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									Changing Lives Through Health and Wellness

               2009      AnnuAL RepoRT
TeACHing WeLLness
Through 3-Point Play,SM we help physical education teachers expand their
classes to encompass a broader wellness curriculum that helps students
develop healthy eating habits and a lasting love of physical activity.

                                                                                               impRoving HeALTH
                                                     At Harris County Hospital District, we care deeply about the health
                                                  and well-being of every person in our community, promoting a lifetime
                                                        of wellness through healthcare services, education and support.
The rehabilitation professionals at Quentin Mease Community Hospital use a variety of techniques, including community
outings, to help patients on their journey to independence. Trips to the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and
various sporting events are an effective and enjoyable means for helping patients achieve their therapeutic goals.

    Primary and preventive healthcare services starting
    at an early age provide the foundation for a happy
    childhood and a long, productive life.

                                                                                SuPPoRTing VoLunTeeRiSM
                                                     There is no better way to magnify our impact than by tapping
                                                      the volunteer spirit of caring people who are willing to serve.
                                            HeaLTH CaReeRS
Harris County Hospital District teams up with the girl Scouts of
     San Jacinto Council to help girls explore careers in nursing.

                                                                     Every day, the men and women
                                                                               of Harris County Hospital
                                                                               District serve as a positive
                                                                               force for wellness, changing
                                                                               lives through community
                                                                               outreach, health promotion
                                                                               and education...

                                                                      lIfE at a time.

                         Changing lives

                                  H      arris County Hospital District has embarked on a journey
                                         of transformation. Well-known for excellence in trauma
                                   care and treating serious illness, our vision is to be a balanced
                                   “well care” system and a community leader in alleviating human
                                   suffering and the extreme financial costs so often associated
                                   with preventable illness.

                                   unfortunately, every day we see first hand the consequences of
                                   certain preventable conditions and their effects on the healthcare
                                   system. at HCHD, we believe that wellness is a state of optimum
                                   health and well-being, achieved through the active pursuit of
                                   good health and facilitated by the removal

    one Life at a time             of barriers to healthy living, both personal
                                   and societal.

                                   We also believe that every individual
                                   is personally responsible for adopt-
                                   ing healthy lifestyle habits. Wide-
                                   spread agreement exists about the
                                   dangers of smoking and substance
                                   abuse, the harmful effects of obesity,
                                   the importance of physical and emo-
                                   tional fitness, and the effectiveness
                                   of good nutrition. But the pursuit of
                                   wellness is more than just an individ-
                                   ual endeavor. We know that the most
                                   successful community health programs
                                   Stephen H. DonCarlos, Chairman of the Board, left;
                                   David S. Lopez, President and Ceo, right

                                                                    2009 Annual Report

foster synergy among local leadership and institutions to create                Last year, we implemented electronic Medical Records (eMR) in
healthier environments. for this reason, we have taken an integrative           our community health program. eMR, which will be operational
approach to the promotion of well-being with our strategically located          in all of our facilities in 2010, benefits our patients and community
health centers that provide a primary care medical home for our patients.       by expediting treatment, enhancing convenience for patients and
                                                                                delivering savings by eliminating repeat visits, tests and procedures.
Building for the future                                                         We also are transitioning to open access appointment scheduling
never have we been better positioned to lead our community on                   in our community health centers, which permits a routine appoint-
a journey to wellness. Through a carefully mapped expansion plan,               ment to be scheduled within 72 hours or less. open access has
we have transformed Harris County Hospital District from a hospital-            proven to reduce “no show” appointments by a noteworthy 75 percent.
centric model into a balanced platform emphasizing community-based,
primary care.                                                                   Working for Wellness
                                                                                Caring for the people of Harris County is a big job and one that is best
for example, the el franco Lee Health Center and adjacent eligibil-
                                                                                approached in the spirit of collaboration — with our medical school
ity center opened recently in the alief community, bringing a broad
                                                                                partners and dedicated staff, with other agencies that share our vision,
spectrum of services to an underserved area of the county. The
                                                                                and with the people we serve. We care deeply about our patients and
66,000-square-foot health center can accommodate 100,000 patient
                                                                                our community, and we respect their capacity to take responsibility for
visits per year.
                                                                                their own health. our job is to provide the knowledge, the tools and
a new Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center is scheduled to open in              the motivation they need to make necessary lifestyle changes.
January 2010. The 64,000-square-foot facility and adjacent eligibility
                                                                                every day, in all that we do, the people of Harris County Hospital District
center will replace an existing primary care center now located in
                                                                                go beyond healthcare, working for wellness in our community. We change
Quentin Mease Community Hospital, expanding capacity to
                                                                                lives and positively affect thousands of people — one life at a time.
100,000 patient visits per year.

other projects are progressing as planned. But new facilities are just
part of the story. Technology upgrades and process improvements
are creating efficiencies that greatly expand our capacity to serve.

                                                                                STEPHEN H. DONCARlOS                    DAvID S. lOPEz
                                                                                Chairman of the Board of Managers       President and Chief Executive Officer

Beyond the treatment of our patients within the walls of our
healthcare facilities, our work extends into schools, churches
and a myriad of community venues where we serve as a leading
advocate for prevention and wellness, raising awareness of our
services and helping eligible residents gain access to healthcare.
designed to reduce the human and financial costs of preventable
illnesses, our community programs expand our reach, leverage

our resources and
multiply the positive
impact of our work.
Co MMuni T y o uTReaCH

                    Improves the overall health of our community by facilitating access to preventive and primary healthcare services
                    and providing education that promotes a healthy lifestyle

ACCESS TO HEAlTHCARE                                  PARTNERSHIPS AND COllABORATION                    COMMUNITy EDUCATION
Reduces health disparities by breaking down           Collaborates to reach target populations:         Promotes healthy behaviors, prevention,
barriers to healthcare:                               •		 artnerships	with	community-	
                                                        P                                               early detection and regular primary care:
•		 acilitate	access	to	healthcare	services             based organizations                               	
                                                                                                        •		 ommunity	education	programs
•		 ssistance	in	qualifying	for	HCHD	Financial	         P
                                                      •		 resentations	on	health	awareness	and	           	
                                                                                                        •		 ommunity	Outreach	information	line
  assistance program                                    access to care                                    	
                                                                                                        •		 ealth	fairs	throughout	the	county
•		 ducation	on	navigation	and	appropriate	             C
                                                      •		 ertified	Community	Health	Worker	training       H
                                                                                                        •		 ealth	screenings	and	immunizations	
  use of HCHD facilities                                S
                                                      •		 upport	of	grassroots	healthcare	initiatives     for the general public
•		 eferrals	to	other	government	and	                   O
                                                      •		 utreach	to	break	down	cultural	                 A
                                                                                                        •		 sk	Your	Nurse
  community resources                                   barriers for residents of asian descent
•		 ealthcare	for	the	homeless                          C
                                                      •		 ollaborate	on	annual	HCHD	
                                                        community needs assessment

lives affected
H e aLT H PR o M oT i o n

                   Enhances the quality of life for patients, employees and the community through health education, cancer resources
                   and employee wellness programs

HEAlTH EDUCATION                                    CANCER RESOURCES                                       EMPlOyEE WEllNESS
Assists patients to modify high-risk behaviors      Supports patients, families and the community          Improves the health of our employees through
and embrace a healthy lifestyle:                    in understanding and coping with cancer:               comprehensive wellness programs:
•		 moking	cessation                                  E
                                                    •		 ducation,	one-on-one	consultations	and	referrals     P
                                                                                                           •		 ersonal	health	risk	assessments
•		 ealthy	food	choices                               C
                                                    •		 ancer	resource	centers                               D
                                                                                                           •		 istrict-wide	health	education	campaigns
•		 ealthy	weight	through	movement	                   O
                                                    •		 ncology	support	groups	and	survivor	celebrations     S
                                                                                                           •		 ports	programs	and	physical	activity	classes	
  and exercise                                        C
                                                    •		 ancer	awareness	events                               B
                                                                                                           •		 ehavior	modification	classes	and	support	
•		 motional	wellness	through	stress	                 S
                                                    •		 creening	services	to	promote	early	detection	        I
                                                                                                           •		ncrease	use	of	preventive	medical	services
  management and self esteem                          and diagnosis                                          C
                                                                                                           •		 reate	a	top-down	environment	of	health
                                                    •		 articipate	in	community	cancer	organizations	        P
                                                                                                           •		 rovide	a	holistic	system	for	employees	
                                                      and events                                             to manage their health
                                                    •		 ork	with	cancer	organizations	to	bridge	gaps	        R
                                                                                                           •		 educe	healthcare	costs	and	foster	a	
                                                      in resources                                           healthier workforce

through health
PaTienT eD u CaTion

                Provides classes, one-on-one instruction and support groups that help our patients become competent at self care,
                improve decision making and adopt healthy behaviors

Patient educators based in all of         Therapists at Quentin Mease                H
                                                                                   •		 IV/AIDS	services                     Offered at Ben Taub and lBJ Hospitals:
our community health centers and          Community Hospital teach                   P
                                                                                   •		 revention	education	for	               I
                                                                                                                            •		nfant	CPR
hospitals support the healthcare team     rehabilitation patients to:                heart patients                           C
                                                                                                                            •		 hild	safety	seats	—	fitting	and	proper	use
by sharing the knowledge and skills         T
                                          •		 alk,	walk	and	eat                      D
                                                                                   •		 iet	and	disease                        I
                                                                                                                            •		nfant	care	
that patients and their families need
                                          •		 se	equipment	and	achieve	              M
                                                                                   •		 edication	management
to manage chronic disease, adjust
                                            mobility for daily living activities
to disabilities and care for newborns.                                               M
                                                                                   •		 edication	and	food	interactions      SUPPORT GROUPS:
                                          •		 aster	higher-level	activities	
                                                                                                                            Support groups for patients and family
                                            needed for independence
SElf CARE                                                                          PRENATAl EDUCATION                       members living with:
Patient education at our general                                                   Offered in hospitals and community       •	Amputation	             •	Brain	injury	
                                          DISEASE MANAGEMENT
hospitals teaches self care for                                                    health centers:                          •	Chronic	pain	           •	Diabetes
complex health issues:                    Services in our hospitals and
                                                                                   •		 enteringPregnancy® prenatal groups
                                                                                     C                                      •	Spinal	cord	injury	     •	Stroke
                                          community health centers:
•		V	therapy	                                                                        D
                                                                                   •		 iabetes	and	pregnancy
                                          •		 ecognized	Diabetes	Self-
•		 stomies
                                            Management education
•		 ound	care                               (DSMe) program

and wellness
            2009 Annual Report

Sheltered                        family

                                                                                   Changing lives

                                                                                                             through a broad range of c o m m u n i t y o u t r e A c h programs that
                                                                                                             promote prevention and wellness, we touch the lives of people every day.

