Welding Technology by pengxuebo


									ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                           PROGRAM INFORMATION                              EXPECTATIONS
 1. Schedule/pass WorkKeys Assessments.          Students prepare for American Welding             This 630 hour program prepares
     (Required scores are 4 or better on         Society (AWS) certification in a state-of-the-     students for American Welding
     Applied Mathematics and on Locating         art lab facility equipped with CNC Plasma          Society (AWS) Certification
     Information.) There is no fee for initial   Cutting Machine (PlasmaCam), Robotic
                                                                                                   Students are required to maintain
     testing (retests are $10 each).             Welder, Fabricator, Environmental Air
                                                                                                    90% attendance and 2.0 (C) grade
 2. Complete & return:                           System, Quality Control Inspection Stations,
                                                                                                    point average. Students who miss 63
     - Admission Form                            Spot Welder and a NEW Virtual Welder!
                                                                                                    hours or fall below a 2.0 grade point
     - Photo ID                                  Our students are learning…                         average will be dismissed.
     - Proof of high school diploma/GED           Multi-process Inverter Welding
                                                                                                   Students are expected to maintain
 3. Once ALL above requirements are               Surface Tension Transfer Welding
                                                                                                    professional behavior in the
     met, submit $100 non-refundable              G.M.A.W/G.T.A.W Pulse Welding Processes
                                                                                                    classroom, lab, and with Madison
     enrollment deposit to secure                                                                   Adult Career Center students and
     enrollment.                                    MODULE 1
                                                                                                    staff. Classroom interruptions (including
                                                      STICK/GAS Welding (S.M.A.W)                   texting) will not be tolerated and may
SCHEDULE                                              Oxyfuel Cutting/Fabrication                   result in program dismissal.
Monday through Thursday                               MIG Welding (G.M.A.W)
5:00 pm - 9:30 pm                                     Virtual Welding
 Students begin with MODULE 1                        Blueprint Reading                           FEES
  regardless of which TERM they enter                 Applied Math/Measuring for Welders          Tuition           $4,096
  the program.                                        Professionalism                             Estimated Fees* $ $1,201
       TERM DATES:                                                                                TOTAL             $5,287
       8/29/11 – 1/17/13                            MODULE 2
                                                                                                  *Fees are estimated and include books, tools, lab
                                                      MIG Welding (G.M.A.W)                       fees, AWS certification assessments and
       1/22/13 – 5/30/13
                                                      TIG Welding (G.T.A.W)                       personal/career counseling services. Fees may
 Students may start the program on                   PIPE Welding                                change before the start of class.
  8/27/12 or 1/22/13. Students beginning              Welding Inspection & Fabrication
  on 1/22/13 will return in 2013-14 to                Virtual Welding
  complete their program and will need to             Blueprint Reading                           GRADUATION
  re-apply for financial aid.                         Applied Math/Measuring for Welders          All students completing this program will be
                                                 CIP Code: 48.0508
                                                                                                  invited to participate in the Madison Adult
 Short Term - Students unable to commit                                                          Career Center Graduation Ceremony to be
                                                 SOC Code: 51-4121.06
  to a 630-hour program may consider a           On-time graduation Rate: 100%                    held Friday evening, June 21, 2013.
  short course of 40-hours. (A Pell grant is     2010-11 Job Placement Rate: 100%
  not available to students enrolling in less    2010-11 Median Student Loan Debt: $0
  than 630 hours.)
FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION                              FINANCIAL AID (continued)
To complete the financial aid process:                 **Veterans’ Training Benefits – Veterans may
  1. Complete FAFSA financial aid
                                                       use their VA benefits (Montgomery GI Bill, etc.) to
                                                       attend Career Development programs.
     application (Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov
     Our school code is 030237)                        **Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR)
                                                       Persons with a documented disability may be
  2. If you need assistance with FAFSA, call           eligible for assistance through the Mansfield BVR
     the Adult Career Center office to                 office. Call 419.747.3000 for more information.
     schedule an appointment
                                                       **Stafford Student Loans – Can be applied to
  3. Check on additional financial aid                 approved programs 375 hours or greater. Students
     resources (WIA, BVR, GI Bill, etc.)               must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)
**(Funding sources that require FAFSA
                                                       and entrance/exit counseling. Student loans need
                                                       to be repaid after a student leaves a program.
                                                                                                               Program Information
                                                       Student Payment Plan – For programs 375                       2012-13
**Workforce Investment Act Funding (WIA)
Each county has Workforce Investment Act (WIA)         hours or greater. Payment must be made in full by
training funds. Students should start the              program completion. Students are required to sign
application process ASAP! WIA funding is a             a payment contract and make the first payment
process that takes time. To begin the process, visit   before class. Payments are interest free, but late
your county’s Department of Job & Family               fees are charged for delinquent payments.
Services:                                              Delinquent Payment Policy – Delinquent
Ashland County           (419) 282-5000                payments are charged a late fee of $5.00. Once
Crawford County          (419) 562-8066                payment is over 30 days delinquent, a letter will be            Bob Adams
Huron County             (800) 668-5175                sent notifying student of the upcoming date the          American Welding Society,
Morrow County            (419) 946-8480                account will be sent to collections. If payment is            CWE, CAWI
Richland County          (419) 774-5300                not received by collection deadline, the account will
                                                       be submitted to collections. The student will be
**Pell Grant – A federal grant for approved Adult
                                                       dismissed and billed any additional charges that
Career Center programs 600 hours in length or
                                                       may occur due to financial aid that could not be
longer. This grant does not need to be repaid
                                                       collected because of dismissal date.
unless a student withdraws from a program. Note:
Students who are currently in default on a federal
student loan are not eligible for a Pell Grant until   Madison Adult Career Center offers:
their loan is in good standing.                                Administrative Office Technology
                                                                     Automotive Technology
**TAA – A state grant available for a company                        Clinical Care Specialist
closing/downsizing, for employees who were                                 Cosmetology
approved for TRA. An application must be                                 Dental Assisting
submitted for training approval about two months        Industrial Electrical Maintenance & Green Tech.
before training begins.                                    Precision Machining/CNC Programming
                                                                 Phlebotomy/EKG Technician
                                    continued              State Tested Nurse Aide Training (STNA)
                                                           Welding Technology (AWS Certification)

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