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									       SmartPaid Wholesalers
   3 Abrey Road, Sanyati Corporate Park, Aloe Building, Kloof, Durban, 3610

Tel: 031 764 4502/ 031 764 6403 / 031 764 1004
                         082 204 4575

          We offer the biggest discounts on wholesale airtime in SA!

     Business Model
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Business Opportunities
We are offering Dealerships in 5 different business offerings nationwide. Entrepreneurs
can now start their own Wholesale & Distribution Business in the prepaid airtime, cellular
and telecommunications industry and own a share in a viable, sustainable, lucrative and fast
growing 15 billion rand market.

With our Franchise Opportunities you will be able to Start Your Own Business With A Huge
Earning Potential From Day One, Manufacture And Print your own Airtime & SMS
Bundle Vouchers, make money every time your clients load or recharge airtime anywhere at
any time, Generate A Passive Income On Every Phone Call Made!

Our franchise offerings include:

      Airtime Manufacturing Opportunity
      Business Cell Saver Sim Card
      Vodacom Smart Pay Phone Distribution
      Point Of Sale Touch Screen Systems And Software Distribution
      086 Fax Number Distribution Business
      0839 Number Distribution
      Bulk SMS Business
      Vending Sim Cards
      Dealer Website

With our business offerings:

      You will make money manufacturing your own Trusted Sealed airtime voucher slips
       & supplying them to supermarkets, petrol stations, tuck shops, airtime outlets, the
       general public, vendors, and other resellers using our Bulk Printing Machines.
      You will make money every time your clients load airtime on their Business Cell
       Saver Sim Cards and Smart Pay Phones.
      You will make money every time your client receive faxes with Fax To Email
      You will make money distributing the NEW 0839 Numbers to businesses were the
       businesses you distribute them to will earn money when receiving phone calls from
       their clients and daily phone calls
      You will make money every time businesses send Bulk SMSES to their customers
       with BULK SMS.
      You will make money distributing Vending Sim Cards that are able to sell
       Vodacom, MTN, Cell C , Telkom and Eskom Electricity from any cell phone
      You will make money distributing our airtime manufacturing machines to other
       entrepreneurs who are interested in the business of making and supplying airtime
       vouchers with your Dealer Website.

Carefully read through all the next pages of this business model to understand how all the
opportunities, products and services work and what you apply in order to make money with
each one of them.

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                             1. Airtime Voucher Manufacturing

                    New!! Now You Can Print Your Own Airtime & SMS Bundle
                    Recharge Vouchers And Make Loads Of Money Every Month
                    Supplying local Retail Stores, Brick & Mortar Vendors, Street
                    Vendors, Petrol Service Stations, Small and Medium Supper Markets,
                    Tuck Shop Owners, Dealers, University and College Tuck Shops, other
                    airtime outlets and even the general public. You Will Get Airtime At
                    Cost Price.

Manufacture your own Prepaid Recharge Vouchers, sell and supply them to others. We are offering
entrepreneurs and business owners the opportunity to manufacture their own Vodacom, MTN, Cell
C, Virgin Mobile, Telkom, Neotel, Heita, Eskom Electricity and WorldChat Prepaid Vouchers
and make an extra income of up to R50'000 every month as a Wholesaler. You will be able to also
create your own brand if you wish. This opportunity is available to anyone who wants to start their
own profitable and sustainable business. You can operate from anywhere and at your own time, you
can start part-time and grow your business until you can run it full time. Anyone over the age of 18
years may commence business and start making income. There is no limit as to how much you can
make and grow your distribution business.

                 How Does It Work? Airtime is sold to you at Cost Price and Is At The Biggest
                Discount In SA, Guaranteed. This will allow you to be able to pocket huge profits when
                selling to the general public (end users) or when supplying other resellers in bulk. With
                our two airtime opportunity options (Retailing and Wholesaling Airtime), you are able
                to become a Retailer with your own Point-Of-Sale system to print airtime on a slip just
                like Pick n Pay and Spar or become a Bulk Manufacturer printing & supplying sealed
                vouchers with the tear-off strip. With this option you will be able to wholesale trusted
sealed vouchers to vendors, tuck shops, airtime outlets and many other resellers and make monthly
profits. It is entirely up to you! All Airtime is sold at huge discounts to Wholesalers, which you can
resell at whatever discounted price you want to attract your customers or at the full market price to
make your profits. If you are already in the Airtime business in one way or another, you
will acknowledge that our prices are better and you might want to switch to our Airtime and services
as we guarantee you the best service, cost price airtime and lowest pricing in the industry. Or, If you
are not already in the Airtime business and want to become a wholesaler (supplying other shops and
resellers or selling directly to the public in your area), we will assist and guide you in getting

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Our Pricing: Please view some of our discount prices below. The full price list is available to registered
wholesalers. Register as our wholesaler and you will have access to our full discount price list with all the
airtime vouchers and denominations of each network! Our prices change from time to time to what the
networks are offering at the time, so prices may drop or increase marginally but we continue to try get you
the best prices in SA!

Product             Discount You Pay Profit
Vodacom R5          8.60% R4.57 R0.43
Vodacom R12         9.90% R10.81 R1.19
Vodacom R1100       17.60% R905.98 R194.02
MTN R5              7.60%      R4.62 R0.38
MTN R60             7.90%      R55.27 R4.73
Cell C R5           8.80% R4.56 R0.44
Cell C R70          10.50% R62.65 R7.35
VIRGIN R10.00       8.10%      R9.19 R0.81
VIRGIN R50.00       8.10%      R45.95 R4.05

TELKOM R40          14.00% R34.40 R5.60
TELKOM R100         13.30% R86.75 R13.25
HEITA R5.00         7.60%      R4.62 R0.38
HEITA R20.00        8.80%      R18.24 R1.76
WORLDCHAT R25 22.00% R19.50 R5.50

To get the full wholesalers discount price list with all the denominations for each network eg.
Vodacom R2, R10, R29, R55, R110, R275 and for all the other networks as well, you will have to
register as our wholesaler first to have that access.

