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					Fall air
 IndIanapolIs Zoo   Magazine
                               is iN the

                                  fall+ wInter 2012/13
       IndIanapolIs Zoo                              publisher taps Zookeeper’s expertise
   The Indianapolis Zoo empowers                     Recently the Indianapolis Zoo was contacted by Johns Hopkins University
    people and communities, both                     Press to participate in writing a review of its newly published book Venomous
   locally and globally, to advance                  Reptiles of the United States, Canada, and Northern Mexico: Crotalus (Volume
         animal conservation.                        2), written by Carl and Evelyn Ernst.

                                                     Individuals from zoological institutions and aquariums are highly sought
specIal thanks to our sponsors
                                                     after to review materials such as this. It isn’t easy to come by an intensive
Flights of Fancy:
A Brilliance of Birds                                husbandry-based background working with animals that are the focus of
presented by                                         scientific research!

                                                     Dan Madigan, one of our Deserts keepers, has extensive expertise in this area.
Bats presented by
                                                     Having personally cared for a vast variety of snake species over the last 12
Zoo Babies                                           years — including several individual species from within the genus Crotalus
presented by                                         (think rattlesnake) — he was pleased to participate and offer his review of this
                                                     reference book. We are honored to have experts like Dan on our staff.
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Christmas at the Zoo
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                                                     GIve wIth
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Nursing Moms Nest
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                                                     — every dollar you commit is like a
Splash Park
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                                                     us how you really feel about how we have
Distance Learning                                    done this year. Think about it.
Program presented by

                                                     •	 Have	you	enjoyed	our	new	
Conservation Station
presented by                    The UPS Foundation      exhibits and programs?

Drop Dead Gorgeous                                   •	 Have	you	been	inspired	to	do	
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                                                        more for conservation?

Giraffe Exhibit and                                  •	 Have	we	helped	you	to	amaze	and	
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Official Recycling
partner                                              •	 Have	we	made	your	heart	race	with	
                                                        excitement at hand-feeding an exotic
Zoopolis 500
presented by                                            bird for the first time or coming
                                                        face-to-face with a tiger?
Art and Nature programming
supported by the Arts Council
of Indianapolis and the                              If you answered YES! to any of these
City of Indianapolis.                                questions, don’t you want to show it?
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VIP Reception sponsor                                                                                                           Photos: Jackie Curts, Gabi Moore, Rob Schumaker
                                                        Cover: Lioness Zuri climbing a tree covered in fall foliage. Photo: Kerrie Best
                                                                           no easY answers
                                                                           Life is complicated. I suppose that’s not news to anyone, but
                                                                           it was reinforced during a trip several friends of the Zoo and I
                                                                           took to Malaysian Borneo this past May. As you might expect,
                                                                          the main purpose of our trip was to see orangutans and to better
                                                                         understand their precarious status in the wild. We certainly saw
                                                                        orangutans, both close-up and high in the forest canopy, and I think
                                                                       we understand things better, too. That’s going to be very important as
                                                                      we work to protect them through the development of the International
                                                                     Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo.

                                                                 One of the reasons life is complicated is that we are always trying to
                                                              maintain the right balance between competition and cooperation. Both we and
                                                           orangutans need to compete if we are to flourish, but the concept of biodiversity
                                                        requires that we leave room for others, too. The ecosystems that sustain our individual
                                                   lives and our civilizations need a complex web of interrelationships between species to
                                             sustain them, and one of the biggest challenges our planet faces is the accelerating loss of the
                                    biodiversity that supports those interrelationships.
                            Much of the challenge facing orangutans results from a wonderful product called palm oil. You’ll find palm
  Photo: Michael Crowther
                            oil in cosmetics, candy and cleaning products. It comes from oil palm trees, and oil palm plantations are
                            blanketing Borneo at an almost unbelievable rate. It’s a great product for the people of Malaysia and Indonesia,
                            strengthening their economy and opening global markets to them.

                            But orangutans can’t live in oil palm plantations, and the oil palms displace the rainforests where the red apes have
                            lived since time immemorial. That challenge is compounded by the orangutans’ need for contiguous forest – large
                            connected swaths of woodlands that not only support orangutans’ dietary needs but also their social structure.

                            Orangutans, you see, are not like the African great apes (the gorillas, chimpanzees, and bonobos), living in family
                            groups and clans. Orangutans have a much looser social structure, with a few adult females frequently living
                            more or less alone in a forest, accompanied only by their young offspring. Male orangutans don’t live with the
                            females; they move through the forest, avoiding other males, looking for receptive females.

                            That “receptive” part is important. Not only are female orangutans the decision-makers when it comes to
                            reproduction, they are also completely unreceptive to males while their young are still living with them … and
                            that’s usually seven to nine years! This results in orangutans having the longest inter-birth interval of any land
                            mammal, and also helps explain one of the biggest challenges facing orangutan sustainability in the wild: the
                            inability of male and female orangutans to make contact with each other due to forest fragmentation. In many
                            places, logging, oil palm plantations, roads and other development have fragmented the forest into small plots
                            that may contain orangutans, but which leave them isolated from potential partners. Orangutans are arboreal,
                            and need trees not only for diet and shelter but also for transportation.

                            The Indianapolis Zoo is creating relationships and partnerships with individuals and groups in Malaysia and
                            Indonesia who are committed to protecting existing orangutan habitat, restoring lost forest and connecting
                            forest fragments via tree “corridors.” And we’ll be working hard to maintain balance, trying to support human
                            economic drivers without sacrificing the survival of the only Asian great ape.

                            The International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo will not only be the best zoo exhibit anywhere, it
                            will also be the global center for orangutan conservation, through awareness, resource distribution, research and
                            public involvement. Life is complicated, but your Indianapolis Zoo is up to it!

