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									Australian Embassy in Tokyo: An introduction on the process of obtaining an
Australian tourist visa

Every men and women needs a visa to pay a visit to Australia, regardless of the goal of
their pay a visit to. Entry will definitely be denied without having a suitable Australian
visa. The kinds of Australian visa depend on the purpose of entering. It is usually divided
in to the following groupings: Student visas, Business visas, Tourist visas, Employment
visas, Journalist visas and Transit visas.

It is said that the process to have a visa is a genuine challenge for anyone. But the truth is,
the visa application services are now available so acquiring an Australian tourist visa is
rather straightforward now. Just a little understanding in the kind of application and some
associated documents will make issues simple. The incomplete applications will be
returned to the applicants to be made appropriate. Remember to examine out all for
numerous times ahead of applying. If they're all appropriate, they're going to not be
returned to you so make sure to make the copies of them beforehand. To create the
procedure of getting an Australian visa proper, comply with these measures.

- Look for the information on what documents are required, what exactly is the proper
application form, how to send the applicants and exactly where to apply? For the details,
you just should search for the official web site in the Australian embassy within your
country. For example, you are in Japan, search for Australian Embassy in Tokyo or
Australian Embassy in Japan. You can easily download the kind of application freely
from these sites.

- Fill out the application form, attach portrait pictures (the number as essential, the photo
must be taken in passport regulation format and having a severe expression). The
notarized copy of your passport is also needed.

- Show the program of the trip like places to visit, flight detail, hotel accommodation

- Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months in the day you start apply for

- Do not forget the fee. The fee depends on the visa sort you desire to get and also the
time for that process. Usually it takes 4 working days for complete the approach.
- The last but not the least, when receiving the visa, check out when the details on it truly
is all appropriate. If there’s something wrong, inform the officers right away for editing.

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