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					                        Dolphin News
 Editor: Linda Beauchesne
                                                          It has been a privilege to work along side such an
              President’s Message                         outstanding group of volunteers and teachers. Together
                                                          we have enhanced our student’s education and
             It’s hard to believe that this is our last   maintained the solidarity of a wonderful teacher/parent
             Dolphin newsletter of the 2002/2003          partnership.
             school year and that very soon our
             SVMS 8th graders will be graduating.         Please remember as you relax and enjoy your summer
Congratulations to the fantastic SVMS Class of            that …………..
2003, we wish you all the best in your upcoming
school years!!!
                                                                    Smart Volunteers Mean Success!
                                                          Janine Charlton, PTA President
The PTA had a record-breaking year, thanks to all
the incredible parent support and participation. I
would like to thank the following PTA Executive
                                                               $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
Board members for their valuable time and
expertise: Vice President Sherry Luttrell, Secretary
Sherry Morano, Treasurer Carol Weisenstein,
                                                          $4,825 Could Have Gone to Classrooms!
                                                                             By Linda Beauchesne
Auditor Marshall Wolf, and Historian Chris
Samuels.                                                  What’s that you say? Why didn’t we spend that $4,825
                                                          in classrooms? Because that is how much the PTA
A special good-bye and thank you to PTA Vice              spent this school year to print and mail the Dolphin
President Sherry Luttrell who will be moving on to        News to SVMS parents! Why mail it when your child
SV High as next year’s Parent Club President.             could simply bring it home? When was the last time
Sherry did an outstanding PTA membership drive            your middle-schooler actually let you look in their
this year and she lead the helm of this year’s            backpack? Unlike elementary school, we have no
graduation committee. She will be incredibly              “Friday Folder” and no guarantee that you will see the
missed.                                                   newsletter unless we send it to you, UNLESS…
A big Thank You for the outstanding leadership of         View the newsletter online, in           , at your leisure
Donna Lohrmann and Kathy St. Leger-Barter for             at the SVMS website at:
this year’s magazine drive.                                   
A big round of applause belongs to our Vice-              This year at summer WEB days for incoming 6th
Principal Shannon Calden who did an outstanding           graders and REG days for 7th and 8th graders, you will
job representing the school administration at all of      have the opportunity to simply check a box indicating
our meetings, and for working so well with the            your desire to receive email notification when the
PTA. Many thanks to PTA Teacher Representative            newsletter is available online. By doing so, there will be
JoAnn Greene for always being there, too. Thank           no more waiting for the newsletter to arrive via bulk
you, Mary Lonhart, for being the pillar of support        mail. Instead, each month you will receive a brief email
at the Middle School. Your overall leadership at          containing a link to the SVMS web page. You can view
SVMS has been vital to the success of our PTA!            the .pdf file whenever you want.

I am happy to report that this year’s PTA put in          All you need is access to the Internet    and your own
thousands of volunteer hours. An impressive               email address. Then we do all the work    and notify you
number of parents participated in the fall magazine       when it is ready for viewing. Think of    it as a way to
fundraising events, graduation committee meetings,        save a tree AND put the PTA funds         back into the
bake sales, Dolphin Newsletter and more. An               classroom!!!
increasing number of parents are donating time at              $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
the Krunch Koral.