                            Michael I. Crowther, President and CEO, Indianapolis Zoo
                                                                                                  w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M   3
new at
the Zoo
                                                                        Zoo Babies
                                                                        Presented by Community Health Network


                                                                                                                                                                            Photo: Ja
                                                                                                                                                                         ck ie Cur
                                                                        Nyah                                                   southern

                                                  Photo: Jackie Curts

                                                                                                                               Ground hornbills
                                                                                                                               With the “brilliance of birds” in the
The Indianapolis Zoo is no stranger to setting records when it comes to our African                                            Encounters exhibit, it may surprise
elephant breeding program. In 2000, Kubwa became the world’s first African elephant to                                         you to know that the Southern ground
become pregnant and give birth via artificial insemination, and has gone on to become                                          hornbill is one of the most unique
the first to do so three times! Kubwa’s herd mate Ivory has followed suit, also giving birth                                   species of bird here at the Zoo.
to three calves via AI. With her third calf, however, Ivory set some records of her own.
                                                                                                                               What makes it so special? In the bird
During an elephant pregnancy, trainers begin staying around the clock to monitor                                               world, Southern ground hornbills are
our mother elephants when time of birth appears to be approaching. This is estimated                                           long-lived, with recorded life spans
by changes in hormones analyzed through blood samples, by physical and behavioral                                              in human care of 50 years or more.
changes, and by averaging other known pregnancy lengths from our own and other zoos’                                           Although they are the tallest and
past pregnancies. This time around, Ivory kept us guessing. With trainers on watch 24/7,                                       heaviest of all hornbills — one of only
the weeks dragged on during one of the hottest stretches of weather in Indiana’s history.                                      two terrestrial species — they can fly
Temperatures soared into the 100s. Finally, on June 28, after a very short labor, Ivory gave                                   if needed. They range as far north as
birth to a 244-pound female calf at 11:48pm. Ivory’s trainers and veterinary staff were                                        Kenya and as far south as Southern
both excited and relieved to welcome this new baby girl, who arrived after the longest                                         Africa, preferring savanna grasslands,
gestational period (time of pregnancy) of all six calves born here at the Indianapolis Zoo!                                    scrub and light woodlands.

Nyah has spent her first few weeks bonding with her 30-year-old mother, exploring her                                          Their long sharp bills are specially
surroundings, including both exhibit yards, and meeting the other elephants. With each                                         adapted to catch dinner, which consists
new calf, our herd becomes more experienced and is now starting to resemble the family                                         of lizards, birds, small mammals, large
groupings seen in wild elephants. Kubwa and Ivory have honed their mothering skills and                                        insects, snakes and carrion. They have
“aunties” Tombi and Sophi have become confident and caring babysitters. Ivory’s new                                            a bright red throat patch that can
calf provides an especially important learning opportunity for big sister Zahara. Young                                        be inflated and a casque — a hollow
female elephants learn to care for calves by                                                                                   spongy structure made out of keratin
watching and playing with them. This gives                                        NYAH                                         — to make their vocalizations louder.
them valuable skills when caring for their
own future offspring, and at 5 years old,                                                                                      The two hornbills we have are sisters
Zahara is the perfect age to begin learning!                                                                                   hatched in 2007 and 2008. You can
                                                                                                                               find them on exhibit in Encounters.
While we celebrate the birth of Ivory’s
newest baby and the first birthday of
Kubwa’s baby Kalina, we also recognize                                                                                         A Big Bird
the important role they play in advancing                                                                                      A Southern ground
our efforts toward the conservation of                                                                                         hornbill can reach
the African elephant. Thank you for
                                                                                                                               40	inches	tall.
your support and be sure to stop by and
watch our herd in action.
                                                                                                                               The height of
                                                                                                                               an average man
           By Jill Sampson, Senior Elephant Trainer
                                                                                                                               is	70	inches.
                                                                                                    Photo: Jack
4      IndIanapolIs Zoo                  Fall+wInter 2012/13                                                      ie Cu rt s
                                                                                                                                                 new at
                                                                                                                                                 the Zoo
Red Pandas ♥ WinteR
Red pandas love the winter — in no small
part	because	of	the	amazing	adaptations	
they’ve developed to fend off the cold.
•	 Their	thick	coat	of	reddish	fur	is	even	
   more remarkable than meets the eye.
   It’s so thick that rain and snow can’t saturate it.                                                   Photo
                                                                                                                 : Jack ie
                                                                                                                             Cu r ts

•	 Red	pandas	can	curl	into	a	tight	ball	and	use	their	large	thick	tail	
   to keep them warm while sleeping. This is especially helpful in the
   brutal cold found in their home range in southwestern China and the                                                                 Photo: Tim Ardillo
   eastern	Himalayas.
•	 The	bottoms	of	their	feet	are	also	covered	with	thick	fur	to	keep	their	                                                            oceans reef fun facts
   paws warm. It is almost like they are wearing mittens!                                                                              Winter is coming, but don’t let that
                                                                                                                                       put your Zoo fun on ice. There are
See this remarkable mammal all winter long in the Forests Biome.                                                                       plenty of warm indoor attractions
                                                                                                                                       that are perfect for you and your
                                                                                                                                       family to enjoy. For example, here
We love that our members are so invested in the Zoo                                                                                    are just a few of the amazing things
and clamor for updates on their favorite animals.                                                                                      you can discover for yourself on your
                                                                                                                                       next trip to the Oceans building.
new Mesh for eagle                                   the king courts                                                                   •	 Green	moray	eels	are	really	
We can’t always give advance warning                 With our 19-year-old female lion                                                     blue. They have a yellow mucus
when an animal is off exhibit, but you               Shamfa past reproductive age,                                                        covering their bodies that makes
can trust we have a good reason for it.              4-year-old male lion Nyack has been                                                  them appear green.
                                                     showing some interest in 6-year-old                                               •	 One	purple	mouth	moray	can	lay	
An example of this was in the Forests
                                                     lioness Zuri. Unfortunately Nyack and                                                more than 10,000 tiny eggs at a
Biome in June when the eagle exhibit
                                                     Zuri’s mating behavior has only been                                                 time.
received new mesh. This will make the
                                                     intermittent so far. Zuri was implanted
area safer for both the birds and the                                                                                                  •	 The	moray	eel	exhibit	replicates	a	
                                                     with a contraceptive device four years
keepers and allow us to manage bird care                                                                                                  natural coral reef, with the water
                                                     ago (per the Lion Species Survival Plan).
and introductions in the exhibit better.                                                                                                  temperature between 77-78° F.
                                                     Two years later she was approved for
Between maintenance, routine health                  breeding, but it has taken longer than                                            •	 A	longhorned	cowfish	is	
checks and preventative care, we always              expected for the implant to wear off.                                                poisonous to predators.
have the welfare of the animals at                   Could there be lion cubs in our future?                                           •	 Orange-shouldered	tangs	have	a	
heart!                                               We’ll have to wait and see!                                                          “scalpel” spine located on each
                                                                      Submitted by Kristin Bingham, Plains Keeper                         side of the narrow area located
                                                                                                                                          just before the tail that it uses for
                                                         kalina                                                                           defense and protection. It also
                                                             Elephant calf Kalina – born on July                                          explains their other name —
                                                             20, 2011 – is growing by leaps and                                           surgeonfish!
                                                              bounds! By one year she was already                                      •	 Emperor	angelfish	eat	parasites	
                                                              856 pounds. Kalina has started                                              from larger fish in addition to
                                                               learning new training behaviors                                            eating algae.
                                                               such as leading, lifting her feet and                                   •	 All	of	the	species	of	wrasse	
                                                                lying down. While on exhibit she is                                       housed in the moray eel exhibit
                                                                 enjoying the elephant pool and has                                       are known to bury themselves in
                                                                 been swimming with Kubwa (her                                            the sand when frightened … or
                                                                  mom), Tombi and Sophi.                                                  when sleeping!
                                                                 Submitted by Niki Kowalski, Senior Trainer, Plains
                                              ie Cu rt   s
                                  Photo: Jack                                                                                    w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M     5
Campaign for Conservation
              and Community
                                              We are proud to present to you the
                                              Indianapolis Zoo’s Campaign for
                                              Conservation and Community: Saving
                                              the Orangutans. It will change the face
                                              of the Zoo forever and serve as a beacon
                                              of	hope	to	zoos	and	conservation	
                                              organizations	worldwide.	

