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									Joseph Rafidi Helps In Improving
    The Credit Score Of The
Joseph Rafidi specializes in consumer credit with
emphasis on education and counseling. He
provides individual counseling sessions to guide
the consumers about the credit system. He also
suggests the clients what they can do to improve
their standing in credit system. He understands
the importance of maintaining good credit score,
as the bad score can harm you when you need to
get loan.
Therefore, he advises people or credit victims on
how they can repair their credit scores and
increase the chances to avail loans. Often people
are falsely trapped in the low credit score in spite
of paying all their dues. They can easily get their
credit history and remove those negatives out of
their credit scores.Joseph Rafidi offers
consultation to the consumers for repairing their
credit reports and be eligible to buy a new car or a
house on loan.
Joseph Rafidi completed his undergraduate
degree in Political Science from Youngstown State
University and later on he did Juries Doctorate
from The Thomas M Cooley Law College, which is
an American Bar Association accredited college in
Michigan, United States. The college was started
in 1972 by a group of lawyers and judges and has
the largest law school faculty and the largest total
enrollment, largest minority and largest foreign
student enrollment. He owned a small boutique
law firm in Youngstown, Ohio and is retired now.
Joseph Rafidi was also elected to the Youngstown
School Board in 1975. He was the youngest to be elected
to the board at that time. In the next year, that is in 1976,
he was elected a delegate to the National Democratic
Convention. It is a series of Presidential Nominating
Conventions which is held after every four years since
1832. The main aim of NDC is to nominate and confirm a
candidate for the post of President and Vice President
and unify the party. He is still involved in the politics and
has run over 35 political campaigns. He is also actively
involved with many community organizations such as
The Curbstone Coaches, The Penguin Club, The South
County Democratic Club, and the Youngstown-Warren
Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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