June 2003                                                                                                    1
             Principal’s Message                         support and the positive recognition provided to our
                                                         staff has been an amazing component of SVMS.
             Dear Families,                              There are many more to thank and please know that
                                                         we thank you all for all you have given to SVMS.
             It is unbelievable to think that we are
             days away from the close of the 2002-       With a grateful heart, I wish each and every one of
2003 school year. It is has been an incredible year in   you a healthy and relaxing summer. Enjoy the
so many respects. With our nation at war, our young      sunshine and the opportunity for rejuvenation. I’ll
people were once again, challenged to maintain           see you on September 3rd!
focus and balance. I hope that the school community
of Scotts Valley Middle School provided our              Sincerely,
students a pillar of strength and stability this year.   Mary Lonhart, Principal
With an outstanding group of educators and support
staff, 2002-03 will shine as an example of excellent
education. Please take a moment with your child to               Don’t Forget the Dress Code!!
reflect on the challenges, successes and
improvements he or she has made this year.
                                                         As you begin your fall wardrobe shopping,
                                                         please keep in mind the SVMS dress code. The
Our eighth graders move on to high school, again         code information can be found in the Binder
unbelievable. Their last week of school will be a        Reminder. If you have questions, please do not
roller coaster of events, literally. They begin with a   hesitate to call the school (438.0610).
trip to Great America and finish with a lovely
ceremony and dance given to them by our wonderful        Some hints: Students midriffs or underwear
PTA. I wish each and every one of you success and        may not show. Shoulder straps should be at least
good health in your adventures after SVMS.               2 fingers wide. Shorts and skirts should allow
                                                         for complete coverage even when students are
With great pleasure, I will preside over the end of
                                                         sitting or bending.
the year Awards Ceremonies on one of our last days
of school, Thursday, June 12, 2003. These
ceremonies will honor students for their                                Thank you for your support.
achievements and improvements throughout the
year. Additionally, those with perfect attendance          Thank you Brian Schneider-Turk!!!
will be honored for this amazing achievement.
Please see the schedule for these ceremonies later in
this newsletter.                                         Brian, an outstanding 8th grader, took it upon himself to
                                                         revive the tradition of a school mascot. With financial
Planning for 2003-04 is in full swing. We anxiously
                                                         support from our PTA, Brian purchased the costume and
await the arrival of our new sixth graders and look
forward to bringing back our seventh and eighth          represented the Scotts Valley Middle School Dolphins at
graders. See information later in this newsletter        home games. His initiative and school spirit provided
about our 6th grade WEB program. Our staff is
beginning organization of our summer staff               SVMS with
development and is looking ahead to the SVMS             our       very
Registration Day. Information on this important          own
event is included later in this newsletter.
The thanks that need to be said here could not           mascot.
possibly fit in the confines of this newsletter.
                                                         Thank      you
Without the help, devotion and commitment of so
many people, SVMS would not be half of the school        Brian        for
it is today. At the top of that list is our tremendous   reviving      a
PTA. Under the dedicated leadership of Janine
Charlton, the PTA has provided us with numerous
resources. The financial support, the volunteer          tradition!

June 2003                                                                                                2
    June 2003   3

                                                      By Janine Charlton

Having experienced the transition from 5th grade to 6th grade for the two years in a row with both of my
daughters, I would like to pass along some tips for your soon-to-be 6th grader!

    •   Teach them how to use a combination lock over the summer
    •   Be sure to mark down the WEB (Welcome EveryBody) days; August 20 (A-L) and August 21 (M-Z).
        WEB days are a great opportunity for them to see how the campus operates. Also, they have an
        opportunity to buy a “binder reminder” on WEB days, so send them with money and their registration
        packets. When they get their class schedules in August, take them up to the middle school and show
        them where they will be going from room to room. This will familiarize them with the campus as well.
    •   Teach them how to use the pay phone on campus.
    •   Teach them how to use the water vending machine.
    •   If possible, review keyboarding skills over the summer. There are some good software programs that
        teach keyboarding skills; ask your child’s 5th grade teacher for a recommendation.
    •   “Summer Math Skills Sharpeners” are a wonderful way to keep up math over the summer. A student
        who has just completed 5th grade should use a fifth-grade review book. However, consult your child’s
        math teacher for the appropriate math level. To review Tri-C Publications products, visit their website
        at or call them at 888-595-6595.
    •   Remind your child once school starts that they need to bring their gym clothes home for washing every
    •   Watch for the Dolphin Newsletter, which will be mailed in late August.
    •   You can get a GREAT campus overview by reading the beginning section of your child’s binder
        reminder. This includes school starting & finishing times, as well as break times.
    •   Mark your calendars now for Wednesday, September 3rd, as our first day of school (full day).
    •   Remember that SVMS Registration packets will be available at the SVMS office August 11-15 – mark
        your calendars now.
    •   RELAX – Middle School Years are a great experience at SVMS