                                              what is it all about?
                                              This project is about winning hearts, inspiring minds and
                                              advancing conservation. The $30 million goal of the campaign
                                              will fund significant new exhibits, highlighted by a global
                                              center for orangutan awareness opening in 2014: the all-new
                                              International Orangutan Center.

                                              While further solidifying the Indianapolis Zoo’s position as one
                                              the world’s leaders in animal conservation, the educational and
                                              research components of the International Orangutan Center will
                                              spur interest in saving this species from extinction. It will also
                                              impact the economic life of our community as millions of people
                                              visit what is already anticipated to be one of the world’s best zoo

                                                                            Tim Solso, campaign chairman
                                               This	project                 and former chairman and CEO
                                                   is about                 of Cummins Inc., described the
                                                                            urgency of our efforts this way:
                                                  winning                   “We have a challenge and an
                                                                            opportunity. The challenge is that
                                                    hearts,                 many of the world’s wild things and
                                                 inspiring                  wild places will not be around for
                                                                            our grandchildren to experience.
                                                minds and                   At their present rate of decline,
                                                advancing                   orangutans will become extinct
                                                                            during my grandchildren’s lifetime.
                                             conservation.                  We do not intend to let that happen.
                                                                            Our opportunity is the creation of a
                                              global center for orangutan conservation at the Indianapolis Zoo.
                                              Building on the model of the Indianapolis Prize, the International
                                              Orangutan Center will engage people, enlighten them and
                                              empower them to save this wondrous species from disappearing
                                              from our world forever.”

                                              In addition to the spectacular International Orangutan Center
                                              (2014), the Campaign is funding projects and programming that
                                                                                            [Please turn to page 9]
                                              LUCY, 28-YEAR-OLD FEMALE ORANGUTAN
                                              Photo: Jackie Curts
6   IndIanapolIs Zoo   Fall+wInter 2012/13

                                                                             6                                                 3


the InternatIonal oranGutan center
  1      the hutan trail                       The Atrium below is a four-season                    5       the skyline
                                               ecosystem where orangutans and humans
The Hutan Trail is an ingenious                                                                  The Skyline is a dramatic aerial ride above
                                               can come together regardless of weather
interpretation of an orangutan highway                                                           the Zoo, taking visitors close to the Hutan
                                               conditions. With an internal height of 90
through the forest. One of the most                                                              Trail for a unique perspective on the
                                               feet, it allows orangutans to climb and
exciting features of the International                                                           orangutans. The small Skyline passenger
                                               move as orangutans, not as humans have
Orangutan Center, the cables and bridges                                                         fee will generate an estimated half million
                                               constrained them in the past. The Atrium
of the Hutan Trail allow orangutans to                                                           dollars in annual revenue to help fund the
                                               has both indoor and outdoor viewing for
leave the Atrium and travel across the Zoo                                                       orangutans’ care in Indianapolis.
                                               guests, and houses interpretive spaces and a
— directly over the heads of Zoo guests!
                                               theater-style demonstration laboratory.
Perhaps most importantly, the Hutan Trail
allows orangutans to make choices such                                                              6       exploration hub
as where they go and with whom they
                                                 3      the oases                                The Exploration Hub will be perhaps
                                                                                                 the most exciting exhibit element
                                               The Oases are three special places where
                                                                                                 for Zoo visitors, scientists and others
         the atrium and the                    the orangutans can go if they wish to be
  2      Beacon of hope
                                               apart from others or for encounters with
                                                                                                 who will have a remarkable window
                                                                                                 into the orangutans’ world, facilitating
                                               staff and visitors. The oases will provide
                                                                                                 engagement, discovery and learning.
The iconic Beacon of Hope stretches            up-close orangutan viewing as they learn,
                                                                                                 Visitors to the Indianapolis Zoo will
150 feet into the sky. At night, it will be    play and rest.
                                                                                                 play a significant role in providing these
illuminated by lights the orangutans turn
                                                                                                 intelligent animals with engaging ways
on themselves, reminding Indianapolis that
there is still hope for orangutans, but that     4      community plaza
                                                                                                 to stimulate their minds. Students and
                                                                                                 other visitors may observe scientists
hope is centered on us. We believe the
                                               Community Plaza is the open-air viewing           researching orangutans’ amazing mental
legend of The Beacon of Hope will spread
                                               and gathering place in front of the               abilities. Observe and interact closely with
far and wide and that Hoosiers will tell its
                                               Atrium’s Window on the Forest. The story          the orangutans and learn how you can
story to visitors for generations to come.
                                               of the orangutans’ Indonesian home                help secure the future of orangutans by
                                               begins to unfold in Community Plaza with          safeguarding the forests that sustain all
For more information, visit                  sights, sounds and interpretive graphics.         aspects of their lives.

                                                                                              w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M     7
 InternatIonal oranGutan center tIMelIne
 2012                                                     2013
auG       sept      oct        nov          dec            Jan           feB               Mar        apr            MaY           June

             Sept 4: Groundbreaking

                                                              IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TREES
                                                                          Photos: Mike Crowther

          What I Saw in
                                      at rIsk
                                      A group of us just returned from a trip to
                                      Borneo this May (see page 3 for more details),
                                      and what we saw further reinforced the
                                      crucial role the International Orangutan
                                      Center will play as a catalyst for action —
                                      both in zoos and in the wild.