     A    t Harris County Hospital District, we care deeply about                            giving kids a healthy start

            the health and well-being of every person in our com-                            Harris County Hospital District has a broad range of community outreach
                                                                                             programs that help focus children on habits that will result in a lifetime
     munity. As the public healthcare system for the nation’s third                          of good health. Through our Troubleshooters mobile immunization program
     most populous county, we provide healthcare to residents                                available at health fairs, schools and other convenient locations, we immu-
                                                                                             nized nearly 12,000 children and members of their families last year, helping
     at Ben Taub General Hospital, lyndon B. Johnson General                                 to prevent illnesses such as tetanus, chicken pox, measles and mumps.
     Hospital and Quentin Mease Community Hospital plus                                      as children enter their teen years, automobile accidents are a leading, and
                                                                                             frequently preventable, cause of injury and death. all too often, alcohol
     numerous community health centers. And, our reach into
                                                                                             and drugs are involved. Designed to illustrate the deadly consequences
     the county ranges far and wide with a free-standing dental                              of substance abuse and driving, our Shattered Dreams program reached
                                                                                             4,800 high school students last year and nearly 17,000 since its introduction
     clinic, a dialysis center, eight school-based clinics, 13 homeless                      in 2006. in addition to realistic re-enactments of deadly vehicle accidents
     shelter clinics and five mobile health units.                                           that place participants in roles ranging from victim or family member to
                                                                                             suspected drunk driver, the program includes heart-rending stories shared
     our community outreach programs extend into schools, churches and a                     by people who have lost a loved one to drunk driving. Developed by the
     myriad of venues where we serve as a leading advocate for prevention and                Texas alcoholic Beverage Commission, Shattered Dreams provides a harsh
     wellness, raising awareness for our services and helping eligible residents             dose of reality that creates an indelible impression.
     gain access to healthcare. Designed to reduce the human and financial
                                                                                             Awareness, Action and Answers
     costs of preventable illnesses, the community programs expand our reach,
     leverage our resources and multiply the positive impact of our work.                    Recognizing that awareness and knowledge are first-line defenses against
                                                                                             life-threatening health conditions, Harris County Hospital District conducts
                                                                                             educational campaigns and provides screening services aimed at prevention,
                                                                                             diagnosis and early treatment.
                                                             2009 Annual Report

thank you for being extremely passionate about making our world a safer place. shattered dreams changed my life. listening to carla’s tragic
story about the loss of her son, i could imagine how easily that could have been my mother talking. i made a vow with my best friends to not
put our parents, siblings or friends through the grief experienced by the amazing people who shared their stories with us.  Stephanie abt
                                                                                                                           High school student

                            Changing lives

     the tragedy of homelessness is compounded by the large number of families and children
     who are affected. harris county hospital district has one of the few accredited homeless
     healthcare programs in the u.s.

                                                                             2009 Annual Report

    as the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the u.S., stroke can        shelters, camps and the streets, virtually any place the homeless congregate.
    have devastating, lifelong consequences for its victims. our Take action             Last year, the program provided nearly 100,000 encounters to more than
    against Stroke programs promote prevention and early treatment, teaching             10,000 homeless medical and dental patients.
    people to recognize the onset of a stroke and emphasizing the lifesaving
                                                                                         teamwork and collaboration
    potential of prompt medical treatment.
                                                                                         There is no better way to magnify our impact than by tapping the volun-
    Preventing the spread of serious illnesses, including HiV, provides a direct
                                                                                         teer spirit of caring people who are willing to serve.
    benefit to every Harris County resident. Besides conducting countywide
    awareness campaigns, we offer free HiV testing for members of the general            Last year, we launched the Community Health Worker Certification
    public at all of our health centers. our RuSH program — Routine universal            program, which trains laypersons in eight specific competencies ranging
    Screening for HiV — goes one step further, by including an HiV screen in all         from prenatal care to helping others qualify for Harris County Hospital
    blood work done for patients in our emergency centers. Those who test posi-          District services. During its first year, this state-certified program trained
    tive are immediately connected with a counselor for support and assistance           300 people to work in the community as advocates for wellness.
    in accessing HiV services. Last year, we performed nearly 10,000 HiV tests.          We also support grassroots initiatives, including faith-based health and
    for people who need answers about where to go for medical treatment, ask             wellness ministries, which often are spearheaded by retired healthcare
    your nurse provides expert advice by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days            workers with a lifelong passion for service.
    a week. With a few basic questions, a registered nurse helps callers choose
    the most appropriate and cost-effective facility to serve their medical needs.
    caring for the homeless

    The homeless, arguably the neediest segment of our society, can face
    daunting barriers to quality healthcare.
    Through 13 clinics in homeless shelters, we provide minor medical services,
    immunizations, case management, health education, dental care and mental
    health services. Registration centers in two additional shelters plus three
    mobile units — two medical and one dental — extend our reach to smaller                    our rehabilitation program has                of more than 115,000 calls to
                                                                                             an exceptional record in helping                Ask your nurse last year, only
                                                                                            victims of stroke or serious injury              25 percent required treatment
                                                                                                 to regain their independence.                     at an emergency center.

{                                                                                                                                   Dr. Margo Hilliard
                                                                                                                                    Senior Vice President, Community Services

                    Changing lives

     Henry Rivera                    3-Point PlaySM

   HE AlTH
                                                Changing lives

     harris county hospital district’s annual
     nursing discovery day Program gives
     girl scouts a chance to explore and
     experience a career in nursing.

                                                                       2009 Annual Report

   W           e believe that the vast majority of people care about               campaign for Wellness

               their health and, with a little help, will take action to           on a campaign to improve the quality of life for our patients and reduce the
                                                                                   need for costly treatment, Harris County Hospital District’s health education
   reduce risks of illness and enhance wellness. Our health pro-                   professionals use a variety of educational strategies and tactics to overcome
   motion services, which include health education, employee                       high-risk behaviors. effective at raising awareness, health fairs and educa-
                                                                                   tional campaigns are a good starting point. But real change requires ongoing
   wellness and cancer resources, encourage participants to take                   education and support.
   responsibility for their health and provide the tools to make                   We offer a myriad of classes that help participants explore all facets of
                                                                                   unhealthy behaviors and achieve positive change. among the leading causes
   wellness a way of life.
                                                                                   of preventable illness, smoking and obesity are the focus of numerous
                                                                                   classes and support groups. after discussing physiological issues, health
   Through education, screening services, classes and support,
                                                                                   educators conduct motivational interviews that help participants explore
   we are raising awareness of factors that contribute to com-                     individual issues and empower them to change. “Controlled sharing” by
                                                                                   the group provides insight and support. Class participants receive behavior
   mon medical conditions and helping participants change                          modification aids and incentives, such as nicotine replacement patches
   unhealthy behaviors. Patients and employees alike are kicking                   for smoking cessation and tools like pedometers and water bottles for
                                                                                   weight management.
   the smoking habit, conquering obesity, enjoying physical activ-
                                                                                   fitness for kids
   ity, improving nutrition and embracing a healthier lifestyle.
                                                                                   With childhood obesity increasing at an alarming rate, Harris County
   Dedicated to the early detection and treatment of cancer, we                    Hospital District has instituted several programs aimed at pediatric weight
   also offer screening services and case managers who guide                       management and fitness. Last year, our popular Kid-fit program, a 10-week
                                                                                   series conducted in the summer, expanded from one health center to five.
   patients through treatment and identify and secure resources                    each two-hour session includes interactive education followed by an hour
   that enhance the quality of life for cancer patients.

     last year, our h e A lt h
  P r o m o t i o n initiatives
provided thousands of harris
     county hospital district
      patients and employees
       with the tools to make
        wellness a way of life.

                                                                                 Changing lives

     of physical activity. Designed to teach                                               physical activities that promote good health. Last year, more than
     lifelong habits and lessons, Kid-fit                                                  2,000 employees were involved in district-sponsored activities such
     introduces a variety of fun physical                                                  as sports teams, dance classes and exercise groups.
     activities and requires the involvement
                                                                                           combating cancer
     of a parent or guardian.
                                                                                           To alleviate the suffering and unnecessary deaths associated with late-stage
     During the school year, we work
                                                                                           cancers, Harris County Hospital District has instituted aggressive campaigns
     through physical education teachers
                                                                                           to increase the screening of patients, with an emphasis on mammography
     to take wellness into the classroom.
                                                                                           and colorectal cancer screenings.
     Through CHaSe — Choosing Health and Sensible exercise — and a similar
     program called 3-Point Play,SM we provide participating teachers with train-          We significantly expanded the reach of our mammography services last year.
     ing in wellness education and a curriculum developed by one of our                    in addition to four fixed sites, we now have a mobile unit that rotates among
     health educators.                                                                     five additional health centers. funded entirely by grants, the mobile program

     leading by example
                                                                                                                                         george V. Masi
                                                                                                                                         Chief operating officer

                                                                                           utilizes outside hook-ups to connect with our internal Picture archiving and
                                                                                           Communications System (PaCS). Combined with our conversion to digital
     Committed to leading by example, we have established a totally smoke-free
                                                                                           imaging, PaCS delivers the highest quality image available for reliable detec-
     campus at Harris County Hospital District and launched a wide variety of
                                                                                           tion and diagnosis. By providing system-wide access to patient images,
     employee wellness initiatives. These programs, which range from smoking
                                                                                           PaCS complements our transition to electronic Medical Records, enhanc-
     cessation and weight management groups to dance classes and sports
                                                                                           ing efficiency and expediting treatment.
     teams, have drawn an enthusiastic response.
                                                                                           of the new breast cancers diagnosed last year, more than half were discov-
     To establish a baseline for improvement, we conducted a campaign that
                                                                                           ered through our mammography screening program. nearly 80 percent of
     provides employees with facts about their personal health risks, potential
                                                                                           the cancers detected through these screenings were early-stage that are more
     consequences and positive steps they can take toward a healthier future.
                                                                                           easily cured. Patients with abnormal results receive skilled and compassion-
     Last year, we nearly tripled participation in an online health-risk assessment
                                                                                           ate assistance from “navigators” who set up appointments for additional
     and offered detailed biometric profiles.
                                                                                           screenings and provide ongoing logistical support. Those with suspected
     employees are acting on the information they receive. in addition to partici-         malignancies are assigned a case manager who provides support during
     pating in classes and support groups to modify behaviors, many now enjoy              a challenging time.

