appropriation of $8.4        whether to join a union.
   While there, the 587 COPE ef-        for a labor representative on transit             billion for public transportation.         Our lobbying efforts took us to
fort was once again rewarded by         boards. This has been in the works                Increase the percentage of funds        the offices of Rep. Jay Inslee, Rep.
being anointed the top fund raiser      for four years and, finally, has made             that may be used for transit op-        Rick Larsen, Rep Brian Baird and
nationwide.                             it to the governor’s desk for her                 erating assistance (above the 10%       Rep. Jim McDermott along with
   It wasn’t just a trip to receive a   signature.                                        provided in the House bill).            Senator Patty Murray. Scheduling
plaque, it was also an opportunity         On the state level, 587 along with          • Request that our members of              is always a problem as each of our
to discuss issues and exchange ideas    the other ATU locals, were able to                Congress, who have not done so,         representatives sits on several com-
with other ATU locals from across       marshal opposition to a bill that                 become a co-sponsor of HR 2746          mittees that meet often and always
the country. An opportunity to find     would allow private carriers to force             (the so-called Carnahan bill and        (or seemingly so). We were fortunate
out what state level legislative ef-    public transit agencies to share their            the Senate version the S. Brown         enough to have Rep. Inslee step out
forts were being made and, perhaps,     transit centers and park and ride lots.           bill) which would give local            of a committee meeting to speak with
taken back home to be introduced at     (A moment of personal privilege: An               transit agencies the option to use      us; otherwise we generally met with
the state and county levels eventu-     apology to the member who called                  a portion of their federal transit      senior staffers to discuss our issues.
ally benefiting local transit.          about this issue. Thank you for the               funds for operating assistance.            When you first are involved in a
                                        heads up. It is members like you that             This would go along way to end-         lobbying effort such as this, by the
                                        keep us abreast of so many of the                 ing service cuts, fare increases        end of the day you develop the feel-
                                        things that are happening out there).             and layoffs that are currently          ing that your efforts are for naught.

           FYI                             In DC we learned that President
                                        Obama is asking for more than $500
                                        million for his effort to help state and
                                        local government make more sus-
                                                                                          devastating transit systems and
                                                                                          paralyzing communities.
                                                                                       • Reauthorize the Safe, Accountable,
                                                                                          Flexible and Efficient Transportation
                                                                                                                                  Particularly, when you don’t get to
                                                                                                                                  speak with the “boss.” I have since
                                                                                                                                  learned that Senators and member of
                                                                                                                                  Congress do receive and sometimes
Sleep Apnea and                         tainable transportation investments.
                                        This effort is part of the president’s
                                                                                          Equity Act – A Legacy for Users
                                                                                          (SAFETEA-LU), and support
                                                                                                                                  even read your message, even if they
                                                                                                                                  may not agree with you. Huh, Judy?
renewing a CDL                          “livability” initiative. The feds are
                                        looking at how the Federal Trans-
                                                                                          increasing the federal transit
                                                                                          program by 20% annually, so
                                                                                                                                     There is always more to do the
                                                                                                                                  help out the plight of transit workers
                                        portation Department partners                     that by 2015, the program would         and transit systems.
                                        with state and local transportation               be funded at nearly #31 billion            I want to thank everyone who has
         By Jeff Welch                  agencies in the decision making                   annually.                               donated to the 587 COPE effort. The