                                      Throughout their range in the wild, orangutans are being displaced
                                      by habitat conversion, primarily for agricultural development. Currently, the biggest
                                      threat involves the clear-cutting of primary forest to create palm oil plantations. As a
                                      result, the number of wild orangutans continues to shrink, and some populations have
                                      become so small that they are no longer sustainable. This simply means that, over time,
                                       the number of deaths will be greater than the number of births. The common-sense
                                        answer in these situations is that the population needs to be increased, but that requires
                                        more space.

                                          Among the great apes, orangutans have a number of important distinctions. They are
                                          the only great apes found exclusively in Southeast Asia — namely Borneo and Sumatra.
                                      With bodies perfectly suited for climbing and hanging, they spend most of their lives high
                                      in the forest. They have an extended social system, and adults may spend long stretches
                                      of time living alone. Females may have only one offspring every seven to nine years, the
                                      slowest rate of reproduction for any land mammal. Unfortunately, they also have the
                                      distinction of being the first great ape to be threatened with extinction in recorded history.

                                      Happily, there is good news to share. New initiatives aim to reforest land adjacent to
                                      good orangutan habitat. Poor habitat is being revitalized with plantings that produce
                                      healthy orangutan foods. Also, corridors between orangutan home ranges are being
                                      created. These small steps are critical, and they require sustained effort and support to
                                      be successful.

                                      The Indianapolis Zoo is proud to be sponsoring these activities, and we look forward
                                      to increasing our support over time. This critical effort will be a primary focus of
                                      the International Orangutan Center when it opens in 2014. Until then, our dedicated
                                      conservation staff continues to collaborate with our colleagues working on the ground
                                      in Malaysia and Indonesia to secure a future for wild orangutans.

                                                                                                                Dr. Rob Shumaker
                                                                                                     Vice President of Life Sciences
 8      IndIanapolIs Zoo   Fall+wInter 2012/13
JulY        auG              sept       oct        nov            dec            Jan              feB            Mar              apr          MaY

       November	2013:	Substantial	completion                    November	2013-May	2014:	Orangutan	orientation

                                                                                                               May	2014:	VIP	previews
                                                                                                         May	24,	2014:	Public	opening

   [Continued from page 6]
                                                how can I help?                         The orangutans
   reinforce the Indianapolis Zoo’s position    All of us face the profound
   as a world-class institution, including:     challenge of sustaining                 don’t have a voice,
   •	 Tiger	Forest	(opened	2011);	              the wonders of our planet               but we do.
                                                and its species for future
   •	 New	Entry	Plaza	(opened	2012);
                                                generations. The question is:           Use your smartphone to scan this QR code.
   •	 The	all-new	Encounters	area	featuring	    HOW DO WE SUCCEED?
      Flights of Fancy: A Brilliance of Birds
      presented by Citizens Energy Group        We believe we have the answer, but it is           strengthen Indianapolis’ conservation
      (opened 2012).                            going to take all of our strength, initiative      leadership around the world.
                                                and hard-won experience to make it
   Profound challenges — and rare               happen. Join us in saving the orangutans;          The orangutans don’t have a voice, but
   opportunities — require extraordinary        elevate enlightenment, education and               we do. Won’t you help them? Find out
   responses. When the two coincide, it’s       economic development here at home; and             more at
   important to act and act quickly! With
   your help, the community and your
   Indianapolis Zoo can do just that.
                                                   CONSTRUCTION CHATS
   what are our goals?                             Watch the Member eNews for information on Orangutan
   The Indianapolis Zoo and generous               Construction	Chats	for	Spring	2013.	Subjects	will	include:
   members and supporters like you have
   an opportunity to help save one of the          •	 The Big Picture: Conservation challenges
   most endangered species in the animal              facing	orangutans	(and	how	you	can	help).
   kingdom, the orangutans, and to                                                                                                 p for t
   strengthen existing Zoo habitats:               •	 Dumpers & Diggers: Heavy	construction	                                   ed u easy! Jus
                                                                                                                          sign ’s
   •	 By	adding	a	new	skyline-enhancing	
                                                      equipment at work building the                                  notnews? Itme up” to om	
                                                                                                                    the e l, “Sign dyzoo
      signature home for these great apes;            International Orangutan Center.                                       i        n
                                                                                                                        ema ship@i care of
   •	 By	rethinking	and	refreshing	some	of	                                                                                ber ’ll take
                                                   •	 Orangutans Among Us: How	are	we	                                 mem d we           !
                                                                                                                          an         rest
      our Zoo’s most-loved attractions;               similar to orangutans? What makes them                                    the
   •	 By	establishing	our	community’s	                different?
      position as a world conservation leader
      as never before.

   Join the Fun
                                                                                                   thank You!
                                                                                                   Special thanks to Indiana
   Can’t	get	enough	of	the	Zoo?	Do	more!	Volunteer	opportunities	                                  Farm Bureau Insurance
   abound year round, especially during ZooBoo presented by                                        for sponsoring the 2012
   Indianapolis	Honda	Dealers	and	Christmas	at	the	Zoo	presented	by	                               Indianapolis Zoo Map.
   Donatos and Teachers Credit Union. We’re looking for volunteers at                              Get a copy on your next
   least	17	years	old	who	enjoy	interacting	with	all	ages	and	are	available	                       visit or find a copy at
   for event training. Learn more online at or by                     — just
                                                                                                   click on About the Zoo and
   calling	the	Volunteer	Services	Office	at	(317)	630-2041.
                                                                                                   scroll down to Zoo Maps.
                                                                                                w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M   9
the Zoo
                                                                                                                                       Photo: Jackie Curts

tIGer caM: Get a quick tiger fix
Check out the Zoo’s Amur tigers from home during regular Zoo
hours using the Tiger Cam! This maneuverable camera is placed
right above their exhibit, so you can see them watching, stalking,
swimming	or	sleeping	(they	are	cats	after	all).	Zoom	in	or	out,	and	
pan up and down or side to side. It’s the next best thing to being at
the exhibit.

Just go to and click on About the Zoo and

dId You know? The Amur tiger is the largest of the five surviving
tiger species and is critically endangered. Only about 350-400 Amur
tigers survive in the wild, with about the same number in human
care around the world.