                     2009 Annual Report

our support groups offer encouragement
and information that help cancer patients
cope with a difficult time in their lives.

                2009 Annual Report

lester James,                Quentin Mease
      Patient                Community Hospital

                                                                      Changing lives

     six years ago, i went to Ben taub general hospital and found out that i had a serious condition called
     gaucher’s disease. since then, i have been going to Ben taub for infusion therapy twice a month.
     i’m now able to spend quality time with my grandson. i have always received excellent treatment from
     everyone there, and i truly believe that they saved my life. Jaime ojeda

                                                                  2009 Annual Report

                                                                                                                                            Last year, our
                                                                                                                                            pat ien t ed u c at i o n
                                                                                                                                            programs helped improve
                                                                                                                                            the quality of life for an
                                                                                                                                            estimated 2,685 patients
                                                                                                                                            who are living with chronic
                                                                                                                                            medical conditions or
                                                                                                                                            disabilities through training
                                                                                                                                            in disease management
                                                                                                                                            and self care.

I  n the broadest sense, patient education is the job of every                self care and independence

   health professional at Harris County Hospital District. from               Despite our best efforts at prevention and the best available medical
                                                                              treatments, chronic illness and permanent disability are facts of life for
educating patients on “right care, or the appropriate use of                  some patients. Their treatment is not complete until they have gained the
our facilities and services, to raising awareness of heath issues             knowledge and mastered the skills to care for themselves at home. Patient
                                                                              education in our general hospitals focuses largely on self care for complex
and promoting prevention, we constantly strive to expand the                  health issues. in preparation for discharge, we train patients and their family
                                                                              members in skills such as wound care, ostomy care and the administration
knowledge base of our patients and our community.
                                                                              of intravenous medications and nutrition.
But some patients require more intensive education that                       Patients living with disabilities face a special set of challenges. our nationally
                                                                              recognized rehabilitation program at Quentin Mease Community Hospital
is highly specific to the health issues they face. Dedicated to
                                                                              has an exceptional record in preparing those who have had a stroke or serious
promoting independence and enhancing the quality of life,                     injury to return home and resume a more normal life. our rehabilitation
                                                                              nurses help patients who have been disabled by chronic diseases restore
our trained patient educators work in our hospitals and                       their health and improve their quality of life. Physical and occupational therapists
health centers helping people learn self-care skills, live with               and speech language pathologists help patients re-learn basic functions such
                                                                              as talking, walking, eating and speaking. They provide training in the use of
disabilities, manage chronic illnesses, take medications                      mobility equipment needed for daily living activities and help patients master
correctly or prepare to give their newborn babies a healthy                   higher-level skills that are vital for independent living, like shopping, driving
                                                                              and climbing stairs. after release, support groups offer ongoing assistance
start in life.                                                                and encouragement to survivors of conditions such as stroke, brain injury,
                                                                              amputation and spinal cord injury.

                                                                                   Changing lives

                                                                               Talar glover, Rn
                                                                               Director, Diabetes Services
     managing diabetes                                                                       Prenatal education

     Diabetes is a pervasive condition that is a leading cause of serious health             giving babies a healthy start in life
     issues including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, blindness,                is another important focus of our
     amputation and kidney failure. for diabetics, disease awareness, testing,               patient education programs. our
     early treatment and diligent management are vital to maintaining a healthy              unique CenteringPregnancy® program
     life. Harris County Hospital District offers a recognized Diabetes Self                 expands prenatal visits to two-hour
     Management education (DSMe) program at our two general hospitals                        group sessions where expectant
     and 11 of our community health centers.                                                 mothers with similar due dates learn
                                                                                             about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Led by a certified nurse midwife,
     We create a foundation for diabetes management through group classes
                                                                                             the sessions cover topics such as diet, breastfeeding and relaxation tech-
     where participants gain knowledge about their condition and facilitate
                                                                                             niques. They also provide a forum for women to compare notes, share
     learning by sharing their experiences. Through one-on-one follow-up with
                                                                                             ideas and discuss concerns with other mothers-to-be.
     an educator or dietitian, each patient develops an individualized eating
     plan. Patients can return to the DSMe course at any time for a refresher                in addition to CenteringPregnancy,® our staff offer outpatient classes for
     or take advantage of less-structured monthly support groups facilitated                 expectant moms with special needs. one such class on diabetes and preg-
     by our educators.                                                                       nancy helps reduce the health risks faced by diabetic mothers, or those who
                                                                                             develop diabetes during pregnancy, and their unborn babies. after delivery,
     hiV services
                                                                                             our patient educators work with new mothers, making sure they know how
     Advances	in	the	understanding	and	treatment	of	HIV/AIDS	have	improved	                  to care for their infants and prevent medical emergencies before taking their
     the prognosis for patients infected with the virus. Harris County Hospital              babies home. our staff also provide instruction on the fitting and proper use
     District’s Thomas Street Health Center, opened in 1989 as the nation’s                  of child-safety seats as well as CPR classes for parents of high-risk babies.
     first	free-standing	HIV/AIDS	treatment	facility,	is	world	renowned	for	both	
                                                                                             Protecting the elderly
     treatment and research. Complementing a wide variety of treatments,
     the Thomas Street Health Center provides education and compassionate                    among the most vulnerable of our population, our elderly citizens often have
     support. With a full spectrum of services, including nutrition counseling,              complex health conditions, along with mobility issues, that pose barriers to
     psychological	care	and	rehabilitation,	we	help	HIV/AIDS	patients	manage	                medical services. Through house calls, that include medical assessments,
     the disease and live longer, fuller lives.                                              geriatric care and education, we help protect this frail and often isolated pop-
                                                                                             ulation. During visits to home-bound elderly patients, we check for fall haz-
                                                                                             ards and educate family members or caregivers on promoting good health.

2009 Annual Report

                     through early diagnosis and treatment,
                     our aggressive cancer screening campaigns
                     are giving patients a better chance of survival.

                                                         Changing lives

     C o m b i n e d S t a t e m e n t S o f R e v e n u e S, e x p e n S e S a n d p R o f i t

                                                                                                        Fiscal Years Ended

     (in thousands)                                                                     Feb. 28, 2009                            Feb. 29, 2008

     Operating revenues
     net patient service revenue                                                    $       226,358                          $       258,428
     dsh/uPL program revenue                                                                179,721                                   165,161
     Premium revenue and other revenue                                                      393,615                                  345,280
     other operating revenue                                                                 37,899                                   23,907

     total operating revenue                                                                837,593                                  792,776

     nOn-Operating revenues
     net ad valorem tax revenue                                                             522,053                                  480,545
     net tobacco settlement revenue                                                          22,276                                   20,138
     investment income and other revenue                                                     13,448                                   33,281

     total non-operating revenues                                                           557,777                                  533,964

     total revenue                                                                        1,395,370                                1,326,740

     Operating expenses
     salaries, wages and benefits                                                           572,894                                   525,385
     Pharmaceuticals and supplies                                                           149,995                                  136,203
     Physician and other services                                                            519,837                                 487,353
     depreciation, amortization and interest                                                 60,041                                    45,234

     total operating expenses                                                             1,302,767                                1,194,175

     ChanGE in nEt assEts                                                           $        92,603                          $       132,565

                                                    2009 Annual Report

S tatiS tic al HigHligHtS

                                                                            2009       2008

Ben Taub                                                                  24,611     24,575
Lyndon Baines Johnson                                                     15,522     16,134
Quentin Mease                                                                548       484

T o Ta L                                                                  40,681     41,193

PAtient dAys
Ben Taub                                                                 159,516    157,769
Lyndon Baines Johnson                                                     71,448     74,709
Quentin Mease                                                            12,060       11,192

T o Ta L                                                                 243,024    243,670

Ben Taub                                                                   5,600      5,717
Lyndon Baines Johnson                                                      4,122      4,331

T o Ta L                                                                   9,722     10,048

emergency & Urgent cAre Visits
Ben Taub                                                                 86,904      84,614
Lyndon Baines Johnson                                                     63,743     62,574

T o Ta L                                                                 150,647    147,188

oUtPAtient clinic Visits
Ben Taub and Quentin Mease                                                195,535   198,020
Lyndon Baines Johnson                                                    114,264    107,098
Community Health Centers and School-Based Clinics                        581,676    570,680

T o Ta L                                                                 891,475    875,798

                                                                                 Changing lives

     The harris CounT y hospiTal Dis TriC T FounDaTion                                                                            donors

