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					Princess Charming lyrics : The top audio of the twins Megan and Liz

The twins of Megan McKinley Mace and Elizabeth Morgan Mace (stylized as Megan &
Liz) started their tunes career with a channel of youtube. The first video that they have
uploaded to the channel was entitled as “This note”. This song was written by themselves
at the age of 15. Of all songs and films of Megan and Liz, “Princess Charming” is the
most popular with millions of views. It requires a whole lot of work to build this songs
movie, not just like the others. Many films in the channel are simple, just two beautiful
women engage in guitar and sing the melodies.

The channel on youtube from the twins now includes entirely 28 video clips and attracts
197,020,781 sights and 864,781 subscribers ( December 21, 2012). And this is the thing
that they discuss on their own, quite wonderful: “We're Megan & Liz! We're twin sisters
who LOVE to sing! Megan has been playing the guitar for about 5 years. Megan is older
by one minute. (: We can't believe how supportive you guys are. YOU GUYS are our
inspiration! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be doing this!”

The two stunning girls were born on November 21, 1992 in South Bend, Indiana, United
states. The female have lived with their mother in the working day they divorced.

The main genre of Megan & Liz is pop and pop rock. They also can play guitar and
compose songs. With the first success and fame they get from their channel on youtube,
they have many steps up in the songs career. They have co-operated with many big name
from the audio world like Plain White T's, Alexz Johnson, Boyce Avenue and Shenae
Grimes. In September, 2012 they were invited to perform at Macy's iHeart Radio Tunes
Festival In Las Vegas, then the twins singers have featured in a commercial for the 2012
MTV Video Songs Awards.

Of all of the songs and movies of Megan and Liz, “Princess Charming” is the most well-
liked with thousands and thousands of views. It will take a lot of effort to develop this
audio video clip, not much like the other individuals. Many videos while in the channel
are straightforward, just two beautiful ladies perform guitar and sing the melodies.

The Princess Charming lyrics can make individuals really feel genuinely satisfied and
relaxed. Due to the fact even your are within the worst conditions:

“You woke up,

Head aches,

Car wont start and your already late,

So you drove fast, too fast,
Yeah that was a cop you passed

Teacher pulled a pop quiz…”


“ Everything, everything will be alright!

When the clock strikes midnight!

I'm gonna be your hero!

(Oh, oh, oh) so baby don't stress

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! I'll be your princess...”

The melody can make the listener really feel excited as well as the two stunning
princesses in the songs video could make you neglect each of the negative issues and
believe far better.

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