                       Our manufacturing machines will very soon be able to manufacture Eskom
                       Electricity Prepaid Vouchers! Order Your Machine Today!

Getting Started With Your Business

Briefly, SmartPaid gets millions worth of airtime stock in bulk every day for all the different Networks
Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile, Telkom, 8ta, WorldChat and WorldCall. We are able to hold
unlimited Recharge PIN Codes for all the networks on our server and will be providing you
with the Recharge PIN Codes which you will then print out to start your own airtime retail business
or bulk manufacturing businesses supplying other resellers. All our Recharge Pin codes come directly
from the service providers and each voucher you print will have its own unique Recharge Pin Code
and Serial Number as well. This will ensure you with both the greatest discounts and quality virtual
airtime in South Africa!

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Prove Our 10 Second Aim!

We deliver Bulk Stock in less than 10 seconds! Wholesalers order from our system, then receive the
data file in seconds. Then simply print and distribute the trusted sealed vouchers (where the PIN
number is concealed between the two layers of paper). Wholesalers typically sell the vouchers to
agents and vendors (who do not have their own printing facilities) and they distribute further.

Our Promise

100% Passion, 100% Best Prices, 100% Automation, 100% Outstanding Service. You will be so
amazed by the convenience of our Bulk Airtime service that you may want to consider becoming an
appointed Reseller of trusted sealed vouchers in your area. Our specialist Wholesaler Printing
software is just the tool to get you going fast.

We have three options with our airtime business opportunity. And we present
them in more detail below:

Option 1 (Retailing Airtime) Point-OF-Sale

 Small & Medium enterprises can now Retail airtime with our Point-Of-Sale Airtime systems,
software, solutions and take advantage of collective buying in the true sense of the word.
Just like Pick n Pay, Spar, Petrol Stations and other major retail chains receive airtime PINS
instantly at the Point of Sale, individual retailers can now access Prepaid Airtime exactly the
same way. No stock to hold, no shrinkage, keenest prices. The recharge PINS are stored in
encrypted format on our servers. Stock is drawn by registered users (Retailers) who have
made a prepayment for their Airtime and simply print it out instantly as and when the customers
walk in to buy airtime. You do not ever have to hold stock! Retailers simply draw Airtime as and
when it is purchased and will be able to print exactly in the network (Vodacom/MTN/Cell C/
Telkom/8ta) and amount (R29) they requested and paid for! There is NO minimum amount you
need to have in your account to draw airtime!
Retailers are able to receive, manage, decrypt and print the airtime stock in seconds at the moment
each end user (customer) purchases it from their business.

All that is needed is 3G connection or ADSL, a computer or laptop to have our Point-Of-Sale system
setup! We will supply you with the software, interface, a server and slip printer and manuals to get
started. Retailers do not need to hold stock at the premises at all with our Point-Of-Sale system. You
simply order in real time as each sale is made. However, your shop will have permanent access to
the entire range of vouchers and can never run out of stock of any single voucher.

The whole airtime point-of-sale package is Only R3500 (Software, Equipment and
Technical Support All Included!

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We also have the option of making 'Sealed Vouchers'. With our specialist
Wholesaler software you can order encrypted recharge PINS from us online, day
or night. Delivery is fully automated, with encrypted stock arriving in your Inbox
in a matter of seconds, without human intervention and totally risk free. Then
with our special Universal Printing Station software you will be able to print
physical stock at your premises using special two-ply paper and our specialized
dot matrix printer.

Conversion to printed stock allows you to distribute trusted sealed vouchers (with the tear open
strip) on Network paper from Vodacom, MTN and CELL C. (This segment of the market is currently
rather under serviced and there are significant opportunities to profit quickly).The total setup costs
R6500 once-off to get the following the machine to print sealed vouchers, 1 box of two ply paper
that will have 1000 sheets to print 20'000 sealed vouchers, 24/7 online system that calls the
recharge pin codes and serial numbers in seconds from the service providers and software for your
pc or laptop. View the setup for the manufacturing of sealed vouchers below!

Once your system is setup you will be free to sell the Airtime in bulk to Internet Cafes, shops, spazas,
hawkers, schools, church groups, taxi drivers, petrol stations, coffee shops and so on. You will be
able to set your own wholesale price list for your customers and will do well if you give your biggest
customers better prices.

Since the State of the Nation address by Jacob Zuma there is a renewed focus on job creation in
South Africa. As a Regional Distributor, you can appoint many Airtime resellers in your area, creating
many, many jobs. Since our system is internet based and delivery of bulk airtime to you takes just
seconds, the freelance resellers you appoint will gain confidence in you and the system. Your trusted
sealed voucher business will flourish quickly if you prove yourself to be a reliable supplier. And the
resellers who sell your Airtime for profit will be putting food on the table, for someone.

Traditional Network vouchers

Wholesalers order from our website, then receive the data file in seconds. Then simply print and
distribute the trusted sealed vouchers (where the PIN number is concealed between the two layers
of paper). Wholesalers typically sell the vouchers to agents and vendors (who do not have their own
printing facilities) and they distribute further.