                                                                                                                                  $1,000,000 and Above

                                                                                                                                  The Cullen foundation
            testament to the generous spirit that makes our community unique, the Harris County Hospital                          Cullen Trust for Healthcare
                                                                                                                                  The fondren foundation
            District foundation continues to make a difference in the lives of our patients and the health of                     Houston Endowment
                                                                                                                                  $500,000 – 999,999
                                                                                                                                  Baylor College of Medicine
     our community. Since 1992, this private, charitable organization has enabled Harris County Hospital                          Baylor/Methodist Community Health fund
                                                                                                                                  $100,000 – 499,999
     District to reach beyond the boundaries of tax-supported care to fund programs and services that                             Carol and les Ballard
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Platt W. Davis III
     advance our vision of wellness.                                                                                              Margaret & James A. Elkins Jr. foundation
                                                                                                                                  Kinder foundation
                                                                                                                                  M.D. Anderson foundation
     By combining gifts from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations, the Harris County Hospital District        McDonald’s Corporation
                                                                                                                                  Taub foundation
     foundation funds patient services, facility improvements and wellness education programs that help bridge the gap            vinson & Elkins
                                                                                                                                  $50,000 – 99,999
     between the needs of our community and the limits of our budget.                                                             Aetna foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                                  American Cancer Society
     We greatly appreciate the steadfast support of our many donors and are proud to recognize their gifts. We encourage          Mr. and Mrs. John W. Johnson
                                                                                                                                  lori’s Hospital Gift Shop
     you to join with these generous people in expanding the safety net for the benefit of all Harris County residents. Contact   Matt Musil All Star Golf Classic
     the Harris County Hospital District foundation at 713-566-6409 or visit to find out how your          $25,000 – 49,999
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bilger
     gift can help us to change lives through medical care, prevention and wellness.                                              Dick Cheney and Carolyn Truesdell
                                                                                                                                  Susie and Joe Dilg
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. William H. Drushel Jr.
                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Clare A. Glassell
     HCHD FounDation BoarD oF trustees                                                                                            George and Mary Josephine
                                                                                                                                    Hamman foundation
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. May Jr.
     H. Ben Taub                      Leslie Blanton                   Benjamin Hoffman, MD              Carolyn farb             Pink Ribbons Project, Inc.
     Chairman                         Asst. Treasurer                                                    Emeritus                 University of Colorado
                                                                       Jeanie Kilroy
                                                                                                                                  $10,000 – 24 ,999
     Larry Mathis                     Matthew Plummer Jr., DDS                                           Barbara Schachtel, PhD   American Diabetes Association
                                                                       Wanda LeBlanc
     Vice Chair                       Asst. Treasurer                                                    Emeritus                 The Attwell foundation
                                                                       Wea Lee                                                    The Ellwood foundation
     ginni Mithoff                    Wendy Kelsey                                                       Marc Shapiro             Epic Systems
     President                        Secretary                        Risher Randall Jr.                Emeritus                 fayez Sarofim & Co.
                                                                                                                                  Sheri and Jim flores
     Roland garcia Jr.                asha Kapadia, PhD                Regina Rogers                     Stephen DonCarlos        Houston Golf Association/
                                                                                                                                    Shell Houston Open
     Vice President                   Asst. Secretary                                                    Ex-officio               Houston Radiological Society
                                                                       David Scoular
                                                                                                                                  Masquerade fundraising
     Susan Cooley King, Rn, PhD       Cynthia adkins                                                     Hank Coleman             Shadywood foundation
     Vice President                                                    Henry J.n. Taub ii                Ex-officio               Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tabor Jr.
                                      Theresa attwell                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Bill Transier
     nancy Willerson, Rn                                               Karen Tso                         ed emmett
                                      Donald Blake                                                                                $5,000 – 9,999
     Vice President                                                    gerald Hines                      Ex-officio               340B Prime vendor Program
                                      Michael Chadwick                 Honorary                                                   The Honorable Nancy Atlas and
     elvin franklin Jr.                                                                                  David S. Lopez             Mr. Scott J. Atlas
     Treasurer                                                                                           Ex-officio               Mrs. Mary P. Attwell
                                      Rose Cullen                      Dorothy Caram, edD                                         Alice & David C. Bintliff foundation
                                                                       Emeritus                                                   Joe and Kay Bollinger fund
                                      algenita Davis

                                                                                         2009 Annual Report

Cardon Healthcare Network, Inc.             The RR family foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Wea H. lee                Ms. Sally S. Alcorn               Olis Bahari
Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.    Remel, Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. W. R. lloyd Jr.           Julio Aleman                      Anita Baines
The linda and Ronny finger foundation       Dr. yogesh Shah                     Mr. Miles loveless                     Ms. Donna G. Alexander            lynn Baird
Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum                 Dr. Mahesh Shetty                   Mrs. Cora Sue Mach                     Hattie Alexander                  Mr. and Mrs. Tim C. Baker
Jesse T. & Jodie E. King foundation         Mr. Selby Sullivan                  Mrs. Joan Martin                       Joan and Stanford Alexander       lowell Balawan
Mr. and Mrs. Randall lake                   Synthes (U.S.A.)                    Ms. Charlzetta McMurray-Horton         Barbara Alford                    Beverly Ballard
Sodexo                                      Mrs. Judy Tate                      Ms. Trini Mendenhall Sosa              Mr. Marcus E. Alford and          Avis Ballare
St. Martin’s Episcopal Church               Mr. Charles Tetrault                Ginni and Richard Mithoff                Dr. Margo Hilliard              Renee Banks
The Tapeats fund                            Texas Children’s Hospital           Mr. H. Dixon Montague                  Jean Allen-Smith                  Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Barbier
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Whilden                    T-Mak Medical, lP                   Mrs. Emily Mumford                     Kitty Allen                       Mr. and Mrs. larry G. Barbour
                                            Trotter Education foundation        Deal and Dicky Newberry                Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Allen      Daniel Barcenas
$2,500 – 4 ,999
Brazelton family foundation                 University of Texas Health          Mr. Travis l. Oglesby                  Ms. Phyllis A. Allman             Ms. Annie Barefield
lou and Elliott Gould                         Science Center at Houston         Mr. and Mrs. Chris Okezie              Mr. and Mrs. David R. Almaguer    Ms. Hortencia Barelas
March of Dimes                              vanguard Environments               Mr. Greg Parker                        Gayle Alstot                      Sharon Barker
Barbara and George Masi                     Arlene and Jeff Webster             Mr. and Mrs. George A. Peterkin Jr.    Octavia Altheimer-Watson          Jennifer Barnes
Ms. Chanti Mcfarland                        Dr. Mark Wozny                      Philips Medical                        Ms. Helen Alvarado                Ms. lajuanna M. Barnett
Methodist Hospital                          Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wulfe            Ms. Beth Robertson                     Esther Amaechi                    Stephanie Barrett
Scurlock foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. J. lanier yeates       Mr. and Mrs. Corbin J. Robertson Jr.   Chike S. Amah                     Calixto Barrientos
Mr. Jay Seegers                             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald young           Mr. Drew Rohde                         Carolyn Amos                      Ms. Adriana Barron
Texas Woman’s University                    Mr. Wei yu                          Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rydin                Beverly Anderson-Eason            Mariette Barron
Mrs. Kathi Wheeler                          $500 – 999                          Dr. and Mrs. George Santos             Charles Anderson Jr.              Charlotte Bartee
                                            Dr. Wael Aboughali                  Ms. Mary Seaborn                       Charlotte B. Anderson             Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bartlett
$1,000 – 2, 499                                                                                                        Denny Anderson
                                            Aetna                               Ottley and Jack Sims Jr.                                                 Shellia Bartley-Gay
Joe B. Allen
                                            Alsius Corporation                  Mr. and Mrs. louis Sklar               Ms. Diana Anderson                Mr. and Mrs. Alan Barton
Mr. Milton H. Anders
                                            Mr. Alex Ascencios                  Southwest Airlines                     Ms. Donna Anderson                Roderick Batson
Books Are fun, lTD.
                                            Dr. and Mrs. Jamil T. Azzam         Susan and Mike Staley                  Mary Anderson                     Ruth Battle
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw
                                            Ms. Bryn Basiardanes                Dr. and Ms. John Stroehlein            Ms. Judean Andrews                frank Bautista
Dr. and Mrs. William T. Butler
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Murry Bowden           Mrs. Carolyn C. Taub                   Ms. lynett Andrews-Njoku          Annette Bayne
Cardinal Health
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Harry l. Bowles        Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Trenschel       Jimmie Anglin                     Bayou Breakfast Club
Caring Professional Health Services, Inc.
                                            Mr. Damon Bryant                    Dr. and Mrs. Jessie l. Tucker III      Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Anglin      Ms. Kathryn Beal
Dr. Kelli Cohen
                                            Ms. Amanda M. Callaway              University of Texas                    lakisha Anthony-Smith             Shirley Beal
Community Health Choice, Inc.
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas l. Carter Jr.     MD Anderson Cancer Center            Al Antich                         Mrs. Madeline Beall
Mrs. louise Cooley
                                            Century 21 Outstanding Homes        Mrs. Sue Whitfield                     api Software, Inc.                Mrs. Maudie Beard
CTG HealthCare Solutions
                                            Rose and Harry Cullen               Mrs. Isabel B. Wilson                  Suzette Arcilla                   Mary Bearden
Diva Designs by Jennifer
                                            DJO, llC                            $1 – 499                               Angie Ardoin                      Patrick Beasley
                                            Mrs. Brenda Duncan                  Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Abarca           Mr. Rich Arenschieldt             Merrilee Beazley
Mrs. Debra friedkin
                                            Ms. Anne Ervine                     Abbott laboratories                    Mr. Jaime R. Arevalo              Ms. Katherine Beck
Mr. and Mrs. ferdinand Gaenzel
                                            Mr. William T. fleming              Nageeb Abdalla                         Mahshid Arian                     Mr. and Mrs. James R. Beers III
Mary and Tony Gracely
                                            Mr. Walter E. freitag Jr.           Maria v. Abella                        Mr. Chester Arnold                Carolyn Bell
Greater Houston Transportation Company
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robin french III       Sitotaw Abera                          Ms. Connie Arnold                 BellSouth Securities litigation
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Harrington
                                            lynn and Michael friedmann          Cilymol Abraham                        Trista Arnold                       Settlement fund
Mrs. Dorothy Harrison
                                            Ms. Connie Gaskamp                  Robert Abramczyk                       lydia Arribe                      Jeffery Benavides
Haynes Whaley Associates, Inc.
                                            Mrs. yolanda Gloria                 Access Communications, llC             Monica Arroyo                     Martha Benavides
Ms. linda Hernandez
                                            Halco life Safety Systems           ACE Ambulance Services                 Shirley Askins                    Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Benavidez
Hollister, Inc.
                                            Mr. and Mrs. David T. Harvin        Mr. and Mrs. Adrian J. Acosta          Ms. Addie Atkins                  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Benbrook
Ms. Edith U. Ihegword
                                            Healthcare Information and          Kathleen l. Adamo                      David Attard                      Elenore Bennette
Mr. William Joor III
                                              Management Systems Society        Mr. and Mrs. John K. Adams             Theresa and Evans Scott Attwell   Mr. Darren Benskin and
Mr. Theodore Kassinger                                                                                                                                     Ms. Jennifer Sproul
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael f. Henderek    Gbemisola Adebanjo                     Michael August
Dr. Bernard Katz                                                                                                                                         Ketu Benson-Green
                                            King Hillier                        Cynthia and John Adkins                Mr. and Mrs. William August
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy                                                                                                                                zinkie Benton
                                            Ms. Patricia H. Holmes              Herticen Agbonkonkon                   Eufracia Austria
Mr. and Mrs. John Kolb                                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bentsen
                                            Mr. Kevin Hudson                    Rose Agi                               Dorothy Ayala
lifeGift                                                                                                                                                 Mr. Ward Berger
                                            Ms. Emily Jacob                     vincent Aguirre                        Eda Ayala
March of Dimes foundation                                                                                                                                James C. Berkley
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ken Janda              Mashundria K. Aikens                   leticia Ayala
flo and Bill McGee                                                                                                                                       Brenda Berry
                                            Mr. Kevin Jones                     Gita Ajodha                            Magda Azuara
lisa and Downing Mears                                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Broderick Berry
                                            Wendy and Mavis Kelsey Jr.          Joy Akhigbe                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Babb
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System                                                                                                                       Debra Berry
                                            Dr. and Mrs. James Kennedy          linda Akhter                           Denise Babineaux
Mrs. Mica Mosbacher                                                                                                                                      Duane Berry
                                            Mr. Gary Kovacs                     Morgann Akins                          Mr. Jermaine Babineaux
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Murray                                                                                                                                Michael Bersin
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kraft          Juanita Al-Abbadi                      Christopher Baca Jr.
OfficeMax                                                                                                                                                Robin R. Bierman
                                            Christina and Jason Kunnacherry     zenaida Alabbasi                       Mameyaa Baduacheamong
Patricia and Dee Osborne                                                                                                                                 victor Biezugbe