                                 Special Experiences
                                  Meeting zoo animals is only part of what you can
                                  experience at the Indianapolis Zoo. Immerse yourself
                                  in the wild with your choice of behind-the-scenes
                                   opportunities: paint with a penguin, get in the water
                                   with a dolphin and more!
                                   One of our newest programs, Dolphin Trainer 101,
                                   lets you learn how to become a dolphin trainer. In                     travel night
                                    this two-day camp, kids 10-14 years of age* are                       november 14 • 6pm
                                    immersed in the world of bottlenose dolphins and                      Indianapolis Zoo (white river Gardens)
                     their marine mammal trainers through games, crafts and behind-
the-scenes tours. The experience culminates in a Dolphin In-Water Adventure. The                          Want to go on the adventure of a
graduates of this program walk (or swim?) away with an experience of a lifetime!                          lifetime, but not sure where to start?
                                                                                                          Join us at the Zoo for our free Travel
Want to find out more about this and other amazing opportunities? Visit us at                             Night reception. and click on Special Zoo Experiences.
                                          * Program participants must be at least 4 feet 6 inches tall.   We’ll share details about two action-
                                                                                                          packed Zoo trips:

            lights! camera! action!                                                                       · Costa Rica (July 20-27, 2013)
                                                                                                          · Churchill, Manitoba (Fall 2013)
            hix Institute for research and conservation
                                                                                                          You’ll make memories to treasure
The Zoo’s Hix Institute has gone Hollywood — or as close as it’s ever going to get! Staff
                                                                                                          forever on these amazing adventures.
members have been busily producing videos for the Zoo’s YouTube channel to help
                                                                                                          Your host for the night, Charlie Hyde,
demonstrate the care and professionalism exhibited by Zoo staff. These fun videos also give
                                                                                                          is Director of Membership and a
you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes here at the Zoo.
                                                                                                          seasoned world traveler. The tour
The 11 videos are all approximately 2-3 minutes in length and have been posted regularly                  operators will join us to share photos,
since February. Topics include animal care, nutrition, veterinary care, horticulture, and                 personal experiences, and walk you
research and conservation. Some of the episodes you might especially enjoy are Lunch with                 through the journeys.
Penguins, Weigh-In at the Zoo, Dolphin Training 101, and our newest production, What’s
Old is New at the Indianapolis Zoo.                                                                       The event is free; RSVP to Jennifer
                                                                                                          Barker at (317) 630-2014.
Can’t wait to check them out? Visit us at
10       IndIanapolIs Zoo          Fall+wInter 2012/13
                                                                                                                    the Zoo
for the BIrds…                                    Fall is in the Air                                                   Photos: Missouri Botanical Garden PlantFinder
fall and winter                                                                        Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

fruiting plants                                                                        The ginkgo is an underutilized tree with a peculiar,
Do you lose interest in your garden                                                     distinctive leaf that turns a bright golden yellow in the
and flowerbeds during the winter                                                         fall. It’s is also known for its tolerance and adaptability
months? Maybe you shouldn’t — your                                                       to a variety of soil types.
neighborhood birds certainly don’t!
                                                                                           Black chokeberry

Food sources in the winter are often                                                     (Aronia melanocarpa)
scarce for birds. Fall fruiting plants are
                                                                                        Black chokeberry is one of the
important for migratory birds that build
                                                                                      few shrubs that bears attractive
up fat reserves before migration and as
                                                                                  flowers in the spring, reddish purple
a food source for non-migratory species
                                                                                         foliage in the fall and fruits in
that need to enter the winter season in
                                                                                                              the winter.
good physical condition. Fall-fruiting
plants include dogwoods, mountain ash,                                                     serviceberry

winterberries and cotoneasters.
                                                                                           (Amelanchier spp.)
If you feature plants in your garden that                                            Serviceberry is a medium-sized
bear winter fruit, not only will you enjoy                                        native tree reaching a height of
more wildlife in your backyard, you                                            six to 30 feet tall, depending on
will provide them with a food source as                                   the species. This shrub produces
well. Winter-fruiting plants are those            delicious edible berries in early summer, followed by
whose fruits remain attached to the               brilliant red foliage in the fall.
plants long after they first become ripe
in the fall. Many are not palatable for                      sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)
birds until they have frozen and thawed                The sugar maple is arguably the most iconic and
many times. Examples of these plants                  majestic tree for fall color. Sugar maples possess a broad
are black chokeberry, Virginia creeper,           round canopy with leaves that change from green to red, yellow
snowberry and sumacs.                             or orange in late autumn. It is one of the most impressive trees in
It is worth thinking about how your                                      the Indiana landscape during late autumn.
garden can look — and taste —
                                                             honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos)

wonderful all four seasons long.
             Submitted by Andy Norman, Gardener         The honey locust is known for its bright yellow foliage
                                                     during the fall season. Besides being a very drought-tolerant
                                                     specimen, the leaves of the honey locust are finely textured,
                                                                               which allows for easy fall clean-up.
tiger trackers
on facebook:
a family activity
The Indianapolis Zoo’s
                                                    put a tiger on Your trunk
Facebook game is a                                  For the first time ever, there’s an Indianapolis Zoo license
fun and interactive way to understand               plate in Indiana. Featuring the Zoo’s tiger logo, this                  Adv
the plight of Amur tigers and what can              distinctive plate is a stylish way to help support the Zoo. For                       al C
be done to save them. Build your camp,              only $40, you can purchase yours online at or                                   n