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Multi Voucher

Or you can order the new Copyright Multi-Voucher paper and print using our specialist Wholesaler
software. The recharge PIN number is also concealed between the two layers of paper as normal.
Multi-Voucher paper means you never need to change paper in your printer again. That means your
delivery process is quicker and there is no need to have any physical stock lying around. Making up a
complete order for your customer is really easy! In addition, six voucher types can be sold using a
single box of paper. The voucher below is a Vodacom voucher (You can tell because our software
prints the value of the voucher in the Vodacom block)

What We Provide You With:

       The Machine to print sealed vouchers!
       24/7 online system that calls the recharge pin codes and serial numbers in seconds from
        the service providers
       Software for your pc or laptop
       Biggest discount in SA, Guaranteed.
       Marketing Tips
       Easy To Use How To Get Started Manual Guide
       Colourful Poster to display for your business
       Full Support And Assistance When You Need It
       1 Box of 1000 sheets of Paper to print sealed vouchers (with the tear open strip) for
        Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C sealed vouchers. With this you are able to print 20'000 trusted
        sealed voucher slips
       Start Your Business On A Part-Time Or Full-Time Basis
       You are also able to get a Tax Invoice
       Lifetime Technical Support and Assistance
       3 Wholesalers Instruction Manuals

Because our Starter Kit includes online setup assistance you need not worry about anything
technical getting in the way of starting your business. We are able to provide you with everything
you need including the specialist printer, Network paper, software and online support. We are
uniquely geared to get you started quickly and profitably.

Turn to the next page to learn about our Business Cell Saver SIM Cards that charge ONLY
85cents Per Minute, which you make money every time clients recharge airtime…

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                          2. Business Cell Saver Sim Cards

             Calls are charged at ONLY 85cents per minute on the Business Cell
                                    Saver Sim Cards!!!

                  Make Money Every Time Your Clients Recharge Airtime!

Telephone calls made by a business are to cellular numbers as their clients, customers, potential
clients, debtors, staff, their book keepers, accountants and suppliers are more mobile and easier to
contact via their CELL PHONE. At present the Telkom rates are between R1.48 - R2.90 from landline
to cellular with interconnection fees. Phones calls made from CELL PHONES to landlines are also
between R1.48 - R2.90 per minute on average with interconnection fees, these rates increase a
business telephone and cellular account to thousands of rands every week as hundreds of phone
calls are made by a business across different networks
The Business Cell Saver SIM Card is developed to cut down on the business and business individuals
phone account by up to 66% saving them tons of money and allowing them to talk more for less
with their money.

 All local and international calls are charged at a fixed 85cents per minute to
                       all networks, Any Time of the day!

How Do You Make Money?
You will be making every time each SIM card you have distributed is loaded with airtime! The
minimum airtime that can be loaded on the SIM card is R150,that is the minimum recharge amount
your clients can top up with, which you a share belongs to you.

Top Up Amounts                                      Your Commission Share
R150 (Your client gets 167 talking minutes)         R20
R300 (Your client gets 333 talking minutes)         R40
R450 (Your client gets 500 talking minutes)         R60
R750 (Your client gets 833 talking minutes)         R100

Businesses and individuals make a lot of phone calls and would use a lot of airtime every week! If
you have 100 SIM cards distributed and each business loads just R900 per month, you would earn
R12’000 recurring every month with just those 100 SIM cards! And every month your clients
recharge you continue making money as they got the SIM card from you. So with 200 SIM cards,
you would earn R24’000 recurring every month when your clients recharge their airtime to make
calls! The bonus for them is that, they will also benefit a lot as they would be saving thousands
every month. Start your own network while the market is fresh today!

            The Business Cell Saver SIM Cards cost R450 each and come in packs of 10

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                          3. BULK SMS BUSINESS

  Make Money With Your                                            Own Bulk SMS Business!

There Are No Monthly Fees! No Setup Fees! No Contract To Sign! No Hidden Costs!
We Offer This Service Free Of Charge To All Our Registered Premier Wholesalers

What Is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS creates an easy communications channel between businesses and their customers
anytime, anywhere via SMS communication. Bulk SMS allows businesses to send multiple recipients
with the same message at a highly cheaper price than using normal cell phones to do so where a
SMS is charged higher than Bulk SMS! Businesses can send SMS’s as low as ONLY 40cents with Bulk
SMS which you would pocket profits from each and every time your clients (businesses) send Bulk
SMS'S to their customers, staff or debtors. Schools and pre-schools also require this service more
and more each year and there is still a huge market to be covered both with small and medium
businesses, schools and the general public meaning an opportunity and money for you! The SMS'S
are sold to you as low as 20cents Per SMS and can add your own profits as you wish per SMS. You
also do not have to have thousands to start this business, you can start from as little as R33 and
build your business from there with all the advanced tools we offer free of charge to our premier

                         Benefits of Bulk SMS

                           Small, medium and large businesses are increasingly looking to SMS as a
                          channel for business communications due to its direct benefits in
                          increasingly operational efficiencies. Reaching a contact list of some fifty
                          thousand individuals is made easy for any organization through BULK SMS.
An SMS message, for instance, could be used to send a notification or alert for an automated
process - such as when a server experiences downtime due to system maintenance, customers could
easily be notified via SMS in seconds through BULK SMS for their convenience. It can also be used to
inform delegates of a workshop date or
location change or notify customers of a sales promotion or special offer. SMS also provides a means
of communicating with staff, for instance sending a meeting reminder or birthday wishes making
staff feel important in an organization. It can also be used, for example during a recruitment process
to confirm, interview appointments with job seekers. Lastly 98% of SMS's received are viewed unlike
emails or even phone calls which people might never get or read or answer their cell phones, but
they will ALWAYS read a SMS. SMS can also be easily accessed via your cell phone for reference of

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function dates, specials, promotions, and reminders of payment making it the most powerful form of
communication and the cheapest!

How To Make Money From Bulk SMS

As we mentioned before, you can start from as little as R33 with this business or more if you wish to,
it highly depends on how much you want to make and gain. But it is easy to make R15'000 recurring
each and every month with BULK SMS once you have established a good client base and network of
businesses using your services to send thousands of SMS's every month. You will get your SMS's as
low as 20cents each which you can add your own profits, example 20cents - 30sents per SMS. You
could charge 50cents per SMS and pocket 30cents on each SMS you send for your clients!