     Teresa Biggs                     Dr. John Burruss and                    Ina Coble                          Wanda and John Detor                  Mrs. velma felder
     Rebecca Bilnoski                    Mrs. Christina Mintner               Ellen Cohen                        Arsan Diab                            Brian ferguson
     Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Birk     Shelley Buschur                         Ms. Mauva Colbert                  Maria Diaz                            Connie ferguson
     Dana Bjarnason                   Andrea Bush                             Kathryn and Hank Coleman Jr.       Ms. Deborah Dickerson                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. ferguson
     Kelli and Eddy Blanton           Ms. Ardis Bush                          Pamela Coleman                     Rosanne Dickson                       Ms. Shelli fernandez
     leslie and Jack Blanton Jr.      laura Bushue                            Bobbie Comeaux                     Ms. leslie Dishon                     Terri ferrin
     Sandra Blanton                   Penny and John Butler                   Mrs. Betty Conner                  Prarau Diwan                          Mrs. Janet fields
     Claudette Blaylock               linda Butler                            Mr. and Mrs. Tom Conner            Marilyn Dix                           Janice and larry finder
     Brenda Blaze                     Perina Butler                           Ms. Julie Connor                   Michael Doerflein                     Ms. Ethel C. findlay
     linda Bloss                      Corrine Byrd                            Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Cook        Ms. Julie Dombrowski                  Carlos finley
     Ms. Kathleen Blount              James Byrd                              lynn Cooper                        Cynthia Domenici                      Ms. Allison R. flores
     Betsy Bolin                      Gerardo Cabrera                         Norma Cooper                       Daniel Dong                           David flores
     Quincy Bonner                    leticia Cadengo                         Dr. and Mrs. Shankar P. Copinath   Gerrie M. Donoban                     Sonia flores
     Kerry Booker                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian Caillouet            Mary Coronado                      Sara Dorsey                           Anette flowers-Moreaux
     Ghizlane Bouanane                leanna Cains                            Denise Cortes                      verna Dorsey                          Olivia flowers
     Jislaine Bouanane                Mr. and Mrs. Charles Caldwell           Rosalinda Cortez                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Downes        Mr. Clarence floyd
     Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Boudreaux     Cathrine Calip                          Cosmetic Dentistry of Texas        Susan and Phillip Downs               Jane fontenette
     Ms. Hazel Bourne                 Judy and Richard Callaway               Mr. and Mrs. Cody Coudron          Denese Droddy                         Maricel fontenot
     virgie Boutte                    Amirah Camp                             Gloria Cox                         Janet Dromnes                         Mr. Thomas R. force
     Donna Bowen                      Criselda Campa                          Paul Cox                           The Duke Energy foundation            Carolyn K. foreman
     Clara B. Bowers                  Ms. Alicia J. Campbell                  Coby Crawford                      lorine Dunbar                         leticia foronda
     lynda Bowman                     Cynthia Campbell                        Mr. lonnie Crawford III            lori Durio                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas forshee
     Alvernise Boyd                   Desiree Canlas                          Douglas Creamer                    Dr. Carmel B. Dyer                    fe fos
     Ms. Gladys Boyd                  Dr. Dorothy f. Caram                    Walter Crofton                     Joe Dygert                            Albertine foster
     Joei Boyd                        Sheila Carey                            Emily and Holcombe Crosswell       East loop Chiropractic Clinic, Inc.   Ms. Kina foster
     lorie Boyd                       Ms. lynne M. Carithers                  Ms. Susan Crouch                   Mrs. Kay Ebert                        Tina foster
     Barbara Boykin                   Dr. Eugene Carlton                      fe Cruz                            Nkem Edeogu                           Mrs. Patsy fourticq
     Emma Bradley                     Ms. Bonnie l. Carpenter                 Molly Cueto                        The Edge Group                        Michelle fowler
     Ms. leslie A. Bradley            Boyd Carr                               Roger Cueto                        Dorothy Edwards                       Desolyn J. foy
     Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Bradley   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Carrizal            CvC, Inc.                          Mr. and Mrs. James Edwards            Maria franco
     lyllyan Bradshaw                 Sarah Carson                            Mary Damek                         Maria Edwards                         Ms. Sylvia E. franco
     Ms. Carolyn Brady                Mr. and Mrs. James v. Carvajal          Shirley and James Dannenbaum       Ms. valerie A. Edwards                John frank
     Alexander Brailas                Mr. and Mrs. Jose v. Castaneda          Ms. Moranda C. Dansby              Andrea and Chris Ehlers               Mr. and Mrs. Elvin franklin Jr.
     Ms. vicky G. Branch              Mr. and Mrs. Randy M. Castro            Ms. loretha M. Darden              Ms. Carol Eke                         Meredith franklin
     Joyce Bratcher                   Mr. and Mrs. John T. Cater              frances Davenport                  Wanda Ellis                           Delisa frederickson
     Randy Breedlove                  Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese   Ms. Algenita Davis                 Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Ellison        Sherman free
     Pat and Daniel Breen                of Galveston-Houston                 Billie Davis                       The Honorable and Mrs. Ed Emmett      Rachel freeman
     Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Brent       Mr. Joe A. Cavazos                      Ms. Deborah Davis                  Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Epstein       Cynthia frew
     Ms. Ann B. Brinkerhoff           Sharon Cavitt                           Debra Davis                        Jessica Escobedo                      Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. frey
     frank Briscoe                    Certified Medical, Inc.                 Ms. Donna Davis                    Elizabeth Estrada                     Susan fry
     latrescoa Brodie                 Achamma Chacko                          latasha Davis                      liliana Estrada                       Cynthia fuentes
     Mr. and Mrs. Brent Brooks        Mary Chacko                             Marcus Davis                       Robert Estrada                        Michelle funchess
     Mr. and Mrs. Caton Brooks        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chadwick           Rose Davis                         Burgess Etzel                         David funtanilla
     Jim Brooks                       Mirna Chang                             Shonda Davis                       Mr. and Mrs. Burgess Etzel Jr.        Michelle funtanilla
     lydia Broussard                  Angela Charles                          Mr. and Mrs. Stephen K. Davis      Mrs. linda Evans                      Danniella furlow
     Jack Browder                     Mary Chartain                           Wanda Davis                        Wanda Evans                           Ms. Cheryl furra
     Ms. Becky Brown                  Alma Chavez                             Mr. Sammie l. Dawson               Melba Eveler                          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gaare
     Ms. Mary A. Brown                yareth Chavez                           Maria De Juan                      Evenflo                               Gloria Gallard
     Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn E. Brown     Ms. Angel C. Chenier                    fe De la Calzada                   Ms. Sheri Everett                     Christine Galus
     Olevia Brown                     Mac Cherry                              Mr. and Mrs. William P. Dean       Elaine Evers                          Anita Garcia
     Ms. Suzanne Bryan                Adline Chevalier                        larry DeGarmo                      Ellis faison                          Emma Garcia
     Scherra Bryant                   florine Citizen                         Mr. Manuel Delagarza               Mr. and Mrs. Paul falgout             Estella Garcia
     Pamela Buckwalter                veronica Clanton                        Rosa DelaRosa                      James farek                           Hilda Garcia
     Glenda Buell                     Ms. Cheryl A. Clark                     Ms. Mary A. Delossantos            Nelson farr                           Jesus Garcia
     luis Buitrago                    Nazetta Clark                           Melissa Denby                      Ms. Jennifer farray                   Mr. and Mrs. Roland Garcia Jr.
     Tammy Bullock-Dale               Mr. and Mrs. Gary Clarke                linda Denison                      Mr. and Mrs. George R. farris         The Honorable Sylvia Garcia
     Ralph Burdett                    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Clayton          Ms. Marigold D. Dequito            Mrs. Sidney faust                     Mr. Tony Garcia
     Dr. and Mrs. John A. Burdine     lesley Cloutier                         Ms. leslie D. Derouin              Mr. Will featherston                  vickie Garner
     Mrs. Nancy Burrow                Elizabeth Cloyd                         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Desandro   Mr. Greg feigh                        Jocelyn Garriel
                                      Pamela Cobb