gather supplies, face difficult challenges          just ask for it at any Indiana license branch. As a specialty plate, $25 of the fee
and help researcher Penny as she works              will go directly toward food and medical care for the animals at the Indianapolis Zoo.
to study and save the wild tigers. Try              Personalize your plate to show off your wild side … the possibilities for fun are endless.
playing it for free at                              Watch the Member eNews for more information.
                                                                                                    w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M                11
Polly wants a membership!                                                                         GIve a
  Polly wants a membership!                                                                       frIend
                                                                                                  a frIend
... And she’s not the only one!
                                                                                                  Make a new friend today by
A gift membership to the
Indianapolis Zoo is an easy way for                                                               giving an Animal Amigo!
you to give your loved ones what                                                                  Our featured animal, the polar bear,
they really want this holiday season.                                                             is in honor of 2012 Indianapolis Prize
Make the holidays merry and bright.                                                               winner Dr. Steven Amstrup. Donate
     Just imagine how excited your family and                                                     $50.00 or more to receive an Animal
     friends will be to have a membership —                                                       Amigo package for you or a friend.
     a full year of fun at one of the top zoos in       SAVE $10 and                              Your donation helps provide food,
     the country.                                         GET A FREE PLUSH                        medical treatment, equipment, habitat
                                                                                                  improvement and daily care for the
The gift that keeps on giving.                          As a member, if you purchase              animals at the Zoo.
     Put a world of opportunity and adventure           a gift membership before
     within easy grasp. Once a month, twice a           December 31, you’ll receive               For more information about Animal
     week or three times a day, the Zoo is ready        $10.00 off the regular                    Amigo benefits, contact us at
     with fun adventures for the whole family.          membership price and a free               (317) 630-2049,
                                                        animal plush! Call                        or visit us at and
See their eyes sparkle with delight.                    (317) 630-2046 to order your              click on Donate Now.
     The first time they get within inches of a         gift membership today, or
     tiger and live to tell the tale is a memory        go to,
     that will last a lifetime. Or feed a lorikeet.     click on Membership and use               holiday parties at the Zoo
     Or race a cheetah. Or get one-on-one with          promotional code MB902012.
     a dolphin … you get the point!                                                               Show your wild side with a holiday party
                                                        Please note: This discount offer is not   at the Indianapolis Zoo! Choose from a
It’s easy — just go online or call today and            valid with any other offer and may not    variety of great options to cover all your
                                                        be used by a current or lapsed member
we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll even mail the                                                  entertaining needs. Room options include:
                                                        to renew their own membership. Only
membership packet and plush to you or your              orders received by December 12, 2012      •	 Underwater	dolphin	viewing;
gift recipient at no additional charge.                 are guaranteed delivery before
                                                        December 25.                              •	 Private	room	overlooking	White	River	
                                                                                                     and the downtown skyline;
                                                                                                  •	 Exclusive	access	to	the	Oceans	

                    dolphin In-water adventure                                                       building.
                                                                                                  Ready to party on? Give us a call at
                          It’s more than a gift — the Indianapolis Zoo’s Dolphin In-Water         (317) 630-2051 for best availability.
                             Adventure is an experience that will last a lifetime. Your lucky
                               friend or family member will be able to get in the water with
                                dolphins and become familiar with the training techniques
                                used by the Indianapolis Zoo’s Marine Mammal staff. The             Give the Gift of the Zoo
                                 Adventure includes:                                                Surprise your family, friends and
                               •		A	backstage	classroom	session	all	about	dolphins	and	their	       co-workers this holiday season
                              training;                                                             with a trip to the Zoo — it’s a gift
                                                                                                    sure to make memories!
                              •		More	than	30	minutes	poolside/in-the-water	time	with	our	
                            trainers and dolphins;                                                  Discount ticket packages include
                         •		A	souvenir	towel	and	a	photograph	with	a	dolphin.                       25	Zoo	tickets	for	20	percent	off	
                                                                                                    or	25	ride	passes	for	just	$45.00.	
                 Gift certificates are available for family members, friends or employees to
                                                                                                    To order your holiday gift,
            celebrate a special occasion or just say thank you. Go to
                                                                                                    call	(317)	630-2051.
and click on Special Zoo Experiences, or call the Zoo Adventure line at (317) 630-2076.

12         IndIanapolIs Zoo           Fall+wInter 2012/13
                                                                                                                          In the

                                                                                                               prize lecture tour
                                                                                                               Dr. Steven Amstrup, the 2012 Indianapolis
                                                                                                               Prize recipient, will make several
                                                                                                               public appearances as part of the 2012
Photo: Daniel Cox,                                                                 Indianapolis Prize Lecture Tour: DePauw
                                                                                                               University in Greencastle on September
polar Bear champion receives world’s                                                                           30, Butler University in Indianapolis on
                                                                                                               October 1, and the California Academy of
leading award for animal conservation                                                                          Sciences on October 4.
Without question, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, senior                                                                Visit for other
scientist at Polar Bears International, is the                prize w                                          educational opportunities and more
most influential person working on polar bear          In par
                                                                     ebcast                                     information on tour times and locations.
conservation today.                                             tnersh
                                                      Ball St               ip wit
                                                                ate Un              h
His three decades of polar bear research and                               iversit
unwavering commitment to finding solutions
to save Ursus maritimus from extinction have
                                                     The	20
                                                     be fea
                                                              12	Ind
                                                                     in two
                                                                                olis	Pr
                                                                                        ize	win
                                                                                                               calling all heroes!
                                                    with B                     events            ner	w
                                                            all Sta                     in par         ill	    Dial-a-Hero	is	an	Indianapolis	
had a global impact. It is in recognition of       Octob             te Univ
                                                                               ersity.         tnersh
                                                           er	2,	s                     On             ip       Zoo program that lets you learn
this life-long work to transform the world’s       can in          chools
                                                          teract             	and	in
understanding of this amazing animal that                          with t             dividu                   interesting	and	amazing	information	
                                                  Intern                    he win            als	
                                                          et on t                    ner vi
he has been named the recipient of the           at	1pm           wo diff                   a the              about	the	Indianapolis	Prize	finalists.	
                                                         	or	7pm             erent
2012 Indianapolis Prize — the world’s           intera              .	Don’t
                                                                              	miss	t       st s               Look for the signs at exhibits
                                                        ctive	w                       his	liv
leading award for animal conservation.         indian            eb c a s                    e	                throughout Zoo grounds based
                                                              apolis      t	exp erienc
                                                                    prize.o             e.	Visit               (when	possible)	upon	the	animals	
Dr. Amstrup and his team pioneered                                         rg to fi              	
                                                                                    nd ou
                                                                                          t more               with which the conservationist
groundbreaking studies that resulted in                                                            .
the listing of the polar bear as a threatened species due                                                      works.
to global climate change. His search to understand this amazing animal
                                                                                                               Polar	bear:	       Steven	Amstrup	 6          #
has taken him to one of the harshest environments in the world — a frozen seascape
where temperatures plummet below zero and the sun isn’t seen for months on end.
                                                                                                               Rhino:             Markus Borner          7   #
“Steven’s fieldwork in the Arctic opened the door to understanding that the
deterioration of the polar bear population is at our doorstep, while verifying that this is                    Red	Panda:	        Rodney	Jackson	 8          #
not an irreversible situation,” said Robert Buchanan, president and CEO of Polar Bears
                                                                                                               Encounters:        Carl Jones             9   #
International. “His passionate outreach has helped the world understand how sea ice
losses from a warming climate threaten polar bear survival. His message is one of hope
                                                                                                               Baboon:            Russ Mittermeier 10 #
and determination to have future generations see polar bears roam free in the Arctic.”
The biennial Prize includes an unrestricted award of $100,000 and the Lilly Medal,                             Ruffed	Lemur:	 Patricia	Wright	           11 #
which will be presented to Dr. Amstrup at the Indianapolis Prize Gala presented by                             Just	dial	(317)	245-4084	either	at	
Cummins Inc. on September 29 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis. To reserve
                                                                                                               the Zoo or from home and enter the
your ticket now, visit and click on Gala.
                                                                                                               extension listed above.