                                        process. Critics of the President’s            • Enhance the safety of our nation’s       funds raised here have continually
           ork force health clinics     effort have expressed concerns that               rail transit systems by improving       opened political doors for the lo-
           like HealthForce are now     the livability initiative focuses too             and expanding federal oversight         cal. Along with the time that many
           requiring those with Sleep   much on urban areas leaving out                   and ensuring that transit labor         hundreds of our members spend
Apnea to provide documentation          rural communities.                                representatives have a voice in         in volunteering for the candidates
of Sleep Apnea treatment (usually          The delegates at the conference                the process.                            and causes of their choice Local 587
CPAP) and compliance from an            spent a day visiting their members             • Support HR 1409 the Employee             has become a political force to be
outside physician in order to certify   of congress presenting to them local              Free Choice Act to enable work-         reckoned with.
these patients for their CDL Medical
Card. This means that unless you go
to your CDL Physical appointment
with this documentation in-hand,
you won’t leave with a new CDL
card, nor will you be issued one for
                                                       Iranian Bus Drivers’ Union
the full year until you provide this
documentation. As sleep studies
and/or data downloads (if your
                                                              Leaders Jailed
machine is so equipped) can take                Resolution to support Iranian Bus Drivers’ Union leaders
time to schedule and obtain – those
being treated for Sleep Apnea should                     Mansoor Osanlou and Ebrahim Madadi
prepare in advance for this new
requirement.                            1. Whereas: The Tehran Bus Driv-                   Union’s leaders, in particular            the campaign for an end to
   As to my own experience, I had a        ers Union (Syndicate of Workers                 Ebrahim Madadi and Mansoor                the repression of independent
physical scheduled a week prior to         of the United Bus Company of                    Osanlou, who has now spent                labor organizing in Iran, and
my card expiring, and didn’t learn         Tehran and Suburbs) has played                  more than three years in prison           in particular for the release of
of this new requirement until half-        a pivotal role in helping to revive             as a political prisoner, including        Osanloo and Madadi, by writ-
way into the physical itself. I was        the Iranian labor movement, by                  in solitary confinement, because          ing to the Iranian government
instructed to come back when I had         establishing itself as an indepen-              of his dedicated work on behalf           and calling for their immediate
the documentation – which I could          dent union that stands up for                   of the Iranian bus drivers union          release; and
not obtain within the 1 week prior         workers rights and the freedom                  and other workers in Iran; and         6. Be it finally resolved: that
to my CDL card expiring. I was             to organize; and                                                                          Amalgamated Transit Union
                                                                                       4. Whereas: the imprisonment of
able to convince a more experienced     2. Whereas: the Union has faced                   Osanloo and Madadi by the gov-             587 send a message of solidarity
doctor at the clinic (HealthForce on       severe repression from the gov-                ernment has been condemned                 and copy of the letter calling for
FirstAvenue) to issue me a tempo-          ernment of the Islamic Republic                by unions and human rights                 Osanloo and Madadi’s release to
rary 3 month card, which will give         of Iran (IRI), which is trying to              organizations around the world,            the Tehran Bus Drivers Union,
me time to obtain a new sleep study        stop this independent initiative               including the International                and in other ways publicize
and documentation. This new re-            of bus drivers to unionize and                 Transport Workers’ Federation,             ATU 587’s decision to support
quirement will be a particular hard-       organize — and in doing so, set                Amnesty International and the              the Union in their effort to free
ship for those part-timers who are         an example for other Iranian                   International Trade Union Con-             Osanloo and Madadi so that
not on medical, and an unpleasant          workers who are fighting for                   federation;                                they can better move forward in
surprise and inconvenience for those       their rights; and                                                                         their organizing to improve their
who like me were caught unaware                                                        5. Be it therefore resolved:                  conditions, and to strengthen
of this new requirement.                3. Whereas: as part of the re-                    that Amalgamated Transit                   the rights and conditions of all
    Please pass this information on.       pression, the IRI has jailed the               Union 587 add its weight to                working people in Iran.

                                                                                                                                                  April 2010

                                    Vice President MacAdam’s Report
                                                                                                 By Don MacAdam

                 Will Metro Ever
               See Us As An Asset?
         t this time the Vehicle Main-   else what?! We will make no prog-         Metro says no to the extra money.       Union, all new van and bus ac-
         tenance Manager spot is         ress in any areas until the replace-      you know how it is there is a lot of    ceptance inspections conducted on
         down to 2 candidates, and       ment process is complete. Then, we        money unless we want some of it.        Metro property will be performed by
our input has not been requested. I      will have to see if Metro and your                                                a Metro Employee with journey level
have been told that as we get closer     Union will be able to work together            What’s Going On?                   mechanical experience. Our thanks
to the contract deadline, things will    for the public good. Hostile work            With the permission of President     to Metro and our Union Members
continue to erode. The head of Em-       environments are currently being          Bachtel, the Vehicle Maintenance        that took the time to file and work on
ployee relations seems to have lost      investigated at East Maintenance          Board officers, Mr. Archer, and the     these grievances and the problems
all touch with the fact that we are      and South Maintenance. Metro will         Union Members at South Base, I          created. We still have to argue the
the Employees they are supposed          also be warned about upcoming             signed the Resolution Document          52 Chief movement grievances, plus
to help and not harass. As the tem-      litigation.                               to settle the 101 grievances filed in   the following arbitrations:
porary Supervisor of Maintenance             I have just returned from our On      regards to unqualified employees           Stambaugh, Jones, Bonnar,
will soon be retiring and has made       Board Systems (O.B.S.) negotiations.      inspecting new coaches or vans on       Salkeld, and Musni. We also have
it clear that, you will do as you are    We are asking for time and a half, and    Metro property. The last line states,   18 open grievances.
told or else, we have said, O.K., or     a seniority pick for this long project.   Effective with the agreement of the        Retirements: Bill Sales
                                                                                                                              deceased: Ed Cowart & Mike
                                                                                                                           “Bucky” Buchanan