Remember – Smart Parents Stay Involved! – Join
the SVMS PTA!!!!!!! The Executive Board of the
SVMS PTA for the 2003-2004 school year is as follows:
                                                                            Bake Sales News!
President          Janine Charlton         438-0591
VP Membership      Ingeborg Benedetti      439-9395               We want to thank all the wonderful SVMS
VP Ways & Means    Lori Sipe               438-8095
                                                                  Bakers for our SVMS Open House. Open
Secretary          Sheri Morano            438-7281
Treasurer          Carol Weisenstein       439-8437               House just would not be the same without a
Parliamentarian    Denise Alstrom          439-1707               Bake Sale. The bake sale brought in a net
Auditor            Marshall Wolf           461-1075               profit of $824. This bake sale, in combination
Historian          Christopher Samuels     335-2279               with the fall “Back to School” bake sale, netted
                                                                  the PTA a total amount of $1,348.
                  Effective July 1, 2003
                                                                  Congratulations to Kathleen Frost and Sue
                                                                  Riorden for another stellar year!

June 2003                                                                                           4
                       Thank You SVMS PTA Volunteer 2003-2003 Committee Chairs!
    Many thanks to our Hospitality Chair, Patti Shamshoian for all the wonderful teacher luncheons and to all
    the fantastic parents that helped her. Patti also did a great job of coordinating dance refreshments for all
    three school wide dances.
    Our teachers were downright spoiled with monthly teacher refreshments from the committee of Darshana
    Croskrey, Jackie Heald, Rosanna Wright and Kathryn Vrooman.
    Our Magazine Drive Chair, Donna Lohrmann & Kathy St. Leger Barter, did it again!! We had a
    successful year. We are excited and grateful that Donna will be chairing it again next year.
    We met our Monte Foundation quota this year, thanks to the hard work of 7th grade parent Tina Heitzman,
    who has agreed to do it again next year. Thank you Tina.
    Sue Riorden will be missed as she moves on to SV High. Sue was vital volunteer in both Sweatshirt and
    Bake sales. Many thanks to Linda Braun for all her help with Sweatshirts sales too. Thank you Lynn
    Sheredy for designing the new SVMS T-Shirts!
    The Dolphin Newsletter would not be made possible without the incredible team work of Editor Linda
    Beauchesne and along with distribution support from LaVeta Lipscomb, Dirk DeLu, SVMS office
    students, Peggy Duckett, Eunice Leath and Don Masik. Great teamwork in action!
    Thank you Donna Gagne for getting chaperones for our school dances, and for your enthusiasm to get in
    and help wherever needed. We are excited that she will be our Volunteer Coordinator next year.
    Many thanks to Julie Dao for her leadership in the indoor game room.
    Thank you, Kelly Saenz, for keeping our marquee up to date, and for volunteering to do so again next year.
    Our student directory would not have been out this year if not for the amazing coordinating efforts of Debby
    Dodds. Also, Debby organized this years 8th grade graduation rehearsal lunch.
    Many thanks to Jenny Wood for helping to coordinate this years talent show.
    We are very grateful to Debbie Hoskins and Cindy Thompson for making sure refreshments are always
    available at our honor roll ceremonies.
    Thank you Debbie Gissing for the awesome job of implementing the eScrip program at SVMS for agreeing
    to do it again next year.
    Many thanks to this years 8th Grade Graduation committee chairs, Sherry Luttrell, LaVeta Lipscomb,
    Debby Elliott & Donna Croskrey. Sherry lead the helm and coordinated all committee monthly meetings.
    Many thanks to all the generous parents for their support of this event, and for all the volunteers whom
    contributed in so many ways.
    Whoo Hooo for another successful Trivia Night chaired by Ann & Mike Sayer along with Anita Dilts, all
    of whom have agreed to do it again next year!
    PTA Reflections art program was a huge success and we thank Dorothy Wise for launching this new art
    program at SVMS.
    Last, but certainly not least, we bid farewell to two volunteer icons at SVMS, Darshana Croskrey and
    Brenda Armstrong. They have done a tremendous job in filling in volunteer positions wherever needed on
    We couldn’t have done it
    Without you parents!