                                                                                                          w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M       13
Special eventS

                                                                2010 INDIANAPOLIS PRIZE WINNER
                                                                       IAIN DOUGLAS-HAMILTON                                                      Photo: M
                                                                                                                                                             at t Mays

                                                        2012 Indianapolis prize Gala
                                                        presented by cummins Inc.
                                                        september 29
                                             n Wright
                                                        Jw Marriott hotel Indianapolis
                              Photo: Ja so
                                                        Every two years, serious conservationists
hispanic heritage fiesta                                from across the globe turn their gaze
in partnership with la voz de Indiana                   upon Indianapolis — home to the world’s
september 16 • 12noon-4pm                               leading award for animal conservation.
¡Hola amigos! Who’s ready for a party?                  The finalists and winner are honored at a spectacular gala event that celebrates the
We are proud to help kick off Hispanic                  stories of real-life conservation heroes. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come
Heritage Month in Indy with our annual                  face-to-face with these internationally renowned individuals who have dedicated their
Hispanic Heritage Fiesta.                               lives to preserving some of the world’s most endangered animals.

This fun event adds cultural flair to                   Be amazed and inspired at this unforgettable event, and let us show you why there is
your Zoo visit. Hear great Latin music                  still hope for advancing animal conservation both locally and globally. Reservations are
throughout the Zoo, see if you can find                 required. Go to to purchase your tickets and find out more.
the Zoo animals native to Latin America,                Special thanks to our sponsors and partners: Lilly Medal sponsor, The Eli Lilly and Company
enjoy Mexican food options, take a swing                Foundation; Gala presenting partner, Cummins Inc.; video sponsor, The Heritage Group; VIP
at a piñata each hour, visit booths from                Reception sponsor, Pepper Construction; and media sponsors IBJ, Indianapolis Monthly, The
local businesses and take home special                  Indianapolis Star and WISH-TV.
craft projects.

Meet a hero, Be a hero day                              halloween ZooBoo
presented by cummins Inc.                               presented by Indianapolis honda dealers
september 29 • 10:30am-12:30pm                          October 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 • 2-7pm
Imagine meeting an international                        Join us for nine days of frighteningly good
conservation hero. Think of the thrill of               family fun at Halloween ZooBoo. Come in
coming face-to-face with a person who                   costume — or come as you are — and be ready
has devoted his whole life and career to                to play. Animals are out late and we’ll also
saving animals like polar bears, snow                   feature extra activities like the elephant
leopards or black rhinos.                               pumpkin smash, Halloween-themed
                                                        dolphin shows and special chats.
Usually you’d have to travel to the wildest
                                                        Enjoy the crisp fall air and participate in free activities like monster music dancing,
places on Earth for a chance like this. But
                                                        bowling with pumpkins, touching animal artifacts and more:
on September 29 all you have to do is
come to the Indianapolis Zoo for Meet a                 •	 Treat the Kids: Bring a bag and visit five trick-or-treat stations in the Plains Biome.
Hero, Be a Hero Day featuring finalists for             •	 Decoration Voting Contest: Every year Zoo departments (and we mean everyone)
the 2012 Indianapolis Prize.                               compete to design the best wild decorations for you and your family to enjoy. With
                                                           bragging rights at stake, we ask you to vote for your favorite!
Join us in the Dolphin Gallery to pick up
                                                        •	 Photo Ops: Across Zoo grounds you’ll find spooky but fun photo ops perfect for the
your Conservation Hero collector cards
                                                           family photo album or Facebook.
(free to the first 1,000 Zoo members or
guests) and meet the Indianapolis Prize                 •	 Bonus Activities: The rides get in on the fun with the new 4-D Theater, Round-Go-
Conservation Heroes working to save                        Merry (backwards-running carousel) and Halloween train ride with real actors. Tasty
animals around the world. Ask them your                    fall treats can be found throughout grounds with apple cider, caramel apples and
questions, get their autographs and be                     roasted nuts among the favorites.
inspired by their passion to save wildlife              There’s so much to do, you’ll come back screaming for more!
and wild places.
14       IndIanapolIs Zoo             Fall+wInter 2012/13
     Photo: Ja
son Wri
        g ht
                                                                                                               Special eventS

        It’s a Wonderland                                                                                             MeMbers only:
                                                                                                                     Breakfast with santa
                                                                                                                 december 1 & 8 • 10am-12noon
                                                                                                                 reservations required
                                                                                                                 Join us for a fun-filled morning of
        christmas at the Zoo                                                                                     holiday cheer, complete with a full
        presented by donatos and teachers credit union                                                           breakfast, live holiday music, holiday-
        november 23-december 30 (Wednesday-sunday) • 5-9pm                                                       themed activities and one-on-one
        As the temperature drops, let holiday traditions at the Zoo warm your heart. Christmas at                time with Santa himself! Great photo
        the Zoo is truly a magical time as hundreds of thousands of lights gleam serenely across                 opportunities abound as the kids chat
        a holiday landscape. Sip a hot beverage, visit the animals, and enjoy exhibits and special               with the jolly old elf in his red velvet
        activities throughout the Zoo.                                                                           chair in the Hilbert Conservatory.