                            A Letter from UW                                                                                  WORsT BAsE OF THE
                                                                                                                           MONTH—still East Maintenance.
                                                                                                                              WORsT WRITE UP OF THE
                                                                                                                           yEAR—so far is shared by Marcel
                                                                                                                           & Smail.
                                                                                                                              I was also able to visit Graveyard
                                                                                                                           shifts at Central “happy shift” and
                                                                                                                           Ryerson “happy shift” then back to
                                                                                                                           East base.
                                                                                                                              The amazing thing about East
                                                                                                                           Maintenance grave is that the shift
                                                                                                                           is so “Happy” some people picked
                                                                                                                           off days to go to grave!
                                                                                                                              They feel the “climate change”
                                                                                                                           is worth it. They had me laughing
                                                                                                                           so hard I was in tears. They also
                                                                                                                           suggested I rent a room close to
                                                                                                                           the base, so I won’t have to keep
                                                                                                                           driving so far.
                                                                                                                              So the man’s wife divorced him
                                                                                                                           and took the house, he lost his job,
                                                                                                                           his dog died. He found out he owed
                                                                                                                           several thousand dollars to the I.R.S.
                                                                                                                           and someone stole his I.D. and
                                                                                                                           charged several thousand more dol-
                                                                                                                           lars to him. The man’s friend said,
                                                                                                                           “It could have been worse.”
                                                                                                                              The man was furious!!! “How
                                                                                                                           could it possibly have been worse!!!?”
                                                                                                                           he fumed.
                                                                                                                              The man’s friend replied, “It
                                                                                                                           could have happened to me.”
                                                                                                                              When we are in the middle of the
                                                                                                                           hurricane of troublesome events, it is
                                                                                                                           important for you to remember that
                                                                                                                           you are not the first one this has hap-
                                                                                                                           pened to, and also the trouble will
                                                                                                                           soon (hopefully) pass. Remember,
                                                                                                                           you have a good job, and we will
                                                                                                                           help if we can.
                                                                                                                              Be brave! Be vigilant! And act

                                                                                                                               special Meeting Notice for
                                                                                                                                A trial Union Meeting for
                                                                                                                             Maintenance has been approved
                                                                                                                             by the membership. They will
                                                                                                                             be held at the Union Hall at
                                                                                                                             3:30 PM on the Wednesdays
                                                                                                                             following the Charter Meeting.
                                                                                                                             The first is April 7, then May 12,
                                                                                                                             and June 9. This trial period has
                                                                                                                             been requested by Maintenance.
                                                                                                                             Show up! Be involved and know
                                                                                                                             what’s going on!

                                                                                                                             Sincerely, Don Mac Adam V.P. # 2

                                                                                                                                                   April 2010

                                       The Financial Secretary’s Report
                                                                                                               By Paul Neil

                          April 2010
               t the March meeting cycle a motion was passed to add               who start their work day early. Come one, come all! This
               an addition membership meeting on the Wednesday                    should work better for those who cannot stay up till 10:00pm
               following the Charter meeting at 3:30pm. These ad-                 or later at the Charter meeting.
       ditional meetings will occur for 3 months. This meeting is                   Below is the report I read to the membership at the March
       open to all members and is designed to accommodate those                   cycle of membership meeting.