Patricia E. Garvin                Ms. Elizabeth Gutierrez                Mr. Ryan Higgins and             Arenda Jacobs                              Timothy Kana III
Deborah Garza                     Sylvia Gutierrez                          Mrs. laura laux Higgins       Sheryl Jacobs                              Afshan Kazim
Pedro Garza                       lev Gutman                             Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hill    Mr. and Mrs. Alan James                    Cathy Kekeocha
Ms. T. Garza                      Anne Hadow                             Nathell Hill                     Dr. and Mrs. Don James Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Al Keller
Stefani Gautreaux                 Nada Hadzimahmutovic                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill         Eric James                                 M.K. Keller
Dan Geffre                        Bobbie Hagen                           Dr. and Mrs. Stratton Hill       Jennifer James                             Ms. Katherine Kelly
Gretchen Gemeinhardt              Bridget Hajjar                         Marguerite Hiller                Shelia James                               Marilyn Kenebrew
Ms. Rose Gennusa                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hale            Deborah Hines                    Jacquelyn Jefferson                        Omana Kesavan
Roger Gent                        Charlie J. Hall                        Mr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Hines     Ms. Bridget Jenkins                        Mr. and Mrs. Ali A. Kheir
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gifford     Dorothy Hall                           Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hite        Sheterra Jenkins-Moore                     Peggy Kidwiler
Shannon Gipson                    Ms. Iceola Hall                        Mr. Anthony Hoang                veronica Jerhus                            John Killgore Jr.
Ms. Susan G. Glesby               Ms. Janet Hall                         Bob Hobson                       Carl Johnson                               Mrs. Jeanie Kilroy
Dinah Godwin                      Shirley Hall                           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hodges   Ms. Cindy Johnson                          Antony Kilty
lori Goedde                       Suzette Hall-Hoyte                     Therese Hoffman                  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kinchen
Jake Goldstein                    Mr. Jon D. Hallaway                    Ms. Nancy Holcomb                Helen Johnson                              Mr. and Mrs. Billy King
Eddie Gomez                       Thomas Hambleton                       Roger Holiday                    Jennifer Johnson                           Mr. Charles King and Dr. Susan King
Ms. Monica Gomez                  Dr. and Mrs. Carlos R. Hamilton Jr.    Dr. larry Hollier                Johnson, Graffe, Keay, Moniz & Wick, llP   Maria King
Juan Gonzales                     Toshia Hamilton                        Mable Holmes                     Judy Johnson                               Kingwood Medical Center
Patricia Gonzales                 Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hamman           Natalie Holmes                   Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Johnson                 Pamela Kinsey
Claudia Gonzalez                  fredrick Hancock                       Mr. Ray Holtzapple and           Madeline Johnson                           Mr. fritz Kloppe and Ms. Davie S. Kloppe
Ms. Elena R. Gonzalez             Mr. James Hancock                         Mrs. Mary Dee Neal            Ms. Melissa J. Johnson                     Kristin Knape
Dr. Ivan Gonzalez                 Dr. and Mrs. Marcus J. Hanfling        Christina Honc                   Ms. Melissa Johnson-Rothmund               Mary C. Knapp
Ms. Judith H. Gonzalez            Jeff Hansen                            Sharon Hooey                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Johnson            Mr. and Mrs. Harris Knecht
Mrs. Palmira Gonzalez             loretta Hanser                         The Hook family foundation       Pamela Johnson                             Ms. Janis Kosak-Ceaser
Mr. John Goode                    Charles Harris                         Mr. and Mrs. Max Horton          Ms. Rae Ann Johnson                        Robert Krance
Ms. Carol Gooden                  G. Harris                              Sharon Horton                    Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Johnson Jr.           Deborah Krause
Diana Goodie                      Obea Harris                            Gloria House                     Mr. and Mrs. Richie Johnson                Karen Kriegel
Mr. and Mrs. James Gordon         viva Harris                            Houston Area Association         Robert Johnson                             Kroger
                                                                            of Neonatal Nurses
Gorgeous ladies on Wheels         Janett Harrison                                                         Ruth Johnson                               Robert Kug
                                                                         Ms. Clenda Houston
lillie Goudeau                    verna Harrison                                                          Shanika Johnson                            Ilianna Kuntz
                                                                         Houston Comets
Julie Govea                       f.B. Harvie Jr.                                                         Shelia Johnson                             Gwen Kunz
                                                                         Jennifer Houston
Ms. Bobbie R. Grant               Mrs. Sally H. Harvin                                                    Susan Johnson                              Mary Kurian
                                                                         Ms. Marilyn f. Houston
Ms. Susan C. Grant                Melvina Hayes                                                           Tamara Johnson                             l. Akin Creative Inspirations
                                                                         Houston Total Home Care, Inc.
Barbara Graves                    Ms. Claudia Haynes                                                      Tiffani Johnson                            Stephen la Bohne
                                                                         Mrs. Evelyn Howell
Stella Graves                     HCHD Clinical Case Management                                           Ms. virgie Johnson                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert labeth
                                                                         Dr. Shkelzen Hoxhaj
louis Greak                       Health Horizons of East Texas                                           Jennifer Johnston                          Mr. and Mrs. William l. lacombe
                                                                         Robert Hua
Bettie Green                      Rosalyn Heath-Pena                                                      Joint Commission Resources                 Carolyn laCour
                                                                         Edward Hubbard Jr.
Donna Green                       lindsey Heflin                                                          Cedric Jolivet                             Alexandzia laguna
                                                                         Michelle Hubert
Dr. louis Green and               Ms. Rebecca J. Helmreich                                                Ms. Angela M. Jones                        Mr. and Mrs. Aristides laguna
   Dr. Barbara Schachtel                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Huebel
                                  Deirdre l. Helms                                                        Betty Jones                                Ms. Sharon land
Cynthia Greene                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John f. Hunka
                                  Ellis Henderson                                                         Mrs. Connie Jones                          Ms. felicia lane
Joy Greenleaf                                                            Tunecca Hunt
                                  Mr. and Mrs. M. James Henderson                                         Diana Jones                                Marlene lane
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Greenwood                                               Ms. Chaille Hutcheson
                                  The Henderson-Wessendorff foundation                                    Dr. Julie Jones                            versa lane
Joycely Greer-Pouncy                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Hutfless
                                  Andrea Henry                                                            Marzetta Jones-West                        Roxanne lara
Ida Griffin-Massie                                                       I.v. Associates, Inc.
                                  yvette Henry                                                            Melvin Jones                               Emily larson
lois Griffin                                                             Monica Igwe
                                  Manolita Henson                                                         Shelia Jones                               Stephanie larson
loris Moore Griffin                                                      Mr. zylius Imo
                                  Angela Hernandez                                                        vicki Jones                                virginia latin
Alisha Grisham                                                           Andra Ingram
                                  Blanca Hernandez                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Randall T. Jose               Mr. and Mrs. William J. laughlin
Michael Groat                                                            yvonne Irchirl
                                  Mr. and Mrs. E.O. Hernandez                                             Mathew Joseph                              Wilme lava
Mark Grotjohn                                                            Rizza Isagan
                                  Ms. lynn Hernandez                                                      linda Josselyn                             Ping law
Karen Grunden                                                            Elizabeth Iyabor
                                  Maria Hernandez                                                         Chaplain Agnes Mary Joy                    Michelle le
Eglantina Guajardo                                                       Chen-fung Izfar
                                  Nery Hernandez                                                          JP Morgan Chase                            Delora leach
Sabina Guerra                                                            Alice Jackson
                                  Ms. Claudia Herrera                                                     Beverly Julien                             Mercedes leal
Angel Guerrero                                                           Chara Jackson
                                  yvonne Herrigan                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Craig M. Julien               Catalina leano
Anita Guerrero                                                           Ms. Deborah Jackson
                                  Ms. lovie Herring                                                       Amp Jurisprudencia                         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick leBlanc
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Guillen                                          Johnny Jackson
                                  Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Heruela                                               Margaret Justus                            Mr. and Mrs. Jong lee
Ms. Dianna M. Guillory                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Jackson
                                  Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Hickman                                             Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kagan                  Mr. R.M. lee
Robert Gulliver                                                          Esau Jaco
                                  Mr. and Mrs. lawrence R. Hicks                                          Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kalinec               Rebecca lee
Delonda Gunter                                                           Antony Jacob
                                  Mr. Ray W. Higgins                                                      lovette Kalisch                            Kathleen legault
                                                                         Jessy Jacob