How To Make Money With Bulk SMS?

Businesses send thousands of SMS's weekly and there is a lot of money to be made with BULK
SMS. Example - If you got your SMS's at 20cents each and you add 30cents profit per SMS and sold
each SMS at 50cents and had 50 businesses signed up on your system sending a minimum of 1000
SMS's every month for various promotions, specials, reminders, updates etc and you charged
them 50cents Per SMS! You would make R15'000 Profit from these business alone! With 100
clients you would make R30'000!

Turn to the next page for the Vending SIM Card Distribution

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                           4.Vending SIM Card Distribution

We will supply you with Vodacom Smartpaid SIM CARDS which will enable your clients to not only
make and receive their normal cellular phone calls, SMS's, MMS's and internet access etc but to also
transform their cell phone into a small mobile business and make extra money selling Vodacom,
MTN, Cell C and Telkom Pre Paid Vouchers to Anyone, Any Time via their cell phone. All Prepaid
Airtime will be sold at a discount of Up To 8% to your clients to enable them to make profits
rendering this service to their customers. This will enable them to pocket all their profits at the point
and time of sale. For example all R110 Vodacom will be sold to them at R101.20 which they will then
sell at the full market price of R110 and pocket R8.80 immediately at the point and time of sale. Each
Smartpaid SIM Card will come with an EASY TO USE Dealer manual on how to get started. You can
distribute them to other resellers and retailers to resell, people can now easily sell airtime to each
other at the work place and make an extra income from via their cell phone you can also supply brick
& mortar vendors or street vendors who might not have a prepaid terminal to sell prepaid airtime.

How Does It Work?

Selling airtime on your cell phone with the Smartpaid SIM Card is very easy, fast and simple. The
EASY TO USE manual we send will have the instructions on how to Load someones phone when
selling airtime to them which is only done easily from any normal cell phone and takes less than 6
seconds. The Smartpaid SIM will work on ANY normal cell phone even if it is not GPRS enabled or
enabled to be able to sell airtime. The people your clients will sell airtime to will be credited with the
amount they purchased immediately at the time and point of sale without having to punch in a
recharge pin, the airtime is simply credited in their cell phone, all your client will do is punch in their
cell phone number to be credited and the amount of airtime, and they are credited in less than 6
seconds after your client has executed it their cell phone, they customer (the person buying airtime)
will receive a SMS notification immediately that they cell phone account has been credited and will
state the amount. For Example, if you distribute the Smartpaid SIM Card to 'John' and he sells
Vodacom R29 airtime to 'Joseph', Josephs' cell phone will be credited with R29 immediately at the
time and point of sale in less than 6 seconds. The airtime is sent immediately to the cellular phone of
the person buying the airtime and are thus credited with the amount the purchased and an SMS
notification is sent immediately notifying them of the amount credited and their new phone balance.

The best benefit about the Vodacom Smartpaid SIM Cards is that airtime is credited straight into the
buyers cell phone immediately without any Recharge Voucher. Vodacom, Cell C, MTN and Telkom
Prepaid can now be sold by anyone, even at the work place to make an extra income and providing a
service to a lot of people. Another great thing with these Smartpaid SIM Cards is that the Vodacom
Airtime in particular can be sold in any denomination between R5 toR999.This means Vodacom

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R6,R7,R8,R9,R10,R11,R12,R13,R20,R25 to R999 Airtime can be sold to customers, customers are not
limited to just Vodacom R5,R12,R29,R55,R110 they can purchase any amount ranging between R5 to

How Do You Make Money?

There Are Three Ways To Make Money Money With These SIM Cards:

The SIM cards are sold to you @ R20 each, and they come in bulks of 50. You can sell the SIM cards
as a small business opportunity to your clients @ R100 each .The best part is that as soon as your
clients have loaded over R16 worth of airtime you will earn an extra R25 per SIM card!

So if you sell 500 a month @ R100 each you would make R50 000 every month plus be paid an
extra R12 500 as soon as all are activated with a minimum of R16 airtime! These are in huge
demand and are a big seller!

Appoint Agents Or Supply other resellers, retail shops and vendors and grow your network faster
and earn more. How Do You Earn More?
Appoint agents and maybe sell the SIM cards to them @ R50 so they can resell @ R100 also. You can
also split the R25 activation bonus you get with them if you want.

                                        Now Anyone can sell Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and
                                        Telkom Prepaid on their Cell Phone and make an
                                        extra Income of up to R15'000 Per Month. Airtime can be
                                        sold to the general public, businesses, people at work,
                                        friends and family. It is the latest, fastest and easiest way
                                        to sell Airtime in South Africa today! Get Vodacom
                                        Smartpaid Today.

Turn to the next page for the Fax To Email 086 Fax Number Distribution

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         5.Fax To Email 086 Fax Number Distribution
              Make Money Distributing 086 Fax To Email Fax Numbers!

Earn A Recurring Monthly Income With Your Own 086 Fax Number Distribution
Business! Read Below For More Information! Franchise Opportunity Now
Available To A Limited Few!

Make money every time your clients receive faxes on their 086 Fax To Email
number you give them for FREE! You can get started within 24hours! Read
below for more information!

Firstly, let us get you to clearly understand the service and product before getting to How You make
money from it!

Fax to email is the new smart way to receive faxes via email to your company, work or home email

You are allocated with a free 086 fax number and no Telkom lines, additional fax machines or
software is required to receive faxes. All you need is an email address and you are set to receive
faxes free of charge directly to your email. The 086 fax number is also allocated free of charge and
there are no hidden, activation, rental or monthly service fees charged for your 086 fax to email fax
number. It is 100% free of charge! The number will also become yours for life and will be able
receive faxes anywhere you are locally or internationally for life!

With Fax to email you can receive simultaneous faxes, because your 086 fax number is NEVER
engaged and faxes won't get lost.