June 2003                                                                                                5
                             MAY 3, 2003


GRADE 6                               GRADE 7                            GRADE 8

FIRST PLACE                           Michael Reinhard                   Brendan Blackwell

SECOND PLACE                                                             Jonathan Jenkins


Grace Berg                            Drew Quinn                         Lee Duckwall
Mitchal Dichter                                                          David Levy
Jack Fogelquist
Josh Nicholson
Patrick McMillan
Abe Sher


GRADE 5/6 TEAM                                           GRADE 7/8 TEAM
FIRST PLACE                                              FIRST PLACE
Bassel Lutfi                                         Kevin Bagley
Ryan Moccia                                          Christopher Benedetti
Joshua Nicholson                                     Andrea LeGare
Kurt Selander                                        Evan Ralston
                                                     Vicki Yuh

SECOND PLACE                                             SECOND PLACE
Esau Barrientos
Eric Brager
Cody Huckvale
Ryan Morano

Grace Berg                                               Megan Robinson
Julia Dilts                                              Samantha Vrooman
Meyah Scott                                              Lauren Weisenstein

                               A Word of Thanks and Appreciation….

Just as the monthly treats have been eagerly anticipated and enjoyed with delight by our wonderful
SVMS faculty and staff, what a “Monthly Treat” it has been for Jackie Heald, Rosanna Wright,
Kathryn Vroomen and myself to chair this committee! As we move on to SVHS with Brieanna,
Samantha and Sarah (Elizabeth and Shauna are already there), we wish to thank ALL the wonderful
parents who helped provide goodies over this past year catering to our whims and themes, and also to
the staff for acting as guinea pigs for our sometimes creative offerings! In the future we will often
be reminded of times spent with GOOD FOOD, GOOD FRIENDS and GOOD COMPANY!

June 2003                                                                                           6
                     ….Thank you and Adieu, Darshana Croskrey

                   April Students of The Month

                           Most Imaginative

Ms. Baker                    Sci 8                        Michelle Graham
Mrs. Bombardieri             Core 6                       Taylor Corbett
                             Hist 7                       John Landes
                             MMDesk                       Stefan Smith
Mrs. Broersma                Core 6                       Leah Zimmerman
                             Core 7                       Drake Woosley
Ms. Coolman                  Eng 8                        Marissa Steen
                             PE 6                         Scott Bellicitti
Mrs. Culli                   Core 7                       Tina Vilella
                             Eng 8                        Vicky Yuh
Ms. Dyrseth                  Core 7                       Rachel Chatham
                             Eng 8                        Kiah Lipscomb
Mrs. Fish                    Ear. Sci 6                   Iggy Strbac
Mrs. Green                   Core 6                       Mariah Langley
                             Core 7                       Brenn Baldwin
Mrs. Haas                    H.Math 7                     Joey Cainciarulo
Mr. Hagopian                 Hist 8                       Kyler Christian
Mrs. Jacobson                Math 7                       Brittany Petty
                             Math 6                       Jasper Forest
                             Math 1A                      Lexi Martz
Mrs. Lechner                 Core 6                       Steven Reid
                             Core 7                       Brittany Petty
Mr. Magliato                 Core 6                       Justin Ahlo
                             Eng 8                        Jamie Nickerson
Mrs. Martin                  PE 6                         Jared Weist
                             PE 7                         Alex Mosher
Mr. Matlock                  Core 6                       Jared Rosso
                             Hist 8                       Lauren Westerschulte
Mrs. Pifferini               PE 6                         Daniel Vucinich
Mrs. Powers                  Core 6                       Bassel Lutfi
                             Core 7                       Peter Gross
Ms. Rugg                     Drama 8                      Lindsay Rosen
                             BSC 8                        Travis Stebbins
                                                          L. Westerschulte
Mr. Sampson                  Span A                       Cassidy Saenz
Mrs. Summer                  Eng 8                        Lexi Wilson
                             Graph 8                      Savannah Shaughnessy
                             Pub Spk 8                    L. Westerschulte
Mr. Tovani                   Ear. Sci 6                   Dylan Tansy
Mr. Worden                   PE 8                         Lance Thompson
Mrs. Leith                   Off. aide                    Philip Bliss
Mrs. Duckett                 Off. Aide                    Patrick Chavez

