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Dear Parents,                                                                                 Fall 2011

        The School Site Council (SSC) is an elected group of parents and staff. Its primary responsibility is
to review and approve our annual Single Plan for Student Achievement including our budget expenditures
that relate to this plan. This committee works closely with staff on our continual process of curriculum
improvement and school safety and the allocation of resources directed towards the improvement of our
school program.
        At the end of last year, the School Site Council e-blasted its annual survey home to all parents. At
this time, we would like to share the results with you. In addition, we would like to encourage you to complete
surveys in the future, as we will be celebrating the great comments while addressing the suggested
improvements. Since 2006, we have increased home to school communication at LCM and we hope to continue
this even further in the coming years.
        The vast majority of the parents believe that LCM is a great place to learn. Comments like, “Our
teachers are the best!” were repeated throughout the survey. In addition, it was overwhelmingly said, that
our parents are partners in the educational process here at LCM, from the classroom to the PTO, many
stated that they appreciate everything parents do for our school. Another comment stated repeatedly was
that there is a feeling of community at LCM and everyone is focused on providing strong academic lessons
while being nurturing to all students.
        Again, this year, most of the comments from parents about what they would like to see improved at
the school are not really school site issues, rather larger ones. Those issues are district decisions and
ultimately are based on the CA state budget. The majority of the comments were related to wanting smaller
class sizes and less requests for fundraising. However it was said that parents would like the school to
continue with services, like music, art and science garden programs offered during the day.
        Our Site Council shares in most of these concerns and urges all parents to get involved at the site
level, district level, and even the state level. It is important to educate yourselves on how funding is given to
our schools at the state and district level. Our state’s economy is suffering, therefore, so is the amount the
state dedicates to education. Again, our district is facing a deficit at the end of this school year. Like last
year, some of the district’s responses to budget cuts happened in the form, reduced pay for all staff and
furlough days for our students, reducing the school’s learning calendar by 5 days.
        At LCM, we are fortunate to have such organizations like our PTO. It is their goal to provide
enrichment in the school day, such as music and art and to provide much needed instructional supplies to
help with learning in all the classrooms. However, in order to do this, they need support from 100% of our
families. Again, they are trying to raise over $100,000 to offset school cuts this year. They have selected
many options for parents to help support the school, from the annual WAVE fund, to the Halloween Carnival,
to the newest program, the Gift Card Program. All the various ways to get involved are listed on their
website and the Site Council urges you to check it out and get involved.
        In order to address some of the other remarks in the survey the LCM staff will be working on the
following school goals this year:
        First and foremost, the staff at LCM will continue to focus on student achievement. Teachers will
continue to make sure children are working on challenging assignments. Each week teachers will continue to
meet in collaborative teams to review assessment results based on goals that each grade level has made in
the areas of language arts and math. Each team, kindergarten- fifth grade has created a SMART goal.
SMART stands for Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented, Time-bound goal. These goals were
formulated by looking at areas of weakness on our CST scores from the Spring of 2011. Specific strands of
Language Arts and Math will be monitored monthly using common grade level assessments. Students who are
not scoring proficient or advanced will have interventions put into place by each grade level. Challenges will
be provided for those who continue to master the standards. Teachers will use the results to help plan
instruction in classrooms to better meet the diversity of their learners. Teachers will also continue to share
best practices for improving student achievement. In addition, more teachers will be using classroom
websites to communicate to parents about homework and additional supports/challenges in which students
may participate. All of this will translate to better learning in classrooms for students!
       Secondly, we will continue our focus on technology. Teachers will continue to use and learn how to
integrate technology into everyday classroom lessons. With the support of our PTO, all our classrooms now
have document cameras and projectors. Again this year, teachers will make sure that all their students
complete a standards based multimedia project. All teachers have a weekly scheduled TLC (Technology
Learning Center) time and our laptops will be used in all our classrooms on a weekly basis. Again this year, the
PTO has supported our school with new software. This year we will incorporate the Accelerated Reader
Program (AR) and Razz Kids (for Kinder) with our school-wide reading incentive. All students will take short
quizzes on the computers after reading. Student will earn points for their responses and these points will
translate into a special reward for our students twice a year. We will continue to use First in Math,
Education City, and Tumblebooks, to name a few. The PTO will continue to help support ongoing teacher
training too. This continues to translate into more student learning!
       Last of all, our school is going to continue to develop our character education program. We will work
on providing an environment where everyone can follow “The Dolphin Way.” The Dolphin Way says, “Do your
best work. Help others succeed. Respect your school.” In addition, this year all classrooms will be given a
copy of The Seven Habits of Happy Kids, by Covey. This book will be read and studied in all classrooms. We
have posters in every classroom and students will start learning what each habit means and how it is tied to
The Dolphin Way. All school assemblies will focus on anti-bullying and good character. Our teachers and
staff will be using more of a common language with students and it is our hope that everyone lives the
“Dolphin Way” doing the right thing when no one is looking. Grade level teams are continuing to develop
lessons to teach in their classrooms and all of our teachers are participating at monthly flag salutes where
the habits are being introduced. In addition, we will be hosting two parent nights about the Seven Habits of
Happy Kids. We are hoping parents will begin to use the language in their homes. Again, this will translate
into more character development for our students!
       The School Site Council will continue to conduct a parent survey each year in order to better serve
and communicate with our school community. We look forward to an exciting year ahead and would welcome
any comments or suggestions you may have for the School Site Council. Our email information can be located
on our website under “about us/school site council.”


Jennifer Carter, Principal
2011-2012 School Site Council Members: Chris Breitbarth, Khary Knowles, Jeffery Fulton, Carly Ines, Nicole
Magnuson, Caren Cherveny, Andrea Revell, Anna Ruiz and Gretchen Embree

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