Why golden fish loose its colour by drsranganathan


									Those who have the habit and love to maintain fish aquarium know the problems
associated with having golden fishes. In all instance, the golden fish will be the first
choice of people in general to have in the aquarium as they are easy to maintain and
lovely to see. Some people do attach sentimental values with ‘golden fishes’ also.

Golden fishes do give many troubles to its ‘aesthetic expectations’ of the owners. The
brilliant golden red or yellow or orange colour of the fish fades when the aquarium is
not properly exposed to light. If the golden fish doesn’t get adequate light, the colour
starts fading or disappearing or getting disfigured.

The light stimuli are inevitable for the continuous synthesis of the colour by the pigment
producing cells called ‘Chromatophores’. Continuous synthesis is inevitable for the
continuous availability of the ‘colour’ in the fish. Only the continuous light stimuli
ensure the above possibility i.e., continuous synthesis and consequential ‘continuous

The above phenomena seen in golden fish conveys a strong message to the corporate
world as a whole. Performance potential and capability to perform may be a stable trait
of the employees. But to convert the ‘potential’ capability to ‘kinetic’ one, the frequent
interventions are inevitable. Unless such interventions are there, the performance of
people do fade, diminish and vanish like how the golden fish looses its colour if the light
stimuli is absent.

Certain ‘behavioural traits ‘of the employees is nothing but responses to some stimuli.
As long as the stimuli are there, the responses are also there and when the stimuli are
removed, the responses too would automatically disappear.

The corporate also needs to read and understand the above fact during preparing
‘reward’ schemes to the employees at the end of the financial year.

It is not the ‘mere’ intervention that will make the difference, only the ‘right
intervention’, i.e. knowing and utilizing the right ‘stimuli’ for ‘right response’.

If one feed the golden fish regularly with healthy foods, change the water of the
aquarium periodically, maintain the fishes spatially but no exposure to light, still the
colour of the golden fish will change. Certainly, poor maintenance of the aquarium also
affects the colour. The key factor, and ‘the factor’ responsible for the above is ‘light

Every employee is different, so are their role and performance potential. The HR
therefore should understand the ‘organic ecosystem’ of the corporate individually and
collectively and only then different approaches, strategies and methods can be explored
and employed.
Nature has plenty of management wonders to offer to man, but the corporate should
introspect as how sensitive and open their HR function is. Only the ‘biologically
sensitive’ HR can make a difference to the noise in the corporate and can ensure an all
inclusive growth of the organization.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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