     Nancy legita                       John Martinez                             Gloria Montemayor                    Marsha Ogilvie                        leslie M. Phillip
     Ms. linda lelingis                 leticia Martinez                          Anne Montgomery                      Suliat R. Ogunlana                    Ms. Carolyn Phillips
     Mr. and Mrs. Gary l. leonard       Rebecca Martinez                          Montrose Counseling Center           Bunmi Ogunleye                        Mr. David Phillips
     luther leonard                     Sandra Martinez                           Mr. and Mrs. James A. Montross       Hema Ojha                             frederick Phillips
     Danielle leslie                    Barbara and George Masi                   Candace Moore                        Godwin Okoro                          Michelle Phillips
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert lestz          Katie Masi                                Carol Moore                          Odada Alfred Okotete                  Angela Pickens
     Dr. fernando levaro                Mr. and Mrs. Melvin l. Mason              David Moore                          Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Oliver          Jerry Pickrom
     Ms. Judy levison                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mata                  Mr. laJuan Moore                     leza Oliver                           Jorge Picos
     Elliot leviton                     Mrs. Thresiamma Mathew                    Patricia Moore                       Roger Olsen                           Ternika Pierre
     Demetra lewis                      Mr. and Mrs. larry l. Mathis              Mr. and Mrs. Preston Moore Jr.       Heidi O’Malley                        Mrs. Joanne Pierre-Scott
     Jill lewis                         Nancy Mathis                              Sheterra Moore                       Karen Onabanjo                        Ms. lisa l. Pietsch
     Terry lewis                        Schantiel Mathis                          Daniel Morales Jr.                   Ms. Stephanie Ong                     Danielle Piper
     Jason li                           Rosie Matthew                             Sara Morales-Moreno                  Ms. vinny Oommen                      Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Plummer Jr.
     Mrs. Bessie liedtke                Monica Matthews                           Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Moran         Mr. Mieke Opsomer                     PNB Remittance Centers, Inc.
     Mariza limlengco                   Elizabeth Maunz                           Terrie l. Moreaux                    Mary lou Orozco                       Ms. Jennifer E. Polk
     Minerva limon                      Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Mayfield Jr.         Antonio Moreno                       Isabel Ortiz                          Sujette Pompey
     Rolilue limon                      Jacqueline McAfee                         Mrs. laurie Morian                   Mr. Jose Ortiz                        Rita Pope
     Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. likins       Don McCart                                Irma Q. Morin                        Rosanna Ortiz                         lisa Poret
     lisa littleton                     Sandra McCary                             Bernardita Moselina                  Imelda Osemele                        Alice Porter
     Mrs. Robin livesay                 Mr. and Mrs. James McCormick Jr.          Shirley Moss                         Ivana Osornio                         Deveeta Porter
     Rashawn livingston                 linda McCoy                               Ms. Jackie Mostyn                    Dr. Britta Ostermeyer                 Anna Posey
     Jennifer lockwood                  Mrs. Regina McCray                        Alex Mouton                          Isaac Otadoro                         Dervilla Potter
     Mr. and Mrs. Howard loeser         franklin McDaniel                         Maria Munoz                          Dr. and Mrs. David Ott                Cynthia Powell
     Ms. Roberta long                   Sheila McDaniel                           Carolyn Murphy                       Olutoyn Oyeledun                      Denise Powell
     Mr. and Mrs. Angel lopez           Shelia McDermott                          latecia Murphy                       Angelica Ozaeta                       vernell Powell
     Belinda lopez                      McDonald’s at Ben Taub General Hospital   Ms. Diane v. Murrell                 Saturnina Pacia                       Allan Prejusa
     Mr. and Mrs. David S. lopez        Mr. and Mrs. Clark McGrael                Mr. vance Muse                       Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Padar           Mr. and Mrs. Morrell Price III
     Martin lopez Jr.                   Ms. Donna K. McKee                        Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Mut             Gilberto Padilla                      Ms. Barbara Prince
     Melissa lopez                      Scott McKern                              Kathrine Myles                       Mr. Jeffrey Pagel                     Betty Jane Prince
     Ms. Patricia C. lovero             Ms. Celeste Mclaughlin                    Raj Nair                             Mr. and Mrs. Tim G. Palculict         Ms. Sue A. Provenzano
     Christine lubos                    lesa and Bryan Mcleod                     M. Navarro                           Mr. and Mrs. Menardo R. Panco         Trina Provost
     Ms. Claudia luciana-Thomas         leisa McMullen                            Neighborhood Centers, Inc.           Melanie Panganiban                    Kamonmas Pungpadung
     Robin luckette                     Mrs. Sue H. McMurrey                      Mr. and Mrs. John W. Nelson          Sara Panitzke                         Ms. Shirley Quaid
     lydia luebano                      Dr. and Mrs. G. Walter McReynolds         Mr. Michael C. Nelson                Jay Pantoja                           Rebecca Quintana
     Maria lumapas                      Katie and Whitney Mears                   Neotech Products, Inc.               Primrose Pari-An                      Mr. and Mrs. Jose Quintero
     Dr. and Mrs. fred lummis           Medela                                    Cynthia Newsome                      David Parker                          Mrs. Susan Rafte
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. lyon       Medical Uniform Manufacturing, Inc.       Mary Newton                          Shannon Parker                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rafuse
     Paul lyons                         Alma Medina                               Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Newton         Carmen Patino                         Dora Ramirez
     Ms. Rosalina A. lytle              Mr. Hassan Mehrabian                      Diane Nguyen                         Joyce Patterson                       Helio Ramos
     Ms. Elizabeth Madrid               Margarita Mejia                           Mr. Dung M. Nguyen                   Michael Patton                        Mary Ramos
     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Maetzold   Marsha Mendel                             Janine Nguyen                        Todd Payton                           Theodora Randle
     Sharon Majors                      Dr. and Mrs. John Mendelsohn              Judy Nguyen                          Johnetta Peacock                      Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Rankin
     Elizabeth Malone                   Maria Mendez                              Nguyet Anh Nguyen                    Mr. Steve Peardon                     Sally Rassenfoss
     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Malone     Barbara Merritt                           Nguyet T. Nguyen                     Richard Pedroza                       Shevaughn Rawlins
     Kellie Manger                      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meyn                 Bobbie Nielsen                       Mr. and Mrs. William E. Penland Jr.   Mrs. Carroll R. Ray
     Mrs. Carolyn Mann                  Midwest Medical Supply Co., llC           Sipho Nkosi                          Naomi Pennington                      Barbara and Raymond Reece
     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Manuel        Willie Milburn                            Calista Nnabuife                     Crystal Perez                         Cynthia A. Reed
     Mr. and Mrs. David Marold          Nichole Miles                             Connie Noeller                       Ms. leonilda Perez                    Digna Reed
     Cheryl Marsh                       Mr. Daniel Miller and Ms. Jessica Segal   Alma Nolly                           Maria Perez                           valecia C. Reggans
     Otis Marsh                         Sally Miller                              Marisa Noriega                       Hilda Perry                           Dr. Emily Rehberg
     Ms. Deborah J. Marshall            Sandra Miller                             Ms. Paula Novaez                     Ms. Marlyn y. Peters                  Susana Renteria
     Monica Marshall                    Mary Miranda                              Nursing Resource Home Health, Inc.   Rodgers Petty                         Mr. Mahlon H. Replogie
     Melody Martel                      Salvacion Mitra                           Nutrition Options                    Kim-Chi l. Pham                       Teresa Rescendiz
     Beverly Martin                     David Moga                                Marion O’Brien                       Ms. Myle Pham                         Sesenita Reselosa
     Ms. Cindy Martin                   Mark Moncman                              Maria Ochilli                        Happy Phi                             Respironics, Inc.
     Ms. Ellen Martin                   Steve Moniz                               Dorah Ochiobi                        John Philip                           Adelaida Reyes
     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Martin Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Jason Monk                   Joan P. O’Connor                     Maria Philip                          Ms. Christina Rezek
     Ms. Mona Martin                    yesmid Monroy                             Carol Oddo                           Philippine Nurses Association         Sandra Rhea
     Alma Martinez                      Mrs. Denise Monteleone                    Jane Odom                              of Metropolitan Houston             Karmeletia Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Damaris Richards          Alma Sanchez                         Margaret l. Smith                      Jeannie Thompson                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Waldrop
Ms. Nila Richards                      Dorothy Sanchez                      Melissa Smith                          Julie Thompson                       Ms. Karen E. Walker
Sharon Richards-Powe                   Ms. lorena Sanchez                   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Smith Jr.      Ms. Towanna Thompson                 Ms. linda Walker
Mr. Nabaska J. Richardson              Marissa Sanchez                      Regina Smith                           Carmen Thornton                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Walker
Ms. frances J. Richey                  Mrs. Ricci Sanchez                   Jacqueline Snow                        Brenda Tiefenbrun                    Mr. Robert Walker
David Riddle                           Rose Sanchez                         Helen Solomos                          Mr. and Mrs. Tim Tindle              Mrs. Sylvia Waller
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Rieniets Jr.         Janice Sanders                       Ngozi Sonier                           Allison Todd                         Ms. Elizabeth Walter
John Riggs                             Joel Sanders                         Theodora P. Soriano                    Eric Tolbert                         Mr. Robert Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Riggs             Ms. Janet P. Sandridge               Nary Spears                            Priscilla Tolbert                    Eileen Walton
Robert Riggs                           Priscilla Sandy                      St. Gregory Healthcare Services, llC   yvonne Toney                         Shelitrice Walton
Kaaren Riker                           Rebecca Santibanez                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stancil           Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Topacio       Paul Wappler
Amelia Rivera                          Mr. and Mrs. James M. Saunders       Ms. Wendi Stanley                      Benita Toran                         Sharon Wardsworth
Guadalupe Rivera                       Kimberly Scales                      Jeri Stanton                           Ms. Christine Toronjo                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wareing
Dr. Omar Rivera                        Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Scarpa             Ms. Cynthia Steele                     Alma Torres                          Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Warren
Sylvia Roach                           Tricia Schmidt                       Mr. Johnnie Stein                      Diana Torres                         Ms. linda H. Warren
Theresa Roberson                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas l. Schneider     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Steindler         Mr. and Mrs. Julian Torres           Ms. Eveline Washington
Ms. Beth A. Roberts                    Christina Schoenle                   Ms. lynn Stengel                       Jimmy Toy                            Evelyn Washington
Ora Roberts                            Sharon Schopfer                      Mr. Paul Stephenson                    Ms. Ann G. Trammell                  ladonia Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin J. Robertson Jr.   Mary Schrick                         Reba Stepherson                        Hope Trawick                         Michael E. Watkins
ladislao Robinson                      Allison Scott                        Emma Stewart                           Khanh T. Trinh                       Elsie M. Watson
larry Robinson                         Mr. and Mrs. James E. Scott          Sharon Stewart                         Karen and Peter Tso                  Mrs. Mary R. Webber
Sheila Robinson                        Porsche Scott                        Mr. and Mrs. George f. Stockman Iv     Mr. and Mrs. Byron Tsusaki           frank Webster
Sylvia Robinson                        van Scott                            Ms. Madonna J. Stokes                  Ms. yolanda Tucker                   lacey and Jason Webster
Ms. Sandra D. Roden                    Mr. and Mrs. David N. Scoular        Mr. and Mrs. Terry l. Stokes           Janice Turner                        The Weingarten Schnitzer foundation
Alice Rodgers                          Ms. Krystal D. Scurry                lisa Stone                             Mrs. Betty Tutor                     Cathy Weisbrodt
Adriana Rodriguez                      leatha M. Scurry                     Tammy Straps                           Margaret Tyerina                     Elaine Welch
Dolores Rodriguez                      Mr. Robert A. Seale Jr.              Ms. Berta Stratton                     Joshua Udoetuak                      Tracy Welch
florencia Rodriguez                    Phyllis and Steven Segal             Jo Ann Straughter                      Ultra Home Health                    leona Wells
Jacqulyn Rodriguez                     Mr. and Mrs. John A. Seibel          Tina Strawn                            University Of Texas Medical Branch   Mr. and Mrs. Chip Werlein
Jeanne Rodriguez                       Mr. and Mrs. Nathan l. Sessions      Brenda Sullivan                        Mrs. Phyllis Unrein                  Mrs. Ewing Werlein
Pete Rodriguez                         Ms. Sharon Sessions                  Sun Medical, Inc.                      US Med-Equip, Inc                    Audra Wesley
veronica Rodriguez                     Ms. Kathleen T. Sexton               Rachel Sustaita                        Diane vacante                        Marzetta West
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Roe            Ms. lilly Shaju                      Dr. and Mrs. fred Sutton               Jan valdiviez                        larry E. Whaley
lastenia Roeback                       Ms. Dorrette J. Shakes               Richard Sutton                         flordeliza valencia                  Karen Wheat-Brown
Cynthia Rogers                         Gina Shankar                         Mary lou Swift                         Esmeralda T. valle                   Mrs. Deborah Wheeler
Ms. Regina Rogers                      Ms. Debra Sharp                      Thalia Syracopoulos                    Charles vallhonrat                   Mrs. Ben White
Cynthia Roland                         Mari-Ellen Sharp                     Ms. friedah Talabi                     Jason vandehoef                      Ms. Karen White
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny H. Rollins         Dr. Andrea Sheehan                   Michelle and Jack Talton               Ana vanegad                          The Honorable and Mrs. William White
Glenda Rosales                         Cyndi Shelby                         Janie Tamayo                           Ms. Myrla vanegas                    Deborah Whitehead
Ms. lori l. Rosales                    Corey Shorts                         Jacque Tarver-Tezeno                   Bobbie vannorman                     Mr. David Whitlock
Bridget Ross                           Ms. Susan D. Shriver                 Tim Tatum                              Mr. and Mrs. John P. varela          Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wiggs
Mr. and Mrs. louis f. Rothermel III    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Shultz   Mr. H. Ben Taub                        Angela vargas                        Kellie Wilburn
Mike Ruby                              Ms. Dora G. Sierra                   Agnes Taylor                           Cecil varghese                       Keith Wiles
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Ruiz           Mr. laurence Sikes Jr.               Katrina Taylor                         Mrs. Sosamma varughese               Carolyn Wiley
Sylvia Ruiz                            Edna Simbulan                        Norma Tejada                           Manuel vasquez                       fredia Wiley
Ms. Sara Ruppelt                       Paul Simmons                         J.l. Terrill                           lynette vaughn                       Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wilkins
yulonda Russ                           Ms. Tammy Simon                      Reverend and Mrs. Martin Teske         Carolina venturi                     Nancy Wilkinson
Ms. Angela N. Russell                  Evelyn Sims                          Gloria Tezano                          Everistus vgochkwv                   Dr. and Mrs. James T. Willerson
Ms. Pamela Russell                     Sandra Sinegal                       Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Theriot         Andrea l. vick                       Anthony Williams
Jackie Ryan                            Eugene Sirls                         Ms. Brenda Thomas                      Ernestina villagran                  April Williams
Safeway                                Ms. Abby Skowron                     Claudia Thomas                         Ana Marie villanueva                 Betty Williams
linda Sahwani                          Mr. George Slaughter                 Jarvis Thomas                          Christina villareal                  Burke Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jose H. Salazar Jr.       Jacquelyn Slomka                     Margaret Thomas                        Mr. Michael vinson                   Cassandra Williams
Esther Salinas                         Mr. and Mrs. William C. Slusser      Marian Thomas                          Phuong vo                            Cheryl Williams
Maria Salinas                          Anton Smajstrla                      Patricia Thomas                        Ms. Pamela A. vranas                 Chris Williams
Ms. linda S. Salter                    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Smith         Tommy Thomas                           Mark Waalkens                        Deborah Williams
Sosamma Samuel                         Ms. Carollee Smith                   Tony l. Thomas                         Ms. Nicole S. Wade                   Ms. Diane C. Williams
San Antonio Houston Golf               Ms. Judy K. Smith                    vivian J. Thomas                       Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Wainerdi     Erin Williams
Rosa San                               linda Smith                          Wenallis Thomas                        Glenora Waldon                       Ms. felicia Williams