                             March 2010 Membership Meeting Report
                                                                                  $55,182.10 for the month of Febru-         size of the Newsreview to no more
                New Member Applications                                           ary which is a 1.2% increase over          than 8 pages, reducing the number
                                                                                  the same period last year.                 of members going to the ATU Black
             submitted to the ATU International                                                                              caucus, reducing the number of
                        in February:                                                 Other bills for payroll, rent, legal,   members going to the Northwest
                                                                                  etc totaled $189,079.32 which is an        Conference and various other cuts.
    Name                      Employer                    Position
                                                                                  increase of $27,688.81 or 17.2% over          Copies are in the back.
                                                                                  the previous February. The largest            • Participated in Clallam Para-
LINDA OTT                       CPS               Customer Service Clerk          areas of increase were in assessable       transit negotiations and contract
                                                                                  expenses which were up $6,826.63,          vote.
DONALD TRAUTMAN                 CTS                   Transit Operator
                                                                                  in payroll which was up $8,868.72             • Spent all day at First Transit
FERRON FLAVORS                KCMetro                   Rail Laborer              and in payroll taxes & benefits which      during the contract vote explaining
                                                                                  were up by $10,778.19 compared             the wage table.
JOHN VILLAGOMEz               METRO                 Rail Service Worker
                                                                                  to last January. This amounts to a            • Attended the un-official retire-
                                                                                  $1,394.64 deficit for the month com-       ment party for Richard Boehmer
                                                                                  pared to a surplus of $18,998.66 for       former Operator of the year.
                                                                                  February 2009.                                • On February 10th attended the
                                                                                                                             Operator of the month luncheon
  In the month of February                             Bills:                         My activities for the                  and helped present former ATU 587
          2010…                            All financial figures are subject to             month:                           member Tim Mack with the Manager
                                        the review of the Executive Board.           • Working on the budget with            of the Month award or as it is oth-
   we reported four new members
                                        In February total income was              the budget committee. We had a             erwise known the Willard Award.
to the ATU International. One is
                                        $242,866.78 which is an increase of       deficit of $109,000.00 last year so        He will display his rat proudly in
employed at Clallam Paratransit
                                        $7,941.91 or 3.4% over last Febru-        we aggressively reduce and control         his office.
Services, one at Clallam Transit
                                        ary. Initiation fees were also down       costs. Highlights include: Reduction          • On February 24th the relocation
and the other two at METRO/King
                                        by $6,268.00 or 85.7% compared to         of the COPE payroll budget by half,        committee and the Fulltime officers
County. This brings are total active
                                        last February. Unfortunately that         closing of our offsite storage at the      met with are agent to discuss the
membership to 4085. This is an in-
                                        trend will most likely hold for the       end of this month, no snacks for           search for new office space includ-
crease of 10 members compared this
                                        rest of 2010.                             membership meetings, no bottled            ing possibly purchasing a building
time last year when we had 4075
                                           Per Capita payments totaled            water for the office, reducing the         of our own.
active members.

   A horse is a horse of course of course…
       This photo was taken by
     Ludwig Becker, our intrepid
     Executive Board officer from
     the Peninsula properties. He
     works for Jefferson County’s
    transit system. All his fellow
      officers are certain that this
       unusual sight was due to
     his recognizing the necessity
      of transporting an assistive
           animal as he saw it
         “saddle up to the bus.”

                                                                                                                                                 April 2010

                                        The Recording Secretary’s Report
                                                                                                   By Brian Sherlock