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Benefits of Fax To Email

      Receive free faxes straight into your email inbox - no more waiting at the fax machine.
      Receive faxes on any computer wherever you are in the world - so long as you have access
       to your e-mail, you will be able to view your online faxes.
      Fax to email is free of charge and there are no setup or management fees for this free
       internet fax service.
      No software or hardware is required, so you don't have to wait for your free fax number to
       be installed.
      You use your existing investment in email, internet infrastructure, systems and software -
       all you have to do is get this free internet-based fax service.
      Better Print quality when you print from a fax to mail.
      Allows you to send and receive faxes of multiple-page document.
      You can digitally store and archive your faxes without the scanning process - we
       automatically store all faxes you receive for a period of five years.
      Direct saving on paper, ink, fax machine maintenance and rentals etc due to free fax to
       email services.
      Each employee can have their own free fax number.
      Faxes remain Confidential as they are delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.
      086 Fax numbers remain unchanged should the company move.
      To receive faxes via email is approximately 70% faster than Telkom.
      Telkom fax lines can be freed up or used as voice line.
      If your email server is down the fax to email server will queue your faxes for you, so no
       faxes will ever be lost.
      Online fax connection speed is equal to your internet connectivity bit rate.
      We provide you with an online interface to login and retrieve any faxes up to five years old
       should you lose any faxes or have a hardware failure of any sort.

      Faxes are delivered to your inbox allowing you to manage your faxes as you would your
       standard emails
      Faxes can now be easily forwarded via email and can be sorted on your computer for easy
      It is available 24/7, and can receive simultaneous faxes.

Receiving A Fax

      Step 1 - To receive a fax, someone (the sender) sends a fax to your 086 fax to email fax
       number just as they would send a regular fax on their fax machine.
      Step 2 - You will receive a new email with an attachment just like a regular email. That
       attachment would be the fax sent by the sender. The subject of the email would always
       say 'New Fax Received' and you would always no which is a normal email and which email
       is a fax.
      Step 3 - You would then open the email and open the attachment to view your fax

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       Step 4 - You can then print your fax, save it, or you can also forward it to someone else via
        email if you wish. Fax To Email is the best form of receiving faxes today and is also a great
        Business Opportunity as businesses and people get faxes every day!

With our Fax service, you can also send an email and have it received on a fax

How is online fax to e-mail different to a standard fax machine?

       Faxes are delivered to your email inbox, so you can access your free online fax service
        quickly and easily
       You will receive unlimited incoming faxes directly in your email, wherever you are in the
        world quickly and easily
       Faxes remain Confidential as they are delivered directly to your e-mail fax number
       Better print quality when you print your fax from email

How is fax to email the best for a business?

       Your 086 fax numbers remain unchanged should the company move to another suburb,
        city or province like normal (011, 031, 012, 021 and 015) fax numbers
       086 fax to e-mail numbers are not Area Code specific as they are National numbers, so you
        don't need to worry about changing numbers when moving office or location
       With your fax to e-mail service, a business will save on paper, ink, fax machine
        maintenance and rentals etc
       No online faxes will ever be lost because if your email server is down, your online faxes
        will be queued and delivered to your e-mail once the server is up again
       Fax To Email is NEVER engaged and you will always receive your faxes!
       Each employee can have their own fax number (more money for you as the distributor)
       Received faxes can be redirected to any email address worldwide

Receiving Faxes Via Cell Phone

Your clients will also be able to send, forward and receive their faxes easily on their CELL PHONE
anywhere, anytime. They will have full management of their faxes 24/7, 365 days a year!

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How Do You Make Money?

Firstly, we will outline how money will be made with your fax To Email Fax Number Distribution
business and we will also advice on the best and most easy way to build clientele in a matter of two
weeks! In order to start with your business you would need to register as a fax dealer or Premier
Wholesaler and order a fax website were you or your clients would generate the 086 fax numbers!

You can generate a number from this site and see how fast and easy it is to get one! This would be
the same site you would have were businesses and individuals would create their own numbers on a
daily basis! Everyone who registers for a free 086 fax number from your website will earn you money
every time they receive faxes on their 086 fax number they get from your fax website FREE OF
CHARGE! If you allocate 50 free 086 fax numbers to 50 businesses. Every day those 50 businesses
receive faxes on their 086 fax number, you will make money. You would make 20cents Per Minute
every time they received a fax. Businesses receive a lot of faxes each and every day, and one fax
page can take up to 3 minutes to go through meaning you can make up to 60cents per page faxed! If
your each one of the 50 businesses generated 60 minutes receiving faxes each day, you would make
R12’000 per month. You will have 24/7 access to live reports of every fax your clients receive and
how many fax numbers have been generated from your fax website and how much money are you
making. You will also be able to view and contact everyone that signed up for a fax number from
your fax website, send them thank you letters with your business letter heads and even offer them
any other products or service. This system is live and will update even when some of your clients
receive a fax at midnight! Let us show you how to get your first 10 clients in 5 days!

Fax To Email websites look like and will be given and
setup for those who purchase more than one product from us FREE OF CHARGE.

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Turn to the next page for the Dealer Websites

                             6.Dealer Website!
                    Have your whole business in one and online

Order Your Own Dealer Website Today and have your business run itself while you
                  carry on with your dialy business or work!