     Karen Williams                                  Mr. and Mrs. Welcome Wilson Sr.                  lorraine Wulfe                                   gift in kind                                 Matthew Goff Estate & financial Planning
     Katrina Williams                                John Womack Jr.                                  larita yancy                                                                                  McDonald’s
     Mr. and Mrs. lonnie G. Williams Jr.             Woman’s Hospital of Texas                        Ms. Stacie l. yarbrough                          Mr. Denny Anderson                           Mr. Whitney Mears
     lynette Williams                                Michael Wonio                                    Mr. and Mrs. Abdalla yasin                       Booster Juice                                Poutous Auto Repair
     Ms. Regina Williams                             Shui Woo                                         Mr. and Mrs. John H. young                       Brand Coffee Service, Inc.                   Real Ale Brewing Co.
     Sandra Williams                                 Cora Woods                                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph yu                           Ms. Becky Brown                              Road ID
     Sherita l. Williams                             Hyacinthia Worrell                               Ms. lorraine zachariah                           Diet Gourmet                                 San Jacinto Chapter –
     Ms. Shanta Williby                              Ms. Mary A. Worrell                              Diana zamora                                     Double Dave’s Pizzaworks                       Daughters of the Republic of Texas
     Gloria Willis                                   Darlene Wortham                                  Maria zapata                                     Dromgoole’s                                  Sodexo
     Joynita Willis                                  Ms. Mary Ann Wosenitz                            Julio E. zavala                                  fiesta Mart                                  Southwest Airlines
     Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilson                       Ms. Carol Wright                                 Tammy zednick                                    first Baptist Church of Pasadena             SplashTown
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Wilson                     James Wright                                     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur zeitler                      House of Coffee Beans                        Surroundings
     John Wilson                                     Ms. Joy Wright                                   Morad zekhnini                                   Hungry’s Cafe and Bistro                     Sweet leaf Iced Teas
     Michelle Wilson                                 Mr. Will Wright                                  Dr. Teddy zerai                                  Koala Health & Wellness Center               Ten Thousand villages
     Roland Wilson                                   Alex Wu                                          yolanda zermeno                                  Kolache factory                              Three Brothers Bakery
     Susamma Wilson                                  Hongxu Wu                                        Ms. Margaret l. zimmerle                         luke’s locker                                Two Rows Restaurant & Brewery
     Suzanne Wilson                                                                                                                                    Massage Envy                                 Walter P. Moore
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Watermill Express

     We thank you for your gift. If your name has been omitted or listed incorrectly within this report, we ask you to bring it to our attention so that we may make the appropriate corrections.

     PuBlic PArtnershiPs And tAngiBle gifting                                                         Catholic Daughters                               Harris County 4-H Group                      Allison Nichols
                                                                                                      Center for Medical Genetics                      HCHD IT Department                           Maria Norvell
                                                                                                      Children’s Museum of Houston                     High Class Nails                             NW Sewing Group
     in the spirit of service and collaboration, the Harris County                                    Allison Clifton                                  A. Holbrook                                  Jean Osterman
     Hospital District foundation joins forces with community                                         Captain Cox                                      Homeless Houston                             Agnes Owens
                                                                                                      Craft Habit                                      Hope Presbyterian                            Pasadena COGIC
     members who share our vision and goals. Through our Public                                       Cuddling Care Ministries                         Houston Astros                               Cindy Patel
     Partnerships and Tangible gifting program, we are able to help                                   Cypress Wood Retirement Community                Houston fire Museum                          Ann and Wayne Pierce
                                                                                                      Karin Day                                        Houston funeral Directors &                  Project Angel Wings
     meet the needs of our patients and provide support to many                                       Sandra Dean                                         Morticians Association                    Project Mend
                                                                                                      Deloitte & Touche                                Houston livestock Show and Rodeo             Project Sunshine
     of our service lines, educational and outreach programs by                                                                                        Houston zoo
                                                                                                      Mary Dingman                                                                                  Riceville Mt. Olive Baptist Church
     soliciting in-kind gifts. in addition to meeting a broad range of                                Disney                                           HPD Blue Santa                               Megan Robinson
                                                                                                      Dominican Sisters                                Humble Sewing Group                          RSS Honor Society
     health needs, these partnerships provide rewarding community                                     Anne Dunlap                                      Immaculate Conception Church                 Carol Saccane
     service opportunities.                                                                           Elizabeth’s Boutique                             Jodi Johnston                                Sodexo
                                                                                                      Bonnie Ellingsen                                 Kappa Delta Sorority                         South Main Baptist Church
                                                                                                      Dorothy Evans                                    Kashmere High School                         Ralph Spaugh
     The Public Partnerships and Tangible gifting program welcomes                                    Eventive Concepts                                T. Kauer                                     St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
     donations year-round. We request items such as lap blankets,                                     first Christian Church                           Knit and Knight Gang                         St. Peter Claver Catholic Church
                                                                                                      first Presbyterian Church                        KPRC-Tv Channel 2                            St. Pius High School
     wheel chair and walker bags, note pads and journals, newborn                                     first United Methodist Church                    Donna lanen                                  Starlight Starbright foundation
     blankets and hats, heart-shaped pillows, bereavement boxes,                                      lin fish                                         Sandra leahey                                Marjorie Stevens
                                                                                                      Tina foster                                      Shan lee                                     Terry Suvalee Stiranak
     arts and crafts, and magazines to help enhance the patient’s                                     foundation for Hospital Art                      little Angel Ministries                      Maya Suresh, MD
                                                                                                                                                       Henry luckett                                Swedish Women Education Association
     hospital stay. Please contact the Harris County Hospital District                                Anita and fred foy
                                                                                                                                                       M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
                                                                                                      Walter freitag                                                                                Alicia and Jim Taylor
     foundation at 713-566-6409 or visit                                       lynn friedman                                    March of Dimes                               Tejas Auxiliary
                                                                                                      Gateway Decorative Artists                       Ed Mason                                     The Chinquapin School
     to explore the possibilities.                                                                    Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council               Marcella McKnight                            The Health Museum
                                                                                                      Mindy Goldman                                    Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church           The linneas
     We greatly appreciate the support of our generous donors                                         Sylvia Gonzales                                  Joan Mercado                                 The Round Top Collection
                                                                                                      Goodwill Industries                              Shirley Molina                               Trinity fellowship Church
     and partners during fiscal year 2009.                                                                                                             St. Monica’s Catholic Church
                                                                                                      Gospel Assembly Church                                                                        TSHC Patient Council
                                                                                                      Grace Cathedral Church                           Museum of Natural Science                    Two Minus One Biker’s Club
     A Gift from the Almighty God                    C. Blackwood
                                                                                                      Greater Memorial COGIC                           NAEIR                                        UBC
     Rich Arenschieldt                               Blue Cross Blue Shield
                                                                                                      Stephen Greenberg, MD                            National Charity league                      University of Texas Health Science Center
     Chester Arnold                                  Boy Scouts of America
                                                                                                      Deborah Grey                                     National leather Association                 Sandra Warner
     Mary Arthur                                     Marcie Bristol
                                                                                                      Barbara Guidry                                   Neighborhood Centers, Inc.                   Katie Wernecke
     AT&T Telecom Pioneers                           Kimberly D. Brown
                                                                                                      Dave Gunter                                      New life Church                              yucca Pod Decorative Painters
     Bank of America                                 Carole Caesar
                                                                                                      Hadassah                                         Newco valves
                                                                       2009 Annual Report

                                                                                            harris county                harris county
                                                                                            hospital district            commissioners court
                                                                                            board of managers
                                                                                                                         ed emmett
                                                                                            stephen H. DonCarlos         County Judge
                                                                                                                         el Franco Lee
                                                                                            Carolyn gilmour Truesdell    Commissioner, Precinct 1
                                                                                            Vice Chair
                                                                                                                         sylvia R. garcia
                                                                                            e. Dale Wortham              Commissioner, Precinct 2
                                                                                                                         steve Radack
                                                                                            Danny F. Jackson             Commissioner, Precinct 3
                                                                                            Assistant Secretary
                                                                                                                         Jerry eversole
                                                                                            elvin Franklin Jr.           Commissioner, Precinct 4
                                                                                            george D. santos, mD
                                                                                            mary C. spinks
                                                                                            Daisy A. stiner
                                                                                            Atul varadhachary, mD, phD

                                                                                            executive staff

                                                                                            David s. Lopez
                                                                                            President and
                                                                                            Chief Executive Officer
           THAnk you FoR youR HeLp in suppoRTing A
pubLiC He ALTHC ARe sys Tem THAT seRves As A posiTive FoRCe
                                                                                            george v. masi
 F o R H e A L T H A n D W e L L n e s s T H R o u g H o u T o u R C o m m u n i T y.       Chief Operating Officer

thank you
                                                                                            Ferdinand gaenzel
                                                                                            Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                            elizabeth Cloyd, Rn
                                                                                            Chief Nurse Executive
                                                                                            Fred sutton, mD
                                                                                            Chief Medical Officer
                                                                                            Tim Tindle
                                                                                            Chief Information Officer
                                                                                               2525 Holly Hall
                                                                                               Houston, Texas 77054

HCHD expresses its appreciation to Discovery Green and The Houston Zoo for their assistance.

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