  Working our way through
           e have organized 1 st         after the bus side pick and the
           Transit and are working       timeline does not allow sufficient
           our way through teeth-        time for that group’s Shop Steward
ing issues with an employer who          elections. Why in the world would
has earned the honor of being            Link not want to move the pick a
the worst transit employer in the        couple of days to coincide with the              “…it will be interesting to see if Sound
country. I believe that the Seattle      bus side pick? It would save money
office may well be their best in the     and reduce problems. The trade-off                Transit and Metro can cooperate long
country; however, ten percent of         is the illusion of control at the cost
their employees have nominated           of increased expense and increased                  enough to negotiate together with
themselves to be Shop Stewards.          personnel troubles. I keep defending
At insightfully managed employers,       the managers there as good folks;                  us as we work through the areas in
there is little need for the defense     they seem well-intended and thus,
of Stewards and a small fraction of      I am baffled. Maybe cooperation is                    which our interests overlap. ”
senior members come forward to           actually a bad thing. Similarly, it
handle the renewal of already excel-     will be interesting to see if Sound
lent contracts. This overwhelming        Transit and Metro can cooperate
response, from those who know this       long enough to negotiate together
employer best, suggests that we will     with us as we work through the
have an interesting, if bumpy road       areas in which our interests overlap.
ahead. On a brighter note, our new       It is vital that we lay out the smooth
members have reason to celebrate         movement of employees and their          cooperation here as well.                soon have it up to twenty. Well, that
more than the enormous improve-          records as they transfer from bus           The reduced number of new hires       will have to wait, although quality
ments their contract has delivered;      to rail and vice versa. Common           and initiation fees has combined         over quantity has always been my
the candidates for Shop Steward          sense would suggest that it should       with the expense of our new (and         goal. I know there will be a lot of
are a remarkably skilled group who       be nearly impossible for the two         excellent) second Vice President, and    complaining if editing is necessary.
leave little doubt that whoever is       management teams to not find com-        our budget has developed a deficit.      Most authors strenuously object to
chosen, the representation will be       mon interest and sit together with       Part of the solution has been to limit   messing with their writing after
top drawer.                              us as we iron out helpful contract       the News Review to 12 pages. It had      they have put significant effort into
   At Sound Transit, the problems        language. Thus far, the only work-       grown to 16 for recent issues. I have    it. My apologies in advance should
with Rail pick schedules continue.       able solution is looking like a long     been told that several managers          anyone’s ox be gored, or gore be
The Supervisor pick is held well         shot, but we will continue to urge       had a bet going on whether I would       axed…

President’s Report, continued
from transit last summer but left as      Healthy Incentive Plan –                I understand costs are increasing        tributing to the dramatic increase in
his legacy, a VEBA plan that allows                                               greater than overall inflation and       costs. It’s not that I’m not grateful
Employees to chose whether or not
                                                 WEB MD                           as an end user I may have to pay         to be alive and receiving continuing
to participate in VEBA by controlling       A complete waste of time - need I     more, but nobody from the King           care. I am! But please, put a stop
their General Leave and Holiday          say more? I was opposed to former        County Council should negotiate a        to time wasting healthy incentives
accounts. CTS General Leave and          President Norton agreeing to three       huge take away, and then criticize       plans from places like WEB MD or
Holiday accounts are similar to our      more years of this lunacy, and you       our coverage in the press.               this Union will be shopping else-
Accumulated Compensation (AC)            can rest assured I will not be agree-       As a cancer survivor, I know I’m      where.
account where Employees bank             ing to continue this nonsense. At        lucky to have medical coverage              In solidarity,
hours for later use. The difference      the time of this writing, I’ve almost    and that, with the cost of surgery,         Paul J. Bachtel
is at CTS when an Employee banks         reached gold by inputting pointless      chemo/radiation, and continuing             President / Business Representative
more hours than the contract allows,     data and answering stupid ques-          care, I’m one of the member’s con-
the hours are cashed out into a VEBA     tions. I have to confess, I lied about
account rather than paid out in the      the number of steps I’ve walked
next paycheck. Employees make a          each day and didn’t bother read-
decision to either invest in VEBA by
allowing their accounts to increase
                                         ing the material before answering
                                         the questions. I still managed to
                                         answer over 90% of the questions
                                                                                           WORK SITE VISITS
above the contractual limit or use
the hours for time off. One anecdote     correctly. How? Because they’re                       Paul Bachtel, President, will be visiting
                                         stupid questions! I realize that the
from our recent CTS negotiations
                                         object is to make getting to gold so
                                                                                            various work sites during the month of April.
was of an Employee who decided                                                               Below is a list of times, dates and locations.
to purchase orthodontia for one of       onerous that as many members as
his children. He allowed his hour’s      possible are left at silver or bronze        April 9th     East Operations                4:00 am – 6:30 am
bank to increase above the contrac-      levels. Thus, costs are less than
                                                                                                    East Vehicle Maintenance       6:30 am – 7:00 am
tual limit and in doing so funded        having everyone at gold.
his VEBA account sufficient to pay          Almost as annoying as WEB MD,
for his child’s orthodontia with tax     but not quite, is an unnamed King            April 16th    Bellevue Operations            4:00 am – 6:30 am
free dollars. An Employee also has       County Council member who is
                                                                                                    Bellevue Vehicle Maintenance   6:30 am – 7:00 am
the option to save those dollars for     making political hay by criticizing
retiree medical costs.                   our level of benefit coverage. This
   In the coming negotiations, we        after our Union agreed to triple my          April 23rd    North Operations               4:00 am – 6:30 am
will be proposing the addition of a      deductable, triple my out of pocket
                                                                                                    North Vehicle Maintenance      6:30 am – 7:00 am
VEBA account with more attractive        maximum, decrease my cover-
funding options.                         age from 90% to 85%, and greatly
                                         increase my prescription co pays.