The Dealer Website allows you to have all our products and service in one-stop-shop
for your customers! You will have all the products and service and can also have
your contact details on it and can choose a domain name of your choice! What is
also great about the Dealer Website is that you can get a lot of searchers from top
search engins such as Google that are already looking for these products and
services making things a lot easier for you. Searchers will come to your website and
would be able to view all your products, prices and can even setup an appoitment to
come see you, or just do everything online and you simply courier their orders to
them! We are serious in getting you business as we believe your success is also our
success. You can also promote your Dealer Website on newspapers, flyers,
brouchers, business cards, online classifieds (Gumtree, Junk Mail, Bid or Buy) ,and
highway banners! You can even resell our Airtime Manufacturing Machines from
your Dealer Website and earn R1000 with each machine package that is purchased!
If 20 are bought from your site every month, you will earn an extra R20’000! You will
also earn extra on the paper, each client that bought the machine from your
Dealership will need paper each month for printing airtime, you will earn a further
R100 commission per box each client orders, some clients buy 3 boxes of paper
each. If just 60 boxes are bought from you, you will make an extra R6000 on just the
paper alone!

The Best Part IS!

Besides all the products, we will add an additional business for you on your site at no
additional costs whatsoever but will make a lot of extra income from it on a monthly
basis! We have a section on your Dealer Website were your customers would also
be able to sign up for the New 0839 Business numbers which they can earn up tp o
50cents on their incoming calls and which you will earn R180 per number you
distribute . If 50 numbers are allocated from your site each month, you make R9000
with just this one business venture to add on your other income!

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More About The 0839 Numbers

The 0839 numbers are the new virtual business numbers which a business can personalise their
number to whatever they want like DSTV for example has the number 083 900 DSTV(3788). Another
great thing about these virtual business numbers is that companies earn money from all everyday
incoming phone calls. The business can now generate an income from calls they receive just like
other big companies in South Africa. The business can earn Up To 50cents per minute whenever they
are on received phone calls with their clients or potential clients at NO additional cost to the caller,
all calls to the 0839 number are charged at standard cell phone rates. What is great about these
numbers and why most businesses are starting to own one is, that 80% of callers will call a business
from a cell phone and would be paying cell phone rates to make that call in the first place. Now most
business have Telkom landlines ONLY for their customers to call them, which is ok, but 80% of their
customers normally call them from their cell phones as people are more are more mobile and would
use their cell phones more than a landline. That is why research has proven that 80% of calls made
to business, banks, government departments, municipalities etc are from cell phones. It would make
life a lot easier and cheaper if businesses had an additional line that would be cheaper for all their
customers who call from cell phones rather than them calling on the landline and being charged
higher rates and as a bonus make money from it. The business will now make money from their
incoming calls whilst their customers save a lot of money than when calling them on the landline.
The business can still keep their landline number for customers who are calling from landlines as
calls are cheaper when calling landline to landline.

Other benefits about the number is that there are no monthly fees or rental to have the number
running as it is simply routed onto the business existing landline, so all calls made by customers to
the 0839 number will come straight to their reception, switchboard, or help desk. What is also great
about the number is that it is not geographically locked like normal landline numbers, if a business
moves from one suburb to another or from one town to another normally it would be given a new
number. This change of contact number can become a huge problem to the business as a lot of
customers would have to be notified of the new number which is a lengthy and costly process. If the
business has a 0839, that number is theirs for life and does not change no matter where the
business moves to, it is simply rerouted to the new landline number and all the customers that were
given the 0839 would continue using it no matter how many times the business changes its premises
or location. The 0839 number never changes no matter where the business moves around the
country, so the business never worries about notifying customers about their new number in the
event they had to move to another suburb or town!

As a distributor you will make money from each business you sign up for a number. Each
business will earn you R180! It is that simple! All our Registered Premier Wholesalers who
purchase two or more of our other great products will get this Business Opportunity

No of Customers        Earnings per month
10 customers per month R1800pm

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1 customer per week     R720pm
1 customer per day      R5400pm
3 customers per day     R16 200 pm
5 customers per day     R27 000pm
10 customers per day    R54 000pm

 If you do well, we will add another section for you to be able to allocate the 086 Fax
numbers as well were you earn 20cents per minute when your clients receive faxes each
month! There is NO Magic to this, work and dedication is required from your side!
Order your Dealer Website for ONLY R4200 once-off, with unlimited free hosting and

                 7.Smartpaid Vodacom Pay Phones

All calls are charged at ONLY 85cents Per Minute on the Vodacom Smart Pay Phone.
Sign up your clients once and make money from their top up for life .Generate Passive
Recurring Income with the Vodacom Smart Pay Phone.

We provide wholesalers with our Vodacom Smart Pay Phones which are powered by
Vodacom and works on the Vodacom cellular network that will enable users to Make Any
Call for only 85cents Per Minute Any Time of The Day, all the days of the week, to any
cellular network or landline.

More than 70% of all telephone calls made by a people are to cellular numbers. At present the
Telkom rates are R2.90 from landline to cellular PLUS Interconnection fees and R1.89 from
landline to landline. Phone calls made from cell phone to landline or from landline to cell
phone are also R2.90 per minute on average with interconnection fees. Even with the new
Telkom 8ta, calls to cellular phones are charged at R1.50 per minute making the Business
Cell Saver Phone the better option for business when making calls to cell phones as people
are easier to get a hold of on their cell phone than on a landline!

The Vodacom Smart Pay Phone is developed to cut down on their phone expenses up to 66%
saving them tons of money and allowing them to talk more for less with their money. The
Vodacom Smart Pay Phone can make calls to all cellular networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C,
VOX, NEOTEL, and Telkom landlines) at only 85cents Per Minute, 24 Hours a Day, 356
Days a Year! The Best Part Is That They Are Not Contract, and are 100% Prepaid! The

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phones are also100% cordless with a built in battery and plug in charger that looks just like
your normal cell phone charger. The phone can be taken anywhere, around the office, at
home, in the car, even outdoors such as construction and building sites as they work on the
cellular network and are 100% cordless. The phone is highly recommended for business and
personal use, households can also own one and also enjoy cheaper calls, and get to talk more
with their money!