        Plan Your Visit: Christmas at the Zoo opens the day after Thanksgiving, and it’s the                     Be lively and quick to get your tickets
        perfect way to get your whole family out of the house and having fun together. The Zoo                   for this popular members-only event.
        opens at 12Noon, with festivities beginning at 5pm as the Christmas lights come on.                      Reservations will open October 12.
                                                                                                                 To order, call the Membership office
        Holiday Festivities: As with any Zoo trip, the animals play a special role and for                       at (317) 630-2046, Monday-Friday,
        the holidays, with special dolphin shows and keeper chats. During the event you can                      from 8am-5pm. Tickets are $20.00
        decorate cookies, write letters to Santa, warm up at the campfire, and watch animated                    for member adults and $14.00 for
        light shows. Before December 25, be sure to visit with Santa to let him know your                        member children.
        holiday wishes, visit with Mrs. Claus and listen to local school choirs and carolers
        perform your favorite holiday jingles.
        New Areas: With Encounters now open, a full light show and decorations will be added                   save the date
        to this area of the Zoo. Plus, you can warm up a frosty nose watching a family holiday                 elegant Vintages 16th
        movie together in the 4-D Theater.                                                                     International wine auction
        Due to the ground breaking for the all-new International Orangutan Center, we are
                                                                                                               presented by fifth third private Bank
        moving Santa’s Village to White River Gardens. No worries though — you can still meet                  March 16, 2013
        the big guy and take photos indoors inside the Gardener’s Pride Gift Shop.                             conrad hotel, Indianapolis
        Christmas at the Zoo is free for members and included with Zoo admission.                              This elegant black-tie optional event
                                                                                                               features live and silent auctions and
        special Member tips                                                                                    includes non-wine items such as original
                                                                                                               art, winery trips, designer jewelry, behind-
        •	 Come out early: Enjoy smaller crowd sizes by coming                                                 the-scenes tours at the Zoo and more!
           out on any Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday before
           Christmas or before 5pm to see the animals prior to the                                             Other festivities include The Turkle and
           lights popping on at dusk.                                                                          Associates and Phases Skin Care and
                                                                                                               Laser Center VIP Patrons’ Reception, a
        •	 Spirit of the Season: Bring a hat, scarf or glove donation                                          multi-course gourmet dinner paired with
           to decorate our Mitten Tree. All items will be donated to                                           exquisite wines, and live entertainment
           St. Mary’s Child Center located near the Zoo.                                                       following the auction. Visit Special
        •	 Dress smart: Wear layers and you’ll forget all about the                                            Events at for more
           cooler weather. It also makes it easier to go from petting                Photo: Jason Wr igh
                                                                                                           t   information.
           sharks inside to being wowed by the light displays outside!                                         Special thanks to our 2012 sponsors: Fifth
        •	 Save room for dessert: With special treats from the famous Santa’s Sweet Shop, you’ll               Third Private Bank; Turkle & Associates
           want to make sure you’re ready for some delicious snacking.                                         and Phases Skin Care and Laser Center; Leo
                                                                                                               Brown Group; Olinger, Glazer’s, In Vie.
                                                                                                       w w w. I n d I a n a p o l I s Z o o . c o M         15
                                  1200 West Washington Street
                                  P.O. Box 22309                                                                                                                                    Non-Profit
                                  Indianapolis, IN 46222-0309                                                                                                                      Organization
                                                                                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                                  Indianapolis, IN
                                                                                                                                                                                  Permit No. 2460

                           11" x 17"
                           poster inside!
                                      Photo: Jackie Curts

                                                                                                                                             Photo: Jackie Curts

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo: Kim Harms
          page #             paGe 4                                   page #           paGe 6                 page #          paGe 10                                  page #                paGe 15

                                   septeMBer 29
                                   Indianapolis Prize Gala* presented by Cummins Inc.                                     feather Your nest
                                   JW Marriott Hotel
                                                                                                                          There are some “brilliant”
                                   OctObeR 12-14, 19-21, 26-28
                                                                                                                          new all-season amenities
                                   Halloween ZooBoo
                                   presented by Indianapolis Honda Dealers                                                available to you throughout
  fall+wInter 2012/13
                                   noveMBer 3-4                                                                           the Zoo:
                                   Power Recycling Weekend presented by BrightPoint                                       •	 Nursing	Moms	Nest	
                                   noveMBer 23-deceMBer 30                                                                   presented by Riley
                                   Christmas at the Zoo presented by Donatos and TCU                                         Hospital	for	Children	
                 d up y!
          s igne s? It’s ea”sto    (open Wednesday through Sunday;                                                           at Indiana University
    not enew me Up m	              closed Christmas Eve & Day, New Year’s Eve & Day)                                         Health	(Encounters)	
       h e , “Sign
for stt email p@indy e of          deceMbeR 1 & 8
                                                                                                                          •	 Gift	Shop	(Entry	Plaza)	
 Ju        hi        car
      bers      take               Breakfast With Santa*
  mem d we’ll est!                                                                                                        •	 4-D	Theater	
     an           r                JanuarY 21, 2013
                                   Martin Luther King Jr. Day                                                                (Encounters)	
                                   MaRch 16, 2013                                                                         •	 Renovated	Restrooms	
                                   Elegant Vintages 16th International Wine Auction*                                         (Entry	Plaza)	
                                   presented by Fifth Third Private Bank                                                  •	 Tots	Treehouse	&	Play	
      * Reservations required      Conrad Hotel, Indianapolis
                                                                                                                             Area	(Encounters)

  operatIng hours                                                                                   Zoo general InFo: (317) 630-2001
  septeMBer 1-3, 2012                                       noveMBer 23-deceMBer 30
                                                                                                    animal amigo: (317) 630-2049                                   school field trips/class
   9am-7pm (Open Labor Day)                                   12Noon-9pm, Wednesday-Sunday                                                                           reservations: (317) 630-2000
  septeMBer 4 – octoBer 31, 2012*                             Closed: Monday-Tuesday, Christmas     contributions: (317) 630-2703
                                                              Eve & Day and New Year’s Eve & Day    corporate sponsorships: (317) 630-2009                         volunteer services: (317) 630-2041
   9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday
   9am-5pm, Friday-Sunday                                   JanuaRy 2-FebRuaRy 28, 2013             Group sales: (317) 630-2051                                    adventure line: (317) 630-2076
  noveMBer 1-21                                               9am-4pm, Wednesday-Sunday,            facility rentals: (317) 630-2051                               Zoobilation: (317) 630-2026
   9am-4pm, Wednesday-Sunday                                  Closed Monday-Tuesday
                                                                                                    Gift shop: (317) 423-2577
   Closed: Monday-Tuesday and                               *Open until 7pm for Halloween ZooBoo.                                                                                      Blog
   Thanksgiving Day                                                                                 Membership: (317) 630-2050

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