                                                                                                                                                    April 2010

                               The View from                                                                                              Retirees’
                                 the Buses          By Bob Morgan, Retired First-Line Supervisor

          s I was lying in bed the other   half an hour on a Sunday, maybe           124 NE. The PM terminal was just        then put the new one in its place.
          morning, for some reason, I      2 places were open so you could           west of 124 Av NE on the downhill.      Remember the first few times I
          started to remember some         get some food or at least out of the      As I pulled around the corner to        did this the mechanics were in the
of the work I drove in my first few        weather. Oh, and no there were not        head to the zone some kids tried        corner taking bets. Ah, fun times.
years. Maybe it was just a night-          any relief cars, just the bus.But hey,    to cross the road. Brake and then           Got another message from Dale
mare, who knows.                           back to the transfers.The transfers       into a slide, I don’t know why but      Bartz, no the house in the Philip-
   I had some interesting work at          we used at first Dearborn and later       instantly I opened the rear doors       pines isn’t done yet. Heard by way
first Jefferson, then Dearborn, At-        East were different than the “City.”      remembering that 45 to 60 PSI of        of Gary Pilcher that LeRoy Lalley
lantic, and finally East and ending        We would punch inbd or outbd              air would go to the rear brakes.        and Duane DeWitt are traveling in
at South. Most of my first years was       then the zones in the appropriate         Well it worked, the coach strait-       SE Asia. Also heard that Duanes
on the extra board. The board is           boxes. In the City it was way more        ened out and I was able to stop         wife had passed away after a battle
nothing as it is now. It was a rotat-      complicated. you had To and From          prior to running down the kids. I       with cancer. Am assuming as I
ing board. Depending on the size of        transfers. you had a 7 To Rainier         then discovered why our uniforms        write this the group from Arizona,
the base, the board had a blue line        (with the turnbacks). The customer        consisted of brown pants!               along with some from this area, are
which moved “X” number of lines            couldn’t use a To transfer on a From         In 1978 we got the first of the      in the San Deigo area golfing. This
daily. If your spot on the board was       trip, in other words, if you went on      Artic’s at East Base. I was the first   includes: Jim Patrick, Terry Comp-
directly below the blue line, you got      a S/B 7 you couldn’t return on a #        on the E-Board to qualify. Later as     ton, Roger Cady, Mark Hartman,
the earliest piece available, by quit      7 unless you payed another fare.          the new coaches arrived at East, I      and Harold Mann.The Northend
time. If the blue line was above your      When I went through training, our         was detailed to take them to the old    breakfast had a new member this
spot, then the reverse, you got the        instructor took us on the “Octopus.”      body shop at the old Atlantic Base.     past weekend, Lance Norton fi-
latest work available, even night          Laugh if you want, but it was as real     This was not fun at all. The mirrors    nally made it to a get together. you
work (remember, all night work             and absolutely terrible as it sounds      were flat glass on both sides, no ID    all would have liked it as Lance was
is assigned first then early runs,         even today. I can’t remember all the      decals anywhere and no fare box         in his Saturday casual attire (that
etc.). yes there was a night board,        routes involved, but the gist of it all   or radio. W/B SR 520 to S/B I-5,        means no tie, but Sport coat and
but just like today, night work first!     was the combination of 7–8 routes         imagine if you will, trying to merge    Slacks). Also got some sad news
The neat thing was that the board          into one. They ran on Sundays and         4 lanes to the right with flat glass    that Ed Cowarts, the hostler at
usually covered a 1 month cycle,           Holidays only. I remember that one        mirrors. I didn’t use the mirrors,      Central, had passed away. I know I
so you could look at the future of         relief point was at 15 W & Dravus         so I stood up and looked out the        can speak for most who worked in
that blue line and almost make             for most trips. The operator would        side windows (yes at the posted         the control Center over the past 10
plans up to 3 weeks out. Being at          have to take “BOOKS” of transfers         speed limit). But the best part was     + years that Ed was a great person
Jefferson to start with was great,         for all the routes “TO & FROM.”           picking up the other coach to take      to work with, period.
almost everyday was daylighters,           Routes I remember were the 3, 4, 5,       back to East. The body shop had             Well I think that is enough for
early combos. Then the end of the          6, 8, 15, 31, and another that escapes    12-foot-wide lanes with equipment       this month...and we’ll see you soon,
summer vacations, oh, oh Relief            me. Most trips you only did ¾ of the      parked along each side and I had to     from the buses.
Runs. These I got every other week-        routes before you covered your 8          back the Artic out of the stall and
end. One thing I remember about            hours. These routes I’ve mentioned
working nights back then was the           are for the most part not even close
“3” rings from the call box at night       to what is running today. Most of
in the CBD. As I mentioned in an           you don’t remember Dash Signs,