June 2003                                                                        7
                                   International Games
                               Way to go SVMS 6th graders!
Kudos to all those who represented SVMS so well at the International Games. Your outstanding
performance, once again, demonstrates your dedication and commitment to athletics and your school.
Thank you to Lark Pifferini and Emily Martin for their direction and coaching. Special congratulations
to Laura Balch and Dylan Tansy for earning the Outstanding Female/Male Athlete Recognition!! You
are awesome !

                 So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen……
        It is that time – we are in the final days of our five years serving as the Scotts Valley
Middle School Volunteer Coordinators. They have been fun and exciting years for us, getting to
know the students, staff and parents. Both of us have thoroughly enjoyed planning, coordinating, and
trouble-shooting events, big and small, that have taken place over our time here.
        We truly have appreciated the donations of time, money and energy from all the parents
that have enabled us to be so successful. Our successes are your successes - with all of us working
together, each taking a little part of the big picture, it has allowed wonderful “things” to happen.
Sometimes we have had to call upon many of you on really short notice and you have come through
time after time – Thank you!
        Thank you too, to the faculty and staff for working so cooperatively with us. Always sharing
their thoughts and ideas, Principal Lonhart and her predecessor, Mr. Chris McGriff, channeled our
energy and enthusiasm in the right direction always working with us. Scotts Valley Middle School has
encouraged our children to learn and grow and take a few chances in a safe environment thus
allowing them to spread their wings. As they move on to high school and their next stage in life, a
piece of our hearts will always remain with all of you.

                 Brenda Armstrong & Darshana Croskrey

June 2003                                                                                            8
8th GRADE COMMENCEMENT                                 FINAL UPDATE:
Here are some important dates:

June 10th: Great America Trip
June 11th: Commencement Rehearsal and Lunch 8:30-2:30 Siltanen Park
June 12th: 8th Grade Awards Assembly, 1:00, SVMS front lawn
June 13th: Commencement Ceremony 3:00 Vine Hill Amphitheater
A video of the ceremony will be available to purchase through Crystal Clear Video (details will be provided in your
invitation) we will also be having professional photos taken by Geoff Ward of Quick Pix at the ceremony and dance.
They will be available to purchase on their website:
June 13th: Commencement Party/Dance 8:00-11:00 pm SVMS Pavilion.
We have a really fun Party/Dance planned for the kids. Please encourage your child to attend (they don’t have to
dance)! Adults are very welcome to come see the Pavilion decorations after June 6th (contact one of us for times).
The Pavilion will also be open for adults to view approximately one hour before the dance, so plan to come check it
out but remember if you come early, the theme needs to be kept a secret and no 8th grade parents allowed after
June 14th: (morning) Party/Dance Clean Up.
If you have signed up to help with something, please follow through on your commitment. We are depending on you
to show up. Decoration workdays have been scheduled for May and will also begin after June 6th. Please
contact me to find out days and times to help out.

We need medium to large artificial or real plants to use at the dance. You can drop them off at the Pavilion after
June 6th (put your name on them) and pick them up after the dance or the next morning.