                       These Phones are 100% backed an approved by the Independent
                       Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) which is the
                       regulator for the South African communications, broadcasting and
                       postal services sector. Each Phone has the ICASA stamp of approval
                       outside the packaging box it is contained in and also come with a 1
                       year warrantee.

The Pay Phone Will Also Allow Clients To Make International Phone Calls At Only 85cents
Per Minute Anytime Of The Day! All International Phone Calls Are Also Charged at Only
85centsPer Minute No Matter Which Country You Call. There Are No Other Fees Charged,
All International Phone Calls Are Also 85cents Per Minute. This Will Allow Clients
To Make Both Local And International Phone Calls At Only 85cents Per Minute. Become A
National Distributor Of These Cards And Start Your Own Network And Make A Recurring
Monthly Income Each And Every Month For Life.

The phone can also be used as a modem and is extremely cheaper than your normal modem
charges! The phone charges only 11cents per minute when you are just browsing the internet,
searching on Google etc, browsing on sites, reading, forwarding, replying and sending
emails. On a normal modem you would be charged 32cents for doing these things! Our phone
ONLY charges you 11cents per minute for the internet!

Other great features about the phone are as follows:

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1. Receive Calls, (The phone can also perfectly receive calls).
2. Send and Receive SMSES, (You can text, send and receive SMS messages on the phone
just like you do with your cell phone).
3.Takes Voice Messages.
4.Forwards Calls, (The phone can take forwarded calls and can be set to forward calls when
it is busy or be set to forward all incoming calls at that specific period.
5. Speaker Phone.
6. Caller ID, (The phone reflects the number of each caller on its screen and also reflect all
Missed Calls, SMSES and Voice Messages on the same screen).
7. Phone Book, (You can also add contacts on the phone just like you would do on your cell
8. Outstand Network And Sound, (The phones work either on the Vodacom or MTN
network and is perfectly great. The sound quality is also outstanding even when you have it
on Speaker Phone).

Each Phone you distribute will be linked and locked to your account with us and all your
clients will be only buy the airtime from you and no one else will be able to recharge your
clients. SmartPaid will sell the airtime to load these phones at 14.08% Discount. You will
pocket 14.08% of the airtime recharged by your clients for a life time as your phones will
always be under your network and no one can ever load them with airtime but you. These
phones are 100% prepaid and work on airtime just like cell phones, but the best part about
them is that the airtime is sold to you at a discount of 14.08% and your clients would pay you
the full face value of airtime and pocket your 14.08%.

The Phones cost R1300 each to our wholesalers if you are buying less than 50. You can sell
the phone at whatever price you want for profit. If you sell the phone at R1600 each you will
make R300 profit per phone you sell. If you sell 20 phones a month which is the number of
phones some of wholesalers are selling each month, you would pocket R6000 per month, plus
earn the 14.08% recurring income when all your clients recharge their phones each and every
month! If you are buying 50+ phones at a time we can sell them to you at R1200 each, if you
are buying more than 100 phones you can get them at R1100 each!

Turn to the next page for the Point-Of-Sale Touch
Screen Terminals & 4POS Software

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8.Point-Of -Sale Touch Screen Terminals & Software

Become a Wholesaler of the best Touch-Screen, Point Of Sale Systems and
software in SA! Franchises Now Available! Make money supplying Restaurants,
Arts & Crafts, Butcheries, Cell Phone Shops, Clothing Stores, Dry Cleaners, Fast
Food, Flower Shops, furniture & Home Decor Stores, Lodges, General Retail, Hair
Salons, Liquor Stores, Supermarkets, Spares & Tyre and CD Stores with Touch
Screen and Point Of Sale Systems!

With the franchise you will be making money supplying all the above form of
businesses with Touch Screen and Full All-In-One Point Of Sale Systems, Slips
Printers, Barcode Printer Thermals, Receipt Thermals, Finger Reader, CCD
Scanners, Cash Drawers, 15" LCD Monitors, Swipe Card Readers, Vertical Scanners
and Label Thermals!

Be part of this exclusive business opportunity! Franchises Are Now Available!
Register For A Franchise Today!

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How It Works?

As a SmartPaid Point-Of-Sale Wholesaler, you will be making money in two ways
with this business:

1. Distributing all hardware the all in one touch screen system, single touch screen
monitors, Slips Printers, Barcode Printer Thermals, Receipt Thermals, Finger Reader,
CCD Scanners, Cash Drawers, Drawer Kicks, Pole Display, Power Supply, 15" LCD
Monitors, Swipe Card Readers, Vertical and Portable Scanners! You will get these at
HUGE discounts allowing you to add your own profits and a lot of money with each
sale! Plus stationery that your clients would buy from you on a monthly basis on
items such as Rolls used on Slips printers, and Label Thermals.

2. You will also make money outsourcing our Point Of Sale software idea for ALL
types and forms of businesses and has a huge demand as every business needs it to
systematically capture, manage and control their entire daily business functions.
Restaurants for example would need it for their waiters and cashiers to be able to
easily open tables and create invoices! They would also need the software to have
each waiter or cashier have their own password set for them individually or a
magnetic card programmed or be able to login into the restaurants system or till
point with advanced finger print readers which you would also supply the hardware
for this as mentioned above! Another great feature about the POS software you’ll
be supplying as our wholesaler is that it also manages stock and allows restaurant
owners to have an overview of their restaurant floor layouts. This feature allows
management and waiters to be able to see when a table is seated, has ordered or
has a reservation on it, which customer is waiting for service or which customer is
being served! Our software helps restaurants to have a more user –friendly, visual
way of organising their business, staff (waiters, cashiers etc),stock (cool drinks,
meat, ice-cream, coffees, wines, beers, ciders etc), and their tables and customers.
All tables would indicate visually on the system, their current status (open, seated,
ordered or reserved).Customer service is faster due to the fact that waiters know
exactly where their assigned tables are.