                                                                                                   KEEP YOUR
earlier article, there were call boxes     though some are used today, we
scattered throughout the CBD, even         had one for every trip, sometimes
some on the outlying terminals.            more than one for the same trip.The
Working nights, prior to all coaches       person who left the barn in the AM

having radios, for the night coaches,      on the Octopus had to make sure
including the Owls, at your as-            that they had all the dash signs for
signed layover(s) there was a call         the days work, even their reliefs.
box within ear shot. The coordina-             Oh, and the equipment we had

tor would, at the appropriate time,        to drive. Some were antiques, espe-
ring the bell 3 times, signaling that      cially the Trollys (circa 1938), some
you, and others laying over, were          days you just got on the coach and
clear to leave the CBD. When the           made the best of it, why, well bet-
fleet became 100% radio equipped           ter what you have than what you                    (A request from our Local 8 Union office staff)
in 1979, the coordinator would just        could get with a coach change. As I
give a “call mode” message that it         was about to qualify as an operator         Throughout the year Local 587 mails letters to our
was time to leave the CBD.                 Metro was receiving their new AM
   The other thing as I write this         General coaches. These were the             membership� The most recent mailing contained
was the transfers and fare zones.          first new coaches in the area since         the King County Metro contract survey� With each
There were some 80 different fare          Seattle Transit had bought the 700s
zones throughout the county and            in the late 1960s. Oh yeah, fast, with      mailing sent, the union receives a small percentage of
into Snohomish county as well.             a 3 speed overdrive tranny, an air          letters returned due to improper address�
Let’s say you wanted to go to              ride seat and Transigns. Problem
Bothell from Burien. The 240 was           was the Transigns didn’t work until
the route to take, 2 ½ hours each          1978 or so and all of these coaches         Local 587 maintains a database that in part includes
way and 8 fare zones. Now the fare         didn’t have radio’s until 1979.             the names and addresses of our King County Metro
zones were at Southcenter, just past       The nickname for the coaches was
Renton Boeing, Newport Hills, Bel-         “Gremlin.” This was not because             members� The King County Metro section of the
levue, Kirkland, Juanita and finally       American Motors built them, no,             database is updated monthly from data provided by
Brickyard at NE 160th. yes, I do           it was because of all the problems
remember the fare 20 cent base fare        they had. How many problems,                King County Metro�
and 10 cents zone fare.One other           let’s just say that we could write
thing I remember about the old             an article on that.The front brakes         If you are a King County Metro employee and your
240. you left the base in the morn-        seemed to grab more than the rear,
ing but got relieved in Bellevue,          which made driving in the snow              name and address is not current with King County
and it was always just as the route        was quite an experience. I remember         Metro, you may not receive union mailings� Please
headed downtown had passed. So             one afternoon in October of 1977, we
you waited 30 minutes for the next         got a good amount of snow, and I            keep your name and address current with King
coach. Oh, did I mention that your         was doing an outbound tripper on            County Metro�
pay stopped when you got relieved?         the 255. In those days you had an
So there you are, in Bellevue for          AM/PM terminal at NE 124 and


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