Well, commencement day is almost here. I don’t know about you but I feel like this year has flown by! We are
planning to obtain a very nice trophy case for the school and will donate any additional money left in our account as
a financial gift for the school to use. We will be having a free raffle of photo collages and decorations for the kids at
the dance.

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the families, individuals and businesses who have provided support
for this event; The Scotts Valley Kiwanis, Gigi’s Bakery, Rich Fontana/Ledyards, The Wright Family/Mission
Springs Catering, Bamboo Giant Nursery, Hallcrest Vineyards, R.W. James Packaging, SV Round Table
Pizza and the SVMS PTA for their generous $1,500 donation.

I would like to especially thank all the committee chairpersons, members, and all volunteers for all their hard
work. Also, thank you to all of you who have been so generous with your donations, 131 families have donated
so far and thanks to some extra generosity we were able to meet our budget.
You are the Best!

We are still asking for all 8th grade parents to make a donation to fund the promotion.
The estimated cost per student is $25, but any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated.
If you still need to send in your donation, please fill out the attached form (this will be your last chance!)

Any questions or suggestions? Contact me at 438-4514 or

On behalf of Your 8th Grade Graduation Committee Representatives: Darshana Croskrey, Debby Elliott, LaVeta
Lipscomb, and myself, We Thank You Sincerely, Sherry Luttrell


DONATION: Please make your check payable to: SVMS PTA, note on check “Graduation 2003”. Send to SVMS PTA, P.O. Box 67066, Scotts
Valley, CA 95067.

Enclosed is my contribution of: ___ $25   $ other _______

Name:     ________________________________ Phone # ______________________                 Email:______________________________

June 2003                                                                                                            9
                  Graduation Donations as of 5/15/03
Gunar & Leslie Amandson      Stephanie & David Hunter    Michele & David Sanguinetti
Maria & Jay Anderson         Phil & Jenine Huxtable      Ann Sayer
Julie Andersonn-Runge        Joan Jenkins                Colette & Rick Schaefer
Brenda & Duke Armstrong      Janet Johnson               Annie Schrull
Diane Augason                Diane & Robert Joyce        John & Lorraine Schumacher
Katie & Brian Bagley         Debbie Kelly-Slaughter      Carol & Scurich
Deborah Belville             Roger Kern                  Lynn & Brian Sheredy
Alma Black                   Brenda & Ronald Kobely      Sherri & Richard Silver
Craig & Susan Blackwell      Toni & David Kranich        JoEllen & Rick Smith
Lisa & Ray Blackwell         Bev & Jack Ladd             Emmy Sohriakoff
Dan & Marcia Bliss           Stacey Lane                 Glenn & Winona Soma
Michelle & Bradley Boyer     Deb Langdon                 Becky & Tom Sorci
Phil & Tina Brackett         Karen & Yancy Lind          Kathy St. Leger-Barter
Nancy Bremner                Donna Lohrmann              Kath Taperro & Mark Steele
Mallorie Brooks              Mark & Melanie Lopez        John Stevens
Rona & Steven Butcher        Sherry & Richard Luttrell   Susan Stewart
Janine & Robert Charlton     Jane Madsen                 Lisa Stiefelmaier
Rich Church                  Karen Marshall              Dragica & Vladan Strbac
Darshana & Willie Croskrey   Holly Martin                Shelley Strehlke
Julie & Kim Dao              Linda & Mike Martinez       David & Jin Strom
Carolyn DeLuca               Rose Ann Mazzone            Cindy & Larry Thompson
Anita & Robert Dilts         Cindy & Matt McDowell       James & Pat Turk
Debby Dodds                  Brent & Diana McHenry       Roger & Karen Van Brunt
Deana & Tim Doyle            Janet & John McMillan       Kathhryn & Paul Vroomen
Carol Dunning                Shirley Meakin              Beverley Wainwright
Terrie Dusa                  Brenda & Russel Miller      Patty & Chris Waldear
Shaun Egbert                 Tim & Abbie Miller          Diane & Stafford Warren
Debby & David Elliott        Patty & Kenny Mohs          Paul & Andrea Watkins
Valerie & Chris Elliott      Al & Kelly Muccia           Carol & Jim Weisenstein
Diane & Robert Evans         Patty & Miles Musser        Rikki Westerschulte
Les & Vicky Finder           Judy & Gary Nicherson       Debra Whizen
Andrew Finn                  Christy & Bruce Niemeyer    Nancy Wild
Richard Fontana              Pat Pardue                  Jill & David Wilson
Warren Forest                Cynthia Parker              Dorothy Wise
Denise & John Franklin       Minaxi & Anil Patel         Heidi Woodmansee
Susan & Thomas Gaspar        Ed Perlman                  Rosanna Wright
Karen & Tom Gill             Diana & Mick Peterson       Young Hye Yuh
Debbie Gissing               Elizabeth & Robert Poser    Laureen & Bruce Yungmeyer
Jennifer & David Goldwag     Dennis & Carter Potts
Silvie Graham                Mary Powers
June & Randy Harris          Sue & Tim Riordan           The class of 2003 thanks
Diane Harris                 Jan Robinson                you very much for your
David & Sharon Hines         Cheryl & David Romer
                                                         generous support!
Barbara & Dale Holland       Suzanne & Phil Rose
Mary Lynne Hollmann          Jeff & Suzanne Rosen

