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									How to Organize Innovative Campaigns and Lower the Cost of Promotions (Cross Promotions)

Perri Cebedo and Associates
Sales and Marketing Training International

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Ideas for Cross Promotions

3 Basic Elements to Selling Success
• Sell Self • Sell Company • Sell Products

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Ideas for Cross Promotions

Sell Self: Image, Credibility, Trust
• • • • • • Calling Cards Writing Letters Establishing common bonds Adapting to the MDs social style No need for ABC Promotion! Personal Profile

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Ideas for Cross Promotions

What is Cross Promotions
• A Promotions alliance between 2 companies • Where one company, A
– not necessarily a pharmaceutical company – co- undertakes a promotions activity – because it recognizes certain benefits in reaching a physician target – which of its own resources, it cannot reach

• Company B, the Pharmaceutical Company, would be responsible for identifying the right doctors, inviting them to the promotional event
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Ideas for Cross Promotions

Role of the Partner Companies
• Company A, the Non Pharmaceutical Company hosts an event eg.
– Wine tasting – Ballroom dancing

• Company B, the Pharmaceutical Company takes charge of:
– – – – Selecting the right doctors to invite Inviting doctors Assuring doctor attendance Company B is also responsible for initiating the idea and – SELLING the idea to Company A! Page 5
Ideas for Cross Promotions

How do you sell the idea to Prospective Providers?
• • • • • • • Doctors are very important market segments They have Buying Power and Prestige Company A does not know who the doctors are Does not have the Field Force to “reach” the doctors Limited manpower resources Advertising is expensive and wasteful, ROI=? Company B has the Field Force and the Resources to assure attendance of target doctors at the Event.
Page 6
Ideas for Cross Promotions

Ideas for Cross Promotions
Home • Home Repairs • Home Gardening • Lessons on Physical Exercises • Cooking Lessons • Interior Decoration • Ornamental Plants • Home Electrician • Basic Car Maintenance & Repair • Hunting Guide • Office Decoration • Home Security • Lessons on Etiquette and Protocol • In Case of Fire • How to Take Care of Pets • Time Management • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Repairing Bicycles Vacation Tours Marriage Encounter Automobile Magazine How to Buy Cars Flowers for Doctors on birthdays How to Buy Homes How to Sell Homes How to Raise Orchids Bonsai How to Sing Medical Society Choir Toastmasters Club Home Carpentry Ecology Club Meditation Class

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Ideas for Cross Promotions

Let´s do a brainstorming!
• List 20 ideas that might be interesting topics for doing Cross- Promotions in your country • 5 minutes • Clues: The Doctors Personal and Professional Profile Cards • The Telephone Directory!

Page 8
Ideas for Cross Promotions

Ideas for Cross Promotions
Education for Doctors • English Lessons • Personal Defense • Lessons on Practical Photography • Practical Videography • How to Hire a Lawyer • How to Minimize Tax Expenses • Investing in Stocks • A Visit to the Stock Market • Savings and Investments • Retirement Planning • Guide to the Internet • Home Office Computing • Database Courses • Word Processors: Word 6.0 • Software: PowerPoint/ Persuasion/ Harvard Graphics
Ideas for Cross Promotions

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

How to Improve Your Grades Typing Lessons Guitar Playing Calligraphy Music Appreciation Literary Club The Theater Club Painting Ceramics Crystals Prep for Practice Life Insurance How to Buy Insurance Flying Lessons Writing a Clinical Paper Editing and Copy Review
Page 9

Ideas for Cross Promotions
Education for Doctors • Jewelry and Gemology • Mutual Funds • Medical Waste Disposal • Exhibit on Medical Equipment • Printing and Publishing • Immigration • Overseas Study • Review Exams • Presentation Skills • Negotiation Skills • Handling Stress • How to be a Better Parent • Home Management • Selecting the Best School
Ideas for Cross Promotions

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

How to Improve Your Golf Learning to Rollerblade The Home Stereo Club The Opera Club The Broadway Musical Club The Taiwan Jazz Club Country Music Club Folk Music Traditional Dancing The Poetry Club Antique Collectors Antique Toy Collectors Antique Doll Collectors Reading Club

Page 10

Ideas for Cross Promotions
Education for Doctors • Improving Your Memory • Improving Your Vocabulary • Study Aids • Speed Reading • Community Relations and Involvement • Providing Free Clinics • Introduction to Civic Clubs • The Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis • The Free Mason • Cross Promotions with Consulates • Tourism: Visiting Germany • Visiting Italy • Visiting France • Visiting the USA
Management Skills • How to Manage and Lead People • Recruitment and Selection • Motivation • How to Train and Develop People • Delegation • Setting SMART Objectives • Coaching • Evaluating Performance • How to Criticize Positively • How to Prepare a Business Plan • Office Administration • How to Market your Practice • How to Avoid Malpractice Lawsuits • Improving Your Political Connections
Page 11
Ideas for Cross Promotions

Segmenting your doctors
• 50 yrs old + • 36 -49 yrs • less than 35
Amiable Camping Analytical Clinical Paper Expressive Presentation Driver Self defense

Rich Not rich
Page 12
Ideas for Cross Promotions

1. Identify needs and topics 2. Identify Provider 3. Program Contents/Design 4. Feedback: Panel 5. Prep Catalogue & Invitation 6. Marketing and Promotions 7. Pilot 8. Evaluation 9. Report 10. National Campaign
Page 13
Ideas for Cross Promotions

Objetive: To organize a Cross Promotions Activity for Expressives; Doctors A y and AA

1. Identify needs and topics

2. Identify Provider 3. Program Contents/Design 4. Feedback: Panel

5. Prep Catalogue & Invitation 6. Marketing and Promotions
7. Pilot 8. Evaluation 9. Report

10. National Campaign

Page 14
Ideas for Cross Promotions

Why Cross Promotions work
• • • • • Innovative Gets everybody excited Doctors really feel special Pay off is short and long term Doctor becomes both a Special Client and a Partner • Rep becomes a true Territory Manager • Rep expands himself • You save Money while increasing Sales
Page 15
Ideas for Cross Promotions

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