Our software is ideal for :
Arts & Crafts
Cell Phone
Dry Cleaning
Fast Food
Furniture & Home Decor Stores
General Retail
Hardware & Paint
Hair Salon
Liquor Store

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Software Benefits To Supermarkets & General Retailers

Listed below are some of the major benefits our software offers General
Businesses/Supermarkets/Stores/Shops/Bottle stores/Restaurants/Fast
Food Outlets/Pet Shops

1.If a business sells a range of products indifferent packaging sizes example
100W Globes are sold in singles or bulk packs of 5 or if bottles of 2L Cold
drinks are sold in singles or bulk packs of 6 and12. Our software allows the
shop or store to have multiple prices and barcodes for if they are selling an
item in a bulk pack or single at any given time. A carton of a 100W Globe can
have its own price and barcode as a single and a pack with 5 100w Globes can
also be set to have its own price (even at a discount) and its own barcode on
the system. This would help keep track of each item with regards to stock and

 2.Re-ordering level – Our POS software allows business to set their own
ordering-levels with all their items. For example you could have the system
setup to re-order an item as soon as are left with 15 units of that item. The
system can also calculate the average sales per day and multiplies it with the
number of days you have set to keep stock, example it can be set for 10
days. These days should coincide with the frequency in which the business
gets a delivery of its stock. The system would automatically place orders with
your supplier as soon as are-ordering level is reached with each item they are
selling. Example, Coke could have its own re-ordering level that may be
different from Liquoi Fruit.

3.Our POS Software & Systems also allow owners to print Barcodes labels
and shelf-talkers. Owners can also design their own layouts.

 4.Our POS software can assist businesses manage their debtors, example
setup the system to have all customers who buy on credit pay within 30days
and be able to monitor them individually and have the system flag and notify
them of those who have not paid within the 30days period set. Our POS
Software allows owners to setup interest calculations and credit limits to stop
debtors-book from running away!
 5.If a retail owner was away for a week or so, system would update him on
which deliveries have come in and if the prices have been entered correctly
and also if there has been any price-changes made in the last week or month!

 6.Our POS Software can also assist a business with their staff. If a business
works on a 45-hour week pay, the system can help on when staff can be given
a break. The Hourly Report from the system can show owners what times are
most hectic and even the number of cashiers they need for that period.

 7.Our POS Software can also show owners which items are giving them the
best return in terms of profit. It prints a Product Performance Report that can
be sorted by Selling Quantities, profit percentage etc. So the best seller can be

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compared to their best Profit item.

8.Our POS Software can also show the owner from the back office which
cashiers are selling in real-time (While they are doing it).

 9.Our POS Software and system also helps with every retail business
nightmare – empties! The system will keep track of the content separate from
the container. This means that when the business purchases stock, they would
enter the content and then the containers and crates. Exactly as the invoice
from ABI lays it out! Deposits are also kept separate from stock taking and
even gives them the value empties at any given time!

 10.Our POS Software also allows businesses to do quotes for customers and
be able to print them out for the customer while you still left with a copy of
that specific quote saved indefinitely on the system and can then later be
converted into a sale. This stops writing quotes down on a piece of paper and
then misplacing it. All quotes would be saved by customers names on the
system to be converted to a sale later when the customer comes back to do a
purchase. Prices quoted will also stay fixed!

 11.Our POS Software also helps if a business sells to their customers and also
gives some of them a special price. Our POS Software keeps 7 (SEVEN)
different price structures per product! Businesses can link a pricing structure
to a particular customer. In other words, they can specify that Customer A is
using Price Structure #2 and Customer B uses price Structure #3! You can
have more than one customers using one price structure. Which customers to
use which Price Structure could depend on how much they regularly buy and
the quantities they buy. So, when the customer comes to the shop or store to
purchase as usual, the shop or store would simply select the customer from the
list on the system and ALL prices of his items would setup automatically. So
even if the owner of the store is away who would normally give them a
special price on their purchases, the customer would still get his regular items
and quantities at the prices he ALWAYS gets them.

      Printed Manual
      Complete manual on CD
      Training Video, CD
      And FREE Mouse Pad!

The Software Also Works On Any Normal PC or Laptop!!!

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How You Make Money?

As a wholesaler we sell the box of POS Software at R2,248.65,
Recommended Selling Price is R3,414.30, Your Profit is R1,165.65! You
can add more profits if you wish!

The All-In-One Point Of Sale Touch Screen Terminal is R7,500 to you as our Dealer,
You will sell it to your clients at R8700, Your Profit Will Be R1,200!!! You may
charge more if you wish as most businesses sell these at R9000+

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                    Product Price Catalogue
 To start purchasing anything from us you need to be a registered and activated wholesaler first.

Product                          Unit Price                        Minimum Order Quantity
Airtime Manufacturing            R6500                             1
Machine - (Package includes
software, printer, USB cable,
box of paper with 1000 sheets
of two-ply paper to print
20’000 airtime voucher slips)
Business Cell Saver SIM          R450                              10   (They are sold in packs of
Cards -(Comes with R300                                            10, so the minimum you can
worth of airtime, which is 333                                     buy is 10)
talking minutes)
Vending SIM CARDS                R20                               50
Dealer Website                   R4200                             1
Vodacom Pay Phone                R1300                             2
Point-of-sale Airtime slip       R3500                             1
printing machine
4POS Box of software             R2,248.65                         1
Point-Of-Sale Touch Screen       R7,500                            1

All Order Payment Must Be Made Into The Below Bank Account:

    Bank Name: First National Bank

    Account Holder: Smartload Prepaid Distributors

    Branch Code: 221 325

    Account Type: Business Cheque Account

    Account Number: 62251461431

All orders and attached proof of payments must be emailed to

Contact Number for Sales & Dispatch 031 764 1004

To register please fill in the registration form, and return it back to us with
your proof of registration payment.

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