      June 2003                                                              10
                            Congratulations to our Century Riders!

Thanks to those cyclists that completed the Century Ride on
behalf of the Scotts Valley Educational Foundation! Riders left
Scotts Valley Middle School early Saturday morning and made it
into Big Sur in the early afternoon. Each cyclist gathered
donations from our generous community with a minimum
amount of $500.00 per rider. Thank you to our own SVMS
teacher John Magliato for participating in this new event. We
look forward to even more participants next year!

                                                                     Ice Cream Social Was A
                                                                        “Cool” Day for All
                                                                  The    Scotts   Valley   Educational
                                                                  Foundation wishes to thank our
                                                                  sponsors for the very successful Ice
                                                                  Cream Social held on May 18, 2003.
                                                                  Without your generous donations of
                                                                  time, personnel, products, etc. we
                                                                  would not have been able to have had
                                                                  such a successful and enjoyable

                                                                  To the people of the community, the
                                                                  next time you patronize one of the
                                                                  businesses listed at the left, give them
                                                                  a special “Thank You” for their
                                                                  generous support of the Scotts Valley
                                                                  Ed Foundation and all 4 Scotts Valley

June 2003                                                                                 11
                             Calendar of Events
                             June 2003

                             10      8th Grade Great America Trip
                             11      Graduation Rehearsal and Lunch 8:30-2:30 Siltanen Park
                             12      Academic Awards Assemblies, Join us on the front lawn
                                              6th Grade: 8:30 – 10:00
                                              7th Grade: 10:45 – 12:15
                                              8th Grade: 1:00 – 2:30
                             13      Last Day of School, Minimum Day
                             13      Graduation Ceremony 3:00 Vine Hill Amphitheater
                             13      8th Grade Graduation Dance 8 – 11:00 p.m. SVMS Pavilion
                             14      (morning) Graduation Party/Dance Clean Up at SVMS Pavilion

                             August 2003
                             11      First day to pick up “Beginning of Year” Packets
                             20      WEB day for last names beginning with A-L
                             21      WEB day for last names beginning with M-Z
                             22      REG day for returning 7th and 8th graders

                             September 3, 2003 First day of School

Dolphin News                                                                        Non Profit Org
                                                                                     U.S. Postage
Scotts Valley Middle School PTA
                                                                                    Santa Cruz, CA
Unit #5611                                                                          Permit No. 523
P.O. Box 67066
Scotts Valley, CA 95067

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